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Information and critical thinking do matter

By 2353NM  When Prime Minister Morrison was advised there was the risk of…

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Information and critical thinking do matter

By 2353NM  

When Prime Minister Morrison was advised there was the risk of uncontrolled spread of a deadly pandemic on the horizon early this year, he was slightly wiser than at Christmas when he left a burning Australia in the ‘capable’ hands of Deputy Prime Minister and National Party Leader Michael McCormack. Morrison gathered the state and territory leaders together to devise a strategy to manage the Australian health and economic systems through what was certainly going to be unprecedented times. The decision was to listen and act on the advice of the country’s Chief Medical Officers and in the process of saving lives, effectively kill economic growth. Ultimately the strategy was successful on both counts, thousands of lives have been saved and the economy is in recession.

After considerable prompting by evidence such as the millions of people lining up outside Centrelink offices due to the closure of all but essential services, Morrison’s Government created JobKeeper. It offered a flat wage to those people that no longer had meaningful work or an employer without income to convert to wages and other business expenses. At the same time they relaunched the ‘Newstart’ unemployment income support payment as JobSeeker and doubled the rate to something approaching a value that people could pay the rent, utilities, transport costs and finally afford to be able to buy wholesome food instead of starving.

The Arts industry, which is basically anyone from the busker at the railway station through movie producers, authors, orchestras, ballet companies as well as all those that are paid to entertain or provide the logistics for those that entertain also saw their income just stop. As did restaurants, cafes, hotels, sports stadiums, casinos, universities and so on. Airlines grounded the majority of their planes and eventually the Federal Government funded the maintenance of a skeleton service primarily to keep freight moving around the country. Retail literally shut up shop and media companies reduced output as the advertising dollar stopped dead. Murdoch’s Newscorp decided to stop physically printing around 100 newspaper titles across the country, forcing those who want to access the local news to online consumption at a price, certainly not ideal for older residents of regional communities that don’t necessarily have the skills to use a computer or ‘smart’ device, even if they owned one.

While some concessions were made for some of the groups above, with the promise of some targeted assistance yet to come, may were left to their own devices. While ‘private’ university staff were eligible for JobKeeper, public university staff were not. The Federal Government also doubled the cost of various university courses designed to teach people how to think critically (Arts courses that generally don’t have a direct link with a job). Despite the excellent service to communities affected by bushfires and other weather events during the summer, the reduction in comparable funding to previous years (known to most outside Morrison’s ‘Canberra bubble’ as funding cuts) programmed some time ago for the ABC were implemented.

As a consequence of the funding cuts, ABC recently announced a number of ‘initiatives’ to save money including sacking 250 people. News.com.au (owned by Murdoch’s Newscorp) reported

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has argued there have been no cuts to the ABC’s funding after the national broadcaster announced 250 job losses.

The ABC unveiled the cuts on Wednesday, with the 7.45am radio news bulletin to be scrapped as up to 70 news division jobs disappear.

Mr Morrison said the ABC’s overall funding was increasing each year.

“There are no cuts,” he told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.

ABC managing director David Anderson said on Wednesday that operational funding would be more than 10 per cent lower in 2021/22 than it was in 2013.

The overall amount the corporation receives from government will rise from $1.062 billion in 2019/20 to $1.071 billion in 2021/22.

But an indexation freeze in funding is set to cost the ABC $84 million over those three years.

Nine Media recently reported that in a letter to the relevant minister Paul Fletcher, ABC Managing Director David Anderson offered to increase regional reporting in their news coverage should the latest ‘indexation pause’ be reversed

If indexation was restored, combined with savings and efficiencies that the ABC has identified in recent months, the Corporation would be in a position to commit an additional investment of up to $10 million per annum to employ more journalists in regional Australia and generate more content from regions for the local and national stories,” Mr Anderson wrote.

Several government sources have confirmed Mr Fletcher did not reply to the letter, nor did he discuss the proposal with the ABC or his National Party colleagues, who have constantly raised concerns over the future of regional media outlets, following a spate of natural disasters including last summer’s fires.

Murdoch’s Newscorp claims that local content previously reported in 100 printed newspapers will be retained both online and in the remaining physical newspapers. Maybe those in Morrison’s ‘Canberra bubble’ believe the Courier Mail, published in Brisbane, will represent the local concerns of all the people that live between Brisbane and Townsville which is the next outpost of the Newscorp empire that uses printers ink. You would probably have a hard time finding those outside the ‘bubble’ that shared the belief. ABC was offering to go and represent the communities. The relevant Minister, according to the report, didn’t even bother acknowledging the receipt of the ABC’s offer.

There is a larger issue here. Clearly the Morrison Government really doesn’t care that local people won’t get local news. Sometimes the news may be favourable to the government, sometimes it may not. That really doesn’t matter, accountability does. Local media is effectively the watchdog on the Council that doesn’t apply their own zoning laws, the reporter of the death of a local hero, or that 15 year old Johnny from the local school is going to represent Australia, or even that the local supermarket is expanding to meet demand. If the ABC were providing the news, their reporters are bound by the ABC’s Charter to be balanced and accurate; neither of which was guaranteed by Newscorp’s papers.

Cartoon by Alan Moir (moir.com.au)

So, Morrison’s Government is ensuring that local communities don’t have local information. When you add in that the Morrison Government is also dissuading people from enrolling in tertiary education courses that teach critical thinking, he is also taking away the ability of people to distil the real information from the ‘fake news’. In short Morrison, like Turnbull and Abbott before him are trying to dumb us down to believe whatever story those in power wish to tell us. Maybe George Orwell’s 1984 was closer to reality than we thought.

Accountability matters. If there is no media in regional areas, there is no accountability for the council that rorts the system, the politician that doesn’t deliver what they promise or the numerous other newsworthy incidents that happen in regional communities each week. Murdoch’s Newscorp has made a business decision to effectively withdraw from large parts of Australia blaming lack of profitability. The role of providing accountability therefore defaults to the ABC, which is not profit driven by nature. As Morrison’s Government has deliberately cut funding for the ABC to perform this role — what’s he hiding?

What do you think?

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COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (A diabolical struggle: part 4)

Continued from: COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (A diabolical struggle: part 3)

Early in January 2020 President Trump began contending that the coronavirus was “Made in China.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo referring to it as the “Wuhan coronavirus.”

‘The Big Lie’ started on 30 January when the WHO Director General, pressured by powerful U.S. economic interest, declared a global public health emergency with only 150 “confirmed cases” (by the WHO) outside China and with only six cases in the U.S.A. And it was called a pandemic.

“Fake media” immediately went into high gear. China was held responsible for “spreading infection” worldwide.

On 31 January 2020 President Trump announced that he would deny entry to the U.S. of both Chinese and foreign nationals “who have travelled in China in the last 14 days.” This immediately triggered a crisis in air travel, transportation, U.S.-China business relations as well as freight and shipping transactions.

While the “Made in China” coronavirus label served as a pretext, the unspoken objective was to bring the Chinese economy to its knees. It was an act of “economic warfare”, which has contributed to undermining both China’s  economy as well as that of  most ‘western’ countries – allies of the U.S., leading to a wave of bankruptcies, not to mention unemployment, collapse of the tourist industry, et cetera.

Moreover, Trump’s “Made in China” coronavirus label almost immediately as of early February triggered a campaign against ethnic Chinese throughout the ‘western world.’

On 11 March a new decision was taken. The Trump Administration imposed a 30-day ban on Europeans entering the United States through the suspension of air-travel with the European Union – with the exception of Britain and Ireland.

America had started waging its ‘economic  war’ against Western Europe, while using COVID-19 as an excuse.

European governments took their measures. In Italy a lockdown prevailed, ordered by the Prime Minister. Large cities in Northern Italy including Milano and Torino literally closed down. Confusion, fear and intimidation prevailed.

By late February, financial manipulation characterised stock market transactions worldwide. The stock value of airlines companies collapsed overnight. Those who had foreknowledge of Trump’s 11 March  decision to ban transatlantic flights from E.U. countries made a bundle of money. It is called ‘short-selling’ in the derivative market among other speculative ops. Institutional speculators including hedge funds with ‘inside information’ had already placed their bets.

More generally, a massive transfer of money wealth occurred, among the largest in world history, leading to countless bankruptcies, not to mention the loss of lifelong savings engineered through the collapse of financial markets. This process continued. It would be naive to believe that these occurrences are spontaneous, based on market forces. They are deliberate. They are part of a carefully designed plan involving powerful financial interests.

A new bombshell followed: the White House rhetoric of accusing China of spreading the “Wuhan virus” worldwide has been refuted by both Japanese and Chinese reports. Scientific analysis discussed by many informed sources, such as Professor F.A. Boyle, and writers such as Larry Romanoff suggests that the virus was “Made in America.”

In February, the Japanese Asahi news report – both the print and TV edition – claimed that the coronavirus originated in the U.S., not in China, and that some – or many – of the 14,000 American deaths attributed to influenza may have in fact have resulted from the coronavirus.

And on 12 March, in a statement to the U.S. Congress, House Oversight Committee, the Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert R. Redfield unwittingly “spilled the beans.” He candidly admitted that some cases diagnosed as seasonal flu could have been coronavirus.

When did this occur? In October, in November? What was the chronology? Dr. Redfield’s statement was corroborated by both Japanese and Taiwanese virologists. Japan and Taiwan are two countries which are staunch allies of the U.S.A.

It is worth noting that a Taiwan virologist “stated that the U.S. has recently[?] had more than 200 “pulmonary fibrosis” cases that resulted in death due to patients’ inability to breathe, … He said he … [had] informed the U.S. health authorities to consider seriously those deaths as resulting from the coronavirus, … [He] then stated that the virus outbreak may have begun earlier than assumed, suggesting “We must look to September of 2019.”

China’s Foreign Ministry has reacted to Dr. Redfield’s statements intimating that the virus could have originated in the U.S. “When did ‘Patient Zero’ begin in the U.S.?” asked China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian. Of course ‘when’ is the fundamental question. Others would follow. “How many people are infected, what are the names of the hospitals?” with prompt replies: “It might be U.S. Army that brought epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent, U.S. give us an explanation.”

People worldwide were being misled. They were told: “It’s going to get worse.” The otherwise very prudent Chancellor Angela Merkel stated without a shred of evidence that “70 per cent of the German population could contract coronavirus if more is not done to stop its spread.”

In several countries, the economy closed down. Supermarkets, shopping malls, offices, factories, schools, universities come to a standstill. People were confined to their homes. Fear and intimidation prevailed.

In the meantime, coinciding with COVID-19 lockdown in Italy, 30,000 U.S. troops were being dispatched to the European Union, under U.S.-N.A.T.O.’s  ‘Defend Europe 2020’ war games against Russia, in the largest military deployment since the second world war. The COVID-19 pandemic was not the ‘cause’ of this unfolding economic and social crisis, but it became the ‘pretext’ for the implementation of a carefully designed ‘operation’ – supported by media disinformation – which destabilises national economies, impoverishes large sectors of the world population and literally undermines the lives of millions of people. This amounted to a veritable act of war.

It was by no means clear what would happen next. The geopolitics are complex. How will economic events unfold? Will the world be made to suffer the consequences of the combative U.S.-China relations?

Those who formulated America’s ‘undeclared economic war’ against China, failed to envisage the potential backlash on the U.S. economy.

In a matter of  months, if normal U.S.-China trade relations and transportation are not resumed, the impacts on the national economies of western countries could be devastating.

A large share of goods displayed in America’s shopping malls, including major brands are ‘Made in China’. ‘Made in China’ is the backbone of retail trade in the United States which indelibly sustains household consumption in virtually all major commodity categories from clothing, footwear, hardware, electronics, toys, jewellery, household fixtures, medical supplies, medicine and prescription drugs, TV sets, cell phones, et cetera. And the same is for Australia. ‘Made in China’ also dominates the production of a wide range of industrial inputs, advanced technology, machinery, building materials, automotive, parts and accessories, et cetera – not to mention the extensive sub-contracting of Chinese companies on behalf of U.S. conglomerates.

While the U.S. has a powerful and sophisticated financial apparatus – which has the ability to manipulate trade and stock markets worldwide, America’s ‘real economy’ is in a shambles. Production does not take place in the U.S. – and little in Australia. ‘The producers’ have given up production.

In addition, China holds a large part of the U.S. public debt that it could readily convert into real assets overnight, with disastrous consequences.

Moreover, China has overtaken the U.S. in several high-tech areas including 5G. And with an internal market of 1.4 billion people, coupled with a global export market under the ‘Belt and Road initiative,’ the Chinese economy will have the upper hand. (M. Chossudovsky, Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America” , 14 March 2020).

When Zhao Lijian, a spokeperson for the China’s Foreign Ministry, voiced the possibility that “it might be U.S. Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan” Beijing was sending up a trial balloon signalling that the gloves were finally off. Zhao Lijian made a direct connection with the Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019, which included a delegation of 369 U.S. military.

Zhao had obviously come to the conclusion that COVID-19 was already in effect in the U.S. before being identified in Wuhan. Adding all that to the fact that coronavirus genome variations in Iran and Italy were sequenced and it was revealed they do not belong to the variety that infected Wuhan, Chinese media were now openly asking questions and drawing a connection with the closing  in August last year of the “unsafe” military bioweapon lab at Fort Detrick, the Military Games, and the Wuhan epidemic. Some of these questions had been asked – with no response – inside the U.S. itself.

Extra questions linger about the opaque Event 201 in New York on 18 to 27 October 2019: a rehearsal for a worldwide pandemic caused by a deadly virus: COVID-19. This telling coincidence occurred one month before the outbreak in Wuhan.

Event 201 was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the Central Intelligence Agency, Bloomberg L.P., the John Hopkins Foundation and the United Nations. The World Military Games opened in Wuhan exactly on the same day: 18 October.

Irrespective of its origin, which is still not conclusively established, despite the ignorant Trump’s tweets about the “Chinese virus,” COVID-19 already poses immensely serious questions about bio-politics and bio-terror.

The working hypothesis of COVID-19 as a very powerful but not Armageddon-provoking bio-weapon identifies it as a perfect vehicle for widespread social control – on a global scale.

A fully masked President Xi visit to Wuhan early in March was a graphic demonstration to the whole world that China, with immense sacrifice, was winning a kind of ‘people’s war’ against COVID-19, while Russia was helping to kick-start the inevitable recovery of the Chinese economy. The chessboard was changing at breakneck speed. Once Beijing identified COVID-19 as a bio-weapon attack, the ‘people’s war’ was launched with the full force of the state. The geopolitical plan was about to enter a new stage, which will be used by Beijing substantially to recalibrate the interaction with the West – and under very different frameworks when it comes to the United States and the European Union.

In pursuance of that plan, Beijing sent an Air China flight to Italy carrying 2,300 big boxes full of masks bearing the script: “We are waves from the same sea, leaves from the same tree, flowers from the same garden.” China also sent a hefty humanitarian support to Iran, significantly aboard eight flights from Mahan Air – a privately owned Iranian airline – which is under illegal, unilateral Trump Administration sanctions.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić could not have been more explicit when he lamented: “The only country that can help us is China. By now, you all understood that European solidarity does not exist. That was a fairy tale on paper.”

Under harsh sanctions and demonised since forever, Cuba is still able to perform breakthroughs – even on biotechnology. The anti-viral Interferon Alpha 2b – a therapeutic, not a vaccine, has been used with some success in the treatment of COVID-19. A joint venture in China is producing an inhalable version, and at least fifteen nations are already interested in importing the therapeutic.

One should compare all that with the Trump Administration offering $1 billion to poach German scientists working at biotech firm CureVac, based in Tubingen, on an experimental vaccine against COVID-19, to have it as a vaccine “only for the United States.”

According to a recent work, the world is facing a choice between a Malthusian strand – inspired by Social Darwinism – “led by the Johnson-Trump-Bolsonaro trio” and, on the other side, a strand pointing to the “requalification of public health as a fundamental tool,” exemplified by China, South Korea and Italy. There are key lessons to be learned from Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Dr. Sandro Mezzadra, who teaches political theory at the university of Bologna, is the co-author with Brett Neilson of the seminal The Politics of Operations: Excavating Contemporary Capitalism, Duke University Press, Durham, N.C., U.S.A. 2019, is already trying to conceptualise as the world stands now in terms of fighting COVID-19.

The stark option – the authors note – is between a “natural population selection,” with thousands of dead, and “defending society” by employing “variable degrees of authoritarianism and social control.”

Amid so much doom and gloom, one should look at Italy: it chose the Wuhan option, with immensely serious consequences for its already fragile economy. Quarantined Italians remarkably reacted by singing from their balconies: a true act of metaphysical revolt.

The G-7 ‘leaders’ had to resort to a video-conference to realise how clueless they are – even as China’s fight against COVID-19 gave ‘the West’ a head start of several weeks.

Shanghai-based Dr. Zhang Wenhong, one of China’s top infectious disease experts, whose analyses have been very accurate thus far, said that China has emerged from the darkest days in the ‘people’s war’ against COVID-19. But he does not think this will be over soon. In the meantime, Wall Street is speaking a different language. It continued to be principally concerned with money. On the market – as it were – systemic risk appeared quite more severe in 2020 than in 1979, 1987 or 2008 because of the hugely heightened danger that the $1.5 quadrillion derivative market would collapse.

There was little time to understand the consequences of COVID-19 for the future of neo-liberal turbo-capitalism. What is certain is that the whole global economy has been hit by an insidious, invisible circuit breaker. This may be just a “coincidence.” Or it could be seen as part of a possible, massive strategic operation creating the perfect geo-political and social engineering environment for full-spectrum dominance. That was a language more familiar to the United States.

Still, the question remained: would imperial elites be still determined to keep waging a full-spectrum-dominance hybrid war against China? (P. Escobar, China locked in hybrid war with US, Asia Times, 17 March 2020).

Illustration from and by asiatimes.com

The Trump Administration still persisted in blaming China for Covid-19 and insisted in measuring the impact of the virus’ progression. The United States and most of its client states, such as Australia, ridiculed the claims and the analysis that the virus could have originated in the United States. But the spread of information and restatements of evidence from all sides, including in the U.S. itself, had become too intense.

Chinese virologists had discovered conclusively that the original source of the virus was not China, nor Wuhan, nor the seafood market, but had been traced to the United States, a credible possibility being that the virus might have originated at the U.S. Military’s bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick – which was shut down by the C.D.C. in July, because of outbreaks, and brought to China during the World Military Games in October 2019. Also, Japanese and Taiwanese virologists arrived independently at the conclusion that the virus could have originated in the US.

The American media – as well as the Australian – did their best from before the beginning to deflect culpability by offering tales of bats, snakes, pangolins, the seafood market; and the C.I.A. tale leaked through the Voice of America and Radio Free Asia that the virus leaked from the Wuhan University, which incidentally is not a bio-weapons facility. The media reported that Chinese researchers had participated – seven years ago – in similar virus research funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, thus somehow insinuating Chinese culpability, ignoring that the prior research was irrelevant to current events.

Those media had been very skilful in speaking first, and thus creating ‘official’ narrative of a current event while flooding their sources with sufficient finger-pointing to preclude a gullible public the time logically to assemble the pieces on their own.

Those media ignored the very fact that few countries would either create or release a biological weapon which attacks primarily itself. They ignored, too, the geopolitical likelihood of an ‘end game’: that a virus is a powerful weapon of economic warfare, able to do to China’s economy what a trade war could not do.

Casual readers tend to ignore the fact that, in the view of the Trump Administration, there are many solid geopolitical reasons to attack China, Iran and Italy, the remaining countries merely constituting unfortunate collateral damage.

Many virus articles on COVID-19 containing this and similar ‘information’ had been published by second-tier internet news sites, some articles gaining enormous readership with hundreds of thousands of downloads and much re-posting. Many of these articles were translated and published on websites all around the world. Simultaneously, many posts were made on Chinese social media speculating on the odd circumstances and long chain of unusual coincidences which led to the virus outbreak in Wuhan.

Eventually, the major Chinese media outlets made the same claims – that the virus could have originated in the U.S. and that the Americans were engaging in a massive cover-up.

Then, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, made the story official, through a number of posts on U.S. social media. One major media article, this in The New York Times, noted that “Zhao’s remarks were spread on China’s most prominent social media platform, Weibo … [and] had been viewed more than 160 million times, along with screenshots of the original Twitter posts.”

But Zhao Lijian’s witter posts, being an official source which could not easily be ignored, claiming the virus was brought to China from the U.S. during the Military Games, and demanding an explanation from the U.S., were receiving too much public attention to be ignored. They all generated sufficient political pressure to force the western media to respond. In doing so, they chose to ignore the facts of the message and trashing the messenger.

On 12 March the U.K. Guardian ran a story claiming that China was “pushing propaganda” about the virus coming from the U.S. (Lily Kuo, ‘American coronavirus’: China pushes propaganda casting doubt on virus origin, 12 March 2020).

On 13 March The New York Times ran a similar story of a “China coronavirus conspiracy” of false claims about the source of the virus. (China spins tale that the U.S. Army started the coronavirus epidemic).

Then, on 14 March A.B.C. News ran a story titled “False claims about sources of coronavirus cause spat between the U.S., China,” in which it ridiculed China and the claims of a U.S.-virus. The Seattle Times published a version of the story, stating that “China is pushing a new theory about the origins of COVID-19: It is an American disease … introduced by members of the U.S. Army who visited Wuhan in October. There is not a shred of evidence to support that, but the notion received an official endorsement from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose spokesman accused American officials of not coming clean about what they know about the disease.” The U.K. Independent published its own version of “China’s conspiracy theory”, (Coronavirus conspiracy theory that Covid-19 originated in US spreading in China, 12 March 2020), as did C.N.N.

The A.B.C. article claimed that “Assistant Secretary David Stilwell gave [Chinese] Ambassador Cui Tiankai a “very stern representation of the facts,” claiming Cui was “very defensive” in the face of this “official” American assault. The U.S. State Department is quoted as having said: “We wanted to put the [Chinese] government on notice we won’t tolerate [conspiracy theories] for the good of the Chinese people and the world.”

Following that, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and half a dozen other press wires and media outlets welcomed the opportunity to trash this ‘conspiracy theory’ at its source. Obviously, had the public information campaign and the resulting political pressure continued, one could easily have concluded that the fact of the United States being the source of the “China” virus was ‘self-evident.’ (L. Romanoff,  COVID-19: All Truth Has Three Stages, Global Research, 19 March 2020).

Some doubts were still lingering, disturbing the largely accepted view that the outbreak originated in a fish market in Wuhan, China. That could have become the largely unchallenged conclusion since China is well known for its extensive network of high technical laboratories and since the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus began in China last year.

Continued Saturday …

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Government’s inaction on young workers’ struggles having abhorrent results

By William Olson  

A recent run of statistics regarding Australia’s young people in the workforce, occurring prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic, reveal an alarming trend towards record levels of unemployment and under-employment for men and women in that demographic.

And with that, it only highlights the growing inequality happening within the country.

Citing a current national average of 12 workers vying for every available job, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) points out that the job market for the 15-to-24-year-old demographic is at a 42-year low since the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) started tracking such data in 1978.

With regard to unemployment and under-employment figures for that demographic, 37.8 per cent of young workers are either out of work or looking for more hours at work, with many of them only clinging onto their jobs via the Morrison government’s JobKeeper scheme.

“Young people are facing conditions that we haven’t seen since the 1970s. They need support from the Government to ensure that they come out of this pandemic with a job,” Michele O’Neil, the ACTU’s president, said when the ABS statistics were released.

“What they are getting instead is baseless assertions from the Morrison Government that they aren’t taking their opportunities. The data clearly shows these opportunities are a figment of the Government’s imagination,” she added.

O’Neil also implores those within the government to act on extending or increasing the JobKeeper and JobSeeker schemes before they are due to expire within the next three months.

“Cutting JobKeeper in September would be a catastrophe for the millions of Australian workers who are currently using it to pay their bills and rent,” said O’Neil.

“We need leadership and a plan for job creation from this Government, not a tired rerun of blaming unemployed young people for the fact they can’t find a job,” she added.

The ACTU also points out that a greater concentration of the unemployment and under-employment problem as it pertains to young workers lies in regional areas, such as in regional Queensland and regional Tasmania.

The ACTU, while foreshadowing an unveiling of its plan to inspire an employment revival in those areas next week, has also hit out at the government for not addressing the issue, nor for having a plan which inspires unemployment numbers to drop in those regions.

“Our message to Australians in regional Queensland and Tasmania is this: The Morrison government needs to step up and deliver a comprehensive plan to protect and create jobs. The Australian union movement has a comprehensive plan for jobs that will rebuild our economy in the aftermath of the pandemic and the government are welcome to use it as a starting point,” O’Neil has declared.

“If the Commonwealth government won’t provide leadership on this, Australian unions will,” she added.

Exploitation among international students is also ripe on top of the frustrations of young workers. A survey of over 5000 international students at the University of New South Wales and the University of Technology Sydney has come to the following conclusions surrounding wage theft and poor employment conditions and entitlements:

  • Three out of every four students surveyed are being paid below the legal minimum wage, per the National Employment Standards set out by the Fair Work Commission;
  • One of every four students surveyed are even being paid less than $12 per hour;
  • During the pandemic, international students have had their superannuation stolen;
  • These students have had to wait in long lines at food banks in order to survive;
  • And two out of every three international students surveyed did not seek information or help at work, because of “visa concerns or fear of job loss”.

Tony Burke, in his role as shadow minister for industrial relations, says that the findings of the survey have an impact on all workers within Australia, and not just the demographic of younger workers.

“Exploitation of people on temporary visas puts downward pressure on wages of all workers in Australia. Just like temporary migrants, Australians are experiencing wage theft on a wide scale which makes the first recession in 29 years even more challenging for hard-working Australians and their families,” said Burke.

Kristina Keneally, the ALP’s deputy Senate leader and the shadow minister for immigration and citizenship, concurs with Burke and his views to interpret the study.

“When the coronavirus pandemic began, Scott Morrison said we were all in this in together but the experiences of international students in Australia paints a vastly different picture,” said Keneally.

“Unlike Scott Morrison, Labor will always speak out against the exploitation of workers – including the exploitation of international students – expose it and organise against it,” she added.

That sense of determination from the opposition can only help in arresting the inequalities of younger workers and international students. Now to get assistance of effort from others of similar interests.

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New study sparks fresh call for seagrass preservation

Edith Cowan University Media Release

An increase in carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 5 million cars a year has been caused by the loss of seagrass meadows around the Australian coastline since the 1950s.

The stark finding was made possible by new modelling done by marine scientists at the Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research at Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Western Australia.

PhD student Cristian Salinas calculated that around 161,150 hectares of seagrass have been lost from Australian coasts since the 1950s, resulting in a 2 per cent increase in annual carbon dioxide emissions from land-use change.

The figures derive from Mr Salinas’s research into the current carbon stocks of Cockburn Sound off the coast of Western Australia.

Cockburn Sound lost around 23 sqkm of seagrass between the 1960s and 1990s due to nutrient overflow caused by urban, port and industrial development.

Mr Salinas said the finding is significant because seagrass meadows play such a vital role in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

“Known as ‘Blue Carbon’, seagrass meadows have been estimated to store CO2 in their soils about 30 times faster than most terrestrial forests,” he said.

“Seagrass meadows have been under constant threat in Australia through coastal development and nutrient run off since the 1960s. On top of that climate change is causing marine heatwaves that are catastrophic to the seagrasses.

“This study serves as a stark reminder of how important these environments are.”

Mr Salinas said the study provided a clear baseline for carbon emissions from seagrass losses in Australia and warned of the need to preserve and restore the meadows. The inclusion of seagrass into the Australian Emission Reduction Fund could contribute to achieve this goal, he said.

Carbon flushed away

The ECU researchers assessed how environmental factors such as water depth, hydrodynamic energy, soil accumulation rates and soil grain size related to changes in soil carbon storage following seagrass loss.

Results showed that the degradation and loss of seagrass alone was not enough to cause the carbon loss from the soil — hydrodynamic energy from waves, tides and currents also played a significant role.

“Without seagrass acting as a buffer, the hydrodynamic energy from the ocean releases the carbon by moving the seabed sand around,” Mr Salinas Zapata said.

Researchers found hydrodynamic energy from water movement was much higher in the shallow water and associated low levels of carbon were recorded in these bare areas.

However, seagrass meadows established in shallow waters were found to have significantly more carbon stored compared to those growing in deeper areas.

“This means that nearshore meadows are particularly important to preserve,” Mr Salinas said.

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Cuts to local content threaten Australian TV and culture

By William Olson  

As if the recent budget cuts to the ABC weren’t bad enough – and cuts which the Morrison government denies are actually cuts at all – now comes word that a permanent abolishment of requirements for local content across Australian television and streaming services is in the works.

And the decision by Paul Fletcher, the federal communications minister, has come under attack from several opposition politicians holding arts and communications portfolios, and the salvos being fired against Fletcher are as potent as when the cuts to the ABC were announced a fortnight earlier.

Sarah Hanson-Young, the Greens’ senator from South Australia who holds both portfolios for her party, has led the attacks, imploring Fletcher to stand up for Australian content appearing not only on local television screens, via free-to-air and Foxtel alike, but also on major streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus as well.

“Letting broadcasters out of local content requirements and failing to immediately regulate streaming services put the jobs of every person who works on Australian drama, documentaries and children’s TV shows from actors, to writers, to crews at risk,” Hanson-Young said on Monday.

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), broadcasters are currently required to account for 55 percent of domestic content on primary channels and a minimum of 1460 hours of domestic programming on non-primary channels, all between the hours of 6:00am and 12:00midnight each day.

However, now that submissions for a Fletcher-sponsored discussion paper on the matter have closed, Fletcher is said to be giving a thumbs-up to ditching those quotas – something which Hanson-Young insists is unacceptable.

“The big wigs of streaming and broadcasting can’t be allowed to call the shots when it comes to Australian stories on our screens,” she said.

“Regulating streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Stan should be part of the government’s arts and entertainment industry COVID-19 recovery package, which is woefully inadequate, and therefore treated as a matter of urgency,” she added.

Previously, shadow communications minister Michelle Rowland had called out the Morrison government for their latest round of cuts to the ABC, where the expected shedding of up to 250 jobs comes on top of a previous 800 jobs lost at the national broadcaster since the initial cuts in 2014.

While stating that all forms of Australian media and news are struggling as well as those in creative industries as well, Rowland has warned that specific to the ABC, their creative efforts in programming that has produced such acclaimed shows of great variety in recent years as “Hard Quiz”, “Gardening Australia”, “Bluey”, “At Home Alone Together”, and “Mystery Road”, to name but a few, may be seen to dwindle without minimum quotas required for Australian-made and -produced content.

And that’s in spite of the Morrison government announcing a $250 million stimulus package for the arts – oddly enough, announced the day after revealing its cuts to the ABC.

“Our creative industries are struggling. Even as the Government considers a belated relief package, the ABC has been forced to reduce its commissioning budget by $5 million per year and show even fewer Australian stories,” said Rowland.

“The ABC warned these cuts would ‘make it difficult for the ABC to meet its Charter requirements and audience expectations’.  These warnings are now materialising and will mean less Australian stories, less news and less sport,” added Rowland.

As for streaming services, the likes of Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus, among others, currently have no obligatory quotas unlike their free-to-air and pay-TV counterparts to produce content for the Australian market, and that is seen as a hindrance for Australian content as a whole.

“Australian stories are vital for our culture and social fabric and the sustainability of our arts and entertainment industry,” said Hanson-Young.

And with regard to the global phenomenon that the Brisbane-made and -produced children’s program “Bluey” has become, rivalling even “The Wiggles” as an Australian export, Hanson-Young added:  “Good quality children’s content is good for the community and it creates jobs.”

Tony Burke, in his role as the shadow minister for the arts for the ALP, suspects that Fletcher may have a bigger agenda with regard to content numbers on Australian screens and devices.

“Minister Fletcher has previously described quotas as “red tape”, displaying an appalling lack of understanding from the man who is meant to be the voice of the creative industries in Cabinet,” Burke said last month, after the Morrison government announced the stimulus package for the arts sector.

“Now just three days after finally delivering some assistance they’re seeking to take away a critical support for our creators. It’s yet another example of the Government using this crisis as cover to push through extreme and permanent changes,” Burke added.

Whereas local content requirements were suspended in light of the pandemic, here’s hoping that Fletcher listens to his critics to return to them and extend them.

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An Australian Outcry

By Jennifer Michels  

An Australian Outcry: Political Offices, Churches, Libraries and Grave Sites Destroyed.

With #BlackLivesMatter such a hot topic around the world I have not only been challenged in many of my views lately; I have dished out my fair share of opinion challenges myself during online debates. One of the points I often find myself referring to in these discussions is the topic of Aboriginal Land Rights. Pointedly, the injustices our Traditional Owners face when Sacred Sites, with such a huge impact to culture and our way of life, are damaged or destroyed.

Recently Rio Tinto caused significant damage to a Sacred Site in Western Australia. Juukan Gorge was said to be over 46 000 years old, containing a cave showing evidence of human habitation during the last Ice Age. Now while Rio Tinto has received widespread backlash for the damage to Juukan Gorge, BHP have received approval to destroy a further 40 sites, all with significant value to heritage, all within Western Australia.

I do not dispute the importance of the mining companies within Australia, but to allow this continued desecration of Sacred Sites is sacramental to the Aboriginal People. Our ties to land do not give us the same ownership our fellow citizens value; quite the contrary, our lands own us. They own us because we not only draw our life directly from the land and sea, our bodies have become the very dirt that is being exploded across what appears to be nothing more than barren, red earth.

Many only see minerals such as iron ore ready to be dug from the ground. To the First People of Australia there is a great deal more than meets the eye. For our People, this land holds our ancestor’s bones, record our histories, are the locations our laws were made and provides our places of worship; just to name a few! In other words, our Political Offices, Churches, Libraries, and our grave sites are being blown up to extend another mining operation or increase roads within Australia.

While these sites are damaged or destroyed Australia has a long line-up of buildings seen upon heritage lists. Buildings where paint colours cannot be changed; let alone see the buildings placed upon a list to be destroyed. These buildings are aspects of Australian history without the age and in many cases lacking the same combined significance as the Sacred Sites; not to mention the fact a building can be re-built. A cave used for thousands upon thousands of years cannot be recovered once it has been blown apart, nor can the history be recovered after the fact.

Mining companies within Australia have suggested electronically recording the sites proposed for destruction; however even my eight-year-old understands the difference between seeing something electronically and the value of viewing it with your own eyes. My son would not give up the ability to see an eclipse in person for the option of having them online instead, and I doubt anyone would be happy to see a horse or a dog only available via online means.

Would a church be better captured virtually to be prayed in? Can a library share the volume of knowledge via an online image of covers stacked upon shelves? Would recording family gravesites to only see them in an online fashion bring the same comforts to our souls?

Yet this can be considered by highly educated individuals as compensation for losing another place of worship, another burial ground, and generations upon generations of history; especially when significant portions were lost generations ago.

Herein lies a furthering of the difficulties for the Aboriginal People; religious beliefs are protected within Australia. They cannot be discriminated against without legal repercussions. Nor can the rights of the various religious beliefs be overruled or undermined in other professional undertakings. For example, an employer cannot insist an employee miss Sunday Mass as it is a protected right under Australian Law. Break down exactly what the term Dreamtime means, and it quite clearly fits into the category accepted around the world as religion. Dreamtime records the history of the First People. It explains the afterlife, defines laws and teaches social structures. If one were to look at the dictionary meaning of religion these topics are exactly what you will find. Yet the cultural and religious connections of the First People are not protected in the same manner. The rights of the religious beliefs held by Aboriginal People are not upheld under Australian laws like other religions are within this country.

Personally, I have come to believe the main reason for this relates directly to the minimal understanding of what the Dreamtime is. Those outside the communities, or Aboriginal family networks, are not regularly exposed to the spiritual beliefs or the connections to land and how they affect our afterlife; or in other words the First People’s many versions of Heaven.

When the term Dreamtime was made popular the Aboriginal Elders would have had a revolt on their hands had they described Dreamtime as religion, a result of Aboriginal history that has compounded this misunderstanding of culture and religion further. Religion is the word given to what was taught to the Stolen Generations, resulting in Dreamtime being referred to as culture instead of “many religious beliefs aligned in a similar fashion within a single ethnic group.” Because the Dreamtime of one Aboriginal Person is not the same as another Aboriginal Person. Each area of Aboriginal land has their own version of Dreamtime, their own individual Heaven. And you must die upon your own land to join the Elders and other ancestors of your family, meaning those forced from their homelands, those who die in another person’s land never see their loved ones again. They spend eternity without their siblings, never again to see childhood friends, their children cannot even share the same Heaven if they do not die upon the same lands.

If this was the way of your religious belief system, would you too raise your voice against an injustice to your loved ones when your communities were closed or you had been provided no choice but to leave your homes and the land you love so dearly?

Another reason for saving these Sacred Sites are the benefits lost to scientific communities around the world! Scientific communities that can give our society a much clearer understanding of our history. The scientific benefits have barely even scratched the surface to explain to the First People what their ancestors ate, where they hunted or how they lived. With the current finds surrounding Stonehenge the world has come alive with new talk inspired by history; including the recent discoveries in the Pilbara with the amazing find underwater. Imagine the ancient discoveries that could be found if more research were done into the past of this great country!

Imagine the benefits new information could provide the next generations seeking
employment or benefiting from scientific advancements. What about tracking where the Stolen Generations came from? Enough full genomes of our descendants could potentially reconnect families and finally heal the losses felt for generations. None of these things will come to pass if we continue destroying the Sacred Sites!

Considerations shown by the Australian Government since the introduction of Traditional Land Rights can be described as nothing short of lacking! How many times do amendments need to be put on the back burner by the very people elected to run these departments?

How many more election promises need to be broken before the changes we have asked for are considered, let alone made? How many times do the voices of the Traditional Owners need to be ignored before their objections are taken seriously? How much more of our history needs to disappear forever before more can finally be rediscovered? How much longer until the value of our history and culture can be understood for the enormity it really is?

I have often asked myself; “What if the heritage listed buildings were to suddenly become the target of approved destruction? Would my fellow citizens be so silent on the matter? If other religions beliefs were so blatantly discriminated against; would Aussies sit back in complacency? If significant political buildings were repetitively blown up, would our population turn a blind eye? If our combined historical records were so keenly targeted; would our society see high value to prevent such destruction? If churches were demolished across the country with such frequency, would the protests become a deafening roar?” Personally I think there would rightfully be an enormous outcry if any of these things were to become a reality for many other Australians; yet not enough are or have been actively seeking to prevent similar losses of significance to the Aboriginal People.

Aboriginal Elders have often sought advancements in areas such as tourism as a way of creating economic value within their communities; thus, becoming a benefit to the rest of Australian society. How many people travel the world for cultural value? How much do they spend? Tourism is widely accepted as one of Australia’s largest economies; yet vastly undervalued upon Aboriginal Lands!

Could the creation of real tourism in communities be valuable as a post-COVID recovery plan? How many new jobs could be created in building infrastructure? Would TAFE and other RTOs around the country benefit from teaching community members? What benefits would be generated by teaching the community members how to run their own businesses? How much of an injection could the Australian economy generate with a tourism industry dedicated to Aboriginal culture?

Appreciation for Aboriginal art, music and other cultural values has already spread the world over. Might opening these doors wider offset the losses felt by mining giants from denying the destruction of Sacred Sites? Please join your voice to the outcry and help our great country finally save our First Peoples’ Churches, Political Offices, Historical Libraries and Burial Grounds for future generations.

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COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (A diabolical struggle: part 3)

Continued from: COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (A diabolical struggle: part 2)

Three days later Professor Boyle appeared as a guest with Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show, to discuss his “smoking gun” findings about the coronavirus being engineered as a weapon which is designed, “for efficient spreading in the human population,” according to one of the science papers to which he referred. The station was offering a paper which describes the COVID-19 as possessing unique “gain-of-function” properties which make it the perfect bioweapon, while confirming that these new properties were from artificial origins, not natural viral evolution. In other words, it was engineered. If one hopes to understand anything about what’s happening right now with the coronavirus pandemic, the global cover-up and how the taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health, N.I.H. is behind these biological weapons, one needs to hear and share the interview.

Alex Jones: “All right. I have not touched the coronavirus today because I was waiting for Professor Dr. Francis A. Boyle to come on, leading American expert international law; responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 89, … the American-implementing legislation for the biological weapons onvention. He served the board of directors of Amnesty International and represented Bosnia and Herzegovina before the World Court. He served as a legal advisor to Palestinian delegation, the Middle East peace negotiations. In 2007 he delivered the Bertrand Russell peace lectures. Professor Boyle holds a Doctor of Law, magna cum laude and holds a Ph.D. in political science from Harvard University. His latest book is Poems Against the Empire (Sentia Publishing, Austin, Texas, 2020) which is a collection of poetry reflections on his experiences fighting for peace, justice, human rights, international law, social welfare and the United States Constitution. And he joins us now. I would call him the classical liberal. … And he’s got big breaking exclusive news here. And he sent me notes, but I think the best way to [proceed] is for at least the next three segments, [that] he pretty much hosts, so that he can walk [the audience] through this serious news. This is very important news; everybody should pay attention to. The Wuhan coronavirus came out of the biowarfare lab. That’s even being said by the White House now. Dr. Boyle and others were saying it three weeks ago. The [University of North Carolina] labs should be shut down, everyone investigated for violating the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act. [Dr. Boyle has] major studies which have just come out. So, he’s an expert on bioweapons and the law. We’ve got eight minutes to break here, then a nine-minute segment- a 10-minute segment. I’ll take us into break, Dr. Boyle … you’ve got the floor here. Thanks for joining us.”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, Alex, thank you very much for having me on my best to your viewing audience. Yes. I sent your assistant an email on Monday that I had revised my opinion on certain matters and also, I had come up with what I concluded were the smoking guns that the Wuhan coronavirus came out of that BSL-4 facility. And you’ll note now that Senator Cotton [Tom Cotton | U.S. Senator for Arkansas] is saying the same thing. He was behind me at Harvard law school, and despite that, The New York Times slammed him. And as you know, Senator Cotton is a decorated combat veteran. No surprise there for The New York Times. So yes, I have these scientific studies now. Basically, I read these things over the weekend, which is why, I changed my mind and said I had new information and alerted your assistant on a Monday. And today is the first day I could give you an extensive interview. I want to go through these scientific studies so that you and the viewing audience understand their implications. I believe they are the smoking gun of what happened here. The first is by some life scientists: three from Marseilles, France and one from Montreal clinical research laboratories there. It was published on Antiviral research 10 February 2020, okay. And I had a chance to read it over the weekend. … Now I’m not going to go through this whole study, but they did a genetic analysis of the Wuhan coronavirus.

And let me just conclude, the critical part here where it says, “and may provide a gain of function to the 2019 nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other beta coronaviruses.” Let me repeat that: “and may provide a gain of function to the 2019 nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other beta coronaviruses.”

And so, Alex, you recall in the first interview I gave to your colleague, Mr. Shroyer, and then the follow-up interviews I gave to you, I stated that this was clearly a gain of function, offensive biological warfare agent.”

Alex: “You said that three weeks ago, you said that two weeks ago and now it’s not just a big Indian Institute. Now more live scientists have scanned it. They’re saying exactly what you were saying.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right? Well, this article here is the smoking gun. Okay. It clearly …”

Alex: “Tell people again the article and how they find it.”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, you can- I got it on a Science Direct Antiviral Research 10 February 2020.”

Alex: “Antiviral Research …”

Dr. Boyle: “10 February 2020. And it’s a long title, but it starts out “The spike glycoprotein coronavirus contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade.”

Alex: “So that’s exactly what the prestigious Indian Institute said is that it has the points where the artificial DNA was injected, I mean, they can see right where it happened.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. But this was a genetic … as you know, that was withdrawn under political pressure. But now we have four very distinguished life scientists here. Yes, that’s it right there. And the smoking gun here is on page 11, near the bottom, the last full paragraph from the bottom where it says, “may provide a gain of function to coronavirus for efficient spreading in the human population …”

Alex: “Explain what that gain of function means because not all of us are experts on this like you, Doctor.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. Well gain of function. … gain of function technology is DNA genetic engineering of a dangerous biological warfare substances to begin with.”

Alex: “It’s a souping up of already bad pathogens.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. It’s a turbo charging and gain of function work can only be done safely in a BSL-4 or a BSL-3 facility. So, I think clearly, this is the smoking gun that the Wuhan coronavirus came out of that BSL-4 facility.”

Alex: “So, does this mirror what the Indian Institute said or is this different?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, I think it goes beyond what the Indian study said, but we’ll get to that in a minute, the Indian study. Okay. I think, you know, I’ve now, excuse me, provided the smoking gun here. This is clearly a weaponized biological warfare agent and there is no legitimate scientific or medical use for gain of function technology, DNA technology on biowarfare.”

Alex: “So, there’s no excuse that it’s a vaccine test that got out.”

Dr. Boyle: “That’s baloney. This is clearly an offensive biological warfare agent and it has no legitimate medical or other …

Alex: “This is beyond sensational. Is that why we’re seeing the very serious response to it?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, you know, Alex, we first discussed this over three weeks ago and they’re still attacking me for being a conspiracy theorist and fake news and I’m a nutcase and a nutjob and everything else. So, there’s been a massive fight back in all the mainstream news media against this. And indeed, as I told you before, I’d been completely censored out of all the mainstream news media here in the United States.”

Alex: “But everything you said been confirmed and now major scientific groups come out and confirmed it. Let’s get back to that smoking gun and recap that and get to all the other documentation straight ahead.”

Alex: “Well, we have a leading expert in international law who’s led major delegations in the US government; expert in biological weapons, anti-terrorism; responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act that got adopted as world law; Dr. Francis Boyle here. And I’m reading the same studies he’s reading. More scientists come out and look at it and say this thing is manmade and they show how, and they say it’s conclusive. You know these major Indian Institutes came out and said the same thing three weeks ago. And so, we’re going to walk through more of these studies in this segment – next segment but just as a father, as a citizen, as a human, as a citizen of the planet Earth. I’m going to ask Dr. Boyle what he really thinks the end game is here. Was this accidentally released as we were hoping and that’s bad enough or is it something even more sinister? Are they using this as the excuse to invade Taiwan as they’re now doing? Dr. Boyle. Please continue with the studies, the spike of, then we have the whole breakdown here with the study.”

Dr. Boyle: “All right, well, now let me get to the second study, which is another smoking gun and a bombshell, Alex; there’s no other word for it. You remember in our previous interview, you asked me if this had come out of the BSL-4 facility in Winnipeg, Canada – was stolen out of there. I said that that could have happened. Winnipeg is our equivalent of Fort Detrick. They do every type of hideous, offensive Nazi-type biological warfare work up there you can possibly imagine. But again, on the basis of materials, scientific materials, I had a chance to read over the weekend, I have changed my opinion on that. I think I have the definitive evidence where this came from and it came from the BSL-3 biowarfare lab at the University of North Carolina. Now I have condemned them before because they have done gain of function work, DNA genetic engineering on every hideous biological warfare agent you can imagine including MERS at that time, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome agent, which again, is a biowarfared coronavirus. Now it just came to my mind …”

Alex: “Say that again because we’re going to pull this up as you speak. You said the other study– we pulled it up.”

Dr. Boyle: “Study [inaudible] was there gain of function DNA genetic engineering on MERS, which is Middle East Respiratory …”

Alex: “and that was the University of?”

Dr. Boyle: “North Carolina. Right? They have a BSL-3 biowarfare lab there.”

Alex: “Oh, that’s something I keep reading that they do level four stuff at level threes, right?”

Dr. Boyle: “I think they are, but they’re doing it with a level three. The last I saw, that’s all they had. But let me go through this study. It’s entitled “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.”

Alex: “Say it again because we have radio listeners. Hundreds of stations. …”

Dr. Boyle: “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.”

Alex: “That’s 2015, December 21st. We have it on screen.”

Dr. Boyle: “That is correct. Nat Med, that’s it. Now, if you look through this carefully, …. first notice who was involved in this DNA genetic engineering of SARS, which is already a biological warfare agent to give it gain of function activities. And it has all these people there from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It has someone from the Food and Drug Administration, so you can’t trust the Food and Drug Administration. And then at the very bottom of the list, who is involved? Zhengli-Li Shi, Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China.

So it’s very clear to me that this scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology got this gain of function technology for SARS from this University of North Carolina lab. And he didn’t steal it – or he or she didn’t steal it. What happened was, if you read carefully to the end of the article acknowledgements, they acknowledged a National Natural Science Foundation of China award. In other words, the Chinese government paid them to have one of their top biological warfare experts involved in this type of …” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “I’m reading the paper. I mean, I know you had big news, you sent us links, but I’m just now reading it. And you talk about smoking gun – this is the Chinese government paying for the exact same thing with a U.S. lab. How did you discover this? This is a smoking gun. How the hell did you find this?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well Alex, I told you that it’s part of my professional responsibilities to stay on top of biological warfare, so I came across it in my research. That’s just part of the job I do.”

Alex: You’re explaining it very well, sir, but just dumb it down … This is too big and now you’ve got time, so dumb it down for everybody. Why, these two papers are so smoking gun because I’m sitting there looking at this. This is incredible. This is unbelievable.”

Dr. Boyle: “I have more than that.”

Alex: “Oh, I know.”

Dr. Boyle: “I noticed they acknowledged National Natural Science Foundation of China Award. In other words, these best scientists at the University of North Carolina took dirty money from China to allow that one of their top biowarfare experts from this Wuhan Institute of Virology and Wuhan, which has the BSL-4 facility, they knew exactly what they were doing, and they permitted this Chinese scientist to work with them to give gain of function biowarfare DNA genetic capability to SARS, which is dangerous enough to begin with. And let me just go through some of the language here. It is truly a smoking gun; clearly that laboratory must be shut down of immediately and all those scientists investigated by the United States government for this and their responsibility here and for violating my Biological Weapons and Terrorism Act of 1989. But let me continue. This is what they said. “We built a chimeric virus that encodes a novel zoonotic spike protein in the context of viable SARS. This approach characterized the threat posed by SARS coronavirus spike.” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “Dr. Boyle … this is your bombshell. I’m reading the paper right here. They are admitting that they built the very virus that China paid the U.S. to build and now that’s been released. And why did they release it? So Xi Jinping could grab power and invade Taiwan. Wow. This is unbelievable. No matter what you’ve ever heard on this show, this is the craziest and the most documented. This is over the top and we’ve caught them red handed. … This is unbelievable.”

Alex: “I’m just starting to ask, you know, these people better be arrested really quick.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. Now, let me continue here where they say their new DNA genetically engineered virus constitutes a gain in pathogenesis. That’s a gain of function right there; they admit it. Pathogenesis means lethality and infectiousness and we know that even Lancet has said lethality is about 15%. If you disaggregate numbers even put out by the Chinese government, it’s about 17%. So, together these data represent a crossroads of gain of function research concerns and they just make it clear they’re going to continue anyway. They also point out that they involved HIV based pseudo virus, prepared as previously described.”

Alex: “Which is what the Indians found. Oh my God.”

Dr. Boyle: “That’s why I was going to get to that. HIV is…”

Alex: “This is ridiculous.”

Dr. Boyle: “No, no. This is the type of Nazi biowarfare work these scientists do, Alex.”

Alex: “Oh, no, I agree. But they’re publishing. They’re admitting they did it.”

Dr. Boyle: “Let me continue, Alex. In a footnote it says, “Cells were originally obtained from Fort Detrick.”

Alex: “Oh my God.”

Dr. Boyle: “That’s biowarfare…bio …

Alex:” So that means U.S. government biowarfare Creek was running this.

Dr. Boyle: “They were involved in it, too. Yes.” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “Jesus. Let me ask you this. When you learned this, this weekend, what was it like? Was your heart beating faster?”

Dr. Boyle: “No, I decided to, well, notify your assistant there Monday morning and then later that morning, C.N.N. in India did an interview with me on this, but that was only for about 20 minutes. And then I had to go back to my teaching. But you know, this is what I do professionally.”

Alex: “No, I know, but this is unbelievable. I’m reading the report right here from five years ago. Obviously, I don’t think the university knew that this would be used for this, but what did they think they were doing when they were giving a foreign authoritarian government a bioweapon? I mean …”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, it’s all greed. They were paid for.”

Alex: “It’s like you said, they just take the money, like you said, three weeks ago.”

Dr. Boyle: “… from Communist China and their top biowarfare expert.”

Alex: “Well, here’s an example. I own 50 caliber rifles. If a known criminal came to me and said, “I want to buy them,” I’d say, “Hell, no.” You don’t give criminals 50 caliber rifles. Well, 50 caliber rifles are dangerous, but nothing compared to this. What the hell is going on? How are you as weapons research laboratories under the guise of safety research allowed to give the [Chinese Communists] stuff like this? You’re right. I’ve been on here 25 years. I’ve never seen a scandal this big. It’s all right here. They admit it.”

Dr. Boyle: “It’s even worse than that because all this work, this biological weapons work involving the Wuhan virology, was approved and funded by the National Institutes of Health.” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “Wow.”

Dr. Boyle: “ …which I’ve discussed with you before, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Okay. I told you before, these agencies were up to their eyeballs in research development and testing offensive biological warfare weapon.” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “Dr. Boyle … You’re a great professor and amazing. When we come back, you’ve got to recap it all and boil it down for the average viewer, because I’m smart, the viewers are smart, but I’ve been on air – I’m not just being dramatic. I’ve been on air 25 years. I’ve never been this shell-shocked. I’m reading these main line reports; we pulled these up from the internet. This is it. This is the very virus five years ago, cooked up, sold to [the] Chinese government. I know you don’t speculate, but when you come back, why is it out now? What’s the end game? How bad is it going to get?”

Alex: “ …This is big, front and center. What we’re covering right now with Professor Dr. Francis Boyle and the admissions that a U.S. university engineered the exact virus now spreading across the world. … We know this happened before Trump five years ago, but still just how the hell could this happen?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, let me go back here to this second study to point out – it says at the end, “the current manuscript has been reviewed by the funding agency, the National Institutes of Health. Continuation of these studies have been requested and approved by the National Institutes of Health.” Notice the National Institutes of Health under [Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] is funding this Nazi biological warfare work and they have approved and requested further development of it, which obviously, this study was 2015 and the NIH wanted it to become even a more deadly pathogenetic virus. And you can also then see here the money from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. [Emphasis added] This woman, I think you pronounce her name, [inaudible] is out there now in public or she’s up to her eyeballs in this too, as is Fauci. And finally, I originally condemned this North Carolina lab because doing gain a function work on MERS as I said. Today in USA Today, Tony Fauci admits that the lethality rate of MERS is about 36%, whereas SARS is 10%. This Wuhan is 15% to 17%. So, notice Tony Fauci and the National Institute of Health …

Alex: “ … are backtracking.”

Dr. Boyle: “No, they know full well that they were paying this North Carolina lab in cooperation with the Wuhan BSL-4 lab and program to develop biological warfare weapons …” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “Is that why Senator Cotton and even the White House were like, “Hey, China, we don’t buy the provenance of this,” because they know China paid a U.S. university to do this. Let me ask you this then. How bad is it going to be? Why did China do this? I know that’s speculation, but as just a citizen, not just a lawyer and an expert on this, what the hell … what do you think the end game is? Why is this out now? Will they use it against Taiwan? We know China bought it as a bioweapon.”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, let me just discuss one more scientific article with you. Archives of Virology 2010, 155. And here, Wuhan was working with an institute in Australia to DNA genetically engineer a super bioweapon involving SARS and HIV. That’s right in here; you can read it, okay. And apparently it was successful. So as far as I can tell, Alex, what happened was, the Wuhan is to the virology took the … and this was the Australian government knew all about this. And it says this work was jointly funded by the State Key Program for Basic Research Grants from the Chinese Ministry of Science, Technology and the Knowledge. And the other writer here, Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Australia. So as far as I can figure out here, what happened here, Alex, is that the Wuhan scientists took the North Carolina SARS with gain of function, which is already a biological warfare weapon, and they took the technology here behind this well-developed SARS HIV weapon and they all brought it back to the Wuhan a BSL-4 and tried to DNA genetically engineer it into a chimera, into a biological warfare weapon involving the coronavirus, the HIV virus and gain of function.” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “It’s all clear in the papers. They admit they did this. You’ve reverse engineered it: an incredible job. Do you think it was done on purpose then? Who stands to gain? [inaudible] as a law professor, who would do this? Who stands to gain?”

Alex: “I don’t want to get metaphysical here, … I’m looking at all these prestigious reports going back five years ago, how they engineered this, and Dr. Francis Boyle wrote the US biological weapons law, and he’s here laying this out and I can read the reports. It’s ridiculous how obvious this is that the Chinese paid a US university– that’s all over the news. Yale and Harvard are in trouble for 300-something million but turns out it’s billions total. That’s Wall Street Journal, New York Times, for Chinese communist funding. So, for whatever reason, we’re better at science than they are and they’re getting us to finance and build their surveillance grid, all of it.

Dr. Boyle, please go back to where you were before we went to break and how big this is and what’s breaking here and the double smoking guns here. And even more you’ve got of where this came from because that’ll give us the answer hopefully of where it’s going.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. Well, to continue then, it says this approach characterized the threat posed by a spike in primary human airways. In other words, they’re designing this to infect human beings by their airways and then it says, in vivo. In other words, they are using live animals.” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “Slow down and start over. Again, give them the paper’s name again. This is so huge. They’re making it to infect people. You’re right. They should be arrested.”

Dr. Boyle: “Of course, they should be prosecuted. No question at all about it. That’s the, I think, the one you already had up there. But in any case …”

Alex: “I’m going to stop interrupting. Just recap what you just said. Walk through this again.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. “We built a chimeric virus,” so they joined these different biological warfare agents together into a chimera, as I told you, swine flu was …”

Alex: “And you said three weeks ago it was a chimera.”

Dr. Boyle: “Chimera, right. And here they are doing it to have a “spike in primary human airway cells in vivo.” That’s surrogates for us, okay. Now if you continue here, they took mice and with their technique here found robust replication comparable to SARS.”

Alex: “Wonderful.”

Dr. Boyle: “So, they’re using the gain of function technology.”

Alex: “They’re testing it to make sure it spreads quickly.”

Dr. Boyle: “That’s right. And it’s not that just SARS, it’s gain of function. “Together the data confirmed the ability to infect human airway cells,” et cetera. They know exactly what they are doing here.”

Alex: “I mean, just like Ford makes F-150 trucks, you just found who made this and they’re openly bragging about it.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. Let me continue. “Together the data indicate that viruses utilizing what they put together are capable of inducing considerable disease in mice in the context of basically SARS.”

Alex: “Wow. And again, SARS is the same coronavirus family.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. It’s weaponized coronavirus. They also conclude that they really couldn’t find an antibody against it.”

Alex: “Wow.”

Dr. Boyle:” So, it’s extremely dangerous.”

Alex: “Total jerks.”

Dr. Boyle: “Let me continue then.”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, clearly China has an expensive biological warfare program. They have … not as expensive as ours. I mean, we have 12 BSL-4 facilities here in the United States all doing this Nazi biowarfare work. They should all be shut down tomorrow as well as …” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “Oh, I totally agree. And then giving China the fruits of it. The Chinese Communists can come buy bioweapons from us?”

Dr. Boyle: “They bought it. What is interesting here, Alex, is that they didn’t steal it; they bought it. And we sold it to them, and we sold them access to it. They brought it back to that Wuhan BSL-4 …”

Alex: “Is there any race specificness to it?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, as I said before, we have seen one black African victim reported that I’ve seen. So, right now, I am withholding judgment on that, but you know, the Chinese put all this together for themselves. And of course, they were planning to use it as biological warfare against us. There’s no … I mean, who else …”

Alex: “Do you think that it got out on an accident or what do you think?”

Dr. Boyle: “As of now, Alex, I think it was an accident. The BSL-4 facility had leaks of SARS at least twice before and I believe it was an accident and that is now confirmed by Chinese scientists themselves. And this is the fourth study I want to put before you.”

Alex: “ … I mean, we’re talking about our children the whole future, everything else. I had this premonition this morning. … I mean, what are these labs doing? Why are they selling it to foreign governments? It needs to stop. It’s mad scientist behavior. They want to reduce world population. They want to distribute it out so they can deny who did it. They just want plausible deniability for bioweapons releases and mass population reduction. That’s really what’s happening.” [Emphasis added]

[on resumption of the programme]

Alex: “We’ve seen the panicked response of governments in action, but their propaganda’s everything’s fine. Dr. Francis Boyle is our guest here for another …  four minutes we’ve got left. Doctor, we really appreciate you synopsizing or boiling it all down into what you really think is happening in the bombshells. And this new study you were trying to get into on top of all the other studies you just talked about.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. This is the latest study. It just came out this week. Possible origins of 2019 nCoV coronavirus. What is significant here- you can get it at ResearchGate. What is significant here is that it is by two professors at the South China University of Technology; they’re all professors. And their conclusion of this study is that the Wuhan coronavirus leaked out of that BSL-4 facility. Let me repeat – even Chinese scientists are saying now, independently of me, it leaked out. And I believe it was probably an accident that there was a one of these death scientists there at the Wuhan BSL-4 facility trying to DNA genetically engineer the North Carolina technology, the Australian technology, HIV, SARS, gain of function together into the super biological warfare weapon and somehow got infected. There’s been speculation by these authors that animal residue, or they breathed it in or something like that. That person then got infected, but since it’s asymptomatic, they weren’t aware of it. And now, even though they’re saying it’s 14 days, a British healthcare expert estimate it could be 24 days. Whoever this expert was, this death scientist went out around and did his normal life activities for the next 14 to 24 days and it was spread all around Wuhan.” [Emphasis added]

Alex: “Oh, they were playing with fire and they got burned.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. They shot themselves in the foot, Alex. That’s my assessment at this time, yes. They were using it – I think they were developing it for use against either us or the Russians and/or the Russians. They have a huge border up there.”

Alex: “Yes, the whole Russian-Sino split.”

Dr. Boyle: “Right. That’s no longer the case today, but still, Russia has a lot of land there and China– and not very many people.”

Alex: “Sure, they can wipe out the Russians, that’s their target. [inaudible] trail.”

Dr. Boyle: “And China has a lot of people and they need more land, so I’m not ruling out it would have been directed …”

Alex: “Sure. China’s always been eyeing Russia greedily. All right. All powerful. If you can come back tomorrow, the next day – we need updates. This is the biggest news ever. And I would just say that this is unbelievable. The reports, the scientific journals, Dr. Boyle – incredible. What do we call this interview? We’re still alive. I mean, I don’t know what to call this once we post it on Infowars.”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, Alex, let me also say we can’t trust the F.B.I. to do the right thing here. They lied about, they covered up and they sabotaged the Amerithrax coming out of Fort Detrick. We are going to have to get some other federal law investigative agencies in here to deal with that North Carolina …”

Alex: “Thank you, Dr. Boyle.” (Bombshell: Prof. Frances Boyle Exposes Bioweapons Origins, Full transcript of “smoking gun”, February 20, 2020).

Continued Wednesday …

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Morrison’s Trojan Horse – The ABC and the Battle for Eden-Monaro

By Jon Chesterson 

While we must love our ABC, absolutely but not absolute, right now the ABC (like Morrison and his Ministers incestuously tripping over their own policies) spend more time suppressing and attacking the Opposition or leaving them in oblivion than examining the truth and tackling the lies, excesses and abuses of the Liberal and Federal Government in power, doing their bidding.

They follow Morrison’s announcements every day, word for word interrupting any news on the ABC News channel giving Morrison and his ministers unprecedented free air time for him to go on and on with his sermons, admonishments, self-praise, lies and attacks on Labor who haven’t been in office for over 7 years. Funding for this and that, and more than half promised never sees light of day unless it is to fund his own party pocket and himself, big body corporates, mining and Trump’s USA.

You’ll hear no critique or analysis of Liberal policy and government from the ABC except the occasional satire, which I am expecting will be the next commentary suite of programs and comedy to disappear under the holy cow of appointed cronies and CEO on the ABC Board by the Liberals; and their spending cuts (an inverse oxymoron of their infamous Indue welfare scam, Great Barrier Reef, Sports fraud, electoral pork-barrelling, bushfire, Jobseeker, Jobkeeper, latest military spending and hedonistic carnival of other Liberal pleasures) sending us to Poseidon’s global den of iniquity.

We are on a road to Patriotic Pentecostal destruction as Morrison takes useless mindless pokes at the Dragon… agh! Anyone would think he was St George but the moron will be knocked off his horse long before he gets his pitiful lance up, and we will suffer for it – We already are. The kingdom of heaven is at hand! (Anyone remember his maiden speech? It wasn’t that long ago).

… and where is the ABC other than shitting themselves about their jobs, attacking Labor and progressive social policy – Enter compatriot bully Patricia Karvelas voila!

One thing’s for sure, the Trojan Horse, the Greeks are bringing down Troy and our ABC by turning everyone against it, for Achilles to drag the ‘devil’ Hector and much needed progressive social, human and environmental policy all around the walls of our Liberal infested fiefdom. You won’t find our ABC there but that is where they damn well should be – Calling this government to account, our number 1 media priority in the public interest and the interests of our country and our children.

Tomorrow is Eden-Monaro, another Trojan Horse now set up and loaded by Morrison and ‘his’ ABC to continue the curse. For God’s sake people don’t vote Liberal!

What the words

we poets sow

if a thousand lies undo

what’s dead rise again

  this long dark night subdue

Sweet as the desert

  sand on sea

no one lies

  no one dies tonight

you and I

  so what say we continue

  this rebellion?

(Soliloquy from Patriot Lies by Barddylbach, 24 June 2020).

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Birth of an International Tradition: The Post-Covid Commemoration Day

By Jennifer Michels  

Many agree that recognising the heroes who saved the lives and livelihoods of Australians during COVID-19 should be a very important aspect of Australian society moving forward. Scott Morrison suggests we essentially piggyback off Australia Day as a way of commemorating these individuals. Personally, I feel that is a little short sighted. COVID-19 is not an Australian problem, this is something that has impacted the entire world. Which leaves me asking about a day of commemorations dedicated to our heroes worldwide instead? How about a date to recognise the effort the COVID-19 heroes have made worldwide? Recognising the lives lost worldwide, the shutdown of economies worldwide and the sacrifices each and every member of society have made and continue to make, worldwide.

Quickly labeled as The Great Shutdown; a period in society that took us by utter surprise. Vast majorities came together in the beginning only to turn on each other, almost to the point of falling apart, before the pandemic had even finished the first sweep of the world. Fears were heard for a second spread and dare I say a third or fourth before the peak had been seen; a fear now sadly becoming a reality for many parts of the world, Australia included.

Moving forward this is a time in our life we could use to reflect upon in the future, a time used to bring us together and recognise how difficult our battle has been, and still is. Teaching our future children and grandchildren the important lessons this crushing blow has taught us. This is a time in our lives that has created unforeseen uncomfortably and unforgettable uncertainty worldwide!

The very people who worked night and day to save lives; who stepped up their rush of products for consumers; who spent hours longer cleaning the very places needed to provide essentials; who reinvented themselves to provide the absolute basic necessities! These are all heroes who need to be recorded upon the pages of history. Yes every worker is an essential worker during a crisis; but some are considered to have slightly more value, some deserve highlighting, some deserve more than we can ever give back! So why not honour them in the most significant manner society can and has ever provided?

Our leaders say let’s include a ceremony on a day our people cannot even agree about. I wonder how many feel the same as I do? I want to recognise the phenomenal impacts of this virus worldwide. Highlight the acts of kindness. Celebrate the lives saved while we also commemorate the lives lost. And I want this focus not just within Australia, but around the world. I want to see our countries come together after all the turmoil seen in recent times. This virus, international tensions, recessions, riots, the worldwide impacts of 2020 are going to be felt for generations. Why are our political leaders only looking to bring Australia together, not seeking the same with those we call our friends; our international neighbours. Extending the hand of healing towards our foreign relations on a never before seen worldwide scale.

Parts of the world come together for sporting events, education and for many other reasons. But have we ever had the need for such international recognition? Has anything impacted the planet with such drastic results? Lives have never before been lost on this scale, economies have never seen shifts of this magnitude. Even our impact on the environment has seen large scale change!

International partnerships have strained revealing many facets with rising complications. No single society can say they have avoided negative impacts in more than one area of their country’s ability to provide. Using these similarities can surely be a means of providing countries a deeper level of connection to each other, finding a wider understanding of each other, establishing a more open acceptance of each other. Coming together as a single people worldwide could surely go a long way to mending the cracks we are seeing in every society across this remarkable planet!

For nations who turned towards discussing commemorative events on an international scale; might aid in establishing new friendships that open up new avenues for trade between parties, while further establishing Australia’s positive relations on the world stage.

A comment I stumbled across on social media recently has stuck with me: we are humankind and should be both; human and kind. So, I for one say; “No, let’s not only celebrate on Australia Day. Let’s instead be the country that suggests generating worldwide communication, worldwide healing, and worldwide reconciliation for all of humanity in the aftermath of 2020.”

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Has COVID-19 put the AFL season in a dire state?

By William Olson  

Over the last few weeks, play in the AFL hasn’t been brilliant in all games. Generally speaking, skills have been quite average, games have been low-scoring, and tactics have been focused around boring, conservative play.

But at least AFL fans have had games to barrack around, debate about, and even talk trash to mates who support rival clubs.

Quite a relief for not having any footy for the previous few months due to precautions taken around the COVID-19 pandemic, and just being able to watch AFL games again has given fans a sense of normalcy – albeit for a few hours at a time here and there.

However, the way that the COVID-19 cases have had a recent spike in Victoria – where ten of the AFL’s 18 teams hail from – places that perceived return to normalcy through life’s escape of sport into great danger.

A general peek at the “Manhattans” of daily coronavirus cases on the ABC’s nightly 7pm Melbourne news bulletin shows the last several days of double-digit reported cases in the state of Victoria. Most of the time, those numbers have risen from one day to the next, and this is after weeks and months of single-digit cases occurring.

Victorians had been beating their collective chests to be the toast of the nation, if not the world, on how to deal with this global pandemic. Ever hear of premature celebrations? If there was ever a grand example of this, here we have it.

Evidence in this current climate, in the context of the AFL’s rebooted season, can lead to only one recommended conclusion: if its CEO, Gillon McLaughlin, had the courage to call the season off, very few would blame him for doing so, either out of circumstance or out of sheer frustration.

And evidence points to why he should. The way things are going in Victoria around COVID-19 cases and the pandemic in general, McLaughlin would have a lot of luck to ride to maintain a season which at the moment is quite viable.

Outside of the state’s borders, and AFL headquarters, it seems like a different level of emergency altogether.

On Tuesday, the Queensland government announced that it would shut down their borders to anyone who has visited the state of Victoria in the last 14 days, or else face a quarantine for the same interval of time. New South Wales and South Australia, as states neighbouring Victoria, haven’t followed suit yet.

However, a collective attitude towards the Victorian outbreak has perhaps been exacerbated by instructions from NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian for residents from her state to “stay out of Victoria.”

And as if Victorians haven’t been made to feel like pariahs enough, its own state government announced – after the announcement of 64 new cases in the previous 24 hours – that Stage 3 lockdown measures would be enacted, measures which also included putting 36 Melbourne suburbs, mainly in the city’s north and west, under specific lockdown procedures.

So what does this mean in the context of the current AFL season under jeopardy?

The Queensland government decision looms mightily in the way of possessing the potential for dire implications for the AFL. All eyes should be on the blockbuster in Geelong on Saturday afternoon – and not just for the sake of the surprising Suns being in second place taking on the Cats, currently sitting sixth on the ladder. The Suns and the Brisbane Lions have been fortunate to have played all their games so far at their home grounds since play has returned.

However, beyond whether or not the Suns can beat the Cats, the real victory would come under the guise of zero positive cases once they return to Queensland… not so much for the Suns, but moreover for the AFL.

Amid the societal and medical implications around sport in 2020, especially with the COVID-19 developments in Victoria, the AFL and McLaughlin cannot afford to have as little as one more thing go wrong that would compromise a balanced season which is already on a knife’s edge.

The league, spurred on by the Queensland government’s decision towards Victorians on Tuesday, has already rearranged some of its Round 5 fixtures for this weekend. McLaughlin can only do so much dancing around the fixture, because any further cancellations would render an unbalanced schedule where not all teams would even play each other once.

But would he have the courage – and the common sense – to call the season off. Granted that the AFL under McLaughlin’s leadership has its vested interests at heart, not the least of which come from the fans and the league’s commercial partners. It remains to be seen whether or not the season can be salvaged, in the best interests for all concerned, and especially for footy’s best interests, if the league incurs any more detrimental setbacks.

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COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (A diabolical struggle: part 2)

Continued from: COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (A diabolical struggle: part 1)

You can’t patent a vaccine with the United States patent office unless the science is there. So there is a vaccine. Everyone’s lying about that, no one’s pointing this out – there’s a vaccine but instead Big Pharma wants to make money and the researchers say, well, it’ll take three months and we’re racing forward, you know. Everyone’s gonna make a buck off of this, that’s for sure. But there is a vaccine, I have the patent here. It’s been patented by the United States government.

So obviously, I don’t know exactly how workable it is, but it’s a vaccine. I don’t know why it isn’t out there now. Why isn’t someone saying there is a vaccine? Perhaps political leaders have already been vaccinated for all I know, I really don’t know. But there is a vaccine, Pirbright is well known there in Britain and it’s tied into Fort Detrick and CDC is tied into Fort Detrick too. So they all know there’s a patented vaccine.” [Emphasis added]

G and E: “And just to get your comment on, I mean, something to related to this, which was my next question. So I think, I’m not sure if it’s that same Institute that you just mentioned that has the patent. I read somewhere that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation maybe funds or has some connection to that Institute that has the patent.”

Dr. Boyle: “I think they do. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, they fund this type of DNA genetically engineered biological warfare work. That’s correct. So you can’t trust anything they’re telling you that somehow they’re out there trying to make the world a better place. I mean, we have Bill Gates publicly admitting that the world be a better place if there were a lot less people. So the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and they are funding this type of stuff. Sure.” [Emphasis added]

G and E: “And just your comment, there was also the report that I guess it was a consortium of companies which included the Gates foundation that back in just two or three months ago in October of 2019 they held a pandemic exercise simulating an outbreak. I mean, what are the chances specifically of a coronavirus and it was called Events 201. People can find this online and they gave a list of seven recommendations for governments and international organizations to take. I also find that kind of interesting how they had this simulation.”

Dr. Boyle: “That’s correct. It raises that question, the origins of what happened here.  But right now, I’m just looking at the evidence I have and applying Occam’s razor and we know that Wuhan BSL-4 was research developing, testing, SARS as a biological warfare agent. So it could have been, they gave it this DNA genetic engineering enhanced properties gain of function which we do here in the West, in the United States all the time. We have all sorts of research that is clearly a bio warfare research that has been approved by the National Institutes of Health, it’s a joke. They know full well they are proving all kinds of biological warfare research and it gets funded by the United States government.”

G and E: “And you’ve also mentioned in the email to me that what happened in the biosafety lab level 4 in Wuhan calls into question the safety of all of these level 3 and 4 labs around the world.”

Dr. Boyle: “They’re complete[ly] unsafe. BSL-3 and BSL-4 lab are only designed for research development testing of offense of biological warfare agents. In my opinion, they serve no legitimate purpose at all. They should all be shut down, every one of them. Even assuming, they’re simply too dangerous. If you want, there’s an excellent documentary called Anthrax Wars by Nadler and Coen and I’m in there.  Repeatedly at the end, I say with respect to these labs, three and four, this is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Well, I’m afraid the catastrophe is now happened. So there it is. [Emphasis added]

G and E: “Yeah, I was just watching that documentary before we connected and I recommend the listeners go check that out. Do you see, in the future, any countries, if we come to a conflict between US, EU, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Russia, I mean you name it. Do you see any of these countries actually utilizing these biological weapons? I mean, it’s illegal under international law but we know like in the past that international law isn’t followed. Do you think that there’s a real danger of this escalating?”

Dr. Boyle: “For sure. That’s the only reason they develop these biological weapons to eventually be used, sure. I mean, it’s like the Manhattan project, we put all that money into developing an atom bomb and even though it was not needed to end world war II they still knew Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So, yes, I think that’s correct. And also these can be used covertly. Anytime you see an unexplained sudden outbreak of a disease like this anywhere in the world, both for human beings and or animals, I always suspect the bio warfare agent is at work. I monitor the situation like I did at Wuhan until I can reach a conclusion. Yes, they can be used as the eyes for the United States government, today they are fully prepared, armed, equipped, supplied to wage a biological warfare with anthrax.

These other more exotic things I don’t know, but they have the weapons, there are stockpiles. We have to understand if you read Seymour Martin Hersh’s book published about 1968 [Chemical and Biological Warfare: America’s Hidden Arsenal, Bobbs-Merrill, New York; MacGibbon & Kee, London, 1968], he won the Pulitzer prize, he had the whole offensive U.S. biological warfare industry in there[,] back before it was illegal and criminal. Basically after 9/11, 2001, that entire industry – offensive biological warfare industry has been reconstituted here in the United States with all these BSL-4 BSL-3 labs, well over 13,000, alleged scientists sort of like Dr. Mengele working on these things. Other countries have responded in kind like Russia, like China, France is involved, Britain’s involved. Sure.”

G and E: “I just wanted to get your thoughts on, in the last few years there was the Russian double agent spy Sergei Skripal who had been allegedly poisoned with Novichok out in Britain and I thought it was funny. It just so happened where he was allegedly poisoned, he was right in Porton down the British bio weapons lab, I guess the world’s first bio weapons lab that was created in 1916. I mean, I don’t know if you have thoughts on that whole incident.” [Porton Down is a science park in Wiltshire, England, just northeast of the village of Porton, near Salisbury. It is home to two  government facilities: a site of the Ministry of Defence‘s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory – known for over 100 years as one of the U.K.’s most secretive and controversial military research facilities, occupying 7,000 acres = 2,800 ha].

Dr. Boyle: “Yeah, I was right down the street from Porton Down, so applying Occam’s razor who you think might’ve been behind this and it was not a nerve agent. A nerve agent would have killed him immediately. This is Novichok. It was something else like DX or something like that. So fine. But, I would just say that I don’t think that was a coincidence, but, you know, there you go. There’s the, obviously there’s a lot of speculation on that.”

G and E: “Something else that’s kind of interesting. You’ve written in bio warfare and terrorism in your book and there’s also Graeme Macqueen, I think your colleague who wrote the anthrax deception – the case for domestic conspiracy [G. Macqueen, The 2001 Anthrax deception: The case for a domestic conspiracy, Clarity Press Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 2014] …”

Dr. Boyle: “Everything you said in there. That’s correct.”

G and E: “I’m wondering also if this new war for biotechnological dominance, whatever you want to call it, if it can also be used kind of as a pretext for the centralization of political power and the initiation of wars like I guess it did in the 2003 Iraq war. I mean, is this another danger that we get these events like now this coronavirus and then governments will call for a centralization of greater power and taking away some of our civil liberties?”

Dr. Boyle: “Sure. If you look at the October, 2001 anthrax attacks here in the United States, that was clearly by elements of the United States government that was behind that. That was a super weapons grade anthrax with a trillion spores per gram and it floated in the air[;] solely a very sophisticated biological weapons lab like Fort Detrick could produce that. And they use that anthrax attack including on Congress to brand through the U.S.A. Patriot Act which basically turned the United States to a police state which is what we have now. You have to understand the Pentagon; Fort Dietrich made the dugway proving ground still has a stockpile of that super weapons grade anthrax that we saw in October of 2001 that they can use the next time they want to do something like that to further develop the American police thing. Right.”

G and E: “Is there anything else you feel important to mention regarding this Wuhan coronavirus outbreak or biological warfare or any other thoughts you’d like to leave us with?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, you just can’t believe anything the Chinese government, the WHO, the CDC are telling. They’re all lies because they know what’s going on here and so you’re going to have to figure it out as fast as you can. But in my opinion, as of this time and I’m fully prepared to consider further evidence on this, it does seem to me that this was  a DNA genetically engineered biological warfare agent leaking out of Wuhan that has gain-of-function properties which can make it more lethal. I think they are probably doing something with SARS to make it a lot more lethal and more infectious. And so for that reason, you have to take extreme precautions and they [have] now finally admitted anyone within six feet can be infected, whereas with SARS that was about two feet. Well, that’s gaining a function right there and that should be a tip off.

So, I guess you’re gonna have to protect yourself. Laurie Garrett had a pretty good essay in [F]oreign [P]olicy [on 16 February 2020] and she was over there covering the SARS and she has very good advice in there except that she took the SARS figure out two to three feet and said well, you gotta stay to two to three. I think you’ve got to stay at least six feet away because this is gained function. It can flow through the air and infect and it can get you in the eyes. Any orifice, the mouth, maybe the ears, we’re not sure at this point.”

G and E: “I’m here on the border of China in Kazakhstan and I was just reading yesterday – today that they’re no longer allowing Chinese citizens into Kazakhstan without a medical paper, a medical check to get their visas to enter Kazakhstan.”

Dr. Boyle: “Those medical checks are worthless because this is just public relations by all the governments involved because there is a 14 day incubation period where people can still be infected. So someone could walk right through a medical inspection and passing a gate into your country and then they come down with the coronavirus. So that’s all public relations in my opinion by governments and they know it and they’re just sending people out there with temperatures and things like that. It’s not like SARS, this is more dangerous than SARS. As I said, I think that Wuhan lab, we know they had SARS in there that they were dealing with and I think they enhanced it at and I’m afraid that’s what we’re dealing with. But you know, I’m keeping an open mind as to what other sources that might have and I wasn’t prepared to say anything until that Wuhan lab is right there and it’s dealing with coronavirus. So again, apply Occam’s razor. It seems to me that’s the simplest explanation here.”

G and E: “I guess my, one of my final questions would be in the months ahead, apart of what you say staying six feet away from people. I’ve read taking high doses of vitamin C and other things like this can help you. But, if they come out as the situation develops and if it gets worse and they come out with a coronavirus vaccine, should people take it or not? What are your thoughts?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, what I would say is this. Right now, if you look at the article in The Wall Street Journal, Big Pharma is trying to sell all sorts of – they’re taking all their drugs off the shelf and say well let’s see if it works. Which is preposterous. Okay. The scientists are saying, well, we can get you a vaccine maybe two to three months but they’re not tested. So what we do know, however, is that Pirbright vaccine has been patented. So all I can assume is that that might work. But I don’t think I’d be taking any of these other vaccines. No, you have no idea what’s in there. You’ll be the Guinea pig for Big Pharma and everyone figures they’re gonna make a lot of money here. So I’ll keep my eye open on this  and how it develops but I wouldn’t trust anything they’re trying to sell right now. They’re just pulling these things off the shelf. [Emphasis added]

If they do come up with something in two to three months, even that’s not going to be tested in accordance with normal scientific protocol. So it’s going to be a crap shoot. If it’s going to help you, indeed it might not help you because they’ll be using for this vaccines (these DNA genetic engineered vaccines) they’ll be using live coronavirus probably and sticking it in there and giving you some live coronavirus on the theory you’ll develop an immunity. That’s the way a lot of these vaccines worked out, that’s what happened with the Ebola vaccine that created the Ebola pandemic there in West Africa. They were testing out a vaccine on poor black Africans, as usual, and this vaccine had live Ebola in it so it gave them Ebola. So again, I’d be very careful even if they do come up with these vaccines two to three months from now, very careful. Why would you want to inject the live coronavirus in you?”

G and E: “All right. I don’t believe you have a strong online presence. How can people best follow your work? I suppose to search for interviews as well as get your books.”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, basically I’m blackballed and blacklisted off all the mainstream news media here on purpose. As far as I can figure out, the U.S. government gave an order that I should not be interviewed by anyone, so I’m not. I guess you could just put my name in there under Google, Google alert, and some interviews might come up. What happened was, right after the anthrax attacks of 9/11 2001, I was giving a lecture out at Harvard, my Alma Mater. I was running a panel on biological warfare for the Council for Responsible Genetics and it was at Harvard Divinity School and, as I was going in, there was a Fox camera crew there from Boston and I said it looks to me like this has come out of the U.S. government lab. We know they do research and testing on anthrax. Then I said the same thing there at Harvard, then I gave an interview to a radio station in Washington, D.C., then I gave an interview on that to the B.B.C. So the whole world saw it and at that point I was completely cut off and I’ve been cut off  ever since. So you [are] probably not going to hear too many  interviews from me here. As for my book, Biowarfare and terrorism, you can just get it at Amazon.com. That picks up the story pretty much from 9/11 2001 and until it went to press and then there are interviews I’d given to an investigative reporter, Sherwood Ross and a big one I just sent you and you might want to put that on your web page. That was a pretty comprehensive report by reporter Sherwood Ross of statements made by Francis Boyle who drafted the US Implementing Law of the Biological Weapons Convention U.S. Biowarfare Programs have 13,000 death scientists hard at work America’s $100-billion germ warfare industry a “criminal enterprise.”

G and E: “Yeah, I read that as well and I’ll include the link in the description of this interview so people can go check that out. You’re not the only academic I know and have heard of others that similar things have happened and that’s just I guess the price we pay for telling the truth. Again, for listeners, if people wanted to have a broader context and deeper understanding of what’s happening today especially with biological warfare as well as us foreign policy and international affairs, I urge you to get Dr. Francis Boyle’s books and listen to his interviews as well as his colleagues book. Graeme Macqueen, The Anthrax deception, The case for domestic conspiracy. Thank you for being with us, Dr. Boyle.”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, thank you and again, please understand these are my current opinions. I could change my opinion here based on more evidence. So I’m just looking at the evidence out there as I see it and you have to understand there is so much disinformation, lies and propaganda that it’s kind of very difficult to distinguish truth from fact. I’m doing the best job I can here.” (Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon, 17.02.2020).

Continued Saturday …

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Drinking water under threat from bushfire

Edith Cowan University Media Release

Rainfall after fire brings immediate relief but the environmental effects can sometimes be as significant as the fire itself.

Edith Cowan University (ECU) environmental experts Professor Pierre Horwitz and Dr Dave Blake are investigating the long-term impacts of water supply contamination after fire has swept through a region.

Over the next four years in collaboration with the Water Corporation, the ECU researchers will lead a comprehensive investigation of forested water catchments in the Perth Hills from Mundaring Weir to Collie.

Dr Blake said that water quality is not at the forefront of people’s minds during the management of a fire, but this could result in problems with community’s water supply for years.

“After vegetation cover is burned, and the soil is scorched, what’s left is the concentrated and chemically transformed ash, exposed and vulnerable to wind and water erosion. Heavy rainfall will wash this ash, topsoil and incompletely burned vegetation into streams and water reservoirs,” he said.

“All of this eroded matter is accompanied by dissolved organic compounds, carcinogens and heavy metals from the soil that are exposed and concentrated after a fire.

“Water treatment plants aren’t set up to deal with this sort of contamination and can suspend water supply if faced with this sort of contamination.”

Lessons from Yarloop

The ECU team completed an initial study in the Yarloop region in South West WA after the devastating bushfire destroyed more than 69,000 hectares of land in 2016.
Professor Horwitz said water was one of the big concerns of the Yarloop community after the megafire.

“After the danger had passed Yarloop residents were looking for immediate guidance on how to protect their water assets from the effects of the fire. So, having a better understanding of the long-term consequences for water would be a powerful tool to help to guide fire management protocol,” he said.

Investigations in Yarloop helped researchers map erosion hotspots and variable fire risk to determine potential contamination risks around water catchments.

“We found that in this region erosion was particularly harsh on steep terrain where the fire had been very severe,” Dr Blake said.

“Now we want to expand our work to a wider region, and consider land after fires of different burn intensities, like prescribed burns and wildfires, and wherever possible, collect pre-fire and fire history information as well.”

Professor Horwitz said the research would lead to tools for environmental managers to apply in their areas to prevent post-fire erosion and subsequent water contamination.

“By factoring in the land topography, fire severity and rain intensity we can identify how long it takes burnt material to make its way into reservoirs used for water supply, then perhaps we can prevent the contamination altogether,” he said.

“Understanding why some areas are particularly vulnerable will tell us where to go, and when and how, to stop particular sources of contamination from soil erosion after a fire.”

Assessment of post-wildfire erosion risk and effects on water quality in south-western Australia and can be read here in the International Journal of Wildland Fire.

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Morrison morphs into ‘Strict Father’ mode

By Ad astra  

Back in 2013, I wrote a piece with the curious title: The myth of political sameness. Its purpose was to debunk the commonly held view that ‘politicians are all the same’.

I drew on the comprehensive work of George Lakoff, a cognitive linguist and philosopher at the University of California, Berkeley, best known for his thesis that the lives of individuals are significantly influenced by the central metaphors they use to explain complex phenomena. He explained his thesis in a Penguin book: The Political Mind.

The essence of his thesis rests on a central metaphor: ‘Nation as Family’. He elaborates on this as follows:

The Nation is a Family.
The Government is a Parent.
The Citizens are the Children.

Building on the ‘Nation as Family’ metaphor, Lakoff identifies two types of family based upon two distinct styles of parenting, which he assigns to conservatives and progressives respectively. (Note that in our system of government, these terms apply to the Coalition and Labor respectively). When applied to the ‘Nation as Family’ metaphor, they result in vastly different behaviours.

The two parenting styles are:
The Strict Father model, and
The Nurturant Parent model.

The Strict Father model is at the centre of the conservative worldview. The progressive worldview centres on a very different ideal for family life, the Nurturant Parent model, which encompasses both parents.

Lakoff asserts that the Strict Father model is a metaphorical version of an economic idea. He explains:

It is based on a folk version of Adam Smith’s economics: If each person seeks to maximize his own wealth, then, by an invisible hand, the wealth of all will be maximized. Applying the common metaphor that ‘Well-Being Is Wealth’ to this folk version of free-market economics, we get: If each person tries to maximize his own well-being (or self-interest), the well-being of all will be maximized. Thus, seeking one’s own self-interest is actually a positive, moral act, one that contributes to the well-being of all.

Does that remind you of Scott Morrison’s interpretation of his Pentecostal beliefs, namely that wealth is good?

Lakoff goes on to cite some words and phrases used over and again in conservative discourse, words that reflect the Strict Father model:

Character, virtue, discipline, tough it out, get tough, tough love, strong, self-reliance, individual responsibility, backbone, standards, authority, heritage, competition, earn, hard work, enterprise, property rights, reward, freedom, intrusion, interference, meddling, punishment, human nature, traditional, common sense, dependency, self-indulgent, elite, quotas, breakdown, corrupt, decay, rot, degenerate, deviant, lifestyle.

How many times have you heard Morrison and other Coalition members use words such as these?

If in your mind you’re questioning the proposition that Morrison is now behaving as the ‘Strict Father’, reflect on some of his utterances over recent times: ‘Just do it’, or ‘Don’t do it – is that plain enough?’ Or simply ‘Stop it’ – it’s ridiculous!’ Recall how many times he has lectured the electorate on what he regards as acceptable, and what is not. I’m sure you will have no difficulty bringing such instances to mind; the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many. Nor will you forget his dictatorial attitude in giving us such directives. Even media commentators are now characterising Morrison as ‘an angry father.’

Some of you will accept this behaviour as reasonable and appropriate. That’s fine, so long as you realize what sort of national leader we have. While this behaviour might be acceptable to some, I suspect even they would have a caveat: so long as he’s right!

In accepting Morrison’s ‘Strict Father’ behaviour, we are also accepting his judgement, which in turn is predicated on his political ideologies and his belief system. To expect the electorate to accept unthinkingly his decisions on this basis is a big call.

What are you prepared to accept from our national leader?

This article was originally published on The Political Sword

For Facebook users, The Political Sword has a Facebook page:
Putting politicians and commentators to the verbal sword

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COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (A diabolical struggle: part 1)

By Outsider  

Outsider’s first three parts of this contribution are here:

1) A diabolical struggle

2) From Her Majesty’s bottomless purse

3) At the school of Doctor Rasputin

Three more parts are planned, with the following (tentative) titles:

4) Of eugenics, oligarchy and psychopaths

5) Was COVID-19 born in the United States?

6) An honest Australia.

The last part in particular is very much work-in-progress and will deal with the laborious process of recovery to embark upon, but not as the current pub.rel. language goes, “on the other side of the curve”, “to look at things with fresh eyes”, ‘for a return to a new normal”, and an “economy snap-back.” Outsider takes the uncompromising view that such way of speaking becomes a pub.lic rel.ations joint. Such has been the adman’s, the huckster’s, the hollow man’s language spoken to and by a troop of neo-liberals, increasingly during the past thirteen years, a final decantation of the style of revenge against honesty in government which took place in 1975 with the dismissal of Prime Minister Whitlam by the Queen’s agent in Yarralumla.

In uncertain times, it helps to have an oracle and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. As millions scramble to adjust to life under quarantine, many have also searched for supernatural guidance. Some have found it in Sylvia Browne, the departed TV psychic, who seemed to predict our current plight in 2008 when she wrote: “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes resisting all known treatments.” Be it the nature of the illness, the year mentioned or the part about the resistance to treatments, the similarity with COVID-19 is uncanny. The excerpt also mentioned that the illness will vanish soon after its arrival. However, the virus will again attack after ten years before disappearing completely. (S. Browne, with Lindsay Harrison, End of the days, predictions and prophesies about the end of the world, Dutton Books, New York, 2008, at 312) The author died in 2013. Long before, an excerpt from the novel ‘The eyes of darkness’, a 1981 thriller by bestselling suspense author Dean Koontz predicted that a Chinese military laboratory would produce a virus as part of its biological weapons programme. In chapter 39 of the book, Koontz wrote that the laboratory is located in Wuhan. The book also gave the name to the virus as Wuhan-400. In the new edition of the novel a character named Dombey narrates a story about a Chinese scientist who brought a biological weapon to the United States. “To understand that, Dombey said, you have to go back twenty months. It was around then that a Chinese scientist named Li Chen defected to the United States, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon in a decade. They call this stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at the research center.” That was in the original 1981 edition of The eyes of darkness, and then the biological weapon was called ‘Gorki-400’, in reference to a Russian locality. The name of the weapon was changed to ‘Wuhan-400’ when the book was released again in 1989, according to The South China Morning Post. It is accepted by most that the current coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, which is the eighth largest city with a population of eleven million. But that the virus was created in a laboratory is actually a conspiracy theory which originated from unverified social media accounts and has since been widely dismissed by scientists from both China and elsewhere. (D. Koontz, The eyes of darkness, Penguin Putman Inc., New York, 2008).

Others have waited for a more orthodox spiritual sign. For many people on Twitter, a rash of recent articles about a certain “St. Corona” resonated. According to those sources, there’s a Catholic saint who has been waiting around 1,860 years just to help people through this particular crisis. Not only does she share a name with the virus causing the pandemic, but she is a patroness of plagues and epidemics. (E. Harper, Is St. Corona really the patron saint of plagues?, Is St. Corona really the patron saint of plagues?

Unless one subscribes, and fervently, to the Roman mythology, the body of traditional stories pertaining to ancient Rome’s legendary origins and transposed into the Catholic religious system, one could care to visit in Anzù, in the province of Belluno, in northern Italy, the  basilica where the relics of St. Corona – ‘crown’ in Latin – have been ‘preserved’ since the ninth century. St. Corona was a Christian killed under Marcus Aurelius in 165 c.e. and has been for centuries one of the patron saints of pandemics.

More ‘realistically’ St. Corona is especially venerated in Austria and Bavaria, where she is perhaps best known for her association with money, gambling, and treasure hunting. ‘Real Australians’ take notice for when a trip to Europe will be possible!

1 A diabolic struggle

COVID-19 is true. What is not clear, yet, is where it was born.

Some serious light may come from a 17 February 2020 interview of Geopolitics & Empire with Dr. Francis A. Boyle, who is international law professor at the University of Illinois, U.S.A. He served as counsel to numerous governments such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Palestinian authority. He has represented numerous national and international bodies in the areas of human rights, war crimes and genocide, nuclear policy, and biowarfare. He has written several books.

Related to the interview is Dr. Boyle’s Biowarfare and terrorism (Clarity Press Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 2005) which reflects Dr. Boyle’s work on the United States implementing legislation for the biological weapons convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 which was approved unanimously by both houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Bush, senior.

The interview began with some ‘meaty’ questions by Geopolitical and Empire on what it called “the coronavirus in Wuhan.”

Geopolitics and Empire: “ … There have been some reports recently, there’s a really interesting website called GreatGameIndia that has been reporting on this. They’ve been talking about China, which they say has been complying with biological weapons convention in recent years.

But then there are some people in the U.S. and experts that have been saying that in reality, China isn’t complying with the weapons convention. And I think neither, perhaps the U.S. as well. I’m wondering if China is developing its own biosafety level four lab[oratory] in Wuhan and elsewhere, as you know, as a type of deterrence. Is it a type of a biological arms race that we have going on?

You told me in an email that you suspect China was developing the coronavirus as a dual use of biowarfare weapons agent. Also, what do you make of reports that Chinese scientists have been stealing research and viruses, including the coronavirus from a Canadian bio lab this past December?

And as well, Chinese nationals have been charged with smuggling vials of biological research to China from the US with the aid of Charles Lieber who was the chair of Harvard’s chemistry department. And he also happens to be in 2011 a strategic scientist at Wuhan University. So, can you tell us what’s going on with this recent outbreak in Wuhan?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, that’s a lot of questions. I guess we can take them one at a time, but if you just do a very simple Google search on “Does China have a BSL-4 laboratory?”, [BSL-4 stands for Bio-Safety-Level-4] Wuhan comes up right away. It’s at the top of the list. That’s all with the moment this type of thing happened I began to do that. So a BSL-4 is the most serious type. And basically BSL-4 labs, we have many of them here in the United States, are used to develop offensive biological warfare weapons with DNA genetic engineering.

Image from 21wire.tv

So it does seem to me that the Wuhan BSL-4 is the source of the coronavirus. My guess is that they were researching SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome], and they weaponize[d] it further by giving it a gain of function properties, which means it could be more lethal.

Indeed, the latest report now is it’s a 15% fatality rate, which is more than SARS at 83% infection rate. A typical gain of function travels in the air so it could reach out maybe six feet or more from someone emitting a sneeze or a cough. Likewise, this is a specially designated WHO [World Health Organization] research lab. The WHO was in on it and they knew full well what was going on there.

G and E: “Are you tired of the lies and non-stop propaganda?”

Dr. Boyle: “Yes, It’s also been reported that Chinese scientists stole coronavirus materials from the Canadian lab at Winnipeg. Winnipeg is Canada’s formal center for research, developing, testing, biological warfare weapons. It’s along the lines of [the U.S. Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases at] Fort Detrick here in the United States of America, [Maryland]. I have three degrees from Harvard. It would not surprise me if something was being stolen out of Harvard to turn over to China. I read that report. I don’t know what was in those vials one way or the other.

But the bottom line is I drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention that was approved unanimously by both Houses in the United States Congress signed into law by President Bush Sr. that it appears the coronavirus that we’re dealing with here is an offensive biological warfare weapon that leaped out of Wuhan BSL-4. I’m not saying it was done deliberately. But there had been previous reports of problems with that lab and things leaking out of it. I’m afraid that is what we are dealing with today.”

G and E: “We’ll be talking about the Wuhan and the coronavirus and China, but can you give us kind of like a bigger context. I know you’ve, previously, in interviews said that since 9/11, you think that the U.S. has spent $100 billion on biological warfare research. We know the Soviet Union, if I’m not mistaken, developed anthrax as a bioweapon. And you’ve also mentioned that U.K., France, Israel and China are all involved in biological warfare weapons research.

And something interesting, I believe one or two years ago a Bulgarian journalist and the Russian government shared their concern of the discovery of a U.S. bioweapons lab in the country of Georgia. You’ve commented how in Africa, U.S. has set up bioweapons labs to work on Ebola, which I think is illegal under international law. But they were allowed somehow to put those in Africa. Can you give us like a bigger picture? What’s going on with these different countries and what’s the purpose of this research?”

Dr. Boyle: “All these BSL-4 labs are by United States, Europe, Russia, China, Israel … to research, develop, test biological warfare agents. There’s really no legitimate scientific reason to have BSL-4 labs. That figure I gave $100 billion, that was about 2015 I believe. I had crunched the numbers and came up with that figure [for] the United States since 9/11.

To give you an idea that’s as much in constant dollars as the U.S. spent to develop the Manhattan Project and the atom bomb. So it’s clearly all weapons related. We have well over 13,000 alleged life science scientists involved in research developed testing biological weapons here in the United States. Actually this goes back; it even precedes 9/11 2001.

I have another book, The Future of International Law and American Foreign Policy [Brill Nijhoff, Leiden, Netherlands, 1989], tracing that all the way back to the Reagan administration under the influence of the neocons and they got very heavily involved in research development testing of biological weapons with DNA genetic engineers. It was because of that I issued my plea in 1985 in a Congressional briefing sponsored by the Council for Responsible Genetics; I’m a lawyer for them. They’re headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. All the M.I.T., Harvard people are involved in that, the principal ones. And then they asked me to draft the implementing legislation.

The implementing legislation that I drafted was originally designed to stop this type of work. “Death science work”, I call it, “by the United States government”. After 9/11, 2001, it just completely accelerated. My current figure, that last figure a 100 billion. I haven’t had a chance to re-crunch the numbers because I just started classes. But you have to add in about another 5 billion per year.

Basically, this is offensive biological weapons raised by the United States government and with its assistance in Canada and Britain. And so other States [in] the world have responded accordingly including Russia and China. They were going to set up a whole series of BSL-4 facilities as well. And you know Wuhan was the first. It backfired on them.”

G and E: “Would you basically consider what happened and Wuhan and just boil it down to ineptitude or incompetence on the Chinese part?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, it’s criminality. It does appear they stole something there from Winnipeg. This activity that they engaged in clearly violates the Biological Weapons Convention. Research development of biological weapons these days is an international crime, the use of it would be. That was criminal.

I’m not saying they deliberately inflicted this on their own people, but it leaked out of there and all these BSL-4 facilities leak. Everyone knows that who studies this. So this was a catastrophe waiting to happen. Unfortunately, it happened. The Chinese government under Xi and his comrades there have been covering this up from the get-go. The first reported case was December 1, so they’d been sitting on this until they couldn’t anymore. And everything they’re telling you is a lie. It’s propaganda.”

The WHO still refuses to declare a global health emergency. It said Tedros  [Dr. Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General] was over there shaking hands with Xi and smiling and yanking it up. The WHO was in on it. They’ve approved many of these BSL-4 labs, they know exactly what’s going on and that is a WHO research-approved laboratory. They know what’s going on too. You can’t really believe anything the WHO is telling you about this, either they’re up to their eyeballs in it, in my opinion.”

G and E: “I’d probably agree with you that this outbreak in Wuhan was an accidental leak from the laboratory. But just your thoughts, it’s happening at quite an opportune time because namely we’re smack in the middle of a US-China new Cold War, which is currently characterized by economic warfare such as the trade war among other forms of hybrid and technological warfare. And it seems the Wuhan outbreak will likely hit the Chinese economy hard. The Chinese are flat out dismissing any idea that the US is involved in. Like I said, it’s probably they made the mistakes in the Wuhan lab. What are your thoughts of any seemingly, this would benefit the US…”

Dr. Boyle: “When the outbreak occurred, of course I considered that alternative too. When you have an outbreak, you’re never quite sure who or what is behind it. It certainly isn’t bats, that’s ridiculous. They made the same argument on Ebola in West Africa. I demolished that online. You can check it out. So I kept competing theories about this.

But right now, when you originally contacted me, I said I wasn’t prepared to comment because I was weighing the evidence. I’m a law professor and a lawyer, I try to do the best I can to weigh the evidence. But right now, the Wuhan BSL-4 in my opinion is the most likely source[;] apply Occam’s razor, the simplest explanation. I’m not ruling out some type of sabotage. But right now, I believe that is the source here.”

G and E: “And you mentioned WHO. I’d like to just get your thoughts on the WHO and the Big Pharma. There’s also some analysts who are downplaying this news media hype of the coronavirus. You’ve just said that it seems to be lethal, but if we go back a decade to the 2009 swine flu, which I believe didn’t have too many casualties, but I think profited greatly the pharmaceutical companies. If I recall that back in 2009, many countries purchased great stocks of the vaccines and they ended up not using anywhere from 50 to 80% of the vaccines that they purchased.

You’ve previously stated in an interview that the World Health Organization is a front for Big Pharma if I’m not mistaken. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [an American anti-vaccinationist, environmental attorney, and author]  also agrees and he says, you know, 50% of WHO funding comes from pharmaceutical companies. And that the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] itself is also severely compromised. What are your thoughts on the WHO? The CDC?”

Dr. Boyle: “Can’t trust anything the WHO says because they’re all bought and paid for by Big Pharma and when they work in cahoots with the CDC, which is the United States government, they work in cahoots with Fort Detrick, so you can’t trust any of it.

However, the swine flu and yes, I agree Pharma made a lot of money, but that swine flu which I looked at it, it did seem to me to be a genetically modified biological warfare weapon. It was a chimera of three different types of genetic strains that someone put it together in a cocktail. Fortunately, it was not as lethal as all of us fear. So fine. But as I said, this figure I just gave to you was Saturday [15 February 2020] from Lancet, which is a medical publication, saying it’s a 15% fatality rate and an 83% infection rate. So it’s quite serious, I think, far more serious than the swine flu.

As for Big Pharma, sure they’re all trying to profit off this today as we speak. There was a big article yesterday [16 February 2020] in The Wall Street Journal, all Big Pharma trying to peddle whatever they can over there in China even if it’s worthless and won’t help. We do know, if you read the mainstream news media they say there isn’t a vaccine.

Well, there is, it’s by the Pirbright Institute in Britain that’s tied into their biological warfare program over there. They were behind the hoof and mouth disease outbreak over there that wiped out their cattle herd and it leaked out of there. So it’s clear they’re working on a hoof and mouth biological warfare weapon, but the vaccine is there. I have the patent for it here, I haven’t had a chance to read the patent [;] it’s about 25 pages long and my classes just resume. So eventually, I get some free time and I’ll read the patent. [Emphasis added]

Continued Wednesday … 

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The inhumanity around gig economy jobs

By William Olson  

The ever-increasing practices of home delivery of Chinese food, “Taco Tuesday” tacos, burgers, pizza, and other lunch or dinner items agreed upon as being quite delectable to one’s palate may be quite convenient in the realm of our fast-paced society.

However, do spare a kind thought or two for the good men and women who deliver your food on behalf of delivery services such as UberEats, Deliveroo, MenuLog, or DoorDash, and so on.

As well as those who drive for ride-sharing services such as Uber, Didi, or Ola, to name a few of those.

In a multi-university survey commissioned by the Victorian state government, workers in the gig economy – to the surprise of no one, really – are worse off in their compensation than regular casual workers are, and certainly versus those in secure employment.

The Victorian government’s report, from a survey done under the auspices of treasurer and industrial relations minister Tim Pallas, involved the legwork research performed by Queensland University of Technology, the University of Adelaide and University of Technology Sydney, with the intent of uncovering justifications about community concerns over wages and conditions in the gig economy.

Furthermore, the survey revealed unknown information about the nature and inner workings of the gig economy and its workforce – and perhaps some statistics that would shock the public.

While the report revealed that while nearly two-thirds of all Australians use gig economy delivery services, its workers are exploited in a manner even more shocking than originally assumed.

Some of the statistics, among roughly 14,000 respondents:

  • Among more than 100 different companies in the gig economy, a ratio greater than one in three of its workers are employed by more than one platform, often via a variety of platform apps.
  • The demographics tend towards younger people, and males.
  • Those who speak English as their second language are 1.5 times more likely to engage as platform workers.

And then it gets more shocking – and, arguably, more inhumane and exploitative:

  • More than 30 percent of respondents did not know whether their platform has a dispute resolution process.
  • Nearly half report that their platform does not provide them with work-related insurance.
  • Two out of every five respondents, when asked about the details of their remuneration, did not know any of those details. (Here’s a hint: as for salary alone, it’s less than the legal minimum wage outlined by the Fair Work Commission.)
  • Gig economy workers are spending upwards of five hours per week on unpaid platform activities, ranging from seeking work, updating profiles, and ultimately quoting and searching and bidding for work.

Is the ignorance in a state of bliss here? Truly a case of not knowing terms, conditions, or even their own rights. Or even if they have any. Truth is, their rights are less than those of the typical worker – even those on casual status.

For gig economy workers, these are basically sweatshop conditions – if the ultra-modern sweatshop is comprised of any of a multitude of restaurants and anything between two and four wheels. And in many cases, pedal power.

Makes one ponder what recourse workers in the gig economy even have.

How can they right the wrongs thrust upon them? Can they unionise, even in a means of banding together? Can they collectively bargain? Or do can they even gain the rights to take any action whatsoever?

One would presume that as long as the perception exists that one not being an employee but rather that of a freelancer or independent contractor, for one company or several, those rights would be hard to come by. A ruling from one Canadian tribunal over the ability for gig economy workers to unionise earlier this year does give their Australian comrades a glimmer of hope. But how likely is that precedent to repeat itself in Australia?

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), at the height of its “Change The Rules” campaign two years ago, called for gig economy workers to be put on an equal footing as those with secure employment.

“Everyone deserves these rights. We need to change the rules so everyone has basic rights, including the right to collectively bargain,” said ACTU national secretary Sally McManus at the time.

It is a slow and arduous process to make those changes happen, but at least McManus and the ACTU have let the growing sector of the gig economy know that the union movement is on their side.

In any event, reform is needed to bring gig economy workers in line with the minimum national employment standards. Whether that happens in tribunals or the courts, or via collective bargaining, remains to be seen.

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