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We’re not allowed to call Tony Abbott destructive

When Tony Abbott addressed the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London in October last year, he pontificated that climate change was doing “more good than harm”, and suggested policies to combat it were akin to “primitive people once killing goats to appease the volcano gods”.

Ever the victim, Abbott likened criticism of deniers to the persecution of the Inquisition and “thought police down the ages.”

The speech was classic denial, not informed by any credible scientific evidence.

Oh, wait. Tony did suggest that his research of looking at old photos on the wall at the surf club at Manly proved there had be no rise in sea levels.

Abbott’s speech was rightly met with ridicule and contempt.

Professor Roger Jones. a Professorial Research Fellow at the Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies at Victoria University and a Research Leader at Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, described Abbott as “clearly quite unhinged from reality” as he did “an interpretive dance through every denialist talking point he can muster”.

Professor Steven Sherwood, an ARC Laureate Fellow and the former Director of the Climate Change Research Centre at The University of New South Wales, described Abbott’s comments as “the usual mix of misdirection, falsehoods, and tirades.”

Professor John Quiggin. an Australian Laureate Fellow (Economics) at The University of Queensland, said Abbott’s “talking points are drawn from the same parallel universe that gave us denial on the harms of smoking and asbestos, while promoting absurd fears about wind turbines, vaccination etc.”

Referring back to Abbott’s 2011 characterisation of emissions reduction legislation as “chasing an invisible, odourless, weightless, tasteless substance,” Dr Paul Read from Melbourne University had a suggestion for Tony.

“Perhaps Mr Abbott would have taken less than six years to realise the power of such a substance had he simply held his breath. At least long enough to stop speaking and start listening enough to realise that there are indeed other ‘invisible forces’ capable of affecting us other than God.”

But when Andrew Probyn reported on the speech on the ABC news, leading with “Tony Abbott – already the most destructive politician of his generation – now intends waging war on what he calls ‘environmental theology’,” a complaint was lodged with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) who found the ABC breached its impartiality obligations by using the “pejorative” term “destructive”.

The Murdoch press are allowed to accuse the world’s climate scientists of falsifying evidence and colluding for personal gain or notoriety, but we can’t describe Tony Abbott’s on-the-record actions to derail emissions reduction as ‘destructive’.


Can we call him an attention-seeking fuckwit suffering from relevance deprivation who likened his own ever-changing stance on climate change to a cock blown about by the prevailing winds of vested interests?

No wonder Macron told Turnbull to lift his game and be a “real leader”.


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  1. New England Cocky

    As time passes towards the long anticipated next Federal election, thought to be most likely in September 2018 to squeeze ahead of a further electoral belting following Victorian and NSW elections, it becomes increasingly clear that Muddles Turdball has no leadership abilities, the so-called Cabinet has no morals and the LIarbral Party has no relevant policies other than “more of the same”.

    Then there is the National$, gifted with Barnyard Joke the sometime representative of the National$ in New England, a forgotten corner of the land that once aspired to be a state in its own right rather than wait for the never-never of state and federal funding for the development and maintenance of public infrastructure and provision of public services like proper health resources and education standards the same as metropolitan voters receive by right.

    The demise of Barnyard appears certain at the next election because the parasitic caricatures clinging to the good ship National$ are having to weather a self -evident storm of political slogans:

    “Women supporting Adulterers support Joyce (National$)”;

    “Women supporting misogyny support Joyce (National$); and

    “Women supporting MDB Water Theft support Joyce (National$).

    The election in New England may see women previously taken for granted by their male mates, exerting their own political will and demanding that the men in the electorate recognise that claiming to represent family values only works when you actually practice family values.

    More likely is that the NSW Minister for Good Times parachuted into Northern Tablelands by the Rainbow lobby from the Liarbrals will be promoted to Federal politics to mitigate the Barnyard bungle.

  2. Pete Petrass

    And there was Fizza this morning with Macron taking credit for Victorian initiatives on renewables, a project he has publicly criticised in the past.

  3. Leanne

    Kaye Lee………..The story made me laugh, Then When I read the last 3 Lines, I near fell off my chair,
    Oh The Painnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Such Brutal Honesty. Rofl.

  4. Kaye Lee

    Pete, as Mark Butler put it, the PM has “a long track record of appearing at renewable energy projects for media opportunities and then bagging state government policies that allow the project to be built in the first place”.

    The deal was between a French company and the Victorian government for a solar farm that would provide clean energy for Melbourne’s trams, but no-one from the Victorian government was invited to the signing, much to the surprise of the company whose only dealings had been with the Victorians.

    Malcolm will be remembered for his many many photos and dinners with his “delicious” wife.

  5. Glenn Barry

    Abbott is a f-cktard, I see no need to be more elaborate than that

  6. Potoroo

    It is good that ABC journalists are not allowed to confuse opinion with facts when reporting. Otherwise they would be allowed to behave as do the very Murdoch hacks and fellow travellers you lot purport to despise.

  7. Cool Pete

    Tone the Botty is a bloody dickhead, and a destructive one at that!

  8. totaram

    “It is good that ABC journalists are not allowed to confuse opinion with facts when reporting.”
    Really? How could Chris Uhlman talk about “synchronous generation” without even knowing what the hell it means?

    Time to unstack the ABC board and Chairperson etc. and get rid of the Neoliberal stooges put in there from Howard’s time.
    I still ask: when will the primary vote of the coalition go below 38%? Or is it just the way the polls are conducted, using landlines only?

  9. Kaye Lee

    As Katherine Murphy points out, the ABC’s impartiality code requires “a balance that follows the weight of evidence”.

    Abbott destroyed the bipartisan agreement for Rudd’s original ETS. He destroyed carbon pricing. He did his best to destroy the renewable energy target and industry and continues to try. He tried to destroy the clean energy finance corporation. He did destroy the Climate Commission (which is now crowd-funded as the Climate Council). He seems to even want to destroy the Paris Agreement he signed up to.

    I would suggest that the weight of evidence of destruction is clear.

  10. Max Gross

    Abbott’s initial stated aim was to “wreck the joint”. That he did.

  11. Zathras

    He simply can’t be as ignorant as he seems but for Abbott it’s always been a matter of “whatever it takes” to get into power.

    It’s never been about truth and decency or making the country a better place for us all – just the pursuit of personal gratification through power and influence.

    His career before politics saw him chasing financial rewards as he leapt from job to job and now it’s about something even more.
    Like his so-called religious beliefs in personal salvation, it’s always about “the self”.

  12. Peter F

    As far as I am concerned look forward to the truth about Abbott being made available, whatever it is. His actions make us wonder about what drives him, but those who rise to power sometimes need scrutiny. It is interesting to follow what is happening to one of his mentors right now.

  13. Kronomex

    The mutant wood and concrete eating termites and white ants in the LNP will be madly boring their way underneath Trembles as they sense the election looming ever closer.

    “Malcolm will be remembered for his many many photos and dinners with his “delicious” wife.” Does he eat her with white wine truffles?

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