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This morning the radio told me about this noble group that was attempting to correct all the misinformation on social media. “Great,” I thought, “when is one going to be formed to correct all the misinformation on the mainstream?”

Of course, large numbers of people think that the role of social media is just that. “I know,” someone writes, “that Covid-19 isn’t real because somebody posted that they were a doctor and that they’d found no cases of it and when they asked if they could look at the evidence they were asked to give a reason why, so you can’t get much clearer than that. Bill Gates is behind the whole thing and he and Soros not only planned the 9/11 attacks but were in the first plane.”

The question is how does one actually work out what’s real. I have a friend who shakes his head about Morrison’s approval numbers and refuses to believe that they’re real. He thinks that after the Hawaiian holiday, the forced handshakes, the sports rorts, the announcements that are rarely followed up and his whole daggy dad with the professionally staged photo shoots that people must be able to see through Scottysackedfrom marketing. I usually try to remind him that approval doesn’t equal popularity and, in some ways, I also approve of the way that Morrison has left all decisions to the premiers and contented himself with impotently calling for states to end anything that he feels will affect business every week or so. After all, I tell him, Albanese is a very popular figure with Labor voters but not all the people who like him, think he’s doing a great job as leader.

Perhaps my young dog gave me a better analogy. He’s still at a stage where he’s likely to steal shoes or other miscellaneous objects. When he gives them back without a fight, I pat him on the head and say, “Good boy!” This doesn’t mean that I trust him not to steal another one and neither does it mean that I believe I’ll get it back without a fight…

I suspect that many of the Australians who gave Morrison a tick of approval feel exactly the same way.

However, all this is insignificant because I heard Jim Molan on Channel 7 last night telling how good it was that we’d boosted defence spending because it was likely that we’d be at war with China in the very near future. Senator (Jim, in case you’re not aware, was appointed by Tony Abbott as a Special Envoy for Operation Sovereign Borders and is generally credited with being the designer of the “Stop the Boats” strategy. Yes, Scotty grabbed the credit for that one too!)

Because I was only half listening, I thought that I’d better get a different news slant on this by watching the ABC half an later, but – typical – those lefties didn’t even run the story. Anyway, from what I can remember, Molan seemed to be saying that it was great that we now had the capacity to take on China and that we’d be there if the USA called on us, and we might have to take matters into our own hands if they didn’t.

I’m not quoting the man directly, mind you, so I may have got some of that wrong. When I tried to check out the story all I could find is his follow up on Sunrise where he informed us that “they (China) have extraordinary military capability, not just in rockets and aircraft but in overall capability to do things.”

Doing “things”? Easy to see that Jim is ex-soldier who understands the sophisticated jargon of military matters.

However, by this morning he was saying that war with China wasn’t “inevitable” but that we needed to be prepared for a worst case scenario.

Lucky we’ve got those submarines coming in 2054!

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  1. Terence Mills

    We need to send more iron ore to China so that they can produce steel for our submarines which it appears are being constructed in France.

    Gosh !

  2. Phil Pryor

    Note that Jim MOLAN is an ex military raving ratbag, quietly confident in his irrelevance and stupidity to comment on matters military. Molan has the conservative shut mind, one of small dimensions, cloacalike in insect proportions, but “open” as he says. Proof is not offered on the size, retention, ability or usefulness of it. We are blessed in Australia to be cursed with stupid conservative arseholes who care not for authority and relevance; Pete Evans the fraud foody might as well talk about military matters, and Molan could talk learnedly about food, having occasionally eaten some army grub. Australia’s media, saturated with with seekers of shitty fame and notoriety, is poor, with dopey denizens spouting rubbish as if a one way domination of talk was enough to bless and anoint them. One must seek many sites online, seek information and make personal observations and conclusions to get near the truth, if at all. We are crippled by crappy cruddy criminality in misinformation at all levels. Murdochery, Merde-schlockery, is a disease of soul, mind, a foreign sourced intrusion, a truth killer, and its practitioners, carriers, troopers are our enemies within.

  3. Dave G.

    Every few days a member of the Coalition or one of it’s lackeys makes some outlandish statement that is so lacking in any sign of sensible research it leaves one speechless, but Molan’s prediction of us going to war with China is in new territory altogether.Back to an old obsession of mine,how is it possible that 51% + of voters put these clowns back in time after time?

  4. Terence Mills

    Dave G

    It may surprise you to learn that Jim Molan has never been elected to our parliament by a popular vote.

    In 2016, Molan unsuccessfully stood as a Liberal Party candidate for the Senate. In December 2017, during the parliamentary eligibility crisis, the High Court declared him elected in place of Fiona Nash, who was ineligible to stand due to having been deemed a dual citizen. He was not re-elected to the Senate in the 2019 federal election.

    On 10 November 2019, Molan was selected by the NSW Liberal Party to fill the casual vacancy left by the resignation of Senator Arthur Sinodinos.

    Such are the vagaries of our democracy that no matter how many times the people reject him, his own party find a way of getting him into parliament.

  5. John Boyd

    Terence Mills…Yes, and even more interestingly, he stood as an ‘independent’ for the senate in the 2019 election. I was standing there for most of the two weeks watching the local Liberals handing out his ‘how to vote cards’ alongside the official Liberal HTVs. Pretty hilarious in a funny sort of way.

  6. RomeoCharlie29

    Dave G, what surprised me was the result of the end-of-story Survey. Not that Jacinda won it by streets but that six percent (6%) of respondents, on this site, named Trump. But yeah, your figures too.

  7. Jack Cade

    Dave G

    The big problem we have is that whichever party is in power in Australia includes us in any dispute the USA has with any nation on earth. US enemies are automatically OUR enemies.
    All of our weaponry is selected to support US posturing. And, luckily, ‘posturing’ s what the US does best. It is a ‘heel spurs’ warrior nation. It won’t declare war on China just as it never declared war on Russia (or even Venezuela, because it has 1,000,000 men under arms.) it only fights against tribesmen.
    Grenada is more the US meat. It only picks on those that can’t fight back. Cuba showed them what happens when a people has resilience.
    And if you wonder at my contempt for the US fighting abilities and military intelligence, just ponder on the fact that Pompeo was the top of his class at West Point…

  8. Andrew J. Smith

    Still suffer from Australians’ love affair with Howard and his ‘values’ revolving round US white Christian nationalism and exceptionalism used as a basis for some national identity and/or role in the region; reflects how socially conservative and more monocultural the electorate is in also ‘following orders’.

    However, that role of Australia, represented by Howard, Molan, ADF, ASPI, IPA/CIS, NewsCorp, Nelson at the AWM, Beazley, dud defence expenditure, authoritarianism round border control, treatment of refugees and indigenous, promotion of churches and megaphone (non) diplomacy on behalf of US interests against our major trading partner shows them up as being disloyal to Australia, as the US and/or UK takes precedence (while bleating about ‘globalisation’).

    Disappointing that Australia seemed prepared, with carrots and sticks by Labor Hawke then Keating, to move into the Asian century as an independent nation that could possibly be a republic, with a flag minus the Union jack but….. many older Labor voters drifted over to the LNP on socially or culturally conservative ‘values’ in ageing electorates, helped by being ‘catered to’ by media and LNP….

    Meanwhile our supposed ‘elites’ and ‘top people’ are not really empowered as they focus too much on pleasing the powers that be in the US and/or UK, even if not in Australians’ interests; but now global grifters like Abbott, Downer, NewsCorp ‘political activists’ et al. represent the Anglosphere ‘greasy pole’ central to Brexit, Trump, climate science denial, white nationalism/Anglo exceptionalism etc..

  9. wam

    Rossleigh, Submarines are one of the words that send me to the medicine cabinet.
    Think of the 2016 election, if any labor pollie had read the french papers, or even my letters, they could have bashed the shit out of pynenut over:
    “Affaire du Siècle”
    ‘En France, 4,000 personnes seront mobilisées pendant six ans chez DCNS et ses deux cents sous-traitants’. ‘
    now the frogs have mellowed to declare:
    “Contrat du Siècle”
    Thankfully we have a couple of dozen f35s to give us the air superiority till the subs kick in but a diesel miniature of a nuclear sub is unlikely pose a problem to the chinese beyond the usual effect of N₂O

  10. mark delmege

    With that graphic above my next comment is about as relevant. SBS the other night dismissed the Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine as only having been tested ‘on a few dozen people’. It was total bullshit of course much like most of the media comment on China.

  11. John L

    Jack Cade, I have heard that it was touch and go in Grenada as well…….

  12. Roswell

    This government is running out of things to fuck up.

  13. totaram

    Roswell: The “fuck ups” are just incidental, collateral damage as they continue to shovel government money to themselves and their mates. They also continue to legislate so that rorting and ripping off will become easier. By the time the next election rolls around, not enough people will remember (sadly).

  14. Cool Pete

    I remember Paul Keating saying, on November 2, 2016, that the election of Donny-Poo might see Australia being told, “Wink, wink, you are on your own.” Whittle Johnny then was asked and said, “No, I don’t think that will happen.” Big Scotty CRAWLED to Donny Poo. Thank goodness Donny-Poo was soundly beaten at this election and it would have been great if the situation had been reversed in Australia with a Labor Government if, horror of horrors, Donny Poo had won another term and with him spoiling for war, an Australian Labor PM had said, “Wink, wink, YOU are on your own.”

  15. New England Cocky

    Heheheheheh …. I remember back in about 2000 when Indonesia was threatening to stay in Timor Leste. An Australian General boasted about Australian military capacity and Indonesian General just laughed. At that time the Australian Army could muster almost one Division if all the desk jockeys and sick parade were counted while the Indonesians had an invasion force of three Divisions replaced after three weeks by a fresh another three Divisions. Sometimes Australian Generals believe their own press releases …..

    @Terence Mills: Perhaps we could send a delegation of politicians rather than iron ore. About the same density but capable of more destruction.

    @Dave G: It’s easy!! Identify the results you want and surprise, surprise, your hypothesis is your conclusion.

    @Jack Cade: Australia accepted the US discouragement about 1976 NOT to develop a national military force and our munitions manufacturing capacity has almost vanished. Something about “”The Falcon and the Snowman”.

    @totarum: It appears that you are competing with Phil Pryor for the most accurate description of conservative politics.

  16. Brozza

    John L – the yanks only picked on Grenada because they didn’t have a military.
    Anyway it’s not about winning, it’s about financing the arms industry and making sure those ‘little’ countries spend ALL their money and utilize ALL their resources ‘correctly’, i.e. not for the benefit of their own peoples.

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