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“Weak as piss”

Just to underline how puerile politics has become, Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan has called engineering firm Aurecon “weak as piss” and a “bunch of bedwetters” for severing its relationship with Adani.

“People of regional Queensland have kind of got over caving in to this kind of behaviour and conduct, it has to be called out, it’s exactly what they’ve done … apologies with being upfront with people,” he told ABC’s Radio National.

Upfront with people???? Calling companies names for commercial decisions they make???

Banks won’t finance the mine. Insurers won’t insure it. Another global firm, AECOM, had been designing a railway between Carmichael and Abbot Point, but walked away amid a financial dispute. A deal with integrated services firm Downer EDI collapsed in 2017. The contract with Aurizon to use their railway hasn’t been signed and nor has the royalties agreement with the Queensland government.

If we want to talk about “weak as piss” and a “bunch of bedwetters”, let’s talk about the Liberal Party who were too chicken shit to accept Labor’s support to pass the NEG despite it having overwhelming support in their own party room. They didn’t want Tony Abbott and Craig Kelly and Barnaby Joyce to make a fuss. Personally, I would have done it just to get the picture of the three stooges crossing the floor to sit with the Greens.

Because of this cowardice, we have no energy policy, prices and emissions continue to go up, and our international reputation is trashed.

Meanwhile, Matt King Coal continues to try to find ways to waste public money on a project that no investor will go near.

Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg were both vocal proponents of the NEG.

“The days of subsidies in energy are over, whether it is for coal, wind, solar, any of them. That is the way I think you get the best functioning energy market with the lowest possible price for businesses and for households and that is what the national energy guarantee and our energy policies are designed to achieve.” – Scott Morrison, April 2018

At a COAG meeting two weeks before the leadership spill, Josh Frydenberg said Australia could not have another failed energy policy, pointing to the collapse of the emissions trading and carbon pricing schemes.

“Today we must take forward the National Energy Guarantee and I’m confident that we can. Australian eyes are on this room today and what happens here matters to the outcomes around every Australian kitchen table and every Australian factory floor. We have a collective responsibility to deliver cheaper, more reliable and clean power for Australian families and businesses. It’s not our job to re-litigate the mistakes of the past but rather to provide the solution for the future. Today, it’s up to us.”

But dangle the bauble of leadership in front of these two “bedwetters”, and they will dance to whatever tune you want.

Weak as piss indeed.


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  1. John Ocallaghan

    Matt King Coal…. good stuff! …….

  2. Kaye Lee

    John, I think it was grumpy geezer that came up with that name?

  3. David Evans

    Why would we have any faith, or trust in these clowns? Most shameful 6 years in Australias political history. You are a goddam joke morrison. All bluff, bluster and bullshit.

  4. Keitha Granville

    In spite of the massive level of support thrown at Adani by this mob of losers, the market will ultimately make the decision, and if they can’t get any backers it will fall over all on its own.

    We may yet get a win.

  5. Andrew Smith

    Good example of what’s wrong with Australian politics, media, analysis and social narratives, including language; replicating what has gone on in the US.

    Not led by media based journalism but political PR led announcements by MPs which are not interrogated e.g. what do local stakeholders think or know? That may take some hours of telephone calls…. hence precluded.

    The language which is being encouraged by Conservatives aka Trump and LNP/NewsCorp is puerile, infantile and often nasty, dragging everyone down focusing upon emotions while analysis is avoided.

  6. Baby Jewels

    Reading his Facebook page, you have to wonder what’s in the water in Central Queensland. Some of them beggar belief.

  7. New England Cocky

    “The days of subsidies in energy are over, whether it is for coal, wind, solar, any of them.”

    OK, so what about ending the subsidies for oil exploration and other tax perks enjoyed by multinational corporations operating in Australia?

    Then stop the government charity gifts to the underserving wealthy as well?

    The total saving to the Federal Budget would be about $150 BILLION PER YEAR … when Morriscum was Treasurer having “balanced budget’ is a seriously important imperative of the LIarbral Nat$ misgovernment. Or is it only political bluster and more Canberra hot air (thought(?) bubbles) to distract the disillusioned Australian voters from the lack of government policies?

  8. Grumpy Geezer

    Chuffed you used it Kaye Lee.

    If i spot any good ‘uns about the place i grab ’em…e.g. J. Edgar Tuber. Makes me chortle every time.

  9. Kaye Lee

    Me too lol. Thanks to David for that one.

  10. Aortic

    Love your work Kaye. Any chance Queenslnd will secede and rename itself the kingdom of Queersland? Sir Tony Nullius as King, Peta Incredulous as Queen, Caravan as Coal Face Minister, Christensen as Envoy to the Philippines, Kevin pompous day Andrews as envoy to the Holy See ( which I understand stands for heavenly vision) as distinct from the North Sea and persuade Beetrooter to emigrate to take up the office of water flogging at outrageous prices and keeping your pecker in your pants. A scenario made in heaven surely, wherever the hell that is.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Dame Amanda Stoke-the-fire and Sir Peter Potatohead to patrol our shores and repel the invading hordes, backed by the Keystone cops to bounce anyone who displeases our lord and lady.

  12. wam

    loved the thought of ‘I would have done it just to get the picture of the three stooges crossing the floor to sit with the Greens’. but even these twits wouldn’t go near brandt. My image is them scurrying for the door before it locks.
    Albo should list the subsidies for coal and remind the commercial morning shows about scott morrison and his april 2018 observation.

  13. whatever

    Canavan and his pro-coal fantasies were deemed worthy of a studio interview this morning on Radio National.

  14. Lawrence S. Roberts

    ‘Bunch of bedwetters’: Matt Canavan attacks Aurecon for cutting ties with Adani.

    Sustainability is a word missing from the Canavan vocabulary.

  15. Brad Black

    There’s so little to cheer about these days, except when a coal industry floor matt, lickspittle loses it’s cool, thereby exposing another adani weakness to the financial world.

  16. Andrew Smith

    One can observe fossil driven PR in action via our media demanding need for action now on embedding coal in the energy mix and discouraging anyone who defies the wishes of the coal and broader fossil fuel sector.

    This includes pressure for Labor to roll over, generators to invest in coal fired plants, scare campaign today on potential blackouts in Victoria, the same AMEO reviewing renewable generation by AGL etc. during SA’s blackout, selected corporates threatening to set-up new operations in the US (demanding fracking for cheaper LNG, ignoring the MNCs such as Exxon whom are central to exports, without sovereignty of a domestic reserve?) and QLD Labor govt. intimidating protestors

    ‘Australia’s climate change inaction is now bipartisan. Protest is all we have left’


    The only barrier left is that of the (ageing) electorate whom have been well conditioned to claim unsustainably rising energy costs (though unable to compare with anything e.g. % of household income, or O/S, cost of running a car etc. or how to decrease their usage), then translates into good old Ozzie whine then motivated to vote against anything non fossil or new, while voting conservatively for old fossils.

  17. Kaye Lee

    Great link thanks Andrew.

    I was a teenager in the 1970s and we protested a lot.

    Re the apartheid thing…..

    “The racially exclusive Springboks were banned from playing in Australia between 1974 and the end of Apartheid in 1994. In 1981, the Fraser government refused permission for the aircraft carrying the Springboks to a tour of New Zealand to refuel on Australian territory. Tony Abbott, however, accepted a rugby scholarship to tour South Africa in what former Federal Labor Minister Barry Cohen described as a “universally acknowledged… promotional tour of Apartheid”.”

    Typical Tony – when we were at uni, he called Mandela a terrorist. When Mandela died, he praised him as a moral leader.


  18. wam

    I heard of a liberal politician, on his return from an a conference in south africa who said it was shocking to have to line up behind illiterate blacks buying stamps. My story teller and, presumably the pollie,.didn’t and I am still don’t see the potentially silliness in his words.
    ps the loonies have made it impossible for labor to take a position om climate change but albo could have a go at global warming.

  19. RosemaryJ36

    Speaking of Albo – has the Opposition gone on strike?

  20. James

    “and our international reputation is trashed.” Sadly, that happened a long time ago, probably irretrievably at the time of Australia joining that Vietnam War, albeit with a brief flurry under Whitlam, soon quashed and normal subservience resumed.

  21. Graeme White

    Andrew Smith. Not all fossils like me are stupidly following the hopeless
    LNP with energy. Many of my 70/80’s friends are a wake up to this mob of Neanderthals

  22. Andrew Smith

    I’m an old fossil 🙂 I wrote:

    ‘voting conservatively for old fossils’ i.e. MPs and influencers.

  23. Terence Mills

    Interesting that conservatives will frequently espouse their support for private enterprise, open and free markets with a minimum of government interference allowing business to do its thing without red-tape and regulation. But we are seeing the complete reverse with people like Canavan who actively try to impose their narrow views on corporations and in the case of Trump he actually dictates what they should be doing – like pulling out of China – and, I have no doubt, would penalise them if they don’t toe his line.

    Very strange !

  24. johno

    Not that strange, it’s called hypocrisy.

  25. Andrew Smith

    Terence Mills Not strange if viewed through the prism of national socialism and/or corporatism. Not only popular in 1930s Germany and Italy, many present day US oligarchs and/or corporates had a presence in Nazi Germany too (Eleanor Roosevelt had some choice words post WWII for those same deplorables, questioning their ethics and patriotism)

  26. Terence Mills


    Not to forget the Dutton empire which has grown wealthy since entering politics !!

  27. Matters Not

    Terence Mills. Dutton’s wealth benefitted greatly via an inheritance. His father was a successful builder.

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