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A once in a century chance

I apologise to the readers of my articles for my absence over the past two to three days, as personal matters had to be attended to by me.

Nevertheless, during my absence from being politically active online, I did stop to take in the importance of this 2022 Federal Election, not just from the aspect of soundly removing the Morrison Government from office, thereby destining them to the annals of history books, but also why the policy agenda of the Australian Labor Party (‘ALP’) has set out for us is such a doorway of opportunity and protection, not only in this century, but also into the twenty- second century.

It is a somewhat confronting experience to talk about a future history which one knows one will be unlikely to be around for. However, such thoughts are but inconsequential once you have read Tolstoy’s ‘The Death Ivan Ilych’. Considering our feral media (sorry if narcissistic younger journalists take offence to the nomenclature, but the behaviour of some of you has been infantile (my many thanks to Mike Carlton for this description infantile) will not ask one single question of Morrison beyond the initial feeble enquiry to which he immediately twitches a dislike to, so it is left to us the public, on the Fifth Estate of social media to make the case for change.

This article will address the matters of very poor governance by the Morrison Government, which not only raise concerns about questions of competency, but also highlight the need for a Federal ICAC. I might add, a Federal ICAC is not the ogre Morrison makes it out to be, an opinion he allegedly seems to hold from perhaps fear of his own political conduct since 2007. In addition to the matters of poor governance, I shall also address the Morrison Government’s lack of a policy agenda which will lead us into the twenty second century.

The second component of this article will address the sound economic and social policies the ALP wish to introduce to secure our futures, and those of our descendants’ futures. Remember, the ALP has always been the party of dynamic economic and social change, so when a Coalition supporter asks a member of the ALP “what has your party done?”, we can respond with such nation changing policies from the Snowy River Hydro system through to the NDIS (to name a few), these are policy agendas which various ALP governments have implemented. When the same the question is asked of the Coalition supporters, they can only meekly point to a consumption tax called the GST (Goods and Services Tax) which Mr Howard lied to the electorate about to ensure he could win the 1996 Federal Election.

By way of an executive summary, you will read how the need for change is required as the Morrison Government has delivered poor governance due to:

  1. Morrison’s lies and poor character.
  2. The government’s terrible management of the economy.
  3. Its broken promises.
  4. Its failure to act on climate change.
  5. Its failure to properly execute foreign affairs and national security.
  6. The scandals.
  7. The aged care debacle and the threat of the Indue Card.
  8. Medicare being dismantled.
  9. Robodebt causing so much harm and even death.

Whereas the call for change to an Albanese Government may be found in not just the ALP’s treasure trove of policies, but also in a future Prime Minister and a cabinet which will not be embroiled in controversies, a cabinet which governs in the nation’s interest, not their own.

So, now that we have the agenda of this article set out in stone, as they would say in the 2009 comedy-drama of the same title, “away we go.”

The reasons why the Morrison Government must go

I have previously addressed in articles, posts, and tweets the reasons why the Morrison Government must be swept out of office, articles which have been published by the good people at The Australian Independent Media Network:


Morrison’s ‘miracle’ only delivered us pain; now, put your hand up to say he must go


However, if life has taught me anything when it comes to writing, it’s the writer’s prerogative to take the readers to the topics of concern. There are so many topics of concern regarding this terrible Morrison Government, I have also broken these issues of concern down into subcategories, so that you the reader may explore this horrible trail of governance in a focused manner.

Morrison’s lies and character

The list is long regarding Morrison not being fit to hold office, for a variety of reasons which have been raised by several political commentators. I have espoused these matters of poor character before, so I shall take you the reader on a journey of my previous articles:


Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence


Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence (part 2)


The Economy

Former American President Bill Clinton’s illustrious statement in 1992 “it’s the economy, stupid” comes to mind anytime politics and elections are mentioned. Not that I am saying social measure are unimportant, not indeed. No, the statement made by former President Clinton goes to one critical issue in a campaign, and on this issue the Coalition have failed Australians time and time again, as the previous articles, posts of tweets will convey to you:


The inflation we did not need to have


“With Scott Morrison it’s always too little, too late”



From Back in Black to a Trillion in Debt



A Morrison guarantee? I would rather do a deal with Shylock


  • Employment has been a noticeable issue the Morrison Government is trying to save its political hide on, but as we have discovered regarding climate change and real economic facts there is, all is not what it seems in Morrison’s little bag of dirty tricks, which I have previously discussed in my AIMN Morrison Must Go Article, but in addition there are these facts.
  • Morrison’s gaffe regarding JobSeeker. Now, ordinarily I would say so what, I want to discuss policy, not whether some little Channel 9 reporter impertinently displayed in a clear case of biased reporting, and, to quote Malcolm Farr in The Guardian on Friday 6 May 2022, it’s rudeness journalism (actually, it’s biased, amateurish, and democracy draining journalism).
  • The terrible waste of our money, including the damages we have to pay for Morrison and Dutton deciding to pull out of a binding contract regarding submarines (the new ‘nuclear’ submarines will not be delivered to us until some time in the 2040’s).
  • The real economic facts (graph prepared by Dr Jim Chalmers):



The ALP have always been the better economic managers.

Broken Promises

  • The list of broken promises is contained within my Morrison Must Go Article. Nevertheless, after the AIMN published my atricle, there has been some further commentary in the media regarding some of these broken promises:
  • Federal ICAC, senior judiciary have described Morrison’s conduct as “spurious“.
  • The nonsensical claim by Morrison he didn’t introduce Federal ICAC legislation because the opposition would oppose it.
  • Why is Mr Morrison so afraid of an integrity commission (indeed his recent responses of it being a public autocracy which destroys lives suggests he fears for his own personal reasons, rather than the public interest.
  • We have a Prime Minister now quite rightly referred to as a buffoon due to his nonsensical statements as to the reasons why a Federal ICAC should not be implemented.
  • Morrison’s BROKEN PROMISE to implement a Federal ICAC was criticised as being a failure to undertake a key policy measure, he committed himself to at the last election.

Climate Change

It is an unfortunate that such an important issue regarding the adverse impact of human made climate change has become a weapon of political war in this country. The United Kingdom are united in politics regarding this issue. In any event, here are some of the outrageous claims made by the Morrison Government, and other commentary, regarding climate change:

Foreign Affairs and National Security

The Coalition have always tried to portray themselves as being the form of government which has a record of being strong on national security, which in some ways foreign policy flows from that or is connected to that other area of governance. Well, the Morrison Government and the Coalition have demonstrated time and time again they are just hopeless on:


Scott Morrison’s national security fail



Continued tomorrow: The Scandals.


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  1. Michael Taylor

    Wow. An enormous amount of research there, Michael.

    Morrison has to go!

  2. Canguro

    Michael, notwithstanding the accuracy of your assessment as to the importance of this 2022 election and the imperative to rid ourselves of the current rabble of pretenders, I’d suggest your confidence in the policy agenda of the ALP, as a doorway of opportunity and protection into the twenty- second century, is somewhat foolhardy brave and akin to a lone man standing against an approaching avalanche and roaring ‘Stop!’

    The word ‘climate’ appears five times in your ~1600+ word essay, yet we are repeatedly told by the UN and the IPCC that this is the most urgent issue facing mankind – mankind being, obviously, much more than the ~25-26 million living on this southern continent – and all the correct and appropriate positioning taken against corrupt incumbent governments here and elsewhere are but spits in the ocean when measured against the forces at play, now, in this moment, and increasingly, ongoingly.

    To say, whether cynically or sardonically or sadly, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’, in regard to the impacts of global warming, doesn’t even begin to describe the horrors that await future generations.

    Droughts, floods, famines, cyclones, bushfires or wildfires or whatever we want to call them, massive methane releases accelerating tipping-point outcomes, ramped up species extinctions across the board from micro to macro organisms of every genre not only on land but also in aquatic environments whether oceanic or fresh water, along with the madness of billions of humans just trying to survive – against the odds – this is what is predicted, come the 22nd century.

    Let’s just keep in mind that despite more than fifty years of alarm bells ringing, and ever-more loudly and insistently these last 15 or twenty, essentially sweet f*ck all has been achieved to lower or reverse the emissions of heat-trapping gases and to diminish the threats posed.

    I’m all for a good political scenario and argument for best-practice, but a bit of factoring in what’s around the corner would be helpful, in terms of balanced perspective.

    We are, after all, not a creature outside of nature looking at her as if she is a museum specimen; instead, we’re an intrinsic part of the ecosystem, albeit endowed with the unusual capacity to act for good or otherwise. And as nature enters into full-throttle anthropocene, the sixth extinction phase, we’re inevitably buckled up for the ride.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Canguro, I’m fairly sure Michael is summarising Morrison’s failure to address climate change, as he has with all the topics raised.

  4. Phil Pryor

    If Australia has had two, not just one, foul lying, lazy, incompetent, loudmouthed unwiped anus in office, Morrison is both of them. Never has it been worse since 1901, with a team of hopeless, evil intent, inadequate, scheming, unreliable turdlets tossing away at sucking, bludging, bleeding and bending. Filth. Time will tell, but more horrible truths will need connecting, correcting, collecting, and punishment given for actual crime done.

  5. wam

    A great summary of facts about scummo and labor, michael. Looking firward to the scandals next!
    Hope albo’s enough on top of them to throw in some facts at interviews.
    ps love it because the greens have no responsibility, they can eat more, consume less?

  6. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    Very well said, Mr Springer! Although I am not holding my breath, it is surely PAST time for SloMo to go! As you say, he is a proven LIAR in almost every thing he says, & he distorts the facts as & when he wants to, which seems is every time he opens his mouth! What a disasterous last few years every one in Australia has had under all the liberal mobs, TIME TO GO SLO MO!

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