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When change seems to be the only course of action

For almost a decade now, we have had governance unbefitting the times. When a government has governed without due regard to what is best for the nation and its people, there is only one course of action. Change it, and when you do, you change society.

The peoples of all the nations of the world increasingly seem to be having less to say about their destiny.

Extreme totalitarian right-wing governments worldwide have held sway over people and their democracies for far too long and at a time when what is needed most is a caring application of governance for the collective, not just for those at the top.

Despite the news served up to us by a media intent on backing a conservative point of view, the fact is that this country faces enormous problems. Not insurmountable but serious nonetheless. Well, severe enough to suggest that this would be a good election to lose.

But of course, one’s desire to win must include an acceptance that you take the good with the bad. And in Labor’s case, it must take on some unprecedented demands on government.

I cannot remember a time when the demands on government have been so abundant. You can only get so many slices from a cake; however, it is time to change when some portions far outweigh others and favour the rich and privileged.

Corporate tax evasion, large subsidies to fossil fuel companies, and an array of privileges for the rich take an enormous slice of the pie. Only a Labor government can make the necessary changes. Over the past decade, the Coalition became so trapped in the longevity of sameness that they couldn’t see other ways of doing things. Of course, climate change is the most outstanding example of how an inability to adapt to change can be an unmitigated disaster.

Everyone knows the authentic challenges facing us, but negativity didn’t build the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Snowy Mountain Scheme, or other Australian achievements.

What is needed is a leader with a passion for change. And might I add, with a government ready to back him up with explained policies.

Of course, the most significant change required is how we think.

We dislike and resist change in the foolish assumption that we can make permanent that which makes us feel secure. Yet change is, in fact, part of the very fabric of our existence.

Good government is about making and implementing decisions that serve the common good. That gives security to the people it governs. It follows the rule of law and is truthful about its intentions.

I contend that Labor is the only party that can bring about the social change necessary to restore and carry our democracy into a bountiful future both economically and socially.

The balance of this piece is derived from an article I wrote in 2020 about “social engineering”. You will note that I will now use the term “social change” instead of “social engineering.” Other parts I have changed to bring it into the times. It is essential, though, concerning this election.

Labor must find a means of making its citizens participatory in the function of government.

It should be inclusive, equitable and supportive of the people’s right to know. By equity, I mean the people have a right to a fair reward for the fruits of their labour.

And above all, it should be answerable to the people.

What is Social Change?

Social Change is a means by which you bring your ideas and principles relative to your party’s philosophy both up to date and in service of the common good.

Sometimes, however, it is politically expedient to forgo your beliefs when specific policies become entrenched in the country’s way of life. NDIS and national health are but two that are against conservative ideology but are firmly entrenched in our society.

It is when a political party seeks to use selective deceptive, manipulative and insidious psychological techniques to implement change in the attitudes of the masses that it is wrong.

Suppose you look at our society when Tony Abbott came to power and compare it with today. In that case, you could not deny that it is less accessible, FOIs are more difficult to procure, press freedoms have declined, we are more open to corruption, and government intervention in our daily lives has increased.

Older folk are treated abysmally, as are women generally. The treatment of asylum seekers and our indigenous folk have gotten worse.

Our economic attitude toward the wealthy, be they corporate or individual, has resulted in the rich getting increased handouts and subsidies.

Critics labelled Abbott’s social changes planted in the 2014 budget as the most draconian ever. Cuts to services such as welfare, education and health copped most of the budget pain.

It also slashed billions in funding from international aid, health and education. Alongside cuts to family benefits, all were designed to change the societal structures of how we live.

My problem with the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments is that they all embarked on a program ideologically targeted at changing the way we think, and for all the wrong reasons.

Think climate change, for instance, and the worldwide pandemic at its conclusion (if ever) will bring about the need for social and economic change. Demands for wage rises for first responders will be central to these changes. We have yet to hear about this in both parties’ campaigns so far.

Conservatives will seek to create crises even when none exists to counter these changes.

The Chinese will be at fault for everything. Even our sports results will be said to be rigged by them.

Create an illusion of disaster, and people will believe that perception is, in fact, reality. (Covid-19 and climate change aside, of course.)

Appeal to the base instincts of ordinary people and the racists.

A have/have not form of serfdom runs through the Morrison government’s work.

The disparagement of science (Covid-19 excepted) has been peculiar to the three governments.

In communications, we have a concerted attempt to eliminate the reasoned voice of opposing views. The dual attack on the ABC by the Murdoch empire and the government attempts to stifle debate.

When a government condemns a perceived bias of one outlet without acknowledging the prejudice of another, it is practising social engineering. Not social change.

Lying, of course, is the social engineers’ most effective tool. Throughout his career, Tony Abbott used it most effectively.

Malcolm Turnbull was hypocritical on climate change, and Morrison has taken lying to another level.

Another tool of social engineering is secrecy, and the conservative governments have displayed a propensity for it. It’s called “lying by omission.”

We also see social engineering in communication policy. The best NBN is now effectively only for those who can afford it. They have become information-rich, and those who cannot have become information poor.

All of these things contribute to how we think, act and feel. By manipulating society into thinking that the entire realm and ownership of knowledge is found in one ideology, one individual or cohort of individuals is a form of social change.

By influencing society into believing that if the rich become more prosperous, their lot will advance at the same rate, conservatives see their social engineering as a success.

As I said initially, all forms of government, corporations, institutions, religious groups, and even the advertising industry practice social engineering. Still, when you use social change to better society, the result is different.

Conservatives seek power through social engineering, whilst those on the left use social change for a better society.

My thought for the day

A commitment to social justice demands the transformation of social structures and our hearts and minds.


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  1. leefe

    “the Coalition became so trapped in the longevity of sameness that they couldn’t see other ways of doing things.”

    You give them far too much credit.
    They don’t want another way of doing things. They have wealth and power, and accumulate morre of the former every day. And it’s fairly easy work. They love their way of doing things.

  2. Terence Mills

    Somebody has been producing misleading and deceptive corflutes in Sydney, linking the independents with the Greens – is that such a bad thing ?

    It’s not the Greens doing it and Labor would achieve no benefit so who does that leave ?

    The AEC and the police are investigating. It shouldn’t be hard to identify the culprit as there are only a limited number of corflute producers around.

    Hercule Poirot would probably start with the Young Liberals !

  3. Kaye Lee

    Over the past two years, the wealth of Australia’s 47 billionaires has doubled to $255 billion.

    That is more wealth in the hands of 47 people than about 7.7 million Australians.

    Globally, the world’s 10 richest men have more than doubled their fortunes to $1.9 trillion, at a rate of $1.6 billion a day – 10 men hold more wealth than that of two-thirds of humanity.

    “Central banks have pumped trillions of dollars into financial markets to save the economy, yet much of that has ended up lining the pockets of billionaires riding a stock market boom.”

    So what do both major parties in Australia do? Back in the stage 3 tax cuts for the rich. There is no excuse for this other than buying political favour. We have large debt and ongoing deficits. There is low unemployment and rising inflation. A supply-constrained economy does not need stimulus.

    It is sheer incompetence from both parties. Everyone, except the decision makers in the major parties, knows we must increase unemployment payments – the social and economic benefits are manifest. We face growing costs in aged and disability care. And they decide to give away hundreds of billions in revenue to people who don’t need it so they can buy a few more investment properties to rent out for a mozza or buy some more shares and pay their accountants millions to avoid paying any tax at all.

    It infuriates me.

  4. wam

    Selamat pagi, lord, apa kabar NBN, Turnbull is the copper man in my mind but my richest rabbottian slapped me with ‘why do you need an NBN fibre, wam? You have 38 gigs on your iPad and how much do you use? I muttered ‘speed’ but the last time he got me cost $100 when I bet the lying rodent broke his word on no GST (it was in his election platform 1998) but I soldiered on with it is for the future and fibre will never be cheaper. (Realistically nobody I know needs NBN with Wi-Fi 4g speeds easily satisfying our needs.) Anyway I have fibre and my grandkids love it and they will use it.. So the labor NBN is another initiative your LNP rabbott couldn’t understand so he cocked it up and, under pressure I used the rabbott’s technique and switched to the two Fs, fishing and footie(he has a soft side and is ports)
    What infuriates me is the tax avoidance(not evasion, lord, that is a criminal offence)which allows some to not pay Medicare

  5. Albos Elbow

    Albo finally gets it.

    Tame the Murdoch campaign briefing media attack dogs from sky, news, the telegraph and 2GB/3AW and Scummo loses most of his ammunition.
    The COAL-NP are so desperate they have no real policies and have to rely on their opponents making mistakes and continue to run childish, amateur attack ads.
    The attacks on Albo and Labor are wearing thin with the public. Compare that with what Australia already knows about Scummo and his totally incompetent COAL-NP ministers.

    The Labor boss has risen from adversity many times before, brought up by a single mum who often gave up her evening meals to be able to pay the rent. He won’t forget the past as he takes us into the future.

    Albo doesn’t take anything for granted any more and is more than ever determined to get rid of Scummo and his corrupt lying rat pack.

    With just two weeks to go, he leads his side to a 11 percentage-point gap over the COAL-NP Scumbags and Liars to the top of Australia’s political scrapheap, .

    He can almost touch it, the realisation of his life long dream to become Australia’s Prime Minister. The momentum is definitely growing his way.

    Albo is looking to attack the COAL-NP’s achilles heel of climate change and an integrity commission, bringing to clear light the major defects in Scummo’s armour.

    Another win this week on the campaign trail and the Labor faithful will continue to grow in confidence that its finally time for a change of government.

    May the force be with us

  6. Kaye Lee

    “Albo is looking to attack the COAL-NP’s achilles heel of climate change ”

    He certainly should be but I haven’t seen it. I keep hearing disturbing things like “if new mines stack up economically and environmentally, they will go ahead”. He did a backflip on the gas plant at Kurri Kurri which he previously said did NOT stack up. No stressing of the urgency with which we must move away from fossil fuels. I found the change from a 45% emissions reduction target to 43% silly. It smacks of pedanticism rather than vision.

    I hope Labor wins. I believe they will. But I think they may need a strong crossbench to make them do what must be done.

  7. Albos Elbow

    Sure Kaye, that’s true, but its a transition not a Whyalla wipeout, and I accept that it needs to be done over the next decade or so.
    Lets win the election first.

    I’m getting the feeling Albo is going to ramp up the rhetoric on climate change initiatives this week, as he did this morning in Launceston announcing a Green Hydrogen plan for Tasmania.

    From the SMH – Anthony Albanese has escalated his attacks on Scott Morrison over action on climate change, calling the government “numpties” who need a “wake-up call”. Albanese is addressing a campaign rally in Launceston where he announced millions of dollars for clean energy projects including a new hydrogen hub in Tasmania.
    “This government have had 22 different energy policies, they haven’t landed one of them,” he said.

    “Scott Morrison attends a climate change conference in Glasgow, he gives an empty speech to an empty room, because they haven’t got anything to say and were isolated from global action.

    “We in Australia, with our vulnerable environment, with what we’ve seen with the increased extreme weather events – floods, bushfires – what does it take to give some of these numpties a wake-up call that climate change is here right now.

    “This is a government that is terrified of the future, we will shape the future in Australia’s interests.”

  8. Albos Elbow

    Pumped Hydro is the next big thing to replace expensive big batteries for renewable energy so they can run 24x7x365.
    When the sun is shining and the wind is a blowin’, the excess energy is used to pump hyro uphill.
    At night they release the stored water and it produces hydro power, ready to be reused the next day.

    “The zero-emissions grid would mainly rely on wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, with support from pumped hydro storage, and would eliminate Australia’s need for coal and gas-fired power.”

    There are some great innovations in renewable energy taking shape that will create thousands of real jobs and billions in revenues.
    Just neeeds the plan and the political courage to execute them.
    And of course a good ten year transition plan to get there from our coal/diesel/gas base.
    Its doable but requires a change of government.

  9. Albos Elbow

    Yes, I prefer the renewables combined solar/wind/hydro option myself as opposed to hydrogen.

    Hydrogen can be made from renewables (Green Hydrogen) or burning coal, oil and gas (Black, Brown or Blue Hydrogen). It costs around $6-8 a kilo to make, but needs to be under $2 a kilo to be viable in any large scale commercial situation to challenge petrol/diesel.

    Given the current government’s pro-fossil fuel, anti-renewable energy and “gas led recovery” enthusiasm, it is believed to be very unlikely they will be making Hydrogen from renewable energy.

    Austalian citizens concerned about carbon emissions and global warming increasing are not only concerned about using fossil fuels to produce hydrogen, but also that the hydrogen will be stored and transported using fossil fuel driven ships and vehicles.

    Also the Australian Hydrogen Council is full of gas, oil and coal mining corporate sponsors and executives, so there’s another clue about how Scummo and Angus Taylor – The Minister for Burning Fossil Fuels, will make and use dirty Black Hydrogen,

    Then the hydrogen won’t be burned on its own, it will be mixed with 90-95% petroleum gas before using it, and that billions of taxpayers money will be spent un-necessarily on building a nationwide gas pipeline, supposedly for “clean hydrogen”.

    Fossil fuel produced Black hydrogen will actually increase carbon emissions and take us further away from net zero.

    This is just another attempt by the COAL-NP government and fossil fuel industry executives to extend the life of fossil fuels for their own personal financial gains, at Australian taxpayers expense.

    Sun/wind/hydro Renewable energy is the best alternative for delivering Australia’s future energy needs. It proves itself to be reliable, cost effective and efficient every single day, right around the world.

  10. Goog

    Just remarked to some friends from school some many characters of the LNP remind me of characters from Gilbert and Sullivan , mainly in Mikado ,Pirates of Penzance ,HMS Pinafore . Especially some characters are very similar

  11. Terence Mills

    The coalition are desperately trying to avoid discussing the imminent increase in electricity prices particularly in NSW and Qld and Matt Canavan is nowhere to be seen.

    Sure, we have plenty of coal and that’s where the bulk of our electricity generation comes from but we are locked into global pricing regimes and that means, with the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, the resultant global shortages are pushing up prices and we are not immune as our miners and generators will only sell at the best world price : there are no good guys in this game !

    In its latest snapshot of the National Electricity Market (NEM), the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) said wholesale costs soared 141 per cent in the three months to March 31 compared with the same period last year. Prices averaged $87 a megawatt hour, which was also 67 per cent higher than the three months to the end of December.

    AEMO noted, somewhat ironically, that the biggest price increases are occurring in states with the biggest dependence on coal and gas, and the market volatility for those fuels was having an impact already. With our electricity generation remaining reliant on fossil fuels as part of coalition policy – close to seventy percent on the East Coast – we will continue to be vulnerable to price shocks in global coal and gas markets.

    According to Hamish Fitzsimmons from the Australian Energy Council, which represented power and gas retailers, households would not start to feel the effects of higher wholesale prices until they start filtering through from the middle of the year.

    We need to talk about this now, before the election.

  12. Mark Needham

    “Sun/wind/hydro Renewable energy is the best alternative for delivering Australia’s future energy needs. It proves itself to be reliable, cost effective and efficient every single day, right around the world.”

    ..and is available, without fail, 24/7.

  13. Terence Mills


    And renewables are not subject to global price fluctuations and the whims of Putin and OPEC !

  14. Albos Elbow

    Mark Needham,
    with a combination of wind/solar and hydro or battery storage you can run 100% on renewables.

    Tasmania and ACT already are.
    Don’t listen to or believe Scummo and Angus Taylor’s (The Minister for Burning Fossil Fuels) lies and corruption.

  15. Albos Elbow

    Terence Mills
    the main causes of the increased wholesale electricity price are the increased cost of coal oil and gas and the unreliability of coal fired power stations that break down and require longer times to be repaired and maintained under current global supply pressures.

    If you buy through a community electricity company like localvolts, you can exclusively get renewable enegry only at the wholesale price of 7 cents a KWh or lower.

    As more and more people get wise and join the peer-to-peer energy community and more renewable energy comes onto the grid, we expect to save more on our energy prices.

    For more information please visit the localvolts.com website or contact info@localvolts.com or joe@localvolts.com and get started on saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bills, taking control away from corrupt governments, reducing our carbon emissions and helping us move to net zero sooner.

    Please help spread the news about the growing positive change in energy.

  16. Albos Elbow

    Further, the federal and state governments, that bank roll Fossil Fuel companies, want retail electricity prices to remain artificially high to protect the fossil fuel lobby and coal, oil and gas fired energy producers from the growing competition of renewable energy, which of course, is much cheaper and becoming much more relieable and not subject to global issues outside our control..

    The corrupt governments already subsidise fossil fuel companies to the tune of about $30 billion of state and federal taxes.
    If coal, oil and gas prices continues to rise, it will be Australian taxpayers and retail energy buyers who will be paying for it, while fossil fuel companies profits will continue to soar at our expense.

  17. wam

    Beauty ‘bent arm’ I smell a fit of pique in the air. Last time labor did a climate.It was at the bandit’s behest and we got Juliar The time before boobie, in a fit of pique at being left out of the planning(Wong and Turnbull)), vote with the rabbott to kill any action leaving us with 12 years wasting money by marching on the spot. Spot on dance of the cuckoo there are lots Scummo want talk about and every time Albo is asked he should present a question for the journalist to ask Scummo and be be prepared for stupid gotcha question like he should have asked if the journalists had read the policy if so what do you need explaining? Go Albo make a fist and straighten the elbo right into scummo’s nose he will bleed like a stuck pig and the morning shows will love it.

  18. Terence Mills

    In the Weekend Australian it’s all out war on the so called teal independents : Paul Kelly accuses them of lacking integrity and Chris Kenny sees them as part of a Labor plot.

    I noticed that they don’t seem to see Palmer’s United Australia Party as a threat to our democracy and I wondered why that was.

    Then I noticed that Clive Palmer and his stooge, Craig Kelly had taken out two full page advertisements and naturally Newscorp would never bite the hand that feeds them.

    Perhaps if the independents took some advertising space in Newscorp publications they could then expect some balance even positive coverage – but should they do so would they lose their integrity ?

    Something unhealthy about how Newscorp preference those who spend the big bucks with them.

  19. Kaye Lee


    I will not allow your lies to stand. The Greens voted against the CPRS because it was bad policy.

    According to Treasury modelling, under the CPRS there would have been no reduction in emissions for 25 years. It gave billions in handouts to coal companies and big polluters, while it locked in emissions targets that failed the science.

    It would not have led to any change in behaviour by big polluters, while any future attempt to strengthen the scheme would have resulted in billion dollar compensation payouts to big polluters.

    “It was at the bandit’s behest and we got Juliar”

    That is utter crap. Aside from the descent into Alan Jones abuse, it was Oakeshott and Windsor who insisted on carbon pricing to get their support, not the Greens. It was not part of their agreement with Gillard.

    “vote with the rabbott to kill any action leaving us with 12 years wasting money by marching on the spot.”

    A matter of months after voting down bad policy, the country had a vastly superior fixed price emissions trading scheme that worked very well to reduce emissions and to incentivise polluters to upgrade their technology and infrastructure.

    The only reason that system is no longer in place is because of Clive Palmer’s stooges voting with the Coalition.

    Or did you conveniently wipe that from your memory just so you can keep your false narrative going?

  20. Michael Taylor

    wam, I’m not big on the Greens, either (I was until Richard Di Natalie came along) but we are on the same side. We don’t need divisive politics as we share a common goal: remove the Morrison Government.

    That’s my focus, Carol’s focus, Kaye’s focus, The AIMN’s focus.

    Labor and the Greens have to learn to live together. And quickly.

  21. Michael Taylor

    PS: Kaye, I hope you don’t mind me speaking on your behalf.

  22. Kaye Lee

    It is crucial to this country’s well-being that Labor form the next government. That is something we can all agree on.

    I would like to see them prompted to higher ambition by a strong crossbench.

    I understand why Labor supporters may resent the Greens – they are competing for the same vote – but progressives don’t have the luxury of being able to continue this constant internal warfare. We have to work together to remove the worst government ever.

    The fact that the Liberal Party think the climate-change-denying war promoter Jim Molan (who wants us to get more tanks to fight the Chinese) is the second best person in NSW to run for the Senate shows just how out of talent and out of touch they are.

  23. wam

    Kaye, lies?? Wow what is my lie?
    Live together, Michael,
    The bandit has shown himself to be a single room mate who wants to control the house of 227.
    The fact is the greens have done nothing to support a labor government. Their significant support of the rabbott, in removing any limit on borrowing has made 2016/19 elections considerably easier for the LNP.
    Kaye I was around in 2007 so I know you are mouthing the loonies excuse for voting it down. True that the greens and protesters were arguing that the targets were too low in 2008. Labor 5%-25% with boobie 25% My contention is that it was better than nothing. My fear from friends and relatives is the greens are unelectable. Sadly people like you are adamant that labor should accommodate the greens when the greens have no intention of accommodating labor. They are a party with the aims to take as much from labor as they can with no responsibility for their policies. Keep trying, Kaye and Michael but until you can show me any differences in tactics between the extremist parties, I will consider them equal rather than more equal than phon and Palmer. Yes I am disappointed that good labor people can accept the greens free policies as being believable and they will make a ‘strong xbench’. I cannot see how the bandit’s background will be any different from his disastrous 2011. Still labor should lie back and think of England get elected and expose the loonies from gov.

  24. Albos Elbow

    to try and suggest the Greens are not in favour of reducing emissions is just dumb.

    The facts are that neither Labor or COAL-NP have put anything in writing that will help to guarantee that emissions will be reduced sufficiently by 2030 to stop the earth heating up anymore, so therefore they DO NOT support their pathetic positions on Climate Change.

    Labor has also bought into the COAL-NP’s fairy tale of Carbon Sequestration, which has never worked and will never work.
    They are also matching COAL-NP dollar for dollar on giving the Fossil Fuel billionaires more billions for BLACK HYDROGEN.

    That is NOT how you fight climate change, now.

  25. Kaye Lee

    “you are mouthing the loonies excuse for voting it down.”

    I too was around then and I know that what Garnaut had proposed had been severely watered down by 2009.

    Treasury modelling showed emissions rising to 2020 and then future reductions were dependent on carbon capture and storage which wasn’t then, and still isn’t, viable.

    It wasn’t just the inadequate reduction targets – industry exemptions and compensation and unlimited access to carbon offsetting had the potential to funnel a lot of public money to polluters without achieving much actual reduction in emissions. Plenty of economists were against it too.

    Rudd wouldn’t negotiate with the Greens on amendments. He also didn’t genuinely try to broker agreement with the Coalition, preferring to exploit their internal fighting. Instead of negotiating or taking the option of going to a double dissolution election, he shelved the policy.

    Thankfully, the hung parliament of 2010 delivered a much better policy a few months later.

    This ancient blame game is so pointless. Give it up.

  26. Albos Elbow

    Even Australia’s top Economists and Financial Managers agree that the NUMBER 1 ISSUE facing Australia right now is the cost of inaction on Climate Change.

    “Voters can see that there is no real difference between the two major parties on Climate Change.”


    If you really want action on climate, vote Green or Teal, otherwise vote Blue or Red.

  27. Michael Taylor

    Maybe not live together, as in cohabitating, but get along together.

  28. corvusboreus

    Why should politicians make any attempt at co-habitation just because they happen to share the same building?

    If you want to foster conciliatory-copacetic relations between different progressive parties (for the good of our common future) then you are obviously a LOONIE sympathiser, and are thus exactly the same as those who follow Hanson & Palmer (disparate policy platforms & parliamentary voting records notwithstanding).

    Pragmatic allegiances towards mutual goals are for weaklings & losers: ‘yer either with us or aginst us’.

    Hatred without compromise!

  29. wam

    yes I give up, kaye and michael, you are both not of my generation and as such were not brought up with the commo and dlp tragedies.
    Having only my dad, as a laborite, with all relatives and trust home neighbours devoted to the gallipoli premier and pig iron bob.
    All school friends were little conservatives and today all, but my family, are rabbottians and are ccccccomfortably well off, under the lnp and can see little need to risk change.
    These men and women display a fear that has blinded me into believing labor cannot win with the greens.
    If the bandit doesn’t hit the morning shows, fox, 7, 9, 10 and the ABC with a splash for cash and albo wins.
    I shall consume a huge humble pie and not mention boobies fit of pique climate vote, chrissie’s blank cheque and the bandit’s juliar, again.
    Lbone you must be confused I, like the greens, believe that we could reduce emissions to net ZERO well before 2050.
    The tactic is to get ELECTED like the lying rodent, by ‘there will be no GST’ then after winning prepare the electorate for a net zero, QED

  30. Kaye Lee

    The electorate is ready for net zero. It’s the politicians who aren’t. (And greedy selfish arseholes who put their wealth in front of saving the planet)

    If you are prepared to prostitute yourself to win, what’s the guarantee that you won’t prostitute yourself to stay there. A real leader explains what must be done and why – they don’t wimp out because someone disagrees. They persuade them.

    Can we skip the humble pie and go straight to “I shall not mention boobies fit of pique climate vote, chrissie’s blank cheque and the bandit’s juliar, again.” I can guarantee every reader here would be grateful.

    PS Your assumption that me not sharing your paranoia is due to ignorance is patronising and wrong. You really need to let stuff go. We have actual problems to deal with that are slightly more urgent (and relevant) than the “commo and dlp tragedies”. Oy vey

  31. Michael Taylor

    wam, I might not be of your generation but I was taught a valuable lesson by the generation before me.

    I grew up on a soldiers settlers community and farm on Kangaroo Island. Every person in my school had a parent who fought in WW2.

    The baker in town (about 40 miles away) was a popular bloke, as was his wife, and they were often invited to functions the old diggers were holding.

    The baker was German. He fought for Germany in WW2. He might have even fought against some of the veterans on Kangaroo Island. But the point is, 15 years later they were all friends. Nobody held a grudge against him.

  32. Albos Elbow

    that thought had crossed my mind too, that Labor is not saying much on climate till after they win the election and then they will up the ante.

    But who do you trust?

    Greens and Teal have made it abundantly clear what they are going to do about climate. If Albanese changes the story after he wins then that’s maybe a bonus, but no point counting imaginary chickens before they hatch.

    We must do everything we can to oust Scummo, because Scumbag Palmer’s UAP are giving all their preferences to Scummo COAL-NP.

    If Scummo wins the election with UAP’s help, you can bet there will be more coal mining opened up and even more new coal fired power stations and gas pipelines built, paid for by taxpayers like you and me.

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