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Morrison’s Vaccine March and Rollout – The Placebo Effect

We were never going to meet anything close to Morrison’s vaccine march and rollout, as he arrogantly pronounced. It was foot in mouth disease, a muppet show. The European supply issue was totally predictable from early last year even when Morrison placed his solo order on behalf of Australia and backed it up with the one and only domestic manufacture of the same product.

As for Pfizer, we have been promised 20 million, just enough to cover phase 1a and 1b rollout (14-16 million doses), but we don’t even have enough to cover 4 million now or the immediate future, only 1 million delivered to date and there are no eagles in the clouds as we speak. Again, same situation, US like Europe will protect their own market and citizens first, the US are always in the business of protective trade practices – free trade is almost a global myth especially on vital products and resources such as food, fuel, energy, medicines and vaccines, not to mention patents. And God, because of that grand muppet wizard, Trump didn’t they need it more than us for their 328 million population to our 25 million – all through last year, predictable. And right now, despite ramping up the US rollout, as many being vaccinated in one day as Australia all year to date, UK too (the allies); with all this vaccine, the pandemic is still rising on its fourth wave.

As we have all been saying here, Morrison put all our eggs in one basket last year and now we are reaping the result of his incompetent and arrogant gamble. No talk even of Novavax, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson other than a bare rumour or mention. The UK placed multiple orders last year across at least 5 vaccines, not relying solely on their Oxford AstraZeneca prodigy. Even the grand muppet wizard got 3 holes in one – all domestically produced free of potential border export restrictions (the allies). We were warned all along about national fences and vaccine nationalism in fighting this pandemic but no, we have allies who will protect the colony.

Morrison’s vaccine march and rollout – It was never going to happen.

Morrison thought AstraZeneca would get him to the next election with Pfizer as the backup. No doubt many Liberals bought shares for profit last year in AZ or CSL before and around the government announcements. And just may be this is why the Morrison and Federal Government have remained silent and procrastinated for so long.

Now the Liberal propaganda has shifted today on opening mass vaccination clinics – Well DOH! But where the bloody hell are the vaccines? A cart and horse with no payload. Thank God and our States and Territories for the miracle of such a low infection rate in Australia, the silver lining.

But isn’t it obvious to us all, we’ve been bled and shafted? Morrison doesn’t listen – big bag of wind and egg yolk, why are we still listening to him?

The killing is more than mere bullets, even Morrison understands that and the illusion of democracy, the placebo effect.


‘The Muppet Show’ – Morrison, Hunt and Dr Murphy (image from abc.net.au)


The Governor

Our ecclesiastical prime minister –

He only listens to what he wants to listen to
and that will never change.
Women will never change him, man nor dog.
Therapy will never change him.
Reason will never change him nor common sense.
Empathy and compassion can’t change him
because there is no space for these to grow.
There is no vaccine to protect us from the likes of him;

after the party.

God will never change him,
no justice or angel of peace.
Jen won’t change him, no tongues, no prophecy,
no blinding light on the way to Canberra.
He is the epitome of stone,
the lava which spits in your face
as you hand him the keys to heaven.
He attacks anything that moves
in a direction not of his choosing;

after the party,
long live the party dead.

He is a failed managing director
in two countries, the tourism wars.
A liar and public, corporate thief.
He was absent in the thick of the fire,
absent from the crowd that gathered at our door.
He is ecclesiastical,
the land will never change him,
no wiser or elder evermore;

after the party.

He is a Liberal, the member for Cook,
they gave to us a shadow of the past
and he who stares at us from the dead
he places on the hill.
Misogyny and crocodile tears,
bullets, slogans, sermons, smears.
No cross, stars or serpent sky
will light the path and touch him now;

after the party,
long live the party dead.

Listen to the wisdom of women?
He doesn’t even hear himself
and this my friends is our prime minister,
our beloved leader and preacher,
preserver of the colonies,
the one who a handful of bogan
wayward parliamentarian vote for
to maul and govern this country;

after the party,
long live the party,
kiss and cuddle now you’re dead.

By Barddylbach


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  1. Josephus

    That rich parts of Sydney get many times the supply of poor areas says it all
    Shame shame

  2. Kronomex

    “As for Pfizer, we have been promised 20 million…” It has me wondering: which American weapons company will get the job to build the missiles in, supposedly, in Australia as part of the vaccine deal. Just a thought, nothing more than that.

  3. Michael Taylor

    I was at my doctor’s this afternoon. She hadn’t heard of Morrison’s Pfizer announcement from yesterday evening.

    How hard is it for a government department to send out mass emails to all clinics or hospitals in Australia?

    If they don’t have the facility to send out bulk emails perhaps they could employ me to build it for them. I’ve worked with govt databases, I’ve even built govt databases… they can do anything you ask them to.

    Sloppy work, guys.

  4. Kronomex


    Mr. Wonderful Announcements must have been almost orgasmic with joy (no, it wasn’t a torch in his pocket) as he stood there telling us all how he had done yet another deal that will more than likely come a cropper in the future.

  5. Michael Taylor


    He’s overjoyed to tell us he’s secured 20M doses of Pfizer.

    Note the word “secured”.

    He’s also said that the vaccinations won’t be full-steam ahead until late in 2021.

    Bottom line? He’s secured 20M doses, but they won’t be in his hot little hands for another six months.

  6. Jon Chesterson

    A friend on FB asked (referring to AZ), ‘Question is……who is making $$$$$Millions?????’

    Reply, ‘Oh that’ll be the guy wearing the red shark’s cap at the front of the queue…er no back of the queue… ummm in the queue.. oh fuck I don’t know, the one who has already had his vaccine, but f#ck me if it wasn’t a Pfizer jab!’

  7. Jon Chesterson

    The implied script behind the latest decision last night to lose AstraZeneca for the under 50s but okay for those over; and we understand the risk-benefit ratio above and below between risk of death by clot vs risk of death by Covid-19, we get that but, ‘you don’t get blood clots over 50’?

    Still totally incoherent. ‘People over 50 don’t get blood clots’ – More people over 50 on heart medications, blood thinners (anticoagulants), antihypertensive drugs than any other age group. Makes no sense at all. Not only that but they haven’t even mentioned these pre-existing conditions being a marker for the decision either way. But hey its okay for over 50s they can use our excess supply… What excess supply? The one we are expecting to have next month for the rest of the year. Besides we need to protect our share investment.

    Didn’t the some Nordic countries discontinue AstraZeneca early on because of unexplained fatalities in the elderly or did I dream about that?

  8. Max Gross

    If it’s LNP, it’s a scam

  9. GL

    I woke up about 5.20 this morning with the following two images in my head:

    Scotty and Hunt, dressed in 1940’s trench coats and fedoras, caught in a spotlight in a dark alley as they sneak towards a door marked “Announcements.” In Scotty’s hand is a piece of paper marked AZ/Pfiz. In the foreground we see a lot of microphones and a voice saying, “Where the bloody hell are they?”

    Scotty in his holiday gear, with horrible umbrella cocktail in one hand and a bag in the other, trapped next to an airport door marked “Hawaii this way” as a lot of zombie like hospital patients holding out empty coffee cups out saying, “Pfizer…Pfizer…” advance on him.

  10. wam

    In one of my whinges about pollies and relatives and friends getting pfizer but shit kickers get astraZ risky even for my level of blood thinners and too risky for the others in my family, a young bloke early 40s said I got pfizer yesterday.
    Some commonwealth officers didn’t front for their jab and rather than waste it the jabbers rang friends and relatives to use the batch.
    So not just pollies but lucky friends and rellies

  11. Henry Rodrigues

    Yet another fckup by the self promoting bastard we call PM. There is nothing he can get right, nothing, except boasting, bullying, lying and screwing up everything he touches.

    And the amazing fact is, a full 52% of Australian dickheads still approve of his performance and will condemn us to another term of bullshit and mayhem.

    As someone over 65 and with pre existing conditions, I will probably think 10 times before accepting anything Scummo and his handpicked health department muppets advise me on Astra Zeneca and its safety and efficacy. As Jon Chesterson points out, the first instance of something wrong was with the elderly in Denmark and Norway. Scummo himself got the Pfizer vaccine, so he’s alright, Jack. Hope the arsehole rots in hell.

  12. Geoff Andrews

    It may be my imagination but did anyone else get the felling that Dr Murphy would rather be in a dentist’s chair having his wisdom teeth removed than to be associated with this latest PR exercise. He was as far as he could be from being the smiling noddy one normally associates with this poll driven nonsense.

  13. Harry Lime

    Henry…my sentiments exactly,who would trust their life to the word of a lying sideshow barker?
    The Morrison government…..Shambolic,Chaotic,Corrupt and Incompetent.

  14. Jon Chesterson

    Yes Geoff, it was so obvious wasn’t it – The body language was a thousand words! He was very uncomfortable, ambivalent and dissociating himself from the proceedings, processing the cognitive dissonance going on inside his head. He had long since ceased listening to Scott Morrison as we all should. Now I do trust what my eyes see and I thank him for telling us. I am wondering whether I may have been too harsh on him by inferring he’s a muppet; when in fact he is just another rare and diminishing public servant left in the field and victim at the top of the ladder, that Morrison has manipulated, lied to, used and no doubt will discard any day soon, unless he resigns as a matter of political obligation or preferably professional and personal dignity. Perhaps he might before Morrison drops an even bigger load in the can.

  15. New England Cocky

    @Michael Taylor: Naughty Michael Taylor; pointing out to the masses that the ”promised additional Pfizer vaccine shots” would NOT be available until LATE 2021!!!

  16. Neilw

    It’s amazing how poetry can translate a person

  17. Frank Smith

    Look over there! Look over there! Stop looking at the litany of self-inflicted total stuffups and scandals my Government has bestowed upon the Nation over the past two months. No. Look over there – the 99 year old Sir Duke must now get the Nation’s attention for the next month. Oh, how good is that.

    This incompetent PM has more lives than the proverbial cat.

  18. Jon Chesterson

    Hey Frank he’ll get an Oscar and he can always self nominate for a Knighthood, the Queen’s over 50 but she doesn’t mix her ampoules up, I seriously doubt she will want to talk to Morrison right now. No cat will catch Morrison’s tongue while he sniggers away in another language, what the bloody hell does he know about life and death?… Well stone the crows, everything it would seem from Cook to Vodka and Sputnik!

    Fancy that, a Duke and even he gets pushed out the antipodean window for Morrison to wax lyrical on our behalf. Seriously though, it is a vey sad time and I am just a little embarrassed that in her grief she might have to put up with this big bag of wind, a fate worse than death. We could send him on a grief counselling course.

  19. Terence Mills

    We are hearing very little about the Chinese vaccines : Sinovac and Sinopharm which have been administered to some 150 million people in China, Indonesia and various African states.

    Is it because we are running an ideological war with China that we won’t even test these vaccines ?

  20. Canguro

    You’d have to think so, Terence. Given Morrison’s marketing skills on display and the apparent outcomes vis-a-vis our continuing deteriorating relationship with China and their response to the diplomatic shitfight between Bluster Man and the Chinese, with bully boy apparently okay with trashing the coal, wine, seafood, beef and timber markets, not to mention the tourist trade and tertiary student market – my god, what a dunce he is – it’s going to be a step too far to admit his idiocy and recant, suck up, and take advantage of Chinese best practice vaccine technologies. In the lump of jello that passes for an intelligent take on the world from Bluster Boy’s perspective, Australia Good, China Bad, China very very Bad, China don’t believe in God, China don’t speak God’s language, English, China people wrong colour, eat wrong food, talk funny, don’t swim. China people too many.

    Disclosure: I lived there for five years, enjoyed high quality health care, and witnessed a society that despite the shortcomings of a one-party system are an industrious and sociable bunch who have long realised the benefits of hard work and deep networking to get along in life.

  21. Jon Chesterson

    Matters Not – So evident, even Wikipedia logs the investment in shares practices of some Liberal MPs, I think we would have to be taken for mugs if we seriously thought he was the only one –

    Dave Sharma, Liberal Party member for the seat of Wentworth. ‘Dave Sharma has been criticized for a number of share purchases. On 17 March 2020, he purchased a parcel of Qantas shares. The next day the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack announced a $715 million relief package for the aviation industry. On 30 June 2020, Dave Sharma purchased CSL shares. A couple of months later, on 7 September, the Prime Minister announced a $1.7 billion supply and production agreement between the Australian Government and pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and CSL. And then in November, the PM revealed a vaccine manufacturing plant at a cost of $800 million would be established in Melbourne’ (Wikipedia, 10 April 2021).

    Big business dealings, contracts, appointments and secret government business are no conspiracy theory, they are well documented in just about every corner of the mainstream media when it comes to the Liberals and Nationals, only yesterday the Guardian reported $1.4 billion public spend on Canstruct and previously half a billion on the Paladin shack for garrison services on Nauru and Manus Island (PNG) – Dutton’s dealings and legacy are among thousands of contracts that have little or no oversight, rhyme or reason across the whole government portfolio, we hear it every day. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most power lobbies in government and AstraZeneca has been a big player in the lobby and staffer stakes.

    Was this Morrison’s inside job, same day? ‘From Lib staffer to big pharma: an unsurprising journey of lobbying at work – Drug companies and government affairs are inextricably linked, and the recent announcement of a potential COVID-19 vaccine “deal” is proof of that. (Crikey, 20 August 2021) https://www.crikey.com.au/2020/08/20/from-lib-staffer-to-big-pharma-an-unsurprising-journey-of-lobbying-at-work/

    Morrison’s game in the vaccine wars, speaking out against vaccine nationalism but doing exactly that behind closed doors, holding on to vested interests rather than procuring what’s best for Australia – a range of vaccines like the UK and US did? ‘COVID conflict or corporate coup: CSL welcomes AstraZeneca boss on board’ – Sydney Morning Herald, 25 July 2020 https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/covid-conflict-or-corporate-coup-csl-welcomes-astrazeneca-boss-on-board-20200724-p55f84.html

    As for AstraZeneca share prices and growth, up to last year their fortunes had been growing exponentially under the directorship of their CEO after getting them into vaccines, which they had not previously ventured before; and here we are relying on them. Like CSL who have produced very little vaccine so far, had the rollout gone to order world wide and here, and the blood clotting issue not arisen any more prominently than other vaccines, both their share prices would likely have gone through the roof, even on their vaccine being provided on a ‘not for profit’ basis to the world during the pandemic – They’d still have got the market kudos, huge government subsidies, grants, orders, payments on supply and patent/s they would have been seeking. Not something David Sharma and the Liberals would have missed before they were ever on board, party to the whispers and intentions in government circles, all on the back of a government decision and public funded donations/tax payers money. This is not unproven conspiracy theory.

    We may be lacking in mainstream investigative journalism and we have the likes of Murdoch to thank for that, but the Guardian and Washington Post are regular providers of intelligent and reliable news and information for an inquisitive and well informed public – And the AIM on its voluntary and well meaning contributions punches far above its weight, as do a lot of other small independent media groups.

    ‘Who is making $$$$$Millions?????’ – Someone else made that remark, and frankly I think it is bang on the money. But my reply, ‘Oh that’ll be the guy wearing the red shark’s cap at the front of the queue’ was a satirical remark of course pointing to the cartoon at the top of this article, with a tasty slice of truth I’m sure. Social media ain’t that bad or unreliable and the politicians, Morrison especially hate it – I wonder why?

  22. Jon Chesterson

    Canguro – I’ve been to China 3 times over 3 decades, each time a different region and witnessed first hand too, ‘an industrious and sociable bunch who have long realised the benefits of hard work and deep networking to get along in life’. I often felt more at ease, comfortable, respected and safer in China on each visit than in Australia, albeit as visitor, tourist and in 1992, member of the combined Australian Dragon Boat team (men’s team paddler), defacto photographer, cameraman, sweep for the women’s team, and first aid nurse in Yueyang and Hong Kong. I actually fell in love with Yangshuo and Lijiang some years later.

    ‘Bluster Boy’s perspective, Australia Good, China Bad, China very very Bad, China don’t believe in God, China don’t speak God’s language, English, China people wrong colour, eat wrong food, talk funny, don’t swim. China people too many’. Seen a lot of this in Australia over the years, sadly and hugely disappointingly; and Morrison’s motor mouth and cannon ball politics doesn’t help.

  23. Matters Not

    Jon Chesterson – not here to defend Morrison et al in any shape or form. Nevertheless, what I can’t understand is the urge to make shit up when it’s totally unnecessary. Already there’s a mountain of evidence of their shady dealings without peddling nonsense (making shit up) and the suggestion that members of the parliamentary Liberal party somehow benefited from CSL share dealings falls into that category.

    Just to repeat.

    CSL Limited (ASX: CSL) shareholders have been tearing their hair out over the past 12 months. The stock price has plummeted 20% during a time the rest of the market has climbed onwards and upwards

    Hard to make a profit out of a CSL share price that’s fallen 20% in the period under discussion. (Unless, it’s through short-selling but that might be a stretch too far.)

    As for going to Wiki to find out that MPs (on both sides of the aisle) engage in share trading is completely un-necessary. Just go to the REGISTER OF MEMBERS’ INTERESTS which will show that Sharma has shares in (approx) 30 ASX listed companies including CSL.

    Hardly surprising given his earnings over any number of years via appointments, including those made by Labor luminaries such as Gillard, and Carr. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

    As for Morrison, one can look at his interests as well and there’s no CSL there.

    As I suggested at the outset, we only needs to work with the facts and making money out of CSL shares ain’t one of those.

  24. Jon Chesterson

    Matters Not – CSL share price last year is prior to any production outcomes. Citing the share prices of last year does not constitute a cause and effect argument or motive for a purchase already made, which you are suggesting – ‘Hard to make a profit out of a CSL share price that’s fallen 20% in the period under discussion’ – this is a cart before the horse argument, it doesn’t wash. ‘Period under discussion’, the period you allude to does not support your argument.

    ‘..without peddling nonsense (making shit up) and the suggestion that members of the parliamentary Liberal party somehow benefited from CSL share dealings falls into that category’ – Once again they haven’t profited yet and/or for circumstances unforeseen, which I have proposed, but again the motive and the purchase precede the expected profit. It’s a shame you now bring in personal commentary like ‘making shit up’ especially when it is not, and you provide no logical argument or evidence for your nasty little remark.

    Your whole argument is premised on ‘having made profit’ as opposed to expecting to – That’s not fact, it’s speculation and flawed. And the register of members interests – Is that the government record that is publicly posted based on politicians personal declarations – If so, then that is hardly a reliable source given the lies, secret and indirect dealings commonly associated with this self regulatory account.

    But I think I’ll bow out of this conversation from here because you are starting to sound like a personal attack hound – Satire I’ll handle.

  25. Matters Not

    Jon – you might note that the date of the article linked to is April this year (2021) just a few days ago.. On April 17 last year (2020) CSL share price was $328.420. The price on Friday 9 April (2021) was $263.40. – down a massive $65.02 or 19.79% over the year. . Rounded up to 20%

    CSL share price peaked at $336.40 on 19/02/2020. All numbers quoted are from the public record. It’s not been a good buy and it’s currently rated as being over-valued.

    If the buyers of last year are expecting a foreseeable profit, then they are supremely optimistic.

    I too will end the discussion there.

  26. skip

    The Risks of Rushing a COVID-19 Vaccine
    Telescoping testing time lines and approvals may expose all of us to unnecessary dangers

    By William A. Haseltine on June 22, 2020

  27. Canguro

    Short note to Jon Chesterton @April 11, 2021 at 11:56 am; Jon, I too went to Yangshuo & Lijiang.The visit to the plant collector Joseph Rock‘s home in the Lijiang Valley was pretty special, as was the trip to the top of Yulong Shan, can still recall the bare-chested Chinese guy rolling in the snow to impress his sweetheart and the others sucking on their cigarettes at 4,500m while I was on the can of compressed oxygen! My partner is from Liuzhou, just down the road from Yangshuo. I lived & worked in Shandong, but we travelled extensively while I was there… she was intimate with much of China from her days as an elite athlete competing across the country.

  28. Jon Chesterson

    Short note back to Canguro – There are a number of places I left my heart behind in half a life time. In China it was Lijiang and Yangshuo. Lunch at Mr Yang’s House in Baisha, small village outside Lijiang I hired a bicycle for the day to get to. Owner of a little restaurant and poet, neither of us could speak a word in each other’s tongue and yet we magically shared our poetry and time together for a little while that afternoon. The running water in the cobbled streets and Yu He canal of Lijiang listening to the haunting evening spirits, mix of modern Chinese folk and dance music in the street cafes and bars (not unlike Sa Ding Ding). I floated up river just outside Yangshuo on a bamboo raft like being transported in time to another age. I wish I had known earlier how divinely beautiful and humble this place and people were and I would have bought a bicycle and stayed for months. The mystical mountains and valleys of the river Li – the “Waters of Lú dí yán” and 蘆笛岩 Reed Flute Cave. Gosh nowhere in the world compares except each place has its own unique beauty and heartbeat, and why indeed they don’t compare. I will travel back there one day, as I will other places, and if I don’t I’ll do it in my dreams and afterlife.

    And here am I stuck in politics on clueless idiots like Morrison. Where did I go wrong!

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