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How can we trust a liar?

The person you can most easily convince about anything is yourself because you are susceptible to your own emotions – your own bias and beliefs. Some people are more prone to believing their own bullshit than others. In this instance, l refer to the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Some can consider these susceptibilities when speaking or writing about different subjects like politics, for example. Others have it in varying degrees, while others have no control over it at all.

It can be infuriating when listening to a politician answer a question (or most likely not answer), and you know the words they are using belong to a question they would have liked to have been asked.

You know what I mean. It goes backwards and forwards (you know, the answer) until the interviewer goes on to the next question. Your frustration builds while your respect diminishes.

The best tactician in this regard is the Prime Minister himself. He uses what l call the ‘conlie‘, where he simply denies any association with what he might have said.

You know it’s a con, but you separate the hustle from the lie. Then the argument is discussed in terms of the differences between the deception and the falsehood rather than the lying itself.

This week he used this technique regarding what he had said about electric cars during the 2019 election campaign.



It’s akin to saying that life is about perception. Not what is but what we perceive it to be. Or people see what they are thinking and feeling, seldom what they are looking at. Morrison appeals to those who have reasoned by virtue of their feelings that they are correct, and it is totally futile to appeal to their logic.

That is why (if my previous remarks make sense to you) most people from the left at least have no hesitation in calling our leader a liar, and I think it’s safe to say he now surpasses Tony Abbott.

In 2019 during the election campaign after Labor announced its EV Policy, Morrison said that it would; “end the weekend”, and incorrectly stated that the vehicles in question wouldn’t “tow your trailer.” Then he questioned how people in apartments would charge them.



His policy for this election, it seems, is to set up how the vehicle would be charged. It came with a rather ridiculous scare campaign on utilities.

Shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers, appearing on RN Breakfast, labelled the U-turn an embarrassment:

“How humiliating for a prime minister who said electric vehicles would end the weekend,” he said. “[He’s] now trying to pretend, all of a sudden, because we’re on the eve of an election, that he cares about electric vehicles.”

Writing for The Monthly today Rachael Withers asked the question:

“So how exactly does Morrison intend to pull off this brazen backflip, from claiming EVs would ruin the Australian way of life to spruiking his own highly insufficient EV plan? The answer is with a shamelessness that outstrips many of his earlier instances of barefaced lying.”

When asked about his “end the weekend” comments at Melbourne’s Toyota hydrogen production centre, he classically did what I said he does. He conlied:

“I don’t have a problem with electric vehicles … claiming his issue was only ‘with governments telling people what to do, and what vehicles they should drive, and where they should drive them,’ as he alleged former Labor leader Bill Shorten had wanted to do.”

Again, he is lying by omission and twisting words. He went on to say things that Shorten had never spoken:

“Even when a reporter argued that Morrison couldn’t honestly say he hadn’t attacked EVs back in 2019, Morrison claimed he could “because that’s true.”

One cannot help but pick up on the likeness, style, and technique Morrison shares with former US President Donald Trump. “I didn’t say that,” when it is clear that he did.

Quoting Rachael Withers again:

“Morrison wilfully misrepresenting the Opposition’s policy as a “mandate” (it was a target, with incentives to boost uptake, which experts and the Electric Vehicles Council say is what’s needed), while suggesting it is Labor that is fibbing. “That is just a Labor lie,” he said, speaking of comments he made on the public record.”

I get so frustrated when Morrison does this. Indeed, it isn’t too much to ask that in a democracy that our politicians at least tell the truth. I, like most Australians, want to be proud of our Prime Minister and the work they do.

We would be a much better society if we took the risk of thinking for ourselves unhindered by the unadulterated crap served up by the government the media and self-interest groups.

Morrison’s falsity is written all over his face. It is commonly accepted amongst writers that he is a liar, and I could never trust anything he says – the man’s an inveterate liar.

To say that we are ambivalent about our politicians is an understatement. Now we are ashamed.

I have been flipping through a new book by former Rudd advisor and Monthly Today columnist Sean Kelly, titled, The Game. Kelly observes that:

“Morrison never feels, in himself, insincere or untruthful because he always means exactly what he says; it is just that he means it only in the moment he is saying it.”

When one thinks about it, the way Morrison lies might mean that there is some truth in it.

Unfortunately for Morrison, his insincerity on climate now just comes over as old fashioned bullshit, or he is conlying.

My thought for the day

Leaders who cannot comprehend the importance of truth as being fundamental to the democratic process make the most contribution to its demise.

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  1. Harry Lime

    Gaslighter: They tell blatant lies
    They deny they ever said something despite proof to the contrary,
    They use what is near and dear to you as ammunition,They wear you down over time,
    Their actions do not match their words,They throw in positive reinforcement to confuse you,They know confusion weakens you,They project,They tell you or others you are crazy,They tell you everyone else is a liar.
    This folks, is our glorious Prime Minister, who obviously has serious psychological issues and is dangerously deluded.
    See also: Narcissist.

  2. Terence Mills

    Morning John

    It is so unusual for a minister in the Morrison government to answer a question frankly or truthfully or at all that it came as quite a shock when a foreign leader responded to the question ‘do you think he was lying’ with I DON’T THINK, I KNOW !

    We’re not used to that unambiguous candour and, of course, the conservative numpties in our media blamed the journalist for doing his job and actually uncovering the truth about the lie.

    Morrison has a football team of spinners in his office who work day and night coming up with a new narrative or a new slogan and clearly they have been studying the Trump phenomenon of say anything, deny you said it , blame the journalists but keep the slogans coming.

    We are going to hear a lot more of The Australian Way as the election nears and it basically means the Conservative way of Can Do Capitalism, not don’t do government [sorry……….I hope you’ve had your breakfast as this stuff can be nauseating as Malcolm Turnbull found out) is another way of saying that ‘we have nothing to show for our term in office, we leave it to
    others’ !

    This is very encouraging : https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/nov/13/backed-by-climate-200s-2m-war-chest-independent-challengers-circle-coalition-seats

  3. New England Cocky

    1) Scummo never tells lies he is merely very economical with the truth.
    2) Scummo could not lie straight in bed.
    There are tow types of people that you should not trust … one is liars because they will mislead you and likely cost you money; the other is a thief, because he will steal from you things that you value and so will cost you money to replace them.

    Scummo is an unprincipled liar and puppet of his sycophantic corporate mates.

  4. Stephengb

    In “The Game”. Sean Kelly observes that:

    “Morrison never feels, in himself, insincere or untruthful because he always means exactly what he says; it is just that he means it only in the moment he is saying it.”

    Is this not symptom of someone who has a mental illness ?

  5. Keith

    The LNP have disgraced Australians with their poor “plan” to combat climate change, and trying to white ant any real efforts to tackle greenhouse emissions at Glasgow. Not only have they let down young people from Australia, they have let down Pacific Island nations and young people from around the globe. They have not displayed a Duty of Care even for their own children.

    The question about the “plan” they took to Glasgow was it a con or a lie? Carbon capture is extremely expensive and does not capture all greenhouse gases emitted from coal fired power stations; then there is the 15% new technology that hasn’t been developed. The cost of the damage done through climate change amplified by greenhouse gases was not taken into account by the “plan”.

    Ultimately, cash resources in Bank vaults is meaningless if there are no people existing any longer. That becomes the possibility should tipping points be fired up. There are immense reserves of methane and CO2 stored in permafrost areas, already beginning to escape. Methane fuelled the huge recent wildfires in Siberia recently. Permafrost being just one of a number of tipping points, once tripped that’s it.

  6. Phil Pryor

    Can do/deny/thieve/lie/bribe/distort/maggot capitalism is a system developed over time, using lies, bribes, networks, propaganda, deception, indoctrination, all to woo the peasant mentality of the ever entrenched consumer lifestyle into perpetuating and deepening the shitpond of futility, for we kill the planet, ourselves, the environment, the future, for big numbers, often on tax dodging accounts elsewhere. These big numbers are symbolic of big dickies, scrotums, teeth horns jaws and claws of successful triumphal animals. There are record prices now for gas and oil executives and corporations, so.., if your brothel of drug operation were doing well, would you give up or just increase the bribes to compliant law officers and politicians? It’s super SLUT’s world now and don’t you forget it. Caymans, climate, corporations, cash, criminality, coverups, conservatives, one day soon enough, corpses…( I never lie, except in bed)

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    Folks .. It is an established fact that Scummo is an unrepentant lying sob. He knows it, the country knows it, the journos know it, and now the world knows it.

    What we should really be worried about, is that the brainless, braindead, brainwashed Australian voter knows too, but benignly thinks its not a serious character flaw and are happy to look kindly on such ‘minor’ distractions. The media scrotes, maggots and whores, are there to soothe their nerves and doubts, and calm any misgivings they have, for just one more time, please.

    And Scummo carries on in his inimitable way, lying and pissing on all norms of honesty and sincerity because he knows the media, is on his side.

  8. Kaye Lee

    “there is no country in the world that does climate delay quite like Australia. The hammy nationalism, the role of fantasy and trickery in its climate and energy rhetoric, and the total absence of shame in defending its role as a key cause of significant physical damage to Earth. It’s only going to escalate as the next federal election inches closer. Better strap in: it’s going to get even weirder.”


  9. Michael Taylor

    John, I don’t know what’s worse: Morrison lying with impunity or a mainstream media who never call him out for it.

  10. Ross

    All politicians lie, we all know that, it goes with the job. Think Howard and Abbott. But lying about not lying is laughable. For a Liberal Party PM to be openly called a liar is something Rupert’s mainstream media will attempt to bury and quickly before it gains any momentum.
    If not Rupert may be forced to turn on Scott after his latest fiasco.
    Plus monsieur le president Macron may have dented Scott’s chances at the next election.
    Albo and Labor will run around answering every question with “je ne pense par savoir”, maybe not in French, but “I don’t think, I know” will be on endless repeat until the election.
    The next Newspoll results will make interesting reading.

  11. GL


    I picture Scummo as being a lying toady, back stabbing weasel, and sycophant. He also strikes me as being one of those people as a kid sucking up to teachers and dobbing in other students at the drop of hat for even the most minor infraction and it’s continued throughout his life. Will he change? Nope. Plus, his desperation to be popular is breathtaking as he has all the charm and charisma of Boris and Donald combined.

  12. Consume Less

    Pants on fire Scotty better invest in some kevlar underpants to stave off serious embarrassing burns.

  13. David Stakes

    Suffering from some sort of delusional Autism is Scotty.

  14. wam

    Thanks for the laugh, I never tire from our tyre about truth.
    There is a growing realisation that scummo is being caught out in his mind swapping opinions and that could help albo if he is willing to capitalise.
    Love you recurring thought about telling the truth.
    Truth is climate change is natural. Why do you lie about climate change being man made?
    There are issues that seem to be forgotten over the last 20 years.
    Returning billions of tons of carbon from fossil fuels that took nature billions of years to sequestre in 200 years will upset the balance of climate change and green hpouse effects.
    Why should a billion white men who got very rich over the last couple of centuries of coal smog and oil combustion pontificate and deny the 6 billion non-white men the opportunity to get rich?
    Asia, Africa and South America have good reason to tell the loonies to ^#@ off?
    The glasgow outcome is little better than scummo’s aussie way?

  15. paul walter

    A personality disorder, which make him uniquely useful to the forces of reaction.
    He “enables” crypto-fascism, but down what dark alley does that lead us?

  16. Ken

    The liar from the Shire is lying when he says he can’t remember he has ever lied.

  17. guest

    It is difficult to get a clear explanation in the media about who was deceived in the communications between Macron and Morrison.

    Paul Kelly asked: “Was macron misled? Of course he was. Was Morrison justified in maintaining such secrecy? Of course he was. The naivety of commentary on this point is almost beyond belief.”

    The justification for this conclusion seems to hinge on the revelation of a 15-page requirement to not inform Macron of the cancelling of the French submarine build until September 16, when AUKUS would also be revealed. Morrison was bound to secrecy.

    Chris Mitchell (7/11/2021) wrote: “You know many in the media have jumped the shark when journalists seriously argue it is OK for Emmanuel Macron to call Scott Morrison a liar publicly, but it’s diplomatic outrage for the Australian leader to leak a text message that proves his French counterpart was the one bending the truth.”

    The Macron leaked text message seemed to be asking Morrison about “good or bad news”, as if Macron did not know what the message from Morrison might contain. Mitchell claims Macron was “bending the truth”.

    How Macron did bend the truth is not clear, unless Macron already knew what the news might be.

    Why Morrison was trying to contact Macron two days before the news about AUKUS was to be released to the world, is not clear. We do not have Morrison’s reply, if there was one, except to release Macron’s text message.

    Why was Morrison contacting Macron?

    Morrison claims he had already spoken to Macron at a dinner about the unsuitability of the French submarines and that Australia was looking at options (without referring to AUKUS). So said Morrison.

    Is such a claim verifiable ? Who else knew what Morrison said about the French submarine?

    Did Macron understand the depth of the rejection? Was he just checking with Morrison to verify the cancelling of the contract? Or did he not know at all about the cancelling – and that is why Macron called Morrison a liar, however undiplomatic that might be?

    Is Macron the one bending the truth?

    Greg Sheridan claims that the French-Australian ambition was finished because it had not progressed to the next sage of the contract. The details of that situation do not seem to have been developed. If it was the end of the project – for whatever reason it stalled (for COVID, for example) – Macron does not seem to know, nor do the Australians working on the project.

    Something is a little strange here.

    Paul Keating thinks the French have better nuclear submarines than the Americans. And French officials have said they would have been willing to negotiate on nuclear submarines.

    Meanwhile, the project was negotiated at about $90bn cost. Andrew Hastie (in Mitchell’s article) said: “Macron’s reaction is small price to pay for world class submarines.”

    What cost will that be exactly?’

    Greg Sheridan has said that France is only our 17th ranked trading partner. Such is the attitude to our trading partners.

    Who cares what the cancelling of the contracts costs?

    And how much will the American submarines cost – in money, prestige and trust?

    Hugely, you can be sure.

  18. paul walter

    We need to remember that the French subs- as nuclear-powered- were likely good subs, as Keating says.

    But the problem was that it was later discovered that a conventionally fuelled power plant could not be installed with out alterations and it is these that drove the price for the subs through the roof (as I understand it).

    A core question is, did the French offer assurances the job could be done on initial calculations, or did the Australian government commit without considering that there might be unforeseen problems leading to delays and cost overruns that WE would be liable for.

    This is very close to being a 64 billion dollar question.

    We got rogered by the Americans on helicopters and incredibly expensiveF35s also other weaponry through likely committing “blind”, although it is true we have not cancelled the F 35’s even after all the strife and cost that has come of them.

  19. wam

    paul walter there was always going to be alterations that why the turds chose the frogs who would change the plans for the big barracuda to design our small barracuda. After the former had been built.
    The pynenut in murdoch’s papers made us think SA would build the subs, like we would have if he had chose the $20b german or japanese, ready to start subs but the paris papers revelled in the thousands of jobs IN FRANCE to build our subs. Perhaps the Rabbott was always going to buy nuclear???
    We don’t care about being rogered because money is neither a concern to scummo nor to the media and the bottom line is keep defence happy, they vote LNP

  20. Michael Taylor

    Ross, I’ve worked for a lot of politicians and the two who stand out as the best liars in the game were John Howard and Joe Hockey.

  21. Michael Taylor

    PS: I never worked for Morrison, but to me he’d be in the same league as Howard and Hockey.

  22. Keith


    President Macron made a point of saying he had a lot of time for Australian citizens. Morrison stated that President Macron was making abusive towards Australian citizens …. all caught on camera. Morrison also leaked an email that should have remained private which has earnt him the distrust of other leaders.

    The “plan” that the LNP have come up with is not worth the paper used, nothing but a con job.

  23. paul walter

    I enjoyed wam’s comments and I, too, think of the Japanese and German subs.

    I’ve often wondered just how murky defence procurements is over the years, with the legions of manipulators and consultants, overseas and local pests and not a one of any of them remotely concerned about Australia.

  24. John Lord

    Michael. “The main stream media will only ever print or say whatever is in its best interests. This is blatant bias. Then it might say something interesting and truthful”

    “In the information age, those who control the dissemination of news have more power than government”

  25. John Lord

    Wam. Your assumption that the only truth is our own must surely conclude in the certainty that we all lie to each other.

  26. 2353NM

    I wonder if Morrison has gone a step too far with the lies over Labor’s EV policy in 2019 as this time the media is generally pulling him up on it. Once the Morrison = lies meme is in the public domain, it’s time for Albanese to remind everyone that Labor was addressing climate change a decade ago which will further add to Morrison’s discomfort.

  27. Ross

    Michael Taylor, Joe Hockey you say is right up there with the lying rodent himself?
    Cover me with flour and sugar and bake me for forty minutes. I did not know that.
    Most of us had big Joe marked down as an overpaid grossly incompetent economically illiterate simpleton of extremely limited ability. Just your average Liberal Party federal minister.
    There again being an Olympic Gold Medal grade liar probably got him the septic ambassadorship.
    Thanks for the tip.

  28. Terence Mills

    The government are desperate in the final sitting of parliament for 2021 (commencing on 22 November) to push through their voter integrity legislation. As this has been probably the laziest government we have had in recent times you may well wonder why this piece of critical legislation has to be rushed through now and how it will improve our lives.

    Despite the fact that there is no credible evidence that election outcomes are being corrupted by voter fraud, the government have this as their priority for the next sitting and they want the legislation enacted before they announce the federal election, probably for May 2022.

    It has been suggested that their rush to legislate is driven by a cunning plan to suppress voting particularly among native Australians and migrants : people may just find it all too difficult.

    The legislation will probably get through on the numbers as, In the senate, given One Nation’s support for the laws, the coalition will need just one vote of the remaining crossbench senators – Stirling Griff, Rex Patrick and Jacqui Lambie – to pass the bill. Rex Patrick has said that he has “no great interest in engaging with the government” on the voter ID bill unless it legislated the Helen Haines model of a national integrity commission. Good luck with that as whilst the government are rushing through what they consider essential legislation a federal ICAC is to them like Kryptonite was to superman.

    I have just emailed my local member, for what it’s worth, asking him to vote this legislation down but failing that to call on the government and the AEC to have a campaign to encourage maximum voter registration prior to the election and also require the AEC to provide every registered voter with suitable individual voter ID – clearly it wouldn’t be photographic ID as that would be too much to ask.

    Without the government actually providing registered voters with a uniform ID can you imagine the delays and confusion that this will inflict on a long suffering nation who just want to be rid of this mob ?

  29. GL

    Like the Repugnicans, Scummo and crew want this go through asap because if it doesn’t then people that they don’t want to be able to cast a vote will be able to do so and possibly help remove the most incompetent, corrupt, greed and power driven party we have ever had the displeasure to put up with for eight plus years. This is something the LNP cannot countenance; peasants overthrowing, so to speak, their betters. Unthinkable!

    Hanson will of course roll over on her back and let them tickle her tummy with pork barrel money for voting their way.

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