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Anyone See This Mad NSW Public Health RAT-Tsunami Coming!

NSW Government, Perrottet and Hazzard totally out of line bullying nurses and the people of NSW over hospital staffing, $1000 fines over RAT tests and Pharmacies buckling not booming – How the liberals in NSW, like their Federal mates have lost the plot, declare their true colours!

Straight from the ABC – Our Liberal government public broadcaster mouthpiece?

NSW NURSES PROTESTING OVER EXCESSIVE SHIFTS, WORKLOADS & DEMANDS OF NSW HEALTH – ABC reports: ‘Westmead nursing staff protest over excessive overtime – Intensive care nurses will protest this morning at Westmead Hospital in Sydney’s west due to staffing issues. The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association [NSWNMA] said the COVID-19 outbreak had put pressure on fatigued nurses to work excessive overtime. NSWNMA Acting General Secretary Shaye Candish said staff and patient safety was being compromised and called on the state government for immediate support. “The NSW government needs be up-front with the community and concede the health system is not coping,” she said’.

PUBLIC COMMENT – So all those daily briefings where Perrottet, Hazzard and Berejiklian before them, thanked and praised nurses, and told the people of NSW how well our hospitals and NSW Health are coping was all lies. Meanwhile behind the scenes, not only is NSW Health not coping but they are attacking nurses, forcing them off hard-earned planned annual leave, back to work while still COVID +ve jeopardising patient care, infection control procedures, standards and staffing, and bullying them into excessive overtime.

Hello – Now the NSW government and Health resort to excessive measures and bullying, showing their true colours. Not grateful or supportive of nurses at all, but then we knew that already since they had to repeat it every day to the press in public briefings to convince themselves with their own lies, deceit and denials. NSW Health clearly is buckling and the government resorts to further excessive force on its own longsuffering workforce. So tell us where are those tens of thousands of nurses promised by Greg Hunt yesterday from the private sector? Where are they? Don’t these Liberal governments talk to each other at all? Would that not be supportive? Is that too hard for Mr Hazzard and Perrottet?

NSW FINES OF $1000 FOR NON-DISCLOSURE OF +VE RAT TESTS – ABC reports ‘Fines for non-disclosure of positive RATs from today – From today, people who fail to register their positive rapid antigen test (RAT) will face a $1,000 fine. The mandatory reporting system introduced last week, requires all positive COVID-19 RATs be recorded on the Services NSW website or Government App. People were given a week’s grace to familiarise themselves with the system but penalties start from today. Last week, Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello recognised it would be difficult to enforce. “If we didn’t put a fine on it, then people would say you’re not taking it seriously,” he said. “At the end of the day, what we’re trying to do is get people to register so that we can quickly identify those that are at high risk and then provide them with more access to a care facility. “And that’s what we’re trying to do, it’s about looking after people.”‘

PUBLIC COMMENT – Now that’s a joke right, a revelation? People have to buy their own RAT test at inflated prices, which are unavailable; voluntarily conduct their own self-test procedure because PCR testing has now buckled and failed with excessive queues, delays and errors in reporting results; register on the government NSW Service website voluntarily or is that mandatory too? And then mandatorily report a +ve test result, and if they fail to do so face $1000 fines! – Did I get this right?

‘People were given a week’s grace to familiarise themselves with the system but penalties start from today’ – Really? Not interested, no way I am registering on the website, downloading the government App or familiarising myself with it. This simply isn’t lawful, it’s forced surveillance, it’s Orwellian!

“At the end of the day, what we’re trying to do is get people to register so that we can quickly identify those that are at high risk and then provide them with more access to a care facility. “And that’s what we’re trying to do, it’s about looking after people.” – That is bullshit, this is unlawful enforcement and coercion. Do you think the people of NSW are that stupid!

‘Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello recognised it would be difficult to enforce’ – How are you going to do it? When and who decides to do a RAT test? Who provides it? How will you determine if it’s positive or negative? How will you enforce people to register who are under no obligation to conduct a RAT test or do so in the first place? How will you determine it was +ve under such an arrangement that relies on honesty, integrity and forced compliance or are you going to send out the thought police? It’s tantamount to telling everyone to go out and buy tampons or condoms, use them and if you don’t self-report it on a website so the government can evaluate your performance they fine you if you don’t comply? Do the government and its Ministers have shares in tampons and condoms too?

NSW Government wants to ‘encourage’ or enforce voluntary compliance, now that’s a joke too right? Is this the way to get cooperation and good will? Is it even lawful? It sounds distinctly Orwellian to me, shit I’ve said that already.

“If we didn’t put a fine on it, then people would say you’re not taking it seriously” said Dominello’ – Hey, I am not taking you seriously now at all if this is how you are going about it, but then I have never taken this government and its politics seriously anyway – Read my lips.

I am, we are double or triple vaccinated, fair dinkum. Some of us have managed to find and purchase a RAT test kit which we will administer on ourselves, our bodies, as we see fit when we need to in our own time and our own home when necessary or indicated. If it is +ve we shall self isolate for 7-14 days. I am pretty much doing that right now all the time anyway, because I am damned if I will go out shopping and socialising under the current Omicron wave and put myself at risk of getting infected voluntarily and unnecessarily. I shall not register on the website or download the App, and under such circumstances of unlawful coercion and force will certainly not report it but apply my own judgment and self quarantine, although quite for what right now, when government authorities are breaking their own rules and regulations? So what are you going to do Mr Dominello, Hazzard and Perrottet, will you fine and arrest us all for thinking so. Will you send the thought, talk or freedom of speech police around to arrest us in our homes – Bloody jokers!

This is why you don’t vote Liberal because they don’t have a fucking clue how to govern, manage a pandemic or behave lawfully in accordance with our basic constitution and civil liberties. Dominello, you say you are a customer service minister – Hello I am the King of Prussia, what the hell would you know about customer service? What bloody service is this anyway? Do we even need a customer service Minister? Is this a joke too!

PHARMACIES BUCKLING UNDER LACK OF AVAILABLE RATS, VACCINE AND STAFF/WORKLOAD STRESSES – ABC reports:’Pharmacies ‘buckling’ under COVID pressure – Ninety-four per cent said they were having problems sourcing rapid antigen tests, while 33 per cent were struggling to get enough vaccines to meet demand. “We believe the system is buckling under pressure right now,” she said. “We’re incredibly concerned about how pharmacists are confronting increased workloads, stress [and] pressure.”‘

PUBLIC COMMENT – Well need I say more. No RATs available anyway because the Federal and NSW Governments and large corporations have commandeered them all, something the government doesn’t want you to know or denying. No, they want you to buy these non available items in the shops and pharmacies, and they want you to do their job for them because they appear to be unable to, and fine you if you don’t – Joke, right?

And now pharmacists are buckling too, not just RATs, but vaccine supply and staffing – This is getting so repetitive, haven’t we been here before?

Did you know NSW Government and Health stockpiled these RAT kits a long time ago, failed to make them available even to their own health care staff including nurses, and now all of a sudden there’s a rush in NSW Health to get teams and services within NSW Health to order stock in for their staff and use them, but WAIT FOR IT… with RAT kit expiry dates of only a week or two left! These kits normally have an expiry date of around 12 months, so how come they are almost expired already? And here’s the perverse contradiction, nurses and health care staff are being told by their employer (NSW Health) they are not to use them or supply them to health care staff or teams, so not only are they going to be wasted but staff are neither being effectively screened or able to check their own COVID status at work/on duty. Can you smell the stench of corporate stockpiling and profiteering here, making them rare, forcing up the price, and Morrison and Perrottet telling everyone to go out and buy them, and get infected while trying to do so, nurses and health care staff included. But not to worry because Hillsong Church Youth festival goers got theirs for free from Morrison’s Federal stockpile – No fines there for mass Public Health Order breaches of a far more serious nature. Not to worry if you don’t comply, they will fine you $1000 for non-compliance or non-disclosure, done and dusted – I wonder how many times they intend to do that? Anyone would think the NSW Government and Health is deliberately trying to get us infected with COVID and take our money, staff and patients in our hospitals included. Wasn’t it Hazzard telling us before Christmas this was inevitable, and yet he disingenuously keeps telling us all to get vaccinated, when we 95% already are, that argument is already redundant, saturated and bolted, clearly it is no longer the solution, other than politically deviant.

What Hazzard is not telling you, is that vaccination will not prevent you from becoming infected per se, it protects you from serious illness and hospitalisation. So what is all the fuss about? Go out and get infected is that what he is telling us to do without actually saying it? So what do the experts say?

Cautionary note – I strongly advise you not to! All the experts are saying it is not inevitable and it is not advisable. You cannot control the outcome of a COVID infection. You could end up with Delta not Omicron or both or in conjunction with flu. Neither vaccination nor even having had COVID will prevent you from infection or re-infection, it can strike twice – Ask Djokovic or any viral expert; and there will be other variants. You will not know how your body handles it till it happens.

Would you go out surfing or swimming if you saw a rogue wave or tidal wave rolling in off the horizon, announced over the radio or while it was crashing on the shore, hey I’ve got my golden surf board to protect me. Of course not, you’d stay at home till it has passed or head inland, as we have recently witnessed in Tonga. And when it has passed, less danger or risk, less COVID and contagion around, less likely get infected – Not inevitable at all – You keep your head down, body and family safe from harm. Unless you want to play Russian roulette, which Perrottet and Hazzard are promoting with their ‘let it rip’ and now ‘fine the masses’ campaign, and all just to protect themselves, their own interests and boost their coffers!

This is exactly what NSW Health is doing by not testing health care staff all this time and using the RATs they had; instead stockpiling them till they are almost out of date and forcing nursing staff back to work on excessive overtime despite being RAT +ve anyway; and by the way all other front line workers too. And all this time they want to fine the general public for being +ve and not reporting it, are they meant to stay at home too, what’s that about? Can anyone else see how incoherent, incompetent, negligent and desperate this rat infested NSW government and the Liberals have become?

Don’t fall for this madness, this tidal wave of government bullying, abuse and exploitation. Don’t fall for this lie and deception, and especially don’t buy it over keeping the NSW economy going, nor the bought corporate and mainstream media silence. This is not less government intrusion in our personal and private lives as the Liberals boast about, this is excessive government control and invasion into our health and homes. I suggest you do not self-report unless you want to or at least till the government comes clean and behaves responsibly in accordance with the reasonable citizenship responsibilities they expect of us; and buckle down in doing their job responsibly in return, as they are elected and obliged by law and duty to do so.

Who gives a RATS? Clearly not Perrottet or Hazzard, and not Morrison.

Source: ABC NEWS LIVE: NSW Now – 19 January 2022


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  1. Phil Pryor

    P for Perrotet, pathetic, political pervert, poltroon, pest, prevaricator, a pulpous pustule. Traitor and mediaeval misfit…

  2. GL


    You forgot pusillanimous, putrid, and pestiferous just add to the list.

  3. Phil Pryor

    To GL, Go man go! The phenomenally ignorant interference in professionally sensitive matters from politicians is astoundingly bad, totally criminal.

  4. New England Cocky

    There is only one democratic solution to this government inspired mismanagement and that is for every Australian voter to:
    and just maybe we may be able to save Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  5. corvusboreus

    I do not support increased firearm proliferation, nor logging and grazing in National Parks, so I will not be voting 1 SFF,
    and I will be alloting my electoral preferences based on my own research into the policies and pedigrees of fielded candidates.

    But thanks again for the shouty suggestions.

  6. James Robert LEONARD


    Thoroughly agree with your comments about SFF party, but even they are a better choice than the religious fanatics with the real power in the liberal party and way better than the country party of old, rebranded “national” but basically unchanged.
    Perhaps try one of the really smart independents coming up, or The New Liberals who certainly look more honesst and productive than any of the illiberals currently in power.

  7. Terence Mills

    Michael Pascoe in The New Daily has some disturbing observations on the chaos that Morrison has ‘engineered’ in letting Omicron rip without having made any advance preparation for what was likely (and is now) to happen.

    In Scomo’s world of spin what’s a few more deaths when you are heading into an election and you want it to go away !!!

  8. Jon Chesterson

    Hello, Labor and the Greens should be getting higher mention than any of these, followed by fair minded Independents who have absolutely no allegiance with Liberals, Nationals or One Nation. Otherwise we are so doomed to another term of LNP corruption, abuse, hell and destruction. We can’t afford ideology, wars and privilege!

  9. corvusboreus

    JRL et al,
    I don’t yet know which local HoR candidate will get my [1], nor how I will allot my BTL senate numbers, mainly because a federal election has not yet been called, nor any candidacies announced.

    When such happens, I will conduct due dilligence then balance policy ideals and personal pedigrees with mathematical pragmatics (likely hope of success) when making my electoral selections.

    This especially applies regarding the senate ballot, due to both the inevitably variable quality of candidature within each party/group, and the greater likelihood of one of my bedsheet numberings actually landing true.

    That said, I’ve already made some solid choices regarding parties I will avoid like ebola.

  10. Jon Chesterson

    GL – It just goes to show how fucked up this country is when some bogan bilious billionaire like Clive Palmer on the deceptively fraudulent and manipulative UAP ticket can buy his way into Parliament with Craig Kelly bogan stupid extraordinaire as delusional PM, even more so than the current deputy Dawg for the Nationals, and all their failed votes will end up in Morrison’s equally corrupt unholy lap. Having tried to unsuccessfully sue the Western Australian Government and no doubt would have used those spoils to promote his own Party, nauseating ego and wealth, I can only hope that Australians everywhere will send this dirty rat to the dry cleaners and permanent political grave to be forgotten for eternity, where he belongs. It’s as if Australia has some how done a secret deal with the devil to inherit this curse on top of the already bitter desolate wastelands of the Liberals and Nationals, as if One Nation wasn’t sufficient insult. This all makes the Romans looks unimaginably civilised, fair and inviting. Another rat infested tsunami in the making.

    It is clear he is making another bid to hold the balance of power with either the Liberals or the LNP alliance and get his gluttonous mitts on the seemingly bottomless public purse of corporate welfare – land of milk and honey. God help us if he even gets one seat in either house.

  11. GL

    it’s all about anger in the general population and nothing to to do with the LNP gubmints continual SNAFU and Clusterfiretrucks (being polite) and a reject from god’s rectum manufactory named Scummo Moreshit the cesspit that walks.

    I see he’s spewing the same tired and meaningless one track bullshit that is supposed to inspire the sheep, ““But that’s where we are, doing better than almost any other country in the world when it comes to even the large number of more than 350 deaths in the course of the past week. “Our death rate that relates to Omicron is one of the lowest in the world. So we have to keep pushing through because we’ve demonstrated that resilience and the actions we’ve been taking to deal with Omicron have been many.””

    A small dark twisted thing of limited intelligence, overwhelming ambition, overbearing arrogance and self importance. In other words, the perfect model of a tin pot dictator.

  12. Jon Chesterson


    THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD AND NSW HEALTH AND GOVT REPORT – “Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said of the 34 people who died, one person was aged in their 40s, five aged in their 50s, five in their 60s, nine in the 70s, 10 in their 80s, and four people aged in their 90s. Two people had received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, 23 had received two doses, three had received one dose, and six people were not vaccinated”.

    Mr Perrottet tells us ‘Almost 33 per cent of people in NSW have received a booster shot’.


    Of the 34 people who have died of COVID-19 only one person was under 50. The number of people over 70 in this cohort was 23. It has been reported 23 were double vaccinated; fully but without boosters which should have been administered to older people by now as the most vulnerable group, but only 33% of all ‘adults’ to date have received their booster Perrottet tells us, but it will be far less in Aged Care where the Commonwealth has been responsible for rollout through private contractors.

    You will also recall everyone over 50 were forced to have AstraZeneca, they were not allowed to have the choice (like everyone else) and were prevented from registering for Pfizer. Less than 20% were unvaccinated, approximately 68% double vaccinated, 9% had just one shot only and 6% had received a booster shot, a very different picture from what Perrottet and Hazzard are telling us about the picture in Hospital ICU, where they say 50% bed occupancy are from of the 5% unvaccinated population, and 33% of adults had received their booster.

    So now we all can do the maths even though the Sydney Morning Herald and mainstream media don’t want to. Anyone who has been keeping an eye on the figures will note the last 24 hours is consistent with previous daily figures reported.

    1) Approximately 96% who died over the last 24 hours were over 50 and more than 80% of the cohort were over 60.

    2) More than 75% who died had AstraZeneca and two thirds were fully vaccinated.

    3) Only 6% were triple vaccinated (had received their booster), nothing like the 33% Perrottet is telling us, so older people have not been getting their booster shots, despite having been identified as the most vulnerable group.

    4) Approximately 20% were unvaccinated, much higher than 5% who have chosen not to, but the question we should be asking is, why are we looking at 20% unvaccinated in older people, when practically all these deaths are people over 50, 80% over 60? And clearly they are not the largest cohort of older people dying, those double vaccinated with AstraZeneca are.

    This is a catastrophic failure to protect older people on multiple levels, and I seriously doubt it is older people who have been partying, socialising, breaking the public health orders like Hillsong Pentecostals and those protesting public health restrictions, and playing the antivaxer card. There is considerable evidence that those of our elder population who weren’t vaccinated at all, either missed out or were hesitant due to potentially contraindicated and serious medical conditions; and we have known since the first wave of Alpha, older people’s immune systems were more seriously delayed or compromised.

    And finally we don’t really know which strain is responsible for these current deaths, it could be Delta or Omicron as older people have been exposed to all three; and NSW Health are not reporting this – Another little inconvenience to fudge the record.

    The facts and statistics have been reported but not a single journalist or media group have done the analysis, that clearly our Federal and State Liberal governments do not want us to see, especially before a general election. The Liberals shown gross negligence, they have failed not just the people in Aged Care, they have failed everyone over 50 and that would mean every family in this country throughout this pandemic; and many of these deaths right now were preventable.

    ‘Closing schools is the last resort’: NSW unveils classroom plan as COVID hospitalisations fall – Sydney Morning Herald, 23 January 2022

  13. Michael Taylor

    Jon, they always conveniently fail to mention what vaccination people received.

    If an elderly person received two AZ shots, say, with the second shot four months ago then they are basically unvaccinated (given that studies in England reveal that AZ starts wearing off after 13 weeks).

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