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Dog’s Breakfast No Dogs Barking – Quarantine and Vaccine Rollout

DOG’S BREAKFAST NO DOGS BARKING (POLITICAL ANALYSIS) – Quarantine and vaccine rollout. Not just Victorians shouldering the risk and blame but older Australians too, while the Liberals ‘get away with murder’.

Victoria is now battling COVID on multiple fronts. Here are four things to watch‘ – ABC News (5 June headline). But what about things ‘to watch’ the ABC is not covering or telling, and neither is anyone else in the mainstream media?

Two Indian variants in Melbourne. The Kappa variant has been traced back to a breach in Adelaide hotel quarantine, South Australia. The Delta variant (source upstream) is currently unknown but it could have been acquired from New South Wales, South Coast where a Melbourne family visited, falling within an incubation and infectious time frame of 14 days.

So why is Morrison and his Ministry, the Federal Government once again trying to lay blame on Victorians and attempting to punish them fiscally, over which he and Frydenberg (A Victorian himself) have now had to retreat from one week later?

And how can Morrison and his Ministry, the Federal Government continue to justify excluding people over 50 from access to Pfizer vaccine on medical, health safety and civil grounds when scientific evidence coming out of UK studies are clearly showing AstraZeneca is up to 50% less effective against these variants – 60% cf 88% for Pfizer? Aside from the increased risk and exposure of older vulnerable Australians with significant medical conditions to potentially ‘very rare’ (so they keep saying) lethal blood clotting disorders, shouldering all the risk for a significantly less effective vaccine over which they are denied a medical or civil choice.

If there is shorter supply of Pfizer, how come Morrison and his Ministry, the Federal Government can roll it out through privately contracted vaccine hubs to everyone under 50 (currently 40-49) regardless of their health status and less likely to be severely affected than older people, if exposed? These private contractors are the mechanism or vehicle by which Australians are being conned in the rollout and older Australians policed and excluded from vaccination and vaccination hubs, while being paid millions out of tax payer’s money. Apart from being screened out of the system and excluded on-line, have any Australians over 50 been turned away?

Surely this is enough – It’s time to mount a legal challenge in the Federal Courts on behalf of all Australians (particularly over 50) against Morrison and his Ministry, the TGA, Federal Government and private contractors rolling out the vaccine for refusing to offer Australians over 50 the same choice as everyone else, amidst the gross negligence and incompetence of the Federal Government to manage the source, quarantine and treatment, vaccine rollout – Both of course Morrison has covertly (more so blatantly) privatised. This is a serious breach of medical/civil rights and responsibility, it is a gross injustice and insult to every Australian over 50, which this government has been met deviously getting away with. What law allows Morrison and his Ministry to discriminate against half the population this way? Isn’t it simply a case of government policy on the run vs every Australian’s legal, civil, medical, personal and public health, and Constitutional right? Why has Public Health been politicised and placed in the hands of private enterprise everywhere we look, when we have a national State-run Public Health system specifically designed for all Australians and populational health? Even our State public health systems have been coerced into this political dilemma of denying and refusing vaccine access to people over 50 and the wider general population, and dependant on Commonwealth procurement and supply. Dependant on the Federal Government’s policy settings, political agenda, manipulation, prejudices, incompetence and lies.

So where is the mainstream media on any of these issues? Nowhere to be heard of course. Shouldn’t that too be raising alarm bells – No dogs barking?

What a dog’s breakfast! What a fiasco this Government’s private vaccine rollout is. Add to this the current primary source of our miserable complaint – the hotel quarantine breaches which now appear to implicate two other States (both with Liberal State governments), not Victoria of course which gets the blame. And like the vaccine rollout, a Federal Government responsibility, Morrison and his Ministry, quite clearly, ultimately, the Federal Government’s responsibility.

Reference: Victoria is now battling COVID on multiple fronts. Here are four things to watch – ABC News, 5 June 2021.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    We used to have an establishment and outsiders, or bosses and workers, or common folk and snobby snots, or them and us, but.., now the establishment takes itself as royally, papally, naturally entrenched, establshed. A conglolmeration of clotted coagulations in media, mining, money, mischiefmaking political perversion, backed up by religious and social superstition, has the right wing rubbish oozing uber alles as if everspreading rubbish formed the great metropolis of corporate consumer coercive control. Never have we had worse, irresponsible, inadequate government. But it is a world of strident bullshitters, loudmouths on social media, the quiet majority being now a loud idiocracy. As people hate falling behind, “losing,” we might expect a continuum of inflated, everexpanding vacuuminous opinioneering danger, irrelevancy, harm. Where is the old hope of trust, balance, prudence, enlightenment? Where is reason, logic, science? Only dark emotion, fear, suspicion, superstition and fantasy seem to thrive. What do you reckon Eric? (Blair)

  2. Harry Lime

    Firstly, the Liar takes responsibility for nothing ,unless he smells a political advantage for himself,and he has been politicising everything in sight to this end.If we could use the analogy of the Commonwealth(Ha!) as a private company,with the Liar as owner and CEO,it more easily explains the way he behaves.He has been treating government in precisely this manner,pissing trainloads of taxpayers money(the Commonwealth) away ,as if it was his own, on anything he thinks will keep him in power.Sports rorts, regional rorts,stacking advisory bodies,judicial appointments etc,boosting his enablers in a reckless and corrupting manner.As for the relentless blame shifting…that’s what gutless, glass jawed hypocrites do.
    If Australia truly was a private company,Shithead and his hopeless,rag tag gaggle of Ministers would all be doing porridge for a very long time.Makes Skase,Bond etc. look like collection plate burglars.
    The vaccine disaster?…The Liar is the original Disaster Master.

  3. Jon Chesterson

    As said, the mainstream media have got us all looking the other way, off the scent while Morrison spreads his filthy corporate welfare and privatisation stench like a pole cat across our table and TV screens every day.

    No-one’s barking, even the Opposition meow like spoilt alley cats in a Fred Quimby Looney Tunes slow time movie, while the Liberals smash all the china and run away with the public service crown jewels, dangling their dags and turds, the Nationals behind them.

    It all makes me seethingly angry and depressed, waiting half my life time for the electorate, brain dead and elite Australian constituencies to get rid of these State criminals. Bones for breakfast for most of us, and if you are over 50, a very bleak retirement to look forward to one day, with less choice than you have ever had in your life, no say, no dignity and no respect.

  4. Terence Mills

    The prime minister and his minions get their talking points on a daily basis and all spruik the same nonsense without thinking it through.

    For instance a bright young spinner in the PMO came up with “Australia’s hotel quarantine system is 99.99 per cent effective” at protecting the community against COVID-19.

    So think about that, if it were correct then that would presumably mean that out of 10,000 people who have been in hotel quarantine we can expect only one person [ 0.01%] will develop and spread COVID 19 into the broader community. So, according to Scottie from marketing the risk is negligible.

    But the fact is that each and every case of COVID 19 that we have nationally can be traced back to somebody who is in or has been in hotel quarantine. So, one hundred percent of COVID 19 infections in the Australian community originated from somebody in hotel quarantine.

    I note that they don’t use that statistic anymore !

    And remember, it’s not a race to get vaccinated…………………or is it ?

  5. Max Gross

    So we must – MUST – sign a waiver to get the AZ shot, meaning if the wheels fall off we have no recourse. Nope. Not going down that road.

  6. Terrence

    Yes Max, what other product offers zero guarantee on liability? I can get a 2yr warranty on a toaster but not one day for a vaccine. Big Pharma, big shits.

  7. Michael Taylor

    The USA is on track to have 70% of the adult population either fully vaccinated or have had their first shot by July 4.

    That’s not bad when you take into account that they didn’t really get their act together until late January following the removal of Trump.

    They gave us a head start, now we’re eating their dust.

  8. totaram

    MT: Even eating their dust is to be lauded. We should be so blessed and grateful. After all, we look to them for everything great and wonderful! No?

  9. Jon Chesterson


    Yesterday, ‘they’, the mainstream media said the experts were telling us the Delta variant wasn’t from NSW but hotel quarantine, as if these were mutually inclusive. Today the same media are telling us it is likely hotel quarantine in Melbourne or Sydney. Tomorrow, we will find out it is not Melbourne, but NSW will be hiding the evidence like they fucked up on the cruise ships. More than a Liberal State Government’s life is worth, bugger the truth.

    Morrison must be crapping himself while Berejiklian fires her cannons inwards on Commonwealth funded quarantine facilities in NSW. Do I detect a little tension and jealousy in the Liberal ranks?

    Breakfast for dogs but may be that should be from the dogs!

    Authorities track recent hotel guests in Delta virus search – THE AGE, 6 June 2021

  10. kellie s

    Harry Lime you make my day! Bring a smile to my face with your spot on comments.

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