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Michael was first admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2003 and was entered on the Registrar of Practitioners in the High Court of Australia in 2005. Michael practiced as a criminal defence barrister up to 2010.

A once in a century chance

I apologise to the readers of my articles for my absence over the past two to three days, as personal matters had to be attended to by me.

Nevertheless, during my absence from being politically active online, I did stop to take in the importance of this 2022 Federal Election, not just from the aspect of soundly removing the Morrison Government from office, thereby destining them to the annals of history books, but also why the policy agenda of the Australian Labor Party (‘ALP’) has set out for us is such a doorway of opportunity and protection, not only in this century, but also into the twenty- second century.

It is a somewhat confronting experience to talk about a future history which one knows one will be unlikely to be around for. However, such thoughts are but inconsequential once you have read Tolstoy’s ‘The Death Ivan Ilych’. Considering our feral media (sorry if narcissistic younger journalists take offence to the nomenclature, but the behaviour of some of you has been infantile (my many thanks to Mike Carlton for this description infantile) will not ask one single question of Morrison beyond the initial feeble enquiry to which he immediately twitches a dislike to, so it is left to us the public, on the Fifth Estate of social media to make the case for change.

This article will address the matters of very poor governance by the Morrison Government, which not only raise concerns about questions of competency, but also highlight the need for a Federal ICAC. I might add, a Federal ICAC is not the ogre Morrison makes it out to be, an opinion he allegedly seems to hold from perhaps fear of his own political conduct since 2007. In addition to the matters of poor governance, I shall also address the Morrison Government’s lack of a policy agenda which will lead us into the twenty second century.

The second component of this article will address the sound economic and social policies the ALP wish to introduce to secure our futures, and those of our descendants’ futures. Remember, the ALP has always been the party of dynamic economic and social change, so when a Coalition supporter asks a member of the ALP “what has your party done?”, we can respond with such nation changing policies from the Snowy River Hydro system through to the NDIS (to name a few), these are policy agendas which various ALP governments have implemented. When the same the question is asked of the Coalition supporters, they can only meekly point to a consumption tax called the GST (Goods and Services Tax) which Mr Howard lied to the electorate about to ensure he could win the 1996 Federal Election.

By way of an executive summary, you will read how the need for change is required as the Morrison Government has delivered poor governance due to:

  1. Morrison’s lies and poor character.
  2. The government’s terrible management of the economy.
  3. Its broken promises.
  4. Its failure to act on climate change.
  5. Its failure to properly execute foreign affairs and national security.
  6. The scandals.
  7. The aged care debacle and the threat of the Indue Card.
  8. Medicare being dismantled.
  9. Robodebt causing so much harm and even death.

Whereas the call for change to an Albanese Government may be found in not just the ALP’s treasure trove of policies, but also in a future Prime Minister and a cabinet which will not be embroiled in controversies, a cabinet which governs in the nation’s interest, not their own.

So, now that we have the agenda of this article set out in stone, as they would say in the 2009 comedy-drama of the same title, “away we go.”

The reasons why the Morrison Government must go

I have previously addressed in articles, posts, and tweets the reasons why the Morrison Government must be swept out of office, articles which have been published by the good people at The Australian Independent Media Network:


Morrison’s ‘miracle’ only delivered us pain; now, put your hand up to say he must go


However, if life has taught me anything when it comes to writing, it’s the writer’s prerogative to take the readers to the topics of concern. There are so many topics of concern regarding this terrible Morrison Government, I have also broken these issues of concern down into subcategories, so that you the reader may explore this horrible trail of governance in a focused manner.

Morrison’s lies and character

The list is long regarding Morrison not being fit to hold office, for a variety of reasons which have been raised by several political commentators. I have espoused these matters of poor character before, so I shall take you the reader on a journey of my previous articles:


Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence


Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence (part 2)


The Economy

Former American President Bill Clinton’s illustrious statement in 1992 “it’s the economy, stupid” comes to mind anytime politics and elections are mentioned. Not that I am saying social measure are unimportant, not indeed. No, the statement made by former President Clinton goes to one critical issue in a campaign, and on this issue the Coalition have failed Australians time and time again, as the previous articles, posts of tweets will convey to you:


The inflation we did not need to have


“With Scott Morrison it’s always too little, too late”



From Back in Black to a Trillion in Debt



A Morrison guarantee? I would rather do a deal with Shylock


  • Employment has been a noticeable issue the Morrison Government is trying to save its political hide on, but as we have discovered regarding climate change and real economic facts there is, all is not what it seems in Morrison’s little bag of dirty tricks, which I have previously discussed in my AIMN Morrison Must Go Article, but in addition there are these facts.
  • Morrison’s gaffe regarding JobSeeker. Now, ordinarily I would say so what, I want to discuss policy, not whether some little Channel 9 reporter impertinently displayed in a clear case of biased reporting, and, to quote Malcolm Farr in The Guardian on Friday 6 May 2022, it’s rudeness journalism (actually, it’s biased, amateurish, and democracy draining journalism).
  • The terrible waste of our money, including the damages we have to pay for Morrison and Dutton deciding to pull out of a binding contract regarding submarines (the new ‘nuclear’ submarines will not be delivered to us until some time in the 2040’s).
  • The real economic facts (graph prepared by Dr Jim Chalmers):



The ALP have always been the better economic managers.

Broken Promises

  • The list of broken promises is contained within my Morrison Must Go Article. Nevertheless, after the AIMN published my atricle, there has been some further commentary in the media regarding some of these broken promises:
  • Federal ICAC, senior judiciary have described Morrison’s conduct as “spurious“.
  • The nonsensical claim by Morrison he didn’t introduce Federal ICAC legislation because the opposition would oppose it.
  • Why is Mr Morrison so afraid of an integrity commission (indeed his recent responses of it being a public autocracy which destroys lives suggests he fears for his own personal reasons, rather than the public interest.
  • We have a Prime Minister now quite rightly referred to as a buffoon due to his nonsensical statements as to the reasons why a Federal ICAC should not be implemented.
  • Morrison’s BROKEN PROMISE to implement a Federal ICAC was criticised as being a failure to undertake a key policy measure, he committed himself to at the last election.

Climate Change

It is an unfortunate that such an important issue regarding the adverse impact of human made climate change has become a weapon of political war in this country. The United Kingdom are united in politics regarding this issue. In any event, here are some of the outrageous claims made by the Morrison Government, and other commentary, regarding climate change:

Foreign Affairs and National Security

The Coalition have always tried to portray themselves as being the form of government which has a record of being strong on national security, which in some ways foreign policy flows from that or is connected to that other area of governance. Well, the Morrison Government and the Coalition have demonstrated time and time again they are just hopeless on:


Scott Morrison’s national security fail



Continued tomorrow: The Scandals.


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“With Scott Morrison it’s always too little, too late”

The words spoken by Senator Gallagher during an interview this morning were what I was saying back in March of this year.

A federal government with only a teaspoon of economic understanding would have, or indeed should have, seen the dangers of what the supply side-effects of the lack of secondary materials would have on inflation, and our economy.

What the federal government has done too late in the piece, and very ineffectually is to fuel the demand side of the economic equation in circumstances whereby wages had been stagnant. Demand is increasing and the lack of the secondary level manufacturing in Australia is virtually non-existent as successive Coalition governments have said bon voyage to the secondary level manufacturing occurring here in Australia, instead 55,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost, and the skill set which accompanies those people.

We are now too reliant on China and India for producing our goods. That is why a Labor Government led by Anthony Albanese will assist Australian businesses to resume manufacturing here, including increasing TAFE placements so that we again may resume our place in the world as a manufacturing country. That leads to reasons why Senator Gallagher made these sensible and factually correct remarks this morning about Mr Morrison’s role this inflationary juggernaut:

“Well, that is the prime minister’s responsibility. The cost of living crisis, frankly, is something that the prime minister should have a plan to deal with and should have had a plan to deal with not just in the last month, but over the last few years. And that is the critical point and a point of criticism that we’ve been making about him.”

The moment the world shut down in 2020 Mr Morrison should have started the ball rolling by addressing the supply side problems which were inevitably going to arise once countries started emerging from lockdown. It is very bad economic planning by the Morrison Government not to either undertake or foreshadow this inflationary event.



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Morrison’s ‘miracle’ only delivered us pain; now, put your hand up to say he must go

It’s hard to believe we are coming to third anniversary of a night which not only stunned the nation, but it also meant a person who was not, and indeed still is not, fit to lead the nation was now going to do so for the next three years.

I was certainly surprised about the outcome of the Federal Election on 19 May 2019, as I honestly thought the nation would see Mr Morrison for what he is, namely treacherous, and an alleged failure at Tourism Australia who had probably been our worst treasurer, and who had acted in such a perfidious manner towards his prior leader Malcolm Turnbull (et tu Brute?) the nation surely would not support such nauseating character.

History is now etched in stone, and regrettably Morrison was able to accomplish a devious victory that 19th day of May 2019. Of course Morrison didn’t pass the finishing line first that night of 19 May 2019 because of ‘a parting of the Red Sea miracle’, no he passed that finishing line with his nose just in front because of the media bias, because of a huge media spend by Clive Palmer, and finally because of a leader who could not cut through due to the media bias (before the crowds of feigned indignation come after me, I have previously acknowledged in my one of my articles Labor has on a very few occasions been the beneficiary of such bias.

Now here we are in 2022, and to say the Australian public are displeased with Morrison would be minimising their sentiment. A vast proportion of the country dislike and do not trust him, it’s as simple as that. Morrison not only divided the nation at the last election; he is now trying to dig himself out of a hole of poor economic management, poor foreign relations, poor national security, and broken promises, which he alone has dug for himself. He still has his media cohorts of Murdoch, Costello, and Stokes. Even dear Old Aunty ABC is a crumbled ruin of what it once was, not to dissimilar to Shelly’s poem Ozymandias, as it bit by bit falls apart under the pressure of diminished government spending (Mr Morrison can still find in the coffers of our money to pay a billionaire whisky distiller $4,500,000.00), and government interference to be this relic of a once golden age of public broadcasting.



There now seems to be five clear elements of his governing, or his character attributes, which has turned the public off Mr Morrison, no matter how hard the biased journalists at Nine Entertainment, Seven West Media, the Murdochracy and the ABC try to paint this fallacious picture Mr Morrison is your typical married Australian father cooking fish or curries. So, I shall now embark on this journey of the reasons why you should not (I would very much like to say be compelled, however such language is inconsistent with my beliefs in democracy) vote for the Coalition, which by virtue of voting for the Coalition would result in three more years of us as a nation having to endure lies, waste of our money, promises made but not delivered, and finally ensuring Australia isolates itself in a region of the World where we were previously held in such high esteem.

Broken Promises

It is a corollary of our democratic system of government that if a politician makes a promise to do something for us the voting public, and the public do so vote for them, only for the promise to be broken, then we as members of a democratic system should not vote for that politician again.

  1. Federal ICAC: notwithstanding his feeble explanation as to why he broke this promise, what was prepared by Mr Morrison and Mr Porter as a draft Federal Integrity Bill in November 2020 would have prevented a Federal ICAC to hold its own independent inquiries, prevented a Federal ICAC from holding public hearings into politicians or public servants, and banned the Federal ICAC officers from investigating past scandals. It is now etched in the history books of time Mr Morrison made this promise of establishing a Federal ICAC with teeth before the 2019 Federal Election. It is hard to comprehend what Mr Morrison considered a Federal Integrity Commission with ‘teeth’ meant back in 2019, but he knew from the reported sources it had to include public hearings. When the draft Federal Integrity Bill was presented to Parliament he would not even allow debate on the draft bill which is just contrary to the principles of parliamentary democracy, in which both upper and lower houses debate the legislation and tweak it so that it conforms with the legislative intention. In any event it appears Mr Morrison is going to break this important promise of the 2019 campaign.
  2. A budget surplus: ah yes, how can we forget Mr Frydenberg’s AC/DC moment of shame. Despite any attempt by Mr Morrison or Mr Frydenberg for that matter claiming otherwise, we were never on track to achieve this misleading, indeed even deceptive, proclamation which the Coalition and Mr Morrison made before the 2019 Federal Election. By the way, I’m wondering what the cost of the ‘Back in Black’ mugs would be fetching at the various low-priced stores where such items may be sold at.
  3. Carparks: yes, nothing like promising 47 new commuter car parks at a cost of $650Million to entice the voting public to vote for you. However, only 6 car parks have been built and construction work has started on another 6, whilst the remaining 35 have been scrapped.
  4. New trees: I shall refrain from ridicule or jeer towards the Morrison Government for breaking this promise, as it was an important promise by the Morrison Government during the 2019 Federal Election to address climate change. In 2018 Mr Morrison announced a plan to plant one billion trees to help the environment, and the government said 400,000 hectares of new tree plantations were needed to meet its target. Presently, government statistics record there are only 4,300 hectares of land where new trees have been planted.
  5. Social Media Trolls: in March of 2019, the former Attorney-General Mr Porter promised there would be a tightening of laws on social media, pledging to increase penalties for breaches of another person’s rights to privacy. Those legislative amendments were not introduced to Parliament by the Morrison Government. In 2021 Mr Morrison proposed a fresh crackdown on social media, pledging laws to unmask anonymous trolls, but these laws were also not introduced to Parliament.

As one may see, this is a significant record of broken promises by the Morrison Government, and despite Mr Morrison saying it’s not his fault (when actually it is), these facts alone should see him being hosed out of Parliament on 21 May 2022. However, like the old advertisement, ‘but wait, there is more.’

Economic Management

Now I can’t recall just how the Liberals ever managed to pin the dirty badge of being good economic managers to themselves, because the facts are they never have been.

Some of you may be too young to remember the 1982 recession when Mr Fraser was Prime Minister and Mr Howard was Treasurer, but I can recall it and it was far worse than the subsequent Keating recession. We had the worst recession since the Great Depression, and when Mr Howard handed over the treasury reigns to Mr Keating the budget deficit was $4.3Billion, inflation was 11%, unemployment was 10.2% and growth was a negative 0.4%. Terrible numbers. When Mr Hawke and Mr Keating examined the books the budget deficit forecast quickly increased to $9Billion. Regarding interest rates, from 1977 to 1982 the average mortgage rate was set at 13.5% and business interest rates reached 17.5%.

Even when Mr Howard was Prime Minister, he, and his Treasurer Mr Peter Costello (now chair of Nine Entertainment), sold our gold at the worst possible time being when the price of gold was very low, and they failed to act on the funds derived from the mining boom to develop infrastructure, improve health care (The Howard Government slashed the funding to Medicare) and Education. Instead, we had to endure Mr Costello’s off-putting smirk as he delivered budget surpluses which did not provide much macroeconomic benefit to Australia, as surpluses cause a market disequilibrium in the demand and supply chain. When Mr Hawke and Mr Keating ran surpluses, it was because of fears about the current account deficit. The so-called low interest rates of the Howard Government era were a product of the one-off impact of the introduction of the GST and the fall-out from the resources boom, the Australian current account went into a larger deficit and household debt almost doubled during the Howard Government’s years of office from 1996 to 2007. Home loan interest payments were higher than 1989 when they peaked at 18%, because of sharp rises in house prices, so in relation to mortgages to income this data had grown prodigiously during the Howard years (Ibid).

Now we look at the Morrison Government’s performance, and the striking issues are obviously its failures in respect to the economy. The first myth I wish to dispel is the notion the Liberals tax less than Labor. That is just a lie, and ABC Fact Check said it was a ‘Fair Call’ when Dr Chalmers said the two highest-taxing governments of the past 30 years have been Coalition governments. Figure 1 below, proves Dr Chalmers claim:



The next myth about the Liberals claims to economic management is the amount of national debt. The ABC found it was a fair call when Dr Chalmers said two thirds of Commonwealth debt had been incurred before the outbreak of the pandemic. We now have almost a $1Trillion in debt with nothing to show for it, and Figure 2 below reflects the sharp incline of national debt before the pandemic:



Regarding the issue of employment, a clear majority of Australians (69%) say the Roy Morgan February 2022 unemployment of 8.5% is closer to the truth than the figures which Mr Morrison and Mr Frydenberg have trotted out before us. The claim by the Coalition to 4% unemployment is deceiving for two reasons. The first reason is the data is obtained by simply including the underemployment rate with the unemployment rate. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (‘ABS’) calls the sum of the unemployment rate and the underemployment rate the under-utilisation rate. The unemployment rate on an FTE (full-time equivalent) would be more than 4% but perhaps not as high as the underutilisation rate of 10%. The second method to measure unemployment is to count the number of people receiving unemployment benefits. There are two unemployment benefits, namely youth allowance (paid to people 21 years of age or younger) and JobSeeker which is paid to those persons 22 or older. You would typically expect the reported unemployment rate to sit between the rate of people receiving JobSeeker and the rate of people receiving either JobSeeker or the Youth Allowance (other). It was very solidly there till 2013.

From then to the start of the pandemic, the unemployment rate and JobSeeker recipient rate have been very close. However, the performance in benefits payment has not matched the claimed recovery in unemployment. Both rates are well above the levels applied before the election of the LNP, and for JobSeeker payments they are still at the highest levels through the entire term of the LNP government. The explanation for the discrepancy lies in the definition of ’employed person.’ A part-time worker who is looking for full-time work can receive JobSeeker. The real question is on what number should the government focus. Should it be crowing about the 4 per cent rate, or should it be concerned that the rate is almost a percentage point lower because persons on temporary visas aren’t doing some jobs? Should it be more concerned that the under-utilisation rate is 10 per cent or that between 2 per cent and 3 per cent of the workforce has a job but needs income support? This is a genuine concern. It isn’t that the unemployment rate relies on a definition of employment that under-reports the rate. The situation is that the Liberals have plenty of other data to tell them that the employment picture is nowhere near as strong as they claim. Whether that is because the Liberals are intentionally misleading the public or because they really don’t understand the numbers themselves is a matter of judgment.

The final issue regarding the Morrison Government’s economic management is unlike Labor, the Coalition does not have a proper plan and our escalating inflation is proof of this, as I have previously written about:


The inflation we did not need to have

From Back in Black to a Trillion in Debt


The Morrison Government are poor economic managers. Mr Morrison has recently provided a guarantee he won’t increase taxes, but I have already addressed the reasons why I wouldn’t accept such a guarantee.


Notwithstanding remaining close to his media cohorts, and the benefits of shielding from the press which goes with such an undermining on the Fourth Estate, the voting public are not enamoured with Mr Morrison anymore and even members of the Liberal Party say he is allegedly unfit for public office:

There are the alleged lies, character and incompetence I have written about regarding Mr Morrison and the Morrison Government which do not paint a pretty picture of him at all:

Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence

Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence (part 2)


There are just too many lies, too many unanswered questions and too much alleged bullying and deception to allow Mr Morrison to continue as Prime Minister.

The Pacific Stuff-up

I have previously written about the almost 8 years of neglect and insulting by a succession of Coalition governments which has led to our worst display of foreign affairs and national security since WWII:

Scott Morrison’s national security fail


Even Julie Bishop, a former Coalition Minister for Foreign Affairs, said the current Foreign Affairs Minister Ms Payne should have immediately flown to the Solomon Islands. Instead, Mr Morrison sent a junior minister in Mr Seselja to the Solomon Islands, clearly conveying a lack of respect for that country. Mr Albanese called the whole Solomon Islands situation a ‘Pacific Stuff-Up.’ I have not heard too many commentators disagreeing with Mr Albanese.

Scandals, Aged Care and Too Late

This has been government which has had the word ‘Gate’ written about it more often than any previous government. From ‘Watergate’ to ‘Grass Gate’, and Barnaby Joyce’s spending of $675,000.00 of our money to apparently produce a text message report. There are matters of alleged scandal I shall not refer to, for legal reasons, however I shall repeat Jason Clare’s comment yesterday, about where Mr Tudge is, why are we not being told why we are paying $500,000.00 and “even Scooby-Doo would not be able to find Mr Tudge.”

In relation to Mr Morrison, he has gone missing during our hours of need on too many occasions. He secretly went to Hawaii whilst Australia was going up in flames. Mr Morrison said we were at the front of the queues for vaccines when we were not in such a position, and Ms McManus quite properly referred to the vaccine rollout as being a ‘stroll out.’ Mr Morrison also let down the country again regarding the floods, and he has strangely only paid Queenslander’s half of what the good people in New South Wales (‘NSW’) are receiving.

Then we have our disgraceful treatment of senior citizens, an issue which could be substantially improved by paying Aged Care staff more than what they currently being paid. I have already written about this issue on earlier occasion, and I provide my link to that article so that you may acquaint yourself with my thoughts regarding this national disgrace:

Are YOU Really Arguing We Can’t Feed and Care for Our Grandparents?


Finally, we have the Coalition tearing itself apart over net zero climate change and Mr Morrison’s intervention in the NSW branch of the Liberal Party.

I could write more facts and opinions about this terrible government; however, War and Peace would then be a shorter and not so daunting book.

I have put up my hand 🤚 to say I will be voting for Albanese Government. I hope after you read this article you will do the same.


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“Change is a law of life”

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” (John F. Kennedy, 1963)

The former United States President spoke these eloquent words at a time when the USA was releasing itself from the restrictive leashes of its past and setting out at the dawn of an exciting new era.

Yesterday Mr Frydenberg said; “now is not the time for a change of government.” The same desperate words were spoken by Mr Morrison again this morning on The Today Show. They are desperate words spoken from the decks of the sinking ship which is the Morrison Government. However, peel back the layers of fear mongering, dog whistling, disinformation and now desperation, what lays beneath at the bottom of the Morrison Government’s ship? Nothing! There is no plan for our manufacturing sector, for our aged care sector, and tertiary education providers, to name a few. It’s just the same old song, and the Liberal Party wants the beat to go on. They ask that you ignore:

  1. Mr Morrison’s secret trip to Hawaii as the country went up in flames; a bushfire the scale of which we had not seen before, but we now know Mr Morrison was forewarned about it occurring by the fire officials long before the fires occurred.
  2. The Ruby Princess docking, which had already warned the harbour officials people were sick on board, but then those sick passengers were permitted to leave. The Ruby Princess occurred in circumstances whereby the Morrison Government had banned cruise ships from docking, but it had allowed four including the Ruby Princess to be exempt.
  3. Proper quarantine centres for the pandemic, rather than continuing to rely upon hotel quarantine.
  4. Telling us we were at the front of the queue for vaccines when we were at back, and we had to endure, as Ms Sally McManus called it, the ‘stroll out.’
  5. Letting Omicron rip, or “living with Covid” as Mr Morrison said with such ‘affectlessness’ as our aged care sector were left to be so defenceless against the virus, whilst Mr Morrison had photo opportunities taken of him cooking a whole Barramundi.
  6. The floods. Totally missing in action there, and when they did intervene, the Morrison Government only paid Queenslanders half of what the good people in New South Wales received.
  7. Stagnant wage growth.
  8. The worst failure in foreign affairs and national security since WWII.


Image from


Ian William Chubb AC FAA, who is an Australian neuroscientist and academic and was the Chief Scientist of Australia, said in September 2018 at the National Press Club these words about where we were at politically at that time:

“A combination of cliché piled upon cliché, three-word mantras, endless quick fixes, avoidance of anything intellectually demanding, dog-whistling, vengeance politics and the adjourning of democracy (as just happened), is no way to build confidence or trust. The solemn declarations of commitment to ‘Australian values’ or to the ‘fair go’ and even to a ‘new generation’ out there ‘listening’, is risible. If they really did listen to us, we would have, just as an example, more focus on renewable energy (polls show about 84 per cent want more investment), less on coal (60 per cent support a global alliance promising to phase-out coal power by 2030) and more sensible emissions targets (56 per cent want a 45 per cent or greater reduction on CO2 emissions by 2030). And where are we? Pretending this is less important than a $3 per week reduction in electricity prices.”

An Albanese Government offers the Australian people a plan (this is not the complete list) for our future which includes:

  1. Improved aged and health care.
  2. Restoration of manufacturing or the secondary tier of the economy.
  3. More TAFE and university places.
  4. Cheaper childcare.
  5. The Powering Australia energy plan which will assist us to reduce our emissions to 43% by 2030, create jobs and deliver cheaper power.
  6. A Federal ICAC.
  7. Budget repair.

The Morrison Government has destroyed our economy as we are witnessing inflation spiral upwards out of control, and interest rates will be increased to try to address the inflation problem we should never had in the first place. We now owe almost $1Trillion in national debt, with nothing to show for it. The Liberal Party is tearing itself apart internally, and meanwhile National Party members like Mr Canavan have started mumbling no net zero regarding climate change. There has been too much dysfunction, too much waste of our money, a lack of accountability and a clear message being conveyed to the electorate by the Morrison Government, a government which has no plans for this country’s future, they are in politics for their own selfish gain.

Benjamin Franklin once stated: “Lost time is never found again.”

Benjamin Franklin warns that time is a scarce resource, and if it’s wasted, it cannot be recovered later.

Time should not be wasted now by us on a stale, incompetent and dysfunctional rabble of a federal government.

It is time for Australia to seize the moment. It is time for a change to an Albanese Labor Government.


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A Morrison guarantee? I would rather do a deal with Shylock

Yesterday Mr Morrison forthrightly gave a guarantee to Australia he would not increase taxes; a guarantee which is not even worth the money it’s written on. Walt Disney’s charming film ‘Dumbo’ comes to mind whenever I think about Morrison’s so-called guarantee, “Because I thought I had heard everything until I heard Morrison told another lie.”

We are now carrying a net national debt of $912B, and this was the same Liberal/ National Party Morrison Government which proclaimed just before the 2019 Federal Election, “Australia we are Back in Black.” I understand the coffee mugs which Parliament House was selling to push this propaganda ‘of Back in Black’ onto us are still selling cheaply at about 5 cents a mug, which is more than Mr Morrison’s Guarantee is worth.

To explain some of the terms in this article I shall explain them out:

  • AGS is Australian Government Securities.
  • GDP stands for gross domestic product, and it is the monetary value of all finished goods and services made within a country during a specific period. GDP provides an economic snapshot of a country, used to estimate the size of an economy and growth rate.
  • Interest on the national debt is how much the federal government must pay on outstanding public debt each year.
  • MYFEO is Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook.
  • National debt includes debt owed to individuals, to businesses, and to foreign central banks, as well as intragovernmental holdings.
  • Net debt is the sum of all financial liabilities (gross debt) of a government less its respective financial assets.

Not long before Mr Frydenberg delivered the Morrison Government’s 2022-23 Federal Budget, a paper was written by Robert Carling for The Centre For Independent Studies (CIS) titled “A sea of red: Tracking Australia’s debt iceberg.”

Mr Carling’s review of our net national debt (not gross), which currently sits at an eyewatering $912Billion, is he forecasts an increase in debt of $3.8Billion to 2024-25, and there being an increased level risk, drag on the economy and risks of crowding out some Govt services. In his introduction, Mr Carling opines that:

“… the increase in debt raises economic policy issues of major concern. It is reducing fiscal flexibility and the capacity of governments to respond effectively to future crises. It may also act as a drag on economic growth in the longer term. There is no prospect of debt being paid down as it was in the decade up to 2007. This would require budget surpluses and/or large privatisations of public enterprises – neither of which is likely. To the contrary, the outlook is for continuing structural budget deficits and there are fewer opportunities for privatisations, with none of substantial scale on governments’ agendas. The best that can be expected is that the debt burden will be gradually eroded relative to GDP as the economy grows. However, this will require interest rates on government bonds to remain below the economic growth rate. It will also require fiscal discipline that places budget deficits on a path to elimination over the next several years. This is the key lesson for the coming round of federal and state/territory budgets, and in particular a warning that expenditure restraint needs to be exercised.”

On page 2 of his report, Mr Carling states:

“… general government net debt – the measure most often used to gauge the debt burden – is estimated to reach 53% of GDP in 2024/25, up from 22% in 2018/19.” 53% of GDP by 2024-25.”

On page 7 Mr Carling discusses our net national debt in these terms:

“Such a large increase in indebtedness as is now under way cannot occur without consequences. At the very least, it raises the nation’s economic risk profile. It leaves Australia more vulnerable to future adverse shocks. More tangible is the drag on economic growth and the loss of public policy opportunities that would otherwise have been available. The impact of a public debt burden on economic growth is a controversial issue among economists. Large deficits may be stimulatory in the short-term, but the resulting debt may also act as a drag on economic growth in the medium to long term. However, there is much dispute about the level of debt at which a negative impact on growth begins to be felt. Debt will restrict future fiscal flexibility. Future tax cuts will have to be foregone or taxes increased. While there will be a welcome increase in discipline on governments to avoid wasteful spending, fiscal pressure will also crowd out beneficial new spending, including on infrastructure (emphasis added). Once the current crisis passes and governments focus – as they inevitably must – on budget repair, this task will be a distraction from the equally important challenge of implementing reforms to strengthen productivity growth. We can therefore say that looking at the Commonwealth and states in aggregate, general government net debt on current estimates will increase from 22% of GDP in 2019 to 53% in 2025.”

Mr Carling’s sources of information are based on International Monetary Fund reports, State and Commonwealth budgets, including Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlooks. Mr Carling’s experience and published works are set out on the final page of his report.

Now I kindly ask you to view pages 192 to 198 of the 2022-23 Budget papers (Budget), which address the issue of net national debt.

It’s evident the Morrison Government in presenting this Budget are planning on a ‘plain sailing’ outlook, which does not address properly interest rate rises arising from the runaway inflation which the World and Australia will experience for several months to come. On page 193 the Morrison Government says in its overview of national debt:

“Net debt is expected to be 31.1 per cent of GDP at 30 June 2023 before stabilising at 33.1 per cent of GDP at the end of forward estimates and falling to 26.9 per cent of GDP by the end of the medium term. Interest payments on AGS as a share of GDP are expected to remain broadly consistent with estimates at MYEFO and around long-run average levels.

I then kindly ask you to view page 194 of the Budget, as the Morrison Government says:

“Net debt is expected to be lower than estimated at MYEFO across all years of the forward estimates. This primarily reflects the Government’s decreased borrowing requirement resulting from the expected improvement in the underlying cash balance, and a decrease in the market value of AGS due to higher yields than were assumed at MYEFO.”

There are a lot of ifs and assumptions in that opinion.

If you would then please turn to page 196 of the Budget as the Morrison Government proceeds to say:

“Interest payments as a share of GDP are expected to remain broadly consistent with estimates at MYEFO over the forward estimates, with the expected impact of the recent rise in interest rates partially offset by lower issuance of AGS. By the end of the medium term, interest payments as a share of GDP are projected to be lower than projected at MYEFO, as assumed higher interest rates are more than offset by the expected lower issuance of AGS. Interest payments as a share of the economy are expected to remain around the 30-year average of just under one per cent through the forward estimates.”

Also on page 196 of the Budget is a table numbered 6.9 in which it records interest payments, interest receipts and net interest payments.

One of the political and economics journalists at The Sydney Morning Herald (The SMH), Shane Wright, wrote an opinion piece about the Budget; “Debt grows, deficits continue despite $300b boost to economywhich was published by the SMH on 29 March 2022. Mr Wright held the following opinions about the Budget:

1 The Budget is forecast to show a $78Billion deficit for the 2022-23 financial year after a $79.8Billion shortfall in the current year.

2 Although being down on what was forecast in 2021-22, the deficits are still among the four largest deficits on record.

3 Gross debt is still expected to break the trillion-dollar mark in 2023-24 and hit $1.2Trillion by 2025.

4 Higher interest rates are also starting to bite into the Budget.

5 Whilst tax receipts for iron ore and coal prices remain at current levels until the end of the September quarter, tax receipts are likely to be $30Billion over four years better than forecast by Mr Frydenberg. Whilst that may improve the deficit, the federal government would also face higher costs linked to inflation and borrowing costs.

6 Treasury also notes a possible risk to the budget if China’s economy slows more quickly than expected due to another Covid outbreak, which would drive down the price of key commodities.

However, AMP in their article about the Budget expressed the view that:

1 At a micro level, the Budget may be criticised on the grounds that:

  • The temporary fuel excise reduction is bad economic policy in that: it may be very hard to reverse if oil prices keep rising or stay high; it will make no sense if oil prices fall back on say a Ukraine peace deal; and it sets a bad precedent.
  • Many welfare recipients are arguably getting compensated for “cost of living” pressures twice – via the one of payment and via the indexation of payments to inflation.
  • The housing measures continue to focus more on demand than supply which will result in higher than otherwise home prices (even though they are unlikely to prevent the cyclical downturn in prices now starting) and will boost debt levels.

2 At a macro level there are two big risks flowing from the Budget as:

  • Firstly, the pre-election cash splash (which is about 1% of GDP in terms of new stimulus in the Budget for this calendar year, but is actually a bit more if spending of the $16bn in “decisions taken but not yet announced” in MYEFO are allowed for) risks overstimulating the economy at a time when it is already strong, further adding to inflationary pressures and adding to the amount by which the RBA will have to hike interest rates.
  • Secondly, the reliance on growing the economy to reduce the budget deficit and debt is unlikely to reduce debt quickly enough and is dependent on interest rates remaining low relative to economic growth. 10-year bond yields have already gone up more than four-fold since their 2020 low warning of a sharp increase in debt interest payments beyond the medium term. And economic growth is unlikely to be anywhere near strong enough to reduce the debt burden as it did in the post-WW2 period unless there is another immigration boom or 1980s style focus on boosting productivity – both of which look unlikely. In the meantime, the strategy would be highly vulnerable if anything came along to curtail the commodity boom. So, at some point, tough decisions are likely to be required either to reduce spending as a share of GDP or raise taxes.

It is evident the opinions on risk factors expressed by Mr Carling and AMP are strong regarding the Budget and national net debt levels, including the forward projections. There is a shared opinion between Mr Carling and AMP regarding the net national debt, namely reduce spending (goodbye Medicare, Aged Care and Education) or raise taxes, but Mr Morrison you can’t raise taxes as you gave us your guarantee! If the fairies at the bottom of the garden tell you every single item of economic, social, and international events will remain the same for the next three years, well then, you will be severely disappointed with those fairies about the economic opinions herein. What does this mean? Well, firstly it means Mr Morrison’s “tax guarantee” is a bucket of lies, unless he cuts spending on health, aged care, and education, or raises taxes. Secondly, it’s further evidence Mr Morrison and the rest of the Morrison Government are not fit to lead this country.

Shakespeare’s character Shylock from The Merchant of Venice had less malevolent intentions than Mr Morrison.


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Further News Corp Bias in Favour of Scott Morrison

Earlier in the week I published an article about what I perceived to be blatant media bias in favour of the Liberal Party and Scott Morrison during this 2022 Federal Election campaign.

It has been brought to my attention by one of my fellow branch members (named Don) that The Courier Mail (CM) appears to only be publishing letters to the editor which are favouring Morrison and the Liberal Party, and normal progressive contributors like him are not having their letters published, even though he has been a regular published contributor to the CM for many years before the 2022 Federal Election was called. As you may recall from my above mentioned article, the CM is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia (NCA).

Don is a retired Honorary Associate Professor. As a scientist, he has studied and worked at Sydney University, the University of Queensland and Cambridge University. His writing is always very astute and courteous. Set out below is a letter Don has tried twice to have published by the CM this week, to bring some balance to what are otherwise very biased articles, only for his letter not to be published:

“PM Scott Morrison’s confected outrage at Labor’s campaign against cashless debit cards for pensioners, contrasts with the LNP’s baseless yet successful scare campaign on “Labor’s” death taxes in the 2019 election (and still continuing) despite no basis in facts as noted by columnist Mathew Killoran (C-M, Apr 20). Indeed, they were based on comments by Anthony Albanese more than 30 years ago, since retracted and not repeated. By contrast, the Morrison government is running a continuing programme to expand the use of cashless debit cards, currently trialling them for welfare recipients in remote indigenous communities such as Cape York, and JobSeeker payments in regional communities such as Bundaberg/Hervey Bay. The Department of Social Services website notes these trials will continue to December 2022, and offers the invitation: “People receiving the Age Pension may volunteer to participate.” As recently as February 2020 Social Services Minister Anne Ruston said “we’re seeking to put all income management on to the universal platform, which is the cashless debit card”. The Morrison government now says it has ruled out extending cashless debit cards to pensioners in the next term of parliament, but clearly it intends to keep extending them to other welfare recipients, and some (or all?) pensioners will be fair game in future parliaments if we continue to re-elect this government. Beware the thin edge of this wedge.”

There are no passages of Don’s letter which could be construed as inflammatory or abusive. Indeed, Don is very reserved with both his use of language and the subject matter of his letter.

As I’ve recently explained (on my Facebook page), the Morrison Government amended the legislation at the start of 2020 which expanded the use of the Indue Card to apply to pensioners. Notwithstanding his stage managed objections, Morrison has not said he will repeal the 2020 amendments, nor has he accepted Anthony Albanese‘s invitation to scrap the Indue Card.

What concerns me is the NCA bias, which I’m informed by my fellow progressive friends on social media is just as blatant and misleading in the other capital cities in which NCA publishes newspapers (I believe only The West Australian is not owned by NCA, but the reporting in that paper has also been blatantly biased in favour of the Liberal Party), is undermining a foundation stone of our democracy, namely the Fourth Estate. As I also reported to you in my above mentioned article, Labor and the Greens have sought in December 2021 for a Judicial Inquiry to be conducted into media ownership and the quality of the news being reported in this country.

If a person of immense education and work qualifications is now being shut out as a contributor to the letters to the editor of the CM, then we are living in a compromised system of politics and major media business interests.

This is not the Australia I was born into in 1969.

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Scott Morrison’s Major Gaffe

Last night the first ‘Leaders Debate’ of this election was held in Brisbane, and it was broadcasted by Sky News.

History tells us a panel of undecided voters believed Mr Albanese won that debate. That is not the purpose of me writing this article, as the outcome of the first debate is now a matter of history.

The reason I am writing this article is because during the debate Mr Morrison used some insensitive and ignorant remarks in response to a woman named Catherine, who raised her concerns about the NDIS and her disabled child. Before the howls of protest come my way, I don’t believe Mr Morrison spoke any words last night in response maliciously, but his words were insensitive and ignorant, and his subsequent conduct has caused me great concern. Catherine asked both leaders about the future of the national disability insurance scheme, citing concerns that her four-year-old son Ethan’s care package had been slashed by 30% after a review. Morrison said in response to Catherine:

“[My wife] Jenny and I have been blessed, we’ve got two children that don’t – that haven’t had to go through that,” he said.

“So, for parents with children who are disabled, I can only try to understand your aspirations for those children.”

Not long after Mr Morrison spoke these words, social media erupted with many people displaying their anger about Mr Morrison’s choice of words and how those words affected them or their family.

Respected disability advocate Craig Wallace, tweeted these words at 9.55am on 20 April 2022:



Now, the other commentary set out below does not suggest Mr Morrison was acting maliciously. Craig Wallace is right, it was careless (I add ignorance to that opinion about Mr Morrison’s conduct during the debate), but it should have been cleared up by Mr Morrison with an apology much sooner than when he eventually did apologise, because there was already on social media that night of 20 April 2022 (don’t say to me how could he know because the staffers and campaign team would have been studying each social media website into the early hours this morning) a list of upset Australians who suffer from autism. It would be fair to say that for many, many others, Mr Morrison’s comments have been deeply hurtful.

Nicole Rogerson, the founder of Autism Awareness Australia, posted this pointed response to Mr Morrison. “Note to @ScottMorrisonMP This is what #blessed looks like. @ian_rogerson and I were actually were blessed with two beautiful boys (and Bob the dog) #NDIS #EveryAustralianCounts #auspol @AutismAwareAus@EveryAustralian

The organisation itself was even more scathing:

“Disgraceful comments by Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP during last night’s debate. ALL children are #Blessings. Your words speak volumes about how you perceive people with a #disability. Perhaps you should spend more time fixing and fully funding our NDIS, and less time counting your blessings.”

Dr Christy Clark:

“I can’t let that pass. I am beyond ‘blessed’ to have an autistic child. Autistic people are disabled by society and the fact that it is designed to meet the needs of (some) neurotypical people. They, themselves are freakin awesome. Unlike this comment, PM.”

Matt Burke:

“This is the moment Scott Morrison told a mother of a son with autism that he and Jen were “blessed” because he doesn’t have a child with disabilities. Harmful ignorance.”

Johnny Valkyrie (living with autism):

“The only blessing bestowed upon nondisabled people is the privilege they hold in society. We autistic people and our families are not burdened by our neurodiversity, we are obstructed by the systemic failures of governments and organisations that devalue us. If you are autistic in Australia and need some support, check out @AmazeAutismAU and their resources. You can also check in with friends, family, allies and other autistic people if you think it might help to talk things over.

Lori-Anne Brown:

“My son is autistic, and I’m extremely blessed by him. He is just coming into his teenage years, diagnosed late (let’s talk about costing for diagnosis and wait times) and NDIS told me at our first plan meeting last year that I had to pick between regular support from OT or speech. We couldn’t have both on a regular basis despite him needing both to “catch up”. All our funding covers is these two therapies on a monthly basis. (Despite needing it weekly) I was put through the ringer trying to get assisted technology to support his needs. We got $100 for that”.

Kristen Desmond:

“Apparently the PM is blessed to have had children who haven’t had to go through that? Seriously go through what being 4! Autism isn’t something u go through and pls don’t make it out to be bad. My autistic kids are awesome just as they r. #Politas #Auspol”.

And if you watched the debate, you would have heard Anthony Albanese talk about a woman who had been told by the NDIS that she would now have to re-use her colostomy bags. That woman was Elly Desmarchelier, a disability advocate who had this to say about Morrison’s comments:



Scott Morrison has accused his opponents of “twisting” his words in “bad faith” after he said he was “blessed” to have two daughters without disability while being questioned by a mother whose autistic son’s NDIS funding had been cut.

A disability advocate, Carly Findlay, said that same evening the remarks were “ableist” and indicated a belief by some parents “that they are lucky they/their children aren’t disabled”. “When the leader of the country says he’s blessed not to have disabled children, he saying disabled people are burdens, that our parents are unlucky,” she said. He should be a professional speaker and not make such callous remarks, he should be championing the rights of all Australians.”( Source The Guardian 21 April 2022 Paul Karp). Later that evening Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame had this to say about Morrison’s gaffe, “Autism blesses those of us who have it with the ability to spot fakes from a mile off.”

Early the next morning, Labor’s manager of opposition business in the Senate, Katy Gallagher, who has an autistic child, said she found the comments “really offending and quite shocking”. “It is something that people who have a disability, children with autism, it is a kind of response they get all the time,” she told Channel Seven (Source: Paul Karp, The Guardian, 21 April 2022; Seven Sunrise 21 April 2022).

Current Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott also tweeted that morning of 21 April 2022:



The timing of these social media criticisms are as follows:

  1. Matt Burke 7.55pm on 20 April 2022
  2. Dr Clark 8.13pm on 20 April 2022
  3. Lori-Anne Brown 9.26pm on 20 April 2022
  4. Kristen Desmond 9.36pm on 20 April 2022
  5. Elly Desmarchelier 10.10pm on 20 April
  6. Johny Valkyrie 10.41pm on 20 April 2022
  7. Grace Tame 11.54pm 20 April 2022
  8. Autism Awareness Aus 7.36am on 21 April 2022
  9. Senator Gallagher at about 8.00am on 21 April 2022
  10. Ms Roberson 8.43am on 21 April 2022
  11. Dylan Alcott 9.43am 21 April 2022

So, by 10.48am today, Mr Morrison’s communication or media advisors by virtue of what they do during a campaign would have been monitoring on social media and television the public reaction to Mr Morrison’s words, and these same campaign staff members would have been aware of not only the everyday Australian’s view of Mr Morrison’s words (careless or ignorant are interchangeable here), but also what such publicly recognised figures in Mr Alcott (as the present Australian of the Year), and Ms Tame (as the former Australian of the Year) had to say. Notwithstanding the criticisms being levelled at him by both people living with a disability, medical professionals or disability advocates views, Mr Morrison doubled down when he appeared on Sydney’s 2GB radio at 10.48 am, as Morrison stood by his words without making an apology (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald live newsfeed, 21 April 2022) saying these words over the radio in response to the criticisms being levelled at him:

‘Morrison told 2GB Radio that Catherine “didn’t take it that way”. “I was just simply saying it’s tough and I’m grateful that there are these hardships I and Jenny haven’t had to deal with.“ Mr Morrison then went on to say, “Every single child is a blessing … in my and Jenny’s case it took 14 years to have Abbey … then we were blessed with Lily. There’s no greater love than a parent has for a child and particularly a child who has special needs. It is a blessing. I was just simply in good faith trying to say, ‘I haven’t walked in your shoes, Catherine, I am not going to pretend to understand it as you do.’ Morrison also said others who had “jumped on” probably hadn’t “heard exactly what I said”.

The question is, did Mr Morrison talk to this mother, or is he relying on her not exploding in anger at him to interpret the situation that way?

In any event, even if Mr Morrison did speak to the mother named Catherine, once again, the problem is these people criticising him on social media and television breakfast news did hear what Mr Morrison had to say and they held a view which is very much different to Mr Morrison’s views. Further, the major issue which any person could interpret about Mr Morrison’s character is that he failed to listen to the people criticising him regarding what they were offended by, and for him to then say by the time of his 2GB radio appearance “I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry for any distress I have caused people.” Mr Morrison didn’t even apologise during his radio interview, even though he and his staffers would have been the position of knowing what Mr Alcott and Ms Tame as the current and former Australians of the Year had to say.

At about 1.00pm on 21 April 2022, after his marketing team must have had conniptions about his obdurate ways, Mr Morrison finally during a press conference apologised for the words he said the previous evening during debate:

“To the other point, I meant no offence by what I said last night but I accept that it has caused offence to people and I have been in contact today and I apologised directly to Dylan Alcott about that. I think people would also appreciate that I would have had no such intention of suggesting that anything other than every child is a blessing is true. Every single child is precious. And a blessing to every parent.”

This was the first mention of an apology by Mr Morrison for the words he chose to use during this debate, and I make this statement as I have studied Mr Morrison’s Twitter profile and I cannot find any earlier evidence of an apology. So, what is wrong with that you say? Well, the first problem I have with Mr Morrison’s behaviour is his inability to understand the feelings of other people, and despite what views he may have held about his words, he should have addressed this issue earlier, and definitely by 10.48am when he appeared on 2GB radio. The next problem I have with Mr Morrison is that his rambunctious attitude to the situation reflects his lack of compassion and humanity, character traits which are essential for a person to lead a country; there was no other reason than pure marketing repercussions that Mr Morrison could display his obdurate ways at 10.48am, only to then turn around at about 1.00pm and offer this belated apology. As I have stated earlier, when those words of protest commenced rolling out on social media (undoubtedly there are more but my source The Guardian reported a selection of the protests) from 7.55pm on 20 April 2022, Mr Morrison’s media team or staffers (call them what you may) would have been reporting back to Mr Morrison at some stage that evening there was a growing list of upset Australians in relation to the words he chose to use during the debate.

I am glad Mr Morrison finally apologised for the words he used last night during the debate, and yes, I believe it was only careless ignorance on his behalf when he uttered those words. I certainly don’t believe he spoke those words maliciously. However, the timeline of events suggests to me Mr Morrison’s apology was motivated by political pragmatism of losing votes, rather than true contrition for the distress he caused to so many Australians. Had he been motivated by contrition for hurting people’s feelings we should have witnessed an apology being made at the latest during his 2GB interview.

Mr Morrison’s behaviour over the past day is consistent with him not being fit to lead this country.


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Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots; Neither Does Scott Morrison

The past nine days of the electoral campaign have been interesting to say the least, and apart from a disgraceful display of partisan media publishing or broadcasting their anti-Labor and pro-Liberal rhetoric, we are now gaining a clearer picture on policy rather than media noise.

What we are now witnessing is a desperate Prime Minister saying anything he chooses to try and dig himself out of several holes of his making, namely the major one is his captains pick of Ms Catherine Deves to stand for the Federal seat of Warringah in Sydney, when Ms Deves had already held shocking transphobic views which crossed the line from extremism into the realm of ultra-extremism and zealotry. .

Mr Morrison is also trying to dig himself out of another hole he made for himself, namely stating he would appoint as a new Health Minister Ms Anne Ruston, should he form government. Ms Ruston has a recent history of publicly stating on the record it was one day the Morrison Government’s objective to place everyone, which by virtue of her words would include aged pensioners, on the Indue Card. In case you have been living on Mars for the past five years, the Indue Card is a debit card in which the Federal Government retains a discretion as to how the beneficiaries of social welfare and pensions spend their money. What is wrong with that you say? Everything, it is well and truly crossing the boundaries of ‘1984 Big Brother’ style domination as to how people should live their lives. On 18 April 2022 Mr Morrison proclaimed (after having earlier forgotten how much people on JobSeeker are paid) a further term of Morrison Government would not reduce Medicare funding, once again because Ms Ruston’s prior commentary was “Medicare is not sustainable.”



Given Mr Morrison’s history of telling lies which I set out in Part 1 of my article ‘Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence’, in which I set out in detail the lies (it is not an exhaustive list) Mr Morrison has told over the years, it’s hard to accept him as an honest person. So, forgive me for the incertitude in which I hold any words that emanate from Mr Morrison’s mouth, but I couldn’t trust Mr Morrison for as far as I can spit, and that isn’t very far at all!


I would like, if I may, to commence with the topic of Medicare, a universal public health scheme introduced by Mr Hawke, to restore the provision of universal healthcare which Mr Whitlam had established as Medibank, only for Mr Fraser to privatise Medibank as a private health insurance scheme.

As you may well be aware, Senator Ruston told the Senate in December 2014 that:

“Everybody would like to think that we could go on in life with universal healthcare, with universal education and with all these wonderful things that over the last 20 [actually it is 30 years but who’s counting hey, Anne?] years Australians have come to accept as a given. Unfortunately, the credit card is maxed out .”

In March 2015 (after the Abbott Government was attempting to make reforms to the Medicare legislation after abandoning the highly contentious co-payment) Senator Ruston told the Senate:

“Medicare in its current form is not sustainable into the future and without some changes being made… we do need to seek some alternatives for how we are going to make Medicare sustainable into the future.”

After Mr Albanese and Mr Chalmers had called out Senator Ruston’s previous statements, and rightly forewarned the electorate her proposed appointment to the health portfolio would lead to further cuts to Medicare, Senator Ruston then strangely responded the strength of the Australian economy (it’s a gross misuse of the word ‘strength’ or ‘strong’ to describe our economy) and her current position was not reflected in remarks she made 7 years ago. There are several matters wrong with Senator Ruston’s response, but I shall get out of the way the simple matter first. Over the course of the last 7 years Senator Ruston has never corrected the record, whether in the Senate or before the media, that she had disabused herself from these previous strongly held opinions. The next issue is the economy, which I have already stated herein my protestations about using the word strong to describe our economy, as it is not strong at all, indeed it is now hamstrung by the Morrison Government with an eye watering national debt of almost $1Trillion.

The interest payments on that debt will exceed the diminished Medicare funding and money spent on the PBS. A further increase of debt by $380 billion is expected in the next three years. When related to GDP, this represents an increase from 22% in 2019 to 41% in 2022 and 53% in 2025. This increase over six years is larger than that over the previous 11 years. The increase in Commonwealth debt is largely due to a recurrent deficit. The Commonwealth’s total net operating deficits are estimated at $525 billion over the six years beginning with 2019/20. Because of our national debt we are now in a weakened position to respond to another crisis beyond the current pandemic. Also, it raises the nation’s economic risk profile. It leaves Australia more vulnerable to future adverse shocks. More tangible is the drag on economic growth and the loss of public policy opportunities that would otherwise have been available. The outlook for interest rates has recently shifted towards higher interest rates in the near term. As existing public debt is refinanced interest expense will rise sharply and crowd out other government expenditures. In addition, the Morrison Government moved too much of the onus of discretionary debt onto all the states.

The current national debt will crowd out other government expenditures and given Mr Dutton wants us to fight aliens in space I hold strong doubts universal health cover would rate highly in the Morrison Government’s future expenditure plans. Beyond the parlous state of affairs we are facing regarding national debt, there is also the Liberal Party’s prior behaviour regarding Medicare funding which does not instil any other emotion than fear into our psyche. This is the almost 38-year history of the Coalition’s attitude towards Medicare:

  • 1983: the Coalition in opposition opposed the Medicare legislation and threatened to dismantle it upon being re-elected.
  • 1993: the Coalition in opposition went to 4 elections (1984,1987, 1990 and 1993) promising to dismantle Medicare.
  • 2013: the Abbott Government floats the idea of a $5.00 tax to visit your GP.
  • 2014: the Abbott Government cuts $1.7Billion in funding for Medicare and proposes a $7.00 tax to visit your GP, and they moved to privatise Medicare.
  • 2015: the Abbott Government cuts almost $1Billion from Medicare’s funding and continues to pursue the proposal to privatise Medicare.
  • 2019: the Morrison Government cuts bulk billing in suburban communities.
  • 2021: the Morrison Government rushed through sneaky changes that will see cuts for vital surgeries.

In relation to the period of 2014 to 2021 Mr Morrison was either a Federal Minister or Prime Minister when these cuts were made to Medicare’s budget. As I said earlier, the incertitude of any reliability in Mr Morrison’s words is at zero on the gauge, and Senator Ruston presided over these cuts being made when she was in the Senate from 2015 until the present day. As I opined in my article dated 28 March 2022, we are saying goodbye to Medicare if the Morrison Government are elected to a further term of government. Neither Mr Morrison nor Senator Ruston will change their spots.

Indue Card

Now, the Orwellian nightmare of the Indue Card, as I stated above it is a government-controlled debit card which determines where the beneficiaries of a pension or social security may spend their money. The whole notion of the Indue Card is repugnant to the very foundations of a democracy, as it quarantines at least 80% of a person’s income support payment and cannot be used to withdraw cash. It is not only demeaning to those people who must use it but is also a tremendous overreach of government intervention in the public’s rights to live out their daily lives, and this is a proposal from the holier than thou overlords of smaller government.

Today (19 April 2022) Mr Morrison claimed it was all a lie about his government’s intention to expand the use of the card to all aged pensioners. The only problem with Mr Morrison claiming something is lie is, well, firstly he has an irrefutable history of lying to us, and there is plenty of prior evidence of words and conduct which suggests otherwise. On 6 February 2020 Senator Ruston is reported as saying the Morrison Government hoped to one day make a national rollout of the card (Source: The Guardian, 6 February 2020). The card was already being trialled at this time in certain regions of Australia, and the feedback about the Indue Card was not favourable from the users, and businesses and banks would not say they supported the card. Indeed, amendments to the act passed in 2020 made several significant changes including lifting existing trial participation caps and entrenching the program on an ongoing basis. The Prime Minister, Mr Morrison also reportedly said the results from the trial were commending [the card] for wider application (Source: ABC online article 23 March 2022). In November 2021, the Morrison Government paid to the payments firm Indue the sum of $26Million to extend its contract with the government for a further two years (Source: The Guardian, 4 November 2021).



It seems the most sensible way the Morrison Government can dispel fears about expanding the Indue Card on a national level is to scrap it entirely; an invitation which Mr Albanese made to Mr Morrison today. Currently, at the time of writing this article, and notwithstanding Mr Albanese’s sensible proposal, the Morrison Government has not agreed to scrap the Indue Card. Given they wasted $5.5Billion on breaking the submarine contract, $26Million would be a trifling amount of waste for Mr Morrison.



Ms Deves

I will not need to spend much time in addressing Mr Morrison’s own goal in making Ms Katherine Deves his ‘captains pick’ as the Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Warringah. Mr Morrison has caused a civil war to break out in the NSW branch of the Liberal Party ever since he intervened in their preselection processes for candidates to stand for lower and upper houses of the Federal Parliament.

Ms Deves commentary about transgender people is now associated with denigrating a marginalised group as sex offenders, labelling them mutilated and comparing them the Stolen Generations (Source Crikey 19 April 2022). Ms Deves comments are simply appalling, not just for transgender members of our country, but also for the wider LGBTQIA community.

Mr Morrison has refused to disendorse Ms Deves. Firstly, if Mr Morrison did disendorse Ms Deves that would be Mr Morrison admitting he was wrong, and we all know Mr Morrison never accepts blame for his own mistakes. Secondly, it is not as though Mr Morrison was oblivious to Ms Deves views, because Ms Deves comments would have already been known to the members of the NSW branch of the Liberal Party. However, there is an even deeper concern which arises from Mr Morrison’s ‘captains pick’, and that is that her views accord with Mr Morrison’s personal beliefs about the LGBTQIA community. Remember, Mr Morrison walked out of the House of Representatives on the day same sex marriage was passed in a bipartisan vote of the Turnbull Government and the Labor Party opposition. By steadfastly standing by Ms Deves, and his previous exit from the same sex marriage vote, Mr Morrison just appears to harbour beliefs which are contrary to the interests of the LGBTQIA community, and it seems his spots have not changed since the same sex marriage vote.

Perhaps Mr Albanese’s comments today best describe the outcomes of Mr Morrison’s ‘captains picks’, as Mr Albanese said the last ‘captains pick’ was Mr Craig Kelly. We all know how well that ‘captains pick’ worked out.


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#ThisIsNotJournalism, #MediaBias and the 2022 Federal Election

Undoubtedly, as most of you are users of various platforms of social media you may well have encountered from time to time the hashtags #ThisIsNotJournalism and #MediaBias. Some of you may have dismissed the articles accompanying these two hashtags as just progressive politic gripes, whereas others of you may have read the various articles, Tweets, and posts. I would kindly ask you consider in full my article, and before you wave me away as being a Labor Party supporter with a gripe, may I say at the outset media bias has been a problem in this country for a very long time, and over the last 50 years I have witnessed media bias which includes a period in which the Labor Party benefitted from such bias.

When I was a young man of about 13 years of age, I remember discussing with my late mum the Dismissal of Gough Whitlam by Sir John Kerr. We had moved onto the subject of the media’s role in the Dismissal, and our discussion occurred against the background of the 1983 Federal Election having been called, and there were elements of the commercially owned media stoically fighting for the return of the Fraser Government. My mum being the intellectually honest academic which she had been told me, “Murdoch helped get Gough elected in 1972 and then he had Gough comprehensively voted out at the 1975 Federal Election.”

For those of you querying the second component of this quotation you should be reminded Mr Fraser immediately called an election after the Dismissal, and at the 1975 Federal Election the Coalition won 91 seats out of the 125 seats being contested. My mother’s comment intrigued me, and even though the broader ownership of media back in 1983 meant political opinions varied on television and in the newspapers, I still recall my mum and stepdad shaking their heads about the 60 Minutes interview conducted with Bob Hawke as being biased reporting from the Packer camp to favour of Mr Fraser.

Of course, we cannot forget the late Richard Carleton during the ABC Nationwide program on 3 February 1983 asking the late Mr Hawke when he assumed the role of opposition leader if he had “blood on his hands?” Mr Hawke berated Mr Carleton for such a ridiculous question, and rightly so. During the subsequent golden era of Hawke and Keating reforms, the Labor Party did benefit from media bias, hardly surprising given the wealth which was being created at that time. Nevertheless, it was not to extent we are witnessing now in favour of the Liberal Party, and that relationship with the media started to sour when Mr Keating granted the pay television licence to Mr Murdoch’s company over Mr Packer’s media interests, and with that Mr Packer turned on Mr Keating (Source: ‘Keating’, by Kerry O’Brien).

The genesis of my desire to write this article arose because of the very lopsided and biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party in what was the first week of 2022 Federal Election campaign. The Labor Party leader Mr Anthony Albanese did suffer a moment of forgetfulness on Monday regarding the number of unemployed Australians (which is a questionable figure that I have previously reported on in my Facebook post on 13 April 2022) and the cash rate, but he took ownership of the mistake that same day, and we all saw former Prime Minister John Howard dismiss it as a trifling matter until the Liberal Party machine got up him for the rent (to quote the colloquial term for being upset) to form an unconvincing contrary view the next day. As an example of the biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party, there I was sitting in the waiting area at Belmont Hospital before my ECT on 14 April 2022, and on the television screen they regrettably had The Today Show on. Ms Alison Langdon asked the Deputy Labor Leader Mr Richard Marles how he felt about Mr Albanese losing the election for Labor that week. Not only was that biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party, it also overlooked numerous problems which had arisen for the Liberal Party that week, as well as the prior history of Scott Morrison’s lies, character and incompetencewhich I wrote about in a two-part series on The AIMN on 13 April 2021 and 14 April 2022.

Subsequently, since 14 April 2022 the standard of reporting the 2022 Federal Election has not substantially improved, and I shall refer to those facts in due course.

Before I address the key component of this issue, being media bias in favour of the Liberal Party during the current campaigning of 2022 Federal Election, I would like to remind you all about the critical current weaknesses in one foundation stone of our democracy, being the Fourth Estate, namely the concentrated ownership of media in Australia and our poor Press Freedom Index (‘PFI’) rating. As of this 17th day of April 2022:

1 Presently Australia is ranked in the 25th position out of 180 countries in the 2021 Press Freedom Index (‘PFI’). What is wrong with that you say? Well, to be totally candid with you, a lot! When the first PFI was compiled in 2002 we ranked 12th out of 139 countries, and our now AUKUS alliance partners (founded 15 September 2021) the USA were ranked in 17th position and the United Kingdom in the 21st position. Moving the hands of time back to 2021, the countries which outranked Australia on the PFI included Namibia, Samoa, Suriname (located in between Guyana and French Guyana in South America), and Estonia to name a few.

2 As there does not appear to be a PFI before 2002, I can only assume (yes, I know, it makes an ass out of u and me) Australia was in the top ten before the decline occurred under the Howard Government, particularly as they introduced cross media ownership laws in 2006 which permitted an owner of a metropolitan newspaper to own a television station (prior to that you may recall Paul Keating said, “you could be the queen of the screen or the prince of print, but you couldn’t be both). The legislative amendments introduced by Mr Howard accelerated the sad decline of concentrated cross-media ownership in Australia, and the quality of the news presented to us. The Murdoch News Corp stable and Fairfax waged a war against suggested amendments to media regulatory rules the Gillard Government suggested in 2011 to address the advent of the internet, and to introduce a new media standards body with teeth which would enforce fairness, accuracy, and media codes. (Source ABC ‘The history of media regulation in Australia’ 6 October 2015.) Subsequently, in 2017 the Turnbull Government further relaxed media ownership rules, which has led to Nine Entertainment (‘NE’) being able to purchase Fairfax print media.

3 You may not have noticed it because of the mainstream media being consumed by reporting the disturbing developments with the Covid-19 pandemic, but early in 2021 the Morrison Government introduced the News Media Bargaining Code, which essentially imposed a tax on Facebook and Google so that large media empires like News Corp and NE could be paid for snippets of their news posted on Facebook, and in relation to Google search engine optimisation, once freely dependent on clever headlines, could now be owned or controlled by large mainstream media suppliers, such as the Liberal Party’s good friends, News Corp. (Source: Independent Australia article by Michelle Pini, 25 February 201).

4 In relation to the concentration of commercially owned media ownership now, regarding:

(a) our old ‘idiot box’ of television, the:

  • Nine Network (including other digital channels 91, 92, 93, 94 and 99 as well as affiliates WIN Television, Southern Cross Television, and Imparja Television) broadcasts to each capital city and it is owned by its parent company NE, which of course has as its Chairperson Mr Peter Costello, being the former Federal Treasurer in the Howard Liberal Government.
  • Seven Network (which also includes digital channels 71, 72, 73, 74 And 76 affiliates Southern Cross and WIN Television) which is the second largest television network in Australia, and it is owned by Seven West Media Limited (‘SWM’) which has as its Chairperson Kerry Stokes. Mr Stokes also personally owns under his private company Australian Capital Equity mining, construction, and petroleum interests and thanks to Seven Group Holdings (Mr Stokes stepped down as chairperson of Seven Group Holdings in 2001) he also owns a cattle empire of more than a million hectares (Source: the Australian Financial Review (‘AFR’) 28 September 2017). SWM also owns Yahoo!7 which combines the Seven Network’s content with Yahoo!’s search and online capabilities.
  • Network 10 (includes affiliates in Southern Cross Television, WIN Television, Mildura Digital Television, Tasmania Digital Television, Darwin Digital Television, Central Digital Television and West Digital Television), which is owned by Ten Network Holdings which in turn is owned by the American company Paramount Global. Network 10 broadcasts to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.
  • Foxtel, which is owned 65% by News Corp Australia (‘NCA’)(a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, incorporated in Delaware) and 35% by Telstra. Foxtel broadcasts Sky News Australia (which is owned by Australian News Channel Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of NCA) on its pay TV service in the Australian capital cities, whilst distributing its news to regional Australia on digital terrestrial television by Southern Cross Austereo (‘SCA’) (owned by Macquarie Bank and others) and Win Television (which is owned by Birketu Pty Ltd and chaired by former Network 10 shareholder Bruce Gordon).
  • Australian Broadcasting Service (‘ABC’) which is totally funded (or underfunded as Dear Old Aunty is now) and the Special Broadcasting Service (‘SBS’) which is a hybrid funded Australian public broadcaster 80% funded by the Federal Government.

(b) the radio (still surviving after the Buggles famous song), which if we put to one side the major publicly funded stations of the ABC or hybrid funded SBS, is otherwise made up of the following networks:

  • Australian Radio Network (‘ARN’) which is a group of commercial radio stations around Australia including Pure Gold, KIIS Network, CADA and iHeartRadio. ARN is owned by Here, There & Everywhere (company) (‘HTE’), which includes as one of its largest shareholders NCA. HTE also owns a 50% share in Nova 93.7 Perth, along with the other 50% owned by NOVA Entertainment (‘NOVA’) which is 100% owned by Lachlan Murdoch’s Illyria Pty Ltd (‘Illyria’).
  • NOVA which owns numerous FM radio stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, including Nova and smoothfm, as well as non-network radio Coles Radio, Star 104.5, FIVEaa and KIIS 97,3. There are also the online services of, and As discussed above, NOVA is 100% owned by Lachlan Murdoch’s company Illyria.
  • NE which of course is chaired by the former Liberal Party Federal Treasurer Mr Costello, and it owns 2GB, 2UE, 3AW, Magic 1278, 4BC, 4BH 6PR, 6GT and NTS.
  • Southern Cross Austereo (‘SCA’) (parent company is Southern Cross Media Group owned by Macquarie Bank [owned by the Macquarie Group] and others) which owns multiple FM radio stations which are part of the Hit Network and the Triple M Network across metropolitan and regional Qld/NSW/ Vict/WA, the ACT, Hobart, Adelaide, and Mount Gambier. SCA owns numerous regional television stations in NSW, the ACT, the Northern Territory (‘NT’), Qld, South Australia (‘SA’), Vict, and Tasmania. SCA also broadcasts across 13 digital radio stations, including the various Triple M themes of music, as well as many internet radio stations.

(c) Newspapers that are owned by:

  • NCA, which owns The Courier Mail (‘CM’) and Quest Community Newspapers (‘QCN’) (which on 26 June 2020 became an online news service only although many of the QCN publications ceased to exist from this date), The Gold Coast Bulletin (‘GCB’), The Australian (‘Aust’), The Daily Telegraph (‘DT’) and NewsLocal (which became an online newspaper under the DT masthead), The Herald Sun (‘HN’), The Advertiser and Messenger Newspapers in SA and The Hobart Mercury (‘The Mercury’) in Tasmania.
  • NE which owns The Sydney Morning Herald (‘SMH’), The Age and the Australian Financial Review (‘AFR’).
  • The West Australian (‘TWA’) and The Sunday Times (‘ST’) which are owned by SWM.
  • The Canberra Times which is owned by the Australian Community Media (‘ACM’). ACM also publishes 160 regional newspapers including The Land and Queensland Country Life. ACM is owned by the former chief executive of Domain, Antony Catalano (50%) and billionaire Alex Waislitz (50%).

(d) Online publications which not only include 7, 9, 10, the ABC, SBS, NCA’s newspapers including, and The Guardian.

I have set out quite an extensive list of media ownership in Australia, but as you may see from the above list of media outlets, three names appear regularly. Murdoch (whether it’s Rupert’s NCA or Lachlan’s Illyian), SWM (or Kerry Stokes), and NE which of course has as its chairperson Mr Costello. So, you can see where we are heading given the concentration of media ownership in Australia, regarding television, newspaper, radio, and online publications.


Image from


As I discussed earlier, media ownership laws were opened to a certain degree by the Hawke Government in 1986, which were overseen by Paul Keating. Although the Hawke/ Keating reforms paved the way for television networks to be formed, no media corporation was able to own simultaneously a metropolitan newspaper and a television channel. Critics of the 1986 reforms argue it paved the way for NCA to acquire 70% of the market share of newspapers, but despite that criticism it still was the case up until the Howard Government fully opened the floodgates in 2006 for cross media ownership (Source The Monthly article by Robert Manne November 2006), an owner of a metropolitan newspaper could not own a television station.

Which brings me to the present. I mentioned above The Today Show comment made by Ms Langdon on 14 April 2022, which was not only biased in favour of the Liberal Party, but it is also overlooked some very key facts about the Liberal Party’s first week of campaigning (I mention these matters at the conclusion of my article). The Today Show is of course the breakfast television show delivered to us each day by NE’s channel 9. My wife told me when she picked me up from hospital on Thursday, she had looked at the CM for that day, and she was shocked by the degree of biased reporting against the Labor Party and Mr Albanese in that publication. My Facebook and Twitter friends have also brought the following biased reporting either in favour of the Liberal Party or anti-Labor (this is not the entire list of biased reporting) on:

  • 9 April 2022 whilst we were waiting for Mr Morrison to call the election, once he had of course exhausted our money on government advertising and getting his captains picks in line in NSW (oh how has that come back to bite #MorrisonMustGo on the backside) NE’s 9News online published a report by Mr Charles Croucher at 7.46am, the headline of which was “The ‘devastating line’ in Labor’s character assassination of Scott Morrison.” Mr Croucher, I think you need to read the news reports closely, or perhaps you have a case of Senator Hume, as Mr Morrison’s poor character was being called out by members of the Liberal Party.
  • 12 April 2022 The Mercury printed on its front page a picture of Mr Albanese next to a large banner headline which read “Albo Who?” For crying out loud, there isn’t a person alive in Australia who doesn’t know who Mr Albanese is, about where he started in life to rise by this stage to be a former Deputy Prime Minister and now Leader of the Opposition, and soon to be our Prime Minister.
  • 13 April 2022 NCA journalist Samantha Maiden in a podcast (Source 13 April 2022 at 12.51pm) said, “One of the criticisms of Anthony Albanese, which is not unreasonable, is that he hasn’t really had a career in what you might describe as the real world.” Dear oh dear Samantha, and where is your commentary about Mr Morrison’s reported dismissal from Tourism Australia, or the Tourism NZ questions etc etc? I would much rather have a person of Mr Albanese’s character than Mr Morrison’s!!!
  • 12 April 2022 the leading political correspondent in the nation Ms Laura Tingle reported for 8 minutes on the ABC program ‘730’ the many issues of the past 3 and bit years (I shall deal with these below) which militate against Mr Morrison being the right person to lead Australia. The usual suspects of the NCA, Mr Bolt and Mr Henderson, hollered in disapproval supporting Mr Morrison and calling for Ms Tingle to stand down, when all Ms Tingle did was 100% correctly quote the facts of the many issues which call into question Mr Morrison’s character and ability to lead (Source The Advertiser 14 April 2022).
  • 14 April 2022 TWA’s frontpage headline about Mr Albanese was ‘Does He Know His A*** From His Albo?’ The TWA did not report on the front page the Labor Party’s announcement to restore Medicare by funding 50 urgent care clinics across the country, a matter of greater importance about leading this country in the right direction than the juvenile commentary of the TWA about Mr Albanese’s press conference.
  • 14 April 2022 the AFR’s Phil Coorey completely misleading article about focus groups leaning towards Mr Morrison over Mr Albanese, when the groups only consisted of 5 people in each group. Don’t expect Roy Morgan to be offering Phil a job anytime soon. NE’s The Today Show of course ran with the Phil Coorey story that morning, just to add to Ms Langdon’s ridiculous commentary directed at Mr Marles.
  • 14 April 2022 the NCA’s Herald Sun online not to be outdone for its biased reporting against Mr Albanese claimed in their online article about the unfortunate car crash Mr Morrison’s security detail were involved in was, “It comes after Anthony Albanese has backflipped on offshore detention centres.” What the actual? Mr Albanese did nothing of the sort that day, other than confirming an Albanese Government would continue to turn back the boats (for the record, the weaponisation of refugees by Mr Howard, Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach).
  • 14 April 2022 the ABC’s Mr Andrew Probyn on 730 continuing to refer to Mr Albanese’s loss of memory on the morning of 11 April 2022. Now, Mr Albanese had taken ownership of that memory loss moment, and Mr Howard (before the Liberal Party machine got to him) had said that same day on 11 April 2022 “so what.” You only have to study social media platforms to quickly realise the country is of the same view, so what, it was a memory fade. Where is your mention Mr Probyn of Mr Morrison having a more important brain fade at the National Press Club in February 2022 when he blatantly displayed a “who cares” attitude about him not knowing the price of bread, milk, and petrol?
  • 15 April 2022 SWM channel 7 breakfast show Sunrise (I dislike breakfast television, but I watch it for the specific reason of bias) ran an over-the-top article about the Labor Party being in crisis over the outcome of the first week of the campaign. The reporter making these claims even thought it would assist her histrionics by reading out the headlines from each NCA metropolitan newspaper. The only political party in crisis by this time was the Liberal Party, as Mr Morrison was refusing to make Ms Deves stand down for her terrible views about transgender people, and Mr Morrison breaking a key election promise of the 2019 Federal Election regarding establishing a Federal ICAC.

In relation to the biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party and against the Labor Party, as I previously said the above-mentioned facts are just a sample of the media bias. To be fair to NE, on 15 April 2022 the front page of the SMH heavily criticised Mr Morrison for abandoning establishing a Federal ICAC, a promise which he made at the 2019 Federal Election. The SMH also included on the front page a very derisive criticism of Mr Morrison by the SMH Editor for breaking this important 2019 Federal Election promise. The day beforehand the AFR published an article about how stage-managed Mr Morrison’s campaign is, including the fact they had not seen him meet with ‘real’ members of the public, only the staged Liberal Party supporters. I have not seen any evidence of the same newspaper reporting from NCA or SWM. Whether the NE stable of newspapers continues this reporting during the remainder of the campaign remains to be seen, but hopefully they teach Mr Coorey to count to five before 21 May 2022. I have also avoided criticising the ABC too much, apart from referring to Mr Probyn’s silly comment above, as for the past 9 years the ABC’s funding has been under attack, and we know a senate inquiry delivered a report prior to the 2019 Federal Election which confirmed there had been political interference with the ABC.

As you the reader may be aware, the Labor Party has a more ambitious policy agenda than the Morrison Government to reduce our emissions and manufacture renewable energy here products here. What many of you perhaps don’t know is the degree of business interest Rupert Murdoch reportedly has had in fossil fuels since 2010, the alleged misreporting by NCA and NE of how much tax mining companies have paid since 2010 and how much the Liberal Party are wrapped up in the toxic web of fossil fuels:

  • In November 2010, Genie Energy, as a division of IDT Corporation, announced Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild had each purchased equity stakes in Genie Oil and Gas, and would join Dick Cheney on Genie Energy’s Strategic Advisory Board. The purchases were reportedly “equivalent to a cumulative 5.5% stake in Genie Oil and Gas Inc., which consists of IDT’s interests in American Shale Oil, LLC.. and Israel Energy Initiatives, Ltd… for a total of $11.0 million dollars.
  • The Murdoch clan’s second company is buying a major global oil and gas data reporting website called Oil Price Information Service (OPIS).
  • Mr Morrison is again running an election script prepared by his advisors Crosby Textor. The firm Crosby Textor was founded by Sir Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor, and the firm has lobbied for the powerful oil and gas association APPEA (in Queensland, NSW, and WA), and been involved in conservative election campaigns in Queensland (Newman), the UK (David Cameron & Theresa May) and NZ (John Key). Queensland Senator James McGrath previously worked with Crosby Textor in the UK. Crosby Textor also reportedly stage-managed Mr Morrison’s 2019 Federal Election campaign.
  • Then there is the question which arose in June 2021 as to NCA, NE and the Morrison Government’s Mining and Resources Minister Mr Keith Pitt being allegedly duped by the Minerals Council of Australia (‘MCA’) in consistently repeating the alleged misleading claims of the MCA regarding how much money the mining industry was contributing to the Australian economy, only to be caught out by Michael West Media (‘MWM’) about the significant GST refund the mining industry receives as an exporting industry, allegedly it is approximately $80B in refunds over the previous 10 years. The MCA, as well as the editors of the Aust and AFR, were approached by MWM but they allegedly did not respond to that media organisation’s questions. MWM’s investigations also reported the former CEO of the MCA Mr Brendan Pearson was allegedly given a senior role in 2019 by the Morrison Government regarding international trade, after Mr Pearson was allegedly forced out as the Chief Executive of the MCA in 2017 when BHP took issue with Mr Pearson’s alleged pro-coal and anti-Paris Agreement lobbying.
  • May I ask you to shift your focus now to AGL, an energy company which has continually been in the news during these early months of 2022. It’s reported in Climate & Capital Media (‘CCM’) that in 2017, Australia’s then Minister for the Environment and Energy (now treasurer) Mr Josh Frydenberg, allegedly made calls to AGL board members, not to insist the company speed up emissions reductions but for it to sack its CEO, American Andy Vesey. In the same CCM report it is also alleged Mr Vesey had been hired to navigate the company’s coal transition and by all reports was doing just that. So well in fact that he was apparently moving too fast for the pro-coal government and, after the phone calls, abruptly left the company and returned to the U.S. A year later, Prime Minister Scott Morrison publicly demanded AGL keep its aging Liddell coal plant for an additional 20 years despite its derelict state. This is an incredible intervention by a government in a publicly listed company. Some have called it bullying. CCM also reports in the same article the various NCA media, Australia’s biggest media owner, relentlessly parroting pro-coal rhetoric with cries of “save the jobs!” “Power prices will skyrocket!” and “China will take over!” NCA have previously been the subject of reports of allegedly publishing anti-renewable energy articles as long ago as 2014.

Now, I don’t have any evidence from employees of NCA, NE and SWM which suggests NCA, NE, SWM are persistently attacking the Labor Party with biased reporting because of any connections with the fossil fuel industry, but we do know from the above-mentioned reports the Murdoch clan allegedly do have an interest in fossil fuels, and Mr Stokes has some interests in mining (the type of mining is still under investigation by me) so it’s arguable any policies which expedite the reduction of the use of such fuels may be contrary to the Murdoch’s and Mr Stokes other business interests. What we do know is that on 9 December 2021 Labor and the Greens recommended a judicial inquiry with the powers of a royal commission be formed to conduct an inquiry into media diversity and NCA. Both the Labor Party and the Greens want this inquiry to be conducted to address the current outdated regulatory framework. A judicial inquiry could compel evidence from witnesses and be conducted at arm’s length. That bipartisan approach to attempting to cure the decline of the standards of reporting and ownership of our media, a decline which has eroded our faith of the Fourth Estate, may certainly be a significant policy issue which collides with the media business interests of NCA, NE and SWM.

Finally, these are the key facts of the 2022 Federal Election which have either not been properly reported by our media, or totally forgotten in relation to Morrison Government:

  1. The payment to Ms Miller of $500,000.00, which even Ms Miller has called upon Mr Morrison to provide the true reasons for such a large payment being made to her.
  2. Mr Morrison’s failure to establish a Federal ICAC, and his feeble excuses for not doing so.
  3. The Morrison Government’s mishandling of the 2019 Bushfires (including Hawaii), the pandemic, aged care and the 2022 floods.
  4. Mr Morrison’s character regarding his history of lies as Prime Minister (see Part 1 of my article link above Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence), which includes him lying to us up to 10 April 2022 about Mr Tudge no longer being a member of cabinet.
  5. Mr Morrison’s character regarding the fresh evidence matters raised by Mr Michael Towke on The Project.
  6. The Morrison Government’s poor economic record, including how we have accrued $1Trillion in debt (also doubling the debt before the pandemic) without any positive economic benefits arising from that debt, their failure to foresee the economic consequences of increased inflation from the shutting down of supply lines and their failure to develop Australian manufacturing (including electric cars and solar panels) so that we are not so reliant on China and India for secondary level manufacturing purposes.
  7. Mr Morrison’s interference in the NSW Liberal Party, including his captains pick of Ms Deves who holds such concerning views about trans gender adults and children.
  8. The Morrison Government’s national security and foreign affairs failures regarding our Pacific neighbours and leasing the Port of Darwin to China.
  9. The Morrison Government’s lies about climate change steps they have taken, and their failure to implement a proper climate change policy.

This is not an exhaustive list of the matters the media should be extensively covering regarding the Morrison Government, being the worst government in our history which is also being presided over by our worst Prime Minister, but it sure would be a good start for the media to focus on these issues, and Labor’s policy announcements, if we wish to see some ‘balance’ in coverage of the 2022 Federal Election.

We are witnessing media bias in the 2022 Federal Election campaign, and it certainly isn’t journalism.

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Scott Morrison’s national security fail

The Morrison Government likes to flap their arms and say they’re strong on national security, but the evidence actually proves otherwise.

It has been reported today in The Guardian the American Government is privately saying that Australia has dropped the ball when it comes to the Solomon Islands. Indeed, the foreign minister hasn’t visited the Solomon Islands to discuss the situation with China, nor has Mr Morrison for that matter, and this national security failure in our backyard has disappointed the Americans.

This situation regarding the Solomon Islands only proves the Morrison Government is incompetent on national security, for many reasons.

I kindly ask you take your minds back to 11 September 2015, when The Guardian published footage of Mr Dutton, Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison indulging in Mr Dutton’s recorded comments of; “Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re, you know, about to have water lapping at your door.” Mr Abbott laughed at the remark, and Mr Morrison nodded his head before realising the boom Mike and cameras were on. This insensitive, or may I even say incendiary, remark by Mr Dutton enraged our Pacific neighbours. It was a huge diplomatic blunder that enraged our Pacific island neighbours, and despite as reported in The Guardian on 13 September 2015 an apology was made by Mr Dutton he still managed to further outrage our Pacific neighbours by saying, “it was a light-hearted moment with the Prime Minister.” What could possibly be light-hearted about island nations going under water because of climate change? Neither Mr Abbott nor Mr Morrison made any form of apology to our Pacific neighbours, nor did they admonish Mr Dutton.

As reported in the Australian Financial Review on 21 August 2020, short-term thinking by the Morrison Government towards foreign policy had become by then the political norm. The Morrison Government placed 1,000 potential coal jobs ahead of the Turnbull Government’s ‘Pacific Step Up’, announced in 2017 to counter China’s growing influence in the Pacific. Once again, this failure in foreign policy and national security by the Morrison Government enraged our Pacific neighbours who were having to address climate change driven rising sea levels.

To add insult to injury Mr Morrison further insulted our Pacific neighbours at the Pacific Islands Forum in October 2019. The Guardian reported on 23 October 2019, the former prime minister of Tuvalu said he was “stunned” by Scott Morrison’s behaviour at the Pacific Islands Forum, which he thought communicated the view that Pacific leaders should; “take the money … then shut up about climate change.” Fiji’s Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, described Australia as “very insulting and condescending” in climate talks. The Pacific leaders also said the funding was repackaged from the existing ODA [official development assistance] to the Pacific and other sectors. That is a familiar story when it comes to the Morrison Government.

In an open letter dated 1 December 2020 all the leaders of our Pacific neighbours criticised Australia’s response to climate change (reported in The Guardian on 1 December 2020). Rather than being conciliatory and seeking to come to a mutually agreeable position, Mr Morrison maintained his rambunctious attitude towards the Pacific leaders by saying; “Australia is successfully meeting our commitments and our targets and in fact we are exceeding them,” a claim which was substantially untrue.

On 2 November 2021 it was reported in the PNG Attitude Mr Morrison was still not listening to the Pacific leaders about climate change, a matter of major international embarrassment for Australia regarding our ongoing failure with our foreign affairs and national security policies in the Pacific. Mr Morrison announced at Glasgow in November 2021 an extra $100 million a year for the next five years to cover all Pacific Island and South-East Asian countries which left his audience cold. Pacific leaders had told Mr Morrison they would rather he made sharper cuts to Australia’s emissions. Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said he told Morrison to slash Australia’s emissions by 2030. Mr Morrison has of course remained obstinate even up to today with an ineffectual 2030 target of a 28% reduction in emissions by 2030.

So, this national security and foreign policy failure is not a recent phenomenon, it has been 7 years in the making of successive Liberal governments insulting our Pacific neighbours, including how the Liberals have treated our Pacific neighbours’ concerns about climate change. What is most concerning is that after it was reported a number of weeks ago the Solomon Islands was entering into a closer relationship with China, not one single member of the Morrison Government travelled to the Solomon Islands to address the relationship with China, until last night after Mr Albanese called out the government for this national security disaster.

Of course, the majority of the Fourth Estate have ignored the Morrison Government’s massive national security failure, but the Americans aren’t happy with Australia for dropping the ball, and of course, the Port of Darwin has been previously leased to China.

This is undoubtedly the most embarrassing era for us in foreign affairs policy, and the Morrison Government has compromised our national security in the Pacific.

Vote the Morrison Government out, Australia.


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Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence (part 2)

Continued from Part 1


Now let us move onto the question of Mr Morrison’s poor character, which is supported by amongst other matters his long history of lying to us, and it goes to the very heart of the reason why Mr Morrison is unfit to lead this country, indeed unfit for him to be elected as Prime Minister at the 2022 Federal Election. We of course have seen or read in the news the stories about the leaked text messages, whether it was Barnaby Joyce as I referred to in Part 1 yesterday, or Gladys Berejiklian, which describe Mr Morrison as a liar, a complete psychopath, and a horrible, horrible person. These are texts sent by Mr Morrison’s own party or Coalition partner.

In addition to the lies set out above (which by themselves scream out unfitness to hold office), and the leaked text messages, we have witnessed on the night of the 2022 budget Senator Fierravanti-Wells alleged Mr Morrison is a bully, an autocrat, a person who has no moral compass and finally, and most concerning of all, that Mr Morrison allegedly used racism to overturn the unanimous preselection vote win which Mr Michael Towke received to be the candidate for Cook at the 2007 Federal Election (Senator Hanson and Senator Lambie have also alleged they have been bullied by Mr Morrison). Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ budget night allegations have been made in the context of what could only be described as a cluster-stuff-up of Mr Morrison intervening in the decision making of branches of the NSW Liberal Party so that he could insert his own ‘Captain’s Picks’ of candidates (and dear oh dear, aren’t some of those candidates expressing far-right views, particularly regarding the LGBTQIA community?), a cluster-stuff-up which has also seen Senator Fierravanti-Wells reduced to the unwinnable position of number 3 on the Liberal Party senate ticket.

I have already addressed above what is a clear lie Mr Morrison made to Ms Sales on 7:30 regarding the reason why he intervened in NSW, and yes some of the people speaking out about his character may have motives to do so, but it doesn’t explain the genesis of the disquiet, it doesn’t explain why Mr Chapman would sign a statutory declaration supporting Mr Towke’s version of events. I have never seen a Prime Minister have so many people from their own party so disappointed with them like I am witnessing with Mr Morrison, and I have been following Australian politics since 1975. I wrote to the Prime Minister by email on Friday, 8 April 2022 in which I not only asserted he was unfit to hold office, and to immediately call an election, but I also raised these points about Mr Towke’s interview with Mr Aly of The Project on 6 April 2022 which Mr Morrison has not answered:

1 A Federal Cabinet Minister in your government has encouraged him to speak out, but Mr Towke for the sake of that Cabinet Minister’s privacy will not reveal his name. This same Cabinet Minister has also said he believes Mr Towke, and told him to be careful, because he was being backgrounded.

2 Further to the first appoint above, when Waleed Aly asked Mr Towke what he had to be worried about, Mr Towke replied he had been told by respected Canberra journalists “people associated” with you were backgrounding him attempting to link Mr Towke to neo-Nazi groups. Mr Towke very objectively said it was possible you were not aware of this, and it was just the “hacks” in your office who are doing this. Mr Towke also said it was possible you were “wilfully ignorant”. One matter is certain, you have not either called a press conference about this allegation or taken any questions from the media about it. Your conduct in relation to your failure to address this allegation only seems to strengthen Mr Towke’s position, as in my 47 years of following politics any other Australian Prime Minister would have called a press conference by now to address such a serious matter as the allegations set out by Mr Towke at points 1 and 2 herein. Of course, there is more to Mr Towke’s interview with Mr Aly than just this allegation, and those matters are dealt with by me below.

3 It has already been reported for about 15 years now Mr Towke initially comprehensively defeated you in the first 2007 preselection ballot for Cook by 82 votes to your 8. As reported by The Saturday Paper on 2 April 2022, and then again by The Sydney Morning Herald (‘SMH’) on 3 April 2022, Mr Towke alleges after he won this first preselection ballot, you allegedly racially vilified him in which you told Liberals in 2007 they could not support Towke because he was Lebanese and there are rumours he was a Muslim. It is also alleged in The Saturday Paper and the SMH there is a signed statutory declaration made by another Liberal named Scott Chapman, and he alleges you spoke the same words to him about Mr Towke.

During your maiden address to Parliament in about February 2008 you warmly thanked Mr Chapman for his assistance in helping you to get elected to Parliament. I acknowledge your responses to Mr Towke’s claims has been they are lies; you find it offensive and the allegations which are made by Liberal Party people against you are made by “disappointed” people. As I said above, there seems to be many disappointed people with you, and you may be correct about how they feel, but that does explain the genesis of their disappointment. However, what disturbs me the most about this whole disturbing state of affairs is that since the story was reported in The Saturday Paper last Saturday you have not provided any cogent reasons why Mr Chapman, a man in whom you had so much admiration for when you first addressed Parliament, would sign a statutory declaration supporting Mr Towke’s version of events?

Your averse short form response of lies and offensive don’t seem to answer this great unexplained question about Mr Chapman, and I would have thought a person bearing the office of Prime Minister would address this question in detail at a press conference. I otherwise note you proclaimed on 3 April 2022 you would sign a statutory declaration, but then resiled from this position on 4 April 2022 in claiming there are no court proceedings for you to sign one. But that is not right, as the New South Wales Communities and Justice webpage confirms statutory declarations may be used where there are no court proceedings; surely as the Prime Minister of Australia you would know this fact?

4 One further matter which Mr Towke raised during his interview with Mr Aly (and I might add Mr Aly asked all the questions you would expect a journalist to ask a person about such serious allegations) is that he alleges at the second preselection the other candidates didn’t show up to the second preselection, and Mr Towke’s voting block went in behind you because he figuratively speaking had a gun held to his head, in that he was allegedly told by one person who is your close personal friend he would be ruined and never able to obtain employment if he did not swing his voting bloc in behind you. Now I acknowledge you have previously denied Mr Towke’s allegations you made racially vilifying comments about him, but after the interview between Mr Aly and Mr Towke on 6 April 2022 you have also failed to call a press conference to address these further allegations as to how Mr Towke’s bloc of votes swung in behind you for the second ballot, a matter which one would expect the Prime Minister of this country to address.

Now of course I have not received a response from Mr Morrison, and I don’t expect one will be forthcoming. However, the lies set out above in section titled ‘Lies’, and then this further character evidence coming from either Liberal Party members, or female Senators, of its own raises unfitness for office. When you then include Mr Towke’s further allegations raised with Mr Ally on 6 April 2022 it raises serious questions about Mr Morrison’s fitness for office. Look those allegations by Mr Towke may well be a lie (but Mr Towke did not appear to be a person either prone to lying or intent on burning down the palace), one question remains which Mr Morrison has not answered, and that is why would Mr Chapman sign that statutory declaration when he has had no reason to be disappointed with Mr Morrison? Even excluding Mr Towke’s allegations, and excluding all the Senators’ allegations, I nevertheless submit to you the reader all of Mr Morrison’s lies alone militate against his fitness for office.


Then there is the issue of competency regarding this shambolic Morrison Government. I have already raised my views regarding the Morrison Government’s poor handling of the pandemic. In addition, we have seen so many scandals ending with the hashtag ‘gate’, there wouldn’t be enough paddocks in Australia with gates to match the hashtags. Some readers may jump up and down saying I’m being too soft to call these numerous ‘gates’ acts of incompetency, but until a Federal ICAC is established, and until a court of law says otherwise, I can only personally say the word incompetency. I have set out in detail in my previous articles published by the good people at the Australian Independent Media Network (The AIMN) the Morrison Government’s incompetency regarding:

Economics: The inflation we did not need to have

Medicare: Brick by brick we say goodbye to Medicare

Aged Care: Are YOU Really Arguing We Can’t Feed and Care for Our Grandparents?

There will be future articles I shall write about 9 years of lost opportunity in Australia to make a difference about climate change arising from the weaponisation of the issue by the Liberal Party. The failure by the Liberals to implement a meaningful climate policy is a further issue regarding their incompetence, and their culpability for destroying the future lives of our descendants. The state of our nation is an appalling mess because of the economic and social mismanagement of the Morrison Government, and the previous Liberal Governments from when they came to power in 2013. To quote the famous line of Obi-Wan Kenobi from ‘A New Hope’, in relation to both Mr Morrison and the Morrison Government; “you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”


There are also the issues about our partisan media, examples of which may be evidenced from some of Mr Morrison’s lies particularised above, which includes the media’s failures to either properly call out Mr Morrison’s lies or raise them at all. The limited ownership of media in Australia and the media’s apparent biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party, as opposed to their persistent attacks on the Labor Party, are matters which go to very heart of our democracy as the public has lost faith in the Fourth Estate. Even our public broadcaster, the ABC, is now consumed by biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party, and many Australians no longer think of it as “our ABC”. In most cases, only the domain of social media, or as some people may call it the Fifth Estate, provides an outlet for progressive minds to fully express their views in favour of the Labor Party’s progressive policies.

The vicious attack on the Labor Party by the Fourth Estate will continue throughout the remainder of this 2022 Federal Election campaign, just as it did during the 2019 Federal Election. The Fourth Estate will not call out the Morrison Government properly for failing us on economics, failing us on education, failing us on healthcare, failing us on climate change, failing us on Aged Care and failing us on other important social issues, such as First Nations People having a voice to Parliament.

I was born on 13 June 1969. This is not the Australia I was born into.


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Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence

So, the whistle has finally blown for the 2022 Australian Federal Election to be conducted, after we had to wait extra time for Mr Morrison to get his ducks in a row from the most alarming intervention in a political party’s preselection process in Australian political history, not to mention the extra squeeze Mr Morrison could get out of our dollars under the banner of “Commonwealth Government Advertisement”.

Regrettably, we in Australia now live in such a compromised system of vested big business media interests supporting the Liberal Party, particularly under the Morrison regime, that people like me must take to publishing balance, the truth, and true matters of national importance on social media and independent media to properly convey the terrible state of our nation, Mr Morrison’s apparent flawed character and the Federal Government’s incompetence in office. As an example of what I am about to address, Mr Tudge is still a cabinet minister, on leave being paid a salary (we don’t know whether it’s a ministerial salary) as of today, despite Mr Morrison telling the public on 4 March 2022 Mr Tudge was not seeking a return to the front bench. Rubbish! More Morrison bilge water.

Look, there is a reason why Mr Morrison was polled as the most dishonest politician in Australia by over 12,500 sampled people from all walks of life by the long established, reputable, and independent pollster Roy Morgan. That is because he is the most dishonest politician in our history, including the indelible comments by President Macron in response to Mr Probyn’s inane question do you think Mr Morrison lied to you: “I don’t think, I know.”

This article will be broken up into 4 different sections: 1) Morrison’s lies, 2) Morrison’s character, 3) Morrison Government incompetence and 4) Media. In short compass, indeed call it an executive summary, I believe there is overwhelming evidence Mr Morrison lies to the degree that it should be called pathological, which of itself militates against his fitness of character to hold office, but then there are also very concerning alleged character flaws raised by members of his own party which may also militate against his fitness for office, once proven. The Morrison Government is also extremely incompetent, and whilst some people may allege that incompetence can be taken to greater heights of accountability or culpability, in my view limiting my opinion to incompetence is enough for them to be voted comprehensively out of office. Finally, I consider our mainstream media, or Fourth Estate, to be suffering from condensed ownership problems, biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party and as a result, the Australian public has lost faith in the Fourth Estate.

Okay, so away we go.


The only way to address this issue is to work our way backwards in time:

1 The fact Tudge is still a cabinet member, an issue which I have raised above, which I might add the very brave Ms Rachelle Miller called Mr Morrison out on lying about on Twitter on 10 April 2022, and reported by The Guardian yesterday, as well as Morrison trying to avoid answering questions about our money being used to pay Ms Miller $500,000.00 because they are ‘private matters’, are evidence of Mr Morrison’s propensity to lie to the Australian public, even during an election campaign.

2 On the first day of the 2022 Federal Election campaign Mr Morrison claimed; “whilst I’ve been fighting the pandemic for the past two and a half years, Mr Albanese has been fighting me.” Absolute horse manure exploding out of Mr Morrison’s lying mouth. When the pandemic began, Mr Morrison and Mr Frydenberg were opposed to introducing any form of wage support. It took the lobbying by Mr Albanese, Ms Sally McManus, and Mr Greg Combet, and their subsequent meeting with Mr Morrison and Mr Frydenberg to convince their narrow economic understanding Australia would experience a worse economic recession than what was subsequently the recession in September 2020, if a wage support measure was not introduced. JobKeeper was subsequently introduced, and of course the Morrison Government paid $13B of our money to undeserving companies which were already recording a profit (the Morrison Government has refused to recover this money).

3 Morrison telling Ms Leigh Sales on 7:30 last Wednesday, 6 April 2022, he intervened in the NSW preselection process to stand up for women. Yet when former MP Jane Prentice was voted out at the 2018 Ryan Liberal preselection so that Mr Simmonds could stand as the Liberal candidate for Ryan at the 2019 Federal Election, Mr Morrison said; “Canberra shouldn’t be messing in the affairs of Queensland, that is not how our party operates… Our rank and file members are the ones who decide who stands for them at every election.” It seems to us the public Mr Morrison that you told Ms Sales a lie, as previous comments in 2018 cannot be reconciled with the statement you made to Ms Sales.

4 In relation to the Sexual Discrimination Act (you know the one, where Mr Morrison wished to discriminate against children) Mr Morrison claimed; “The Labor Party put measures in the Sex Discrimination Act, which meant that you could expel children because of their sexuality.” Another LIE Mr Morrison. Labor’s Sex Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status) Act 2013 actually narrowed the bases on which a child could be expelled for their sexuality as there were no prior restrictions on the ability for schools to expel children for their sexuality.

5 Whilst we are discussing legislation, Mr Morrison promised the people of Australia before the 2019 Federal Election he would establish a Federal ICAC in his first term of government. As of 12 April 2022 I cannot see through my Canberra binoculars an office with a nice brass plate with the words inscribed on it which say ‘Office of Federal ICAC’. With what has gone on in the Morrison Government over the past three and a half years perhaps Mr Morrison is worried the poor Federal ICAC employees would be too overworked, just like Mr Dutton was worried was worried about the ADF getting the clothes dirty and wet. You, Mr Morrison lied to the people of Australia at the last Federal Election.

6 The ABC on 4 February 2022 reported Barnaby Joyce’s (remember, Barnaby was banished to the backbenches by Mr Turnbull when he was Prime Minister, not Mr Morrison) leaked text message dated 22 March 2021 for Ms Brittany Higgins to see which contained the following text; “Tell BH [Brittany Higgins]I and Scott, he is Scott to me until I have to recognise his office, don’t get along. He is a hypocrite and a liar from my observations and that is over a long time. I have never trusted him and I dislike how he earnestly rearranges the truth to a lie”. Don’t we all dislike Mr Morrison. Of course, after the text message was leaked Mr Joyce admitted he sent it, but then he came out with a somewhat spurious backtracking mumble of word salad which didn’t explain his previous character assessment of Mr Morrison.

7 Anyone for tennis? When Mr Morrison was interviewed on 17 January 2022, Mr Morrison claimed Novak Djokovic was deported because “he sought to come to Australia and not comply with the entry rules at our border.” Wrong lie! Djokovic was deported under the Minister’s ‘Nuclear Power’ because his “ongoing presence in Australia may lead to an increase in anti-vaccination sentiment generated in the Australian community, potentially leading to an increase in civil unrest of the kind previously experienced in this Australia with rallies and protests which may themselves be a source of community transmission (Affidavit of Minister Alex Hawke sworn 15 January 2022). The government’s refusal to admit Mr Djokovic for breach of entry requirements was rejected by the Federal Court.

8 At his media conference on 30 December 2021, Mr Morrison told the press regarding the provision of Rapid Antigen Testing Kits (‘RATS’); “all the private industry who gave us that advice this week, they can go now, they can book their supplies, they can get them on the shelves and not have any concern that somehow a new policy will come in and tests will be handed out to anybody who wants one”. Lie, again. As reported by The Guardian Australia on 30 December 2021, private industry expressed no prior concerns about RATS being made freely available.

9 Still on the issue of testing, at his media conference on 22 December 2021 Mr Morrison said; “I went, I got a COVID test from the local pharmacy. At Terrigal. Picked one up.” Fact check – Lie. On 6 January 2022 reported the truth as “the test in Terrigal was not personally bought by Mr Morrison but by a member of his staff.”

10 President Macron, I know I mentioned him before, but I do love the sound of the French accent when they speak English. After President Macron said Mr Morrison lied to him, Mr Morrison then tried to deflect the French President’s opinion of him, Morrison, by Mr Morrison remarkably saying; “I’m not going to cop sledging on Australia”. No, Mr Morrison, the French President told the media he was referring to you alone, and President Macron told the media; “have a lot of respect and a lot of friendship for your people”. Face it, Mr Morrison, in business terms you are a rat for trying to scuttle out of a contract which now will cost us from our money $5B in damages! Indeed, Mr Morrison lying about the submarine contract extends to him telling a media conference on 16 June 2021 in relation to his discussions with President Macron over the Naval Group submarine contract; “It was a very positive discussion we had last night about a whole raft of issues and of course including the contract.” Dear oh dear, Mr Morrison, you had already decided to terminate the contract and you told a media conference on 31 October 2021 that your discussion with President Macron on 16 June 2021 didn’t address the issue of terminating the contract, as you told the media; “that was not a matter that I was going to engage in in any sort of broad conversation about.” Mr Morrison, you are a hominem esse mendax!

11 Regarding the former Premier of NSW Ms Gladys Berejiklian, Mr Morrison told a media conference on 6 December 2021; “Gladys was put in a position of actually having to stand down.” Lie. Ms Berejiklian did not have to stand down, she chose to resign because, as she explained in her statement to the press on 1 October 2021, Ms Berejiklian said; “I have made it clear on numerous occasions that if any of my ministers were the subject of allegations being investigated by an integrity agency or law-enforcement, then he or she should stand aside during the course of the investigation until their name is cleared, that same standard must apply to me as premier.” There are precedents of NSW premiers standing aside whilst the subject of an integrity investigation dating back to 1983 when Mr Wran stood aside.

12 During an interview on 11 November 2021 Mr Morrison knowingly lied when he said; “I see Anthony Albanese backed in the Chinese Government.” Mr Albanese never made any statements to accord with this unsubstantiated statement. Never buy a used car from Mr Morrison.

13 At another media conference on 9 November 2021, Mr Morrison said in response to a question asking him how he could embrace electric vehicles after campaigning against them during the 2019 election; “But I didn’t. That is just a Labor lie.” Liar, liar, pants on fire. On 7 April 2019 during his election campaign conference, after Mr Morrison said electric vehicles couldn’t tow boats or caravans or reach camping spots, he then went on to say, “Bill Shorten wants to end the weekend.”

14 Regarding the submarine contract with Naval Group, Mr Morrison told a media conference; “it was our concerns over the early delays and the delivery on, particularly on things like Australian industry content, time and cost that raised concerns in my mind.” When the contract was broken Mr Morrison said at a media conference, “I’m aware of those criticisms, but I don’t believe they are all founded in what is fact.” It is recorded in Handsard, the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade legislative estimates committee, on 27 October 2021 stated that, “they have been terminated because our requirements have changed, not because of the poor performance by either Naval Group or Lockhead Martin Australia”. Mr Morrison must have a very burnt backside at this time because of his ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’ behaviour, but in the words of the old advertisement ‘But wait, there’s more!’

15 At his media conference on 19 September 2021, when Mr Morrison was asked about how much Mr Porter was paid in anonymous payments, Mr Morrison said; “That’s included in his register of interests.” Balderdash! Mr Porter’s statement contains no reference to how much he was paid by anonymous sources.

16 During Question Time on 30 August 2021, Mr Morrison said in response to a question about the government supporting Mr Clive Palmer’s (as of 12 April 2022 readers you must like me be sick of seeing Mr Palmer’s and Mr Kelly’s advertisements on our television screens) High Court action against Western Australia; “the Commonwealth did not pursue that case.” I am sure the Honourable Justices of the High Court raised their eyebrows about that outright lie, as the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s filed Notice of Intervention regarding the matter of Clive Palmer (Plaintiff) and Mineralogy v State of Western Australia and WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson (Defendant) states “the attorney-general intervenes in support of the position of the plaintiffs.” The document clearly records the Commonwealth supporting Mr Palmer, and once again Mr Morrison misled Parliament during question time.



17 During an interview on 29 July 2021 when Mr Morrison was asked about the vaccine rollout (more like the vaccine strollout as so eloquently described by Ms Sally McManus) and him previously having said “it was not a race”, he said; “When Professor Murphy and I made those remarks, we were talking about the regulation of the vaccines.” At his media conference on 31 March 2021 Mr Morrison definitively said when asked about the pace of the rollout, “it’s not a race, it’s not a competition.” Mr Morrison, I shake my head at you, but how about you explain your unequivocal statement on 31 March 2021 to the faces of the Australian public who have lost loved ones as a result of the vaccine rollout not being a race (I don’t expect this pusillanimous Prime Minister to front anybody over this dreadful outcome, just like he would not face the people of Lismore).

18 At his media conference on 8 July 2021 Mr Morrison told the press regarding the administration of the second dose of the Covid vaccine the TAG medical advice was for people to have their second dose of the vaccination administration between 8 to 12 weeks as, “the TGA approval does sit, and Atagi advice, on 8 to 12 weeks.” The Tag may have approved an earlier administration of a second dose of the vaccine; however the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (‘ATAGI’) did not recommend the second dose to be Administered any earlier than 12 weeks after the first dose of vaccine.

19 During another media conference on 8 July 2021, Mr Morrison said; “At no stage at any time in the last 12 months has there been any suggestion that Australia would have reached a level of vaccination at the level we now see in the UK… So, the suggestion that somehow there was a vaccination rate that would have put us in a different position right now to what was planned last year is simply not true.” Another lie by you, Mr Morrison as in March 2021 at a media conference held by you, you told Australians you forecasted 20 million Australians would have received at least 1 vaccine dose, and many more fully vaccinated, by early July 2021. Your government’s original forecast in February 2021estimated the entire population would be vaccinated by October 2021. It seems Ms McManus was right about your strollout of the vaccines in this country.

20 I would kindly ask you take your minds back to point number 2 herein, in which Mr Morrison claimed whilst he was fighting the pandemic, Mr Albanese was fighting him. I have already proven once how this comment made by Mr Morrison yesterday was just total horse manure. However, there is more horse manure which has been a projectile out of Mr Morrison’s untidy mouth. Mr Morrison claimed at another media conference on 8 June 2021 that there was no bipartisan support for The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identity and Disrupt) Bill 2020 or The Telecommunications Legislation Amendment International Production Orders Bill, when those Bills were before that time before Parliament’s bipartisan Joint Intelligence and Security Committee (‘Committee’) after it had been previously referred to the Committee for consideration by Mr Dutton. In May 2021, the Committee unanimously recommended the passage of these bills subject to amendments jointly recommended by Labor and Liberal committee members.

21 It seems May 2021 was not a good month for Mr Morrison’s propensity to lie, as he told a budget lunch on 14 May 2021 regarding the crisis in Palestine; “As a government, we believe in the two-state solution. It seems now in politics here in Australia that is no longer a bipartisan view, and I think that is disappointing.” Either Mr Morrison needs to go to Specsavers, or he was just plainly lying again because Ms Penny Wong as the Shadow Foreign Affairs spokesperson issued a statement on 13 May 2021 regarding the Palestinian crisis, in which she said, “we remain committed to a just and enduring two-state solution.”

22 On 6 May 2021 during an interview with Neil Mitchell, Mr Morrison said regarding Taiwan; “We’ve always understood the one system, two countries arrangement.” The truth is my dear readers there has never been regarding Taiwan a “one country, two systems arrangement” recognised by Australia. When Mr Morrison was asked by both SBS on 12 May 2021, and again by the ABC on 13 May 2021, the question “did you make a mistake in that comment?” Mr Morrison said, “no.” Well Mr Morrison’s comment does misstate Australia’s position, as Australia does not recognise China’s claim to Taiwan, but merely acknowledges that China makes that claim. At least when Mr Albanese has made a mistake, he has the courage to take ownership of it, whereas Mr Morrison continues to scutter around the deck like a trapped rat.

23 During his address to the Business Council of Australia on 19 April 2021, Mr Morrison said; “ Our current target will see Australia – this is for 2030 – reduce our emissions by 70% per unit of GDP on 2005 levels.” Well, Mr Morrison that was an out and out lie to our business community, as your own government’s documents state: “The emissions intensity of the economy (Gross Domestic Product (GDP)) has continued to decline and is projected to fall by 58% from 2005 to 2030.”

24 At another media conference on 7 April 2021, Mr Morrison told the public regarding him previously criticising the European Union as the reason for the lack of vaccine supply, “I want to stress that at no time yesterday did I make any comments about the actions of European Union, nor did I indicate any of the background reasons for the lack of supply that we have received from those contracted doses.” The previous day, 6 April 2021, Mr Morrison said at a media conference; “the supply is the major restraint and always has been, whether it’s been the non-delivery of vaccines from overseas, some 3 million that we were relying upon, and we all are aware of the situation in Europe and other places that has frustrated that supply.” Oh, come on, Mr Morrison! That was barely even a day which went by before you lied about your previous comments!

25 23 March 2021 Mr Morrison lied to a Sky reporter saying there was at time; “a person who has had a complaint made against them for harassment of a woman in a women’s toilet…” Well, that pile of horse manure went down the toilet Mr Morrison, as you knew no such complaint was ever made by a News Ltd employee, and you had to in the most embarrassing of circumstances backtrack out of that lie and apologise. Truth 0 v Lies 25. But wait, there’s more!

26 During Question Time on 7 December 2020, Mr Morrison said about a former Liberal minister travelling overseas during the pandemic, “… and wonder why he’d want to bring personalities into this, given that Mr Rudd has done the same thing.” Guess what readers, Mr Rudd never left the country and Mr Morrison was forced to apologise later that day.

27 At another media conference (now I would like to just pause here a moment and question our mainstream media journalists why, with the history of Mr Morrison lying to you as a group, that you allow Mr Morrison to continue blatantly lying to you? I am not the only Australian to be concerned about how you, as a group of journalists, could allow such pathological lying by Mr Morrison to occur to you. I don’t know how you people can possibly not be drooping your heads in shame!) on 29 September 2020 Mr Morrison claimed about a stevedoring industrial action; “There are 40 ships, and some 90 containers out there. That includes medical supplies… you can see them lining up.” There were only seven vessels either waiting or had just arrived at Port Botany when Mr Morrison made this outrageous lie, only three ships were delayed, and the stevedoring company said no medical supplies were affected. Far out, vote him out!

28 In a media release on 7 September 2020 Mr Morrison said about vaccines; “The agreement puts Australia at the top of the queue, if our medical experts give the green light.” Our vaccine rollout didn’t commence until 22 February 2021 and by that date over 200 million vaccinations had already been delivered worldwide. Our vaccine rollout was repeatedly delayed from that day onwards due to the government’s inability to source vaccines. That appears to be the back of the queue Mr Morrison. For the avoidance of doubt, I consider the Morrison’s Government’s response to the pandemic to be poor, a matter which was found by a Senate committee to be the case only last week.

29 Sports Rorts! There is a duality with this rort and the government’s incompetence (and indeed, misuse of our money), but consider this blatant lie made by Mr Morrison during Question Time on 13 May 2020; “The authority for making the decision in relation to that program was the minister for sport. That is a fact, Mr Speaker (I will be relieved when during future Question Times we do not hear the words pronounced in such an unrefined manner “Mr Speaker”)… The only authority sought from the prime minister’s office and from me was in relation to announcements (#ScottyFrom Announcements).” Evidence from the ANAO records Mr Morrison’s office dictated the removal and addition of sports grants to the minister for sport’s office. Earlier during Question Time on 26 February 2020 Mr Morrison told Parliament regarding the PM & C preparing its report about the Sports Rort scandal; “The head of the PM & C had access to whatever document he required.” Mr Phil Gaetjens subsequently stated in his submission to the Senate Select Committee on Administration of Sports Grants that “the auditor-general did not provide any information to me that the ANAO used for its audit.” Oh, the hits keep on coming regarding Sports Rorts as previously Mr Morrison told the National Press Club on 29 January 2020; “I think it’s important to note that the auditor-general did not find there were any ineligible projects that were funded under this scheme.” Officials from the ANAO told a Senate inquiry 43% of the projects funded under the program were ineligible when agreements were signed! In relation to the same National Press Club address on 29 January 2020, Mr Morrison “rejected the premise” of the question that the government believed there was nothing wrong with using our money for private political purposes and he said; “that’s not why I did it. And that’s not why the government did it.” Well, Mr Morrison, the ANAO did not believe you as its report concluded $100 million of community sport infrastructure fund WAS targeted towards marginal or Coalition-held seats.

30 At the same National Press Club address on 29 January 2020 Mr Morrison said about energy transition plans; “There is no credible energy transition plan, for an economy like Australia in particular, that does not involve the greater use of gas as an important transition fuel.” You can almost hear the famous buzzer on the game show go “No-No”. There were many energy transition plans which included less gas, including a plan by the Independent Australian Energy Market Operator (The Guardian Australia published on 2 February 2020 an article written by Simon Holmes a Court which listed the numerous plans which involved less use of gas. Hello, Simon, I hope you are keeping well).

31 On 20 January 2020 Mr Morrison told Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic of The Today Show; “We will reduce our carbon emissions per capita by half between now and 2030… our per capita emissions will fall by half over the next 10 years.” The government’s own December 2019 emissions forecast (published when Mr Morrison spoke) recorded a fall of only 19%, not 50%, over the next 10 years. A clear and blatant lie based on published government documents. The question is, did Ms Langdon or Mr Stefanovic take Mr Morrison to task at the time about this lie, or have they subsequently challenged him at any time, including up to today 12 April 2022? If not, why not?

32 Once again, on the issue of emissions Mr Morrison told Mr David Speers on 12 January 2020 that; “Emissions today are 50 million tonnes less on average each year under our government than under previous governments.” Bulldust, Mr Morrison! That was just an out and out lie as the then current quarterly National Greenhouse Gas Inventory data showed only 5 million tonnes (not 50 million tonnes) less. Once again, as per the questions posed to Mr Stefanovic and Ms Langdon, did Mr Speers take Mr Morrison to task at anytime about this blatant lie regarding greenhouse gases, including up to today 12 April 2022? If not, why not?

33 There were further climate change lies told by Mr Morrison at a press conference on 5 January 2020 when he said; “The government I lead has always made that connection (climate change’s impact on global weather patterns) and that has never been in dispute.” Well, Mr Morrison, you lied to the nation again as there seems to be questions raised by people in your own government about such a connection, that is Mr Littleproud on 11 September 2019, Matt Canavan (of course) on 12 December 2019 and even Mr Dutton earlier that same day of 5 January 2020.

34 Mr Morrison tweeted on 4 January 2020 the video message which the Liberals ran during that summer’s bushfires “simply communicates the government’s policy decisions and the actions the government is undertaking to the public.” Bulldust again, Mr Morrison as the advertisement was on behalf of the Liberal Party, authorised by the Liberal Party and the host page solicited donations to the Liberal Party. Indeed, since we are dealing with those horrific climate change bushfires during the summer of 2019 to 2020, and yes, we remember how people reacted so angrily to Mr Morrison for sneaking off to Hawaii (see below), Mr Morrison told a whopper of a lie at a media conference on 3 January 2020 when he said regarding the fire commissioners’ advice, “we’ve acted on that advice.” No, you didn’t Mr Morrison, and indeed the National Aerial Firefighting Centre, which is overseen by the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services, asked for significant extra funding in late 2017 which was refused by the Federal Government when you were the treasurer.



35 Hawaii! Aloha Mr Morrison!! Whilst Australia was on fire in December 2019 Mr Morrison decided to sneak off to Hawaii, and his office would not initially confirm his whereabouts, until of course Mr Morrison had the famous photo opportunity on the beach with his thumbs up. Even better, in trying to cover his tracks for deserting us Mr Morrison told Sydney 2GB radio announcer Mr Ray Hadley, “I don’t hold a hose mate”. Subsequently, during Question Time on 22 November 2021 (Mr Morrison does like to use the privilege afforded to him of Question Time to make statements which may be harmful to a person’s character- Ms Christine Holgate being a classic example) Mr Morrison told Parliament regarding his delightful trip to Hawaii with Jen he texted Mr Albanese “from the plane when I was going on that leave and told him where I was going.” By now readers the Bull Dust machine is red lining, as subsequently that same day during Questions Without Notice, Mr Morrison told Parliament; “I want to confirm what the leader of the opposition said – that, in that text I did not tell him the destination of where I was going on leave with my family.” Aloha indeed!

36 Under the cover of Question Time privilege Mr Morrison said on 27 November 2019 the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was under police investigation. That was a terrible slur and lie on a former Prime Minister’s character, indeed our first female Prime Minister, as these comments about Ms Gillard were made by Sydney radio hoist Mr Ben Fordham in 2013. Mr Porter had to provide a letter to the Speaker of the House on 27 November 2019 acknowledging the falsehood of Mr Morrison’s lie.

37 Oh, the White House state dinner with former President Trump. How can we forget Mr Morrison told a media conference on 21 September 2019, “it’s gossip” about him seeking an invitation for Mr Brian Houston of Hillsong Church (we know that church, Mr Morrison lied in this year when he said that he had not been to that church for 15 years) to attend a state dinner. Well, we know you did Mr Morrison, as you subsequently told Mr Ben Fordham of 2GB on 3 March 2020 you had included Mr Houston’s name on the list. So why did you lie to us Mr Morrison about that fact?

38 Regarding Mr Morrison’s use of the racist term Shanghai Sam to describe Mr Sam Dastyari, Mr Morrison told a media conference on 13 September 2019; “I didn’t use either of those phrases.” Well, Mr Morrison was caught out on another lie, this time about his resorting to racist remarks, as he had previously used the term on Twitter and during interviews. How could you forget using that racist term Mr Morrison?

39 In February 2019 Mr Morrison was trying for the first time to deny Lenore Taylor’s article from 2011 about him allegedly saying at a shadow cabinet meeting the Liberal Party should use Islamophobia to win votes. Mr Morrison claimed Mr Hunt could corroborate his version he did not say those words during the meeting, the only problem was Mr Hunt was not at that meeting. When Samantha Maiden pointed out this major factual flaw in Mr Morrison’s version of events, he yelled at her and ran out of the meeting.

These lies Mr Morrison has told which I have set out above have been reported in many publications, but I give credit to Crikey for preparing such a detailed history of Mr Morrison’s lies. That is quite a record of lying by Mr Morrison, and I am sure you readers will write to me to say there are more lies which Mr Morrison has told. I don’t doubt that, as Mr Turnbull told Australians after President Macron’s “I don’t think; I know”, Mr Morrison had a reputation for telling lies. Indeed, the right-wing Sydney radio broadcaster Mr Hadley made Mr Morrison swear on a bible in 2015 (I’m surprised the book did not burn up in flames) that he had no role in Mr Abbott’s downfall as Prime Minister. Of course, we also have the infamous footage of Mr Morrison placing his hand on Mr Turnbull’s shoulder during the 2018 Liberal leadership spill and say, “this is my Prime Minister and I’m ambitious for him.” Yes, ambitious for him to be deposed and for you to become the leader of the Liberal Party, and therefore the Prime Minister.

Continued tomorrow…


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A Person For All Seasons

It is very rare in the modern political world you can meet a person who has not been a career politician, and who genuinely wants to enter our Federal Parliament as a Member of Parliament to work hard for an electorate which successive Liberal Governments have neglected because they consider it to be a safe Liberal seat.

When I joined the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in January 2019 I rang our Federal ALP candidate for the seat of Ryan for the 2019 Federal Election, Peter Cossar, who had left his calling card in my letterbox with an actual direct link telephone number to talk to him. The mobile telephone number I rang was busy, and I left a message for Peter in which I explained I was a new member of the ALP, and I was calling him to see how I could be of assistance. After I left the message, I wondered whether I would receive a return call, but sure enough five minutes later I did receive a return call from Peter. Not only did Peter return my call, but he also very decently told me he would be happy to meet with me that day for a coffee, which subsequently occurred by way of Peter making the special trip into the city. We talked over a coffee for about 45 minutes to an hour, and when we finished our first meeting it was clearly apparent to me Peter was a genuine, honest, intelligent, and articulate person who was concerned about the welfare of the people of Ryan, the state of our nation and the future for our children. I went home that night and told my wife I had met with Peter, and I explained to her Peter is a person who we desperately needed to be the Member of Parliament for the seat of Ryan, a person who had not been a career politician, as opposed to the background of the Liberal Party’s preselected candidate Julian Simmonds, whose preselection reportedly at the time had caused an outrage with some Liberal Party members such as Mr Warren Entsch and Ms Michelle Landry, and whose political background had been one of a career politician.

Indeed, the former Ryan Federal Member Jane Prentice, whilst not specifically mentioning Mr Simmonds by name, may nevertheless be allegedly implying a reference to Mr Simmonds in her departing speech because of the alleged furore about the 2018 Liberal Party preselection process for Ryan (I am not suggesting there were any underhanded tactics used by Mr Simmonds during the 2018 preselection process), that he was of a political class who, to quote Mrs Prentice; “Impatient ambition, treachery and lies are now more than ever part of our political fabric. For the only response to be, ‘Oh, come on, that’s politics,’ is actually very sad. It is also sad that we are increasingly seeing candidates and elected members whose primary focus is not a desire to serve their communities but to serve themselves.” I also explained to my wife I wanted to work as part of Peter’s electoral team to assist him to become the ALP member of the Federal Parliament for the seat of Ryan.

Within days of meeting Peter, I had joined his campaign team, and I went door knocking with him around Toowong and Taringa. On this first occasion I knocked doors with Peter I asked him about his background, and he happily told me he had lived in Brisbane his whole life being the proud son of an Italian born father and an Australian born mother. When I asked him about his own family, Peter then told me he met his wife Katherine in 1992 and they married in 1996, they then had two children. Peter added that he and Katherine moved to Toowong in 1999 and have lived there ever since.

Regarding his qualifications, when Peter left school he initially qualified for his trade certificate as a bricklayer, but then he decided he would return to study, and he eventually graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor Degree in Arts, majoring in theatre. This piece of personal information immediately caught my attention, as I had obtained a Diploma in Dramatic Arts before returning to further study to be admitted to the legal profession. Peter mentioned that he had success in the international and domestic markets of dramatic arts, but of course the work is not constant so in between performing he also utilised his trade skills to work on building sites as a carpenter; an undertaking which he told me gave him a keen sense of the business of construction work, the margins which apply to each job and the overall knowledge of the laws which apply to the construction sector.

Peter with Senator Penny Wong

I have gone into some detail about the life information Peter shared with me that first day of knocking doors, as it illustrates just how open and honest he is as a person, as well as him possessing knowledge of the needs of the business community, and the greater public at large. His caring and compassionate nature was also displayed during the next four months I worked with him on his campaign, not only in Peter genuinely listening to people’s stories about their difficulties in life living under the neoliberal policies of the successive Liberal Federal Governments, but even personal matters which applied to me at that time. Subsequently, Peter did not succeed in winning the seat of Ryan for the ALP at the 2019 Federal Election, but through his hard work and appealing personality traits he was the only candidate for the ALP in Queensland to achieve a swing of the vote in his favour on that occasion.

Don’t just take my word for it regarding Peter’s character. Recently I have spoken to one of Peter’s long-time supporters as to the reasons why he is such a staunch supporter of Peter. Alan Rowell is a retired school principal, so having spent so much time in the education system I understood how perceptive he would be of a person’s character. Alan told me:

“I’ve known Peter for about 8 years. In our many conversations I have been impressed by how passionate he is about ensuring a fairer nation for all Australians, including such key sectors as education, healthcare, aged care, and social services. He has genuine concern for people doing it tough under the harsh policies of the successive Liberal governments. Peter is committed to protecting the environment and his work in ensuring the Zip-Lines were not built on Mount Coo-tha conveyed to me his genuine and honest passion in addressing Climate Change. He sees government has a role in taking urgent action in relation to Climate Change. Peter has a great sense of commitment to serving the best interests of the people living in the electorate of Ryan and he is an overall good bloke who I would love to represent me in Canberra.”

Alan’s words are so compelling about Peter’s wonderful nature, and I concur with Alan. Indeed, on the personal front for me Peter has regularly checked in on me to see how I am faring, as over the past twelve months as I have battled a major depressive disorder and other mental health problems. Peter has stayed in touch with me, to see how my recovery from mental health illness is faring, and how my family is coping. That has spoken volumes to me about Peter’s good nature. Compassion is a key element to any person’s nature, but when it is so kindly displayed by a person wishing to enter the savage field of politics it is a character trait which we as people want to see overflowing through a politician’s veins, and Peter is indeed that type of person.

Peter is committed to ensuring an Albanese Federal Government delivers to the people of Ryan:

  1. a revitalised and stronger Medicare system by making it easier to see a doctor.
  2. creating local jobs by investing in Fee-Free TAFE and more university spaces, making your job more secure with better pay and conditions.
  3. cheaper childcare so that it’s easier for working families to get ahead.
  4. goods made here in Australia by working with business to invest in manufacturing and renewables to create more Australian jobs.
  5. an education system which enhances our school children’s learning as presently under the Morrison Government, Australia has recorded our worst ever results in reading, science, and maths.
  6. Powering Australia, an ALP policy plan to create jobs, cutting power bills and reducing emissions.
  7. lower taxes for more than 9 million Australians through the legislated tax cuts that benefit everyone with incomes above $45,000.00, as well as supporting cost of living relief for Australians through an increase in the low- and middle-income tax offset by $420 this year.
  8. the Better Deal for Small Business, which includes measures to ensure invoices are paid within 30 days, rather than the current national average of 37 days.

I would be offending the writing rule of prolixity if I mentioned all the ALP policies which Peter will ensure are delivered to the people of Ryan. Rather than waving at traffic (Julian you are going to cause a car accident one of these days), Peter’s door will always be open to the people of Ryan to listen to your concerns, so that he may improve the lives for everyone living within the electorate of Ryan.

Peter is the person for all seasons of our lives, good or bad. After so many years of the Liberal Party treating Ryan like a neglected piece of silverware Peter will make an excellent Member of Parliament for the Federal seat of Ryan. It’s time for an ALP member to represent Ryan, and of course it’s time for an Albanese Government.


Peter with Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers


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Are YOU Really Arguing We Can’t Feed and Care for Our Grandparents?

On Saturday 2 April 2022, the Federal Member for Whitlam, Mr Stephen Jones MP, posed this question to the Prime Minister Mr Morrison on social media:

“Does Scott Morrison really want to go to this election arguing that we can’t afford to feed and care for our grandparents?”

It is a pertinent question for Mr Jones to put to the Prime Minister, because the only response we have heard from the Federal Government regarding the Labor Party’s Aged Care policy initiative has been the feeble, indeed risible, response of “we can’t afford it”, a matter which I shall subsequently address herein. May I also say at the outset of this article, my late mother feared and fought against the whole notion of being placed in an aged care facility, even though her physical needs required it, undoubtedly because of the news reports about the disgraceful way the successive Liberal Federal Governments had treated the sector for the past 9 years. My mum died in her own home, but prior to her passing she told me and my two brothers she did not ever want to be placed in aged care. These are fears which are consistently reported around the country about this much neglected sector.

I will return to Labor’s Aged Care policy initiative in a moment, as the Morrison Government’s whimper of affordability must be called out so that we examine their shocking economic management of this country. Mr Stephen Koukoulas, an esteemed economic intellect in this country has concurred with Labor’s assessment of the Morrison Government’s budget mismanagement, an assessment which opines under the Morrison Government Australia will spend more in debt interest than it does to fund the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Mr Koukoulas also agrees with Labor’s further assessment that under the Morrison Government’s mismanagement of the budget we will soon be spending more on interest than we spend on Medicare.

Take some time to fully comprehend the gravity of this economic assessment; remember, the Morrison Government were elected in 2019 on the back of the astonishing promise “Back in Black”, when by 2019 the successive Liberal governments since 2014 had incurred 100% more national debt (yes doubled it) than any other government in our by then 118 years of federation. The highly respected economics, business and political commentator, Michael Pascoe, provided a sobering opinion for all Australians to consider regarding the Morrison’s Government’s mishandling of the budget in his article published in The New Daily on 31 March 2022 in which he said:

“What’s tucked away in a single overlooked chart is the Treasury’s forecast that our economic recovery, the one supposedly “leading the world”, hits the wall next year.”

Mr Pascoe considers all that Mr Frydenberg’s budget (one which he and many other commentators remark to be a short-sighted political ploy to win votes) has done is to encourage the Reserve Bank of Australia to start lifting interest rates sooner rather than later, that is it’s a cash splash toxic fuel poured over an already run-away fire of an inflation problem. A link to Mr Pascoe’s article is posted here below for you to consider, as he also highlights the Morrison Government’s other waste of funds and economic failures.

So, the Morrison Government’s feeble attack on Labor’s Aged Care policy when considered in light of the matters raised herein by Mr Koukoulas and Mr Pascoe, in addition to us also considering the Federal Government’s waste of our money in the sum of $5.5Billion on the French nuclear submarine deal, the $20Billion waste of Jobkeeper payments to undeserving companies and of course, the great unanswered question as to how they doubled the debt before the 2019 Federal Election, are just some of the numerous examples of economic mismanagement of our money by the Morrison Government.

Most disturbingly, there is the mismanagement of the aged care sector itself which includes the approximate 1,500 deaths in this sector arising from the Morrison Government’s poor handling of the Covid-19 crisis in that sector. Indeed, on 28 February 2022 HelloCare journalist Amy Henderson reported a recent Aged Care Collaboration (‘ACC’) survey has uncovered widespread uncertainty among two-thirds of aged care providers towards the Morrison Government’s reform process as there is minimal transparency (that is a common complaint about the Federal Government), inadequate consultation and vague commitments being at the height of their frustration. The ACC, which represents major providers of aged care, has also been particularly critical of the Morrison Government’s lack of commitment to lift the pay for aged care workers.

In general, the aged care sector has criticised the Morrison Government’s response to the aged care crisis as anaemic: too little, too slow and too late (particularly in relation to Covid).The list of other failures of poor governance and economic mismanagement by the Morrison Government are too far and wide for me to address each item now, and of course we are now in the unfortunate position of having the world focus on an Australian Prime Minister in Mr Morrison who has some serious questions being asked about his character flaws, namely the reports about his alleged racism (he hasn’t addressed why Mr Chapman would sign a statutory declaration corroborating Mr Towke’s version of events, and Mr Baird’s comment today “I didn’t hear anything” does not impugn Mr Chapman’s statutory declaration and is only consistent with Mr Baird being a close friend of Mr Morrison and therefore lacking in objectivity), bullying (Mr Morrison has not explained Senator Hanson’s complaint) and seemingly pathological propensity to continuously lie (once again, I quote President Macron, “I don’t think, I know”, as well as Mr Morrison denying he used the racist term ‘Shanghai Sam’ only for the media evidence, and his own Twitter account, to prove otherwise).

Now we shall return to the question Mr Jones MP posed to the Prime Minister two days ago and it is a question I pose to you regarding our aged care sector. Labor’s Aged Care policy initiative focusses on treating older Australians with the respect they deserve. Older Australians helped build this country by working hard, paying their taxes, and raising their families. An Albanese Labor Government will take practical measures to ensure older Australians receive the aged care they deserve by:

  1. Every aged care facility being required to have a registered, qualified nurse on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Raising the standard of aged care across the board by ensuring there are carers, who have more time to care, and Labor ensure proper care being provided by mandating every Australian living in aged care receives an average of 215 minutes of care per day, as recommended by the Royal Commission into Aged Care.
  3. Backing a pay rise for aged care workers by supporting workers’ calls for better pay at the Fair Work Commission.
  4. Ensuring there is better food for residents of aged care facilities, which includes Labor working with the sector to develop and implement mandatory nutrition standards for aged care homes to ensure every resident gets good food.
  5. Making residential providers report, in public and in detail, what they are spending money on, including providing to the Aged Care Safety Commissioner new powers to ensure there is accountability and integrity.

Ms Amanda Copp, the Political Reporter for National Radio News, tweeted on 3 April 2022 the clear problem in the aged care sector is worker shortages, as pay and conditions need to improve if they want people to work there. Labor’s Aged Care policy initiative will place security, dignity, quality, and humanity back into aged care, including attracting more people to work in the sector. Is that too much for a wealthy country to ask for? The Morrison Government in the wake of their misuse of our funds and budget mismanagement, have had the temerity to pose the question of affordability of Labor’s Aged Care policy, which, amongst all of Labor’s other policies, has been fully costed at $2.5Billion (less than half of the ridiculous Hells Gate Dam announcement Mr Morrison made in North Queensland and less than half of the contractual damages which WE will have to pay for the French submarine contract being broken). Perhaps the best words on the question of funding are the words Mr Albanese spoke on 3 April 2022 when he was being interviewed by Mr Chris Uhlmann of Nine News, who in response to a question about unfunded costs said:

“That is there because of wages of whoever is in government, and the Prime Minister had to concede that on Friday. The question is this, why is it this Prime Minister can’t say that aged care workers deserve a wage increase?”

Mr Albanese’s question, and Mr Jones’ question as well, are fairly put to the Prime Minister, and we as a population, which has benefited from the rewards of the hard work people in aged care previously gave to us, need to ask ourselves where our moral and ethical compass is pointing to regarding the aged care sector. The aged care sector is in crisis under the Morrison Government. Labor’s Aged Care policy will lead our aged population out of crisis to the care and dignity they deserve. Costs become an irrelevant question when your moral compass points in the direction of proper and dignified treatment of our aged population in aged care.

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From Back in Black to a Trillion in Debt

After Mr Morrison told the country on Monday he had presided over 8 budgets, 3 as treasurer and 4 as Prime Minister, Mr Frydenberg then delivered last night his fourth budget, which of course leads to Mr Morrison’s inability to correctly do simple addition. I should also say at the outset this budget is a pork barrel of promises, which as reported in The Guardian yesterday, promises which in the sum of ten billion dollars of our money is being used by the Morrison Government to target specific seats which they hope to retain if they’re not unanimously voted out of office.

In relation to the “promises”, they are made by a government which failed to protect the nation regarding the deadly bushfires of 2019 (aloha Scott and Jenny relaxing on the beach in Hawaii, the former fire chiefs did forewarn you), failed to introduce a Federal ICAC, failed to build the pork barrel carparks promised at the last election, failed to build the Southeast Queensland infrastructure which they promised before the 2019 election – and which Mr Morrison subsequently announced again as an election promise for the upcoming election – failed to keep the nation safe regarding Covid-19 easily entering the country by the disembarking passengers from the Ruby Princess, failed to protect the nation regarding building fit for purpose quarantine centres to house citizens returning from overseas who had contracted Covid-19 and its variants (hotel quarantine was only meant to be a temporary solution), failed to deliver the vaccine rollout in a timely manner (it was actually a race, Mr Morrison), failed to protect the elderly in Aged Care from contracting Covid-19, failed in relation to urging the states to open up early when the Omicron variant had entered Australia, and finally, failed to assist flood-affected residents of Queensland and New South Wales in a timely manner, including giving Queenslanders the big “don’t care gesture” by only paying a third of compensation for damage which was otherwise paid to the flood affected residents of New South Wales.

That is quite a list of failures which one would expect a government of twenty years to accrue, let alone a government of 3 years. I do not raise these failings by the Morrison Government in jest, rather, I raise them because any “promises” in last night’s budget must be measured against the failures to deliver on promises, and proper governance. As for any Liberals raising JobKeeper as some form of accomplishment, it was only introduced by the Morrison Government after they were heavily lobbied by Mr Albanese, Ms McManus and Mr Combet, and the Morrison Government still failed on that imitative as well by appearing to allow billions of dollars to be paid to undeserving companies.

Last night’s budget was the worst budget I have ever witnessed be delivered by either of the two major political parties in my now 46 years of taking an interest in politics and economics. Before the Trojan warriors of Liberal trolls come out to attack me about my 46 years of interest or understanding about those two topics, may I explain my Grandfather, Flying Officer Hector Spring DFC, was a genius who obtained degrees in economics and commerce at the University of Queensland, and he taught economics to my late mother Jill Spring, who was also up there at a genius level of academia which included her achieving 97% on her senior certificate for English, and finally my stepfather who also possesses genius level intelligence and he studied economics as well at the University of Queensland. So, when Mr Whitlam was dismissed by the Governor-General Sir John Kerr on 11 November 1975, when I was as a 6-year-old child, from that moment onwards I took a very keen interest in any discussions around our house about politics and economics. I am not saying I’m a genius, but I have been exposed to some very intelligent observations about the two topics over that 46-year period. In any event, let us also move on from discussions about pedigree and heritage.

There’s always a tweet to regret. Do you remember this gem from 2019?

Only a true rusted on Liberal Party member and their partisan media supporters would try to argue the budget was anything other than a cynical last-gasp attempt by an incompetent and out of touch Federal Government looking down the tunnel of political oblivion. Let us start with the once off handout of between $250.00 to $420.00 to “assist” poor and middle-income families with the skyrocketing costs of living. For almost 9 years now we have witnessed stagnant wages growth. KPMG reported earlier this month there was some wages growth, but that was in the non-unionised workforce, in other words the professional sector or like businesses. Otherwise, over 90% of the workforce has not seen any significant growth since Mr Abbott famously ate a raw onion. So, if we use the number 9 as our rough figure of division, last night Mr Morrison and Mr Frydenberg said you are only worth about $28.00 to $46.00 per year regarding this one-off payment to purportedly help you with the skyrocketing costs of living, which is not a recent phenomenon, as costs of energy, house prices, health costs and groceries have been increasing since 2013, just to name a few costs.

Most middle-income families are living week to week, as they have been for the past 9 years of stagnant wages growth. The least fortunate families on lower incomes have been struggling with the costs of living just to survive, which includes an ever-diminishing access to health care as Liberal Government under Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison have reduced payments the Medical Benefits Scheme, including the costs of seeing a GP. The one-off payment can really be construed as one week of relief at best for lower- and middle-income families, who undoubtedly are well behind in other costs of living, including utilities and rent. Whilst we deal with the issue of rent, if house prices increase, as they have been for several years now, the cost of rent will also increase. I did not see any rent relief in last night’s cynical “we will buy your vote” budget. BDO in its analysis of these payments opine it is only a temporary fix which may not have a long-lasting impact for vulnerable Australians. BDO also question any long-term affordability of schemes to assist first home buyers. And as for Mr Morrison’s comment this morning:

“Scott Morrison has told renters that the best way the government can support them is to help them buy a home, in what housing experts have described as a ‘let them eat cake’ moment.”

We all know from our history lessons what the people of France did to their monarchy when such an uncompassionate statement was made.

Then we move onto the fuel excise. There are two issues about the temporary fuel excise reduction which Mr Frydenberg announced last night. The first issue is the requirement for petroleum companies to pass that benefit onto you the consumer at the petrol pump; there is none apart from an “expectation” by the ACCC, and they acknowledge it could take many weeks as petrol companies use up their existing stock. The cost of fuel worldwide is on the way up, not down, so don’t expect to see any significant difference at the petrol bowser when you fuel up once existing stocks are exhausted. The second issue is a matter which I raised in an earlier article about inflation, namely the failure by the Morrison Government to embrace electric car technology and indeed manufacture the vehicles here as we have underground all the necessary minerals to make affordable electric cars. Consumers would not be subjected to the vicissitudes of the petroleum companies and the price per barrel of oil if the Federal Government had not so incompetently shunned the proposal of electrical vehicles being introduced into the marketplace during the 2019 Federal Election. Fossil fuels are an anachronism of a bygone age, and for the life of me I cannot understand why the Federal Government would not embrace electric car technology 3 years ago, other than pursuing an untrue political strategy to win an election. The costs of charging an electric car would be nominal, and it is good for the environment as we are converting over to renewable energy (I will have more to say about that issue on another occasion).

Cartoon by Alan Moir (

The budget failed to deliver any national plan for reviving Australian manufacturing; an essential economic step if we wish to break free from the escalating costs of purchasing secondary level manufactured goods from China and India. There was absolute silence on the floor of Parliament last night about this issue; Simon and Garfunkel could have played their famous song last night to reflect the ongoing disinterest the Liberal Party has regarding the logical economic step of us manufacturing from our primary resources the secondary manufactured goods which we in turn purchase at the tertiary level of the economy here, a chain of three levels of Australian owned business enterprises. The Liberal Party has pushed our national debt into the stratosphere of “trillion dollars” debt, with nothing to show for it, save for questions about so many billions of our dollars of our money allegedly sliding sideways into the hands of mining magnates and other billionaires.

The Morrison Government is blowing hard into their own pipes today about the purported savings of childcare per week, but those savings will be negated to a large degree by the skyrocketing inflation which will be incurred by day-care centres, just like any other business, and parents. The question has to be asked; why didn’t the Morrison Government previously provide adequate childcare relief before last night’s budget? It is evident the 2021 budget was financially insufficient to provide more accessible childcare relief, and it was not going to be implemented until 1 July 2022. Those 2021 budget provisions for childcare were only going to benefit a quarter of the population using childcare services. In relation to the 2022 budget, there was no provision evident from the proposed policy to address the question which any parent has (and up until the end of 2017 I had a child in day-care) about scaling up demand for day-care services, namely what is being done on the other side of the ledger regarding the risks of compromised quality, which is important to parents as it affects children’s health, wellbeing, and development. The Federal Government concedes the “benefits” of child-care are subject to many variables, so in other words, don’t expect to see too much back in your bank accounts.

Aged Care services are no better off than last year’s budget as the sector is still underfunded, and there are key workforce issues including incentives for nurses to work in regional areas and older workers to join the industry, as well as the sector still facing the challenges of the pace of compliance and regulatory change (NAB review 30/03/2022). On the broader health front, the Australian Medical Association argues the current health system is not fit for purpose, and I have previously addressed how Medicare is being pulled apart brick by brick. The President of the RACGP, Dr Karen Price, has expressed her disappointment vital components of the Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan remain unfunded. On behalf of the RACGP, Dr Price stated:

“… the Federal Government has failed to provide much-needed funding to support vulnerable patient groups, including those with chronic and complex disease, and deliver on what is needed to ensure a strong future for primary healthcare in Australia.”

Dr Price also stated the lack of funding regarding the 10 Year Plan will also negatively impact the community by there being continuing gaps in aged care, mental health, disability, and chronic and complex care. The National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Professor Trent Tworney has also criticised the 2022 Budget regarding the costs of medicines, as he says the Federal Government has:

“… failed to adequately address the increasing cost of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines in the Federal Budget, a decision that has been criticised as a missed opportunity by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.”

A missed opportunity! (You don’t say, as a person who takes daily medication I groan in financial anxiety when I receive my monthly account). The Grattan Institute has stated today health fared poorly in last night’s budget, as the Federal Government failed to fix primary care and aged care.

Finally, the CEO of Professionals Australia, Jill McCabe, said the Federal Budget measures failed to address the full cost of living pressures faced by Australian families now and into the future, including the budget failing to reduce the costs of groceries, power, rent, education, health, and housing. Ms McCabe also said wage growth (if it materialises) will not keep up with inflation, so Australian families will be even worse off.

There are so many other failures delivered in the budget last night (such as proper flood funding for Queenslanders) but the list is too extensive for me to write about them now, in the interests of brevity. Mr Morrison in his train wreck interview at the National Press Club back on 1 February 2022 could not even say what the price of such basics as bread and milk were at that time. Mr Morrison simply does not understand or seemingly care what the average income earning Australian must try to pay for each week, let alone impoverished Australians.

Last night we saw an out of touch and desperate Federal Government trying to buy your votes just before an election – an election which the polls suggest the Morrison Government will be heavily defeated in – by delivering a terrible budget which has no long-term plans for this country’s future. The only plan regarding this budget is an attempt to re-elect Mr Morrison as Prime Minister, a man whom in the words of Senator Fierravanti-Wells is an “autocrat and bully who has no moral compass” (Pauline Hanson is also alleging today she too has experienced Mr Morrison’s bullying).

We deserve better than this, Australia.


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