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“Change is a law of life”

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” (John F. Kennedy, 1963)

The former United States President spoke these eloquent words at a time when the USA was releasing itself from the restrictive leashes of its past and setting out at the dawn of an exciting new era.

Yesterday Mr Frydenberg said; “now is not the time for a change of government.” The same desperate words were spoken by Mr Morrison again this morning on The Today Show. They are desperate words spoken from the decks of the sinking ship which is the Morrison Government. However, peel back the layers of fear mongering, dog whistling, disinformation and now desperation, what lays beneath at the bottom of the Morrison Government’s ship? Nothing! There is no plan for our manufacturing sector, for our aged care sector, and tertiary education providers, to name a few. It’s just the same old song, and the Liberal Party wants the beat to go on. They ask that you ignore:

  1. Mr Morrison’s secret trip to Hawaii as the country went up in flames; a bushfire the scale of which we had not seen before, but we now know Mr Morrison was forewarned about it occurring by the fire officials long before the fires occurred.
  2. The Ruby Princess docking, which had already warned the harbour officials people were sick on board, but then those sick passengers were permitted to leave. The Ruby Princess occurred in circumstances whereby the Morrison Government had banned cruise ships from docking, but it had allowed four including the Ruby Princess to be exempt.
  3. Proper quarantine centres for the pandemic, rather than continuing to rely upon hotel quarantine.
  4. Telling us we were at the front of the queue for vaccines when we were at back, and we had to endure, as Ms Sally McManus called it, the ‘stroll out.’
  5. Letting Omicron rip, or “living with Covid” as Mr Morrison said with such ‘affectlessness’ as our aged care sector were left to be so defenceless against the virus, whilst Mr Morrison had photo opportunities taken of him cooking a whole Barramundi.
  6. The floods. Totally missing in action there, and when they did intervene, the Morrison Government only paid Queenslanders half of what the good people in New South Wales received.
  7. Stagnant wage growth.
  8. The worst failure in foreign affairs and national security since WWII.


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Ian William Chubb AC FAA, who is an Australian neuroscientist and academic and was the Chief Scientist of Australia, said in September 2018 at the National Press Club these words about where we were at politically at that time:

“A combination of cliché piled upon cliché, three-word mantras, endless quick fixes, avoidance of anything intellectually demanding, dog-whistling, vengeance politics and the adjourning of democracy (as just happened), is no way to build confidence or trust. The solemn declarations of commitment to ‘Australian values’ or to the ‘fair go’ and even to a ‘new generation’ out there ‘listening’, is risible. If they really did listen to us, we would have, just as an example, more focus on renewable energy (polls show about 84 per cent want more investment), less on coal (60 per cent support a global alliance promising to phase-out coal power by 2030) and more sensible emissions targets (56 per cent want a 45 per cent or greater reduction on CO2 emissions by 2030). And where are we? Pretending this is less important than a $3 per week reduction in electricity prices.”

An Albanese Government offers the Australian people a plan (this is not the complete list) for our future which includes:

  1. Improved aged and health care.
  2. Restoration of manufacturing or the secondary tier of the economy.
  3. More TAFE and university places.
  4. Cheaper childcare.
  5. The Powering Australia energy plan which will assist us to reduce our emissions to 43% by 2030, create jobs and deliver cheaper power.
  6. A Federal ICAC.
  7. Budget repair.

The Morrison Government has destroyed our economy as we are witnessing inflation spiral upwards out of control, and interest rates will be increased to try to address the inflation problem we should never had in the first place. We now owe almost $1Trillion in national debt, with nothing to show for it. The Liberal Party is tearing itself apart internally, and meanwhile National Party members like Mr Canavan have started mumbling no net zero regarding climate change. There has been too much dysfunction, too much waste of our money, a lack of accountability and a clear message being conveyed to the electorate by the Morrison Government, a government which has no plans for this country’s future, they are in politics for their own selfish gain.

Benjamin Franklin once stated: “Lost time is never found again.”

Benjamin Franklin warns that time is a scarce resource, and if it’s wasted, it cannot be recovered later.

Time should not be wasted now by us on a stale, incompetent and dysfunctional rabble of a federal government.

It is time for Australia to seize the moment. It is time for a change to an Albanese Labor Government.


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  1. New England Cocky

    It’s time! ….. Again!!


  2. Michael Taylor

    NEC, I just can’t contemplate one more day of this crappy government.

  3. Michael Springer

    There are are still three weeks to go. This election will be fought and won on social media. That is why it’s so important to have the AIMN as a platform for all views to be published.

  4. wam

    Mr Springer,
    Every word screams reasons why these people must go.
    they changed leaders and lied to win in 2016
    they changed leaders to a liar and won 2019
    scummo is heading for his second term which is an advantage because aussies are for a fair go.
    So despite his lying, despite his rorts, despite his economic failure, despite his diplomatic blunders, despite his dodging responsibility, despite his massive debt, he has the bandit and our fear of change on his side and, barring an Albo miracle, is odds on for a second term.

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