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The great land grab of 2015 continues

The Western Australian ‘Recognition’ is a stitch up, backed by the Abbott Government writes Vanessa Kairies.

It is no coincidence that the Abbott Government has chosen WA as the location for their conference this weekend. With the Canning by-election only a few weeks away the opportunity to do a bit of campaigning and ‘be seen’ could not be missed.

And it is no coincidence that the Aboriginal Recognition Bill progressed through WA Parliament before the Abbott circus comes to town. It progressed without any statewide consultation, which is disturbing given that Tony Abbott for one said he was open to consensus on this matter. It is perfectly clear that he, his government, or the WA Government have no intention of listening or discussing this matter with a major stakeholder – the First Nation people. They only listen or consult with the ‘chosen ones’.

So the great land grab of 2015 is set to continue. Don’t be fooled folks, the ‘Recognise’ campaign is a scam. These latest developments go a long way to proving that.

Western Australia beware. The Liberal Party has diabolical plans for your beautiful state. Did you know there are currently four proposals regarding uranium mining, 40,000 proposals for gas wells and a couple of proposals for new coal mines to add to the mix – all in your back yard? All of the information regarding mining in WA is inside this link. And check out this video regarding the fracking in your state.

But it is not just the Liberal Party who are the political villains. Here is one of the many voices of WA on this issue (courtesy of Boomerang Justice Returns 2) which notes that Labor also ignore consultation. One wonders – as is noted in the video – how politicians such as Labor MP Josie Farrer (who represents the Kimberly Region – just a portion of Western Australia) can assume she is anointed to represent all Aboriginal people through-out Western Australia and able to make a history changing major decisions on behalf them all:

Has MP Josie Farrer traveled through-out the state visiting Aboriginal communities and intensely interacted with ‘grassroots’ people to obtain their feedback and permission with regards to ‘recognition’ in a British Imperialism based ‘colonial constitution?

Many question ‘what desperately required life-changing ‘great miracles’ will occur for Western Australian Aboriginal people once ‘recognition’ is implemented in a deemed hypocrisy-filled ‘colonial constitution’. Numerous Aboriginal people are not familiar with and have no idea of what ‘recognition’ entails within the Australian Governments ‘colonial constitution’ and for these reasons some Aboriginal people are sceptical, confused and oppose ‘colonial recognition’.

It appears MP Farrer is of the ‘dictatorship colonialism Government opinion’ that Aboriginal people have ‘no rights’ to democracy to voice an opinion and ask questions relating to herself and her intentions. One wonders ‘how can any-one righteously assume they withhold the authority to make major decisions on behalf of those who have ‘no idea’ why – this type of conduct should not be expected from those who are in a position of great trust and claiming to be Colonial Government representatives of ‘good faith’ for Aboriginal people’.

Well respected by many, Labor MP Ken Wyatt who supports fellow MP Farrer with regards to ‘colonial constitutional recognition’ stated the following:

. . . governments had for a long time viewed indigenous people as “less than human”, and needing to be controlled and bullied to the point where it threatened their culture’s existence.

It can be said, it appears Indigenous Government representatives in conjunction with non-Indigenous Government representatives and Government appointed others are treating ‘grassroots’ Indigenous people as ‘less human’ than those who serve and work alongside ‘Colonial Apartheid Governments. It appears also, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Government representatives along with Government appointed others are clearly sending out messages stating ‘grass-roots’ Indigenous people need to be controlled and bullied.

A number of Aboriginal people are also puzzled as to why do they need to be ‘recognised’ on their own thousands of years now ‘stolen’ land, by a mere 226 year old Australian colonised nation and it’s hypocrisy-filled ‘colonial constitution. Furthermore, Aboriginal people are well aware and very familiar with the many deceitful ‘no benefit’ tokenism pacifying gestures coming from self-serving Australian Apartheid Colonial Governments throughout-out colonialism history. According to media reports, Josie Farrer is to be praised. That depends on who benefits and who she is ‘supposedly’ representing, one would assume.

There are other horrendous Indigenous issues of greater magnitude for Government representatives to diligently pursue to address and amend – rather than seemingly tokenism ‘colonial constitution recognition’. The ongoing Deaths in Custody, the out of control Colonialism Apartheid Aboriginal Incarceration, the colonialism repercussion related Aboriginal Community Suicide epidemic sweeping the country and the Forced Closures of WA Communities are just some of the horror Indigenous issues needing urgent attention from the Government.

Furthermore, addressing the issue of Aboriginal peoples thousands of years ‘stolen’ land continues to be ignored and swept under the carpet by those within the Apartheid Colonial Governments – whilst they withhold the audacity to embrace and promote their questionable tokenism ‘colonial constitutional recognition’.

Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, co-founder of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic said:

Anti-Recognise march across Sydney Harbour Bridge I am aware that this is short notice, but important none the less. We need to show how corrupt and evil this Commonwealth government is. In a so-called democratic state such as Australia one would not expect the veil of secrecy now being applied to a so-called public call for a referendum for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution.

Recognition won’t bring justice for Aboriginal people – it’s another pacifying Colonial Government ‘Aboriginal Advancement Scam’.

Yes, the great land grab of 2015 continues.

And before I go, perhaps Joe Hockey would like to answer a few questions in regards to the ‘Recognise’ sponsors who are about to desecrate WA. It seems he declined to be interviewed for this TV interview. Honestly folks, the Liberal Party smells worse that a bag of prawn heads left out in the summer sun.

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  1. Kaye Lee

    One thing that troubles me is Abbott’s fear of a “log of claims” that might result from Indigenous community consultation. I have long held the opinion that we need to hear from Aborigines how we can best provide assistance to maintain their culture, benefit from their wisdom, and help close the gap in health and education. Self-determination, opportunity, and choice are crucial, as is support to address the problems listed by Vanessa.

    I am uncertain about constitutional recognition. I fully understand the view expressed in the article but I have heard others speak who feel the need for symbolism. I think a log of claims might go some way towards addressing both desires. We should keep out of this while Indigenous communities decide the way forward. We should not insist on them reaching consensus with white Australia’s ideas on how far we are prepared to go in the wording of a colonial document to even acknowledge their existence let alone rights. We should be prepared to listen rather than arrogantly dictate.

  2. diannaart

    One thing I do know for sure, the latest deceit to claim land in WA from its original inhabitants is an evil which commenced with European settlement since Australia was declared “terra nullius” – the first of the many great lies which continue to alienate people today.

    This government must go…

  3. Kyran

    For some reason, the song Treaty by Yothu Yindi came to mind while I was reading this. Off I went to Wiki.
    In 1988, Bob Hawke visited the NT as part of the bicentennial celebrations. At the Barunga festival, he was presented with a statement of Aboriginal political objectives. His response to the statement was a promise that a treaty would be concluded with Indigenous Australians by 1990.
    The entry is well worth a read for so many reasons, as is the Barunga Statement.
    The song was released in 1991, as a reminder to yet another politician who failed to keep his promise. The aspirations of Whitlam and Hawke could be compared to Howard, who only saw recognition/apology in a cold hard legal light. It could lead to litigation! It comes as no surprise Howard’s progeny, devoid of the intellect needed to frame a path forward, relies on dirty tricks to scuttle the idea whilst pretending to support it. My belief is that constitutional recognition is tokenism writ large. Its a white constitution, important to some white people.
    A Treaty, drafted by the First People, however, would have substance.
    Thank you, Ms Kairies. Take care

  4. Trevr

    When Yothu Yindi wrote and released “Treaty”, it followed the format of all their music. First the Yolgnu Elders and theIr Communities decide the story, the message and the musicians transpose ancient song lines into contemporary music. Consultation begins the process and guides the process from start to end. How different from the Balanda top down method of confusing and confected narrative manufactured to fill the blank spaces of secretive documents written and outcomed prior to any community discussion.

  5. eli nes

    spot on trevr – I can remember working at a union conference with ian a lovely man from galiwinku – we had a timeline and i posed the questions and answered them before ian had time to ponder we got the paper produced to the timeline and in to the executive. It was pure balanda crap, was therefore useless and I have been ashamed of it ever since.
    My bottom line is: if it is important Aboriginal people have no problems in achieving. I was blind nearly 50 years ago when I visited a parent of one of my Aboriginal students. The house was clean but looked disorganised and beds dotted the yard but he was a renowned painter and his painting shed was emaculate and organised with pots, jars, canvasses, bark, paper, partially painted pieces and finished pieces, all immaculately visible.

  6. Tania McLeod

    Vanessa what course of action should occur to ensure Aboringinal and Torres Strait Islanders are treated with respect, dignity by our governments? Why can’t we have it all? Constitutional Recognition and Treaties.

    In regard to treaties should the government negotiate with each Nation? Will Nations want different clauses/articles? What will the strategy be?

    Recognition in the Australian Constitution will effect the the psyche of all Australian’s remembering 60% of Australians have never met an Indigenous person and Australian history is not taught in schools, we are not even educated about our political system. How many Australian’s even know about the Constitution or what it is and what’s it’s use? Do they know how racist it is, how it was enacted and that all the laws parliament make must adhere to the Constitution?

    This campaign is highlighting the inadequacy of the Constitution, through the recognition of the First Peoples ordinary Australians (the 60%) will learn the true history of Colonisation and may-be the Republican movement can get a boost.

  7. Jennifer Hambly

    Might like to ask Gina & Mr Downer why they are pretend to defend aboriginal people! They are only defending themselves for their own personal gain

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