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I feel good

The removal of Tony Abbott is like the lancing of a boil. We may not have cured the infection but the relief is immense.

Whilst some are concerned that the same agenda will be pursued by more nefarious means, there is going to be significant change.

How will Rupert react?

Remember when Turnbull said, in praise of The Saturday Paper’s founder Morry Schwartz and his contribution to Australia’s “intellectual life”,: “You are not some demented plutocrat pouring more and more money into a loss making venture that is just going to peddle your opinions.”

What about Andrew Bolt?

“I just have to say to Mr Bolt, he proclaims loudly that he is a friend of the government. Well with friends like Bolt, we don’t need any enemies.” – Malcolm Turnbull June 2014

Or Jones?

“Alan, I am not going to take dictation from you.”

In that interview Jones said to Turnbull “you’ve got not a hope in hell of getting Tony Abbott’s job”.

Or Hadley, who thinks Malcolm is up himself for wearing a t-shirt with the collar turned up.

Will the Telegraph still get its news feed? Will Miranda Devine and Piers Ackerman still be invited to dine with the PM?

I haven’t seen Malcolm on the guest list at IPA gigs either.

Whilst I am savouring the moment of Abbott’s demise (with the added burn of being a few days shy of qualifying for a PM pension), I will take the opportunity to remind Turnbull of his own words regarding the Coalition policy on climate change action.

“Any policy that is announced will simply be a con, an environmental figleaf to cover a determination to do nothing.”

I will be watching closely.

But for today . . . I feel good 🙂