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Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence (part 2)

Continued from Part 1


Now let us move onto the question of Mr Morrison’s poor character, which is supported by amongst other matters his long history of lying to us, and it goes to the very heart of the reason why Mr Morrison is unfit to lead this country, indeed unfit for him to be elected as Prime Minister at the 2022 Federal Election. We of course have seen or read in the news the stories about the leaked text messages, whether it was Barnaby Joyce as I referred to in Part 1 yesterday, or Gladys Berejiklian, which describe Mr Morrison as a liar, a complete psychopath, and a horrible, horrible person. These are texts sent by Mr Morrison’s own party or Coalition partner.

In addition to the lies set out above (which by themselves scream out unfitness to hold office), and the leaked text messages, we have witnessed on the night of the 2022 budget Senator Fierravanti-Wells alleged Mr Morrison is a bully, an autocrat, a person who has no moral compass and finally, and most concerning of all, that Mr Morrison allegedly used racism to overturn the unanimous preselection vote win which Mr Michael Towke received to be the candidate for Cook at the 2007 Federal Election (Senator Hanson and Senator Lambie have also alleged they have been bullied by Mr Morrison). Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ budget night allegations have been made in the context of what could only be described as a cluster-stuff-up of Mr Morrison intervening in the decision making of branches of the NSW Liberal Party so that he could insert his own ‘Captain’s Picks’ of candidates (and dear oh dear, aren’t some of those candidates expressing far-right views, particularly regarding the LGBTQIA community?), a cluster-stuff-up which has also seen Senator Fierravanti-Wells reduced to the unwinnable position of number 3 on the Liberal Party senate ticket.

I have already addressed above what is a clear lie Mr Morrison made to Ms Sales on 7:30 regarding the reason why he intervened in NSW, and yes some of the people speaking out about his character may have motives to do so, but it doesn’t explain the genesis of the disquiet, it doesn’t explain why Mr Chapman would sign a statutory declaration supporting Mr Towke’s version of events. I have never seen a Prime Minister have so many people from their own party so disappointed with them like I am witnessing with Mr Morrison, and I have been following Australian politics since 1975. I wrote to the Prime Minister by email on Friday, 8 April 2022 in which I not only asserted he was unfit to hold office, and to immediately call an election, but I also raised these points about Mr Towke’s interview with Mr Aly of The Project on 6 April 2022 which Mr Morrison has not answered:

1 A Federal Cabinet Minister in your government has encouraged him to speak out, but Mr Towke for the sake of that Cabinet Minister’s privacy will not reveal his name. This same Cabinet Minister has also said he believes Mr Towke, and told him to be careful, because he was being backgrounded.

2 Further to the first appoint above, when Waleed Aly asked Mr Towke what he had to be worried about, Mr Towke replied he had been told by respected Canberra journalists “people associated” with you were backgrounding him attempting to link Mr Towke to neo-Nazi groups. Mr Towke very objectively said it was possible you were not aware of this, and it was just the “hacks” in your office who are doing this. Mr Towke also said it was possible you were “wilfully ignorant”. One matter is certain, you have not either called a press conference about this allegation or taken any questions from the media about it. Your conduct in relation to your failure to address this allegation only seems to strengthen Mr Towke’s position, as in my 47 years of following politics any other Australian Prime Minister would have called a press conference by now to address such a serious matter as the allegations set out by Mr Towke at points 1 and 2 herein. Of course, there is more to Mr Towke’s interview with Mr Aly than just this allegation, and those matters are dealt with by me below.

3 It has already been reported for about 15 years now Mr Towke initially comprehensively defeated you in the first 2007 preselection ballot for Cook by 82 votes to your 8. As reported by The Saturday Paper on 2 April 2022, and then again by The Sydney Morning Herald (‘SMH’) on 3 April 2022, Mr Towke alleges after he won this first preselection ballot, you allegedly racially vilified him in which you told Liberals in 2007 they could not support Towke because he was Lebanese and there are rumours he was a Muslim. It is also alleged in The Saturday Paper and the SMH there is a signed statutory declaration made by another Liberal named Scott Chapman, and he alleges you spoke the same words to him about Mr Towke.

During your maiden address to Parliament in about February 2008 you warmly thanked Mr Chapman for his assistance in helping you to get elected to Parliament. I acknowledge your responses to Mr Towke’s claims has been they are lies; you find it offensive and the allegations which are made by Liberal Party people against you are made by “disappointed” people. As I said above, there seems to be many disappointed people with you, and you may be correct about how they feel, but that does explain the genesis of their disappointment. However, what disturbs me the most about this whole disturbing state of affairs is that since the story was reported in The Saturday Paper last Saturday you have not provided any cogent reasons why Mr Chapman, a man in whom you had so much admiration for when you first addressed Parliament, would sign a statutory declaration supporting Mr Towke’s version of events?

Your averse short form response of lies and offensive don’t seem to answer this great unexplained question about Mr Chapman, and I would have thought a person bearing the office of Prime Minister would address this question in detail at a press conference. I otherwise note you proclaimed on 3 April 2022 you would sign a statutory declaration, but then resiled from this position on 4 April 2022 in claiming there are no court proceedings for you to sign one. But that is not right, as the New South Wales Communities and Justice webpage confirms statutory declarations may be used where there are no court proceedings; surely as the Prime Minister of Australia you would know this fact?

4 One further matter which Mr Towke raised during his interview with Mr Aly (and I might add Mr Aly asked all the questions you would expect a journalist to ask a person about such serious allegations) is that he alleges at the second preselection the other candidates didn’t show up to the second preselection, and Mr Towke’s voting block went in behind you because he figuratively speaking had a gun held to his head, in that he was allegedly told by one person who is your close personal friend he would be ruined and never able to obtain employment if he did not swing his voting bloc in behind you. Now I acknowledge you have previously denied Mr Towke’s allegations you made racially vilifying comments about him, but after the interview between Mr Aly and Mr Towke on 6 April 2022 you have also failed to call a press conference to address these further allegations as to how Mr Towke’s bloc of votes swung in behind you for the second ballot, a matter which one would expect the Prime Minister of this country to address.

Now of course I have not received a response from Mr Morrison, and I don’t expect one will be forthcoming. However, the lies set out above in section titled ‘Lies’, and then this further character evidence coming from either Liberal Party members, or female Senators, of its own raises unfitness for office. When you then include Mr Towke’s further allegations raised with Mr Ally on 6 April 2022 it raises serious questions about Mr Morrison’s fitness for office. Look those allegations by Mr Towke may well be a lie (but Mr Towke did not appear to be a person either prone to lying or intent on burning down the palace), one question remains which Mr Morrison has not answered, and that is why would Mr Chapman sign that statutory declaration when he has had no reason to be disappointed with Mr Morrison? Even excluding Mr Towke’s allegations, and excluding all the Senators’ allegations, I nevertheless submit to you the reader all of Mr Morrison’s lies alone militate against his fitness for office.


Then there is the issue of competency regarding this shambolic Morrison Government. I have already raised my views regarding the Morrison Government’s poor handling of the pandemic. In addition, we have seen so many scandals ending with the hashtag ‘gate’, there wouldn’t be enough paddocks in Australia with gates to match the hashtags. Some readers may jump up and down saying I’m being too soft to call these numerous ‘gates’ acts of incompetency, but until a Federal ICAC is established, and until a court of law says otherwise, I can only personally say the word incompetency. I have set out in detail in my previous articles published by the good people at the Australian Independent Media Network (The AIMN) the Morrison Government’s incompetency regarding:

Economics: The inflation we did not need to have

Medicare: Brick by brick we say goodbye to Medicare

Aged Care: Are YOU Really Arguing We Can’t Feed and Care for Our Grandparents?

There will be future articles I shall write about 9 years of lost opportunity in Australia to make a difference about climate change arising from the weaponisation of the issue by the Liberal Party. The failure by the Liberals to implement a meaningful climate policy is a further issue regarding their incompetence, and their culpability for destroying the future lives of our descendants. The state of our nation is an appalling mess because of the economic and social mismanagement of the Morrison Government, and the previous Liberal Governments from when they came to power in 2013. To quote the famous line of Obi-Wan Kenobi from ‘A New Hope’, in relation to both Mr Morrison and the Morrison Government; “you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”


There are also the issues about our partisan media, examples of which may be evidenced from some of Mr Morrison’s lies particularised above, which includes the media’s failures to either properly call out Mr Morrison’s lies or raise them at all. The limited ownership of media in Australia and the media’s apparent biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party, as opposed to their persistent attacks on the Labor Party, are matters which go to very heart of our democracy as the public has lost faith in the Fourth Estate. Even our public broadcaster, the ABC, is now consumed by biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party, and many Australians no longer think of it as “our ABC”. In most cases, only the domain of social media, or as some people may call it the Fifth Estate, provides an outlet for progressive minds to fully express their views in favour of the Labor Party’s progressive policies.

The vicious attack on the Labor Party by the Fourth Estate will continue throughout the remainder of this 2022 Federal Election campaign, just as it did during the 2019 Federal Election. The Fourth Estate will not call out the Morrison Government properly for failing us on economics, failing us on education, failing us on healthcare, failing us on climate change, failing us on Aged Care and failing us on other important social issues, such as First Nations People having a voice to Parliament.

I was born on 13 June 1969. This is not the Australia I was born into.


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  1. wam

    1969 election was little different to now with labor’s millstone then being the DLP and now the loonies. It is worth you, as a gen X, to look at the 9 lnp elections before 1972. “There will be future articles I shall write about 9 years of lost opportunity in Australia to make a difference about climate change” It sounds good but you neglect boobby brown’s effort of twice voting down climate action. I suppose you follow the party line but I prefer that he voted in a fit of pique at not being involved in the bi-partisan decision. He may regret the 13 years or not that followed but I believe he has a conscience. I look forward to “There will be future articles I shall write about 9 years of lost opportunity in Australia to make a difference about climate change”. Will the greens get a run?

  2. Kathryn

    Nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – kind, compassionate, foresightful, honest, sincere or intelligent has EVER been sourced from the unspeakably corrupt, lying, bible-thumping hypocrite and two-thumbs-up BOGAN, the bone-idle Sloth Morrison! This is a fake, power-obsessed narcissist who is internationally regarded as a recidivist PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! Even the French President, Emmanuel Macron, recognised what a disingenuous phony Morrison is – when asked if he thought Morrison was a liar, Macron astutely replied: “I don’t think, I KNOW!” ….. Hmmmm, an opinion that is also widely acknowledged and agreed upon by most intelligent, insightful Australians who can spot a despicable FAKE from 20 kms away! We all knew Phony Abbott was as fake as a $3 note but Morrison is not only fake, he is a callous, self-serving sociopath!

    Anyone with an IQ >10 can see that this appalling ruthlessly ambitious political parasite (Morrison) is about as shallow as a carpark puddle; as compassionate as a starving crocodile and as “loose with the truth” as Morrison’s notorious hero, Donald Trump, on Trump’s WORST day! History has proven that everything about Morrison – past and present – is fake; everything about him is a lie but what is even worse is that Morrison continually tries to hide his unspeakable level of corruption, inhumanity and treachery behind a nauseating level of bible-thumping hypocrisy!

    Morrison ticks EVERY box as a backstabbing, lying, conniving political psychopath. One does not need to search back too far in his political history to see how treacherous he is! The story of his appalling betrayal of Michael Towke (click on link below this paragraph) gives one an insight into Morrison’s devious, despicably malignant, lack of character. If that wasn’t enough, Morrison went on betraying and backstabbing other colleagues including Malcolm Turnbull! Who can forget how the treacherous Morrison placed his arm around Turnbull’s shoulders swearing support only to stick the knife in a few weeks later in order to usurp power! If the backstabbing liar can do this to his OWN colleagues, what chance do ordinary Australians have in trusting this appalling political psychopath?

    Even Morrison’s OWN colleagues despise him with Gladys Berejiklian (aptly) describing Morrison as a “horrible horrible” man, Barnaby Joyce stating that Morrison is “loose with the truth” and just about every colleague in his OWN cabinet and the LNP State cabinets describing him as a ruthless, backstabbing liar! Quite a worry when one realises that the people who supposedly know him the best haven’t got a good word to say about him, eh?

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