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GG Picking his Spots Oblivious to the Crisis in His Own Backyard – These Common Threads of Office

The GG Buffoon is a do-nothing Liberal backer and military general hand-picked by the Prime Minister, and unlike a predecessor 46 years ago who turned on Gough Whitlam for far, far less – then, there was no crisis in the population, no monoliths of government corruption, no gross government incompetence, and no threat to the people they governed, but a progressive and popular Labor government.

Today we have all these serious constitutional transgressions and existential threats and this GG buffoon sits on his arse installing more corrupt politicians like cowboy beetroot water-rort Barnaby Joyce and sports-rort lying cowgirl Bridget McKenzie.

Meanwhile Delta spreads due to poor and negligent border management, quarantine, vaccine supply, botched rollout and absence of public service infrastructure putting our entire population at risk, all courtesy of the Liberals and Nationals in Federal Office and the one NSW State that has been responsible for both major national outbreaks last year (cruise ships border farce) and this year’s Delta variant (flight crew transfer/hotel quarantine and delayed/ambivalent lockdown).

The two arrogant recalcitrant corrupt LNP governments in Australia (NSW and Federal) are destroying the Australian way of life, our freedoms, our health and our economy and totally clueless, authoritarian and hypocritical when it comes to management of the pandemic, public health, lockdowns, civil freedoms, quarantine, vaccination choice, supply and rollout – blaming anyone that moves other than themselves.

Both these governments should have long since been turned over to the people for early general elections with strict electoral and media information protocols, guidelines, donation caps and public declarations that cannot be manipulated and interfered with by the gutter corporate press monopoly, particularly News Corp, Sky News and extreme right wing bully boy radio shock jocks with their snap liberal bum-licking ministerial interviews.

The Bulletin: Australia’s Defining Moments, Digital Classroom, National Museum Australia –

But no, the GG is too busy minding his own business picking his spots oblivious to the crisis in his own backyard, and has anyone even heard of the unbeknown NSW Governor in hiding? And why, because he was hand-picked by the Prime Minister to do as he was told, not by the people and unlike a controversial predecessor 46 years ago, sits at home protecting only his own arse and government during lockdown, while Australia burns and chokes again, this time in its veins and arteries.

Alas what can a common (silent) juror do other than be directed by the judge? It took a rebellion of the troops in 1808 to send the only governor of NSW packing, Captain William Bligh… aye remember him! But now we get our governors, generals, judges and premiers all mixed up in the same palette, fancy that!

And these common threads of office – No heavy national bushfire fighting equipment and infrastructure – still; no national climate change policy – still; no national quarantine infrastructure, no coordinated national pandemic plan – still; no fundamental public service administration and expertise to defend and coordinate a national public crisis response; and effectively no vaccine (failed national supply and rollout) – The true plague behind these life threatening existential crises are the Liberals – still. After all these years so little changes, their spotty nosed bum-picked ideologies, pathologies, entitlements, arrogance, incompetence and corruption; and of course, our appointed judges and generals… Governors, no Freudian slips here.

If you are not for the people, you are against them – But you can man the stills with a ration of rum!

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  1. David Evans

    Who is the G.G. now?

  2. Jon Chesterson

    David – General David John Hurley nominated and announced by Scott Morrison in December 2018, less than 4 months into his back-stabbing office as an unelected Prime Minister.

  3. New England Cocky

    Uhm …. you appear to be ill-informed about the ”rebellion” against Governor Bligh. This is probably because the chief organiser and self entitled John Macarthur has scurrilously demonised Bligh to protect his own traitorous position. His progeny has perpetuated the myth for about 200 years.

    Given that by 1975 Australian commerce executives were too frequently part of the extended Macarthur family, it is easy to see why Australia needed the 1972 Whitlam ALP government to drag Australian business screaming into the 20th century.

  4. leefe

    Indeed, NEC. The Rum Corps rebellion against Bligh was merely one of the earlier corruption scandals in the sad history of Australian misgovernment.

    A modern Bligh would be tried in secret (a la Bernard Collaery and Witness K) and sent into permanent detention somewhere offshore.

  5. Jon Chesterson

    ‘The Rum Rebellion of 1808 was a coup d’état in the then-British penal colony (now the Australian state) of New South Wales, staged by the New South Wales Corps in order to depose Governor William Bligh. Australia’s first and only military coup, it is named after early Sydney’s illicit rum trade, over which the Rum Corps, as it became known, maintained a monopoly. During the first half of the 19th century, it was widely referred to in Australia as the Great Rebellion’.

    ‘Bligh, a former Royal Navy officer known for his overthrow in the mutiny on the Bounty, had been appointed governor in 1805 to rein in the power of the Corps. Within two years, rising tensions between Bligh and the military elite, as well as prominent civilians such as John Macarthur, prompted Major George Johnston to organise an armed takeover. On 26 January 1808, 400 soldiers marched on Government House and arrested Bligh. He was kept in confinement in Sydney, then aboard a ship off Hobart, Van Diemen’s Land, for the next two years while Johnston acted as Lieutenant-Governor of New South Wales. The military remained in control until the 1810 arrival from Britain of Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, who became the colony’s new governor’ – Wikipedia.

    If this history needs correcting, then it might require a revision in Wikipedia and a few of our own history books. No doubt they are wrong about a lot of things, particularly Aboriginal and colonial accounts, but not heard about this being disputed, rather celebrated somewhat like Ned Kelly. Of course we were not around then, but I wonder who were the bullies and tyrants, William Bligh of Bounty fame or colonial elite John Macarthur?

    Bullies and tyrants aside how does it change the record of events and who was deposed? Today’s parallels of how the ‘elite to rule’ call the shots and usurp the public record through mainstream media, wealth, status and influence doesn’t appear to have changed at all. Alas still no will to depose them among our misguided and subjugated population.

  6. Jon Chesterson


    You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. I’ve got your back you’ve got mine. I install you and you won’t uninstall me. I do what I like you keep your mouth shut. After all I am not Gough Whitlam, I’m the Prime Minister of Australia, spots, warts, blessings and all.

  7. wam

    memories are transient but the coup was due to god who, on behalf of bjelkie, took bertie milner and released albert fields, a pom, who starred in his support for a bible bashing bastard and was the vote that launched the coup..
    The reality was money and the hectic publicity over kemlani set up kerr’s cur to slime his way to PM.
    The rabbott’s doe, in 2013, made it possible for unlimited cash for the government and haven’t they been splashing over the 8 years?
    So no money crisis no danger of publicity no danger of even god interfering. QED
    There is a chance albo gentle reminders of scummo’s, fryer, et al failings may be beneficial??
    you can’t scratch lizzie’s back remember keating;s touch???

  8. wam

    Your new page is turning me into a conservative longing for the days when I wrote then had 5 minutes to make some changes in an attempt to understand what I meant to say.

  9. RomeoCharlie29

    If, as it appears, you are advocating that the GG sack the government then I think you are seriously on the wrong track. The Kerr sacking of Whitlam was a classic example of extreme hubris and self aggrandisement by an unelected buffoon who exceeded his authority by conniving with an unprincipled Opposition Leader to unseat a properly elected government and in so doing ensured such an event could and should never occur again. Much as we may despise this government, and many do, not just for its COVID mishandling, but for its many examples of the contempt in which it holds the voters, it was nevertheless elected. The place to punish this corrupt,venal, stupid collection of politicians is at the ballot box and the sooner that happens the better.

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