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When I heard Michaelia Cash telling people that Bill Shorten was the end of the ute as we know it, I couldn’t help but think that her voice is the one thing that makes fingernails running down a blackboard sound like music.

Ok, that may sound a little bit sexist and I did admonish myself and tell myself that I should separate the medium from the message and just listen to what she had to say. To quote her directly:

“People like Johnny, the car he is driving today, if a Labora (sic) government is elected will not be the car he is driving tomorrow”!

Awesome, I say!

Young Johnny will be able to afford a new car. Probably thanks to wages going up under a Shorten Labor(a?) government…

Oh, I forgot, That’s a bad thing. As Scottie told us:

“To pay someone more, you’ve got to sack someone else to do it. That is the Labor Party’s policy.”

So there you have it a nutshell. Liberal Policy is that you need to drive yesterday’s car because a wage rise would lead to unemployment so low wages growth is really a good thing.

Today Scott was trying to go on the front foot by attacking Labor for not announcing details of their EV policy. After all, it was announced last Thursday and given we’re almost in an election campaign, there’s no excuse for announcing an aspirational target ten years in the future and not having a detailed schedule of how they’ll achieve it. They are the Opposition, after all. It’s not like they’re the government who have to make up policy on the run, because they’ve been too busy telling how good they are to work out the finer details.

It’s like Adani, They were waiting for the “science” and then Queensland backbenchers told them that the science said there was no problem with using all the water in the artesian basin because it wouldn’t lead to photos of dead fish, so the science was go, go, go or else Environment Minister Price would have to!

Even before the election campaign starts, this government seems as though it’s evoking the ghost of Billy McMahon who told people that after examining the facts people should vote for the Labor Party, before correcting himself. Actually when I heard yesterday was the second anniversary of John Clarke’s death, I had a moment of missing his wonderful sketches before wondering if he was making a gesture from the grave by possessing Scott Morrison and giving us some of his best material…

One has to honestly wonder how a government can open a detention centre for a photo opportunity only to close it before the election. That’s not the way to win anyone’s vote.

But you seriously have to wonder who Yoyo is appealing to when he complains that people won’t be allowed to drive “vehicles that have a bit of grunt, that have a bit of power.” I mean, my car has a bit of grunt… all right, not much, but I do manage to drag old ladies and Ford Fiestas at the lights even though the Ustasi sometimes give me speeding tickets because they’re just like those Labor socialists. Strangely I was left stranded by the Tesla next to me the other day. I’ll need to go to the garage and put in all sorts of mechanical thingies to make it go faster. Or possibly I could buy a Monaro before they become illegal.

Of course, I wondered if old Scott had checked the price of the Toyota Hilux when he tried to suggest that apprentices wouldn’t be able to afford an electric car. I wonder if he’d checked the wages of apprentices when Michaelia and he suggested that they all drove HiLuxes. In fact, I wonder if he checked how many apprentices are old enough to have driving licences.

Word on the street is that the election will be called tomorrow. If not, then the day after. Certainly before Monday. Or maybe Monday. Whatever, he’s not going to call it just because Bill Shorten tells him to.

Billl Shorten, we’ve been told by many Liberals is getting ahead of himself. He’s measuring up the curtains for The Lodge.

Perhaps, Bill could point out that The Lodge already has curtains, and unlike the Liberals, he doesn’t feel the need to waste money by making cosmetic changes just because there’s been a change of government.

I could say, “It’s funny because it’s true.” The sad thing is that it’s not funny because it’s true!

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  1. Florence Howarth

    I suspect this PM has made no changes to the Lodge since Turnbull left. I would be surprised if his family has moved in. Not sure about Kirribilli. If he has, it has only been in the last few weeks. #auspol

  2. Alcibiades

    Toyota & HiLux models ? The Toyota spokesman :

    “Toyota Australia were not consulted on the use of the HiLux in government materials.”


    “Toyota is on track with global plans to electrify the entire vehicle line up by 2025.”

    Toyota is far from alone globally with imminent plans to convert their entire fleet to 100% EV.

    In China domestic EV sales jumped ~175% last year & now account for 6.3% of the market & is the only vehicle growth market in China. This of course excludes very significant exports. In 2018 ~23.5 million passenger cars & ~4.3 million commercial vehicles had been produced in China, more than 1/3 of global production. That’s ~1,480,500 EV cars alone, & ~541,800+ on road commercial EVs (Vans, buses/trucks). The EU & other markets globally are following suit to compete or fall behind/financially fail, as did … ‘Buggy Whips’.

    Bingo !

    Um, Toyota, all EV by 2025 ? Oh no. That’s only six years away, no matter what HappyClapperSloganBogan Scummo has to say or not. Hence, the situation 5 years beyond that come 2030 will be ?

  3. Geoff Andrews

    Of course, it’s Shorten’s fault for not pointing out that, for 50% of the cars to be electric by 2030, there must be 50% NOT electric leaving a lot of room for hoons and bush bashers.I stood beside the Pacific highway counting cars for an hour today. 4% were utes (presumably drivern by apprentices) and 3% were 4WD’s (it WAS an LNP electorate).
    Anyhow, apparently electric vehicle manufacturers are installing powerful speakers in electric utes so that the apprentices can play all the noises we love so much, of petrol utes laying down some rubber and red lining the rev counter.

    I thought Labor was on a winner with this announcement but I’ve seen no rebuttal of the banshee.

  4. Kaye Lee

    Read this article written by Josh Frydenberg In January 2018.

    “Bloomberg Energy Finance estimates that electric and conventional vehicles will be of a similar price by 2025.

    With the purchase of more electric vehicles as part of company and government fleets and fleet cars being turned over on average every 3-5 years, the range of second-hand electric vehicles is also likely to increase exponentially.

    With regards to range and recharging, the Chevrolet and Renault models already travel around 350 kilometres without needing to be recharged and using the increasingly prominent DC recharging stations, an electric vehicle can be recharged in less than 30 minutes. Indeed, it’s the view of Australia’s Chief Scientist that by 2025 there might be electric vehicles in production that can drive 1000 kilometres on a single charge. This will be remarkable.

    Not insignificantly too the fuel cost of a 300-km journey in an electric vehicle is currently about a third of that of a petrol-fuelled car.

    With these changes coming to the cost, range and infrastructure for electric vehicles in Australia, it is estimated that by 2025 there will be 230,000 such cars on our roads and more than one million by 2030. This will not only produce a good economic dividend for consumers, but also a better environmental outcome.

    Better coordination of existing and future activities around research and development, charging infrastructure planning, vehicle fleet targets and financial incentives, will bode well for the industry in the exciting decade ahead.

    A global revolution in electric vehicles is under way and with the right preparation, planning and policies, Australian consumers are set to be the big beneficiaries.”

    What a difference a promotion makes to the truth level

  5. Rossleigh

    Sorry, Kaye Lee, given the Liberals can’t even maintain a policy from one week to the next, quoting Josh from when he thought he lived in a blue ribbon Liberal seat is just unfair!

  6. Alcibiades

    One of the not well understood very significant societal advantages of an actual EV market is secondhand EVs. Why ?

    Cheaper second hand ICE vehicles are usually the only option for the disadvantaged, low wage earners, or under/insecurely employed, yet, the maintenance & running costs of used ICE are prohibitive.

    With a comparatively cheap secondhand EV as the market churns, the single mom, or underemployed aged &/or casualised worker can still achieve ~50-70% of the new battery range, but, and this is a big but, the ‘fuel’ costs are 1/10th & the maintenance costs close to nil compared to the unreliable & expensive to keep running secondhand ICE. This causes a not insignificant major financial burden of the economically disadvantaged who needs must have a car, to … evaporate.

    Bonus: No one who charges their EV at home (240v/AC overnight), their personal ‘Fuel station’, pays for the ‘fuel'(electricity) cash up front. It’s purchased on interest free credit as part of your quarterly/monthly electricity bill. Far easier to manage, and smooth out expenditure, and even fuel up & drive when waiting for the next payment or paycheck, or weeks after securing a job.

    For the financially secure or well off it is of negligible difference.

    PS Bloomberg, Not insignificantly too the fuel cost of a 300-km journey in an electric vehicle is currently about a third of that of a petrol-fuelled car.

    Bullshit!. 1/8th at least, personal experience over 11 years, previously up to 1000km/week, of 1/10th or that’s a very poorly designed EV indeed, not worth consideration re purchase.

  7. whatever

    Scotty is resurrecting the ‘Alcopops Tax’ beat-up of 2008, when Joe Hockey tried to make himself the hero of the Tradies by bellowing about the tax on pre-mixed drinks.

  8. Terence Mills

    The ludicrous scare campaign mounted by the Liberal party, Newscorp and SKY against Electric Vehicles and Shorten has failed abysmally, as it should have.

    Morrison will no longer answer questions on the subject and he must be regretting ever letting Michaelia Cash have the microphone.

  9. Kaye Lee

    Then there is this media release from Angus Taylor only 6 months ago….

    “The Australian Government, through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), will provide $6 million to Chargefox Pty Ltd to develop 21 ultra-rapid charging stations powered by renewable energy.

    The ultra-rapid charge will provide a range of up to 400 kilometres in just fifteen minutes, compared to a current charging time of several hours.

    Electric vehicles have the potential to lower transport costs, enhance fuel security, and increasingly create more sustainable cities with less pollution and better health outcomes for our communities.”

    Move on to today and Taylor says Mr Shorten would take “a wrecking ball (to) the economy” by limiting petrol-powered transportation.

    “It would raise the price of electricity and the price of gas and the price of food and the price of cars,” Mr Taylor said. “Labor needs to come clean on the detail — not just the mechanism, which we know is the carbon tax.”

    He said the popular Toyota Hilux ute would “breach (Labor’s proposed) standards by a significant amount” and “take choice away from consumers”.

    Nothing makes me angrier than being lied to. Ok maybe being taken as stupider than a goldfish comes close. Do they think we are incapable of remembering what they said a few months ago?

  10. Alcibiades

    Today …

    … Federal Minister for Industry Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, said the cooperative research centre was about lifting Australia’s role in the battery value chain.

    “We are clearly not just digging these minerals out of the earth,” she said.

    “We will be extracting, processing and looking at the technology to develop the components to go into energy storage systems.”

    Energy storage systems = Solar/Wind Power storage, ie industrial & residential Lithium battery banks, as well as, um, Electric Vehicle Lithium battery packs. 🙂

    New $135M national lithium research hub in WA, puts Australia at ‘cutting edge’ of global lithium industry, is hoped to take Oz closer to developing a battery manufacturing industry ABC

  11. Matters Not

    Fear versus Hope. Forever the political conodrum – with fear looking ridiculous – but only in retrospect.

  12. Kaye Lee

    I think we are all fearful MN – just of different things.

    Some are fearful of the cost of taking action on climate change. Some are fearful of the cost of not.

    Some are fearful of Muslims and African gangs and refugees. Some are fearful of the hatred and division and ignorance that is bigotry.

    Some are fearful about losing their tax concessions. Some are fearful about where they will find their next meal or somewhere to sleep.

    Some are fearful that marriage equality will somehow undermine the value of their own marriage and inhibit their religious freedom and freedom of speech and lead to bestiality. Some people are sane.

  13. Kerri

    How many straws are there left to clutch?

  14. Kaye Lee


    You made this song pop into my head

    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole.
    So fix it dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    So fix it dear Henry, dear Henry, fix it.
    With what should I fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza,
    With what should I fix it, dear Liza, with what?
    With straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
    With straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, with straw.

  15. Lambert Simnel

    I still cannot get over their viciousness.

    What sort of people are they?

  16. Kaye Lee


    It’s their dishonesty that I cannot get over. It’s insulting. They think their political games are more important than doing what is best for the country. They are prepared to do 180 degree turnarounds just to disagree with Labor because they have no policies of their own.

    And I am well and truly over photo shoots. They seem to think they are celebrities. Photos of Scott Morrison posing on Christmas Island made me puke. For SOOOOO many reasons.

  17. Lambert Simnel

    Kaye Lee, their delinquency appalls me. They are the political equivalent to the cig companies, Monsanto/Bayer and Oxycontin manufacturers in the USA.

    The corporate psychopath in Australia assumed tangible representational form with yesterday’s vile nonsenses involving Morrison and Cash in its
    neoliberal political guise re Ute-gate.

  18. Zathras

    The problem with not having an aspirational set of policies to sell is that you need to rely on fear and try to scare votes out of the electorate, but when it’s so relentless people tend to become desentised so you have to keep ratcheting it up.

    The eventual result is that you are effectively threatening voters into not considering the other side and look desperate and foolish.

    It used to be wrecking balls, python squeezes and hundred-dollar lamb roasts plus the blatant denial of provable facts.

    If it’s this bad already, what’s still ahead of us during the proper campaign?

    If the ALP was smart they would let the government keep making more and more outrageous claims and then calmly demolishing each of them rather than trying to match the craziness.

  19. Carol Taylor

    At least Morrison was staying On Message, that if anyone dares to consider that they might like a pay rise, then look around you, your work colleague might get the sack because of your selfishness. On the other hands cut penalty rates and businesses will be out there hiring. Look at all the jobs created since penalty rates were cut…or not. Meanwhile, every economist in the country (who isn’t a flat-earther still believing in trickle down against all logic) is telling us how Australia is going down the gurgler due to flat wages.

  20. Henry Rodrigues

    The dickhead has finally called the election. Time to rev up the motors in the EVs and rid the Australian nation of these liars, reprobates, and arseholes, forever. I include all members of the the coalition, male and female, in my characterization of them. They all support and campaign for the policies put forth by the dickhead and his band of dysfunctional fools. Even in the last days of their filthy government they are lining the pockets of their mates with lucrative taxpayer funded ‘jobs’.

  21. Kronomex

    “Good housekeeping”?

    “The Government’s Senate Leader, Mathias Cormann, defended the flurry of appointments, describing it as “good housekeeping”.
    “This is just the Government making sure that as we approach the election, and as we approach a period where decisions can’t be made, that the house is in order,” he told a Senate Estimates hearing earlier this week.”

    Means, “We’ll lose but we’re going to make damn sure we can still screw you after the election.”

  22. Peter F

    The election has been called. Now we will see the lowest campaign ever from these desperate scum.

  23. Albiciades

    … a bit of grunt, that have a bit of power.”

    Righty’O then. From Jun 15, 2010

    EV Mining Trucks, ginormous yellow Tonka trucks, in operation since 2002. Informative. But one example. (Youtube 2m 42s)

    Using advanced Alternating Current (AC) EV propulsion technology, the world leader in drive systems for off-highway vehicles has created a new standard for the 200-ton and 240-ton haul truck class. The GE200AC™ and GE240AC™ drive systems, with high-power, air-cooled IGBT controls, outperform similar-sized Direct Current (DC) EVs and mechanical systems, delivering higher sustained speed on grade and continuous retarding to near zero speed.

    Mining trucks, globally, 100+ tons …. EVs.

  24. Kronomex

    Beaming in from Planet Zog a message from………………

    Real Mark Latham
    This election is a referendum on Bill Shorten’s radical Electric Car policy, because the moment he is sworn-in, the value of the second most important household asset, our petrol-fuelled cars, drops away.

    April 10, 2019…what a complete firetrucking halfwit! Jeez, he still can’t let go of his hatred even after well over a decade. Talk about obsession.

  25. Bronte ALLAN

    Great article, as usual, Kaye! I agree with what you have said, but would like to add that Miserable Crash must be one of the worst of the COALition mob ever! I hate hearing her rant & rave–she never tells the truth!–& what a great addition to this incompetent bloody mob she really is, NOT!!! Sadly the litany of lies & half truths etc coming from any of the COALition mob is only going to get worse during this election campaign. Trouble is far too many idiots will be determined to ensure this rabble gets re-elected, so Labor will really have to be ready, on the attack & truthful with what they say in response to the huge amount of lies etc that this COALition mob are & will be sprouting.

  26. Jaquix

    Florence, Morrison moved his family into Kirribilli House within a week or two of taking office (talk about organised……).

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