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A once in a century chance (part 2)

Continued from Part 1.

The Scandals

The scandals surrounding the Morrison Government are set out in my Morrison Must Go article. However, there are still these unanswered questions which we, the voting public, are being kept in the dark about regarding:

That is quite list of allegedly scandalous behaviour whilst holding office. One matter is certain, you will not find one impertinent reporter from Channels 7, 9 and the Murdochracy shouting at Morrison about these scandals.

Aged Care and the Indue Card

Aged care in this country is not only in crisis, it is also a disgrace. The Commonwealth Government is responsible for the aged care facilities in this country, but this is what we have witnessed regarding the treatment of aged citizens who helped build this nation and paid their taxes:

  • Many of you may say “tell me it’s not true”, but yes the costs of proper care were challenged by the Morrison Government:


Are YOU Really Arguing We Can’t Feed and Care for Our Grandparents?


Now the second issue I have referred to under this heading is very concerning in relation to the Indue Card, as it is an overreach of governance to determine what pensioners and any other person requiring public money to support them should have to submit to, to receive such support because:


The Coalition have never liked people being able to access proper medical care. Indeed, the Whitlam Government’s Medibank scheme was privatised by the Fraser Government, which then made Bob Hawke determined to introduce universal health care again when he came to office. These are the egregious examples as to how the Morrison Government is slowly but surely dismantling Medicare:

  • I have previously written about the manner in which the Morrison Government, and the Liberal Party governments which preceded it, have been slowly but surely been dismantling Medicare:


Brick by brick we say goodbye to Medicare


  • Ms Rushton being appointed to the Health portfolio just before the 2022 Federal Election was called, and she has a history of making statements about Medicare which are not comforting about the long-term intentions of the Morrison Government if they are re-elected.
  • Vulnerable Australians missing out to the diminished funding of Medicare.


Morrison likes to boast about how many lives he saved here in Australia in response to the global pandemic, but the first question is “how as a nation girt by sea did Covid ever manage to enter Australia?” Well, a Royal Commission will need to be established to examine our response to Covid-19, but in the meantime our experienced press gallery members (not the barking mad junior members) have had this to say:


This scheme is sad for the lives destroyed or lost by what was undoubtedly one of the most shameful chapters in the history of this almost a decade of miserable governance under the most inept governments in what has been a revolving door of Prime Ministers. Robodebt should always be looked upon with nothing but great shame, such was the harm which it caused in the community:

  • In his usual pusillanimous style Morrison tried to absolve himself from blame, even though as Prime Minister he declared the funds received from the scheme would assist the government’s revenue declarations.
  • A Federal Court judge stated the Robodebt scheme was a shameful chapter in our history.

When one scans one’s eyes over this atrocious history of federal governance, in which such shocking economic, social services, waste, scandals and foreign affairs policy are, to quote an old friend Nick, “the Smirking Turd has presided over the most corrupt, mendacious and inept government in Australia’s history.” Like many Australians, Nick, me and you the reader are at the crossroads of history in which in the interest’s of our descendants, those of our blood all the way through to those whom we shall never meet living in the next century, we must rid ourselves of the Morrison Government.


Continued tomorrow: Why an Albanese Government should be elected.


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  1. Carol Taylor

    I think that the thing which characterises Morrison and his feeble compliant bunch of cohorts currently on the government benches is the callous disregard for those in Age Care. It doesn’t matter if you’ve paid a $400,000 security to earn yourself a place, you’ll still end up eating a bowl of slops with a side of partially cooked green beans with half a scone as dessert***. Age Care is the great equaliser, rich or poor if you end up there it’s the same slops for dinner.

    Morrison’s ‘religion’ dictates that the weakest get what they deserve while the godly are rewarded. Presumably the godly never end up in Age Care.

    ***as related to me by a friend whose brother has Alzheimer’s after serving over 30 years as a police officer reaching the rank of Inspector.

  2. Michael Taylor

    Latest IPSOS poll: 57/43 to Labor.

    That’s huge.

  3. Albos Elbow

    From the SMH tonight –
    “What are the spoils of victory?
    The next prime minister will need to lead a nation of indebted homeowners struggling with rising interest rates, cost of living blowouts, regional geopolitical spot fires while engaging with recalcitrant crossbench likely to be emboldened by the success of the “teal independents”. Plus an electorate whose temperament ranges from the indifferent to the irascible.”

    Not to mention neither party had much to say about the biggest issue Australia (and indeed the planet Earth) is facing – no plan to reduce carbon emissions, global warming and no hint of a plan for a smooth transition away from fossil fuels by 2030.

  4. wam

    I defy anyone, reading your words, to be supportive of this government or scummo.
    I will do what I can to have my rabbottians, especially those who don’t pay the medicare levy, see it in ‘trickle down form’.

  5. New England Cocky

    MIchael Spender, you appear to have missed your career as an investigative journalist, the career path that has vanished from Australian mainstream media-ocrity. Thank you for this series of essential information about the non-effective COALition misgovernment.

    @ Carol Taylor: Scummo the unChristian seems to have ”lost” his good mate Brian ”touchy feely” Hou$ton from the Hell$inger$ Choru$ for ”Pay Your Way to Heaven Today” and is relying upon his foreign owned multinational corporate mates to provide for his aged care. No slops for HIM!!

    @ Michael Taylor: Optimist!!

    @ Albos Elbow: So our future, after this self-imposed waste of nine (9) years of economic stagnation and political chicanery, seems to be ”out of the frying pan & into the fire”? Well, at least we will save Medicare for our grandkids …..

    @ wam: THAT is your most sensible post for quite a while …..

  6. GL

    We’re off with the sending of billions of dollars to the Yanks…I mean…nah, stuff it…to buy lots of military helicopters to help protect us from wrongdoers and evil empires yet again. Defence, it’s about the only thing they have left in their barrel of election promises and seeing how it’s the LNP everything occurs in the future and if it ever gets off the ground (no pun intended) will help sink the country further into debt.

    I also imagine the LNP is busy taking IPA/Crosby Textor educational packages, “Developing Selective Amnesia” and “Blaming Labor” with added role playing classes just in case they get the boot on 21st of May.

  7. Ian Hughes

    This year is the 50th anniversary of when I first voted. The Morrison govt is the most secretive, corrupt & incompetent govt I have seen during this time.

    Morrison as PM does the “reverse Midas” – everything he touches turns to shit.

    And, as Juice Media said in one of their Honest Govt Ads – the Morrison govt puts the “N” into “Cuts”!

  8. Michael Taylor

    NEC, Michael is a barrister – and one who detests not only the Morrison govt but also where it are taking us.

  9. Michael Taylor

    Medicare not only has to be saved, but made even better.

    Allow me to tell of healthcare across three countries:

    In 2018 I had bypass surgery (five bypasses), without which I wouldn’t have seen Christmas. The blockages in the arteries were discovered during a checkup, so the surgery was elective and I was fortunate to have private health cover. Without the health cover I had two options: fork out $98,000 for the surgery (money which I didn’t have), or wait until I had a heart attack and hope that if I lived I’d get free treatment in a public hospital.

    After the surgery I made my mind up to go out and enjoy life, so Carol and I used our savings to take an overseas holiday.

    Anyway, to start my stories, we were in a laundromat in Glasgow chatting away to an elderly American couple and the laundromat attendant (a young uni student). The American fellow had to have some treatment so spent a few days in hospital and when he went to see how much the bill was he was told it was free. He had the same response when he went to pay for his medication. The bill in the USA, said that fellow, is usually around the $13,000 mark. Apparently all healthcare is free in Scotland, even to overseas visitors. (The exception being overseas students studying in Scotland).

    Earlier, in America, I caught bronchitis. Before seeing the doctor I had to sign a statement that I could pay for the consultation. The consultation, plus ten days medication only, cost me AU$387. Back home the whole lot would have cost me a whopping $6.10.

    Despite being on the pension I’ve had to keep the health cover because of a few issues. I’m facing more surgery and have been referred to a specialist. I phoned for an appointment and the first question the receptionist asked was if I had private cover. “What’s the difference?” I asked. “If you don’t have private health cover there is a three year wait. If you do have health cover we can see you in four months.”

    The consultation, by the way, is $320. The consultation, and the private insurance, together add up to a fortnight’s pension. That’s so wrong.

  10. New England Cocky

    @ Michael Taylor 1: Michael Springer’s legal training certainly shows in his concise style and detail, while his commitment to the community good demonstrates why public journalism sites like AIMN are so important until there is monopoly breaking legislation to break the Murdoch media-ocrity.

    @ Michael Taylor 2: Thank you for your detailed financial analysis of why IT IS ESSENTIAL TO KEEP & UPGRADE MEDICARE.

    The COALition will claim ”Australia cannot afford to upgrade Medicare” but cutting freebie handouts to corporate mates (Jobkeeper profits), preventing Beetrooter building multi-BILLION dollar dams for the foreign owned multinational mining corporations (Hells Gate NQ), stopping government funding of private schools and re-establishing an Australian manufacturing sector will provide adequate financing.

    Pandering to Bog Pharma & American corporate health care may provide ”political donations” aka ”political bribes” to the COALition but it DOES NOT KEEP AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYERS HEALTHY

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