My Thoughts on the Week That Was

Saturday June 27 1 Do you ever wonder what happened to the debt…

Polyamory, says Betz, But I'm More Concerned About…

"If you undo the institution of marriage by redefining it for the…

"I wonder how the hell you can put…

Why should a five month old baby be sent to Nauru? "If…

From Little Acorns: The Unemployed Hit Back!

By Edward Eastwood Sauro -"call me, Sam", is standing in the front row…

Andrew Nikolickspittle

When Tony Abbott faced a leadership spill in February, newly elected MP…

Coalition tanks welfare

By Keith Davis Coalition tanks welfare: We must stop their efforts to divide…

Global food shock may be very close

By Dr Anthony Horton A new peer reviewed risk assessment produced by Lloyd’s…

Tracking Abbott's Record: June Update

THE LIST Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013. From…


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Carol Taylor – Carol was a former teacher (ed psych) and a disability advocate. Carol also studied law at SCU. Although Carol has written a number of articles for The AIMN, she is mainly involved in admin and promotion. She maintains a strong interest in politics, social justice, history, and the arts.



VictoriaRollisonVictoria Rollison – Victoria has a passion for progressive policies and a professional interest in marketing and communications. Victoria writes about politics and the media and how the media covers politics (#mediafail). You will find her tweeting at @Vic_Rollison, researching political communications at the University of South Australia and ranting about the Tony Abbott wrecking ball. Look out for her Open Letters and hope you never receive one.



John LordJohn LordJohn has a strong interest in politics, especially the workings of a progressive democracy, together with social justice and the common good. He holds a Diploma in Fine Arts and enjoys portraiture, composing music, and writing poetry and short stories. He is also a keen amateur actor. Before retirement John ran his own advertising marketing business.



John B Kelly

John Kelly – John holds a Bachelor of Communications degree majoring in Journalism and Media Relations. He is the author of four novels and one autobiography. As well as being a regular writer for The AIMN, he also runs his own site, The View From My Garden covering a variety of social, religious and political issues.



Kaye Lee – Kaye describes herself as a middle-aged woman in jammies. She knew Tony Abbott when they both attended Sydney University where she studied for a Bachelor of Science. After 20 years teaching mathematics, with the introduction of the GST in 2000, she became a ‘feral accountant’ for the small business that she and her husband own. Kaye uses her research skills “to pass on information, to join the dots, to remember what has been said and done and to remind others, and to do the maths.”


Michael Taylor – Michael recently retired from the Public Service and is studying law in his retirement. His interests are politics, media, history, and astronomy. Michael holds a BA in Aboriginal Affairs Administration, a BA (Honours) in Aboriginal Studies, and a Diploma of Government. Michael rarely writes articles for The AIMN theses days, but is heavily involved with the admin team.



Rossleigh – Rossleigh is a writer, director and teacher. As a writer, his plays include “The Charles Manson Variety Hour”, “Pastiche”, “Snap!”, “That’s Me In The Distance”, “48 Hours (without Eddie Murphy)”, and “A King of Infinite Space”. His acting credits include “Pinor Noir Noir” for “Short and Sweet” and carrying the coffin in “The Slap”. His ten minutes play, “Y” won the 2013 Crash Test Drama Final. He has recently joined the Australian Arts Party.




Jennifer Wilson – Jennifer, who has a PhD, has worked as an academic and a scholar, but now works at little of both her careers. She has published short stories in several anthologies, academic papers and book chapters, frequently on the topic of human rights. Her interests and writing are wide ranging, including cultural analysis. Jennifer has written for On Line Opinion, Suite 101 and ABC’s Drum Unleashed. Jennifer is well-known for her long-running blog No Place for Sheep: an eclectic blog that covers politics, society, satire, fiction and fun stuff.


Edward Eastwood

Edward Eastwood – Edward has worked a multitude of jobs since leaving school at 15, including Radio Announcer, Arborist, Undertaker, and Teacher. His interests include politics, Asian culture, and writing. His chief hobbies are parenting, sloth, and “trying to write as well as Ross Sharp who seems to do it with very little effort”.



Kay Rollison – Kay has two blogging roles on the AIMN. On the one hand she is a book review blogger, critiquing a range of genres from detective, to literary, to romance and non-fiction. Her book review blog, is a great place to choose your next book. On the other hand, Kay has a PhD in history and is a life-long feminist who also shares her daughter Victoria’s passion for politics and occasionally writes blogs analysing political policies and media performance.



Roswell – Roswell (not his real name, of course), is American born though he was quite young when his family moved to Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Science and spent most of his working life in Canberra. His interests include anything that has an unsolved mystery about it, politics (Australian and American), science, history, and traveling.



Rob Marsh – Rob is a young, underemployed writer with a fervent interest in world politics, history, philosophy, psychology, cosmology and the sciences, with a particular focus on consciousness studies and the role of psychedelic compounds in culture and the study of mind. He is currently in the long and drawn out process of putting together a book on the above topics, a synthesis of knowledge towards a theory of living that can meet the challenges of the new century. In addition to writing for The AIMN, Rob runs his own blogs The Useful Idiot and The Third Eye.


Sean Stinson – Sean is a performance artist and activist and a self described flag-waving leftie. He has written on topics ranging from political satire to in depth analysis of current economic and social policy. His essays include ‘The path to weight loss through ice addiction’, and ‘Migratory birds of South Eastern Australia and where to eat them’.



Torin Peel – Torin is a political campaigner, technology enthusiast and writer. Apart from writing about federal politics on The AIMN, Torin assists with our website development and graphic design. In the lead up to the 2013 federal election he became a member of the Australian Labor Party and in early 2014 began volunteering in the Geelong and South Barwon state election campaigns. In March 2015, he joined the team at AVgo Solutions as a web and graphic designer. Also in early 2015 he started work on Labor’s campaign in Corangamite as the Technology Director, being responsible for all aspects of technology, including social media and web systems.


LetitiaMcQuade#1_peLetitia McQuade – Letitia is a writer, award winning film maker and a business person. As a post graduate she studied creative writing at Melbourne University and Film and TV undergrad at the Victorian College of Arts.




Robyn Oyeniyi




TurnLeft2016 – TL is a farmer and community carer. Passionate about the left side of politics (more than a particular party), TL campaigns for justice, and fittingly has a degree in humanities and an Honours degree in feminism. TL thinks that satire is a more effective weapon against modern Australian fascism than anger, thus believing you don’t fear what you can laugh at.



Trish Corry – Trish loves to discuss Australian politics and feminist Issues. She is a member of the Australian Labor Party and you will find her blog posts with a left wing/progressive slant. Trish also runs the popular Polyfeministix blog where she discusses the topics that are currently circulating around the feminists forums, and also provide opinion pieces in this area.



Kate Bio PicKate O’Callaghan – Amongst other things, Kate is a blogger and activist living in Sydney. Kate is passionate about environmental and social justice issues in Australia, particularly in tropical Queensland where she is lucky enough to visit regularly. She is excited about the grassroots campaigning movement in Australia and believes it’s the key to taking the power back from large corporations.



OzFenric – OzFenric has a background in biological sciences and information management. He has worked as a librarian, a web designer and a social researcher. In his spare time he leads a church choir, performs in amateur musical theatre and writes fiction. He has won peer awards for editing and for writing, but never anything with money attached!



Sally Baxter – Sally (usually) blogs fortnightly on the past, present and future of journalism – from growing up in Hong Kong, to working in the UK and now observing the state of the world from her native Australia. Read more Baxter here.



Ben Clark Ben is a student journalist currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. He also writes for Farrago magazine and is a member of the YMCA Youth Press Gallery. He barracks for the Carlton Football Club and watches too much House of Cards. He also blogs on his own site, The Cynical Times.



Lachlan ClohesyLachlan is a Sessional Staff member at Victoria University, Melbourne. Since 2011, he has also taught at Swinburne University of Technology. He is an historian whose research interests include anti-communism, security and intelligence, nuclear power and weapons, Aboriginal affairs and Australian political history. Lachlan completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 2006, receiving first class honours for his thesis, titled The Petrov Affair and the 1954 Election. He was also awarded the 2011 Moran Award for the History of Australian Science Research.


Nicole Clark

Nicole Clark – Having recently completed her Environmental Science Degree, Nicole is passionate about the environment and believe the key to environmental management lies in careful communication among all members of society. “To communicate science is to create a shift and is to bridge the gap between science and society. Humanity’s decision to both conserve as well as reverse environmental impact concern is a task appointed to many and we must all work together if change is ever to occur. I aim to be part of this change, through both research and education, which I believe will alter the fate of the planet for the better!”


Barry Tucker – Barry is a retired journalist with 46 years experience across all forms of new media, including reporting, sub-editing, as editor and publisher. He operates the TruthInNewsMedia resource centre (, comments on politics and personal interests as The Sniper ( and in May 2014 launched The Third Party, now know as the Centre Party of Australia ( You can find him on Twitter @btckr and @3rdauparty.



Kevin Rennie

Kevin Rennie – Kevin is a a long-time citizen journalist and blogger. He is a Global Voices Online author and has been active with ThinkBrigade. He is a retired secondary teacher and trade unionist and has been an Australian Labor Party member since 1972. His interests include the environment, current affairs, the media, politics and human rights.



Matthew Donovan – Matthew is a former Labor candidate for the seat of Surfers Paradise in Queensland as well as a political commentator and freelance journalist. His interests are progressive politics, policy development and media/social media strategy. Matthew has studied Journalism, International Relations and History at the University of Southern Queensland. He also writes for



Alex Schlotzer – Alex is a member of the Victorian Greens Party and Australian Greens. He has been involved and interested in politics since early on in life and is a strong advocate for young people, workers, and the environment. Alex has worked with a diverse range of community groups and NGO’s, and advised a range of student and community organisations about governance and campaigning.




rWdMeee6_peAnthony Horton – Anthony holds a PhD in Environmental Science, a Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours and a Diploma of Carbon Management. He has a track record of delivering customised solutions in Academia, Government, the Mining Industry and Consulting based on the latest wisdom and his scientific background and experience in Climate/Atmospheric Science and Air Quality. Anthony’s work has been published in internationally recognised scientific journals and presented at international and national conferences, and he is currently on the Editorial Board of the Journal Nature Environment and Pollution Technology. Anthony also blogs on his own site, The Climate Change Guy.


Strobe Driver – Since completing his doctoral thesis in war studies 2011, Strobe has been lecturing and tutoring in the Social Sciences at Federation University and continuing with his research into Security Studies with an emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region, the nation-state and conflict and terrorism. He is a regular contributor to E-IR and more information about his writings can be found on and on his own website Geo-strategic  He is continuing to write articles and build a publishing base and is also currently writing a documentary.


me1-e1418358044416#1_peMatt Rae – Matt, a happy ‘family’ man with a young family, writes about the ‘fun’ of being a father and his (humorous) reflections of what he has learned about fatherhood. By writing about his experiences Matt hopes that readers get some value from his mistakes. Matt also blogs on his own site, The Unsimple Life in between studying at university.