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Fly against the wind with me when you vote today

What comes around once every three years and leaves us washed up in a sewer for the next three, ever since the beginning of the Howard years? The stench of old and new age Liberals gorging on their federal supper and measuring the economy by how well rich people are doing. Blame it on Labor you say, precisely!

Here we are, end of the third week of May, much ado about nothing and I bet many of us are numb, frustrated, angry and tired from all the trash our Federal Government has thrown at us in the last two months and more. The mainstream media have gone feral, not just recently, but have been playing us for fools for far too long. The Liberals think they can buy us out at election time with trickle down economics, pork-barrelling, pocket money and crumbs from the parliamentary corporate table; leave us for brain dead the next three years, and that is more a measure of their management of the nation, their intellect, the economy and epitome of their imagination. What imagination you say, precisely! Do they really think we have never heard of Modern Monetary Theory and lost our enthusiasm for humanity and the world around us.

Laura Tingle wasn’t the only witness to the abject failure of the Australian press – They let us all down, led by that pack of juvenile hounds Murdoch (News Corp), Sky and other commercial channels Seven, Nine and Ten. But make no mistake even the ABC has its planted moles with their political, social and commercial prejudices, gotchya games, trivia, bullying, rudeness, disrespect, selfish and irresponsible behaviour; all those important questions the mainstream and commercial media missed, that would have led to a more informed debate, intelligent, fair, safe and progressive democracy.

And didn’t Scomo and his band of highwaymen enjoy the ride, surfing the chaos he helped create with that smirk, avoiding our public broadcasters. Another missed opportunity!

Right up to the last day, Morrison and the Liberals botched it just like they botch everything they touch, with their bog-eyed phone-it-in last minute emergency legislation, which they weren’t going to bother with – and a hundred thousand Australians were about to be left stranded on election day, they forgot about our Constitution. What Constitution you say, precisely! Good luck with those phone calls.

The fundamental democratic right of all Australians to vote? What next a robovote debt and fine to those excluded by the State from voting to add to the insult, ‘look I can take you off the list if you give us a call beforehand and then you get out of voting’. There for the Grace of Morrison trudged we, well too many of our neighbours.

There was a hole in your pocket dear Scomo,

a hole in the bucket dear Scomo, who cares?

I wonder if the slogan master and the Liberals will storm the High Court if they don’t get their own way or lose office, or perhaps Dutton will call in the army if he loses his seat?

Life under the Liberals has become a tragic farce for this country – a bucket of lies and holes for those who want it all, no matter the cost. From the economy’s point of view, there was no bottom to that bucket – Yup One Trillion the Liberals have amassed in public debt the last 9 years, three times the national debt accumulation since WWII from 1945 to 2013, when Labor last held office. Morrison and Josh have the gall to lecture us about their superior management of the economy, their financial prowess – over and over again we are reminded of the size of their egos and penises.

And then Clive Palmer quite literally rolls in again three years later to buy his way into government and advertising space with his own cashful of porkies, and I was recently reminded of that Fawlty Towers sketch on greed – Oh what a degustation parody all played out in nauseating sublime truth and vomiting, ‘One more preference Mr Palmer, it’s wafer thin’ – Social media meme, not that the mainstream media have noticed, too busy trying to catch Albanese out on another Gotchya trivial pursuit question – public mockery and humiliation. What little mindless cooked up facts, statistics and fantasies was that you say, precisely! Then Adam sorted them all out at the National Press Club, ‘Google it mate’.

I got three phone calls at home this week. The first, an auto message from Johnny Howard, bless him, the man who should be behind bars. I put the phone down after a few colourful expletives. The second was on behalf of Marise Payne, and we all know this was because it was just too hard for Scomo to show his face here in the Blue Mountains after those 2019/20 bushfires. We didn’t see or hear from him then and we wouldn’t shake hands with him now. The third was a call from someone who claimed he wasn’t a Liberal on behalf of Sarah Richards, the Liberal candidate for Macquarie, a Liberal who wasn’t a Liberal you say, nah I couldn’t quite work it out either. Well, he got more than a few expletives and he politely thanked me for the conversation. ‘What conversation?’ I said, and then he rabbited on about the wonderful diversity of opinion in Australia and how we can debate and exchange views peacefully and politely (not that I see much of that in Parliament), and what he loved about Australia.

All the time meanwhile I am thinking is this some kind of euphemistic rodent excusal for all the corruption, lies and abuse, exploitation and rejection of climate change, refugees, aged care workers, nurses, older people, pensioners, women, aboriginal communities, the Uluru Statement from the Heart, the jobless and under employed, chronic wage stagnation, robodebt, Indue cashless welfare scam, the rorts, pork-barrelling, the French, the Chinese, Afghans, Iraq, Solomon Islands and that pesky ‘Australian Pacific back yard’. Here am I thinking and once every three years, we get the pleasure of a phone call or three from an anonymous Liberal who isn’t a Liberal who enjoys having an unsolicited conversation about how wonderful the Liberals are, how safe we are in Liberal hands, and at the first sign of disgust and disbelief from me, he murmurs ‘I don’t think this is going to be successful’ – ‘For whom’ I cried, ‘for you or me?’ What the hell, the arrogance, precisely! ‘We’ll have none of that up here in the Mountains’ I says, ‘you might get away with it in Sydney’, followed by a few more John Howard expletives and another serve for absent Scomo. Conversation, diversity of opinion, I mean wow, where do these Liberals get off with their home intrusions! Well, that was the day before yesterday, and I never mentioned all the trees cut down for brochures in my post box, almost every bloody one of them from the same desperate fund thumping party.

Garbage bin collection comes round only once every 3 years, so decreed since Federation. That is all we get for our taxes, rates and levies, and now it’s time to put out the trash.

Little plug here for the Australian Greens, Labor and a handful or more of thoughtful Independents who don’t turn towards the lying Liberals or Nationals for undercover deals. There I’ve said it. Let Murdoch and the turncoat mainstream and commercial media who banish us to their ignorant corporate TV and social media virtual off world big brother sunrise fiefdoms – eat your hearts out, let them bleed.

I don’t know about you but I have four daughters and five grandchildren, and I want them along with all the other children and younger generations of this country, to have a decent and fair world to live in a few years from now. One not ravished by climate change, Russian aggression and political oppression, where we speak kindly of our neighbours and help those in need, not demonise them as the Liberals do for sake of the economy, or abandon them as the Nationals, the Clive Palmers, Gina Rineharts, Andrew Forrests and Australian corporate oligarchs do, occasionally selectively sharing their philanthropic or charitable mercenary deeds and ill-gotten tax free wares and trinkets. We are but a shadow of those we rightly fear, beneath fear itself. I’m looking for a progressive kinder egalitarian socially intelligent neighbourly Australia, is that too French or socialist for you? Time to shake off these rusty chains.

So let’s show them Australia who’s really in charge. Bugger the polls, today we have our say.


Photo from iStock



If you can spare thirteen minutes of your day

for sake of the next three years and well beyond;

If you are undecided, choked numb by smoke and mirrors

or with a moment’s hesitation have your say;

If you are not quite sure the whims and moods

of this land, who would take your money, shake your

hand, pretend to care, lie again, cheat and lose their way;

If you are angry, still standing after bushfire, flood

and virus, doubt or wonder who should lead us

beyond this crucial merry-go-round of May;

And if you want only the best for your country, your children,

not the worst we’ve seen in bogan disarray;

Listen up, yours can be a future worthy for the taking,

let’s fly against the wind together and yes, remember –

Then my friend, you are ready to cast that vital vote today.


[AB, 21 May 2022 Australian Federal Election]



PS: And if you play the videos there’s more, you’ll not be disappointed!

Smoke and Mirrors by friendlyjordies


Liberals Corruption List by friendlyjordies


The state of journalism in Australia – Brainless questions posed to their readers in the last few days by Murdoch’s lapdog press –

Courier Mail: Who do you think would become Liberal leader if the Coalition loses – Peter Dutton or Josh Frydenberg? Neither if they lose their seats and who the fuck cares?

The Mercury: Do you think those infected with Covid should be able to vote? WTF!

Daily Telegraph: Tomorrow is the big day. Do you know who you are voting for? Too bad if you don’t and a nightmare for the rest of us.

Daily Telegraph: Should parents apologise for bringing babies on flight? Does flying with a crying baby require compensation? Do journos and editors get a hard-on from asking these questions, get a seat in business class! Too bad if the wealthy business woman sitting next to you has that baby.

Daily Telegraph: Do you think wages will improve under Labor? There’s a lot Labor can do to make it happen, does it matter what their readers think?

Daily Telegraph: Should NSW legalise euthanasia? Great idea if Rupert lived in Sydney.

The Australian: Who would make a better PM, Morrison or Albanese? Depends if you are going to ignore or count the lies and corruption of the last 3 years even apart from Morrison’s abject failures, incompetence, arrogance, bullying and bragging. Ignore truth, fact, science and integrity at democracy’s peril – Maaaaaate!


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  1. Hotspringer


  2. New England Cocky


  3. Jon Chesterson

    Labor are on track for overall majority in House of Reps. Already they are 4 seats out on 72 and 25 in doubt. It is barely 9.30pm Saturday night. We know for sure LNP are no longer able to form government in any shape or form, currently on 48 seats. Morrison and the Liberals are spent – YAYYYYY! Morrison is no more! He is a gonna. Porter has lost his seat and looks like Josh will lose his too. Liberal wipeout in WA.

  4. Michael Taylor

    Josh giving his concession speech now. ✊

  5. calculus witherspoon.

    Meh. What stories he tells. Yeah Josh, where IS the leader and his righties?

    (later), the more the coverage continues the more a person is let into a great blancmange of waffle. Ahh Green .. back to reality

  6. GL

    Good on you ABC, bloody Friedeggburger going on and and on…

  7. Jon Chesterson

    Frydenbeg making up his own narrative, and falsifying history. It will come out this was Australia’s darkest period in government since WWII – All the lies, rorts, abuse, exploitation and corruption can now come out, and hopefully we can move on.

    That vital vote has been cast.

  8. calculus witherspoon.

    Just a single thing, I guess, Qld, Keep Dutton chuck Terri Butler?

    Ahhh something, sloping this way comes…

    What do folk make of the sets?

  9. Jon Chesterson

    Dutton still floating and just spoken – But he is speaking to a broken Party. We could not rely on the people of Dickson, they are out of step with the rest of Australia and the Australian people. Dutton will face ICAC as will Morrison now speaking.

    No tears shed here.

  10. wam

    iacta alia est
    albo you bloody beauty
    show a rort each week

  11. Michael Taylor

    Morrison is standing down as leader.

  12. GL

    What a coward! He helped knife two other leaders and runs away before they can knife him. Chickenshit! I can almost pick the Reichspud banishing him to the back bench and at some stage quitting altogether.

  13. Jon Chesterson


    We are liberated from the jaws of the most corrupt and exploitative, incompetent and abusive government since WWII. We can now have the people’s ICAC, put climate change to bed, address our humanitarian responsibilities, pursue renewable and cheaper energies, restore responsible government and trust, re-build intelligent foreign policy, stop the rorts and pork barrelling, address wages in this country which have been chronically stagnant for years and held down by the elite entitled Liberals, restore our water catchments, there is just so much more we can do now Morrison and the Liberals have been turned out.

    The people of Australia have voted, women and families have spoken. This is a major turning point in Australian democracy, where those who govern will have to negotiate and collaborate more, like our European cousins – no longer rule with iron fists, threats, loud voices, hostility, lies and rampant inhuman misguided dangerous ideologies. The two party system is winding down giving way to better and more accountable democracy, more diversity in representation and government is good as it was once envisioned.

    Now there is hope for so many more people in this country. We will hear bitter and false narratives from scaremongrels and those who cannot readily share power and authenticity. There will be those who will resist and undermine, Murdoch, oligarchy, neoliberalism, profit driven corporations, bitter and twisted, incompetent politicians and those who do not willingly welcome change. It is time for them to leave the stage and let real democracy take root – starting with the Uluru statement from the heart.

    Now let Albo and his team speak unencumbered and begin to serve the people of Australia.

  14. Terence Mills

    Congratulations to Michael and Carol and all the magnificent contributors to AIMN who have, through their dedicated opposition to a corrupt regime, helped in bringing about this win for decency and integrity.

    To those Liberal party supporters who have seen their once great party trashed by Morrison and his acolytes, good luck in rebuilding your party : here’s a tip Dutton is not the solution to your woes.

    Good luck Australia !

  15. New England Cocky

    @ John Chesterton: A delightful poem on an auspicious night!!

    I am concerned that your wish list for reform has overlooked necessary changes to 24/7 political funding reports, removing the concentration of media ownership, as happened in Fiji, and removing the taxation benefits from political organisations masquerading as charities, like IPA, which also should report ”donations” and the corporate affiliations of the donors.

    Naturally there is much to reform but these items underpinned the too long regime of Scummo Crooks & Co and gave them too much anonymity.

    @ Terence Mills: May I add a special ”hank you” to Kaye Lee for her relentless forensic research exposing the lies and corruption during the past nine (9) years too many of Liarbal Nazional$ COALition misgovernment.

    Now I understand why Toxic RAbbott was smashing his fist through walls ….. it must be very difficult for a bully boy dunderhead misogynist to be regularly outplayed by a very smart woman.

    This is the best political result since the election of the Gough Whitlam ALP government in 1972!!

  16. Canguro

    Gave the idiot box my more or less undivided attention last night from 7 to 12.30, only Auntie, natch. My first such activity in at least 20 years.

    And so, witnessed the speeches of Frydenberg, Dutton & Morrison.

    If I could make one observation, it is that all three seemed, in their presentations, to be mired in illusion; I don’t need to expatiate, but it seemed to me to speak to the rot at the heart of that particular brand of politics.

    Bennelong on a knife-edge. Fingers crossed for a Labor win. Wonderful result in Robertson… I was up there last week on business and depressed somewhat by the sea of advertising for the Liberal incumbent.

    A big heads up to the ALP, Greens & Independents for their sterling efforts in so magnificently trouncing the worst government in Australia’s history.

    And looking forward to reading the comments of this site’s resident antagonist and his rationalisation as to why the electorate got it so wrong.

  17. Jon Chesterson

    Ditto Terence, Cocky, Cangurro and yes Cocky absolutely you are right and not forgotten, alluded to in the satire of the article, those media ownership laws must change. They are what kept the screws on us for too long, it was a set up all along by the Liberals, Nationals, wealthy elites and corporate Australia, orchestrated in the Howard years, cemented by Abbott and fully deployed, exploited and abused by Morrison.

    As Terence says, Dutton is not the answer as we all know, he would have been the next abuser in the chain shifting Australia further towards authoritarianism and fascism. This election will stop that progression, that chain, that dirty cycle. Yes you are right Cocky those organisations like IPA masquerading, even using that term in their title Institute of ‘Public’ Affairs – No, no not public, never was, it was a title to mislead and legitimise their stranglehold over ‘public’ – a private corporate elite think tank strangling us at first through abuse and exploitation of language! And I would go further, there are businesses out there that trade unfairly under charitable status, including religious – one that comes to mind is Sanitarium who enjoy unfair market status and tax status for their lucrative Seventh Day Adventist church; and another church like Hillsong that need to operate fairly like every other religion under a secular democracy. Freedom of religion does not mean preferential treatment and status or exploitation of opinion, thought including trade and business, just as mass media ownership seeks to control public opinion under Murdoch.

    We respect diversity in all its forms, to exercise tolerance, humanity and compassion and I believe our satire, critique, anger and voice here on AIM has been exactly about that, these chains must be loosened from the system that has repressed us – that time has come, that time is now and the people of Australia with the emotionally intelligent and powerful voice of women can now take us where want to be go.

    This is such a good start, what we hoped for, what we dreamed about, more than we expected but none too soon. Let’s embed it hereon, history unfolds right now and for us here in Australia it all begins with recognition of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The rocky road is before us and it is time to embrace it!

    Well done AIM Network, Michael, Carol, writers, commentators, everyone who makes AIM what it is, diverse, together and whole – the voice of reason is breaking out of the clouds, we are here!

  18. paul walter

    Amazing people, the people who operate AIM. Thanks.

  19. corvusboreus

    Probably the most relieving thing about this result is that not only does it remove a patently unsuitable PM, it removes the threatening prospect of a mid-term Dutton coup.
    The thought of that ghoulish creature running the country chilled my blood.
    As LOTO, Dutton will merely bleed support for the coalition cause.

  20. Jon Chesterson

    The times are changing and we welcome our new government who we hope will leave no-one behind as the Liberals did. Most of us are emerging from the realisation, the curtain of abuse, ideology and oppression the Morrison Liberal government maliciously and incompetently imposed on us all. I am hugely thankful for the women of this country who spoke up!

    Make no mistake, one under represented influence was Adam Bandt’s address at the National Press Club – Australian Greens Leader, Adam Bandt’s on the Greens and the Balance of Power at the NPC, National Press Club of Australia, 13 April 2022 –

    Well done Adam Bandt – Outstanding! This was iconic, the best speech delivered at the National Press Club of Australia this year to inspire hope, practical and vital change at the Federal Election on 21 May 2022; Change in thinking, government and leadership for a better future in Australia. So disappointing to see such poor viewing numbers, but then the mainstream media have been appalling these last 3 years – Own it, the National Press Club need to lift their game. But hey no matter, the people of Australia have chosen, we kicked Morrison, the Liberals and Nationals out, their puppy dog’s tails wagging in lies and corruption. Now there’s hope for all, ‘Fly against the wind with me’ – Google it mate!

    Let’s not forget this.

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