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It’s time to win back the ball

There is a strategy that is sometimes employed by rugby union teams that seems to have been also adopted by the Labor Party – don’t contest so you can set up your defence for the next play.

That’s all very well, and works sometimes, but how much more exhilarating to push the opposing scrum off the ball?  How much more satisfying is it to win the lineout?  How much more inspiring is it to see our breakaways arriving first to the breakdown and securing the ball?  How much more in the spirit of the contest is it to see them striving rather than waiting to react?

Have the Coalition finally, and perhaps inevitably, gone so far in the political game that they have overrun the ball and, more importantly, can Labor seize the opportunity to pick it up and remember which direction to run?

“The consequence of this ruthless exploitation of the asylum seeker issue by the Coalition has been a 15-year period of bipartisan cruelty to asylum seekers, interrupted only by a short period of compassionate miscalculation under Kevin Rudd. It is difficult to exaggerate the cost to the good name of the nation and, more importantly, the suffering inflicted upon tens of thousands of innocent refugees seeking our protection. The ludicrousness of the current proposed legislation provides at long last an opportunity for this bipartisan cruelty to be broken.” – Robert Manne

We can only hope.



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  1. Sir ScotchMistery

    Dear Kaye Lee,

    No. They haven’t.

    They are still the f*cking losers who started the ball rolling on refugees.

    Bring on the revolution.

  2. keerti

    Mr nice guy, Shorten, has always lacked any form of charisma. Playing me too, sane man and calmly waiting for the coagulation to stuff it’s self just gives them endless opportunity to regroup and bores the shit out of the population. Remedy…give the reins to Pilbersek and Wong, take some issues that mean something (social justice, asylum seekers and begin campaigning with some passion. point scoring on the dumb mistakes like going home early on Fridays won’t achieve much.

  3. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Well said keerti.

  4. kerri

    Agree with Sir Scotch! Labor will continue to support punitive and heartless measures that punish the victims of People Smuggling with the ludicrous excuse that they are “breaking the Smugglers business model”.
    No greater lie hath been told in Australian, self serving politics.
    I despair!

  5. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    When I was watching Shorten on Insiders yesterday, his answer to the question about the new legislation planning to ban asylum seekers for life from coming to Australia was led by the neoliberal defence disguised as a desire to stop deaths at sea by targetting the smugglers by imposing stringent detention albeit for a shorter period than the monster LNPees.

    However, even with the Labor response, the asylum seekers are just ‘collateral damage’ in that interpretation. Shorten sounded wooden as per usual while spouting the party line that such harsh measures were warranted.

  6. nurses1968

    “It should be asked, but never is by the me-too Labor Party ”
    “can Labor seize the opportunity to pick it up and remember which direction to run?”
    “There is a strategy that is sometimes employed by rugby union teams that seems to have been also adopted by the Labor Party”
    Maybe Labor aren’t rah rah rugger fans
    “but how much more exhilarating to push the opposing scrum off the ball? How much more satisfying is it to win the lineout?”
    Maybe not too thrilling at all

  7. Kaye Lee

    Thank you for yet another meaningless contribution nurses. What do you think of Rudd’s latest tanty? Looks like the Rudd dam has burst. He tweeted this, cross with Barrie Cassidy

    “Good old @barriecassidy, dedicated Shortista, Gillardista, says my oped is hypocrisy. So Baz, which of my 1200 words are factually wrong?— Kevin Rudd (@MrKRudd) November 5, 2016”

    Mr Cassidy said he was “mystified” by Mr Rudd’s comments, particularly given that former Labor leaders’ names were being used as insults.

    “I’m flattered that he still remembers who I am.

    “I don’t think Kevin will ever be a Barrista,” he joked 🙂

  8. Douglas Pye

    Thank you Kaye for this interesting political ‘perspective’ about possession.. There’s one particular facet of politics which grates me ……. the one eyed thrust for Power! Whilst it’s certainly true that a party is virtually ineffective without possession of the Treasury benches, Government is not about having the ‘mandate’, it’s really about what is DONE with that possession ! (or NOT done) …

    The time is certainly ‘prime’ for the ALP to quietly refashion itself away from playing the game along the MSM lines of fragmentation (Left/Right/Centre ….. and all the variables). Pay attention to how factionalism is currently screwing the neocons, and leaving them floundering … in their very own juices.

    Seek possession of the (legislative) ball with the clear intent to initiate policy for the National benefit ….. and Do IT ! ….. if ever there is to be a time to ‘clear the decks’ it is NOW ….. man the bloody oars! ….. fair dinkum ….. Prime Time!

    I like the comments of …Sir ScotchMistery ….. and ,,,,,, kerri ….. politics of today is set up for ‘losers’ …. and whilst all the Dancing’ and ‘Fiddling’ (pun intended) is happening our Nation is the BIG LOSER! ….. need I mention our offspring ??

  9. nurses1968

    Kaye Lee
    “What do you think of Rudd’s latest tanty? Looks like the Rudd dam has burst. He tweeted this, cross with Barrie Cassidy”

    Really Kaye Lee?

    Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has attacked Insiders host Barrie Cassidy, challenging him over comments about Labor’s record on treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

    Days after Mr Rudd ripped into Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over the government’s proposed lifetime ban on resettled asylum seekers entering Australia on business or tourist visas, the former Hawke government adviser and respected commentator accused Mr Rudd of hypocrisy, because Labor had reinstated harsh offshore processing in the lead up to the 2013 election.
    Mr Rudd said he had been moved to make his first significant comments on domestic Australian politics in three years, using an opinion piece for Fairfax Media to argue Mr Turnbull was doing everything he could to appease the “mad right” of the Coalition party room and that his “latest legislative folly should be opposed”.

    In an angry tweet today, Mr Rudd labelled Mr Cassidy a “dedicated Shortista, Gillardista” and challenged him to point out any factual errors in the 1200 word opinion piece.

    Meanwhile over on IA Alan Austin is into quality Rudd stuff, like GFC

    Still any chance to flame Labor cannot go by can it?

    “and challenged him to point out any factual errors in the 1200 word opinion piece.”

    what were the errors?

  10. Kaye Lee

    His error was to engage in childish tweets. And mine is to bother answering you.

  11. Ella

    Kay Lee,
    as usual an enjoyable read…thanks.
    I too wish that Labor would stop trying so hard to avoid playing in the wedge politics game. I listened to Question time…. (which is such a waste of money and time) . In relation to the asylum seeker situation Labor was being hammered about Rudd’s statement. Why can’t Labor just say that was then this is now, and have the guts to stand up for the humane stand point.

    As far as K.Rudd is concerned he damaged single handedly Labor to the point where it was almost wiped off the map. He should hang his head in shame for his despicable behaviour during Julia’s time.

    As for Mr. Shorten, whilst he does not seem to have the “attack dog” personality of Abbott , I still prefer his style to the deceitful behaviour of Rudd and the divisive destructive personality of Abbott.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Your error, Kaye, was to say the tiniest, weeniest, most obscure little negative thing about Labor. Some people are too precious to let a little thing like that slip by. They have to turn it into the most damaging, sensationalist, explosive words you have ever written.

    Oh how you must toss and turn at night planning their destruction. Your purpose in life is obviously focussed on nothing else.

    Fortunately, most people here welcome your honesty.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Advice to self…..

    You can either use criticism in a positive way to improve, or in a negative way that can lower your self-esteem and cause stress, anger or even aggression.

    Destructive criticism is often just thoughtlessness by another person, but it can also be deliberately malicious and hurtful. Destructive criticism can, in some cases, lead to anger and/or aggression.

    Constructive criticism, on the other hand, is designed to point out your mistakes, but also show you where and how improvements can be made. Constructive criticism should be viewed as useful feedback that can help you improve yourself rather than put you down.

    Try to remain calm and treat the other person with respect and understanding. This will help to defuse the situation and potentially stop it from getting out of hand. Show that you are the stronger person and try not to rise to the bait, do not use it as a reason to offer counter criticism. If you challenge the other person you may start an argument that is probably unnecessary.

  14. nurses1968

    Michael Taylor,Kaye Lee
    I have read with interest on MSM even, the internal conflicts of the Greens,FWA cases,staff dismissals and enough intrigue that most would like to know about.
    A Is it excluded from AIMN to protect
    B Ignored hoping others won’t notice
    C Not worthy of reporting
    Could you tell me if you have ever ran an article on the Greens, as every other Party has at least got some mention even the miniscule lot
    As their is a “movement on AIMN so desperate for an ALLiance it would be nice to read of the other stakeholder in an alliance that would never happen.
    My question, what year, has there been a Greens article in the AIMN if ever?
    I tried archives but got sick of looking

  15. Harquebus

    It took me less than 10 seconds to find this.

    The Green betrayal

    Who hasn’t discovered google yet?

  16. Kaye Lee


    If you would care to write an article I am sure Michael would consider it.

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I’m glad nurses now recognises there is a movement for the ALLiance. The Greens would be happy to accept Labor to help win the next election.

  18. Michael Taylor

    I wrote an article sticking up for the Greens once, but I don’t think we’ve written many pro-Greens articles. One of the people who helped set up The AIMN is a member of the Greens, and I think he ran as a candidate long ago.

    A month or so back someone was carrying on on Twitter that The AIMN is nothing but a front for The Greens – who he despised – and told me to go f*ck myself. Gawd knows where he got the idea from that this is a Greens site.

  19. nurses1968

    That was Victoria Rollinson and check out the comments
    Not any of the AIMN Alliance collective

    “I’m glad nurses now recognises there is a movement for the ALLiance.”
    No I don’t didn’t and won’t
    “The Greens would be happy to accept Labor to help win the next election.”
    BUT Labor don’t want the Greens . Don’t you learn?

  20. Kaye Lee

    “check out the comments Not any of the AIMN Alliance collective” – Am I considered one of those?

    I didn’t look through all 454 comments but these were contained in the first few. They summarise my opinion

    Kaye Lee May 21, 2016 at 12:39 pm Edit

    I too am disappointed by what I see as petty squabbling. It reminds me of when my children were little and fought over a toy or a game or the tv or whose turn it was to sit in the front seat – the toy would be confiscated, the game packed up, the tv turned off and all children to sit in the back seat in future – no argument about who said what or who did what. My children learned to negotiate early which made all of our lives much more enjoyable.

    Stop the unproductive sniping and, as so many people are pleading with you to do, focus on the important issues.

    Kaye Lee May 21, 2016 at 12:56 pm Edit


    Rather than railing about the past, how about educating the electorate about Senate candidates and encouraging people to vote below the line.


    Asylum seekers is an issue that has been blown out of all proportion for political purposes but it is nevertheless something that concerns many people throughout the community. Labor has decided to align with the Coalition on this issue and are not vocal enough about the differences between their policies. They have also offered no solution for those currently incarcerated offshore.

    I truly don’t care about preference deals and who runs candidates where. I have full control of my vote.

    Kaye Lee May 21, 2016 at 3:09 pm Edit

    Anyone who has been married knows that, if you are going to rehash past grievances endlessly, you are going to have a lot of grief.

    I am pleased you will be encouraging below the line voting in the Senate cornie, but I think the war against the Greens is detrimental to the cause. I think the Greens have also said and done silly things. I just wish the distractions would stop – they are counterproductive in my opinion. Party people might have grievances against each other but they are unimportant in comparison to the existential threat we face from a returned Coalition government.

  21. Harquebus

    I don’t mean to be pedantic but, that is not what you asked.
    Keep ’em coming. I do read your comments.

  22. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Kaye Lee,

    your comment from May 21 at 3:09 pm says it all and was outrageously ignored, so that the LNP crims got back in.

  23. nurses1968

    My point being the AiMN Alliance collective gang up and spend a great deal of time bagging Labor noelibs, flipfloppers, inactive, M.I.A, LNP lite and on and on and on and then want to force an Alliance on Labor.
    Now, if I despise something as much as the AIMN Alliance Collective despise Labor I would be running a mile from them.
    Note Labor supporters who want nothing to do with the Greens for other reasons both Federally and State wise are consistent as are the Party hierarchy.

    Changing tack
    On global population I share some of your concerns
    I share your concerns on fresh clean drinking water and population explosion,
    The water that was on planet earth at the Big Bang and now is all we will ever get.
    The limited resource is just reused.we can never get more

  24. Kaye Lee

    For the record, I don’t hate Labor. I voted for them. That does not mean they get my uncritical approval of everything they do any more than my children do. I want them to do better but any suggestions seem to be immediately viewed as an attack.

    I hope Labor breaks ranks with the Coalition on asylum seekers. This torture has to stop.

  25. Michael Taylor

    I hate to be pedantic too, but there was no water at the time of the Big Bang. Actually, at some time in Earth’s history there was no water for about 350 million years.

  26. Wayne Turner

    Sadly Labor are GUTLESS on this issue,and the me too will continue until they grow a pair. Shorten doesn’t have the GUTS or personality to do it.My prediction: Bill Shorten = The next Kim Beazley. So close,but so far.

    Labor needs another Paul Keating as in – GUTS.

  27. Michael Taylor

    I vote Labor too. Have voted Labor for years. But I’m prepared to be critical of them if necessary. (Sadly, when I do, I’m often accused of hating them).

  28. nurses1968

    “I hate to be pedantic too, but there was no water at the time of the Big Bang.”
    Thanks for clearing that up Michael as I wasn’t around at that time and I’m not sure who could reliably confirm it anyway.
    My point being what we have is all we are going to get“““““

  29. Sir ScotchMistery

    I don’t hate being pedantic.

    I have called the ALP, the Alternative Liberal Party for about 8 years, since they don’t seem to “own” any policies on asylum seekers. Certainly none they put their hands up to.

    They make me sick, but I don’t hate them. I just wish they would change the spelling of the party, and remember who it was they represented prior to Armani suits, French Clocks and Veuve Clicquot with the top end of town, including that scumbag, filth, bottom feeding turd Rupert Murdoch.

  30. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I don’t hate Labor. I want Labor to dump its scaredy-cat image of me-tooism in order to pursue ethical and equitable outcomes across the board, even if that won’t win them the greatest number of votes on every score.

    When Labor acts like Democratic Socialists and strident Social Democrats at the least, they will be worth clapping again.

  31. Matters Not

    Interesting comment:

    No I don’t didn’t and won’t
    “The Greens would be happy to accept Labor to help win the next election.”
    BUT Labor don’t want the Greens . Don’t you learn?

    So Labor don’t want the Greens . Nothing new there. An assertion that’s been repeated again and again. A ‘mantra’. No alliances! Nothing!

    Yet I read:

    Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury will again join Cabinet, as a Minister in the ACT Labor Government following the election earlier this month.

    Surely a journalistic error. But I was disturbed by the word again . Could it be true that ACT Labor hasn’t heard from some of the contributors here? And it’s not a mistake. This is the third time an ‘agreement’ has been reached

    On Sunday, Labor and the Greens announced that a new parliamentary agreement between members of the two parties had been signed.

    Evidence, that when the political chips are down anything is possible.

    As part of the new agreement the Greens will not move any motions of no confidence against the Government.

    In total, the parties have agreed to work together on 77 separate initiatives.

    The agreement largely progresses issues both parties were already aligned on — like affordable housing, transport infrastructure and health.

    “We looked at areas that overlapped with Labor’s commitments and sought to incorporate our two ideas into the parliamentary agreement,” Chief Minister Andrew Barr said.

    No ‘alliance’ just an ‘agreement’.

    JMH might be on to something.

  32. nurses1968

    “Note Labor supporters who want nothing to do with the Greens for other reasons both Federally and State wise are consistent as are the Party hierarchy.’

    Do you not read ? Federally, State,
    Tasmanian rank and file apparently have already come out on this and it is being moved in branches in NSW W.A and QLD this month

  33. Kaye Lee

    I don’t understand how you can adopt a position that you will never ever negotiate with another party, or even why you would want to. If there were circumstances where such co-operation would allow you to progress legislation that is in the interest of the nation, then why would you rule it out? It all seems too tribal to me.

  34. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    That arrogant, pig-headed refusal from ‘certain’ quarters lost us all the last election and now we’re lumbered with the LNP Degenerates for another THREE years. The penny’s got to drop any day that the way forward is the ALLiance!

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