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“If you want change, change the government”

For this, my second last post before voting in earnest commences, I have dispensed with my usual roundup of everything I can think of relevant to the election. Including the debate on housing. Now with just four days until the future of our nation is decided, I ask you to consider what follows when making your deliberations.

Imagine, if you will, another three years of Coalition governance or even another decade. The Prime Minister has promised a more friendly, softer, cuddlier version of himself. As I recall, it was around this time seven years ago that Tony Abbott said that “good government starts today.” It never did and still hasn’t.

Moving forward, last Friday – just eight days before the election – focus groups apparently said they didn’t like Morrison for the bastard he was. So overnight, he decided to change into a better version of himself.

It’s easy. Before bed, you take one ‘Better me’ tablet, as prescribed, and bingo. In the morning, gone is the arrogance, bullying, the self-righteousness, the motormouth and the know-all attitude.

After three years of testing by the Morrison cabinet, the ‘Better me’ pill is now available on the free pharmaceutical list. Morrison has developed into an outlandish caricature of himself.

By voting in favour of another three years of a Scott Morrison, you can expect another three years of the same incompetence. He has governed the country with a degree of Christian self-righteousness never before experienced in our politics.

Politicians who say they will change aren’t necessarily seeing the light. They might just be feeling the heat.

On Friday of last week, the Prime Minister announced that he would lead with a new, softer approach if he won the election. He said he had been a bit heavy-handed and a bit of a bulldozer in the past.

“Some things will have to change with the way I do things, because we are moving into a different time.

What Australians have needed from me going through this pandemic has been strength and resilience. Now, I admit that hasn’t enabled Australians to see a lot of other gears in the way I work.”

Predictably, Anthony Albanese responded with the obvious:

“I find it quite extraordinary this government has been there for almost a decade, this prime minister has had four years in office and what he’s saying is, ‘If you vote for Scott Morrison, “I’ll change,” Albanese told reporters.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison sought to isolate Labor’s attack on his character, admitting he can “be a bit of a bulldozer” and needs to change.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese rejected the prime minister would change, saying it was an act of desperation:

“If you want change, change the government. We can’t just have three more years of the same. If this government is re-elected, it will be more arrogant, more out of touch.”

Further to that, as reported in

“A bulldozer wrecks things; a bulldozer knocks things over. I’m a builder. That’s what I am …

If I’m elected prime minister … I’ll build better infrastructure, I’ll build a response to climate change in partnership with our allies. I’ll build the skills capacity of this nation up, I’ll build people’s living standards.”

Morrison has steered clear of inner-Melbourne and inner-Sydney seats like the plague. These seats are all held by moderate Liberals facing challenges from climate-focused, pro-integrity independents. Because he is personally unpopular, he affords them no assistance at all.

Labor continues to point out that Morrison is a leader who won’t accept responsibility and always seeks to blame others. Opposition frontbencher Tanya Plibersek was more direct when asked if the Prime Minister’s standing impeded the Liberals’ chances at the next election.

“This is one of the most important choices Australians have faced in many years,” she said.

“Between a leader, Anthony Albanese – who’s prepared to turn up take responsibility, show leadership, who’s got a plan for the future – and Scott Morrison who has only ever got excuses.

“That’s what he’s saying. ‘Vote for me and I’ll change’. Well, if you want change, change the government.”

My previous post: Counting down.

My thought for the day

The real enemy of neoconservative politics in Australia is not Labor or democratic socialism. It is simply what Australians affectionally call – a fair go.

PS: To those who accuse me of a Labor bias. Let me say this: A biased person rejects everything out of hand and is incapable of objective reasoning. That is not me. I believe that we have suffered for nearly a decade from abysmal governance.

The mainstream media will only ever print or say whatever is in its best interests. This is blatant bias. Then it might say something interesting and truthful

Anyway, I will let others judge. Who knows, next thing someone will say I’m a commo and that Karl Marx’s grave is a communist plot.

Just ask yourself: Does our democracy make you feel good about your country?

Allow me to finish by saying this: Our Prime Minister is so full of egotistical compost that he can continuously replenish his own discharge.

“If you want change, change the government.”


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  1. Terence Mills

    ‘Morning John,

    Much rejoicing at Newscorp and at SKY last night as they see their efforts rewarded with a surge in the polls favouring a win for the Murdoch media empire.

    As Donald Trump approached his re-election in 2020 he praised Rupert Murdoch – “Thank you to my very good friend Rupert Murdoch – there’s only one Rupert that we know,” said Trump but he still lost the presidency (not that he would ever accept that).

    For Rupert to fail in Australia as he did in the US will be humiliating so he’s got his underlings in Australia flat out to secure a win : their jobs and their bonuses depend on it.

    Will Morrison come out if he wins on Saturday – which sadly is seeming more likely – and say ‘I couldn’t have done it without my good friend Rupert Murdoch.’? Probably not, as he never tells the truth. Unlike his Deputy, quote :

    “He is a hypocrite and a liar from my observations and that is over a long time,” Joyce said.

    “I have never trusted him, and I dislike how earnestly [he] rearranges the truth to a lie.”

    In a most unusual move there has been an alliance of thirty-one former judges of our various courts, ranging from the High Court through the Federal Court and the Supreme Courts of the land, calling for a strong integrity commission with powers to initiate enquiries into corruption in high places. Ask yourself why would people of this standing within our community be so worried about what is happening to our democracy.

    These are indeed troubling times !

  2. pierre wilkinson

    “Imagine, if you will, another three years of Coalition governance or even another decade”
    no, no and no again
    this is the stuff of nightmares

  3. Harry Lime

    How anyone could contemplate voting for such a demonstrably corrupt and incompetent shower of shit like the Liar’s gaggle of chancers defies belief.Have we turned into the US of the South Pacific?
    Anyone that truly cares better hope for the Independents holding the balance of power,otherwise we’re fucked.

  4. New England Cocky

    @ Terence Mills: I think you may have hit the nail on the head ….. a sudden reversal in the polls may be manufactured by simply printing the results and asserting that they represent real polling. Now which political party would be so devious that it would want to hang on to political power at any cost what-so-ever?

    The published polls are always within the margin of error, so the differences reported between the parties mean little if anything. So,”



  5. ankisip

    I looked into the muddy waters of politics after my first voted party was sacked by an inebriated governor general. Just far enough to know about the back-door deals done between the two major parties to keep Don Chip at bay.

    Registered voters for this election are 17,230,000 approx.

    AEC reimbursement to an “eligible” First Preference vote for this election is $2,914.00.
    (Where they receive 4% + of the vote.)

    Automatic Payment to a candidate’s or parties Agent is 10,656.00

    This election alone has the potential to cost us $50,000,000,000.00 in AEC reimbursements.

    I feel the disgust of many of us to know that this attrition of funds has gone on for much too long.

    The majors will get a big slice of pie.

    If the Minor parties and Independents can push an ICAC With Teeth through, I hope the donations to parties are fully exposed and eliminated: and the abolishment of Party Charities (ie; The Institute of Public Affairs).

  6. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    Very well said, Mr Lord! I couldn’t have put it better myself! IT IS PAST TIME FOR THIS FUCKING LIAR & ALL HIS CRONES TO GO!

  7. Keitha Granville

    It is beyond good sense for anyone to vote for the LNP.

    I shall have to consider emigrating if Scummo is returned. I have a friend who did just that after the last election.

    Please, VOTE LABOR

  8. GL

    Australian Electoral Commission’s latest figures show that almost six million voters have either pre-polled or applied for a postal vote. Seems it ain’t over yet.

    All I can say is, “Holy snapping arseholes!”

  9. Pete Petrass

    I note the effects of the ‘better me’ tablets appear not to last too long, since scummo was apparently at his bullying best with Leigh Sales later that day.

  10. wam

    you are late but right, lord.
    “By voting in favour of another three years of Scott Morrison, you can expect another three years of the same incompetence”…
    In 2019 shorten made a late move after 6 years of virtual silence and blew it.
    Scummo merely intoned more of the same. He should have lost but he got a mandate for more of the same plus heaps of other shit whatever popped into mind.
    Now Albo is not saying loud enough, the reasons why “If you want change, change the government.” But scummo is saying why albo is not good enough. You, the people of Australia, are doing alright and we got you through the pandemic!
    How can you trust labor with an economy needing recovery.
    The message is loud and cccclear, lord, it will be dangerous to change.
    “A biased person rejects everything out of hand and is incapable of objective reasoning.” Hell I can’t remember you saying anything positive about the rabbott or scummo and the copperman was quickly rejected.
    Has murdoch done anything to earn any praise? What about bolt, peta or mccrann or the morning show conservatives?
    Do you not expect a business, like the mainstream media to print or say whatever is NOT in its best interests?
    “This is blatant bias” bullshit it is economic common sense.
    But they will print, say and show controversy because of ratings.
    Did you see the little ABC morning show man lording it over karl baby and the today show about ratings??
    If shorten, albo et al were serious about winning they would have been exploiting scummo’s inept governance at every interview.
    Rather than showing himself human labor should have been a visible opposition.
    Sorry mate just saying it is unreasonable to expect to win every time doesn’t qualify as balance. You are every bit a biased writer as me and everyone here.
    ps dance of the cuckoo some extremists do well but none like the bandit’s mob.
    The Australian Greens – Victoria $2,295,761.78 The Greens NSW $2,128,452.89 Queensland Greens $1,573,775.22 Australian Greens $1,146,203.86 The Greens (WA) Inc $919,806.74
    The caravan lost two labor seats and cost the greens the balance but took a lot of cash from labor.

  11. John Lord

    Pete. Indeed he was.

  12. John Lord

    Wam. A mandate is when you win overwhelmingly.

    Hell, I can’t remember you saying anything positive about the rabbott or scummo and the copperman was quickly rejected.

    What was is that I was supposed to be so complementary about.

    I take it you don’t think the MSM are biased. No I’m not biased. I can identify things that are worthwhile when I ‘m confronted by them.

  13. Ankisip


    Thanks for the correction. I thought it was a comma. Can I borrow someone’s glasses?

  14. Florence nee Fedup

    So much of this government asking for a fourth term is similar to living in domestic violence household. Staying in the relationship thinking it will get better is a fool’s game. There is only one direction; things get worse, more hurt. Staying always leads to disaster. Too often, death or murder.

  15. Stephengb

    This point in time at the 2019 election ?
    I was in a state of dark foreboding – that foreboding remains !

    I hope that this time I am desperately Wrong !

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