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Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence

So, the whistle has finally blown for the 2022 Australian Federal Election to be conducted, after we had to wait extra time for Mr Morrison to get his ducks in a row from the most alarming intervention in a political party’s preselection process in Australian political history, not to mention the extra squeeze Mr Morrison could get out of our dollars under the banner of “Commonwealth Government Advertisement”.

Regrettably, we in Australia now live in such a compromised system of vested big business media interests supporting the Liberal Party, particularly under the Morrison regime, that people like me must take to publishing balance, the truth, and true matters of national importance on social media and independent media to properly convey the terrible state of our nation, Mr Morrison’s apparent flawed character and the Federal Government’s incompetence in office. As an example of what I am about to address, Mr Tudge is still a cabinet minister, on leave being paid a salary (we don’t know whether it’s a ministerial salary) as of today, despite Mr Morrison telling the public on 4 March 2022 Mr Tudge was not seeking a return to the front bench. Rubbish! More Morrison bilge water.

Look, there is a reason why Mr Morrison was polled as the most dishonest politician in Australia by over 12,500 sampled people from all walks of life by the long established, reputable, and independent pollster Roy Morgan. That is because he is the most dishonest politician in our history, including the indelible comments by President Macron in response to Mr Probyn’s inane question do you think Mr Morrison lied to you: “I don’t think, I know.”

This article will be broken up into 4 different sections: 1) Morrison’s lies, 2) Morrison’s character, 3) Morrison Government incompetence and 4) Media. In short compass, indeed call it an executive summary, I believe there is overwhelming evidence Mr Morrison lies to the degree that it should be called pathological, which of itself militates against his fitness of character to hold office, but then there are also very concerning alleged character flaws raised by members of his own party which may also militate against his fitness for office, once proven. The Morrison Government is also extremely incompetent, and whilst some people may allege that incompetence can be taken to greater heights of accountability or culpability, in my view limiting my opinion to incompetence is enough for them to be voted comprehensively out of office. Finally, I consider our mainstream media, or Fourth Estate, to be suffering from condensed ownership problems, biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party and as a result, the Australian public has lost faith in the Fourth Estate.

Okay, so away we go.


The only way to address this issue is to work our way backwards in time:

1 The fact Tudge is still a cabinet member, an issue which I have raised above, which I might add the very brave Ms Rachelle Miller called Mr Morrison out on lying about on Twitter on 10 April 2022, and reported by The Guardian yesterday, as well as Morrison trying to avoid answering questions about our money being used to pay Ms Miller $500,000.00 because they are ‘private matters’, are evidence of Mr Morrison’s propensity to lie to the Australian public, even during an election campaign.

2 On the first day of the 2022 Federal Election campaign Mr Morrison claimed; “whilst I’ve been fighting the pandemic for the past two and a half years, Mr Albanese has been fighting me.” Absolute horse manure exploding out of Mr Morrison’s lying mouth. When the pandemic began, Mr Morrison and Mr Frydenberg were opposed to introducing any form of wage support. It took the lobbying by Mr Albanese, Ms Sally McManus, and Mr Greg Combet, and their subsequent meeting with Mr Morrison and Mr Frydenberg to convince their narrow economic understanding Australia would experience a worse economic recession than what was subsequently the recession in September 2020, if a wage support measure was not introduced. JobKeeper was subsequently introduced, and of course the Morrison Government paid $13B of our money to undeserving companies which were already recording a profit (the Morrison Government has refused to recover this money).

3 Morrison telling Ms Leigh Sales on 7:30 last Wednesday, 6 April 2022, he intervened in the NSW preselection process to stand up for women. Yet when former MP Jane Prentice was voted out at the 2018 Ryan Liberal preselection so that Mr Simmonds could stand as the Liberal candidate for Ryan at the 2019 Federal Election, Mr Morrison said; “Canberra shouldn’t be messing in the affairs of Queensland, that is not how our party operates… Our rank and file members are the ones who decide who stands for them at every election.” It seems to us the public Mr Morrison that you told Ms Sales a lie, as previous comments in 2018 cannot be reconciled with the statement you made to Ms Sales.

4 In relation to the Sexual Discrimination Act (you know the one, where Mr Morrison wished to discriminate against children) Mr Morrison claimed; “The Labor Party put measures in the Sex Discrimination Act, which meant that you could expel children because of their sexuality.” Another LIE Mr Morrison. Labor’s Sex Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status) Act 2013 actually narrowed the bases on which a child could be expelled for their sexuality as there were no prior restrictions on the ability for schools to expel children for their sexuality.

5 Whilst we are discussing legislation, Mr Morrison promised the people of Australia before the 2019 Federal Election he would establish a Federal ICAC in his first term of government. As of 12 April 2022 I cannot see through my Canberra binoculars an office with a nice brass plate with the words inscribed on it which say ‘Office of Federal ICAC’. With what has gone on in the Morrison Government over the past three and a half years perhaps Mr Morrison is worried the poor Federal ICAC employees would be too overworked, just like Mr Dutton was worried was worried about the ADF getting the clothes dirty and wet. You, Mr Morrison lied to the people of Australia at the last Federal Election.

6 The ABC on 4 February 2022 reported Barnaby Joyce’s (remember, Barnaby was banished to the backbenches by Mr Turnbull when he was Prime Minister, not Mr Morrison) leaked text message dated 22 March 2021 for Ms Brittany Higgins to see which contained the following text; “Tell BH [Brittany Higgins]I and Scott, he is Scott to me until I have to recognise his office, don’t get along. He is a hypocrite and a liar from my observations and that is over a long time. I have never trusted him and I dislike how he earnestly rearranges the truth to a lie”. Don’t we all dislike Mr Morrison. Of course, after the text message was leaked Mr Joyce admitted he sent it, but then he came out with a somewhat spurious backtracking mumble of word salad which didn’t explain his previous character assessment of Mr Morrison.

7 Anyone for tennis? When Mr Morrison was interviewed on 17 January 2022, Mr Morrison claimed Novak Djokovic was deported because “he sought to come to Australia and not comply with the entry rules at our border.” Wrong lie! Djokovic was deported under the Minister’s ‘Nuclear Power’ because his “ongoing presence in Australia may lead to an increase in anti-vaccination sentiment generated in the Australian community, potentially leading to an increase in civil unrest of the kind previously experienced in this Australia with rallies and protests which may themselves be a source of community transmission (Affidavit of Minister Alex Hawke sworn 15 January 2022). The government’s refusal to admit Mr Djokovic for breach of entry requirements was rejected by the Federal Court.

8 At his media conference on 30 December 2021, Mr Morrison told the press regarding the provision of Rapid Antigen Testing Kits (‘RATS’); “all the private industry who gave us that advice this week, they can go now, they can book their supplies, they can get them on the shelves and not have any concern that somehow a new policy will come in and tests will be handed out to anybody who wants one”. Lie, again. As reported by The Guardian Australia on 30 December 2021, private industry expressed no prior concerns about RATS being made freely available.

9 Still on the issue of testing, at his media conference on 22 December 2021 Mr Morrison said; “I went, I got a COVID test from the local pharmacy. At Terrigal. Picked one up.” Fact check – Lie. On 6 January 2022 reported the truth as “the test in Terrigal was not personally bought by Mr Morrison but by a member of his staff.”

10 President Macron, I know I mentioned him before, but I do love the sound of the French accent when they speak English. After President Macron said Mr Morrison lied to him, Mr Morrison then tried to deflect the French President’s opinion of him, Morrison, by Mr Morrison remarkably saying; “I’m not going to cop sledging on Australia”. No, Mr Morrison, the French President told the media he was referring to you alone, and President Macron told the media; “have a lot of respect and a lot of friendship for your people”. Face it, Mr Morrison, in business terms you are a rat for trying to scuttle out of a contract which now will cost us from our money $5B in damages! Indeed, Mr Morrison lying about the submarine contract extends to him telling a media conference on 16 June 2021 in relation to his discussions with President Macron over the Naval Group submarine contract; “It was a very positive discussion we had last night about a whole raft of issues and of course including the contract.” Dear oh dear, Mr Morrison, you had already decided to terminate the contract and you told a media conference on 31 October 2021 that your discussion with President Macron on 16 June 2021 didn’t address the issue of terminating the contract, as you told the media; “that was not a matter that I was going to engage in in any sort of broad conversation about.” Mr Morrison, you are a hominem esse mendax!

11 Regarding the former Premier of NSW Ms Gladys Berejiklian, Mr Morrison told a media conference on 6 December 2021; “Gladys was put in a position of actually having to stand down.” Lie. Ms Berejiklian did not have to stand down, she chose to resign because, as she explained in her statement to the press on 1 October 2021, Ms Berejiklian said; “I have made it clear on numerous occasions that if any of my ministers were the subject of allegations being investigated by an integrity agency or law-enforcement, then he or she should stand aside during the course of the investigation until their name is cleared, that same standard must apply to me as premier.” There are precedents of NSW premiers standing aside whilst the subject of an integrity investigation dating back to 1983 when Mr Wran stood aside.

12 During an interview on 11 November 2021 Mr Morrison knowingly lied when he said; “I see Anthony Albanese backed in the Chinese Government.” Mr Albanese never made any statements to accord with this unsubstantiated statement. Never buy a used car from Mr Morrison.

13 At another media conference on 9 November 2021, Mr Morrison said in response to a question asking him how he could embrace electric vehicles after campaigning against them during the 2019 election; “But I didn’t. That is just a Labor lie.” Liar, liar, pants on fire. On 7 April 2019 during his election campaign conference, after Mr Morrison said electric vehicles couldn’t tow boats or caravans or reach camping spots, he then went on to say, “Bill Shorten wants to end the weekend.”

14 Regarding the submarine contract with Naval Group, Mr Morrison told a media conference; “it was our concerns over the early delays and the delivery on, particularly on things like Australian industry content, time and cost that raised concerns in my mind.” When the contract was broken Mr Morrison said at a media conference, “I’m aware of those criticisms, but I don’t believe they are all founded in what is fact.” It is recorded in Handsard, the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade legislative estimates committee, on 27 October 2021 stated that, “they have been terminated because our requirements have changed, not because of the poor performance by either Naval Group or Lockhead Martin Australia”. Mr Morrison must have a very burnt backside at this time because of his ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’ behaviour, but in the words of the old advertisement ‘But wait, there’s more!’

15 At his media conference on 19 September 2021, when Mr Morrison was asked about how much Mr Porter was paid in anonymous payments, Mr Morrison said; “That’s included in his register of interests.” Balderdash! Mr Porter’s statement contains no reference to how much he was paid by anonymous sources.

16 During Question Time on 30 August 2021, Mr Morrison said in response to a question about the government supporting Mr Clive Palmer’s (as of 12 April 2022 readers you must like me be sick of seeing Mr Palmer’s and Mr Kelly’s advertisements on our television screens) High Court action against Western Australia; “the Commonwealth did not pursue that case.” I am sure the Honourable Justices of the High Court raised their eyebrows about that outright lie, as the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s filed Notice of Intervention regarding the matter of Clive Palmer (Plaintiff) and Mineralogy v State of Western Australia and WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson (Defendant) states “the attorney-general intervenes in support of the position of the plaintiffs.” The document clearly records the Commonwealth supporting Mr Palmer, and once again Mr Morrison misled Parliament during question time.



17 During an interview on 29 July 2021 when Mr Morrison was asked about the vaccine rollout (more like the vaccine strollout as so eloquently described by Ms Sally McManus) and him previously having said “it was not a race”, he said; “When Professor Murphy and I made those remarks, we were talking about the regulation of the vaccines.” At his media conference on 31 March 2021 Mr Morrison definitively said when asked about the pace of the rollout, “it’s not a race, it’s not a competition.” Mr Morrison, I shake my head at you, but how about you explain your unequivocal statement on 31 March 2021 to the faces of the Australian public who have lost loved ones as a result of the vaccine rollout not being a race (I don’t expect this pusillanimous Prime Minister to front anybody over this dreadful outcome, just like he would not face the people of Lismore).

18 At his media conference on 8 July 2021 Mr Morrison told the press regarding the administration of the second dose of the Covid vaccine the TAG medical advice was for people to have their second dose of the vaccination administration between 8 to 12 weeks as, “the TGA approval does sit, and Atagi advice, on 8 to 12 weeks.” The Tag may have approved an earlier administration of a second dose of the vaccine; however the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (‘ATAGI’) did not recommend the second dose to be Administered any earlier than 12 weeks after the first dose of vaccine.

19 During another media conference on 8 July 2021, Mr Morrison said; “At no stage at any time in the last 12 months has there been any suggestion that Australia would have reached a level of vaccination at the level we now see in the UK… So, the suggestion that somehow there was a vaccination rate that would have put us in a different position right now to what was planned last year is simply not true.” Another lie by you, Mr Morrison as in March 2021 at a media conference held by you, you told Australians you forecasted 20 million Australians would have received at least 1 vaccine dose, and many more fully vaccinated, by early July 2021. Your government’s original forecast in February 2021estimated the entire population would be vaccinated by October 2021. It seems Ms McManus was right about your strollout of the vaccines in this country.

20 I would kindly ask you take your minds back to point number 2 herein, in which Mr Morrison claimed whilst he was fighting the pandemic, Mr Albanese was fighting him. I have already proven once how this comment made by Mr Morrison yesterday was just total horse manure. However, there is more horse manure which has been a projectile out of Mr Morrison’s untidy mouth. Mr Morrison claimed at another media conference on 8 June 2021 that there was no bipartisan support for The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identity and Disrupt) Bill 2020 or The Telecommunications Legislation Amendment International Production Orders Bill, when those Bills were before that time before Parliament’s bipartisan Joint Intelligence and Security Committee (‘Committee’) after it had been previously referred to the Committee for consideration by Mr Dutton. In May 2021, the Committee unanimously recommended the passage of these bills subject to amendments jointly recommended by Labor and Liberal committee members.

21 It seems May 2021 was not a good month for Mr Morrison’s propensity to lie, as he told a budget lunch on 14 May 2021 regarding the crisis in Palestine; “As a government, we believe in the two-state solution. It seems now in politics here in Australia that is no longer a bipartisan view, and I think that is disappointing.” Either Mr Morrison needs to go to Specsavers, or he was just plainly lying again because Ms Penny Wong as the Shadow Foreign Affairs spokesperson issued a statement on 13 May 2021 regarding the Palestinian crisis, in which she said, “we remain committed to a just and enduring two-state solution.”

22 On 6 May 2021 during an interview with Neil Mitchell, Mr Morrison said regarding Taiwan; “We’ve always understood the one system, two countries arrangement.” The truth is my dear readers there has never been regarding Taiwan a “one country, two systems arrangement” recognised by Australia. When Mr Morrison was asked by both SBS on 12 May 2021, and again by the ABC on 13 May 2021, the question “did you make a mistake in that comment?” Mr Morrison said, “no.” Well Mr Morrison’s comment does misstate Australia’s position, as Australia does not recognise China’s claim to Taiwan, but merely acknowledges that China makes that claim. At least when Mr Albanese has made a mistake, he has the courage to take ownership of it, whereas Mr Morrison continues to scutter around the deck like a trapped rat.

23 During his address to the Business Council of Australia on 19 April 2021, Mr Morrison said; “ Our current target will see Australia – this is for 2030 – reduce our emissions by 70% per unit of GDP on 2005 levels.” Well, Mr Morrison that was an out and out lie to our business community, as your own government’s documents state: “The emissions intensity of the economy (Gross Domestic Product (GDP)) has continued to decline and is projected to fall by 58% from 2005 to 2030.”

24 At another media conference on 7 April 2021, Mr Morrison told the public regarding him previously criticising the European Union as the reason for the lack of vaccine supply, “I want to stress that at no time yesterday did I make any comments about the actions of European Union, nor did I indicate any of the background reasons for the lack of supply that we have received from those contracted doses.” The previous day, 6 April 2021, Mr Morrison said at a media conference; “the supply is the major restraint and always has been, whether it’s been the non-delivery of vaccines from overseas, some 3 million that we were relying upon, and we all are aware of the situation in Europe and other places that has frustrated that supply.” Oh, come on, Mr Morrison! That was barely even a day which went by before you lied about your previous comments!

25 23 March 2021 Mr Morrison lied to a Sky reporter saying there was at time; “a person who has had a complaint made against them for harassment of a woman in a women’s toilet…” Well, that pile of horse manure went down the toilet Mr Morrison, as you knew no such complaint was ever made by a News Ltd employee, and you had to in the most embarrassing of circumstances backtrack out of that lie and apologise. Truth 0 v Lies 25. But wait, there’s more!

26 During Question Time on 7 December 2020, Mr Morrison said about a former Liberal minister travelling overseas during the pandemic, “… and wonder why he’d want to bring personalities into this, given that Mr Rudd has done the same thing.” Guess what readers, Mr Rudd never left the country and Mr Morrison was forced to apologise later that day.

27 At another media conference (now I would like to just pause here a moment and question our mainstream media journalists why, with the history of Mr Morrison lying to you as a group, that you allow Mr Morrison to continue blatantly lying to you? I am not the only Australian to be concerned about how you, as a group of journalists, could allow such pathological lying by Mr Morrison to occur to you. I don’t know how you people can possibly not be drooping your heads in shame!) on 29 September 2020 Mr Morrison claimed about a stevedoring industrial action; “There are 40 ships, and some 90 containers out there. That includes medical supplies… you can see them lining up.” There were only seven vessels either waiting or had just arrived at Port Botany when Mr Morrison made this outrageous lie, only three ships were delayed, and the stevedoring company said no medical supplies were affected. Far out, vote him out!

28 In a media release on 7 September 2020 Mr Morrison said about vaccines; “The agreement puts Australia at the top of the queue, if our medical experts give the green light.” Our vaccine rollout didn’t commence until 22 February 2021 and by that date over 200 million vaccinations had already been delivered worldwide. Our vaccine rollout was repeatedly delayed from that day onwards due to the government’s inability to source vaccines. That appears to be the back of the queue Mr Morrison. For the avoidance of doubt, I consider the Morrison’s Government’s response to the pandemic to be poor, a matter which was found by a Senate committee to be the case only last week.

29 Sports Rorts! There is a duality with this rort and the government’s incompetence (and indeed, misuse of our money), but consider this blatant lie made by Mr Morrison during Question Time on 13 May 2020; “The authority for making the decision in relation to that program was the minister for sport. That is a fact, Mr Speaker (I will be relieved when during future Question Times we do not hear the words pronounced in such an unrefined manner “Mr Speaker”)… The only authority sought from the prime minister’s office and from me was in relation to announcements (#ScottyFrom Announcements).” Evidence from the ANAO records Mr Morrison’s office dictated the removal and addition of sports grants to the minister for sport’s office. Earlier during Question Time on 26 February 2020 Mr Morrison told Parliament regarding the PM & C preparing its report about the Sports Rort scandal; “The head of the PM & C had access to whatever document he required.” Mr Phil Gaetjens subsequently stated in his submission to the Senate Select Committee on Administration of Sports Grants that “the auditor-general did not provide any information to me that the ANAO used for its audit.” Oh, the hits keep on coming regarding Sports Rorts as previously Mr Morrison told the National Press Club on 29 January 2020; “I think it’s important to note that the auditor-general did not find there were any ineligible projects that were funded under this scheme.” Officials from the ANAO told a Senate inquiry 43% of the projects funded under the program were ineligible when agreements were signed! In relation to the same National Press Club address on 29 January 2020, Mr Morrison “rejected the premise” of the question that the government believed there was nothing wrong with using our money for private political purposes and he said; “that’s not why I did it. And that’s not why the government did it.” Well, Mr Morrison, the ANAO did not believe you as its report concluded $100 million of community sport infrastructure fund WAS targeted towards marginal or Coalition-held seats.

30 At the same National Press Club address on 29 January 2020 Mr Morrison said about energy transition plans; “There is no credible energy transition plan, for an economy like Australia in particular, that does not involve the greater use of gas as an important transition fuel.” You can almost hear the famous buzzer on the game show go “No-No”. There were many energy transition plans which included less gas, including a plan by the Independent Australian Energy Market Operator (The Guardian Australia published on 2 February 2020 an article written by Simon Holmes a Court which listed the numerous plans which involved less use of gas. Hello, Simon, I hope you are keeping well).

31 On 20 January 2020 Mr Morrison told Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic of The Today Show; “We will reduce our carbon emissions per capita by half between now and 2030… our per capita emissions will fall by half over the next 10 years.” The government’s own December 2019 emissions forecast (published when Mr Morrison spoke) recorded a fall of only 19%, not 50%, over the next 10 years. A clear and blatant lie based on published government documents. The question is, did Ms Langdon or Mr Stefanovic take Mr Morrison to task at the time about this lie, or have they subsequently challenged him at any time, including up to today 12 April 2022? If not, why not?

32 Once again, on the issue of emissions Mr Morrison told Mr David Speers on 12 January 2020 that; “Emissions today are 50 million tonnes less on average each year under our government than under previous governments.” Bulldust, Mr Morrison! That was just an out and out lie as the then current quarterly National Greenhouse Gas Inventory data showed only 5 million tonnes (not 50 million tonnes) less. Once again, as per the questions posed to Mr Stefanovic and Ms Langdon, did Mr Speers take Mr Morrison to task at anytime about this blatant lie regarding greenhouse gases, including up to today 12 April 2022? If not, why not?

33 There were further climate change lies told by Mr Morrison at a press conference on 5 January 2020 when he said; “The government I lead has always made that connection (climate change’s impact on global weather patterns) and that has never been in dispute.” Well, Mr Morrison, you lied to the nation again as there seems to be questions raised by people in your own government about such a connection, that is Mr Littleproud on 11 September 2019, Matt Canavan (of course) on 12 December 2019 and even Mr Dutton earlier that same day of 5 January 2020.

34 Mr Morrison tweeted on 4 January 2020 the video message which the Liberals ran during that summer’s bushfires “simply communicates the government’s policy decisions and the actions the government is undertaking to the public.” Bulldust again, Mr Morrison as the advertisement was on behalf of the Liberal Party, authorised by the Liberal Party and the host page solicited donations to the Liberal Party. Indeed, since we are dealing with those horrific climate change bushfires during the summer of 2019 to 2020, and yes, we remember how people reacted so angrily to Mr Morrison for sneaking off to Hawaii (see below), Mr Morrison told a whopper of a lie at a media conference on 3 January 2020 when he said regarding the fire commissioners’ advice, “we’ve acted on that advice.” No, you didn’t Mr Morrison, and indeed the National Aerial Firefighting Centre, which is overseen by the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services, asked for significant extra funding in late 2017 which was refused by the Federal Government when you were the treasurer.



35 Hawaii! Aloha Mr Morrison!! Whilst Australia was on fire in December 2019 Mr Morrison decided to sneak off to Hawaii, and his office would not initially confirm his whereabouts, until of course Mr Morrison had the famous photo opportunity on the beach with his thumbs up. Even better, in trying to cover his tracks for deserting us Mr Morrison told Sydney 2GB radio announcer Mr Ray Hadley, “I don’t hold a hose mate”. Subsequently, during Question Time on 22 November 2021 (Mr Morrison does like to use the privilege afforded to him of Question Time to make statements which may be harmful to a person’s character- Ms Christine Holgate being a classic example) Mr Morrison told Parliament regarding his delightful trip to Hawaii with Jen he texted Mr Albanese “from the plane when I was going on that leave and told him where I was going.” By now readers the Bull Dust machine is red lining, as subsequently that same day during Questions Without Notice, Mr Morrison told Parliament; “I want to confirm what the leader of the opposition said – that, in that text I did not tell him the destination of where I was going on leave with my family.” Aloha indeed!

36 Under the cover of Question Time privilege Mr Morrison said on 27 November 2019 the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was under police investigation. That was a terrible slur and lie on a former Prime Minister’s character, indeed our first female Prime Minister, as these comments about Ms Gillard were made by Sydney radio hoist Mr Ben Fordham in 2013. Mr Porter had to provide a letter to the Speaker of the House on 27 November 2019 acknowledging the falsehood of Mr Morrison’s lie.

37 Oh, the White House state dinner with former President Trump. How can we forget Mr Morrison told a media conference on 21 September 2019, “it’s gossip” about him seeking an invitation for Mr Brian Houston of Hillsong Church (we know that church, Mr Morrison lied in this year when he said that he had not been to that church for 15 years) to attend a state dinner. Well, we know you did Mr Morrison, as you subsequently told Mr Ben Fordham of 2GB on 3 March 2020 you had included Mr Houston’s name on the list. So why did you lie to us Mr Morrison about that fact?

38 Regarding Mr Morrison’s use of the racist term Shanghai Sam to describe Mr Sam Dastyari, Mr Morrison told a media conference on 13 September 2019; “I didn’t use either of those phrases.” Well, Mr Morrison was caught out on another lie, this time about his resorting to racist remarks, as he had previously used the term on Twitter and during interviews. How could you forget using that racist term Mr Morrison?

39 In February 2019 Mr Morrison was trying for the first time to deny Lenore Taylor’s article from 2011 about him allegedly saying at a shadow cabinet meeting the Liberal Party should use Islamophobia to win votes. Mr Morrison claimed Mr Hunt could corroborate his version he did not say those words during the meeting, the only problem was Mr Hunt was not at that meeting. When Samantha Maiden pointed out this major factual flaw in Mr Morrison’s version of events, he yelled at her and ran out of the meeting.

These lies Mr Morrison has told which I have set out above have been reported in many publications, but I give credit to Crikey for preparing such a detailed history of Mr Morrison’s lies. That is quite a record of lying by Mr Morrison, and I am sure you readers will write to me to say there are more lies which Mr Morrison has told. I don’t doubt that, as Mr Turnbull told Australians after President Macron’s “I don’t think; I know”, Mr Morrison had a reputation for telling lies. Indeed, the right-wing Sydney radio broadcaster Mr Hadley made Mr Morrison swear on a bible in 2015 (I’m surprised the book did not burn up in flames) that he had no role in Mr Abbott’s downfall as Prime Minister. Of course, we also have the infamous footage of Mr Morrison placing his hand on Mr Turnbull’s shoulder during the 2018 Liberal leadership spill and say, “this is my Prime Minister and I’m ambitious for him.” Yes, ambitious for him to be deposed and for you to become the leader of the Liberal Party, and therefore the Prime Minister.

Continued tomorrow…


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    They’ll still win Qld, that living breathing stereotypical inbred cliche. That’s half the fucking parliament stitched right there: throw in the henna’ed harridan and Clive and we are rooted again.

  2. Bob

    What does hominem esse mendax mean. I googled it but no luck. Thanks.

  3. Peter Wills


    hominem esse mendax is LAtin and means “a man to be a liar.”

  4. L. S. Roberts

    hominem esse mendax
    The person is a liar

  5. Roswell

    Thank you, I was about to say that.

    I went in and changed hominem into italics because it is a Latin word. I later realised it’s New Latin so I removed the italics.

    I caused the confusion.

  6. Bob

    Thanks L. S.

  7. wam

    Such a list could be scummo’s lie of the day.
    At every interview labor could begin with a scummo lie. ‘Lie of the day’?

  8. New England Cocky

    @ Michael Springer: Uhm ….. Is this an objective analysis of the political performance of the current Scummo COALition misgovernment or a charge sheet for an indictment for treason??

  9. Harry Lime

    He’s not a liar he’s,just a very naughty boy.He is going to have to stand in the naughty corner for a very, very long time.Starting at about 8.00 PM on the 21st of May 2022.

  10. leefe

    With that headline I was expecting a 1,000pp book. Congrats on compressing the most egregious examples into such a brief article.

  11. Phil Pryor

    Bowel brain Morrison, the P M or Piggery manager, is clearly a sicko dicko who lies as others breathe. The ugliest ever in office, inside and outside the skull, a backstabbing, lazy, devious, scheming and plotting plop, he is a lying disgrace to this nation, a treacherous Un-Australian Misfit. And this suits the Merde Dog maggot machine of media muck, which cobbles up a coalition of greedy and selfish interests to perpetuate profiteering. Crims and crooks…

  12. Albos Elbow

    Has he ever told the truth, ever?
    When Barnaby and the Queensland Coal Gang call you a liar, there’s nowere to go, really.

    Better be careful what you say or Jenny will be “sick to the stomach” on 60 Minutes of Political Bias.
    Scummo will attack your ear drums singing while masturbating a ukulele again.

  13. Albos Elbow

    GL, Andrew is stroking his Sky News master’s bolt again, just the way Rupert likes it stroked.

  14. Max Gross

    If Scotty from Bilgewater scrapes back in I have already decided to give up, switch off, retreat to my bunker, batten down the hatches and never ever vote again. I have had a lifetime of this horrible, horrible bullshit. Australia, the 2022 election is your final chance to avoid irrepairable catastrophe.

  15. Geoff Baker

    Please vote this mob out, Australia deserves better

  16. Kerri

    BS is always a private matter.

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