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Can Canning fix it?

To the people of Canning,

You have a grave responsibility in front of you.

It is widely accepted that a defeat for the Liberal Party in Canning would see the end of Tony Abbott’s leadership. Even if you are a conservative voter, this would be to your benefit – it will not cause a change of government, but it could snatch your party from the clutches of the Credlin/Abbott cartel which is not only leading your party to defeat but this country to ruin.

Compare the candidates that the two major parties have proposed.

The ALP candidate, Matt Keogh, grew up in the electorate. He is a dispute resolution lawyer and, at age 33, is the youngest person to hold the position of Law Society of WA president.

He has identified jobs, health, education and training as key areas of concern in the seat.

The Liberal candidate is SAS officer Andrew Hastie. He was born in Victoria, spent most of his life in NSW, and moved to WA in 2010 for his SAS training. He does not live in the electorate and currently lives in defence force housing in Shenton Park, close to the SAS Campbell Barracks in Swanbourne.

Hastie served in Afghanistan and the Middle East and was an adviser on Operation Sovereign Borders.

Canning is a diverse electorate from fly-in, fly-out miners, treechangers in the Perth Hills, seachangers in Mandurah, farmers and semi-rural residents and a large proportion of unemployed or low-income earners.

It will be interesting to see if concern about 457 visa workers plays a part. Will climate change be a common concern? Is support for the unemployed the most important issue?

One can assume that the Liberal candidate will run heavily on national security – quelle surprise. One hopes that the Labor candidate has a bit more to offer the people of Canning.

A Newspoll survey revealed Don Randall’s 11.8 per cent margin would be wiped away and the seat left on a knife edge if the poll was held this week.

This is a chance to restore some sanity to politics.

Can Canning fix it? Yes they can!


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  1. mark delmege

    I’m a little surprised and alarmed that so many former SAS people have taken the road into politics in WA – not just Liberals either.

  2. brickbob

    Heard an ABC journo asking some voters in Canning and the majority said they were not happy with Tony at all,and most were Liberal voters as well,i think this might be the first nail to be hammered in.”””””

  3. Möbius Ecko

    I see the Liberals and some right wing media commentators are already stating a win for the L-NP in Canning, even by 1% would be a victory for Abbott.

    Don’t ask me how they come to this conclusion. I’ve never been able to work out the oleaginous logic of the Liberals, their mouthpieces or supporters.

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    The rest of Australia will applaud the people of Canning, if they consider the importance of their votes as the most strident form of a referendum against this reprehensible LNP government under Abbott that has shown its contempt for: the unemployed and under-employed; children in detention; misappropriation of taxpayer dollars for their own greedy personal expenses; contempt for education, higher education, research and science; and a range of other community imperatives.

    The people of Canning have a chance to show Abbott and the LNP government that its lack of vision for diverse community foundations both in infrastructure and services that has stifled diverse employment for all socio-demographics, is the reason why the people of Canning won’t vote for the imported Liberal candidate and they will vote for the local homegrown Labor candidate, or the Greens candidate.

    The power is in your hands, people of Canning.

  5. Marg1

    Can Canning fix it – I sure hope so!

  6. Mark Needham

    “One can assume”
    “quelle suprise”
    “It will be interesting to see if concern ”

    Kaye Lee, A fairly well written piece, following the usual pattern.

    1. Quantify your story argument.
    2. Precise short facts, for the Good bloke.
    3. Questions, innuendo and extensive suspicion on the Bad bloke.
    4. Re-affirm your story.
    5. Finish with a prayer.

    A couple of things could have been repeated, ie Climate change, not a local, and unemployment. But as an all round sort of story, not too bad.
    Say 7 out of 10.

    Mark Needham

  7. M-R

    I was born in Perth: I lived in a suburb there until I was 21, so I know from experience just how right-wing is the majority of Western Australian political thinking. I’m not sanguine …

  8. mark delmege

    MR when the local paper and tv is either owned by the cabal or an oligarch it’s no surprise

  9. Blinkyewok

    The labor candidate has loads of experience and knowledge of problems in his community. He would make an excellent MP for his electorate. Surely the people of Canning would prefer someone they know who has lived and worked among them.

  10. John Kelly

    Don Randall supported and helped initiate the February spill motion. Perhaps the good folks of Canning might think to fulfil his wishes.

  11. my say

    The LNP must really be worried about the seat of Canning,Abbott was over there again today saying they were for jobs and growth, this coming from a government who doesn’t have a clue how to grow the economy not one of them ,and it is a slap in the face for thousand of workers who have lost jobs since the LNP came into power,they have scrapped just about all the previous government’s policies and made so many cuts to the rest that all is left is bare bones
    the good people of Canning can do what was done in Qld ,and help get rid of this dangerous government once and for all,You cannot run a country when you are so full of hate and revenge,and when your mission is to ,search seek destroy.

  12. Phillip

    Kaye Lee is an unhinged hysteric. She belongs in the comments section of the Fairfax papers.

    Let’s have a look at her logic and arrogance.

    “Even if you are a conservative voter, this would be to your benefit – it will not cause a change of government but it could snatch your party from the clutches of the Credlin/Abbott cartel which is not only leading your party to defeat but this country to ruin.”

    So, according to Kaye you’re a conservative voter yet you need to vote against your conservative Prime Minister. How deliciously moralising, patronising and condescending of you Kaye. Do tell Kaye how this little nugget of logic works. Perhaps you can defy gravity also, as you sure are defying reality. Or could it be that conservatives are just so stupid that they can’t see Kaye’s fantastic vision into the future of Australia so like all good self righteous finger waggers on the left she must show all those little confused conservative children how they must vote. Gee, thanks Kaye.

    Thanks for telling the readers about Matt Keogh’s policies, now what about Andrew Hasties? if you really want to have people make an informed decision then inform them.

    What a load of patronising pap.

  13. Mark Needham

    When Kirsten Livermore (alp) was parachuted in to Capricorn, it was a good thing.
    She brought in “A fresh outlook”
    Could see from outside the circle, looking in and Forward, of course. Plus a plethora of other benefits, Hey!
    Just an observation, is all.
    Mark Needham

  14. Mark Needham

    “You cannot run a country when you are so full of hate and revenge,and when your mission is to ,search seek destroy ,”

    Just as well there is none of this, on the AIM network.
    No hate and revenge here, Look over there, is it Tony Abbott.????

    What we are about, is for the good of the country.?
    Mark Needham.

  15. Möbius Ecko

    Look over there, is it Tony Abbott.?

    Well yes it is, and the PM of Australia supposedly leading the nation and thus the centre of scrutiny just as he stated Rudd and Gillard should be when they were leaders. It was Abbott in opposition who stated a leader should be judged on what they promise in an election and take into government.

    As far as I can see this is what this site is doing, holding Abbott to account on his say so.

  16. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Phillip – Thanks for telling the readers about Matt Keogh’s policies, now what about Andrew Hasties? if you really want to have people make an informed decision then inform them.
    Your bias shows.
    I have always found Kaye’s articles lucid and well thought out. She is as far from unhinged as the sun is from the moon,.
    Clearly it is the job of the candidates to explain their own policies and agendas and there are many people who normally regard one particular party as their first preference when voting.
    However many people also look more closely at the politics which that party supports, bearing in mind that the elected member is expected to follow the party line.
    And there are many who, like me, look for – who do I least want to elect given that person’s party platform – and I put that person last.
    I puzzle as to how you can describe Kaye as patronising but then I guess you come from a very different world view from the one I share.

  17. diannaart

    More excellent info from the AIMN’s premier amateur journalist. Have done my bit of linking article to help its way into the interverse.

    Question – @Mark Needham you ever write anything for AIMN?

  18. Kaye Lee

    I would be happy to tell you about Hastie’s policies except he hasn’t made an appearance yet other than a rather handsome photo. I think he is addressing a Liberal function on Sunday.

  19. Chabo Chook

    Phillip August 21, 2015 at 2:54 pm. Thanks for telling the readers about Matt Keogh’s policies, now what about Andrew Hasties? if you really want to have people make an informed decision then inform them.

    A quick Google of both candidates’ names will give you a Matt Keogh website detailing all his policies. There are only news links to Andrew Hastie… no policies or information on what he stands for. This author can’t inform readers about policies that are not available (and possibly don’t actually exist).

  20. Kaye Lee

    Oh I could hazard a guess….

    We axed the carbon and mining taxes. We stopped the boats. We signed free trade agreements which will be good for jobs. We are keeping you safe from the apocalyptic death cult at home and abroad. Oh and I promise you’ll get second dibs on some ship building….promise.

    Jobs, growth and community safety…..who do you trust?

  21. Jexpat

    The wicked irony here is that Phillip’s phillipic missed the fact that Kaye Lee just gave Liberal stalwarts in Canning some excellent advice on how to improve the probability that their party will retain government in the next federal election or double dissolution.

    Rather impolitic of her, IMHO. 😉

  22. Möbius Ecko

    On ship building Kaye. Abbott muffed a three word slogan today.

    “More ships. More soon.”

    I think he was attempting a four word slogan and the only way he could manage it was by repeating a word. Or it was a delayed stutter on the first word.

  23. Mark Needham

    “ever write anything for AIMN?”

    Nope and most probably won’t. I am not as convinced about my infallibility, as some are. That I am wrong more often than not in my suppositions, does not lend itself for me to stand on a soap box and espouse my views.
    I am an Electrician, not an Orator or Writer. I do, however like to comment and seek a sensible argument for correction to whatever views are expressed by myself and others.
    I really do not like talking to “anonymous” but do, to enable the conversation a chance to happen.
    I dislike generalisations, assumptions, I think he did, I reckon he will, she walks funny, can’t talk proper (sic), big ears, budgie smugglers, ditch the witch and so on.
    So, what can we talk about, I am all (big) ears.
    Seriously, correct me where you see I am wrong. I need/want to know where and why.
    Warm regards,
    Mark Needham
    PS. If I ever offend, I also need to be pulled into line, for that, is not my intention.

  24. Kaye Lee

    I think even the Pope gave up on infallibility. I certainly have views on policy that no doubt colour my writing. I do, however, try to be factually correct. I must also admit to a total aversion to Tony Abbott but hey, I’m only human.

  25. Lee

    Philip, as usual the Liberal candidate hasn’t told us anything of his policies yet. Can’t give anyone time to closely examine them and discover they are total crap now, can we?

    I do have a three word slogan Hastie can use though and I won’t even require acknowledgment for it. “Not a Local”.

  26. Jexpat

    Here’s an interesting wrinkle:

    “New boundaries released by the Australian Electoral Commission on Friday, after a draft redistribution, show part of Canning will be lost to a new WA seat at the next federal election.

    The new seat, named Burt after one of the state’s most prominent legal families, will be the 16th WA seat in the lower house and will also include parts of the current seats of Hasluck, Swan and Tangney.

    The ABC election commentator Antony Green said the draft boundaries would make Burt a marginal Liberal seat.

    The Canning byelection will be fought on the old boundaries.”

  27. Florence nee Fedup

    Just listening Labor candidate ABC NR. Outlining his policies and background. Sounds impressive. Maybe Liberal candidate waiting for his copy of PMO talking points. Have they been leaked yet?

  28. diannaart

    @Mark Needham

    Thanks for taking the time.

    Just wanted to get a clearer picture of someone who has self appointed to the position of AIMN editor.

    You said yourself, there are way more important topics than your judgement on anyone’s writing (particularity Kaye Lee’s – any idea how much time and effort goes into writing such articles?).

    Am I interested in an chat with you in particular? Not so far.


  29. Mark Needham

    Kaye Lee.
    It’s amazing how we get to “hate” some of our pollies. It is very hard not to, at times. Particularly, Abbott, has a hard task, trying to appeal to even those who love him, I reckon. I voted for him last election, suppose I could have done better now, but, I made my nest etc…
    Really hard to see anyone rising above the “filth” of politics at the moment, then again we never see all of them to really get a good idea. The individuals in both packs, that are brawling all the time, leave me a bit cold, nothing there at all to stimulate excitement for the future.

    I have only been in the atmospheric presence of one man, could feel that special something. He was a businessman, successful natch, but not interested in politics. Only thing, he was a Republican ( I am a Monarchist, because of the quality of our current monarch, and other stuff too) but I can see we will eventually go that way., which will, I suppose, be a good thing.
    As with the monarch, we have a Hobsons Choice for our President, it will be very hard for who so ever gets the job. I don’t envy him/her.
    Kaye Lee, my opening post here was a bit harsh, not quite up to your usual standard, was what I was trying to say. My Apologies for that.

    Canning will be interesting. Turnbull is a no show, mates even dislike him, Morrison, is the outside chance., which disappoints me, as it will be ”same old”.
    Hey, Regards,
    Mark Needham

  30. Lee

    I predict that the Liberal candidate for the new seat of Burt will be named Jerry Mander.

  31. Roswell

    Oh dear. More people dropping in telling us what to write about.

  32. Paolo Soprani

    Phillip, There is an apostrophe in Andrew Hasties. It’s Andrew Hastie’s.

  33. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    September 19 is the date for the Canning election. That’s four weeks from tomorrow, voters of Canning.

    No personal disrespect to Hastie intended, but alas you have chosen the wrong horse to back, Mate.

    Besides the yet to be announced Greens candidate, Matt Keogh for Labor might be a better choice because at least he knows your electorate and presumably wants the best for the place where he lives and works.

    We’ve seen other parachuted candidates like Sophie Mirabella, who was parachuted into her Indi seat albeit a few years ago and she has never been perceived as having her Indi constituents’ needs at heart unless it suited the Liberal Party first. If I were a Canning voter, I would be very suspicious of the Liberals’ cynical use of what they think is a charismatic type.

    Sorry Tony, just coz Andrew Hastie was in the SAS, that wouldn’t necessarily convince me that he has well-rounded principles other than harsh attitudes for Border Force propaganda and excessive encouragement to military industry such as the submarine building arguments.

    Phillip, go back to Uncle Tony and report that most of the people on AIM Network are not suckers for his propaganda and just coz Hastie has a pretty face, that won’t fool the Canning voters to vote for him.

  34. diannaart

    @ Jennifer

    Interesting you mentioned dearest Sophie M. – she is hoping to regain the Indi seat she, justifiably, lost to Cathy McGowan – surely a classic example of the LNP’s self belief in their divine right to rule. They never really learn anything do they?

    Therefore, Tony will not, cannot, see past military service and male genitalia. More than a “pretty face”, Andrew Hastie has the ‘right stuff’ y’know.

    Yup, Tony, the Captain of Pick’s.

    I think there should be an ‘r’ somewhere…. 😛

  35. Trevr

    Mark Needham handed his arse on a plate, confused the capabilities and the desires again Mark. Keep up the good work Mark, hopefully one day in a year not too far away you will get the hang of this communicating thingo. As for Lickspittle Phillip, yet another shiny arsed hypocrite that wouldn’t acknowledge truth even when it bites on his proverbial.

  36. Fiona

    abbott’s new nom, as far as I am concerned, is Captain Nose Pick (given that so many of his picks seem to be haemorrhaging . . .)

    Great piece, Kaye Lee.

  37. Misst

    Thank you Kay Lee. It is my fervent wish that the swinging voters of Canning will desert Tony Abbott and vote ALP. But will they? Unfortunately there are people who might not. There are people who, although they might think of climate change or corporate tax cheats/ bludgers, and worry about some of the recent LNP antics, still haven’t totally lost faith in Tony. Sadly, as well as fearing refugees, they fear the unemployed, the old, and anyone on any kind of benefits. But more than this they just ‘know’ that Unions are ‘corrupt’ and outdated, they ‘know’ that GST reform is inevitable, so is the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement … nothing can be done because we have to move with the times! Also, as it’s no longer being screamed in the headlines, the budget is apparently back on track and, of course, with no news to the contrary the NBN is sailing along too.

    How do you break these beliefs … I’m struggling??

  38. Florence nee Fedup

    Wouldn’t surprise me, if the Liberal candidate is another captain’s pick. Doesn’t live in area. Worked on Sovereign Borders?

  39. Florence nee Fedup

    Does the younger generation really have the hatred for unions, that many of Abbott’s peers seem to have. I suspect not. Unions do not bother them either way. Most have little to do with unions, in anyway.

  40. Lee

    Some young people don’t understand what unions have done for us, probably because they never worked through those major changes. They’ve always had what was won by unions so they don’t see the need to belong to one.

  41. lawrencesroberts

    At 73 I have been a member of unions and The A.L.P. The thought of a government composed of mediocre union wallies depresses me immensely. Never the less it would be a light year improvement on the current incompetent gangsters.

  42. Matters Not

    I hope that this particular by election won’t be the end of Abbott because while he can be, and is in many instances perceived by the vast majority to lie at the heart of the ‘problem’, he’s not.

    Politics shouldn’t be about who has the ‘prettiest’ face. About who is ‘articulate’ or not.

    Politics is all about ideological ‘views of the world’ and whose view will prevail.

    Ideally, Abbott will survive. And in so doing will contribute (significantly) to the demise of the ideology he represents.

    So therefore I say “Go Tony”! (In both the short and long terms, albeit with different timelines).

  43. nowun

    I too, personally hope the LNP losing Canning does not mean the demise of Abbott. By keeping him in his current position the LNP is guaranteed to be annihilated at the next election. Something I am really, really hoping for.

  44. Karina Popplewell ( Chemlal)

    REALLY? You people could not identify a FRAUD if he kicked you in the face with steel caps and in fact that is what the Australian public needs. A god healthy kick in the head. And NO that was not a typing error. To my MMA kickboxing teacher brother: YOU need GOOD KICK HEAD IN THE HEAD. To my alleged “mother” who teaches others how to ” live their lives”, clearly you need something else than a good kick in the head because you had that for many years and that has made you bitter, NOT wiser. I love you mum but I do not love your way of ” loving” .
    To the Australian public; if you listen to anything my brother or mother put out there; you are wasting your time. They are only doing what comes naturally. Loving through HATE.
    TOUGH love is NOT love. IT is HATE in a different form.

  45. Karina Popplewell ( Chemlal)

    THIS is what it means to be an Australian. YOU support the government that is elected REGARDLESS of YOUR own political agenda because that is what a true democracy encompasses. I am NOT a liberal supporter BUT whilst they are in power I am BOUND to support them in a POSITIVE way to enable them to be the best they can be, exactly HOW they you raise a child.
    ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT is a blight on our humanity.
    WE all need to stand united.

  46. Karina Popplewell ( Chemlal)

    My mother and brother removed their comments as soon as I placed mine. This says it all.

  47. Kaye Lee

    “YOU support the government that is elected REGARDLESS of YOUR own political agenda because that is what a true democracy encompasses.”

    In a true democracy, a government is accountable to the people they represent. They are not given carte blanche to do whatever they please, particularly when they break SO many pre-election promises. This government has pinned the future of our country to coal. That is a craziness we cannot sit idly by and watch happen – the consequences are too devastating. This government is not making decisions in the best interests of the people – it is rewarding its backers to the detriment of the people and the world. Their only goal is re-election and they are prepared to lie to achieve it. The people need to know the truth so they can make informed decisions. You will not hear it from the Abbott government.

  48. Michael Taylor

    I am wondering if Karina was also vocal in supporting the government of the day when Labor were in power.

  49. Peter F

    I very much doubt that the coalition will send Abbott to the back benches. They know what destructive vindictive forces would be let loose on them from within. For this reason I believe they will stay with him because they see him as the only fighter who just might win an election for them. Wonderful stuff.

  50. Kaye Lee

    David Speers, current president of the Canberra Press Gallery had this to say…..

    “Both parties are going with top shelf candidates; one a lawyer, the other a soldier. Labor looks set to choose the President of the WA Law Society, Matthew Keogh. He’s 33, works in dispute resolution (a handy skill in politics) and previously served as a prosecutor with the Commonwealth DPP. Impressive stuff. But it’s the Liberals who appear to have the star. Captain Andrew Hastie is an officer in the SAS, who deployed to Afghanistan three times after 9-11 and, more recently, to the Middle East to “work with Western partners” in the fight against Islamic State (don’t expect too many more details about what the SAS might have done there). On top of that, the 32-year-old also advised the Abbott Government on how to turn back boats. Talk about ticking the boxes for the Liberal vote.”

    David does not give any reason for thinking Hastie “the star”. Apparently shooting extremist Muslims and persecuting asylum seekers is considered a better qualification than a local who has been an advocate for the people of Canning in dispute resolution, who has also been on the board of a local refuge for victims of domestic violence, and done other volunteer work in the community.

    With Speers running the Press Gallery and Skynews I am uncertain why the Coalition need to be spending tens of millions on spin doctors.

  51. corvus boreus

    Karina Popplewell ( Chemlal)
    You reckon you best raise kids by supporting them absolutely, even when they are clearly in the wrong, and by teaching them the value of a (god) kick in the head (with steel cap boots no less)?
    Interesting take on parenting.
    PS Nice public airing of private family grievances, and LOVE the RANDOM CAPS!

  52. Lee

    Democracy means supporting the government no matter what? Then there would never be a need for any more than one election, because you’re always supporting the first government ever to be elected. But thanks for the laugh at your idiocy, Karina. Like the average conservative, you too are devoid of critical thinking ability.

  53. Harquebus

    I do not think that the Liberal Party will do the Labor thing and try to save some furniture. Whoever replaces T.A. will have the same fate as Kevin Rudd. I doubt that there any Liberals that would want to put themselves in that situation.
    Kevin Rudd should have waited and picked the pieces to rebuild which is what I think that the next Liberal leader will do.

  54. corvus boreus

    KP Chemlal did not state that she was a conservative, average or other.
    She merely asserted that she believes democracy means that people must [BOUND] unquestioningly support [POSITIVE] the government, and that we, the Australian public, should receive ‘a god(?) healthy KICK IN THE HEAD’ (“in the face with steel caps”, no less).
    She also, for some reason, whispers “love” and shouts “HATE”.

  55. Mark Needham


    So by association, he is guilty of what.
    Or are you just slinging mud?
    Mark Needham

  56. corvus boreus

    Mark Needham,
    Leaving out any allegations of overseeing the dismemberment enemy KIA’s (for whatever reasons), I still tend to get gut worries about political aspirations coming from within the serving military, particularly regarding those who are deeply involved with clandestine operations (the really spooky shit).
    You can see no problems with ‘who dares wins’ serving ‘by hook or by crook’?

  57. mark delmege

    whats wrong with a hand print or a bloody photo or is this like blooding greyhounds?

  58. Florence nee Fedup

    Living in an democracy means one is able to criticize the government. That is what makes a democracy. I will go further, if the government is going down the wrong path, one has a duty to talk out.

    I see no rule that one says they have to be loved. Respected yes, if they earn the respect.

    One should treat all that disagree with you with respect?

    I was left cold by the speech for the candidate for canning. Sounded cold.

    I found Abbott’s speech, with the new tack he s taking, very unsettling. Pleading that the Adani mine has to go ahead, otherwise Australia will suffer for evermore. His lies and attack on the Greens just didn’t make sense. He is accusing the Greens and anyone that is for the environment as traitors and worse. Raved on how this mine would stop the Indians from using dirty coal, that millions will get power for the first time. Australia as we know it, will no longer exist. All done in pleading voice.

    All lies.

    Haven’t heard all the speech, but will do when I have the time. I thought politics in this country couldn’t get any lower. Sorry to say, I was wrong.

    I am not by the way, in favour of Fairfax’s efforts, unless they have more to add. Can’t see the need for their story.

    Did this man leave the army to stand for the seat.

  59. Florence nee Fedup

    What worries me, is his closeness to Abbott, re sovereign borders. He left the army days ago. Has been working electorate for 2 weeks. Moves into a hone this weekend. Has spent his life from 2001 not living in a normal community. My experience of army communities, that they area rarefied, have little to do with day to day life. I would say, I don’t know, that would be further removed from everyday life, when one enlisted in the SAS.

  60. Florence nee Fedup

    Calling his opponent nothing a a pen pusher, makes on wonder at his values.

    The Labor candidate also comes from a good and loving family, that seem to have made decisions to serve the community in the jobs they chose. As a lawyer, he seems to be highly successful for his age, working community level.

    He spent his early years working as a youth worker, and other community welfare jobs. Does, it seems have personal hands on experience,

    His grandfather had a law firm in the district he was reared there.

    I think these two might be like chalk and cheese. Nothing in common.

    Defends what the people of Canning want.

    Not interested about chopping off the hands, except he by his speech didn’t appear to see any wrong. There is one soldier still being investigated.

    There is less than four weeks to the by election. One doesn’t have time to get waylaid by the Fairfax story.

  61. Mark Needham

    Nothing wrong with an ex military man, that couldn’t be wrong with anyone..
    Assumptions, What worries me, I don’t know, all guess work.
    Man has spent 14 odd years in the Army, good on him. I’d rather him as a neighbour than some others.!
    Mark Needham

  62. Florence nee Fedup

    “Tony Abbott: “What right do we the members of Parliament have, to inflict our views on the whole of the Australian population?”

    His views, he means. The irony,m is, that is what he is doing.

    If one swallows his shit today, there must be a plebiscite on every bit legislation put to the house.

    Nothing is being pushed on anyone. Doesn’t effect many. Only those who wish to marry their partners.

  63. Florence nee Fedup

    Have you ever had close contact with serving men. Good and bad among them, same as everyone else. Serving doesn’t make one a hero or saint.

  64. corvus boreus

    Marl needham,
    Want to eliminate guesswork?
    Do some research.
    Share the resultant information (preferably with credible links),
    Articulate your points in clear sentences, not in shorthand haiku.

  65. Kaye Lee

    Hastie wrote in his application for the position of Liberal candidate for Canning: “As an SAS officer with active service experience, I have a demonstrated capacity to fight for the Australian way of life,” (in Afghanistan and Iraq)

    “I want to protect the Australian way of life and the best way I can see of doing that as I build my family is to represent my local community in parliament.
    “I know from experience that national building at the point of a gun can have limited effectiveness and, in Afghanistan, I did not feel that the then Labor government had our backs.”
    Mr Hastie said Mr Keogh, a dispute resolution lawyer and former president of the Law Society of WA, used “very carefully crafted, tricky political lawyer speak”.
    “You won’t get that from me,” he said.
    “I respect the people of Canning. The fact that we have Labor and others out there trying to use local residents to treat the by-election as a chance to kick the PM or campaign for the solar industry is disgraceful.
    “It shows a lack of respect for people’s personal issues. It says to the people of Canning, ‘We don’t care if your main worry is law and order, and the scourge of ice.'”

  66. mars08

    Interesting… so the only way to “fight for the Australian way of life” is to put on a uniform and kill some Muslims. Teachers, doctors, nurses, firemen, and social workers need not apply. Because shooting some scruffy militiamen in Afghanistan and Iraq is protecting us all from an existential threat.

    Oh ffs… from what i see and hear around me every day… this gunslinger is going to cruise through his campaign. He’s a 24 carat hero.2

  67. Kaye Lee

    I found it interesting that campaigning for solar power is disgraceful…it shows a lack of respect for people’s personal issues which should be “law and order, and the scourge of ice.’”

  68. Möbius Ecko

    Also he felt Labor didn’t have their backs when it was the Libs who sent them into war and Labor who got them out.

    What I found disgraceful was him using the opening shots to falsely kick Labor.

  69. Florence nee Fedup

    I feel, many on these sites having been fighting hard for our way of life, ever since Abbott emerged on the scene, Many here seen the danger he presented to our way of life, the day he he divided his party, taking both Turnbull and Hockey out.

    No, we don’t need to wear an uniform or use a gun to do so.

    Sadly nothing since then, has led us to respect or have faith in the boy man.

  70. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes Florence nee Fedup,

    Hastie, the wannabee member for Canning has NOT led the life that everyday voters understand or want representing them.

    I (in capital letters) do not want someone from a male-dominated, war-experienced background, and who has most likely been rewarded for capabilities that blatantly discriminate against anyone, female or male, who doesn’t measure up to the ‘alpha boys club’ way of doing things.

    I want someone who demonstrates more intuitive and discerning merits.

  71. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I really hope Tony Abbott, or his Liberal parasites, read this site,

    so that pony Tony knows just how much I hate him, and I suspect the majority of the others who contribute.

  72. corvus boreus

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith,
    Are you trying to suggest that a career spent training for and carrying out acts of clandestine warfare and sabotage in hostile territory (the art of killing and destroying with sneaky and ruthless efficiency) could be less than ideal preparation for assuming a representative role within civil governance?

  73. mark delmege
  74. mars08

    The only ex-military man I can respect in Australian politics is the Member for Denison…. Andrew Wilkie MP. Now, there is a soldier who tried his utmost to save lives, both Australian and Arab…. and keep the peace.

  75. Harquebus

    We have an ex SAS in the South Australian parliament. A traitorous SOB who I despise intently and represents all that is abhorrent in politics.

  76. Jexpat

    Mark Needham wrote: “So by association, he is guilty of what.

    That question would be better directed at the commanding officer, Andrew Hastie. Which it was.

    His two part answer:

    1. He was “above and away in a helicopter, orbiting overhead,” and

    2. That the soldiers under his command “were acting in what they believed to be the appropriate process.”

    You can take from that what you you will.

  77. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    corvus boreus,

    yes I am. Such a person who has been trained in such deadly skills does not represent the Australia I want for me, my kids and you.

    Piss off Andrew Hastie. Go back to your boys club in the SAS.

    People of Canning, please vote accordingly against him, as this guy is very suspect.

  78. Matters Not

    You can take from that what you you will.

    Possibly. But perhaps one will give ‘meaning’ to the ‘evidence’ and actually understand how the epistemological process works?

    I note also he was ‘in a helicopter, orbiting overhead’.

    The possibilities for ‘satire’ seem almost endless.

    For example, was he sharing with Chopper Bishop?

  79. mark delmege

    I guess its worth noting again that pretty much every year Urozgan province was under Australian control opium production increased – not that it was the fault of the SAS but …

  80. Jexpat

    Matters Not wrote: “But perhaps one will give ‘meaning’ to the ‘evidence’ and actually understand how the epistemological process works?”


    But I’m simply noting the facts as reported.

    I do not know, for example, what the official protocol in the chain of command may have been, not do I know whether or what, if any, other trophies may have been taken from the field during the tour of duty.

    I do know, however, that many years ago, at around the turn of the 20th Century, one Sergeant-Major Morris was queried on a winter’s might about some similar trophy from the orient, wherein the questioners… overplayed their hand

  81. mars08

    Can we assume that the local Afghans were spared the “scourge of ice.”

  82. Jexpat


    Unfortunately not.

    American media have been using a similar “scourge of ice” meme to justify __________(fill in the blank) about Afghanistan for years.

  83. Möbius Ecko

    mars08 @9:48 pm

    Mike Kelly

  84. Florence nee Fedup


  85. SirJohn Ward

    The new Border police ring the island, armed and looking inward.
    what-ever they did in the ‘field’ stays in the field.
    They are now watching us with suspicious eyes and secrecy protected; my question is “Is this the new Gestapo Australian style?”
    We can never know because if you reveal any dealings with the Liberals favourite toys, you will go to jail without court hearings in ‘The national interest’.
    I note this super soldier did not say much about his role in “Operation Sovereign Borders” and we probably will never know how many boats they sank or stood by and watch them sink; because their lips are sealed and their service is a disgrace, because they obey commands that would see them guilty of crimes against humanity?

  86. corvus boreus

    Sir John Ward.
    The people (mostly men) in the black paramilitary attire with the strange new logo belong to “Border Force”, not “Border Police”.
    They do not seem to be defined as part of any existing police, military or customs structures.
    If the exact nature of their functions (which seem to combine aspects of the other three), powers and limitations have been precisely defined, they have not been clearly communicated, but this may be because the work of the new men in black falls under the increasingly broad category of “operational matters”.

  87. Kaye Lee

    Australian Border Force

    Our vision: We are Australia’s trusted global gateway

    By applying an intelligence-led model and working with our partner agencies across the border continuum, we deliver effective border control over who and what has the right to enter or exit, and under what conditions.

    Officers in the Australian Border Force are operationally focused, uniformed and part of a disciplined enforcement body undertaking functions across our operating environment – patrolling our air and seaports, remote locations, mail and cargo centres and Australia’s extended maritime jurisdiction.

    (I didn’t make this stuff up)

  88. mars08

    @Kaye Lee … good grief! That mission statement sounds like it was written by Dick Cheney on acid!

  89. corvus boreus

    Border Force statement, with a few words removed;
    ‘We are Australia’s global gateway. By intelligence, we control who and what has the right to enter or exit, and under what circumstance.’

    Reassuringly, their outcomes statement in the link limits their intended influence to ‘national security, economy and society’.
    I am reassured that border security is not going to be applied to any ‘environmental’ outcomes.
    I would hate to think that the ‘Border Force’ brief included helping protect Australia from (more) fire-ants and rabies.

  90. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Beautifully put, mars08.

    Those degenerates need decommissioning asap when the LNP loses power.

  91. Florence nee Fedup

    Did I not see them flying the Australian flag with BORDER FORCE stamped across the bottom, over buildings?

  92. Florence nee Fedup

    Abbott isn’t turning us into a police state. He has gone further. It is a military state.

  93. Pingback: The great land grab of 2015 in Australia | vanessakairies

  94. Karina Popplewell

    Absolutely. I am actually a Labour supporter Michael Taylor. And Kaye Lee, your premise is idealistically sound however human beings are what we are dealing with here; not a perfect science because we are not only imperfect, but we are all designed, often with opposing world views. The fact that you all KNOW that we can never all agree about anything at any point in time renders all of your arguments relatively futile. Now, since August last year when this dialogue was started, until now, look what has happened on the political landscape.
    The problem is not the politicians but the people who elect them, REGARDLESS OF WHICH PARTY YOU SUPPORT.
    The Australian public is the problem and the Australian public get exactly what they deserve.
    For starters; the majority of Aussies do not want anyone supporting them who can have dirt dished up on them…….LOL……………………..
    We actually believe that those who have made the least mistakes, based on our dirt digging, are more suitable as representatives of the people than those who have made many mistakes.
    Based on that logic, most Aussies believe that they are fit to breed and raise other humans despite their past mistakes, however those same Aussies would not want someone like them to represent them……….. not raise them, represent them.
    So, the most important job; breeding and raising future voters can be done by people that have made mistakes that would not allow them to represent anyone in politics, and the second most important job of representing the masses, can only be done by people who we consider to be squeaky clean……..
    STOP electing people based on how CLEAN you THINK they are……..
    Elect people based on WHO they are and the experience they bring and guess what peeps? I have learned far MORE from all of the mistakes I have made than if I had been sheltered from them and I am more in tune with what others think because of it. You all know it because you are all exactly the same whether you admit it or not.
    I would rather have a reformed thief who transformed their life from the bottom of the barrel representing me than some over protected white collar knob from an elite anything……..
    YOU WILL NOT get any respect for your leaders when you have basic contempt for them and really that comes from a general expectation that people who have made less mistakes are somehow better……Australians self perpetuate their own misery.
    Face it; YOU think that those who have made lots of mistakes are inferior and you are wrong on every level according to science.
    START electing people based on ALL of their past experiences, NOT just the “good ones” because otherwise all we can expect to keep getting is the same one dimensional puppets on all sides of politics which guarantees only ONE thing; the same results and the same frustrations regardless of who is in power.

  95. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Your response, Karina Popplewell,

    is better late than never. I agree 100%. Life experience is essential in the job of politically representing people. The Character Test for Politics or Law or other professional roles should not be restricted only to those with ‘clean’ police or solvency records. Those records only prove the ones who got caught doing the wrong thing and who have paid their time already.

    Unfortunately, Canning couldn’t see past their own noses and see beyond pretty boy, Andrew Hastie, LNP neo-con puppet. His war record sufficed in their eyes to make him irresistable. Either of his political opponents in the Greens or Labor would have been more preferable for their community law and environmental work respectively.

  96. Karina Popplewell

    And its now 2018 Jennifer and I am wondering WHATS CHANGED?

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