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What a bunch of cowards. To avoid yet another embarrassing defeat in the senate, the PM capitulates on the proposed reduction of the Medicare rebate and sends out the new girl, the one with the least experience, to announce their incompetence to the world. What cowardice!

Tony Abbott couldn’t even stand beside her in support. Or, did she prefer that he didn’t?
“I’ve heard, I’ve listened and I’m deciding to take this action now. It’s off the table and I stand ready to engage, to consult, and to talk to the sector,” she said. Really?

duuton2 If ever the new Minister for Health looked like the sacrificial offering to a media that would have much preferred to grill Peter Dutton, Sussan Ley was it. Yet Dutton, who quietly introduced this back door decision by regulation just two days before Christmas, was nowhere to be seen.

Another day in government, another painful backflip. In an earlier article of mine a respondent expressed his uncertainty as to whether this government was just chronically stupid or were they evil. I told him they were likely both. They were mostly stupid but when that failed, they turned to evil.

This most recent saga vindicates that claim. The reduction of the rebate for consultations, which was yet another attempt to inflict pain on the most vulnerable, was doomed from the start. There was no consultation with the medical profession, just a quietly executed decision to impose a further burden on GPs with a planned starting date ahead of introducing the bill before parliament.
The government’s pathetic attempts to make adjustments to Medicare are more pythonesque than John Cleese and the Monty team could have created. Firstly a $7 co- payment, then a $5 cut in rebates for consultations and now this vindictive act of deception, all of which have resulted in failure.

bruce How embarrassing too for Bruce Billson MP who went on the front foot in support of the reduction only to find himself up the well-known creek in a canoe, possibly made by the Adelaide shipyards, but without a paddle.

Mis-management of this magnitude in the corporate world would be terminal. No responsible board of directors could tolerate such incompetence. Yet we, the long suffering people, who manage our affairs with calculated precision or pay the price, are forced to wince in pain at what we can best describe as a comedy routine turned sour.

The government is insisting that if Labor continues to block these measures in the Senate, it should propose an alternative. Really? Labor is not in government and is not in the business of helping the government out of this, or any other, hole it digs for itself. But I’d be happy to.

tax return Increasing the Medicare levy is one possible answer. But not for those earning less than $50,000 a year. A modest increase from 1.5% to 2% for those earning $50,001 to $100,000. An increase from 1.5% to 2.5% for those earning $100,001 to $200,000. And an increase from 1.5% to 3% for those earning above $200,000 per annum. I am sure that will go a long way to covering the $10 billion shortfall they are trying to fill. If it doesn’t, then they might take more than a cursory glance at the $300 private health insurance rebate. Really boys and girls, it’s not that hard.

Is it any wonder Bill Shorten is now the preferred prime minister even though he has done nothing to deserve it? How much more would the voters prefer him if he stuck his head up and fired a few cannons instead of water pistols? It’s not as if he doesn’t have the ammunition.

How much more of this ineptitude are we expected to endure?


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  1. flohri1754

    I did feel rather sorry for the newly minted health minister today …. though her constant reliance on “anecdotal” stories of 6 minute doctor visit mills wore very thin very quickly …. thumbs up to the ABC National commentator who kept pressing her on the lack of substance supporting the attempted change. Definitely another very poor performance by this current farcical government …..

  2. Florence nee Fedup

    At least Shorten has done nothing to allow the MSM to focus on him. For the first time in years, the same media appear to be genuinely interviewing Labor Shadow ministers. Case in point, is the fair go they are giving the shadow health minister.

    Abbott is leaving the field open for Shorten to fill the void. shorten tasking full advantage of the opportunity in Queensland.

    No, it is very easy to fix any problems that are arising with Medicare. Starting with the levy, along with removing the rebate for private insurance for starters. That would not suit their agenda, which is to dismantle Medicare along with all other welfare measures.

    This idiotic of a man, appears to believe in pure capitalism where a unfettered market provides all.

  3. Graeme Rust

    Yes John, I also wonder, what would have Hawke, Keating and the man himself, Gough Whitlam would have done with this bunch of loonies, mince meat comes to mind,

  4. DanDark

    “Really boys and girls, it’s not that hard.” John said
    It’s hard to keep the rich rich and the sick and poor more destitute
    Nah the lying lizards are experts at this, they will give it another go
    But it will be another flip flop, belly whack, train crash

    Past behaviour predicts future behaviour, and if last year was ragged
    This year is starting as a ripper, more backflips and high flying trapeze stunts by the circus
    that hang from the rafters in parliament, it’s a tragic comedy performed by amateurs
    Get ready to call an ambo, there are going to be a lot of falls this year from the amateurs
    They will crash and burn never to be resuscitated ever 🙂 their gig is up for this embicilc gov 🙂

  5. Keith

    The ineptness goes even further, there had been no provision for GPs to collect the new tax on Monday 19th. The matter was extremely confusing for Practice Managers and GPs, stated by a GP in a radio interview, due to a lack of communication from the abbott gang.
    They are still progressing from one stuff up to the next.

  6. Florence nee Fedup

    I believe that the new minister will have to reset up many of the boards and other mechanism, that this government has dismantled, to be able to liaise with those in the health industry and consumers in the community.

    Yes, they could be learning, that it is prudent to listen to experts, even ones in their own departments.

  7. Florence nee Fedup

    Keith no new software for doctors or Medicare. Could not have gone ahead anyway, one suspects. I suspect Dutton did not even notify them of new arrangements. I suspect many departments are only doing as directed. Only giving advice when asked. Not volunteering any warnings.

  8. Florence nee Fedup

    MSM are trying to present back down as a sign of plagiarism. No way, it is a sign, they know not what they are doing. A sign that they are too lazy to dot the “I” and “T”. Just too inefficient to do what they set out to do. The latest Medicare changes were never feasible. Never doable. The new minister had no option but to do what she did. Monday would have revealed how inept and incapable Dutton was and is.

    Not sure Ley has the ability to clear up the mess. Will be put on permanent hold.

  9. silkworm

    I like your comment about whether they are stupid or evil.

    In my opinion, it’s their stupidiy that makes them conservative, and their conservatism that makes them evil.

  10. lawrencewinder

    What a rabble! All the years hounding Labor as being an incompetent, lying, shambolic mess and all it was was a projection of their own inadequacy’s. This ideological wrecking crew are only governing for the oligarchs at the behest of their IPA bosses. They have forfeited all rights to govern and should be deposed.
    Any credibility they had has been blown away with this fiasco. Next it will be the job losses in the shipbuilding industry and the importation of 457 workers as they continue to run the country into the ground.

  11. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Well said John Kelly! Were the Minister’s comments a dig at Tony I wonder? At least one Minister openly recognises the need for consultation!

  12. David

    I am no great fan of Bill Shorten, Albo was my preferred leader and I voted accordingly. But to expect Shorten to change his current softly softly approach with all polls running in his favour, some substantially, is flying in the face of reality. He has kept his head down, the Opposition appears, on the surface anyway to be disciplined and for the first time in 7 years all singing from the same song.
    I doubt former leaders would have changed much at his stage of the election cycle except perhaps be somewhat more forceful in their verbal delivery . Shorten is sticking to a formula that is working for him as leader and the Opposition. Shadow Ministers are mainly performing well, Marles being the glaring odd one out. But he has a thankless task as Immigration shadow.

    One big negative I find with the LOTO he is weak on International matters, a very indecisive approach, as if walking on broken glass. Both MH disasters, glaring examples. Israel/Palestine another.
    Still early days but we are swiftly approaching this shambolic Govt’s mid term and the country will be in election mode again before we know it.

    Bill will have to consider taking the blinkers off sooner rather than later. Abbott is formidable in the rat cunning, lying, deceit stakes. In his and his Govt’s current position of being hated by the majority, the evil physco will attack from the gutter.

  13. stephentardrew

    Spot on again John. Really excellent article finished off with a manageable and equitable solution.

    Its so simple when you use common sense and logic.

  14. la_lasciata

    HEAPS, I hope ! Perish the thought that TROWC (yes, they are indeed evil) suddenly start behaving sensibly …

  15. Kaye Lee

    We could also charge GST on private health insurance (as it is a choice) with lower income earners compensated through the PHI rebate.

    We could invest more into preventative health.

    And we could reopen the discussion about voluntary euthanasia. I understand that doing this in the midst of an economic discussion is distasteful. It is never going to be an easy discussion. An Australian estimate suggests that hospital care for the last year of life for those aged 65 years and over is about nine per cent of all inpatient costs. Each year $2.4 billion is spent on acute inpatient care for people who are dying, according to this estimate. Isn’t it time we were given the choice to die with dignity if we want to?

  16. stephentardrew

    I suupport with the GST on private health insurance.

    I think with the majority of Australians agree with euthanasia and it’s always a good time to confront the issue simply because of the unnecessary pain and suffering caused. It is just mind warping that you would impose intolerable suffering on those who are at the end of their lives. Don’t these people know the difference between cruelty, ideology and the moral obligation to reduce suffering.

    More illogical madness..

  17. DanDark

    “And we could reopen the discussion about voluntary euthanasia. I understand that doing this in the midst of an economic discussion is distasteful. It is never going to be an easy discussion.” Kaye said

    And there lays the problem, as a culture we fear death so we force people who are dying to suffer more, because death is a subject we avoid if we can, doctors have ethics to follow,
    Many years ago my Aunty who was aged 42 had a rare terminal stomach cancer, she had 3 young kids so they operated they gave her all sorts of painful treatments, she was alive but was her quality of life worth living
    She decided no it wasn’t one day and tried to slit her wrists in the hospital toilet, when we visited after this event, when asked what happened to her bandaged wrists her reply was ” I have had enough I want out, but the bastards found me” she was angry but the family couldn’t understand this, they wanted her to live, but it wasn’t them that was suffering with the pain and treatments..
    From the time she was diagnosed it took 18 months for her to die and a lot of pain and expense was inflicted on her, she said ” I am their guinea pig that’s all ” we need to weigh up quality of life and quantity, but to keep people that are terminally ill alive against their will is sad…

  18. Graham Houghton

    Susan Ley has publicly challenged and humiliated Abbott. Resign, you creep and take the rest of your stinking, rat infested government with you. Also, it’s time to really challenge this idiot about his nationality.

  19. Margot

    Taxpayers have paid over $1000 in medical costs for Tony Abbott between 1 January to 30 June 2014
    Switzerland 19 Jan to 25 Jan 14 To attend the World Economic Forum.
    OS Ministerial – Medical Costs $230.32
    Papua New Guinea 20 Mar to 23 Mar 14 Official Travel.
    OS Ministerial – Medical Costs $835.15

    And he has had a lot of medical experience as when he was a trainee priest he was appointed college infirmarian. Tony was an excellent diagnostician knowing that most of his “patients” were malingering
    “I thought, most were malingering. So I encouraged “self-service” of medicines and suggested that meals would be better fetched by the friends of the sick. Many deeply resented this disdain for college’s caring and communitarian ethos. And, I confess, I did not have the courage to refuse room service to members of the seminary staff. “


    But now I am the Big Prime Minister Boss I make the rules and I can force those malingering free loading patients going to a bulk billing GP to pay. That’ll fix them.

    And since the Liberal Party is ideologically attached to price signals may I suggest that a price signal be put on parliamentary allowances. They should have to pay say 10% of the entitlements claimed.

    Full list of federal MPs entitlements

    Allowances or open entitlements? When politicians play and taxpayers pay

    For a detailed report of parliamentarian’s expenditure for the period 1 January to 30 June 2014 see http://www.finance.gov.au/publications/parliamentarians-reporting/parliamentarians-expenditure-P34

  20. Blanik

    As a member of Dying with Dignity (formerly Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Victoria) for some forty years and a comittee member in the formative years, I thank the contributors who support the concept of dignity during the final stages of life, as do 85% of the voters of the nation girt by sea. When will we learn that life isn’t everything?

    However my reason for being here is to comment on John’s excellent article. I was amazed to see that the new sacrifice claim that the problem was caused by ‘ misinformation’. What misinformation, Minister. It was perfectly clear what was about to happen. The only misinformation was Captain Catholic’s lies that there will be no changes to Medicare in any government he leads.

    As for Mr Shorten sitting on his hands, waiting to be in a position to retire on a Prime Minister pension being left alone by mainstream media; there’s plenty of time for that and I suspect plenty of bourgeois ‘scandal’ to release and embellish when the election is announced.

  21. Clive Manson

    Look no further than the Abbott circus to show Peter Drucker was right, when he wrote, “you rise to the level of your incompetence”.

  22. David

    Interview with Ley highlighted a woman seriously out of her depth. Toxic Abbott gets rid of one dud in Dutton and replaces with another

  23. Zathras

    The term “shambolic” used to be freely bandied about a while ago, along with “incompetent”.

    Obviously what the ALP can do, the Liberals can do much better.

  24. lizzieconnor

    I dunno but after listening to the Sussan Ley interview I think it’s obvious.

    A common-sense approach would be to legislate that

    1. all bulk-billing be means-tested, and also that

    2. any doctor that claims for more than the GP average of one 6-minute consultation out of ten be put on notice for a formal review of her/his practice [source of statistic: BEACH study, as cited on SMH website, Political News, Jan 14, 2015, Julia Medew].

    Waddya reckon?

  25. Blanik

    Be fair, David. The entire fascist cabinet are duds and out of their depth. It’s one of the problems with professional politicians. All they care about is the pension after three terms. Captain Catholic for example will retire and we’ll pay him around ten million dollars during his lifetime unless his god decides that heaven would be a better place for the lying scum. Same with Shorten et al.

  26. Margaret McMillan

    I reckon you need to be a bit careful of following that path Lizzie. It’s the one the LNP wants you to follow: focus on the doctors and some perceived wrong-doing, and not on the governments inability to manage the affairs of this country in a proper way.

  27. stephentardrew

    Sorry for the incoherent posts above must have had a brain fart.

  28. John Kelly

    @lizzieconnor, that’s a bit savage on doctors who, in the main, are our front line health soldiers. I don’t see the doctors as the problem, just an ideologically, vindictive government who can’t stand seeing people get health care for nothing.

  29. DanDark

    It’s another 3 word slogan by the by the libs Six minute medicine,
    But on average last year a consultation lasted 12 minutes, so they are trying to demonise doctors as all quacks
    Susan Ley has drunk the libs Kool aid and is just spitting out the pips and has no facts,
    just assumptions and double speak, she did nothing about day care or the lack of it, just talked double speak about that issue for families that are lacking in that service especially in rural areas….
    She is a Nuff nuff and won’t last long in her new role…..

  30. John O

    Without a personality, Bill Shorten will always be hard to imagine as PM. However, the continued attack on the poor to the benefit of the rich is now even resonating with die hard Liberals. From my experience, some LNP voters are decent, loving, family people who care about others. Abbott is assuming that they are all heartless and will kill their own granny for some cash….. Doesn’t actually work that way The head of Super Mega Conglomo Oil only actually has one vote, no matter how many million he contributes to a campaign of lies.
    Abbott and Co are idiots, they have lost touch with the ‘Howard Base’ and slowly sinking into a mire of the own excrement.

  31. PopsieJ

    David I agree with your comment about BS, its time he made a clear and decisive stand and where the ALP is and where they want to go
    The Abbott way; more war in Iraq, increase University fees and HECS, increase Health costs, buy useless F35 aircraft, secret TPP deals, buy Jap subs in exchange for secret trade deal etc etc

    AND Labor way. out of Iraq, decrease Tertiary fees, better health cover, cancel F35 deal, no secret TPP deal, why Jap subs
    etc, etc,
    Don,t be a wimp, do it
    Start by talking to the Palestine Soccer team which is in Australia at present at least that would show the ALP is not totaly Israeli controlled

  32. olddavey

    Poor Lady Blah Blah, out of a warm frying pan and into a blazing fire.

    I’m lovin’ it! What a disorganised kindergarten outing this mob has turned out to be.

    But we all knew that when we were shown the blue book with the 200 fully costed policies, didn’t we?

    Unfortunately, a lot of us did, but the gullible took the bait hook, line and sinker and now look where we are.

  33. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    I support euthanasia. I hope to live to 100 but only if my quality of life is reasonable – if it is not, please put me down. I support means testing. And I support ALL politicians having to wait until they are 70 before getting their superannuation paid out!

  34. olddavey

    Totally agree, imagine being kept alive when the highlight of your life was to have the light dimmed so that you could get a bit of sleep and forget about tomorrow’s nightmare.
    Something needs to be done, but I don’t believe any of our political parties have the guts to address the problem, which I suppose is understandable, given the fickle nature of the electorate.
    More’s the pity, because in the long run Eu will have to become the norm, regardless.

  35. Peter Bailey

    Abbott is a hopelessly inept leader, but a formidable opponent. He’s at his best when he’s fighting with other people. Doubtless, it’s how he’s lived his entire life

    Is it possible Shorten isn’t engaging with Abbott lest he risk a retaliation that may be perceived as showing the PM’s “strength & conviction”?

    Meanwhile it’s best to just let Abbott publicly ridicule, confound and humiliate himself. He is his own worst enemy

  36. Kaye Lee

    An interesting fact I learned about euthanasia in Holland (where it is legal under strict guidelines), after going through the process to have the powers that be agree to your eligibility, many people do not choose that path and die of natural causes, but in their final days they know they have the choice if the struggle becomes too hard. Surely we should all be given that comfort? This is not something that would ever be imposed on anyone. It’s a safety net that I know I would like to have. The states have the power to do this individually if the Feds are too gutless. Personally I think it is a discussion Labor should reopen. The Coalition won’t bring it up but it would be politically dangerous to oppose it.

    The time has come, the walrus said….

  37. Blanik

    Yes Kaye Lee, that is the whole point. It’s knowing that one has control of their life even if they never choose to do it. It’s all about having the freedom of choice in those final months, weeks, days. It *IS* indeed a safety net and one that I will take. The problem as it is now is that folk may do it earlier than they would otherwise do , because there is no safety net. Nobody has ever suggested that it should be mandatory. Most of the nay saying nutters just can’t come to terms with the voluntary word in VE.

    You make a very good point Peter Bailey that perhaps it is best to let the moron continue to humiliate itself and when Murdoch rakes up whatever shit he can on Shorten, it just wont stick. But who knows how this electorate thinks. After all, we elected these fascists int power.

  38. Ricardo29

    Only the NT, under a conservative leader, had the courage to pursue a Euthanasia act and that ultra conservative, religious,gutless,chump Andrews — now Defence Minister (haw haw) had it overturned. In the NT there was a long and exhaustive debate with a lot of scare mongering, particularly about how it could be used to the disadvantage of indigenous, but ultimately it was the votes of some courageous indigenous MLA’s which helped carry the day. In some parts of the NT populace there is still anger and, in my case hatred, of the sanctimonious turd Andrews and it will be a great day when he is eventually consigned to the dustbin of history, sadly propped up by a pension his incompetence doesn’t warrant.

  39. stephentardrew

    The Devil works in many strange and compelling ways.

  40. Annie B

    I write this, as the subject has been raised – – –

    While decisions are still in the too hard basket – in the case of voluntary euthanasia … there is in place already, a ‘ safety net ‘ if you like to call it that, in the form of a DNR ( Do Not Resuscitate ) … it has other references as well ( NFR – not for resuscitation ) etc. etc.

    This is signed by a patient when that person is well enough to do so – usually well before any diabolical late life ( particularly ) episodes leave them in a dreadful state of near decay …

    My own mother did this, and when she decided to accept the room made available to her, where she had previously formally requested and signed her intent for the chosen private nursing home ( she had 7 days to make up her mind about the room at the age of 91 !! – bums in beds is paramount ) – she also put into place an Enduring Power of Attorney [ EPA ] – my sister was given that power. My sister always discussed anything to do with Mum, with me first – but she was the signatory.

    Came the time when Mum had a major stroke at age 96. At the time of her being in hospital, a touch and go situation had arisen for her ( another ischemic attack ), and I, being the only one visiting at the time, spoke to a Doctor about the fact that my mother had a DNR form signed – but that my sister was the only one who could have any say – along with the Doctor – in allowing Mum to die peacefully. ( my sister was about 15 mins. from the hospital when all this happened ). The Doctor waited for my sister, observed the DNR, and was prepared to allow her to pass peacefully, if that were to be the case. In the meantime, they had given high quality assistance to Mum and had already given whatever medication is given in the case of a stroke – the first time, and then the second time. However, the DNR was going to be observed. It was up to the Doctor to know how, when or (even if ) that would have to be.

    Mum survived all that, but was never the same. She was left with vascular dementia. There was no doubt, just before her death at 101 and 1 day, that she was in the phases of dying. The only treatment given at that time was morphine to alleviate the pain as her organs shut down. Mum passed away peacefully, more or less naturally – although I would imagine that the declining state of her body, and the increasing amount of morphine it would have taken to alleviate the pain – ‘had a cross over effect ‘ … as it so often does, and in fact the morphine more or less, actually takes the life – eventually.

    A similar event occurred with a married friend, whose wife had power of attorney for him. He died of an AIDS related disease – toxomplasmosis in the brain – he had signed a DNR ( knowing he had AIDS ) …. and he was allowed to slip away quietly – instead of continuing the massive seizures and intolerable pain he was having. He could have been given meds. to have him remain for some time on this earth, but the DNR took precedence, and they kept him as pain free drugged up, as was possible. And so he also died a peaceful death.

    I see the DNR ( or whatever other reference is given to the request ) …. as a legal form of euthanasia in this country – and it has been this way for some considerable time. Doctors still apparently struggle with the legalities of it. A link for reference if anyone is interested :


    It shows the legal ramifications, and some perceived problems associated with DNR’s. …. it has quite a lot of information, particularly about enduring powers of attorney etc.

  41. Rex Alfie Lee

    The magnitude of our surprise for the Libs failure to get this Bill through should be utterly thwarted by the marginal increase in our hatred of this bunch of bad grapes. Sour to poisonous would be a fair description & on the front bench it’s unlikely any of them would avoid poisonous. This change would be or should be miniscule because they’ve basically declared war on us, on the middle class & working class. We hate them so much that no-one intervenes anymore when someone suggests they should die. We used to have interceptors who would tell us that this sort of statement is unacceptable. I believe the interceptors are all onboard now.

    Does Abbott think he still fools anybody anymore? Is he so idiotic (IQ below ten) that he thinks we don’t see through his charades. The glee on his face with his lovely new girlie, Susan Ley was worse than lecherous after you consider throwing her to the wolves. Our “PM” aka Parasitic Moron is scum & like his mentor, a coward. Teflon Tony has run off the edge because everyone who voted for him sees him for the lowlife he truly is. Check his Rhodes Scholar marks & there fails to be a single “A” amongst them. Mr Mediocrity just like his daughter.

    He needs to be gone, so do they all need to be gone. They treat us like fools & treat parliament & their positions as public servants as a joke. Bronwyn Bishop made the position of Chairperson, so ridiculous that she should never ever be allowed a ministerial position again. She marginalised the role with such lack of dignity that her daughter would be ashamed & should be. Scott Morrison is the cruellest minister I’ve ever heard of, Christopher Pyne has a sneer that basically equates to Mr Byrnes from The Simpsons. Joe Hockey belongs in Texas, a right-winged redneck without a clue. Then of course there’s Julie Bishop, heir to Tony’s throne. She attempts to make her vast depths of insincerity seem acceptable though obviously smarter than our current PM, who isn’t (Morrison), she is nowhere near the brights of either Gillard or Rudd for that matter.

    Get this mob out (thanks for that line Rupert)…

  42. Brian

    I spent a large part of my time before the last election, realising Labor was doomed, saying to my Liberal fanatic friends, that my time will come when the real Tony Abbott comes out. Then, it will be my time to say “I told you so”. I have to admit now, I was wrong…..I realised Abbott as PM would be a disaster. Anyone with half an eye open could see that. But I never realised the depth of cruelty, arrogance and mostly, incompetence the Australian public would witness. I am sure, at times like this, when another “this is the best option” policy falls over, the Liberals stand around looking at each other, dumbfounded, trying to work out why their grand plan failed. I can imagine them saying to each other “shit, didn’t see that coming….” Oh well, on to plan f.

  43. Brian

    By the way, I think given the circumstances thrust upon her, I thought Sussan Ley handled the situation with aplomb. She seemed articulate, sincere and straight. And took ownership of the decision. It was the most Prime Ministerial press conference I have seen from the Liberal Party since taking office.

  44. Blanik

    I agree entirely Annie B. Thank you for your post. The law as it is, or perhaps as it is interpreted, in Australia is just plain wrong! It simply leads to people committing suicide because they are denied a peaceful and painless release. Single car fatalities are an example.

    If people knew that they had control, and knew that their wishes would be adhered to and had the safety net, they would most likely allow their life to end ‘naturally’.

  45. Trisha

    I would like someone to make me a big poster with these idiots with the words in big letters written across it ” STOP THE DOPES”
    they are really scaring me.

  46. Blanik

    Being scared is quite a reasonable reaction, Trisha. It shows that you have an IQ well over 10.

  47. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    To Rex Alfie Lee: The word hate worries me. I can despise the lack of compassion and understanding shown in developing hurtful policies, I can despair over the lack of empathy shown by those developing the policy but to be reduced to hating someone or something diminishes me.
    As an agnostic I do not pray for help, but believe me – I hope most earnestly that enough have-been opposition supporters see the error of their ways and are not fooled into returning this government for a second term by any actions taken in the next few months to turn opinions round. And I am delighted to see the comments about Bronwyn Bishop who I think is a stupid, self-important bigot – she and George Brandis have a lot in common!

  48. diannaart

    I too thought Sussan Ley handled her first speech as Health Minister with aplomb as well, right…up…to..when…she…claimed the Medicare Levy was inadequate (raising half the cost of Medicare) and, besides it was “too easy a solution” – what? Solutions have to be complex to be a solution? Hitting the lowest income groups is a workable solution instead? Ms Ley informed we, the hoi-polloi, to expect a user-pays system – maybe, only if the users are means tested – so that it’s fair. Is fairness a commie word these days?

    If the levy raises half the cost, then what would be a reasonable increase? Perhaps there are other ways to balance budget, by, say, stopping handouts to private-for-profit-schools or the PPL or a few less submarines – why is defence more important than the health and well-being of Australians – not much to defend if many Aussies are poor and ill.

  49. Anomander

    I’d like to volunteer someone to euthanised – Tony Abbott!

  50. Kyran

    I recall a quote from Winston Churchill, diannaart, when he was apparently asked to cut the budget to various department’s in order to fund the war. His response was “What are we fighting for?”. Anomander, let me know if you want a hand carrying “the volunteer”. Take care

  51. olddavey

    January 17, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    “I too thought Sussan Ley handled her first speech as Health Minister with aplomb ”

    Sorry di, I disagree
    The minute Lady Blah Blah opened her mouth I could see the bullshit flowing, as it did when she was minister for whatever she was ineffectual at before she got promoted to another portfolio where she will be just a ineffectual. ( as was her predecessor).

  52. Blanik

    They’re all ineffectual OD. Every one of that are way beyond their capability, especially Captain Catholic including his CoS Ms Credlin in spite of what many seem to think is it’s only saving grace. She proves it by accompanying it everywhere.

  53. diannaart

    Out of context, much, olddavey?

    I then went on to comment:

    she…claimed the Medicare Levy was inadequate (raising half the cost of Medicare) and, besides it was “too easy a solution” – what? Solutions have to be complex to be a solution? Hitting the lowest income groups is a workable solution instead? Ms Ley informed we, the hoi-polloi, to expect a user-pays system – maybe, only if the users are means tested – so that it’s fair. Is fairness a commie word these days?

    If the levy raises half the cost, then what would be a reasonable increase? Perhaps there are other ways to balance budget, by, say, stopping handouts to private-for-profit-schools or the PPL or a few less submarines – why is defence more important than the health and well-being of Australians – not much to defend if many Aussies are poor and ill.

    I guess you missed that bit, hey OD?

  54. Pingback: More Pythonesque than John Cleese | THE VIEW FROM MY GARDEN

  55. OVOL the sockpup

    Ahh, Sussan…. the jr. mini-stir that said that taking $300 mill. out of the childcare sector would make it run more betterer 😯
    Is it any wonder that Tones gave her the job 🙄 ….. she is obviously an women of ‘calibre’ in Tones eyes (or should I say Peta’)…. ‘little lone’ that she’s a women from Turndballs little L’er’s. Now that should keep Mal’s faction happy…. for a while. 😛
    I have only met the lady about ten times-ish…. so I’m not gunna pretend that I “know” her….. But I will say this….. she is nice enough, seemingly,…also, smart, down to earth, been around-type bushy chic-a-dee, and definitely not your usual stereotype Liberal MP (male or female…or to put it another way, unlike most of Abbotts Cabinet, Sussan would be more than capable of changing her own flat tyre and then some+) BUT 😮 …. but it doesn’t take one long to realise that Sussan, seemingly, in my view, ( 😉 ) is just another ” seem to be/seen to be”, I would suggest that her main role, ( apart from her supplementary income as an MP) is the promotion of everything Sussan…… and , seemingly, the promotion of water..but only for the ‘best’ people, of course 😉 ,those overly-allocated ‘thems’ that supports ‘everything Sussan’. She, seemingly, has been “very” MIA in regards to the MDBPlan. (‘locals’ in the Far West have more than “Cotton-ed on” to Sussan, mm!!!!!!!)
    But it’s all just an moot point in regards to Sussan,.. the decisions she makes and where she is heading politically, Abbott is hoping to control her… when all he has really done is to make her more un-re-electable than she already was…. but, after all, isn’t that Tones forte…..just ask Denis in Vic…. and/or Campbell in Qld

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