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Counting down …

1 When I’m asked to articulate just when the decline in our democracy occurred, I usually start in 2013, when Tony Abbott, the most unqualified man to ever became the Prime Minister of Australia, won the election. But John Howard set Australia on the path toward a totalitarian leadership style. His longevity in power speaks to his success, but it also set the tone for power for power’s sake. All power emanated from the office of the Prime Minister. Subsequent Prime Ministers have followed suit.

My point is that good leadership doesn’t always require total power. Bob Hawke was also a successful Prime Minister. He, however, was a first-class delegator.

Liberal Prime Ministers since have all tried to rule with Howard’s defining power, but the quality of those under them has been deplorable. The longer Howard remained in office, the more power he attached to himself, and as a consequence, the quality of his ministry declined.

Albanese has unequivocally stated that he would govern in the Hawke style; delegating authority to his ministers, thus removing some of his power but not his authority.

Sounds better than the dictatorial, “I know better than everybody else”, and “I’m a Christian”, so I’m righteous of Scott Morrison.

2 Some satire from The Shovel:

“A Journalist tests Albanese’s commitment to women by asking him to name every woman in Australia, thus divesting himself of some power but not authority.”

3 Colour me surprised. From Greg Sheridan in The Australian (paywalled):

“Actions speak louder than shouty debate.

As the great Fonzie once told Richie Cunningham, you’ve got to fight at least once. It’s hard to think of a single issue the Morrison government has fought for.”

4 All the talk last Wednesday was about Albanese’s backing an increase in the minimum wage of at least 5.1 per cent. As is usual, businesses claimed the higher costs would destroy jobs. Of course, this prompted another argument about who handled money better.

During the course of the two defining years of Covid, I heard/read commentators say on many occasions that it was these workers who carried the burden. As a consequence, they needed to be rewarded and recognised. Albanese knows this and supports the lowest-paid workers in the land.

I would argue that holding back wages for as long as the government has actually led to inflation. Look what has happened in the USA, where conservatives have held wages down for 30 years.

Business groups said, of course, that any increase above 3% would send the inflation bells ringing. If Labour wins, it will formally submit to the independent umpire without mentioning a figure. We should also consider that the Reserve Bank has said that Australians’ real wages are set to shrink as much as 3% in 2022 as salary increases lag behind inflation and may only start to catch up by 2024.




Isn’t it remarkable that a highly-paid politician (Scott Morrison) so demonstrably objects to our lowest-paid workers receiving a pay rise?

One could add that there is no good reason to give our highest-paid workers a tax cut at this time. What have they done to deserve it?

I am convinced that Scott Morrison believes that lying diminishes over time and forgets that he leaves behind a residue of broken trust.

4At no point in my lifetime has the ABC been more important than it is today,” Kerry O’Brien says in a video published by ABC.

5 Here I am back on the polls with The Poll Bludger publishing the latest Morgan results showing Labor 54.5 and the Coalition on 45.5. The Poll Bludger also has some interesting State breakdowns.

The polls’ consistency demands that we note their new methodology. Let’s hope the polls are correct this time.

6 Kevin Rudd makes some excellent points about Murdoch in this article for The Guardian:

“… they normalise the idea that Murdoch’s national stranglehold on print media is OK because it’s merely a right-wing counterbalance to the left-wing ABC. This is ludicrous; the ABC has robust standards, rigorous complaints processes, and is accountable to parliament. News Corporation is functionally unregulated, its political bias is way off the Richter scale, and it acts like a petulant child at the very suggestion that it be compelled to answer questions at a commission of inquiry about their monstrous levels of monopoly.

The Murdoch’s insist they have nothing to hide, while claiming the ABC is compromised. If they actually believed this, they would have welcomed a wide-ranging media royal commission years ago.”

7 What is it about these Coalition people? Scott Morrison seems too terrified to be seen behind an ABC mike, and Alan Tudge is too frightened to show his face as the Education Minister.

You know a political party is in trouble when it talks more about its opponents than itself.

8 If you wanted to see a fact-check that terrible debate last Sunday, read this article by Paul Karp of The Guardian.

9 And if you are wondering who won the final debate last Wednesday night, The Guardian reported that:

“150 undecided voters determined Albanese the clear winner of the Channel Seven debate. The Labor leader convinced 50% of those who voted in the network’s ‘pub test’ compared to 34% for Morrison and 16% who were still undecided.”

The final question in this relatively civil debate was full of its own intrigue. Both were asked to say something nice about each other. Morrison went first and praised Albanese’s rise from humble beginnings and then went on to bag him with any negative he could think of. Albanese praised Morrison for his interest in mental health and chose not to say more.

The Australian, surprise surprise, gave Morrison a narrow win.

10 If you know who said this, I would be obliged if you were to let me know, so I may give the author due recognition:

The Liberal party needs to be destroyed at the ballot box. And to start again. This time putting the interests of ordinary Australians ahead of ideological zealots and donors. This is close to the worst lot of conservative politicians I can remember. There is nobody even remotely of the quality of Howard and Costello.

It has been a decade of insufferable negligence: their intolerable lies and incompetence.

11 Talk about Ministerial standards. Education Minister Alan Tudge seems to be in hiding at the moment. How can you have an affair with a staffer and then be cleared of any wrongdoing and invited back into the ministry if the Liberal Party wins? And the taxpayer has to pay half a million dollars for his behaviour. Just plain wrong.

12 A friend said that Labor would end up with a large majority. A hypothetical thought indeed. His theory is that a few Coalition former ministers will resign when the Coalition loses. Labor will then gain those seats in by-elections. Nothing wrong with his thinking.

13 Are we to forget the misdemeanours of this government? Will it mean that if this government wins the election, we will ignore the crimes of Robodebt, Sports Rorts, land purchases, car parks, and many others?

And there I must end until next Wednesday.

My thought for the day

You cannot possibly believe in democracy if at the same time you think your party is the only one that should ever win.


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  1. corvusboreus

    Will another term of Morrison & his goons mean they ignore their responsibility for inflicting the travesty of robodebt upon swathes of citizenry (for which both Morrison & Tudge bear direct personal resoonsibilty)?
    Perhaps this answers:
    The ALP has policy to implement a royal commission into the illegal scam, a fact the media are starving of oxygen.

  2. New England Cocky

    @ POINT 11: Kangaroo Court of Australia reports that the $500,000 payment was required as compensation for inappropriate sexual behaviour by JOSH FRAUDINBURGER – not Tudge the Sludge.

    John Lord ….. there must have been good political reasons fo the Little Liar, Johnnie Howard, taking three attempts to become Leader of the Liarbrals. Was it just that he required sufficient time to backstab every other candidate of that time?

    Really ….. It’s time!! Again!!

  3. Terence Mills

    The Statement of Ministerial Standards includes the provision introduced by Turnbull :

    2.30. Ministers must not engage in sexual relations with their staff. Doing so will constitute
    a breach of these Standards.

    The penalty for breaching ministerial standards includes :

    Ministers may be required to resign if the Prime Minister is satisfied that they have breached or
    failed to comply with these Standards in a substantive and material manner.

    Dr Vivienne Thom carried out an enquiry into the Tudge issue and Morrison concluded from that report that : Dr Thom found that ‘the evidence considered in this Inquiry does not provide a basis for a finding that Mr Tudge’s conduct breached the Ministerial Standards’. I have accepted her advice.

    Something doesn’t gel here : Tudge was having a sexual relationship with a staff member, he also kicked her out of bed and yet he is still a minister who, if he retains his seat, expects to return to Cabinet !

    To confuse things even further Morrison and Senator Anne Ruston, who is the Coalition campaign spokesperson, have both stated the $500,000 that will be paid to Rachelle Miller is for a separate matter other than the ones that were the subject of the Thom Inquiry involving Tudge.

    Suffice to say, the ministerial standards have, as the National party like to say about climate net zero targets, WIGGLE ROOM

  4. Kaye Lee


    Their excuse is that the sexual relationship occurred before Turnbull brought in the bonk ban. It only became wrong for a minister to have an extra-marital affair with a staffer after that announcement….apparently.

  5. Peter

    “It’s hard to think of a single issue the Morrison government has fought for”


  6. Albos Elbow

    So close you can almost touch it.
    Beer and champagne are in the chiller.

    This will be even sweeter than Tawny Rabbit losing his seat to Zali Steggall.

    Look forward to an Australia where if you have inequality and division, you build a bigger table and not a taller wall.

    I do hope he leaves politics to become a chainsaw wielding, bulldozing pastor at Hillsong.

  7. wam

    yes, lord, a hot thread, I can’t find an argument against the lying rodent being the worst man to have been prime minister nor that the rabbott destroyed any last vestige of political fairness and cooperation he left in the house. I can find no evidence to believe the libs have won any election without a litany of lies about their achievements and labor’s disasters nor on policies. Equally, I find little sense in your recurring thought. When in the last 60 years have you not wanted labor to win an election? Scummo had no claims to the 2019 election but won. He has been destructive and wasteful over the last three years and can only trust the fear of labor, he and the media propagate every day, to provide the miracle win from the base 40% of Australians who, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, support the LNP.
    But failing that he can work with the extremists for teal to rob labor of majority government. For Albo there is 5 days left. Go go go albo et al.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Interesting take on it that teal candidates are robbing Labor when they are running in blue ribbon Liberal seats against incumbent Liberals. Labor had zero chances in these seats yet they still complain they are being robbed rather than being excited about working with intelligent independents in place of entrenched Liberals.

    If Labor want majority government they need to win eight seats. None of them would have been where the teals are running.

  9. Albos Elbow

    Morrison is such a loose unit on integrity and honesty his wheels are falling off.

    Lets get this election over with ASAP. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing his bullshit.
    I just can’t stand the sound of his voice any more.

  10. corvusboreus

    Albo’s Elbow,
    Similar, i’ve had enough of the albo-scomo hi-vis roadshow.

    I present to you the seldom-seen form of the mouldering sock-puppet currently masquerading as my local country-member:

    His glossy HTV places the palmer & paulines peeps as 2 & 3.

    If he represents anything of me, it is the bits requiring amputative surgery.

    The most likely more-than-token opponent is a tealish INDI called Caroline Heise (“Caz for Cowper”).
    Ms Heise has a solid basic platform, a real job, and seems to have aquired an enthusiatic groundswell.
    She is recommending those who vote for her make their own choices on where to direct their preferences.

    Your Independent Voice for Cowper

    I’d rate her odds as similar to those of a vegan thriving in Casino, but she gets my primary nod.

    Good luck with enduring the clowncar shitshow (featuring extra-greasy track & super-myopic goals!)

  11. Jim Jacobsen

    JL, I’m backing an 8% swing against the LNP. Much of that can be attributed to you and your AIMN Colleagues.
    Thank you for reminding us all that Howard fractured Australian society effectively destroying our Egalitarian beliefs. Instead replacing them with the haves and the have nots leading to the impoverishment of large swathes of Australian society.
    Thanks for your efforts JL

  12. Albos Elbow

    According to the ABC’s Antony Green’s Election Calculator, an 8% swing to Labor would equate to Labor winning in a landslide, 97 seats to COAL-NP 48 and 6 seats to the independents.

    The current Morgan Poll has Labor ahead of Coal-NP 54.6% to 45.4% in the two party preferred vote.

    If you feed a 54.6% share of the two party preferred vote after preferences are allocated, Antony Green’s Election Calculator predicts a 6.1% swing and Labor winning comfortably, 89 seats, COAL-NP 56 and 6 seats to the independents.

  13. Consume Less

    Here’s to Scooter and Co. getting the shit kicked out of them, that big eagle in the sky knows they deserve it.

  14. wam

    It is good to see you give your $ to a battler, crow, and nott is with you ‘two’.
    I think labor’s:
    “Keith worked as a painter and decorator for twenty five years before becoming a high school teacher. After teaching in Queensland and Hong Kong, Keith returned to Port Macquarie five years ago where he researched and wrote a book on Port Macquarie’s history of Surfing.” is worth the AEC quid over Caz.
    But old nationals and labor naively stick with the idea that the extremists are worth two on their how to vote.
    ps Yes, kaye, it is difficult to understand how labor could be affected by the teal media coverage and could lose seats from independents’ primary votes. Sadly, I am not ‘englished’ enough to adequately explain the process.

  15. Graeme B

    Interesting how a number of commentators have now reached the conclusion that the rot started with John Howard. At the time of his election I was warning anyone who would listen (and there weren’t many) that Howard’s attitudes and tactics would damage the culture of Australia and divide the nation and it would take decades to reset. Inhumane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers (mostly non-white), and actions prejudicial to wage earners (Workchoices) are just obvious examples among many. It gives me no satisfaction to be right, when his playbook became the modus operandi for Rabbit and Scummo and it has been going on now for far too long.

  16. corvusboreus

    Another factor making election run-ups such a period of nauseous tediium is the sudden influx of junk-spam from all manner of bullshitting barrowpushers, all trying to tell me how they reckon i should vote.

    The source of this deluge of unsolicited political hawking ranges from smallhour maildrops of glossy party pamphlets through to unwelcome importunements on the internet by some doddering bigot living 2000 miles distant.

    The bast advice i can offer in teturn is to go take a puff on a blue-veined cigar.

  17. Terence Mills

    Today the Liberal Party with belatedly launch their campaign in Brisbane : in LNP heartland – that in itself is a contradiction.

    They will demonstrate to the electorate how they are born to rule and any attempts to unseat them are an impertinence and should probably be outlawed.

    It will be a gathering of the most privileged and arrogant people in the land : the worrying thing for Morrison is that his Cabinet, some of whom are usually in witness protection, will be on full display and the nation will get to see what dreadful people are actually running the country.

    Will Michaelia Cash make a cameo appearance ? Will Alan Tudge and Stuart Robert be presented as joint Education ministers or would that be seen as a sick joke ? Will Peter Dutton be allowed to wear his storm trooper uniform ? Will Eric Abetz be made a life member of the monkey pod ? Will dolls of Malcolm Turnbull be distributed for ritual pin-sticking ? Will Barnaby wear Bob Katter’s hat again? Will Scott Morrison lead prayers of thanks and pledges of eternal obedience to Rupert Murdoch and will the assembly ominously raise their right arms in a salute reminiscent of 1930’s Germany ?

    So much excitement, I can’t wait !

  18. Bob

    All State Premiers except NSW & Tas are Labor. The violence displayed during the covid lockdowns in Victoria & NSW will be a major factor as to how people vote in those States. The doco by Topher Field ‘Battleground Melbourne’ is a good starting point for anyone not familiar as to what happened in Victoria. But what to make of the other State leaders? Were they better? Not in my book.
    If Labor wins, who’s to say we won’t get the VIC version of control throughout Aust? Will the draconian Pandemic legislation spread like a cancer to other States? Arbitrary rule by decree of one person, devoid of transparency & accountability, is not democracy.
    If we get LNP back again, will they be any different? We already have the PM saying he “needs to get the job done” and that he ‘intends to explain himself better’. Mansplain whose intention exactly? I don’t trust Morrison or the Party.
    All State leaders are playing nice at the moment but don’t be fooled for a minute that the whole thing will turn on a dime the week after the votes are counted. Your desire for democracy stands in the way of the parasite class. Stop voting for parasites.

  19. corvusboreus

    Topher Field.
    ‘independent fimmaker & podcaster’ .
    Notable for promoting antivaxx conspiracies & climate science denial.
    Official ‘scientific’ collaborator with ‘lord’ Monckton, earning glowing praise from Anthony Watts.
    Good mates with George Christensen.
    Currently running for senate as LibDem candidate.
    No thanks bob.

  20. Kaye Lee


    Since the removal of public health measures, Australia’s average daily infection rate has soared to 1,515 cases per million people – the second-highest in the world for countries with a population greater than 1 million, Hundreds of people are dying every week. I think I would prefer to listen to health authorities than angry men waving the Eureka Stockade flag.

  21. Bob

    Kaye you’ll probably get your chance to return to the old New Normal ‘health’ rules circa 2021 in a month or two. The good old days with illogical mandates like the wearing of the tried and tested O2 deprivation device aka face mask. Sometimes I wonder what happened to common sense. Like the common cold it disappeared in 2020. Communism never left the world, it morphed into techno-fascism, slowly expanding until 2020 when it erupted in full view in the West, at least to those with open eyes. How much longer can you stay asleep?

  22. GL

    Any credibility for ‘Battleground Melbourne’ went straight out the window as soon as Rukshan Fernando, Avi Yemini and Monica Smit were mentioned as part of the so-called documentary. As for the rest of the “cast”, they are anti-vax, anti-lockdown, etc, etc. Don’t waste your time with this nonsense.

    I made it through the first ten minutes and gave up on this piece of crap. Bob, I really don’t care if you have anything to say in defense of this garbage.

  23. Kaye Lee

    What a bunch of sooks who think wearing a mask is an attack on democracy.

    It’s as sensible as fighting for the freedom to drive on the RHS of the road.

    You are patently not one of the exhausted health workers trying to deal with the idiots who think COVID is some sort of front for a UN world takeover.

  24. Michael Taylor

    AE, yet at the campaign launch today Morrison claimed that his government “saved the country.”

    You can’t make this rubbish up.

  25. Terence Mills

    Normally the front bench of ministers would be in the front row at the launch but on this occasion they were scattered around the audience.

    Clever thinking – as I mentioned above they would have been on full display and the nation will get to see what dreadful people are actually running the country.

    Morrison is full on lay preacher and loving it – such a shame that the ALP couldn’t put Albanese through some intensive media training – he comes across as a novice in public speaking, with emphasis in all the wrong places and not at all convincing.

    Folks this election is going to be very tight .

    PS : A bloke I was speaking to on Friday had his scare campaigns mixed up. He thought that, if Labor got in, there would be an armada of boats carrying Chinese. I had to explain that these were two different scare campaigns.

  26. Albos Elbow

    GL, they need to have a royal commission into the Australian media ownership and control by Murderoch and Kerry Strokes first.

    Absolutely nothing in the media today about the sensational allegations that Frydenegg sexually molested Rachel Miller, the same COAL-NP staffer that Tudge had an affair with and then beat her up when she wouldn’t cover up for him.

    What are these “little shriveling dicks” into – gang rape and women bashing?

  27. corvusboreus

    Bob has chosen to promote a propaganda video, featuring a menagerie of far-right kooks, produced by a political aspirant with a history of climate denial.

    This begs some questions.

    Does bob also agree with Topher in his viewpoint that the scientific consensus over the role of human activities in changing the planetary climate (ie climate change/global warming) is nothing but a conspiracy of lies?

    Does bob agree with Avi that, although health measures like mask mandates are authoritarian overreach, environmental protesters should be gunned down (ie that I deserve a bullet)?

    Does bob really believe that voting for ‘freedom’ micro parties (like the UAP & LDP) who directly preference the coalition is the best way to dislodge the current ‘parasites’?

  28. john lord

    Michael. And he didn’t mention climate change in his speech.

    Kaye. I never go out without a mask.

  29. wam

    people like bob. are indifferent to spreading the disease.
    They are ignorant as to the purpose of the mask or, more likely?? they don’t care about anyone to whom they pass on the disease.
    you are right dance of the cuckoos, scummo is tracking well. A teacher’s strike on top of a rail strike could give him NSW. the two ex-labor seats in Nth Qld are still dicey enough to stay lnp and the tassie liberals are pouring resources into NW Tassie it should be enough to stop labor getting the two lost seats back. Without at least two of these, a labor win is doubtful

  30. GL

    corvusboreusMay 16, 2022 at 6:57 am

    To answer to your three questions; Yes.

    And that is hopefully the last I’m going to say about him and the last we see from him as well.

  31. Bob

    corvus, you have your views based on your experience, I have mine.
    Propaganda – you mean like MSM & govts in lockstep for the last 2 years telling us that the only way out of a pandemic was to forego all caution and (with the assistance of coercive mandate messaging) move towards having every living man, woman and child over the age of 12yrs injected with an experimental gene therapy with no long term safety data? Those in charge have not even requested a parallel animal testing program to see what fertility issues might arise for subsequent generations.
    Re Topher, I don’t have the time to research his climate view. Avi? If s/he claims mask mandates are overreach then I agree with him/her. It’s amazing that Health Officials and well paid research staff in the media seem incapable to finding basic facts of science. ‘environmental protesters gunned down’? Who said that? not me. If you want video of unarmed protestors being shot at in Aust watch the doco ‘Battleground Melbourne’. If Topher had waited a few more months he could have included some video of the energy weapon injuries being investigated by the AFP in Canberra. Re freedom parties to dislodge LNP-Labor, unfortunately I cannot see another option. Stacking the Senate with people who have an interest in our health and welfare seems like a start. Democracy is looking cooked, thanks to the lying, duplicitous media and politicians. Stop voting for parasites.
    weather modification* eg the 1996 US Air Force paper – ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025’.

  32. Phil Pryor

    There’s a “Bob” here, a low grade idiot intent on deliberate lying, misinformation, red herrings, unscientific bullshit, and why? Closet conservative or even fascist. Egofixated stirrer? Desperate for notice? A plant for some discredited stupidity? All of this?

  33. Kaye Lee


    The vaccine is NOT gene therapy. It cannot even enter the nucleus of your cell. It cannot affect your DNA. You are speaking of things which it is patently obvious you do not understand.

    You are listening to charlatans on facebook. That is NOT the place to get medical advice. It is highly irresponsible to pass on such rubbish.

  34. GL


    Your paranoia is going to greater and greater heights.

    “If you want video of unarmed protestors being shot at in Aust watch the doco ‘Battleground Melbourne’. If Topher had waited a few more months he could have included some video of the energy weapon injuries being investigated by the AFP in Canberra.” What the fuck are you raving about? Provide evidence, and don’t try and use Barkingmad Melbourne as any sort of backup.

    If you seen that cretinous “documentary” then you know that Avi Yemini is a male and from what I’ve and heard the supposed journalist has never used, nor would he ever use, s/he or him/her to describe himself. He’s too much of a manly man.

    Please go away and spew your garbage on sites that will welcome you with open arms and shuttered minds.

  35. corvusboreus

    “I don’t have time to research Topher’s views on climate science’.

    So you couldn’t be bothered quickly looking up basic info on the persistently brayed views of a source you cite as credible.

    So much for ‘doing your own research’.

    Is it that you are too busy obsessively flogging your personal hobby horse?

    Or is it that you don’t really believe or care about the increasingly dire messages coming from the concensus of climate scientists?

  36. Kaye Lee


    I am reminded of when Jim Molan, the Liberal Party’s second bestest candidate for the Senate in NSW, appeared alongside Michael Mann on the first Q&A after the bushfires.

    Jim Molan: “I accept the climate is changing. It has changed and it will change. As to whether it is human-induced climate change, my mind is open. Michael might say that the science is settled. And I respect very much scientific opinion but every day across my desk comes enough information for me to say that there are other opinions.”

    Asked “what is the evidence you are relying on?” by Macdonald, the senator replied “I’m not relying on evidence, Hamish,”

    Facebook rulz, science drulz

  37. corvusboreus

    Did you know that, although oxygen particles measure 0.12 of a nanometer and COVID cells are about 500 times larger (50 – 150nm), cloth masks block O2 whilst letting through the virus?

    Hence the term “oxygen deprivers”.

    It is common knowledge that surgeons wear face masks not for purposes of bio hygiene, but merely so they can enjoy an anoxiated buzz whilst operating.

    Science doesn’t accept this coz science is, as you know, exceedingly stoopid.

    Ps, I think some of the more rabid reactions against facemasks stem from the fact that they force people to confront the reality of their own halitosis.

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