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Damning words and how to use them to tell the story of Morrison’s downfall (Part one)

Some readers of The AIMN would know that besides writing for it, I also use Twitter and Facebook to express my views. I write using the title “Words that make you think.” I do so not only to express my opinion but to hopefully elicit different views from the many who read my work and draw them into The AIMN where truth prevails.

I have written a random selection of quotations and thoughts this year. They tell the story of a Labor victory and whether they will rescue us from the deterioration in governance the Liberals and Nationals created.

The words or quotes I use have appeared on Facebook, Twitter or The AIMN. Some on numerous occasions.

Pre-election: My thoughts in early April 2022

I find it impossible to imagine that the Australian people would be so gullible as to elect for a fourth term a government that has performed so miserably in the first three. But they might.”

“If you want to change, change the government.

Morrison suggests he will become a new person

“It’s easy. Before bed, you take one ‘Better me’ tablet, as prescribed, and bingo. In the morning, gone is the arrogance, bullying, the self-righteousness, the motormouth and the know-all attitude.”

“Many Australians will be confused with the Prime Ministers interview with Leigh Sales last night. If he is as good as his answers why is he in so much trouble. I’m Baffled.”

“I need a second term, I’m just warming up. Only a man out of touch with reality could make a statement like that.” (The Australian, paywalled).

“If, as the Prime Minister says, he intends to change and become more empathetic, he could start by releasing the Biloela family. They have been held in Immigration Detention since March 5 2018. The two children, Kopica and Tharunicca, were born in Queensland. The family had lived and worked in Biloela for four years.”

“Isn’t it remarkable that a highly-paid politician (Scott Morrison) so demonstrably objects to our lowest-paid workers receiving a pay rise?”

“Politicians who say they will change aren’t necessarily seeing the light. They might just be feeling the heat.”

“There is no good reason to give our highest-paid workers a tax cut now. What have they done to deserve it?”

“At this stage, Labor’s lead is much more significant than it was in 2019. These figures show that all the current polls have moved toward Labor, and if they hold up into next week, the Coalition is looking at an electoral shellacking on May 21.”

“I contend that Labor is the only party that can bring about the social change necessary to restore and carry our democracy into a bountiful future both economically and socially.”

“Debate is not of necessity about winning or taking down one’s opponent. It is an exchange of facts, ideas and principles. Or in its purest form it is simply the art of persuasion.”

“Every Australian should ask whether Australia needs a campaigner or a leader. Do we need a bullshit artist or a leader? A corrupt Prime Minister or a leader without baggage. A perverted liar or a leader.”

“Instead of being proactive, we tend to wait for disaster. Even in politics. This government is a typical example.”

“The economy is being run by a minister who may very well lose his seat, but the message is “We are best to manage the economy?” A contradiction in terms? Go figure.”

“Now, I must confess that my objectivity these days suffers when I listen to him. I have written much about his lying (and his proven guilt of dishonesty) that I’m trying to pick out the pieces of truth when I listen to him now.”

“Conservatives say that poverty is the fault of the victim, but wealth comes from virtue, and both are the natural order of things.”

“When I talk to people about this election and mention Scott Morrison’s lying, I’m often surprised at how many men forgive him because “they all do it.” Imagine what sort of a society we would have if all we did was lie to each other.”

“It is obvious that Question Time in the Australian Parliament is just an excuse for mediocre minds who are unable to debate with intellect, charm or wit, to act deplorably toward each other. And in doing so debase the parliament and themselves as moronic imbecilic individuals. Change is necessary. Question time should be the showcase of the parliament and badly needs an independent speaker.”

Ask yourself: Does the democracy we have make you feel good about your country?”

“Labor has never been better placed to win a contest of ideas. It must vigorously argue the case for action against growing inequality. Instead of pretending it is a Socialist party, be one.”

“Leaders who cannot comprehend the importance of truth as being fundamental to the democratic process make the most contribution to its demise.”



“After some time, buffoon Joyce was replaced with the buffoon McCormack, and after a period in which buffoon two accomplished nothing, they returned to buffoon one.”

“Which country has shown the most compassion. The one who had the heart to accept them or the one who couldn’t find the heart. Seeking asylum.”

“Sure, any Labor proposals should be scrutinised as much as any other parties, but to suggest that both entities are as guilty of pork barrelling as each other when one has not been in government for nearly a decade is a bit rich.”

Continued on Saturday with part two: Post-May 21, Labor have won.

My thought for the day

The Coalition Government’s performance over its time in office had been like a daily shower of offensiveness raining down on society. Surely performance or lack of it must have meant something.


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  1. Jim Jacobsen

    JL, It sure can take a lot of bullet-like words to kill a deranged gorilla.

  2. Peter F

    “Conservatives say that poverty is the fault of the victim, but wealth comes from virtue, and both are the natural order of things.”……Straight from verse three of ‘All things bright and beautiful:

    “The rich man in his castle,
    The poor man at his gate,
    God made them, high or lowly,
    And ordered their estate.”

  3. Canguro

    Not my words but a quote from David Bentley Hart:

    a “slobbering, slouching, whining, brutish, tumid, psychopathic simpleton” who “drowned civic life in a ceaseless stream of atrocities, pollutions, perversions, cruelties, lies, and violence.”

    Language that counts.

  4. wam

    Not that I am lucid, lord, but I struggle with your:
    “Debate is not of necessity about winning or taking down one’s opponent.”
    I have never seen a debate that wasn’t about winning by taking down the opponent and their arguments”
    In a formal debate, a mediator (a person that has not agreed with the Pro or the Con) will decide who the winner should be. In an informal debate the argument can continue until the time when one side gives up :)”
    The question time is to ask parliamentary questions(no debate) which are tools that can be used by Members of Parliament to seek information or to press for action.
    Your thought shows the government was not defeated by labor who, for 9 years, failed in debate but by scummo’s inept leadership and the xstians hoping for another miracle
    the manly debacle deserves a damning report on religious hatred and serious consideration, by the league, to have a round where every team wore a rainbow.

  5. leefe


    There’s a difference between “”taking down your oponent”” and “taking down your oponent’s argument”. In sport, it’s called “play the ball and not the man”.
    Lord quite specifically said ” … not about taking down your oponent”; ie no ad hominem attacks. Focus on the subject and not the person.

  6. Williambtm

    Well I have a different opinion entirely, a person that has no integrity or makes promises that immediately fall dead in the water, or even has a historical legacy of being a bare-faced liar, must be a conniving criminal, nothing less. How stupid is the Australian legal system if it tolerates the lying shitfullness of a Scott Morrison? It it were I making bogus claims and promising multiple hypotheticals to a presiding judge in the Supreme Court, I would be charged with a contempt of Court. That is an actionable offence that has so many times been repeated in court trials over the years, while generally agreed to by all & sundry in the court room, that the person in question in doing so, is regarded as being little other than a smart-arse bastard.
    Bang, down goes the gavel by the judge, swiftly followed by the words 6 months in the slammer “thank you very much.” Bailiff, remove the smart-arse from the courtroom and cart him off to prison.” This court is now in recess & will recommence in 2 hours. That is what should have happened to that lying Scomo bastard.

  7. wam

    Have you read any comments in these posts and answers attacking the man not the ball
    Playing the man is part of yesterday’s and today’s winning football.
    A debate is “winning by taking down the opponents and their arguments” are my words.
    To separate the elements is to lose.

  8. leefe


    I’ve read far too many and have even objected to a few, which has achieved nothing in the long run so these days I just roll my eyes and downgrade my opinion of the commenter another notch.

    Playing the man is, technically, against the rules, which makes it cheating. It’s something of which I disapprove and in which I refuse to indulge.
    If you have a problem with someone’s opiniion, someone’s belief, someone’s position on a particular issue, it is the opinion, the belief, the position that you attack. You don’t just call that person names; that’s childish and shows a lack of ability to make a rational argument.

    The important thing is the idea, not the person expressing it. I don’t need to destroy a person to beat them in a debate; it’s enough to point out the errors of fact and logic in their words.

  9. wam

    Words, like truth, have differences between people.
    You cannot ‘debate’ with rabbottians because their truth has nothing to do with facts beyond ‘facts like ‘god made women unclean 25% of their productive life’.
    The run throw and fall over game is all about playing the man. Aussie football has many playing the man tactics that are not illegal.

  10. leefe

    Anything you do to another player is about you or your team getting control of the ball or, at the least, interfering with the other’s control of the ball. Because the ball is what counts.

    All your doing is saying that you lack the ability to debate ideas, words and behaviour and so have to insult people with whom you disagree. Evidence from your posts makes it impossible to deny that, but I’m surprised you’re so blase about admittiing it.

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