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WA Voters: Disrupt the Disruption. Let’s Blow This Shit Up!

WA voters! Lend me your ears! Ask yourself this: “Do I want to be a disruptor? OR Do I want to disrupt the disruption?” You are in a game. Today, you need to decide which role you play.

It Is Just A Game

There is absolutely no doubt we are in the middle of a game. A game fuelled on by the media and populist politics. A game played to see just how many people don’t really care about politics. They are asking you today when you vote (and the media are testing you on this) “How much do you actually care about Western Australia?”

The media have played this game for a while now. It’s a fun game for the media. Because this game fuels suspicion and a divide amongst us all. It sees politicians scrambling. This agenda is a game to see how the politicians respond to this disruption. For those who feel like a star and are “having your voice heard for the first time.” Well in this game you are the pawn, not the King.

Why this is a game of disruption is that forever there has only been two sides to choosing our votes in this country and it is the way it will always be. The Liberal/National Conservative anti-worker parties versus the Laborist Pro work at parties. Work or the inability to work for whatever reason is central to everything we do.

The struggle between these two sides is endless. How much power and autonomy do the conservatives try to take from the workers, the disadvantaged and the poor? What will the worker parties do to protect this? The fight is real. This fight against conservatism can be captured in three spheres: welfare, workers and unionism and protest groups.

Other minor parties and independents have always served as one issue parties such as environmentalism, animal justice, gun lobbyists, farming and agriculture or LGBTIQ rights as examples.

The Party of Disruption

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party are not true Conservatives. For example, her economic adviser is a totally free market, user pays libertarian. It is very clear after voting for the ABCC, supporting cuts to penalty rates and being very anti union, the Pauline Hanson One Nation party is indeed an anti-worker party. The are certainly not a pro-worker party.

In saying this, Pauline Hanson does not lead a single issue party either. The One Nation party is simply set by an agenda of disruption. To disrupt everything. The good and the bad. They have not thought about how to deal with the ramifications of this.

Both major parties need to take into account all of the single issues the other minor parties advocate for. For example, they respond to environmentalism in a conservative or a progressive way. The extreme of conservatism or progressiveness may differ depending upon the issue.

Pauline Hanson’s agenda is to disrupt every single minor or major issue and to hell with the outcome. To hell with society and to hell with the people of Western Australia. The main objective for Pauline Hanson is power.

Her candidates who have left the party are consistent on this. Pauline is about power for Pauline. Being from Queensland, and following her since the 1990’s when she turned on Indigenous people in my community; hand on my heart, this is very, very true.

Harming Society. Harming Our People.

The media has actively fuelled this on. They have fuelled on what they label as the ‘Pauline Hanson Phenomenon.” This insinuates, Hanson’s appeal is more widespread than it is, and to give it a cool sounding edge – that it is acceptable to participate in.

However, the media know full well that massive disruption in our economy, in business, for our workers, in the community sector, and in a public services could really truly harm our society and our people irreversibly.

They are actively encouraging voters classed as disruptors to see if this game could become a reality. A real life of real chaos for four years ahead of voters with no rhyme nor reason.

But why? Why would the media do this? What is in for the media is that this generates a lot of stories and a lot of advertising revenue, which equals a lot of profit for them.

The Minor Parties Are Pushed Aside

Pauline Hanson is disruption personified and everyone who votes for Hanson is considered a disruptor. An army of disruptors. Like the KISS Army, but way, way, way less cool.

At the moment, the media wants you to believe this is cool. However, after buying it and after unpacking it at home, you will soon release it is just a piece of junk. Just like all the adverts in their magazines and newspapers, they position words, meaning and symbols to present what they want you to think is cool. Their game is not fairness and full representation of all voices in politics. It is not democracy. It is sales.

Don’t believe me? Major parties aside: ask yourself this, how many minor parties are there and how many minor parties have been in the spotlight this election?

That’s right! Just one party. The Pauline Hanson One Nation party.

Who Doesn’t Give A Stuff?

What the media is really pushing when they are pushing you to be this ‘disruptive voter’ is how many voters don’t really care about themselves, their family, friends, the community, their state, and their country? How many people will show they don’t give a stuff about Western Australia, by giving disruption their number one vote. How will this disrupt Federal Politics and Queensland Politics and how many stories are there in this!

In a nutshell the media is asking voters in Western Australia today how much of your state are you prepared to blow up?

You Need To Blow This Shit Up!

To be a disruptor you need to disrupt the media and the populist politics it has embraced. You need to blow this shit up! Don’t blow up Western Australia. You need to choose the alternative, because the media wants this disruption that Hanson brings to become cool. It sells their papers and their advertising. If simply being a minor party was the best for change, they would be shoving the Greens down your throats.

This is vitally important. It is you who needs to live in the aftermath of this this disruption. The media, just like me, will bang on the keyboards long after your decisions today, regardless of the outcome.

Think of it as when alternative music becomes mainstream and it simply isn’t cool anymore. We have all been there. Anarchy in the UK and punk hair became tiresome after a while and we turned to pop synth, Karma Chameleon, ragged clothes and boots (OMG I miss my boots soooo much!).

Today Become a True Disruptor

To be a real disruptor on voting day, you actually need to vote to disrupt the disruption. You need to choose to disrupt the media and disrupt the populist politics of Hanson. Because simply, it is not cool anymore. Don’t give them what they want! You need to blow this shit up! Today!

The only way this can be achieved is very simple. Ask yourself, do you choose the side of the anti-worker Conservative parties or do you choose the side of the pro worker Laborist parties?

Subsets of the major Liberal Conservative parties or the Laborist Workers parties are found in either conservative or progressive minor single issue parties. The key is if you do choose these minor parties first, where do you put your preferences for the major party? Who do you preference to Govern from the major parties? Because one of the major parties will govern after today. That is a fact.

Regardless of whether you achieve this by first preference vote, or via preferences, at the end of today, Colin Barnett’s Liberals or Mark McGowan’s Labor will Govern Western Australia.

The only party that should be last on your ticket is the disruption party and that is the Pauline Hanson One Nation party. Don’t let this fly-in blow up your state. She lives in Queensland and doesn’t give a stuff about us either!

Best of luck with your decisions today and from all the way over here in Central Queensland I wish your state of Western Australia all the best for the next four years.


Originally Published on The Red Window Blog



The great land grab of 2015 continues

The Western Australian ‘Recognition’ is a stitch up, backed by the Abbott Government writes Vanessa Kairies.

It is no coincidence that the Abbott Government has chosen WA as the location for their conference this weekend. With the Canning by-election only a few weeks away the opportunity to do a bit of campaigning and ‘be seen’ could not be missed.

And it is no coincidence that the Aboriginal Recognition Bill progressed through WA Parliament before the Abbott circus comes to town. It progressed without any statewide consultation, which is disturbing given that Tony Abbott for one said he was open to consensus on this matter. It is perfectly clear that he, his government, or the WA Government have no intention of listening or discussing this matter with a major stakeholder – the First Nation people. They only listen or consult with the ‘chosen ones’.

So the great land grab of 2015 is set to continue. Don’t be fooled folks, the ‘Recognise’ campaign is a scam. These latest developments go a long way to proving that.

Western Australia beware. The Liberal Party has diabolical plans for your beautiful state. Did you know there are currently four proposals regarding uranium mining, 40,000 proposals for gas wells and a couple of proposals for new coal mines to add to the mix – all in your back yard? All of the information regarding mining in WA is inside this link. And check out this video regarding the fracking in your state.

But it is not just the Liberal Party who are the political villains. Here is one of the many voices of WA on this issue (courtesy of Boomerang Justice Returns 2) which notes that Labor also ignore consultation. One wonders – as is noted in the video – how politicians such as Labor MP Josie Farrer (who represents the Kimberly Region – just a portion of Western Australia) can assume she is anointed to represent all Aboriginal people through-out Western Australia and able to make a history changing major decisions on behalf them all:

Has MP Josie Farrer traveled through-out the state visiting Aboriginal communities and intensely interacted with ‘grassroots’ people to obtain their feedback and permission with regards to ‘recognition’ in a British Imperialism based ‘colonial constitution?

Many question ‘what desperately required life-changing ‘great miracles’ will occur for Western Australian Aboriginal people once ‘recognition’ is implemented in a deemed hypocrisy-filled ‘colonial constitution’. Numerous Aboriginal people are not familiar with and have no idea of what ‘recognition’ entails within the Australian Governments ‘colonial constitution’ and for these reasons some Aboriginal people are sceptical, confused and oppose ‘colonial recognition’.

It appears MP Farrer is of the ‘dictatorship colonialism Government opinion’ that Aboriginal people have ‘no rights’ to democracy to voice an opinion and ask questions relating to herself and her intentions. One wonders ‘how can any-one righteously assume they withhold the authority to make major decisions on behalf of those who have ‘no idea’ why – this type of conduct should not be expected from those who are in a position of great trust and claiming to be Colonial Government representatives of ‘good faith’ for Aboriginal people’.

Well respected by many, Labor MP Ken Wyatt who supports fellow MP Farrer with regards to ‘colonial constitutional recognition’ stated the following:

. . . governments had for a long time viewed indigenous people as “less than human”, and needing to be controlled and bullied to the point where it threatened their culture’s existence.

It can be said, it appears Indigenous Government representatives in conjunction with non-Indigenous Government representatives and Government appointed others are treating ‘grassroots’ Indigenous people as ‘less human’ than those who serve and work alongside ‘Colonial Apartheid Governments. It appears also, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Government representatives along with Government appointed others are clearly sending out messages stating ‘grass-roots’ Indigenous people need to be controlled and bullied.

A number of Aboriginal people are also puzzled as to why do they need to be ‘recognised’ on their own thousands of years now ‘stolen’ land, by a mere 226 year old Australian colonised nation and it’s hypocrisy-filled ‘colonial constitution. Furthermore, Aboriginal people are well aware and very familiar with the many deceitful ‘no benefit’ tokenism pacifying gestures coming from self-serving Australian Apartheid Colonial Governments throughout-out colonialism history. According to media reports, Josie Farrer is to be praised. That depends on who benefits and who she is ‘supposedly’ representing, one would assume.

There are other horrendous Indigenous issues of greater magnitude for Government representatives to diligently pursue to address and amend – rather than seemingly tokenism ‘colonial constitution recognition’. The ongoing Deaths in Custody, the out of control Colonialism Apartheid Aboriginal Incarceration, the colonialism repercussion related Aboriginal Community Suicide epidemic sweeping the country and the Forced Closures of WA Communities are just some of the horror Indigenous issues needing urgent attention from the Government.

Furthermore, addressing the issue of Aboriginal peoples thousands of years ‘stolen’ land continues to be ignored and swept under the carpet by those within the Apartheid Colonial Governments – whilst they withhold the audacity to embrace and promote their questionable tokenism ‘colonial constitutional recognition’.

Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, co-founder of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic said:

Anti-Recognise march across Sydney Harbour Bridge I am aware that this is short notice, but important none the less. We need to show how corrupt and evil this Commonwealth government is. In a so-called democratic state such as Australia one would not expect the veil of secrecy now being applied to a so-called public call for a referendum for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution.

Recognition won’t bring justice for Aboriginal people – it’s another pacifying Colonial Government ‘Aboriginal Advancement Scam’.

Yes, the great land grab of 2015 continues.

And before I go, perhaps Joe Hockey would like to answer a few questions in regards to the ‘Recognise’ sponsors who are about to desecrate WA. It seems he declined to be interviewed for this TV interview. Honestly folks, the Liberal Party smells worse that a bag of prawn heads left out in the summer sun.

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An open letter to Colin Barnett

Dear Mr Barnett,

You must be proud of your state. Western Australia has so much going for it. Per head of population it is the wealthiest state in Australia and is rapidly becoming one of the wealthiest states in the world with more than $170 billion worth of mining related projects still in the planning stages. No wonder you boasted the state “is doing pretty well” and saw fit to travel to China recently promoting WA’s strong economic relationship with the Asian superpower. It is without argument that no other state in Australia would benefit from Tony Abbott’s planned free trade agreement with China than your state.

Yes, Western Australia certainly is doing pretty well, as the above links testify. It’s a healthy state and it is about the grow even healthier over the next couple of years. And right now they are having money thrown at them:

Taxpayers will be stung with a hefty bill to fly WA-based ministers and Liberal MPs, spouses and children to Canberra on a luxury RAAF jet for next week’s opening of Parliament.

It’s nice that they can send the kids too. All that money with nothing better to spend it on, than to spend it on luxuries. But what about kids back home in hospital? Isn’t that a bit of a shame? Surely they could do with some help. Some families get treated to luxuries by your government whereas other kids and other families are subjected to the razor gang which your government sent in last year. Two of Perth’s largest hospitals were advised to cut $28 million worth of services despite the warning this had the potential to have a “disastrous” impact on patient care and clinical standards whilst another had been advised to shed 200 full-time jobs, including those of doctors and nurses. Again, it was warned that this would put patients at risk.

I’ve searched the internet and uncovered numerous press releases about cuts, warnings and risks over the last 12 months. You’re probably aware of the criticism. But there are some stories that don’t make it into the public domain. Those are the stories of children suffering and dying in a state that is “doing pretty well”. In a state, that with all its wealth and resources, takes money away from its hospitals.

Yes, people have suffered because of your cuts. I doubt you’ve heard from them. We have, and here is what they had to say:

From Kate

The scandal surrounding the new children’s hospital in Perth is beyond a joke. They have already cut 100 beds. The health care for children in WA shocking. Young children having chemo in corridors because there isn’t enough beds or chairs in outpatients. Children admitted for blood transfusions because of severe infections and then put coughing and spluttering into a cancer ward with kids undergoing chemo. Parents of the cancer kids pleading that the mother of the child needing the blood transfusion, stop her child coughing. Again because there are no beds. Kids getting shipped interstate because we don’t have enough specialists and equipment in WA. Emergency surgeries canceled because of no beds. Long waiting times. Yet we live in a so called rich mining state. My own son has been in and out the children’s hospital for 4 yrs. We are in crisis where pediatric health is concerned. Yet the WA government sees fit to give a $35 million discount on a piece of land that was sold by the state to Mr Packer, as just one example. So much money misspent or squandered. Yet much essential equipment for the hospital is provided by parents fund-raising. It is a scandal of epic proportion when you start to read what is happening to sick WA children.

There was another case today, poor 7 yr old girl has been fasted every day since Thursday for her PICC lines to go in and it has been canceled every day. So she has been without food and stressed waiting for the procedure only to have it repeatedly canceled. Everyday she is in a hospital bed means somebody else turned away. It’s shocking.

Wow, is that right about Mr Packer? He sure must be short of a few bucks for you to help him out to the tune of $35 million. Sorry, for the state’s tax payers to help him out.

Anyway, we continue:

From Clare

I am pro-extra beds for PCH as a concerned parent of a child with a life long blood disorder. Ellie was diagnosed at 2 1/2 with Hereditary Spherocytosis. We rocked up to Emergency after the GP didn’t like the urine sample we’d taken in but, after a barrage of blood tests and lots of serious doctor faces we were admitted to Ward 3B. No formal diagnosis was made until 2 days later. Ellie’s red blood cells are extremely fragile and the wrong shape so they break down in her body much quicker than normal. The byproducts of this cause her to ‘yellow’ – jaundice, become lethargic, dark yellow/orangey urine, swollen spleen and sore tummy. On that occasion we escaped a transfusion but when Ellie next got a virus her body went into overtime breaking down her red blood cells at an even faster rate. She was admitted and we went through the first transfusion – a traumatic experience for all. Suffice it to say that each time Ellie gets sick with a cough, cold, virus or infection she is likely to need a new influx of blood to helper body recover. The concerning flip side is that the beds we need to use are in Haemotology which share its beds with Oncology- the children receiving chemo – ward 3B. Dilemma – is Ellie sick enough to warrant us exposing all those immuno suppressed chemo kids for whom a cough cold or virus could, and do, kill them!!! Ellie got pneumonia in March and on our overnight stay were in a shared room with 3 kids having chemo. I will never forget the look of pleading in the eyes of a tired mum of a very ill child next to us receiving chemo, asking us to please stop Ellie from coughing. If only we could! Staff always try to get us in isolation rooms but only 1 visit in 4 has one been available. My husband and I have spent nights on the ward in sit up kitchen type chairs in order to stay with our toddler as even chairs are often all being used. We are in dire trouble if the same amount of beds are provided as the numbers of children are increasing on both sides of the ward. I find it unacceptable that I have to delay going and getting treatment for Ellie’s lifelong battle to be well because of the effect it may have on other children. Overcrowding at its best.

From Chris

We are working with a small group who are trying to raise awareness about the importance of including more mental health beds at the new PCH. You may be aware that there are only going to be 20 psychiatric beds available at the hospital, and it will become the only hospital that admits adolescent psychiatric patients. A number of these beds will be in a secure ward – so less than 20 beds available to our young people who are in desperate need. The most recent statistics I have been able to find tell us that 23% of the total burden of disease and injury experienced by Australian children and young people aged 0 – 14 years was due to mental disorders, the largest burden of disease for this age group. We also know suicide is the leading cause of death in people under 25. Twenty beds is not enough.

My personal connection with this issue began when my daughter was sent home from PMH due to lack of beds, and due to a ‘short stay’ policy – even though she clearly stated that she didn’t feel safe enough in her mental well being to return home. That night she took an overdose and we nearly lost her.

I have had experience personally with the state run mental health system. Unfortunately my daughter has needed admission on a number of occasions as she suffers PTSD, depression and anxiety.

She has been admitted to PMH adolescent psychiatric unit (ward 4H) and Bentley adolescent unit (BAU).

In our experience we have found staff committed and caring, but completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the mental health crisis that exists. We found that there were rarely the same staff members in consecutive admissions, so it is always a matter of repeating information to new nurses and doctors.

The 2 most distressing things that we have had to experience as a direct result of the mental health system are as follows:

Firstly, when my daughter was 13 there were no beds available in 4H so she was sent to BAU. BAU is a secure facility (so young people are locked in for their own safety) My daughter has no issue with drugs or alcohol, and her mental illness is a direct result from trauma. She is amazingly strong and resilient but has found great difficulty in coping with her distress at times. Being in BAU meant that my daughter was in secure care with males and females up to the age of 18 with serious psychological issues, as well as drug and alcohol issues. It is a terrifying experience, and my daughter was only exposed to this because there were no beds in 4H, which would have been an appropriate facility for her. During this time she saw many young people experiencing psychosis and saw a girl try to kill herself.

Secondly, on another occasion my daughter was sent home from 4H after clearly expressing that she didn’t feel safe and in control of her mental health. She asked that they allow her to stay but the doctor insisted she go home. There was no bed available. My daughter came home and shortly after took an overdose. We nearly lost her as a direct result of her being sent home.

I have had other young people share similar stories. A friend of our family lost their daughter after she was released from hospital, after clearly stating she was not safe to leave – the young girl left hospital, walked out and committed suicide by walking in front of a train.

Another young person has told me that she has friends who have been turned away from the hospitals, although they are in dire need, and others who have spent up to a week sleeping in the emergency department because there are no beds available (while I know personally of people who have not been admitted in times of need I don’t know anyone who has slept in ED for extended periods – I only have reported evidence of this).

Here are three other stories as told by parents

My brave little man Joshua fought Stage IV Neuroblastoma like a little warrior for two long and agonising years. During our time at PMH, Josh was waiting in outpatients, sharing rooms and being infected with other children’s bugs and moved around due to lack of space. During a mega dose chemotherapy and stem cell rescue Josh got too sick to open his eyes or speak to me. My Josh has since died.

My Julia was sent home from emergency 6 times after an undiagnosed stroke due to lack of availability for an MRI. The subsequent strokes stole her ability to walk and talk, and very nearly took her life as well.

Having spent 3 years as Aid Worker in the Romania Orphanages I find unbelievable that this is happening in Perth.

From A

I am a nurse who currently works at PMH and regularly experiences the vented frustration of parents of paediatric patients due to waiting time, theatre delays, etc. My ward should have been renovated just prior to the approval of the new Perth Children’s Hospital being given; but instead has had only minimal, cosmetic improvements made since the decision to build the new hospital came about. Let us not have missed out in vain, please!!

Our ward is amongst the busiest in the hospital and we regularly have to discharge our patients in a hurried manner, to quickly accommodate the next. This is mostly done flawlessly, however it puts an enormous amount of pressure on the amazing nursing staff – who are at the forefront of patient care and as previously mentioned, are often on the receiving end of parent and patient frustration as a result of the bed numbers available to the children of Perth currently.

It would be such a wasted opportunity to continue caring for Perth’s sick and injured kids in this fashion, (despite the aesthetically pleasing value of a new facility) when we do actually move.

As much as it is suggested that other floors may be added when the State Government’s budget allows, the inconvenience for all hospital staff involved, as well as the disruption to patient care during such an extension would be enormous!

Perth’s population is growing at a staggering rate and paediatric hospital admissions have increased accordingly.

It is utterly beyond comprehension how only an extra 27 beds are meant to accommodate such demand for treatment amongst the children of Western Australia.

You can read more stories here from parents fighting for better quality care for their children. Please brace yourself before reading these stories of young children dying in a state that’s doing pretty well. So well, that you can take money away from the services to treat them. This is Western Australia’s shame. It is your shame. I’m sure you’ll feel the same sadness in your heart when you read those stories as I did.

It is damning for you that people should take their plea to the internet over such an important issue and one that you appear to have ignored. How can you ignore sick, dying children in your own state? Change.org has also taken to the internet, petitioning you for 2 new floors and 100 more beds for the new WA Children’s Hospital. Here is what they say:

With the aging Princess Margaret Hospital already at capacity WA needs a new children’s hospital to serve our growing state.

But the Barnett Government is only delivering 27 new beds. Doctors and parents all agree that the new hospital needs 2 new floors and 100 more beds to serve our growing State.

Send Colin Barnett a message; our growing state needs a children’s hospital where doctors can properly treat our sick children now and in the future.

What’s the use of building a brand new children’s hospital without enough beds?

Let’s future proof our new Perth Children’s Hospital by adding two new floors.

Please listen to this. Please do something about it. Australia is watching.

And in the meantime . . . children are suffering. Mr Barnett, you have to power to do something.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Taylor


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