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Born in London, schooled in Sussex and Wales, migrated to Sydney in 1988. Career in mental health, nursing, health care management and education. Currently retired but not brain dead. Occasional writer for the AIM Network, touch of critique and sociopolitical satire, creative writing and publishing poetry. Family man with grown up daughters and grandchildren. Interests ranging from humanities and social justice to climate change, protecting the planet from reckless destruction to a more than idle lifelong fascination in astronomy and palaeontology. Found sanctuary in the Blue Mountains, a place that reminds us we have a mortal responsibility to inspire in each other good stewardship - this place is our only home in the cosmos to hand on to our children's children. Truth in the morning light we cherish, wings in the cloud that lift our courage.


Government warning, the image of the product you now see on your screens may not exist

NOT BLOODY LIKELY – Berejeklian yesterday afternoon said in a beguiling and coercive press conference to the people of NSW, after Morrison’s overnight on morning declarations and U-turn in this divining declining vaccine comedy, she said there are 2.5 million people over 50yrs in NSW, and if they all come forward for the AstraZeneca jab… she implied with feeble obligation or why say otherwise?

In the light of dwindling public trust and accountability in the Government and the Liberals (and this has always been as much about NSW as Federal), the duality of government business and political interests, Berejiklian now plays barking dog again to Morrison’s thoroughly politicised and failing campaign in these ‘vaccine wars’, which he initiated last year.

Oh yes, the Liberals are now banking on the excess supply of just one, not right now because there is no supply, but from next month onwards when all that CSL home produce of the AstraZeneca vaccine comes on line. And of course, not another vaccine in sight for the next 6 months, apart from a dwindling supply of Pfizer (1 million doses now mostly administered).

Arithmetic: 20+20=40, we can count even though we are over 50 and yes we are up to date on the news announcements; but 39 million Pfizer doses are up there in the clouds, not down here on earth for the next 6 months!

Now don’t get me wrong, as I have been accused of being an anti-vaxer, mind you only by one person so far. But if you examine everything I have ever said on the subject that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have advocated for a choice of vaccines (supply and prescription – not just one soon to be redundant in plentiful supply) based on sound clinical and ethical guidelines, but where are these guidelines and where are these choices? Shouldn’t this be up to GPs, doctors and nurses when, what and how we get this critical vaccine and shouldn’t it be with informed consent? Shouldn’t it be based on best available evidence, research and practice, not that we have an enormous amount to go on in one year, or worse confused and obfuscated by the politicisation of our health care system, public health messaging and gross multiple government mismanagement?

It is our lives we are risking when we decide and our leaders can choose whichever vaccine they want to, as indeed they have. People over 50 have higher prevalence than any other age group of heart, hypertension, circulatory and blood disorders including blood clotting (and not just rare blood clotting disorders per se), and not so rare as you might imagine when you consider the number of people who have strokes and heart attacks each year. All those people on a vast range of heart and blood management medications – imagine all those unresearched drug interactions and a vaccine with a ‘very rare’ blood clotting disorder history. Isn’t heart disease one of the biggest killers? Forgive me for asking, we are over 50 and some seem to think we are clueless or have forgotten what we are told, worse still that any of us indeed are qualified to say so. No we are just speaking out of turn and making it worse because so many people out there don’t read what we write and misrepresent what we think or say.

No I am not anti-vaccination, I am pro-vaccination, informed consent, pro-choice of which vaccine based on a person’s medical history and vulnerabilities. I seek the truth about vaccinations and what lies behind the political, business deals, investments, alliances, lies and cover ups we are not being told about by people in power. I speak as one of those 2.5 million people over 50 and why we are one of the few countries in the OECD who are even having this conversation? Berejiklian says people over 50 in NSW please come forward and have your AstraZeneca jab!

These ecclesiastical pronouncements, even Berejiklian’s have become tiresome as clearly they are no longer in the public interest, nor based on sound independent clinical or ethical judgment and certainly not for the health of 2.5 million people over 50yrs in NSW. Since when do politicians use such powers coercively to tell a particular and potentially vulnerable group, which vaccine they should be taking, the one and only because the Federal and NSW government ‘fucked up’ on supply issues, and when clearly this particular vaccine is now deemed not good enough for people under 50 years? Is it something to do with our age that we are taken for mugs?

So forgive me for dropping into satire, but you leave me no choice, you are not qualified, you are not listening and you are pushing your own political agenda Berejiklian. So when I raise the question will my AstraZeneca jab come with paint stripper or blood thinner? Perhaps that will get the 2.5 million people message across to the decorative and incidental world you consign us. Government warning, the image of the product you now see on your screens may not exist – let us hope you have read this far for fear you might go out looking for it.

I have one thing to say to Berejiklian, “Zoooooom, there I go, not bloody likely!”

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Morrison’s Vaccine March and Rollout – The Placebo Effect

We were never going to meet anything close to Morrison’s vaccine march and rollout, as he arrogantly pronounced. It was foot in mouth disease, a muppet show. The European supply issue was totally predictable from early last year even when Morrison placed his solo order on behalf of Australia and backed it up with the one and only domestic manufacture of the same product.

As for Pfizer, we have been promised 20 million, just enough to cover phase 1a and 1b rollout (14-16 million doses), but we don’t even have enough to cover 4 million now or the immediate future, only 1 million delivered to date and there are no eagles in the clouds as we speak. Again, same situation, US like Europe will protect their own market and citizens first, the US are always in the business of protective trade practices – free trade is almost a global myth especially on vital products and resources such as food, fuel, energy, medicines and vaccines, not to mention patents. And God, because of that grand muppet wizard, Trump didn’t they need it more than us for their 328 million population to our 25 million – all through last year, predictable. And right now, despite ramping up the US rollout, as many being vaccinated in one day as Australia all year to date, UK too (the allies); with all this vaccine, the pandemic is still rising on its fourth wave.

As we have all been saying here, Morrison put all our eggs in one basket last year and now we are reaping the result of his incompetent and arrogant gamble. No talk even of Novavax, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson other than a bare rumour or mention. The UK placed multiple orders last year across at least 5 vaccines, not relying solely on their Oxford AstraZeneca prodigy. Even the grand muppet wizard got 3 holes in one – all domestically produced free of potential border export restrictions (the allies). We were warned all along about national fences and vaccine nationalism in fighting this pandemic but no, we have allies who will protect the colony.

Morrison’s vaccine march and rollout – It was never going to happen.

Morrison thought AstraZeneca would get him to the next election with Pfizer as the backup. No doubt many Liberals bought shares for profit last year in AZ or CSL before and around the government announcements. And just may be this is why the Morrison and Federal Government have remained silent and procrastinated for so long.

Now the Liberal propaganda has shifted today on opening mass vaccination clinics – Well DOH! But where the bloody hell are the vaccines? A cart and horse with no payload. Thank God and our States and Territories for the miracle of such a low infection rate in Australia, the silver lining.

But isn’t it obvious to us all, we’ve been bled and shafted? Morrison doesn’t listen – big bag of wind and egg yolk, why are we still listening to him?

The killing is more than mere bullets, even Morrison understands that and the illusion of democracy, the placebo effect.


‘The Muppet Show’ – Morrison, Hunt and Dr Murphy (image from


The Governor

Our ecclesiastical prime minister –

He only listens to what he wants to listen to
and that will never change.
Women will never change him, man nor dog.
Therapy will never change him.
Reason will never change him nor common sense.
Empathy and compassion can’t change him
because there is no space for these to grow.
There is no vaccine to protect us from the likes of him;

after the party.

God will never change him,
no justice or angel of peace.
Jen won’t change him, no tongues, no prophecy,
no blinding light on the way to Canberra.
He is the epitome of stone,
the lava which spits in your face
as you hand him the keys to heaven.
He attacks anything that moves
in a direction not of his choosing;

after the party,
long live the party dead.

He is a failed managing director
in two countries, the tourism wars.
A liar and public, corporate thief.
He was absent in the thick of the fire,
absent from the crowd that gathered at our door.
He is ecclesiastical,
the land will never change him,
no wiser or elder evermore;

after the party.

He is a Liberal, the member for Cook,
they gave to us a shadow of the past
and he who stares at us from the dead
he places on the hill.
Misogyny and crocodile tears,
bullets, slogans, sermons, smears.
No cross, stars or serpent sky
will light the path and touch him now;

after the party,
long live the party dead.

Listen to the wisdom of women?
He doesn’t even hear himself
and this my friends is our prime minister,
our beloved leader and preacher,
preserver of the colonies,
the one who a handful of bogan
wayward parliamentarian vote for
to maul and govern this country;

after the party,
long live the party,
kiss and cuddle now you’re dead.

By Barddylbach


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Ministerial phlebotomy: Evasion of the bleeding obvious

Ministerial phlebotomy: Evasion of the bleeding obvious. Oh no, now we are being told how to think about it – doing the hokey-pokey!

Political leaders, chief medical officers and journalists who think that they can defend the position of giving the same vaccine safely to everyone, regardless of the evidence emerging that people with certain blood clotting disorders (and possible heart conditions, other blood and circulatory disorders and treatment regime interactions) or unknown genetic predispositions by comparing the risk of death in road traffic accidents or contracting COVID-19, need to go back to school and learn about basic human bioethics, if not the process of scientific inquiry itself.

And as for sermonising desperate marketplace or ‘legal eagle’ politicians like Morrison and Hunt, they should just keep their ministerial phlebotomy and mouths shut on the subject, since if you have no empathy for others’ true-life experiences you are not going to learn them in a mandatory training module, just as you won’t learn ethics and how to manage ethical dilemmas from not listening to other people’s including women’s concerns. You just don’t have the goods, the prerequisite character and traits to learn it in the first place, other than pretending you do, yes, Mr Morrison I am speaking particularly to you.

The difference between an RTA statistical probability or a public health COVID-19 risk analysis of death or serious harm/injury and reality, is:

(1) they are statistical probability calculations not individual real life events, assessment of medical risk or causation analysis (not even an RCA we might be familiar with in our public health system). They are politically manufactured probability statistics and guesswork to advise politicians when the facts are not known;

(2) You can choose to drive defensively, carefully or minimise your exposure to the risk and stay at home, use public transport or practice good social distancing, use of PPE and mediate your risk;

(3) if you are in a known or emerging risk group, you can be provided with an alternative risk management strategy like another vaccine, rather than just be told to grin and bear it; and

(4) if by consequence you have no choice on an alternative vaccine which doesn’t expose you to that risk, you have no choice but to continue running the gauntlet, restricting your life choices and freedoms vicariously for everyone else’s benefit or die at a calculated probability much higher than the general population either through a ‘one size fits all’ vaccination program (with 4-20 day blood clots) or heightened exposure to COVID-19 vulnerability (no government acquired vaccinated immunity).

The real problems Morrison and our compliant and captive Chief Medical Officer are facing are:

(a) burying their heads in the sand to start with and maintaining their stance, telling us we are still acquiring the facts when they should know full well that certain facts are already known – There is clearly a problem with AstraZeneca and blood clotting for certain people no matter how small this group may be and initial large sample phase 3 trials comparing clotting and death outcomes to a control group of the general population (unvaccinated) do not eliminate the possibility of cause and effect such as VIPIT (vaccine induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia). To date this is all we have and any decent researcher would know public announcements declaring public safety for all is flawed scientific reasoning, advice and conclusion till we test the relevant variables at play. The fact that the time interval between AZ administration and reports of clotting are consistent is highly significant, not pointing to false conclusions of random probability or unrelated events, which Morrison with his new found medical knowledge and chief buddy have been ignoring. The fact that these events have not arisen or been reported in other common vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson are also significant. The fact that a host of nations have raised their concerns only with AstraZeneca in the light of this emerging data – these are all facts which a well briefed and responsible Prime Minister would know;

(b) sliding down their explanation from ‘denial’ to ‘defensive rationalisation’ and now ‘we are exploring’ or the excuse ‘the situation is fluid and changing’ over the time it has taken for them to acknowledge there is a problem, is blind arrogance and hypothesising after the horse has bolted, yet still not providing us with a rational or viable provisional risk management strategy, is just morbidly fascinating and unacceptable. Still, they hustle and bustle as one nervously glances to another and the other smiles smugly prattling on about ‘facts’ – actually just one random and irrelevant fact of non-supply; and

(c) constantly telling us or distracting us with an unrelated issue of breakages in supply chain, focusing on blaming the EU for blocking exports when they have nothing to do with this issue. When in fact the real problem is government ordering and procurement – they put all their eggs in one basket and banked their money and investments (with a whiff of corruption, quiescence, incompetence or neglect at least) on AstraZeneca and CSL domestic manufacture. They should have ordered and secured an alternative supply of vaccine a long time ago, even if relatively tiny but hugely practical, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson for instance, or even now dispense a small portion of Pfizer for medical determination, but are too pig-headed to admit or consider it, while still they procrastinate. But choice, biodiversity and intelligence aren’t among Morrison’s marketing strengths, especially when it comes to the horror of empowering others or advancing Australia’s interests.

Let’s face it they both fucked up! Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows they fucked up, so admit it. But don’t short-change us on ethics and coercion by telling everyone they have a duty to take the AstraZeneca vaccine because it is the only one we’ve got other than those to whom there is close to zero risk, which is most of the population who have little to worry about.

Do not scapegoat the few as ‘anti-vaxers’ or tell them they are jeopardising the national vaccination program or quash their voice because they happen to be a nurse, a woman or just someone who has capacity to show critical thinking, ethical reasoning and empathy with the worried few, and stand up with courage in the crowd – especially when you choose only to face a camera or the Opposition at Question Time, where you can control or dictate the conversation, rather than face that friendly crowd.

Print: Ministerial phlebotomy – John Bull c.1808, British Museum

Do not sweep the tiny ‘unknown’ group under a bus for the sake of the majority for that is not responsible democracy, that is in point of fact a microvariant of medical iatrogenesis and public health neglect – it is the application of poor and flawed scientific and ethical reasoning which the Liberals are so renowned for on almost every issue from climate change, employment, coal, health and disability to MMT. You do not sacrifice the safety of a minority for the majority (or the inverse for that matter which the Liberals do all the time) when there are clear practical mediating social strategies and solutions available. That is just rampant ignorance, populism, propaganda and evasion of the bleeding obvious, not to mention a corrupted interpretation of social ethics, morality and informed government.

But what the fuck would Morrison (or Hunt) know when it comes to medicine, nursing, women, ethics or anything in the universe let alone intelligence or life on earth?… Perhaps Morrison should talk it over with Jen!

Oh no, even journalists and editors are telling us how to think about it, what’s next tourist directors, lawyers and government regulators, bankers and TV celebrities on sunrise telling us how to do the hokey-pokey? Of course, everyone has an opinion on something, it’s all John Bull!

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The Easter Bunny is No Fool – The GFEB is onto Covid Vaccination Rollout


Tens of thousands Easter bunnies,

tens of thousands Easter eggs,

tens of thousands, secret promise

lots of chocolate froggy legs.


(The Liberal Easter Promise, AB)


Tens of thousands fully vaccinated in NSW, new daily data reveals‘ – Sydney Morning Herald, 2 April 2021.

The Sydney Morning Herald and NSW Health should have announced and published this yesterday on 1 April instead of leaving it up to the Good Friday Easter Bunny, or as Roald Dahl might say, ‘the GFEB’.

Is this a cause for celebration? Is it even true? Headline – ‘tens of thousands fully vaccinated in NSW’ says the GFEB!

Let’s do the maths and logistics after 6 weeks rollout of phase 1a, noting Morrison boasted he’d have 4 million done nationwide, 15% of the Australian population by end of March, now gone. God the man’s mouth just swims in chocolate!

Population of NSW – 8.164 million

People fully vaccinated in NSW by Good Friday – Almost 30,000 <0.4%

People half vaccinated in NSW by Good Friday – 94,500 <1.2%

Doesn’t include Commonwealth vaccinations of aged care in nursing homes or GP clinics and we know that is speculatively pitifully low and to date unreported.

Not that sweet! What exaggeration! What kind of public health journalism is this?

What proportion of phase 1a had or has been even now completed before phase 1b, estimated 6 million nationwide was announced and commenced by Greg Hunt more than two weeks ago – Anyone know?

Ahhh! The eagle landed and now we have the Easter rush.

What do we know so far about Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout?‘ – Sydney Morning Herald, 17 March 2021.

“The first inoculation… on February 21, started Phase 1a of the rollout. This phase was made up of people either at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 or at a higher risk of becoming very sick if they do: so, quarantine and border workers, frontline healthcare workers, and staff and residents at aged care and disability facilities…

There are about 678,000 people in Phase 1a across Australia. By March 14 the Sydney Morning Herald reported there had been 164,437 vaccinations given nationwide.”

Group 1a (national) half vaccinated <25% for this relatively small top priority emergency group after three weeks rollout; that was nearly three weeks ago incomplete and short supply and we are melting a pot of 6 million already in phase 1b.

There’s a sugar-coated jousting match right now between States and Federal governments, Liberals vs Liberals in the State of NSW as Public Health is knocked off its public horse in the interests of politics, ego and the rush to fill our baskets with lots of chocolate Easter eggs.

Morrison and Berejiklian are you proud now you are fully and half vaccinated? Were either of you in phase 1a anyway?

GPs everywhere are saying the rollout is fanciful and farcical, riddled with incompetence, idiocy and uncertainty. GP clinics just can’t get hold of the vaccine and everyone is standing in the queue at their door.

‘They could have stocked up on tens of thousands of little chocolate Easter eggs’ claims the GFEB.

So how we doing so far? Something close to piss in a plant pot and entirely predictable for both of our two bleeding heart Liberal-National coalition governments, neither of which are or were fit to govern and administer.

Australia is ‘not behind’ in its COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Department of Health says‘ ABC, 2 April 2021.

“Australia’s Department of Heath insists the country ‘is not behind in its vaccine rollout’, despite handing out just 670,000 doses – 3.3 million fewer than where the Prime Minister expected the country would be by now.” (ABC Health & Wellbeing, 1 April 2021).

Is anyone here missing the blinding obvious!

Meanwhile more than half the population in the UK have received their first vaccination (2.6 times the population of Australia) – of course we understand the far greater urgency in the UK, but at least when they say they have started it is not just happening, it’s an impressive achievement – NHS, you can’t underestimate a good public health system.

And have you noticed what private medicine and health care is contributing to COVID-19 or the vaccination rollout in this country?

‘Not a single private egg in public sight, but who knows…’ he whispers in sweet soliloquy, cheekily on the back of his right paw, ‘Some not telling, paying for a secret stash’ and turning with a dash, ‘Go tell the Liberals that this Easter’ cries the GFEB.

The federal government buggered up the COVID-19 App over a year ago remember, with more than 6 million Australian subscribers, and it’s never worked since… Shhh! Don’t remind everyone, there’s an election coming woof woof.

‘Not a laughing matter’ claims the Easter Bunny, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket like the Liberals do or you will find yourself in short supply’.


Fly, fly, GFEB must fly,

happy Easter everyone,

must dash.


(The Liberal Easter Promise, AB)



Image from The Graphics Fairy (


Further references:

GPs say federal government has ‘set us up to fail’ on COVID-19 vaccine rollout – Sydney Morning Herald, 2 April 2021

4 ways Australia’s COVID vaccine rollout has been bungled – The Conversation, 1 April 2021

Coronavirus scares Easter Bunny away as chocolate sales wilt – Bloomberg, 20 April 2020


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Why Morrison Consulted a Therapist; We Didn’t Know He Even Had One

Word got out several days ago Morrison had referred himself to a therapist. Our source is unclear, but we know it wasn’t the ABC this time. Oh damn it, okay, so it was News Corp, as if you couldn’t work it out yourself, it’s hardly going to be the Australian Signals Directorate or AFP; and of what’s left of the Public Service, a couple of disgruntled male staffers on private temporary contracts who might have thought their lewd comments of women would at worst score them a referral – More than their job’s worth right – You’re kidding!

So who had his conversation tapped, who has it in for Morrison anyone? There’s no HR in Parliament, other than the Finance Department and why would they rock the boat anyway? But we can come to that in a minute, we have a few ideas on that one.

What could Morrison have been thinking to refer himself to a therapist? Has Morrison grown a conscience? Perhaps there’s a problem in the Lodge, there sure as hell are problems in Parliament, don’t we know. Have you noticed he has been uncharacteristically more subdued and conciliatory in Question Time last week; the weight of the nation is finally getting to him? Maybe he is afraid of making more blunders in his press briefings, after all, these daily government announcements are a huge burden on his precious time and god it must be so mundane; sooner or later he was bound to put his foot in his mouth, poor bugger. Perhaps it is the cognitive dissonance from all he has said his government has been doing and the fact that there has been so little to show for it, the facts have been unravelling, all say – no do. Do people really think ‘I am just a big bag of wind?’

Think about it, the bushfires, Hawaii cut short, bite your tongue shaking hands with the enemy at home, COVID-19, mates on cruise ships and the containment debacle in Sydney, the one place he couldn’t afford to mess up, but then he could blame the last one on Dutton or NSW Health for that for that – Quite right so.

Climate change, well he got away with that all of last year but bloody hell those storms, the drought, the floods they just keep coming. Who the bloody hell forgot to tell him the El Niño was due this year, why didn’t the BoM or god himself brief him more thoroughly, he could have been more prepared for a change? Mind you, at least no-one will notice the absence of any heavy-duty flying bombers on bushfire procurement; no bushfires this year, besides that is a State responsibility when they come back again, no real worries there. Thank god our people are so resilient, thanks to us Liberals.

Well, “I’ve lost much of my electorate” says Morrison to his therapist, we screwed millions out of Robodebt and now we have to pay it back, “I really should have blamed my mate Christian Porter for that, he launched it despite it being my idea but people won’t remember that, if only I had got rid of him then,” but you see, continues Morrison to his therapist, “I felt for him, he’s a bloody good Attorney General; and fuck what’s left, I’ve ended up with Michaelia Cash now anyway, and she’s a bloody woman. But hell, she knows how to handle Labor, the Unions, the AFP and Senate enquiries, she knows how to handle the ABC while Porter screws the hell out of them, woof woof. So perhaps we can get more mileage out of her, she scowls like a frustrated scornful cat, far more effective than my incongruent Cheshire, so loyal to our Liberal cause is she, if only I could get her to do it more often than I do. I’m so glad she’s back.”

Cartoon by Alan Moir (

Empathy is a wonderful thing, gloats Morrison, “I have all these wonderful resourceful people around me, what a team, whereas Labor are such a bunch of losers, I’m still here aren’t I? Suppose then I should be grateful.”

“Our COVID-19 vaccine roll-out is not going so well, fucked up on procurement and supply but thank god for the States, someone else we can blame till that stupid idiot Littleproud started bagging Berejiklian and her government, she’s a woman you know and a Liberal, you don’t fuck around with the biggest and most populous Liberal State in our federation, our mates – you seduce them with praises and pork barrel their electorates, even Dutton understands that.”

‘Hmm, Dutton, well at least I got him out of Home Affairs and into Defence which let’s face it, is in dire straits as diabolical as Dutton himself, keep him quiet for a while longer, I knew something was brewing… Mad fucking witch, hell he wouldn’t get away with that one now.”

“But this ‘women’ problem won’t go away, I could hardly go and talk to them now could I, they’d never understand me, not like Jenny!”

“But who’d have thought, a master stroke just when I needed it, put a woman in the Department of Home Affairs no-one has ever heard of, another as notorious as my beloved and faithful Christian Porter as Attorney General for all the collateral damage she can do, and create a few more ministries for women, ministries you’ve never heard of, nothing overboard mind. More women in my cabinet than there’s ever been, so who’s going to complain now that I don’t support women, they’re practically running the country?”

“I am shocked, just so shocked and disgusted at all these allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct in my government,” crock’s tears. “Normally I’d blame Labor, but I just couldn’t get the words out this time, and that is when I knew there was something wrong, and why I’ve come to you” claimed Morrison to his therapist, now looking out the window at Andrew Laming crossing the lawn with his infamous camera – who’s he chasing now? “Ah, that reminds me, how’s Porter doing… of course you don’t need to answer that, confidentiality I understand, but seriously I can empathise with what he’s going through. Suing the ABC and Louise Milligan, that was my idea you know, still got it – what it takes you know to run this country.”

“But WA, wasn’t expecting that. And John Barilaro has stolen my secret weapon, my lightning rod on coal.”

“All these distractions” hear the angels talking to each other in tongues, “saved Morrison’s arse from not having any actual government policies and purpose this time round, and all that money he has spent no parables in the making there, no sermons on the mount, god has been gracious.”

As for his therapist, there is very little ‘she or he’ can do, no real power to change anything in the corridors of power, and Morrison – got no insight, he doesn’t listen anyway, wreathing in denial.

Now to the question of who has it in for Morrison, spill the beans?

Well, we thought of Malcolm and then we thought of Dutton, Laming and Joyce and a few others on both the back bench and cross bench like Craig Kelly. A few women (half the population) we could mention, journalists, one or two at the ABC, even News Corp and Sky News not that they count for much as far as we’re concerned. All those souls 67yrs and over, and those in Aged Care and we heard NDIS is about to be scuttled on top of JobKeeper and the millions who have been ditched on Centrelink or left out in the cold with nothing throughout the pandemic, Aboriginal people, migrants, students, refugees (alas not everyone who votes). But what really does intrigue us is how Morrison’s popularity continues to be so high when he has screwed over more than two thirds of the population of Australia and the nation itself on so many occasions – And some would say a whole lot bloody more.

Then we thought of East Timor, China and Russia, and if Trump had still been in office America too, can’t have Australia going feral, now can we? But really… Putin, we reckon he’d want Morrison to run again because he’s doing such a good job at fucking up his country.

But then we thought, well you might have something to say about this today too, of all days?


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The Problem with Psychology is not the Individual, it is the Political State and Social System that Makes and Promotes it

When and why mandatory and psychological training/counselling doesn’t work and what we should be doing at an organisational, institutional and societal level. Individual psychological interventions without sociological approaches are likely to be ineffective and a waste of time.

Andrew Laming, Christian Porter, Peter Dutton, Barnaby Joyce, Michael Johnsen and no doubt many others, like their leaders are or behave like ‘entitled narcissists’ as many Liberals and Nationals in government who do not have empathy but for their own selfish oppressive class and kind. Arrogant, blokey, misogynist, racist, abusive and delusional in nature, they will not be capable of learning it from a single involuntary program of psychological intervention/s – totally fanciful and supremely convenient for Morrison (and Berejiklian) to defend or deny no matter how disgusted they scowl, preach and caper before the camera, and little wonder they band together. And it is not limited just to men, the perpetrators, nor a single class, political or religious persuasion. If you haven’t got empathy by the time you are a mature adult, you missed all the normal developmental and social cues, you are not fit to be elected let alone govern (man or woman), you are not fit to be in a position of power and authority over others, probably not ever.

Whether (and particularly if) you are a politician, religious leader or minister, CEO, general manager, barrister, celebrity, company boss or director, come from an elite and privileged background or risen from ordinary obscurity, if you have no empathy and capacity to act upon human compassion and kindness, you are not going to learn it through an individual psychological or mandatory training program whatever your IQ; it will merely reinforce your own human maladjustment, inhumanity and prejudice, apart from the occasional random individual success; not unlike the politicised cruisy concept of random acts of kindness coveted, ordained and prescribed in our healthcare system and institutionally elsewhere.

In the biblical context we have that famous New Testament quote from Matthew 9:24 – “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” It also appears in different form in the Quran 7:40 – “The gates of heaven will not be opened for them, nor will they enter paradise as a camel enters through the eye of a needle.” Whether you believe in the religious message or not, we have this potent metaphor for life here on earth and human nature. We are fighting against the very problem that governs us as that which created it, just as those we allow to govern are blind, unwilling and incapable of changing their own self-perpetuating destructive demeanour. Some call it the battle between good and evil or for us ordinary folk right and wrong, light and darkness.

The good news is you can’t snuff out human and humanitarian nature either, the good traits and virtues are just as resilient, as history has taught us on both sides of purgatory, from Roman occupation and empire to the Third Reich, British or American imperialism to Putin’s plutocratic Russia, Chinese communism and re-education camps to the brutal dictatorships of Khmer Rouge, North Korea and Myanmar. While ever we let such individuals rise so too will the regimes manifest and fester which create and promote them – How will a mandatory psychological education program or camp ever change this? Some people simply must not be allowed to return to positions of authority or rise in the first place.

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Society (civilisation) has been rewarding people without these traits and virtues since time immemorial, they have been rising to the highest positions in our society like kings, queens and emperors, and as such it may even now be in our genes as part of natural selection and inheritance, not just nurture or an individual psychological developmental problem. The problem is escalated by the fact we keep rewarding people politically and economically to practice their narcissism, we appoint them and re-elect them. This position of authority and power also reinforces their perceived success, ego, entitlement and defence with every ploy, manipulation and deception; love of offspring and lust for power becomes the right and privilege of inheritance.

There is no psychological vaccine for this social disorder, you can only adjust the socioeconomic cultural system to accommodate, minimise harm and prevent the future development, maintenance and spread of this social disease and its variants – the solution must be sociological and reconfigured at every level of society. While ever we continue to brush it under the carpet, normalise and reward it, we have to live with it, we foster it, the fall out just gets worse, till society itself eventually breaks apart and we are faced with the destructive force of man’s man-made all-consuming social pandemic and all its consequences.

Just as you treat a virus with social distancing, hygiene, PPE and vaccination, you do not put the source, this ‘social pox’ in the middle of a crowd to control, rule or govern it; nor indeed do you pander to the ineffectiveness or manipulative excuses, justice, prescriptions and interventions of individual remedial psychology.

Both science and history tell us otherwise, as do our reason, minds and hearts. This is far more a sociological phenomenon than a psychological one, and for this we need a sociological perspective and progressive societal humanitarian reform.

Call it political if you like, but political is at the core of our human problem.


Reference: “Andrew Laming: Why empathy training is unlikely to work,” by Sue Williamson, The Conversation, 29 March 2021.

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The trouble with AstraZeneca… Bugger the quality of the research, choice or supply

The trouble with AstraZeneca goes beyond blood clotting. Lack of trial data to show efficacy or safety in older people, blood clotting in women under 55, poor operational controls in research resulting in the controversy of a half dose being more effective when all along the independent variable may have been the interval between doses – 3 months not one month. Oops doesn’t inspire confidence in their research if they can’t get that right!

And it doesn’t stop there. Supply issues, broken contracts, vested national interests, protectionism, political interference and even questions surrounding the reliability and accuracy of information AstraZeneca is providing about its ‘baby’ – evidence that information and data may be being withheld.

The US has not yet completed its report on its phase 3 mass trial and rumours circulating AstraZeneca haven’t been providing up to date information. Efficacy is 30% lower than its rivals at 62%. So what are we not seeing here? What is AstraZeneca hiding? Why are so many countries and their regulators deliberating while host countries like UK and Australia (well in the minority), who have most to gain out of all this play politics with orders and supply, and ultimately people’s lives-willing to obfuscate their national public health messaging, information and choice?

One thing’s for sure, it is a dangerous game they are playing, when this all should be well above politics – but it ain’t is it, Messrs Morrison and Johnson? It is one step away from being weaponised and another to hide the truth from your general public.

We are being told it is safe, but clearly not for some, and for others there is an absence of data to support it. But the spin doctors are already out there ramming the public health safety slogan down our throats. And here in Australia, if you are eligible on medical grounds or concerns for an alternative, there is only one – Pfizer-BioNTech, and already it is not available to the general public, but most don’t know this.

The US also has Moderna and Johnson and Johnson, all three of which are more effective, arguably safer, and none of which so far, have thrown up any of the troubles of AstraZeneca.

So in Australia, the general population have just one vaccine which has been badly managed. Many unanswered questions. If you have no medical conditions or family history, having the vaccine evidently poses less risk than not taking it, little doubt about that. But until the US study is reported with its larger and broader sample, with latest reliable data and independent analysis, which we are told is soon, the truth about its effectiveness and safety in the elderly is yet to be properly established. But if you have a blood clotting disorder, serious heart condition, receiving medication and family history, you may be at higher risk than either AstraZeneca or the government is telling; and the government has failed to provide an alternative. That is probably what is compromising their willingness to tell the truth, so they are resorting to dumbed down public health messaging and guesswork.

So, what can we learn from all this?

  1. The research needs to be conducted on a reliable and independent footing, sound methodologies, rigorous, no compromises.
  2. The public need to be told the truth from the start, no guesswork for the sake of politicians sleeping in their beds at night. Do not mislead the public. The biggest threat to public confidence and consenting to vaccination is being lied to or misled, unsupported claims, and of course overzealous politicians who don’t know what they are talking about, covering up for their incompetence.
  3. Cautions, contraindications, risks must be labelled on the product and all product information; and for reasons we won’t go into that has been overlooked in the packaging and promotion of AstraZeneca; shortcuts, omissions and excuses unacceptable.
  4. There needs to be a choice, an alternative if there are medical contraindications and risks. That choice must be based on medical advice, case by case, not a bureaucrat or politician.
  5. Our government needs to address the order and supply problem – One for all is not acceptable.
  6. Don’t even think about travel passes and restrictions until you get this stuff right.

We can do better than this unless you like the sound of our master’s voice (I don’t and I don’t like his attitude), frankly he, like Boris doesn’t know what he is talking about either, other than pulling the wool over our eyes every day, pretty much on everything. But I would have expected better from the Chief Medical Officer in Australia than his one size fits all, dumbing down, and bugger the quality of the research, choice or supply.


Missteps plague AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Rollout, The Washington Post, 22 March 2021.

Reputation of AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine marred by missteps, Modern Healthcare, 23 March 2021.

WHO says AstraZeneca vaccinations should continue as some nations halt rollout amid concerns, The Washington Post, 13 March 2021.

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‘Let the birds go free’ – A grand and tragic soap opera served to the masses

Some say Meghan and Harry are bucking tradition, cutting their own way, not for the first time nor will it be the last. Oprah Winfrey’s American soap opera may be a welcome dramatisation from the ravages of the pandemic and legacy of Trump.

Some say us, and they who have nothing better to do, some fume with indignation and storm out of the studio in a fugue, some say very little, some don’t care, some have far greater worries, where’s the catch?

Railing against the tide of consumerism, celebrity, populism, pomp and ceremony, and of course the British Royal family again. Where the wealthy elite scoff at everyone beneath them, as does a true Republican or tourist clown like prosperity ‘theologue’ Morrison and Liberal-Conservatives, who think the jobless consider it their duty and right to sit on a couch all day and watch Netflix instead of work. No less productive or entertaining surely than what the Liberal Nationals do in Parliament (or he in Hawaii and every other weekend; and we once did Bali) for which they receive State welfare in far greater procurement and royalty than a grand old couch potato or duke deserves. That reminds me, what exactly does the GG do? Well now, the jobless can do that too, breathe the life and fantasy of rebels or prosperity royals and imagine pennies and pizza raining from Heaven.

The Royals, not unlike Morrison, bathe in the arrogance and divine right of office and sell us their platitudes of peace and prosperity, unity and friendship, the importance of family and economy like it were a religious institution proclaimed by God or Calif, when in front of a camera for all those rotten and hungry couch potatoes; proving that mundane populism and fascination with celebrity and virtual reality isn’t dead at all, far less the news. Not when the media, gambling and entertainment moguls and religious fanatics too can ride the wave of income windfall, donations, arms, gratuitous violence and abuse generated from the masses and feed the frenzied crowds like the Romans herded slaves, lions and spectators into the Colosseum – okay you don’t get the blood and sweat, the poverty and fear, the angel of death, the valiant slayer on a horse in shining armour as he slaughters the magnificent roaring captive lion (should be a dragon) to thunderous applause in the name of God, the Emperor, King and country, El Presidente, every war lord and drug baron; Ah but duty calls, loyalty, devotion, pennies in heaven like Pavlov’s puppies we all conform.

But you have a real world all around you for that level of gratuitous public violence and civil entertainment. Kuwait, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Streets of USA, Washington DC, Hong Kong, the Uighur, Sudan, Africa, Belarus, Taliban, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, refugees, women, old people, the young, the homeless and jobless in this witch-maid sunburnt country of ours, on the ABC or world news channel. Our virtual Colosseum is everywhere, hourly at the flick of a remote control served up with Menulog, Uber Eats and Deliveroo cuisine by smart phone, thanks to the tireless effort and efficiency of modern-day slavery, don’t forget to throw the slave a bone as they walk out the door. Hell, even they exploit that dream in the commercials, and so, we too can all pretend we are Royals with our entitlements and sex slaves projecting fake disgust and horror at the scandals. Hmmm… I wonder what cousin Andrew, Christian and George are doing right now, if not plotting how they can dutifully rule the world after the royal, party or papal horses have bolted? Oh, stop it before my voyeurism turns pink or yellow.

Wash it all down with a beer or glass of bubbly why don’t you, a little bit of public sympathy, watch don’t touch served on a stainless-steel tabloid platter by the gutless press – Oooh, that’s me on telly!

Tears for the Queen as her grandchildren succumb to the dark side and a hero’s welcome, may your god go with you, so Dave would say.

I wonder how the comic-tragic flute would play, an air of romance perhaps, a touch of Fidelio, let the birds go free?

… and the article below, oh that – No worries, that’s just leftie soft propaganda and cannon fodder.

‘Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness ends with its protagonist, Kurtz, declaring, “The horror! The horror!”, as his verdict on all that he has done and seen, and on the general devastation wrought by imperialism on the African continent.’

Gosh that sounds like Dante in exile dreaming of Florence and other things in 1302 with the poem to come! Alas no, ‘Harry and Meghan firing their latest broadside against the House of Windsor’, World Socialist Web Site, 8 March 2021 – What a come down, for God’s sake how could I?

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Monty Python Life of Scotty: “But I’m the Prime Minister” from flying slime to the ridiculous

Warning – Truisms, delusions, flatulence and satire; not to be confused with news, fiction or entertainment, and this is not a joke.

“I’m the Prime Minister.”

… and I’m the President of Beeblebrox Prime – What a brainless Jurassic dodo Morrison is!

“Aged care is complex … Life is complex.”

“No I don’t agree with that, nor the premise of your question.”

“This is Australia.”

“If you have a go, you get a go.”

“If you want to do business here, you work according to our rules.” When in Rome huh

Whose rules? My aunt cockatoo – the ‘Rule of Law’ of course.

“Where the bloody hell are you?” – If only Morrison would make up his mind!

“I think I can speak for the people of Australia” – If you haven’t heard this one it is the arrogant pseudo-democratic subscript of rampant Ministerial Liberalism, the voice of entitlement and abuse of power.

“This is coal. Don’t be afraid! Don’t be scared! It won’t hurt you.”

Life isn’t as simple as Morrison makes out, but simplicity, ‘people-games’ and ridicule are his bread and butter, as obfuscation, deceit and lies his cue. Rule by lawfulness, statue, common law, case law, due process, natural justice, balance of probability, fair go where punishment or consequence fits the crime or is it much simpler than this – A Morrison interpretation and decree, absolute?

As the fossil record also tells us, survival isn’t always brighter – Here on earth in the Anthropocene it just gets dumber and dumber as we buckle down into the oblivion of banal arrogance, truisms, slogans, assumptions, generalisations, rationalisations and rebuffs; the gobsmacking repetition of Liberal media grabs, lies and dogma, when there is no substance left to spew from the Prime Minister’s heaving ‘mad cow’ disease gutless Mesozoic mouth, other than endless COVID-19 announcements and economy boasters for the light headed, those with short concentration spans, poor memories, recall, disbelief or general ignorance; before diversity of thought, living and human civilisation crashes (Take a breath).

Diversity and originality diminish and the toxic soup gets thicker and slimier as it engorges itself on the powerless overwhelmed suffocating discourse of public life. Opposition becomes futile and toothless, like a muffled voice in the wilderness as Morrison and News Corp press on with their rape, pillage and plunder of the moral, political, social, cultural, economic, and indeed personal landscape. Then we crash just like the Romans did, as have many others through history.

Here we are sitting on the great galactic rim of Morrison’s lips and cognitive insensibilities, where the next slogan pours out the vast desert of his backside like a dark solar prominence on (a)steroids in hyperspace, another magical leap of faith from a dying star in the Delta Quadrant. Like the endless self-righteous entitled groans, pestilence and murmurings of an entombed Egyptian mummy waiting to wow us with the natural wonders of revenge and the hidden talents of flea swarming goggle-eyed gumless beaming age cured cloak of the Scotty and Murdoch duo. Oh sorry, did I forget a few truculent cabinet ministers, sycophants and alleged sex abusers.

Betelgeuse is burning here on earth as Scotty plans his next holiday in downtown Hawaii Centauri sniffing in Trump’s lately dumped golden shit infested knickers. Yes, we have to put up with his daily poop and ‘tribal’ ramblings on the ABC who seem to think news, weather, business and ‘Rule of Law’ is about giving Morrison and his gutless wonders free to air publicity, broadcasting his mind-numbing truths and meaningless, thankless announcements ad nauseum. Nothing else to watch, the corporate channels, Seven, Nine and Ten (Christ, it’s all numeric labels and breakfast commandments) don’t make any sense in the real world as they prattle on from their virtual worlds and ivory towers, throwing out more slime and populist garbage than a Russian Mafia boss in between a mountain of dumb arse paid for advertising and programming, guaranteed to blow up your mind on knickerbocker glories, unreal life insurance and breathless testicle cupped macho underpants masquerading as boneless bras. Did anyone say KFC? That wasn’t me.

Back here on earth, in the land of Oz we once believed in something. It wasn’t a dream and there was no Dorothy or yellow brick road.

A democratic government in a civil society that would never say ‘never’ gag its press, when faced with mindless questions from a goggle-eyed bleeding press gallery. The reporter just doing her job called by the Immigration Minister a “mad fucking witch” as the microphone crackles to the background funnel-web cackle and natter of distant galaxies in ‘Question Time’ (okay that was an old one). A young woman who is allegedly raped in the Defence Minister’s office called a “lying cow” (note: fucking was dropped but not the gender) as ‘she and her partner are run out of town’ – that alien bitch of a parasitic institutional bubble we once called the Australian Parliament, walls riddled with vocational Liberal National slime and free speech dripping from the corridors and walls of ridicule, abuse and power. Morrison calls this democracy, which he seems to confuse also with free speech, representation, truth, facts, national security, law and leadership if not a host of other things which are belted like farts into a shitting bowl, a lethal and toxic mix, not to mention smelly!

The Prime Minister quick with faecal rhetoric calls the AFP and NSW police to order, like men in black neuralysing the minds of ABC viewers and the general public with nothing to see here, as if we weren’t already stupefied by the gormless babble and poisonous religious breath and sales pitch of the serpent’s tongue – Yes, you Morrison and, ‘we’ (where the shoe fits) your mummified tomb raiders, conspirators, dreamless pumpkin pen pushers and consumerised zombies of the Austral-American Liberal-Republican inter-continental clueless Kluxy clan.

Increasingly mesmerized, deluded and despotic just like Trump, the Prime Minister with his cabinet of knuckle-headed abusers and invocations of bogus conception have made us a laughing-stock ‘kiss and cuddle USA’ worldwide, not just in China. Whatever abuse of human rights overseas, we are called out as hypocrites and liars as we gringel and gobble at our own anal meanderings, gazing into our subcultural empty souls, indigenous and colonial toxic lethal rags or get caught with our pants down providing military arms and aide to criminal juntas, abusers and traffickers of human suffering. We find ourselves on the other side of everything we once stood for, or at least some of us did.

It runs deeper than the devil or a bag of serpents in Daniel’s den, and our Parliament is the devil’s den, where once the lion raged and feasted off the remains of elders, staffers, public servants, women, migrants, refugees, jobless, cashless, bludgers, pensioners, the old, the young, the toothless fairies, the unbelievers, convicts transported to the colony for stealing a loaf of bread (I’m sure I’ve missed a few). Did I say or imply ‘once did?’ Ah yes, little has changed in 250 years of colonisation, federation, ‘liberal democracy’ where the greedy club of present-day lions feed in fewer numbers on the unrecognisable culture and carcass of Australian life, but the economy is booming as we bleed profusely into the surrounding Great Barrier Reef, Pacific, Indian and Antarctic oceans – looking so pale and rickety.

“I’m the Prime Minister?” of this great vast land, this wilderness, this burning wasteland that Scotty is selling to the lowest bidders and gangs in town; our Public Service already thoroughly fucked over (so who are you going to call apart from some government funded help line, if you make it through the night on call waiting – That’s also what you get with Telstra and NBN, two other notable behemoths, legacy of our wacko Liberal-National zealot privatisation program).

… and we are the Borg, resistance is futile.

This Neolithic narcotic serpent Morrison leads us down the psychotic delusional path and Pythonesque parody ‘life of Brian’; not of fictional or divine comedy you’ll understand, but false prophet, myth and tragedy. Tragedy for Australia and all who sail in her bushfire, solar bleached, coal dusted, bronchitic, government raped womb of a giant burning wreck, half way between the starry flagged shores of the South China Sea and ravaged prehistoric Trump infested Mississippi swamps of Gondwanaland.

Australia is indeed a beautiful country, but Morrison’s gang from out of town are picking off all the flowers, raping and pillaging our country, laughing in our faces on national television and social media like big fat balls of slime. Rule of Law, democracy, fair go – long gone according to the book of revelation and the silent annals of our sublime constitution; all that’s left is the ridiculous.

The serpent has landed and he fully intends to stay unless another little spoilt and rotten spud, half as grotesque again, grows wings and repeatedly neuralyses us with national security legislation or we are serendipitously invaded by centaurean pigs from outer space. Whichever way these Liberals fall or land, they are sure to have inoculated themselves against this current self-inflicted bubonic plague and live off the fat of their ill-gotten wealth, investments, capital and government super they have bequeathed themselves in their promised land, behind giant walls of steel or somewhere far away, gloating, farting and salivating safe offshore. But it won’t be another planet, we only have this one.

Courtesy of President of Beeblebrox Prime, a Borg Cube somewhere in the Delta Quadrant sipping coal-digger pineapple Neros, donkey-faced cocktails; and all very ugly because there is nowhere else in the galaxy to go that we haven’t already fucked up and assimilated, 9 March 2021.

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Citizen’s post to Facebook

ABC NEWS, 22 Februry 2021 – ‘Government to escalate Facebook feud by pulling advertising spend potentially worth millions of dollars’.

Yay! That means we all benefit as we no longer have to put up with federal government (small ‘f’ and ‘g’) ads on Facebook – Awesome. Less Murdochian, News Corp, mining magnate, IPA, government, ministerial bullshit, spin and disinformation. Now Facebook will be an even better place to socialise without being hunted down and intruded upon by partisan government, corporate and electoral ambitions, and I know you are really interested in the problem of fake news and disinformation – funny that.

Any chance, Mark you could get Facebook to block ministerial and politician (small ‘m’ and ‘p’) pages too – I mean that would be a great response and clean up Facebook enormously. Think about it Mark, these are the bastards who on their pages are not only flaming Facebook and social media freedoms, but spread propaganda, fake news and disinformation on what is a free platform for them. They block debate, argument and facts that are oppositional to their cause on their pages and this is where you will find most of the political trolls and sycophants, the fundamentalists and calculating close-minded political missionaries (you know like your friend Josh from Harvard) intent on poisoning public opinion. Mark, get rid of them, social platform not political, unfriend them!

Apparently, the ABC are saying this will be a loss of millions to FB, more specifically $10 million. Hell, that’s nothing, it’s costing Google $30 million to buy off Murdoch’s attack and many other big players every year. ABC News is telling us Google have spent $60 million already and they’ve only just begun on this rancid Media Bargaining Code/Legislation – Who needs it? You’ve got yourself a bargain by opting out and all perfectly legal, but PM Morrison (self-righteous prat) seems to think otherwise.

Simon Birmingham, minister (small ‘m’) for finance says the ban will extend across government – I expect he means whole of government, bit of truism really. If he wants to play chess with himself, so what! I can think of other things he might like to play with, but that would be private matter, hey.

Simon says you are still having conversations with that wombat Josh. Can’t believe you take him seriously, we don’t. You are wasting your time – Block him, he’s not worth it.

We are being told by ABC News today these two wombats are saying “We’d urge Facebook to acknowledge it should behave as we would expect any other re-publisher of content to behave.”

Hmm… a number of thoughts there – Is Facebook a re-publisher? Can I publish a book or some of my poetry with Facebook or a freelance article like this, it would be welcome income? Geez I thought the news feeds and clicks were just free links, no obligation. Funny that free advertising and traffic to the people who are biting your hands and your bum. Something to do with loss of advertising revenue, shouldn’t they be paying? I really don’t think they’ve got it!

I am not sure I’d be too keen on expanding on what these two wombats would ‘expect’, given their affairs with coal and property diggers like Morrison (Scomo), Dutton (dead meat potato), water and environment hackers like Joyce (barnacles) and McCormack (doormat) and those spellbinding nutters on the government back bench – Let’s not mention their names it’s kind of disturbing. But one thing’s for sure, what these clowns would expect beggars belief. I think they want you to give heaps of dough to Rupert, so he can spend more money stabbing you in the back and destroying our democracy. None of us like being told what to think and believe. Not a good idea, Mark.

I hear you’ve been working on an industry ‘disinformation code’ with other digital giants, Twitter, Google (although frankly I am surprised you still talk to them unless you cooked up a plan with them, which you haven’t told Josh or Scomo about), Microsoft, Redbubble and TikTok (oooh! 抖音 Douyin, don’t think the government likes them much) – developed by Australian internet and social media industry group FIGI. Don’t suppose you’d like to talk to Murdoch on that one, or Seven and Nine or any of the banana radio stations and shock jocks we have here in Australia. Have you thought of blocking some of those awful jockstrap radio stations who love to make money pissing on Facebook while squeezing shit tax breaks, tax payer’s donations and corporate welfare out of our government finance department in Canberra? We’ve all got haemorrhoids here in Australia and we can’t afford the toilet paper, if we can get our hands on any. Worth a thought on your next sitting.

Still, what a great idea – An industry disinformation code. Don’t think our government (small ‘g’) is going to like that very much. They just love to run roughshod all over Facebook.

‘A code that requires signatories to develop and implement measures which aim to reduce the propagation of and potential exposure of ‘users’ to misinformation and disinformation’.

Not keen being called names, ‘users’, way not kool.

‘A code committing companies to robust safeguards against harmful misinformation and disinformation that also protect privacy, freedom of expression and political communication’.

Ohhh! The Liberals won’t like that and the Nationals (apologies for big ‘L’ and big ‘N’, party VIPs you know) won’t understand it, you do know they head up our government (small ‘g’)?

‘Political communication’, hmmm… that’s a tricky one, can you do jockstraps, climate deniers, coal diggers, cashless welfare card minders, corporate welfare bludgers, gangsters, KK, proud boys, wall builders, border force, refugee abusers, news sharks, big sharks, big banks, arms dealers, rising dictators, anyone who regularly appears on TV with an incongruent or arrogant smirk on their face telling us lies, real estate agents and fake religion too? We get you can do this!

Still, you’ve got my vote, sounds after all like Facebook is going to be a much nicer place to talk. You know, Apple seem to have a pretty good customer centred business model, yes, I know, they can be a little expensive and they are American but – I didn’t see them in the line-up on your Big Bite. I mean I can block trolls like News Corp and customise my news feeds, it’s great not being controlled by some big wig media mogul, politician or evangelist or simply not knowing who is controlling my news feeds, pulling my strings.

I see the industry disinformation code was a recommendation of the 2019 ACCC enquiry. That’s great, considering our government have ignored practically all the public and private submissions except Murdoch (nearly forgot ‘dead-start Davros’, but some over here know him as Rupert and yes it should be small ‘m’ and ‘r’); he must have made a submission, right? Still, he didn’t need to, he has them all on show, tip tap – you remember the Muppets, Miss Piggy, Kermit and those two old fartful dodgers in their royal box? They’re over here too, over the Hill, you can find them sometimes sitting on their arse at Question Time blowing fake bubbles in a circus that would make a municipal donkey of your industry disinformation code – Codes are for others, not them. Yes, the ABC do televise this shit.

Okay, I think that covers citizen’s post for now, Mark. But just before I forget, I have a humble request. Can you bring back the small independent media agency pages and links? I know it’s a big ask. I wonder if you are aware, some have clearly stated they don’t want your money unlike Murdoch. Yes, yes, I know they are not going to get it anyway. But they do provide a source of reliable news, pesky facts and it is all for free. Scomo and wombat Josh really don’t want us to listen to them anyway – Now there is a lot of common ground there! We might even get fair elections under the new industry disinformation code, but bring back these small independent news groups indigenous to local Australian values on to FB. It would be a wonderful public interest gesture and community service, it might help them and us survive the Australian drought.

Quick tip – Have you thought about working on an industry ‘defamation code’ – Might come in handy with over-reaching governments and of course dead-start Davros, the courts don’t seem to do anything useful or constructive now.

But so happy our government has withdrawn their advertising as they have really been getting on our nerves here in Australia for a long time now, spending our money and they won’t shut up just like those pop up Google ads spitting shit – you end up hitting the wrong button and lose all your work and the news feed you were on. Happy, just not gone quite far enough for my liking.

PS I went onto the Brisbane Courier FB page yesterday – Quiet as a dead mouse. Loved it. That’s the way it should be. I left them a copy of their front page from 20 February 2021 and a few comments like giving someone a lift to the supermarket for free and ‘Gran’ (big ‘G’ at 90 whose family kept being charged a fee each time she got out of bed and stepped on a secret mat. You know life is full of small ironies – Just not big enough for us plain citizens to chew on, but we know you are working on it.

All good down here.

Citizen Barddy


Luenig – Bad things happen when



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The Political Sociopathology of Murdoch, Trump and Morrison – the Victim Triangle (Oppressor and Rescuer)

The classic ‘I gotchya, mate’ with a good dose of the classic lie to readers and voters ‘I gotchya back, mate’ – NIGYYSOAB!

Ha ha ha horror and tragic! Here we go on the merry-go-round; it didn’t take long for the Murdoch rags to bring in the cavalry (see image below). Takes one to think he recognises another. This is the Murdoch-Morrison game plan, put down (that finally failed Trump): Set up another player (significant, wealthy, threat) the victim – attempt to ensnare and rape them, blame them, scapegoat them, take their money and reputation, run for cover, and let the outrage, pain and hate they have generated, engineered on the general public (disinformation, lies and slander, association, memories, false memories, flashbacks, manipulation of public empathy and anger, mass collateral damage) rise up against the player they have set up, rise up and destroy the victim, finish them off.

This is basic psychiatry and psychoanalysis of the sociopath personality – Berne and Harris classic theory of Transactional Analysis (late 1950’s), been around for a long-time modernising Freud; and yes it’s a well-worn socio-political ‘transaction’ being played here by Murdoch and Morrison. Will Australians fall for this again and will the world continue to be their victim with the lies and flaming? When will social justice prevail and these antics, the gross manipulation of public opinion by media and political lies be prosecuted and put to bed? This is how democracies are taken down.

Don’t fall for this again folks! This is the Courier Mail, the Telegraph, the Australian, Fox and Sky News, News Corp, Murdoch speaking; and Morrison too is riding these waves again as he tries to elicit international condemnation and retribution for his own game plan.

KISS – Yes keep it short and sweet,

repeat, repeat, and when you’re done

repeat again till the lynching, the public

trial and election’s won.


Front page of the News Corp (Murdoch) Brisbane based Courier Mail, 20 February 2021, Australia – Caught red handed!


‘Most callous man in the world’ – Takes one to think he recognises another – A case of mistaken identity and projection, I think!

Oh the irony, can’t help noticing the other lead article at foot of the Courier page, ‘Gran 90 billed for getting out of bed every time she stood up on the sensor mat – Family billed $5,600 in January’.

Now isn’t this exactly what Murdoch (News Corp) is doing to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) every time someone clicks on a link in FB to one of Murdoch’s fraudulent rags, the secret biller under Morrison’s News Media Bargaining Code and Legislation.

Like it’s not as if Morrison is shit hot on helping the elderly without short changing them on their pension and taking their money. What will it be next, a Government App!

Of course, one of several key differences here is Murdoch is the senior here abusing his junior and Facebook is the mat.

The similarities are uncanny!

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Morrison and Murdoch taking it all down

Australians have benefitted profoundly for nearly three decades, as has the rest of the world from the internet – freedom of information, knowledge and choice to communicate and share, which strikes at the heart of the human condition and the founding egalitarian principles of the web.

But Morrison and the Liberals with guzzling greed and the architecture of Murdoch and News Corp want to change all that for profit and power in the hands of the elite and super wealthy few – to control these golden ribbons of information… just links.

Astonishingly they propose to charge billions posting a link pointing people to the source of that information – I mean fuck, what a racket, something so simple, no product here other than spreading the news wider; providing a vehicle free of charge for something the seller would normally pay for. Like charging me if I offered you a free lift to the supermarket to get your groceries! The supermarket gets its money anyway, you get your groceries and I am hopefully not too much out of pocket for facilitating the engagement. Morrison and Murdoch want to denigrate and capitalise it, make money out of it, turn into a scheme, a scam. That money will only go to the biggest of the media and entertainment corporations like News Corp, Seven and Nine Networks who are already ripping a hole out of our pockets, fleecing our minds, our reality and choices with lies, sensationalism, fake news, advertising and propaganda under this fake code and legislation. It’s extortion.

Meanwhile, the Australian public are calculated collateral damage as the deal is flattened out and forced through. Facebook are the scapegoat not the bully here. It takes one to accuse another and make the mud stick to their victim, as that’s what bullies do, and this one does it with a smirk on his face and shit in his pants.

This damages the web, the social contract that has existed between countless millions for nearly three decades. The reason authentic media and independent journalism are struggling to survive is because the world has changed, we have technology that puts power, access and choice in everybody’s hands and we have failed to come up with a new business model to ensure those who provide it can earn a living. The big players are doing very well and will make even more money, but most independent and smaller news media agencies will continue to struggle as they are forced to scramble at the crumbs from the golden table. Morrison’s model does nothing to change that. It targets the wrong audience, misrepresents the real problem, and seeks to capitalise politically and economically from it. It’s all lies, smoke and mirrors.

And because Morrison is PM, he has the power to create and use bad legislation to execute this tyranny. And yet again he uses lies to conceal the real goal and mission as he and his insidious band of thugs have done countless times before.


Image from Pesky Public Creativity


No more pesky facts on Facebook, no more facts to put before the general public, no more facts to access or share. He doesn’t want us to have facts because if the truth were known he’d have no chance of ever forming a government again. The stakes are extraordinarily high just as they were for Trump and no doubt Putin who has actually got exactly what he wants and has had it for a long time.

Morrison aims to take it all down and narrow the field for his little band of followers and believers – the Liberals under the reckless banner of neoliberalism, now euphemism for fraudulent ungovernable capitalism. Not less government but more, far, far more. Just when you thought you were traveling north into the promised land, you one day discover all along it was south deeper and deeper into the wastelands of obscurity and starvation.


It’s not just Google who says paying for links and snippets damages the web.

Many others have raised concerns that paying for links and snippets would undermine the fundamentals of the free and open web. This includes:

The Business Council of Australia said:

“… the requirement for digital platforms to pay for providing a link to another website runs counter to one of the fundamental tenets of the internet: the ability to link freely between content. The ability to freely make these connections has underpinned the creativity and sharing of knowledge enabled by the internet. This legislation undercuts this fundamental principle that has, for decades, enabled the internet to deliver real benefits to all Australians.”

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, said the law “risks breaching a fundamental principle of the web by requiring payment for linking between certain content online.”

Scott Farquhar, co-founder of Australian tech company Atlassian, told The Australian on January 15: “The precedent of charging for links and snippets is a fundamental threat to the open internet, not just Google.”

Vint Cerf, chief internet evangelist at Google, who’s also regarded as one of the ‘fathers of the internet’ said:

“In its current state [the bill] represents a fundamental challenge to the free and open Internet, to the functioning of the country’s digital economy, and to Australia’s economic future…”

Many more submissions made to the Senate Committee and previously to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission raise similar concerns.

Source: 8 Facts about Google and the News Media Bargaining Code, published Jan 22, 2021.

Morrison and the Liberals have ignored all of this, as usual, they have their eyes on a far bigger prize all for themselves and so far, it’s working out for them – The truth is hidden behind closed doors and secret passages, in the labyrinth and privileged halls of political corruption, abuse and power, the law stackers and the IPA. The rest of us in Australia are and have become increasingly collateral damage as will others across the world if governments of similar persuasion and construction follow his lead, thinking they are solving the problem of global inequity, when all they are doing is getting a leg over Facebook, robbing one giant Peter to pay another giant Paul.


Image via News from Facebook


The rest of the world do not understand what is going down here in the land of Aus and it is not just internet, FB, access to news; it is honesty, truth, civil liberties, equity, fairness, égalité, social justice and the foundations of democracy itself. The rest of us, the common folk, the ‘battlers’ already forgetting what money (real news and reality) looks and feels like as we vent our misguided anger on Facebook.

There is more to living than watching Morrison crap on and on every day on ABC News, press conferences and announcements; taking his word for what and who we should be angry with. And all the time, every time it should have been him.

Morrison shouts, everybody jumps and down we all go.

Just ask that bastard Murdoch!

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Another nail in Australia’s coffin – the silence will be deafening

Another nail in Australia’s coffin – Facebook bans sharing news in Australia and Google backs big business – guess who wins? PS: But… we can still write, post and share our own.

Does that sound like a tweet or what! Another nail in the coffin for Australian democracy, freedom of information, voice and ears. Flying blind – The silence will be deafening on FB.

Game, set and match? This is not freedom of choice. This is political censorship by default and design. The Australian media news landscape embroiled, further compromised, falling off the edge of the continental shelf and the Australian public alienated from its own local news and rest of the world, like have we all just been sent to Coventry?

This was the LNP Think Tank’s intention and a golden opportunity to fulfil their primary goal – Can you and I, can we not see this!

This guy (Josh) and his buddy (Scomo), and the whole frigging LNP camp of degenerates really need to fuck off to the casino big time. We have them now to blame for ‘all of us’ becoming news blind in Australia on Facebook and Social Media. Going against their declared political principles of free trade, freedom of information, news and free speech for a bigger prize. This is a huge setback for Australians.

This is exactly what Frydenberg and Morrison want, to silence and deafen FB or more to the point Australians who use FB to share their news, thoughts, views and opinions. By doing so they get to control the flow of news, media and opinion. The public broadcasters, ABC and SBS were never going to be free to enter these deals and you would be grossly naive if you thought smaller independent news outlets would ever gain traction on this legislation with the corporate giants – That’s not how Monopoly is played. Google have taken a different path but can you see them entering into the plethora of smaller agreements and will our government under this legislation or policy direction give a damn!


Image from


So Frydenberg and Morrison get to spread their shit here on FB and everywhere else for free, what hypocrites. The News giants like Murdoch and News Corps get to rake in the money and spread the pain for their shit everywhere – and laughing. There will be no informed democracy and elections in this game. The Liberals are doing this, not for equity, fairness or justice, but given all the run offs and stacked consequences, as planned; giving them massive control over news, media information available, not available, accessibility on public and social platforms. Will this be good for the economy even?

The chosen ones, yes.

I don’t condone FB’s decision, but Morrison and Frydenberg knew very well this was the likely path, and why indeed should FB as a business pay for users, other people’s decisions on what they share – What kind of fucked up business model is that? What next? Will the Liberals have ‘us’ pay for shared advertising too? Actually, we already are, out of the public purse.

Would you charge me if I offered you a lift to the supermarket to get your groceries? The government (the Liberals) are raving bonkers.

Australia totally screwed on this one, folks! This is political censorship, where only the sharks profit at the expense of freedom of choice, information and information sharing, one of the founding principles of the internet, and ironically democracy, fair dinkum. Yes, the Liberals, Nationals, News Corps, big business elites et al are pushing our noses in it and our heads in the sand – make no mistake. I can’t breathe!

End game – Erosion of political and electoral public intelligence and information, control of the airwaves, right wing power grab and supremacy, come next election. Not even Trump could manage this (Foxy News versus Washington Post), but here by any other means, with a swoop of the pen, Morrison, Frydenberg and the Liberals (image source: ‘elbows kissing’ courtesy of the Australian, how ironic) are banking on that ignorance turning in their favour, like it did for 74 million Americans! Another nail in the coffin for Australian democracy, freedom of information, voice and ears.

Eyes to the right where we can expect the procreation of more lies, hypocrisy, false (manufactured) news and proliferation of extreme right wing and fundamentalist opinion, especially from Murdoch, News Corps, Government, corporate mining elites and big business; and sadly, Facebook and Google are deserting the public camp for consumerism in their own separate ways. Did I mention tongues and fiery pulpit of the very holy Morrison-Frydenberg spirit – Holy cow!

They say no man is an island, Australia is and has just become even more isolated from the rest of the world, thanks to the LNP and our government – Regulation be damned (on this one).

But maybe we are all just about to become more creative – We can write, post and share our own news and opinion pieces with complementary piccies. Isn’t that what these social platforms and truly independent media are for?

This is democracy. Let’s get to it!


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Morrison’s Trojan Horse – The ABC and the Battle for Eden-Monaro

While we must love our ABC, absolutely but not absolute, right now the ABC (like Morrison and his Ministers incestuously tripping over their own policies) spend more time suppressing and attacking the Opposition or leaving them in oblivion than examining the truth and tackling the lies, excesses and abuses of the Liberal and Federal Government in power, doing their bidding.

They follow Morrison’s announcements every day, word for word interrupting any news on the ABC News channel giving Morrison and his ministers unprecedented free air time for him to go on and on with his sermons, admonishments, self-praise, lies and attacks on Labor who haven’t been in office for over 7 years. Funding for this and that, and more than half promised never sees light of day unless it is to fund his own party pocket and himself, big body corporates, mining and Trump’s USA.

You’ll hear no critique or analysis of Liberal policy and government from the ABC except the occasional satire, which I am expecting will be the next commentary suite of programs and comedy to disappear under the holy cow of appointed cronies and CEO on the ABC Board by the Liberals; and their spending cuts (an inverse oxymoron of their infamous Indue welfare scam, Great Barrier Reef, Sports fraud, electoral pork-barrelling, bushfire, Jobseeker, Jobkeeper, latest military spending and hedonistic carnival of other Liberal pleasures) sending us to Poseidon’s global den of iniquity.

We are on a road to Patriotic Pentecostal destruction as Morrison takes useless mindless pokes at the Dragon… agh! Anyone would think he was St George but the moron will be knocked off his horse long before he gets his pitiful lance up, and we will suffer for it – We already are. The kingdom of heaven is at hand! (Anyone remember his maiden speech? It wasn’t that long ago).

… and where is the ABC other than shitting themselves about their jobs, attacking Labor and progressive social policy – Enter compatriot bully Patricia Karvelas voila!

One thing’s for sure, the Trojan Horse, the Greeks are bringing down Troy and our ABC by turning everyone against it, for Achilles to drag the ‘devil’ Hector and much needed progressive social, human and environmental policy all around the walls of our Liberal infested fiefdom. You won’t find our ABC there but that is where they damn well should be – Calling this government to account, our number 1 media priority in the public interest and the interests of our country and our children.

Tomorrow is Eden-Monaro, another Trojan Horse now set up and loaded by Morrison and ‘his’ ABC to continue the curse. For God’s sake people don’t vote Liberal!

What the words

we poets sow

if a thousand lies undo

what’s dead rise again

this long dark night subdue

Sweet as the desert

sand on sea

no one lies

no one dies tonight

you and I

so what say we continue

this rebellion?

(Soliloquy from Patriot Lies by Barddylbach, 24 June 2020).

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Somewhere over the rainbow – on the other side

Point in case once again, about the redundancy of this COVIDSafe app. Your mobile phone data is shared through Bluetooth with someone you have co-located within 1.5 metres (no further) for a minimum of 15 minutes (no less). In other words, walking the street, brushing shoulders in the supermarket, even a takeaway coffee or 10-minute sit down on the table next to someone else will not register at all. The only thing that protects you is maintaining your physical distance and/or keep moving, don’t gather for more than a few minutes or at all if you can avoid it. Conclusion 1: The app did nothing to protect you, you did!

Now, you get home, wash your hands, gargle with mouthwash before you touch anything – great idea and of course you may have had a mobile hand sanitiser or wipe you used when you got into your car, on or off the train, and no-one coughed or sneezed incessantly over you from the back seat, because they are at home silly – The ones wearing a mask are more worried about you. Gladly you are not suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attack or suspicious paranoia, just being a good citizen! Several days pass. Now if you have been exposed and caught the virus, incubation 4-7 days, in most cases you are going to experience at least some minor symptoms – Dry cough, runny or blocked nose, sore or irritable throat, and a temperature, which if you are a good citizen you might take routinely once a day in the morning just to be sure – But if it is going to happen, you are going to know, it will happen within 4-7 days of point of contact. If that person (point of contact) got tested sometime later, now that’s a big ‘if’ to start with, you will get a notification also sometime later. Now, given the point of contact + incubation period + reported sometime later (the ‘if’) + ‘more’ sometime later it takes to process and notify, isn’t it likely you already know about it or chances are the incubation period is done and dusted. If you are a good citizen you are already taking precautions, lying low and staying at home. Alas if you relied on the app, it’s too late you have already infected others, those at home and anyone you have come into contact with since. Conclusion 2: The app did nothing to protect you, you did!

Here comes the app’s (great gig in the sky) blessing and it is practically the only possibility I can think of other than being told what to do instead of winging it, and if you are one who wings it, will the app stop you? ‘Not bloody likely’ I hear you say. If you are one of those who are 100% asymptomatic and we don’t think this is as common, may be more likely children (footnote, do you have children in your household?), then the app may be your unlikely (doubtful lucky) warning light. But then consider, you may not even have been infected from that contact, so unless you are going to trot along to a test centre, this is the only scenario you are going to know, but you are a good citizen. Slight sheepish grin breaking, however remember, if you ‘are’ one of those ‘asymptomatics’, I wonder how many of those you came into contact with were also asymptomatic, in which case you are never going to get that notification anyway because they don’t know and have no reason to go and get tested – Conclusion 3: The app did nothing to protect you or your family, by being vigilant and taking responsibility rather than relying on a stupid app, you did!

Now tell me what am I missing?

What is the real purpose of this app?

Why has this been rolled out so disingenuously and politicised?

Why the lies and deception, the value judgements?

Who do you trust?

What’s on the other side other than breaches of privacy, control, collusion, exclusion and surveillance?

Even if the app can help, and I have heard no convincing argument yet, have Morrison and the Liberals earned and do they deserve our trust, shaking hands and bleating like a rabid wolf every day all the way back from Hawaii?

Damn it, just put your sunscreen on, shut up and do it!

Don’t have any problem with going and get tested, although it makes more sense to do a combination of: 1) test if you have symptoms or think you may have been exposed and you don’t need an app to tell you that, you can do it; 2) Target and screen higher risk or vulnerable groups, you don’t need an app for that and this is not its function, health authorities do that; 3) Do some random screen testing in the population, again no app required this is a public health initiative; and 4) Accidental outbreak – contact tracing and indicated testing initiated, usually there are many leads but the app may actually help a little here if all the stars are out, but once again the horse has already bolted; and if you are in touch with the above provisos and safeguards, conclusion 4: You’ve got it covered already, it’s called responsibility, you got it!

Art Source: The poetic surrealism of Rafal Olbiński

All said and done, I see a trickle of resistant, oppositional, indifferent and incidental cases coming through on the app, but unless you go and get tested, it’s hit and miss, it’s pretty pointless, and in the meantime did you remember to observe physical distancing and wash your hands, because the app can’t do that for you. You might as well go home singing ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ – But guess what?

Morrison and the Liberals, Amazon and the Telcos, police and the State, mainstream media even the ABC (including repetitive nauseating shots of ‘we are one’ when we are not), security services, bouncers and big business are all singing hymns of praise for the digital icon they conned you into, giving up your freedom and privacy, because they don’t think you are bright enough to take responsibility and be a good citizen, only you do! Actually, they just want to make a profit, be elite, stay on the other side.

Who else can you trust but yourself and those around you, because you certainly can’t trust Morrison and the app. That’s not what rainbows are made of, and just an aside, when the ‘snap back’ comes, when everything goes back to the ‘normal’ settings, back to blind economy and rampant neoliberalism, corruption and lies, how long will it take for Morrison and the Liberals to fuck you up once more, and now they’ve got the app out of you – Because their ideology never worked to get you out of this one. This one required a good dose of reason and humanitarian socialism, which they lovingly and uncharacteristically bestowed on us, and it’s now theirs to take away. But we can wish for a little bit of genuine democracy on the other side, with a dose of truth and reason, that might help. And we can wait for the vaccine, but who will immunise us against these politicians, I don’t recall picking them up in a wet market.

Did I download the app? You’re kidding me, right?

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