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I feel good

The removal of Tony Abbott is like the lancing of a boil. We may not have cured the infection but the relief is immense.

Whilst some are concerned that the same agenda will be pursued by more nefarious means, there is going to be significant change.

How will Rupert react?

Remember when Turnbull said, in praise of The Saturday Paper’s founder Morry Schwartz and his contribution to Australia’s “intellectual life”,: “You are not some demented plutocrat pouring more and more money into a loss making venture that is just going to peddle your opinions.”

What about Andrew Bolt?

“I just have to say to Mr Bolt, he proclaims loudly that he is a friend of the government. Well with friends like Bolt, we don’t need any enemies.” – Malcolm Turnbull June 2014

Or Jones?

“Alan, I am not going to take dictation from you.”

In that interview Jones said to Turnbull “you’ve got not a hope in hell of getting Tony Abbott’s job”.

Or Hadley, who thinks Malcolm is up himself for wearing a t-shirt with the collar turned up.

Will the Telegraph still get its news feed? Will Miranda Devine and Piers Ackerman still be invited to dine with the PM?

I haven’t seen Malcolm on the guest list at IPA gigs either.

Whilst I am savouring the moment of Abbott’s demise (with the added burn of being a few days shy of qualifying for a PM pension), I will take the opportunity to remind Turnbull of his own words regarding the Coalition policy on climate change action.

“Any policy that is announced will simply be a con, an environmental figleaf to cover a determination to do nothing.”

I will be watching closely.

But for today . . . I feel good 🙂


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  1. Anomander

    The boil may have been lanced but our nation is still infected with the Liberal cancer that needs some drastic treatment.

    Not having to see Abbott’s upgly face on the TV every night, to hear the pointless three word slogans is a huge relief, but Turnbull will still be hamstrung by all the extremists who will fight tooth and claw to prevent any action on climate change.

    I can see the COALition ripping itself apart over the next few months. Interesting times,

  2. Keitha Granville

    I think there is a large number of us waking up today feeling really really good ! No longer ashamed or embarrassed about our PM, that’s me.
    What Malcolm will do remians to be seen, but at least he isn’t Tony.

  3. Kate M

    Indeed Kaye. What will be interesting to see is how much being PM changes Turnbull. How much does he stick to his personal beliefs about things like climate change and marriage equality – and how much is he the party mouthpiece. I think there will be quite a battle between the two perspectives – particularly since the conservative wing has been allowed to reign unchecked in the last two years. They won’t like not being in charge anymore.

  4. Kaye Lee

    Getting rid of Abbott was a crucial first step. Hopefully some of the worst nutters will be put back in their box to a degree.

    I think every child on Nauru should send Malcolm a letter or a picture. Something must be done to save these people. Would Malcolm have the guts to step up?

    Renewable energy will hopefully get a chance now.

    It will indeed be interesting times. Is Malcolm just there to get his photo taken or will he have the courage to make change?

  5. Matters Not

    Word is that the ‘walls’ in Abbott’s office took a real pounding overnight.

    Mark Simkin, now on the streets.

    Kevin Andrews in a counselling session.

    Dutton and Erica Bets on a slow boat to Germany

    Hockey having his last waltz.

    Pyne facing expulsion.

    Wyatt Roy’s head shaking is in remission.

    Tony’s now ‘on his bike’.

  6. Kaye Lee

    They say Pyne might get defence. Is it really wise to make the most aggravating whiney political animal in parliament in charge of the bombs? Can you see our soldiers having respect for a dilettante?

  7. miriamenglish

    Yes. I went to bed last night with a big grin on my face. I think a lot of people all over Australia did.

    Previously I was hoping Abbott would retain the job up to the election, thinking that he would guarantee defeat for the LNP. I thought that Malcolm getting the job would mean they would be much harder to shift. I shuddered at the thought of Bill Shorten getting the job, but figured it would still be an improvement. However this morning I realised something different Turnbull seems to be moderate and interested in actually helping Australia instead of tearing it apart. If this moves the LNP back toward the center and away from the terrible, destructive extreme right Tea Party politics they’ve been consumed by then it will also force Labor to move back toward their more traditional position of being for socially progressive causes, returning Labor to the people, if we’re lucky.

    Cross your fingers. This could perhaps turn out very well indeed.

  8. PC

    Where is he? Where has he gone? Did he melt away after the spill like the wicked witch of the west?

  9. brickbob

    Abbotts rabid right wing attack dogs will now be unleashed,and will not stop until they rip Turnbull and Bishop to shreds, hell has no fury like an Abbott scorned.

  10. Roscoe

    but what about poor Peta? will Malcom employ her again? or will she be cast aside?

  11. Adrianne Haddow

    We can only hope that Turnbull can bring back the Australian people’s respect for the office of Prime Minister.

    I hope we no longer have to live with the Lib government’s campaign of terror-around- the corner and the posing in front of ever-increasing numbers of flags that underlined abbot’s every pronouncement.
    I hope Turnbull can influence change in ChAFTA and TPP agreements.
    I hope he can rescind abbott’s decision to financially back the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.
    I hope to see a more humanitarian approach to those poor souls interned in detention centres.
    I hope to see a back down from the abuse of Australian human rights with the repeal of the data retention laws, changes to citizenship laws and changes to our right to protest about environmental abuses in our land.
    I hope to see the arrogant Lib front bench change and Parliament to become less of an arena for abuse.
    I hope to see less influence from the IPA and Rupert’s press on our government.

    Am I hoping for too much?

  12. Kaye Lee

    I am going to have a great deal of pleasure reminding Malcolm of things he has said in the past…like this from 2012

    Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has broken his silence regarding the Federal Government’s controversial data retention and surveillance package, declaring that he has “grave misgivings” about a project which he feels “seems to be heading in precisely the wrong direction”.

    Turnbull has “grave misgivings” on data retention

  13. PC

    Just shows how much contempt Abbott has for Australia by not addressing the public after the spill.

  14. Kaye Lee

    When he was in the battle for president of the SRC at Uni he camped in the office and changed the locks……

  15. PC

    I see, Kaye….If he’s pulled that stunt again maybe this time round we can leave him there and throw away the keys.

  16. Kaye Lee

    Bill Shorten is going to have to do better. He has already made up his new slogan “It’s all about Malcolm”. He needs to ditch repetitive slogans. We need articulate debate.

    The longer Tony leaves it to come out the worse it looks.

    Kevin Andrews has given a “pick me” pitch this morning.

  17. kerri

    For those of you wondering where Abbott is, may I suggest you consider Jeff Kennett’s reaction to the walloping he didn’t see coming?

  18. Kaye Lee

    Andrews said he had spoken to Abbott and he was….”reflective”. Does that mean looking for someone to blame? heads will roll…damn who took my sword?

  19. clarelhdm

    It is a great relief to have a leader who can speak in complete sentences. Hopefully Labor will realise that they have to fight to win an election, and, as mentioned above, will return to their roots with truly progressive policies. Mostly I hope there is some reprieve for those on Nauru and Manus. Malcolm, close those hell holes!

  20. miriamenglish

    Kaye, I laughed aloud when I read your comment that delusional Abbott camped in the Uni office and changed the locks. I guess petulant assholes really don’t change, do they. I really hope he has a good sulk and really pisses off all the people around him.

    If anybody remembers him when he eventually dies I expect his funeral will be cheered like Margaret Thatcher’s. But I’m torn between hoping people remember what a complete disgrace he was as PM, and hoping we forget him entirely.

  21. PC

    I wish some people in the media would stop saying things like “Australians have woken up to find they have a different Prime Minister” when the reality is the electorate realized this well and truly the day after the 2014 Federal Budget.

  22. jimhaz

    I feel a nice sense of justice done. Also a bit of a sense of relief that the aggressive, dishonest and irrational memes of the far right will have perhaps a 1/3rd less impact.

    As for the ALP, they don’t actually deserve government until they find someone better to lead than Shorten, Plibersek or Albo. I don’t want the lesser of two evils – that is what Turnbull’s team will still be.

  23. diannaart

    Ding dong, the dick is dead, ding dong, the creepy dick is dead.

    After 2 years, I can stand straight – ready to face Turnbull – at least he speaks in sentences; no more onion eating (suspect finest Beluga Caviar more Turnbull’s taste), no more endless repetition of lame phrases, no more speculation of Credlin and Abbott.

    Hmmm, … Credlin…. will Turnbull award Godwin Grech position as political advisor?

    At least our satirists will no longer be pre-empted.

    Just for a little while:

  24. PC

    With Abbott replaced by Turnbull, has anyone yet contacted the Guinness World Record mob to notify them that the LNP have just smashed the “Polishing the turd” record?

  25. Archaic

    I find myself relieved that Abbott is gone. My hope is that with Turnbull as PM we will see the tone of political discourse in Australia rise above puerile slogans and divisive dog-whistling. If Turnbull will actually listen, as he has pledged, then we have the opportunity for meaningful debate. Hopefully we will no longer see people like Gillian Triggs attacked when they offer a voice of dissent or criticism.

    However I suspect that the Right faction of the LNP remains wedded to their regressive and xenophobic agenda, and to the so-called “neo-liberalism” better described as fundamentalist capitalism. Bernardi, Christiansen, Brandis, Dutton, Morrison and their ilk haven’t gone anywhere. The narrative that Abbott was “unable to communicate effectively” misses the point. Abbott was unable to disguise an agenda that is toxic to society and the welfare of the many to the profit of the few. We saw what he stood for and were disgusted. The policies need to go and I suspect that this won’t happen while the Right of the LNP thinks that they have been cheated of the opportunity to promote policies they are deluded into thinking are desirable or desired. Ultimately a resounding failure in an election would have gone further to help this reality-feedback to happen. I anticipate ongoing factional division and an undermining of Turnbull by the embittered and resentful fools of the far-Right

    Now that Abbott is gone it falls to us, the citizenry, to ensure that there is no doubt in the minds of the politicians and the powerful that it was not just the style, but the very substance of his political beliefs that were reprehensible and will not be tolerated.

  26. Kaye Lee

    Rupert has started issuing instructions….

    Media mogul Rupert Murdoch says new Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull needs to hold an early election before Labor dumps its leader.

    “Sad to see such a decent man as Abbott toppled,” Murdoch tweeted shortly after Turnbull won a partyroom ballot.

    “Now Turnbull needs a November election before Labor sacks Shorten.”

  27. Kaye Lee

    Malcolm’s facebook page is interesting in summing up the conservative response

    Kristy Ellen: I have faith in your ability to turn this nation, and the Liberal Party, around. To do this, I hope that along with your economic plan, you will also bring Australia into the modern era by supporting marriage equality, addressing climate change, treating asylum seekers with measured compassion, and addressing the rights of women and of the victims of family violence (no matter the gender). Please – be the change we want to see in the world.

    Like · Reply · 2,439 · 10 hrs

    181 Replies · 5 mins

    Stacy Fogliano: What a disgrace!!!! Australia yet again a laughing stock for the rest of the world! I voted for stability in a time of instability and I have not been given that…. I did not agree with everything Tony Abbott did or said but at the end of the day we need a Prime Minister to make hard decisions and lead, we are not in easy times and a party that feels they can change leaders on a whim like this is worrying. This is not what we are looking for in a government, we voted the last government out for this was that not a clear enough message? Ur not out Prime Minister yet Malcolm, the people have the last say.

    Like · Reply · 1,877 · 10 hrs

    174 Replies · 4 mins

  28. jim

    So gooood the rabbitt has goooone but alas the rage must continue against these Liebrial right wing fanatics.

  29. jim

    Hey, I think NOS must’ve taken ill surely not LOL.

  30. PC

    Abbott by not resigning, has already made Turnbull day one a farce.

    You bet you are, you bet it is.

  31. Jexpat

    Kaye Lee:

    I have seen much handwringing on the “conservative response,” but all of that just feeds into the false narrative that corporate media and the ABC media pushes, relentlessly: that Turnbull is some sort of “progressive,” and that the LNP (chokka with right wing ideologues and religious fundamentalists) will suddenly become reasonable and adopt sensible policies.

    Even if the party base enjoyed the crude, bellicose and obtuse statements from the prime minister and his sidekicks, and even if they’re angry, not sorry for but angry about Tony Abbott getting the boot (as one poor, deluded woman working at Woolies expressed to me) they have no where else to go. They’re so thoroughly propagandised that they’ll always vote Liberal. There are unlikely to be many informal ballots over this (I did see two while scrutineering a large booth in 2010 that wrote in Kevin Rudd) -and they have nowhere else to go.

  32. mars08

    The old adage …. be careful who you tread on when you’re climbing up… you will meet them on the way down. Abbott and Credlin … your karma is waiting…

  33. Anomander

    Merdeoch has clearly nailed his flag to the mast on the side of the extremists. It will be fascinating watching Turnbull try to wrestle with the gaggle of loons inside his own party who will seek to undermine him to maintain their factional power base.

  34. RosemaryJ36

    Abbott has just resigned officially – telling lies as usual. I guess he had to wait both for someone to write a speech for him and to recover from punching holes in walls.

  35. Geoff Andrews

    Already looking forward to the ABC Four Corners history of the plotting behind the coup and I want Chris Uhlmann to narrate. Oh, the bias, the bias!
    And I liked the Nationals’ opening gambit for a new coalition agreement that just might get them an extra ministry(?): “…but, but, but we had an agreement with Tony Abbott!”.

  36. harshmind

    I am hoping the demise of Abbott represents a renouncement of regressive thinking in my adopted country and a willingness to find new solutions to the many problems which challenge us, but to which Abbott was apparently blind. Today I was reminded of the stump jumper plough as an example of an Australian invention which was taken up globally. Although it’s true that this plough was designed to strip an ecosystem so that alien practices could become economic this doesn’t nullify the fact that it was a home-grown solution to a widespread problem of the time. Our problems are different now. We need to find an economy that, instead of stripping ecosystems dove-tails with them and allows humanity and the planet to flourish together. It’s time for a new generation of Richard Bowyer Smiths to step forward and it’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to find them and encourage them. Otherwise, what was the point Malcolm?

    Stump-jump plough – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The stump-jump plough is a kind of plough invented in South Australia in the late 19th century by Richard Bowyer Smith to solve the particular problem of…

  37. harshmind

    You wouldn’t know I always vote Green on principle would you? Despite it almost certainly meaning my job becomes obsolete.

  38. Don Winter

    Bad luck Tony, shit happens remember….. I can’t stop smiling.

  39. Lee

    Well Rupert is unhappy. The front page of the Herald Sun has declared Turnbull a turncoat. I just love it when they eat their own.

  40. wmmbb

    Not quite like when Cathy Freeman won, but on hearing the news I felt jubilation. This was immediately followed by the question: What happens now? Then a string of disappointments, starting with the failure to act on Climate Change. On balance, I consider, Malcolm’s ascent to be PM represents a qualitative change that was very much needed.

  41. Adrianne Haddow

    Archaic, eloquently put.
    I agree wholeheartedly that the substance of the right wing’s political beliefs are reprehensible and should not be tolerated. It is up to us, the citizenry to keep vigilant, and remind them of their role as representatives in the service of the public.

  42. PC

    I heard Tony is so upset he’s off to join the “Death Cult”

  43. mars08

    Okay… you might call me a sentimental old softie…. but I think our ex primate minister should get a heartfelt parting gift…

    I’d suggest awarding him one of those Australian knighthood thingies he invented in one of his splendid “captain’s calls”. Nobody deserves it more…

  44. Lee

    “I heard Tony is so upset he’s off to join the “Death Cult” ”

    Considering their attitude towards the poor and asylum seekers, I thought the LNP is the Death Cult.

  45. jim

    No Mars he really has earned a coal and raw onion & manure sandwich, I feel happy da de de da.I feel happy,

  46. miriamenglish

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! If Tony’s to be knighted as a parting gift I wanna be the one to whack — I mean dub — him on the head with the sword. 🙂

  47. Michael Taylor

    I feel good too, Kaye Lee. It might just be me, but Australia seems a better place today. It may be temporary, of course. We still have the same shite government, however I’m hoping that the nature of politics changes for the better. I’m also wondering if Turnbull will be focused solely on wedge politics like Abbott and Howard were. Somehow I don’t think so.

  48. LOVO

    The bloke I work with is an far right tea party type 🙄 so, GEE I’ve had a GREAT day at work today 😆 😆 ,and like many here- I can’t seem to get the smile off me dial. 🙂
    P.S. Our mostly hated CEO at work; whom we nick-named Abbott, quit a week and a half ago… now the real Abbott’s gone too… all I need is for my immediate boss and/or my ex to drop off the planet and it will be an ‘stellar year’.
    P.P.S. Can’t wait to see Clive’s take on it….. bwaahaahaa. bye bye Tony bye bye (chortle, snort, etc)

  49. Matters Not

    Perhaps we need more ‘delayed gratification’?

    Delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.

    Lipstick or not, it’s still a pig. Turnbull showed in Question Time that he wears a coat of many colours.

    Again, the leader wasn’t at the heart of the problem.

  50. Kyran

    Um, ergh, ah, Mars. The abbot didn’t get knighted, he got bishoped.
    I also have a soft spot for the primate miniature. It’s a bog on the west coast of Ireland. May he rest in piece’s. It seems only appropriate our most recent knight lay rest to the captain of captain’s call’s, our darkest night. If burial is required, he may need to produce his English passport. That would be irony, writ large. Thank you, Ms Lee, and Mars. Take care

  51. mars08

    That loathsome person encapsulates all of the disgusting traits of 21st century Australian “masculinity”…. without any redeeming qualities at all. Aggressive, boastful, arrogant, cruel, sexist, anti-intellectual, vapid, semi-literate, self-serving, ignorant and inarticulate… what a glorious package he is…. Hopefully males like him are a vanishing breed….

  52. Faye Cox

    Only the name ( of the leader ) has been changed. The crap policies remain.

  53. Michael Taylor

    Now LOVO’s here. Wow, the day just keeps getting better. 🙂

  54. Wally

    How will Tony Abbott afford to pay his mortgage and retain the families lifestyle now his salary has dropped? I suspect most people his policies have burdened will simply reply “Karma”.

  55. Kaye Lee

    Everyone keeps pointing out that Andrew Hastie has gone “all in”. Quit his job, moved out of defence housing and signed a lease even though unemployed with a new baby. That, to me, is an overconfident gambler. Saturday will still be interesting. I don’t think Hastie’s ‘skills’ will be called for as much in a Turnbull government – at least I hope not.

    And Michael, it’s not just you 🙂 I actually went out today and enjoyed the sunshine with a much lighter heart not feeling that I must fight against a clear and present danger. I want to get back to policy discussion rather than feeling like I am in a death struggle with an abuser.

  56. clarelhdm

    I hope Brandis is on the way out

  57. Kaye Lee

    Brandis voted for Turnbull so we may well be stuck with him

  58. MichaelW

    Do we need any more proof that Murdoch is running this Country?
    Rupert was only here for a week or two had a few senior liberal’s around for a chat and look what’s happened….

  59. Lee

    Will Abbott’s daughter get evicted from Kirribilli House now, or will her rent increase to market rates?

  60. Kaye Lee

    lolol @ market rates 🙂

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