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Ok, this could be a very long post, but I suspect that I’m just going to make it short because if I wrote down all my thoughts it could become longer than “War and Peace”… the very long novel by Tolstoy, as opposed to the situation in Iraq.

Mm, actually the novel by Tolstoy isn’t really long by comparison…

My first point is that the Liberals believe in the great invisible hand of the free market. People should be given choice and Good will follow. Of course, this is within legal limits. People shouldn’t be given choice about illegal things. And gay marriage isn’t legal, so we don’t need to talk about that, and we certainly shouldn’t allow a conscience vote.

However, when it comes to Education, it seems that it’s a good idea to make Maths and Science compulsory at Year 12, according to the Education Minister, Mr Pyne.

F*ck choice. We’ll make the little bludgers do it. Forget the fact that Science wasn’t even important enough to have a Ministry, when Abbott was first elected. Apparently, we’ve slipped in the international rankings according to PISA, which tests kids in their middle years of secondary school.

The solution to this isn’t – as some of you might think – to improve science education in the early years. The solution is to eliminate all this free choice at Year 12. No such thing as the invisible hand now.

Yep, make it compulsory for students who’ve never been good at Maths or Science. Make them – as well as kids who simply would prefer to do other subjects – to do it for another couple of years and that’ll lift those rankings. Put a whole lot of uninterested students in our senior classes and watch how much better that’ll be for everyone.

But just let Labor or The Greens try and make anything compulsory, and we’ll be hearing all about the nanny state and the great virtues of people being allowed to do whatever they like.

Yep, that’s the short version. Unlike Christopher Pyne, I know when to stop.


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  1. mark are controlled – there are no ‘free markets’. Anyone who.tells you markets are free is either spreading ruling elite propaganda OR they are household variety dupes. The US Fed is mandated by law to intervene anywhere and at any time to support official.policy- whether the policy is publicly known or not is immaterial. The international Reserve banking ystem.links all Western countries. The US Fed employs other bodies to intervene in markets both in the US and offshore.
    As far as the hostile elite that rule over us are concerned there are no borders. Nationalism is the only mechanism capeable of garnering resistance, obviously the MSM and governments do everything they can to.neuter nationalistic feeling and encourage internationalisation – policies designed to reduce whites numerically are at the very core of the ruling elites agenda. Whites are the only group feared by the hostile ruling elite.

  2. horatio

    University students who enjoy maths are now funnelled through trade based degrees such as business rather than enrolling in the more generalist science degree. We therefore are short of science\maths teachers who will encourage interest in those subjects among primary and secondary students.

    Perhaps we need a return to the old bonding system where the university fees are paid by state government education departments to plug gaps – a market based solution which would suit LNP

  3. stephentardrew

    Er Bill is that you?

    Sh….. listening…..silence.

    Oh it’s you making common sense again Rossleigh.

    Damn those kids they don’t need choice.

    If they don’t do what they’re told we will hit them with the invisible hand.

    Shit that hurt I thought you said it was bloody invisible.

    Shut up and do your calculus idiot.

    Democracy freedom and choice woks a treat don’t they?

    For fossilised conservatives the more things change the more they remain the same.

  4. Jexpat

    It’s amusing to ponder Pyne & Jammy’s belief system here.

    Let’s say serious competencies in maths and sciences were required in year 12.

    Would that not illuminate, among every uni student- in no uncertain terms, the asinine innumeracy and scienific illiteracies on display in every LNP policy- along with highlighting the same among their sorry sycophants thoughout the corporate media?

    In the now immortal words of George W. Bush, I say: bring it on.

  5. Denis Bright

    Unstable personalities at the top levels of the Australian LNP Ministry certainly cannot handle freedom.

    But the wider problem of guiding in faculty and subject choices in schools and universities in favour of vocationally oriented courses is is occurring throughout the OECD.

    In France, it is packaged as educational reform as an extension of so-called productivity reforms in the labour market.

    The debate should be embedded in discussion of the underlying causes of youth unemployment within a globalized economy.

    In France, the National Front fosters a focus on immigration as a major contributing factor to youth unemployment.

    Lay-offs at Michelon tyre factories in France and Renault assembly lines have nothing to do with the productivity of employees or France’s immigration policies.

    French assembly-line workers will never be as cost effective as workers from the really low cost third world countries unless France reduces wages to South African levels as favoured by our mining magnate, Gina Rinehart.

    The decision of the Hollande Government (a so-called Left government) to buy batches of its military vehicles form the USA in support of standardization within NATO has not helped.

    In the longer-term, restoration of the economic miracle in middle-sized economies like Australia, Spain and France, requires a return to a new form of financial regionalization within the global economy.

    Strengthening the integrity of local private and public sector financial institutions and their involvement in local investment decisions must be talked-up as a significant part of the national economic debate on this issue of youth unemployment.

  6. stephentardrew

    You idiot Jammy.

    Everyone doing social sciences has to study and have sound foundations in statistics and probability theory ergo mathematics. You are just a dumb voice of stupidity.

    Ignorance is no substitute for the facts.

    If you want to lie go somewhere else where your irrational rantings will be appreciated.

    The Australian would welcome you with open arms.

  7. Möbius Ecko

    After Hunt saying a little over a month ago that the start of the Direct Action Plan (DAP) and its centrepiece the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) was a stunning success comes the news it’s a stunning failure.

    Companies are getting hundreds of millions of dollars for schemes that already exist and some that have been active since 1998. The ERF policy clearly states that it only applies to new schemes. If this had been Labor the headlines on waste and incompetency would have been ringing out for weeks now. Since it’s the worst government this country has ever seen where billions are wasted and gross incompetency has come to be expected hardly anybody bats an eyelid.

    So chalk up yet another very costly failure by this government in a long line of very costly failures.

  8. Jarmy March

    Brities. Of course immigration affects France and employment. After all, who wants to go for a holiday there if it’s full of Moors, Muslims and Gypsies? Can’t even go to the Eifel tower without being harassed by pickpockets. I want Charles Aznavour, not a Charlie Hebdo.

    Gina’s totally right about using coolie FIFO labour.

    Why would any sane company want to manufacture goods in Europe, anyway? The stifling European regulation and bureaucracy is best avoided.

  9. diannaart

    Improve science education in the early years at school or make it compulsory in the latter…FFS.

    Pyne and the rest of the motley team have their ideas arse-end around as usual.

  10. Mercurial

    Jarmy, you’ re hilarious!

    Thanks for the laughs.

  11. Harquebus

    When it comes to big brother and the nanny state, I see no difference between Labor and the Coalition.

  12. Anomander

    Funny how that free market works.

    The local car industry needed to stand on its own two feet or bugger off – yet we can subsidise mining to the hilt, even though they send all their profits overseas?

    During the Pink Batts program people didn’t die because of a bunch of unscrupulous, money-hungry, shoddy, cheating bastards decided to make a quick buck on the public teat – no it it far more important we should reduce red-tape and regulation which is stifling business and innovative practices.

    We can’t afford welfare to ensure families and children aren’t living in poverty – but we can easily afford hundreds of millions putting chaplains in schools.

    Aboriginal people living in remote communities do so not because of an association with their land but because of a “lifestyle choice” we shouldn’t have to fund – be wealthy parents who send their children to exclusive private schools deserve the right to have a choice and we should all be thankful they are allowing us to help pay for their little daaarlings to have several heated swimming pools.

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