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The ridiculous state of politics in Australia

Scrolling through Scott Morrison’s twitter feed shows just how ridiculous politics in Australia has become.

Do we really need ProMo to tweet about, and attend, every single sporting event going on in the country? Do we need to see photos of him having a meal with his family? Or perched in a truck going broom broom? Or sitting on a jet ski on the sand? Do we really need four tweets showing him at the Bathurst 500?

How many times must Scott interrupt football training at the Clontarf Academies for photo shoots? He visited on July 18, and then again on August 29 where, whilst cooking snorkers, he told us that he had helped set up the Academy at Endeavour High School many years ago. Since it only began in 2015, ‘many’ is a stretch and Scott played no part other than to attend an announcement by then NSW Premier Mike Baird.

(Perhaps someone should mention to Scott that when you join in with training, you really should wear shorts rather than long trousers, and take off your baseball cap and glasses.)

The choreographed videos of Scott speaking while walking through the parliament courtyard, folders under arm, are excruciatingly staged to make it look like he is busily rushing off to work. Compare the performance on August 15 to the repeat performance on September 18.

Hard hats and high-vis vests are in abundance as Scott tours the country visiting small businesses in marginal electorates, though one might wonder why they are necessary when you are standing out in a paddock.

On September 20, Scott tweeted “Sorry that I can’t be there tonight, boys. But as you can see, you’re always on my mind” and linked to a video showing his non-stop “go the sharks” in every interview he gave. But, as pointed out in Junkee, Scott’s love of the Sharks seems to be more a recent politically motivated move than historical loyal attachment.

Whilst a great deal of time, thought, energy and money go into the marketing of the man, policy development languishes. Scott flies all over the country for photo shoots but cannot find the time to come up with strategies to address the real problems facing this country.

They don’t have time to read reports or expert advice – we’ll just do whatever Donald Trump does. Cut taxes? Sure. Pull out of Paris? No need because we aren’t bound to honour our word. Move our embassy to Jerusalem? Great way to create a problem. Pull out of Iran nuclear deal? Well if Donald did then it must be the best course of action. Much easier to follow than to have principled well-thought out ideas based on evidence and goals.

Back in 2007, Julie Bishop criticised Julia Gillard for doing a photo shoot for The Australian Weekend Magazine.

You’re not a celebrity, you’re an elected representative, you’re a member of parliament. You’re not Hollywood and I think that when people overstep that line they miss the whole point of that public role.”

(As it turns out, when Julie got her chance to saunter down the red carpet and grace the covers of magazines, she changed her mind about it “not being my style”.)

They tell us that politicians work very hard with long hours yet they seem to have a great deal of time to attend social functions and write books.

Some dignity and respect for the office would be appreciated far more than the reality show of ProMo’s personal life.

Instead of accepting free tickets to attend sporting and cultural events, instead of posing for photographs, instead of marketing your family, instead of calling yourself by a nickname and putting your arm around anyone you are standing next to, how about you get back to the office and do the job you are being paid to do.


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  1. New England Cocky

    Now, now Kaye Lee, “how about you get back to the office and do the job you are being paid to do” means “work”, a word one should never confuse with the Liarabral Party. “Work” is a four letter word used to describe the daily efforts of “working class” hoi poli to survive while the self serving “unChristian” politicians keep their snouts deep in the trough of the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme as their perverted religious teaching suggest is their absolute God-given right.

    Somehow there appears to be a close resemblance between “God” and the mirror image in front of the Liarabral Party politician.

  2. Al

    No no no! We want ScoMo – and as many others of the front bench as possible – to be kept in front of cameras having photo shoots for as much time as possible. We certainly don’t want them doing the job they’re paid to do – we would much rather pay them to keep away from it. The more photo shoots and silly hats, and less time spent doing Political Stuff, the less chance there is for another great cock-up, and the general erosion of Australia’s economy, reputation, and quality of its citizens’ lives.

  3. Peter Stevenson

    How hypocritical is this P.M.who has no time for the ABC but at every opportunity he gets has himself on there for a self promotion exercise.

  4. Andrew Chambers

    Parliament is an absurdist vaudeville that feeds the tabloid media with infotainment when the royals aren’t producing babies for the Murdochracy.
    It’s function is not to actually do anything useful, it’s merely a distraction from the process by which the sponsors enact legislation that they have paid for.
    If we wanted real change, justice and better life we’d have a Democracy.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Imagine the goodwill that politicians could foster if they gave their free tickets to underprivileged people who could never afford to go and see a game or a concert. Imagine if, instead of taking accommodation allowance to stay in their own Canberra residence, they donated that money to emergency housing for victims of domestic violence and homeless people. Imagine if, instead of charging us for a “study tour” tacked on to the end of a wedding or to investigate golf courses, they donated that money to pay for tutors for struggling kids. Imagine if, instead of flying around the countryside, they allowed local members to deal with people and organisations in their own electorate and donated the money saved to help for traumatised veterans.

    I am so sick of hearing “it’s within the rules”. Where are their ethics, their empathy, their compassion, their frugality, their priorities? Stop the travelling show and do some good for a change.

  6. Matters Not

    That Morrison models himself on Trump seems like a monumental error. But if that’s his considered choice then so be it. Now to do the full Monty. Trade in the wife for a later model. Grab a few p****s along the way. Fire a few Ministers. Do a regular morning appearance on Sky with Andy Bolt, Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron. Then really jump the shark and bestow a Knighthood on Tony.

    And don’t forget to insult Jacinta Arden. That’ll get the world’s attention.

  7. ironoutlaw4c

    Look people, ScuMo needs to be seen at sporting events because, how else is he going to try and brainwash us that he is really just one of the boys, one of us, and that he really cares about us? I bet he can’t wait for Anzac Day to be filmed with the Troops, those big bronzed Anzacs who have fought, and still fighting, the bankers’ wars, (for him and his like in DC and Tel Aviv!), and making others like Malcolm Goldman Sachs Turnbull rich at the same time through defence contracts! You won’t see him at veterans’ reunions though because he knows he will get an earful of abuse!
    However, as he has God on his side, (well at least the demented deity that his happy-clappy church allegedly believes in), he must, therefore, know what’s best for us!

  8. Kaye Lee

    For pity’s sake, they don’t even know what they are voting on.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described as “regrettable” his own senators’ decision to back a motion declaring “it is OK to be white”, while the Coalition’s leader in the Senate has apologised and blamed an “administrative error”.

    Mr Porter has also sought to clear up his role in the debacle, saying the wording of the motion was misinterpreted by his office and that he did not see it himself.


    Less photos, less doorstops, less reliance on the kids in your office, and DO SOME WORK!!!

  9. josephus

    What does this shamozzle , this cheap stuntery intead of compassionate policy, say about our education system and the teachers who should be teaching youngsters to think and evaluate, so that maybe they might grow up to vote thoughtfully?

  10. Kaye Lee


    I think you will find it is mainly the older demographic keeping the Coalition in power.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Thought bubbles might sound good to marketing people but they have consequences in the real world…

    Indonesia is considering putting its imminent trade deal with Australia on hold over the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s statement he would consider moving the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.


    Kinda makes you wonder who is advising the PM because he keeps shooting himself, and us, in the foot

  12. SteveFitz

    Kaye Lee – I think you should tell them, that if they don’t lift their game, you are going to Canberra. They will shit themselves. I personally am going to turn off the telly, turn off the radio, stop head butting telegraph poles, rub on some factor 50 sun screen and sit under a tree down the beach. Might even put a toe in the water if I can kick all the plastic out of the way.

    And dream of the quieter times, of mindless wonder and the beauty of youth. That soft embrace of moonlight drifting high on a black velvet sky and paradise long forgotten – Scrrreeeeccch – Ring, Ring – SHIT, forgot to take the phone off the hook. WHAT!!! – Oh, Scott… You’re going to scratch my name of the electoral roll if I don’t tell Kaye Lee to piss off and stop kicking your butt.

    Kay Lee – I’ve got my wife’s size 7 steel caped hob nail boots right here – I’ll send em over along with the 3000-volt cow prodder. Yes, what a lovely vision… Bzzzzz Ahrrrrr, Bzzzzzz Ahrrrrr

  13. Terence Mills

    I’m just thankful that Hanson’s motion in the senate wasn’t :

    That all asylum seekers on Nauru be dumped at sea.

    The numpties in the coalition would have voted for it as their need to garner One Nation preferences is greater than their human decency !

    Watching Scomo in Question Time indicates that we swapped a directionless rich man with a snakeoil salesman with no principles.

  14. Kaye Lee

    Bishop George Browning, president of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network, was horrified. “I find the announcement extraordinary because it must be the first time in Australian political life that a government has tried to shore up its chances in a byelection by using foreign policy.

    “They’re immediately throwing out the policy of a two-state solution, which Australia has held for a very long time, decades.. It’s disgraceful.”


  15. MöbiusEcko

    ProMo already distancing himself from the policy brain fart on moving Australia’s embassy to Jerusalem. This afternoon he said it was Sharma’s idea. Oh, ProMo dressed it up as being a good idea whilst intimating it was the Palestinians fault, but he also made sure this expedient policy on the run could be shunted to Sharma if Wentworth falls.

  16. Kaye Lee

    The Coalition has blamed a rogue email from a minister’s office for its “regrettable” decision to back One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s incendiary motion that declared, “It’s OK to be white.”

    Donald Trump has said “rogue killers” may have murdered the journalist Jamal Khashoggi,

    Rogue is now the term to use to deflect blame apparently.

  17. Idis Perr

    Using a friend’s wifi to communicate my respect to Kaye for her contributions.

    This consortium of crackpot clowns who currently hold the reins of power are creating chaos in what needs to be pragmatic, considered and clearminded action in the response to the urgent need for decarbonising of our human activities.
    That they apparently feel that their opinions carry more weight than the conclusions reached by thousands of scientific researchers reflects a general community wide malaise which prioritises fear of change over known facts regarding the actual needs of people and the planet.

    Keep up the good work constructively criticising and exposing the ‘bunkum’.

  18. SteveFitz

    ‘Unprincipled and craven’: Morrison’s Israel pitch plumbs new depths of stupid
    SMH by Peter Hartcher


    The Jews of Wentworth shouldn’t feel gratified by Scott Morrison’s gambit. They should feel insulted. To betray the national interest to chase a few votes is irresponsible. To betray it for no votes at all is stupid as well as irresponsible

  19. Kaye Lee

    Less than 2 months and I think the verdict is in. Having a marketing person for PM is a BAD idea.

  20. Ian Hughes

    Kaye Lee, given your renowned forensic skills I would like to see an article which shows where LNP/IPA govt has spent all the money during their term of office (or even the last 12 months would do).

    The have decimated so many social programs with funding cuts yet our debt has more than doubled. I’m an MMT advocate so I’m not too concerned about the size of the debt but, rather, what it has been spent on. For the life of me I can’t see where money has been spent to improve the lot of our society.

  21. Henry Rodrigues

    All the above comments are valid and accurate but at the pain of sounding repetitive and tedious, Kerry Stokes’ Ch 7 & and Murdoch’s minions have been feeding the sheeples with sugary sweet coverage of the dickhead and his daily activities, with images of a ‘family man at ‘work’ and ‘play’. Get ready for this sort of dishonest reporting all the way to the elections.This latest attempt to garner support from the Jewish section of the Wentworth electorate is typical of this fool’s ham fisted disingenuous creepy style. Trump would be proud of Scumo.

  22. Michael Taylor

    Idis, thank you for your comment. Kaye Lee is a national treasure in my humble opinion.

  23. Kaye Lee

    The Great Barrier Reef is a national treasure. I’m just an angry old woman. It is my duty to protect my friends, family and fellow countrymen/women from dangerous lying morons as best I can.

    That sounds pretentious on rereading but the more people who ask questions, the more people who don’t accept the rubbish we are served up, the better chance we have to collectively demand better. It’s up to all of us.

  24. Matters Not

    Hartcher’s worth a read.

    Today he’s pitching for one ethnic and religious minority’s support, tomorrow he might be chasing another. In a general election he might need to court the Muslim vote on the other side of Sydney.

    If he’s prepared to risk Australia’s vital interests for the Jewish vote in one seat, how far would he go for the Muslim vote in half a dozen seats? This is unprincipled and craven politics of a low order. And you probably thought Australian politics was as bad as it could get. It seems that there is no expectation so low that it can’t be disappointed.

    Yes – unprincipled and craven politics of a low order . No doubt Sharma will wear the blame when it goes askew.


  25. Kaye Lee


    My favourite article of the day comes from Richard Flanagan and Geoffrey Cousins. They pull no punches.

    “Our leaders are destroying our future. Wentworth must be a referendum on climate change. In the face of sustained government stupidity, many feel powerless. Voters in Wentworth can lead the way.”

    “A politician can destroy our future, a politician can ignore the best evidence and be responsible for decisions that lead to deaths of many and the suffering of all, and still be free until the end of their days to milk the legal corruption that is Australian public life, picking up highly paid sinecures as ambassadors, board directors and lobbyists for the corporations they were once meant to regulate in our interest.”


  26. Diannaart

    Instead of accepting free tickets to attend sporting and cultural events, instead of posing for photographs, instead of marketing your family, instead of calling yourself by a nickname and putting your arm around anyone you are standing next to, how about you get back to the office and do the job you are being paid to do.

    Sadly, ProMo is doing the job his backers want him to do; convince a jaded electorate he is not scary like Tony, nor an out of touch toff from the Northside like Malcolm. He is the every-man who must be seen everywhere, for the almighty goal of reelection. Governance for the people is an outdated concept; dollars rule and the public get in the way of profits.

  27. Matters Not

    Reread The Monthly article to compare a then and now analysis Machiavelli personified. But he has a long history of over-reaching and that’s what I’m seeing at the moment.


    No doubt he’ll be allowed a mistake this time around because they have no other choices. What with the Potato mashed … Bishop in retirement – just waiting for the Cup and fashions on the turf … There’s no one else.

  28. Peter F

    Kaye, thankfully you are NOT old. I trust there will be many years ahead for you to continue your excellent communication.

  29. Matters Not

    The myth that members of the LNP, make up their own minds and vote accordingly is also busted. Hanson’s motion demonstrated that they have difficulty interpreting the daily running sheet – issued from Porter’s Office in the HoR. Certain staffers are for the chop and with ringing ears. Will undoubtedly feature on Wednesday night in Shaun Micallef. Talk about Mad As Hell

    Oh – how we laughed.

  30. ChristopherJ

    Love your work Kaye, and your capacity to get us wanting to say something.

    We have Billy Bunter in charge of the ship, ha

  31. Kaye Lee

    Peter F,

    I am a month younger than Tony Abbott but he is much fitter than me having spent his life jumping through hoops. He really should put his jammies on too.


    So much for all rowing in the same direction. No-one knows which way to paddle from one moment to the next.

  32. Kerri

    A bronx cheer is a raspberry.
    Scott will never be more than a strawberry.

  33. ChristopherJ

    Billy Bunter was a popular, if unlikely hero, imagined by Charles Hamilton, who through 26 pseudonyms, published some 5,000 stories. Yeah!

    I remember first reading him in around 1969 or so. In comics. I was into Tiger and the Hotspur at the time, having moved on from the Beano and the Dandy.

    Spent hard money on those publications, particularly James Bigglesworth’s stories, the Hardy Boys and Enid’s magic. Ian Fleming and I was off…

    The ‘Captain’ had a story, but not enough people interested anymore

  34. Kronomex

    And here I was thinking that the Rabbott’s gubmint was bad. Then Trembles knifed him and had to kowtow to the RWNJ’s who helped put him in “power”. Then Trembles jumped before being knifed himself and we now have the pastor and his carnival of lunatics who have caused more damage, and had more backflips and disasters, in the last few weeks than the previous two idiots put together.

    Comparing the pastor to Billy Bunter, who I enjoyed reading about as a kid waay back in the early 60’s, is doing the fictional character a big disservice. Bunter was fun, the pastor is as funny as a broken toe.

    Decision time, do I want to go to bed and continue reading Peter Hamilton’s latest book or watch “The Third Man”? Or have a glass of Snooze and go sleepy bo-bo’s. I just don’t k…zzz…

  35. skeeper abberton

    I think today reached a tipping point. Having a stupid man, a rolled gold ignorant political opportunist and world class bullshit artist, as our unelected leader just got dangerous. He just painted a target on us.
    So much for national security.
    To try and secure a few Jewish votes in a byelection, this dullard has just made us less safe, and that will now never change.
    Long after this dreck of a man has left politics we will still be in danger.
    Most Wentworth jews have already voted. Saturday is the sabbath.
    A useless gesture, no one asked for, having no impact on the outcome of the byelection.
    On the same day they said to the world that always suspected, yes we are racist. We passed a motion in our Parliament that confirms it. Oh wait, that was an administrative error, we are actually just incompetent and don’t pay attention when we sit in the nations Parliament representing our constituents. There’s too much stuff going on, it’s hard to keep up, so sometimes we support KKK slogans and Paulines motions by mistake. Shit happens, sorry about that. Can’t wash that mud off though.
    This day taking place the day after the Primeminister, Deputy PM, and environment minister all reject the IPCC report they haven’t read. Our leaders, our future. Couldn’t give a f*ck.
    Arghhh, Australia, my beautiful country, what have you become?
    I’m so sad.

  36. Zathras

    SloMo has proven to all that he’s as much a political opportunist as Abbott, prepared to say anything to whatever his particular audience wants to hear at that moment and just as likely to dump all promises at a whim once he’s got what he wants.

    If progress in this country can be likened to driving a car up a muddy hill, not only have our wheels been spinning for the last several years but we’re also sliding backwards. Not only have they lost control they’ve lost direction as well.

    So many wasted opportunities, so much to be fixed.

  37. J LANE

    He’s trying desperately to show how he’s just your average Scummo, you know one of those beer drinking footy lads, the same kind of all Australian blokes that have been the perpertrators of domestic violence against women, and succeeded in killing 62 this year. Jesus Wept. That’s all we need. Some bible bashing, mediocre, thick skinned , Israeli bought larrikin, to run things. Yep. She’ll be right.

  38. Terence Mills

    I see that Morrison has made yet another Wentworth Concession in saying that he will finally support resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers in New Zealand BUT only if the Labor party agree to legislate to ensure that these people, even when having achieved NZ citizenship, could never visit Australia.

    Curious isn’t it, as this implies that New Zealand would have to put a condition on their passports that these people could never visit Australia and that’s not going to happen as NZ would never discriminate against their own citizens.

    This is crazy stuff and Morrison knows it and it also demonstrates that Morrison and his cronies do not want to resettle these people while they remain useful as a political wedge.

  39. SteveFitz

    Yeah skeeper, God it’s depressing – I’m starting to crack under the pressure. It confirms what I’ve said all along – The right wingers are the biggest bullies in this world and that’s how they believe they command respect. Clearly, they can’t get any with logic and reason and, what has unfolded, in the Liberal leadership, proves once again, how pathetically stupid they truly are.

    Part of the human condition are our ideals and aspirations and dreams for the future. Depression and sorrow come with a loss of hope. Don’t despair – These idiots are about to be flushed into the political wilderness. Look to the future – The clouds will part, the sun will shine, and the birds will sing once more.

    So, what are we looking at after Saturdays by-election – A hung parliament. The second in Australian history since 1940. The PM will no longer have a majority of support from members of parliament. Something required to validating the Prime Ministership. Where do we go from there? Because, at this rate, there will be way too much damage to Australia’s credibility, if we need to wait until the May election.

  40. Diannaart


    Agree. There are bullies wherever there are people, however to be a fully functioning member of the far right; only bullies need apply.

  41. SteveFitz

    After Saturday, maybe we can start planting a few seeds and push for a double dissolution – It must be ticking over in Peter Cosgrove’s head. Or is that sedition?

  42. Kronomex

    Kaye Lee, at least The Beetroot will add some colour to the pale ghost like figures that currently haunt the front bench. They can use his head to warm themselves because the angrier he gets the redder and overheated he becomes.

  43. Adrianne Haddow

    Meanwhile, behind the ‘ordinary, Christian, footy fan, drought- breaking praying’ interim PM, and his serial photo ops…….

    What’s happening with the Michaela Screech investigation?

    Is saying sorry (and does he really mean it?) enough for the Australian public regarding the Robert Stewart assorted scams, corrupt dealings and internet bill rip off which has been paid back (now he’s been caught)? Does that make it ok?

    Whatever happened to the darling of the Libs, brave whistle blowing, union-money stealing Kathy Jackson?

    We don’t need to keep abreast of US news anymore, we have our own T-rump leading the Aus gutterment.

    Animal Farm is alive and well and running our country !

  44. Kaye Lee


    Update on Kathy Jackson…..

    Jackson, who faced the County Court in Melbourne in September, is still waiting to secure state-issued Legal Aid funding for her upcoming court battle.

    Meanwhile, prosecution and defence lawyers disagree on whether Jackson should face one trial or separate trials on 166 charges.
    Prosecutors want two trials given the volume of charges but Jackson’s defence team is pushing for a single contest.

    With these legal issues still unresolved, it is unlikely Jackson, who was criminally charged in mid-2016, will get any trial date before 2019.

    Another directions hearing was set for November 5 and Jackson’s bail was continued.


  45. Kaye Lee

    Stuart Robert’s dodgy dealings would require a whole essay. Suffice to say he was ProMo’s numbers man so is unlikely to face any censure.

  46. Adrianne Haddow

    Thanks Kaye.
    Everything seems to have gone quiet regarding the various corruptions and misuse of powers brought to us by the LNP/IPA government.

    And we need to keep reminding people of their track record… everybody seems to have forgotten.

    We need a fridge magnet similar to the ‘Be Alert’ model so popular in Howard’s terrorism days. We could head it ‘Be Aware’.

  47. Kaye Lee

    An excellent article from Richard Denniss about the ridculosity of following Trump’s tax cuts.

    “Relying on big tax cuts to stimulate economic activity inevitably delivers the biggest benefits to those that earn the most money and own the most shares. While Trump’s stimulus will increase inequality, Swan’s stimulus helped reduce it.

    Back in the early 2000s Peter Costello responded to a temporary boost in mining profits with permanent changes to our tax system that are still costing Australia tens of billions in taxpayer dollars per year. But in 2008 and 2009 the stimulus package consisted almost entirely of one-off spending measures that had no permanent impact on the budget.

    There is no doubt that Trump’s tax cuts, or indeed $100bn worth of Australian company tax cuts, would provide some boost to GDP. But there is also no doubt that at some point in the near future the deficits caused by those tax cuts would be used to justify big cuts in spending on public services, simply increasing inequality and reducing economic activity.”


  48. Terence Mills

    Kathy Jackson applying for legal-aid …………..hang on I’ve got to mop up coffee spilled on my keyboard !

    Evidently she has succeeded in transferring all her assets to her toy-boy.

    What a joke !

  49. Kaye Lee

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal has passed the Senate.

    The Greens were against it, but Labor, despite internal division, supported the legislation, which meant it sailed through.

  50. Max Gross

    The greatest service Scott Morrison could do for Australia and for Australians is to call an early federal election and immediately resign

  51. Diannaart

    Kaye Lee

    I guess I’m not surprised the TPP went though …. but fcuk, fcuk, fcuk … and the winners are big business.

  52. Kronomex

    I used to think that Trembles was desperate to stay as leader and PM but I was wrong. Scummo is making him look like a novice in the Desperate Games. Max summed it up quite nicely for me with his comment, although I believe that the pastor is going to try and drag it out for as long as he can before he declares an election.

  53. Kaye Lee

    Ok now I am pissed off. The new “environment minister” Melissa Price has removed all my comments from her facebook page. Apparently she doesn’t like quotes from her own department’s reports. She just said in parliament “We love to talk about the environment on this side because we are doing a good job, people can trust us, they know they can’t trust you.” This was after she was grilled about her rude dismissal of former Kiribati leader.

    “Ms Price asked Mr Tong why he was in Canberra and was told by Senator Dodson that the former Kiribati leader was in Australia to talk about climate change and was hoping to have a meeting with her.

    “Is it about the cash?” Ms Price replied, according to the witness.

    “It’s always about the cash. I’ve got my chequebook over there. How much do you want?”

    No wonder she doesn’t want me commenting any more!

  54. SteveFitz

    Yeah, I just posted this across on “The predators behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership”
    Anyone who embraces the continued use of fossil fuel, to the detriment of the global climate and our environment, are blindly doing that on behalf of huge corporations.

    From where I stand, the two greatest threats facing humanity today are (1) The rampant greed of corporations and the people they serve and (2) The rampant greed of huge corporations and the people who serve them.

    This numb-nut Melissa Price, is a threat to society. What the hell is she doing in government, let alone being the minister residing over the most critical issue of our time?

  55. SteveFitz

    Astonishing to say the least… Nice to see Fairfax on-board – Murdoch must be feeling a little constipated trying to work out ways to make another $200 million out of the current political debacle – Like he did with the overthrow of Turnbull. Easy pickings all round for the media moguls in the land of “What the F@%#! is going on”.

  56. Kaye Lee

    It just keeps getting more farcical…

    “Fairfax Media understands Barnaby Joyce’s Queensland-based backers are counting numbers and believe they could have enough support to challenge Mr McCormack or ask him to stand down.”

    What is it with Queenslanders being numbers men. They have proven their judgement and counting suck. Please can we have an election where we, the people, actually get a say? This debacle cannot continue.

  57. Kaye Lee

    Meanwhile, in the peanut gallery…..

    “Pauline Hanson has been referred to the privileges committee over a possible contempt of parliament, as the fall out from a bitter dispute with former One Nation senator Brian Burston continues.

    Senator Burston, who is now Clive Palmer’s sole representative in parliament, wants the powerful committee to investigate if Senator Hanson’s treatment of him stopped him from doing his job.

    The upper house passed a motion on Wednesday referring the One Nation leader to an inquiry, which will also look at whether she penalised Senator Burston for his actions.”

    Are any of them doing their jobs?

  58. SteveFitz

    They have all lost the plot – We desperately need to flush it out and start again.

  59. Kronomex

    Another step on the road to being a dictatorship and the LNP trying yet again to bring in an updated version of the Australia Card. Brain farts abound. And we will be told, ad nauseam, that there will be rigorous safeguards put in place to protect the system and that big business will not be (snort) able to access the data. At least until the donations get to the stage that the LNP won’t be able to say no.


  60. SteveFitz



    Everything that could appeal to Wentworth is being produced: Protection for gay students for the gay vote; Support for Israel for the Jewish vote; GST changes for NSW state Liberals; PNG and Nauru refugee option for NZ for the refugee advocates. There was even an embarrassing about-face over an even more embarrassing endorsement of Pauline Hanson and the language of white supremacists.

    It still doesn’t balance against the LNP inaction on climate change. I think their going to leave that to Alan Jones to brain wash the electorate into believing there’s nothings up.

    What was the other fauxpas – Oh yeah, the Liberals rampant foot in mouth disease appears to have put a bit of a dampener on regional trade agreements with predominantly Muslim countries. Indonesia and Malaysia being offended by the proposal to move our consulate to Jerusalem. The Liberals may have to promise to get rid of parking meters, in Wentworth, to counter that one.

  61. Kronomex

    To put it very bluntly: Scummo is a f*cking disgrace and sickening blot on the Australian landscape!


    His desperation to stay leader and PM is completely breathtaking. I somehow get the feeling that Turnbull is gasping for breath from laughing, and I can’t blame him. The dancing under the limbo pole tunnel just got another metre deeper.

  62. paul walter

    Just watched the clip.. that is so devoid of imagination, integrity and honesty. Hitler’s Reichstag would have been embarrassed by it and I don’t care how many idiots squawk, “Godwin”.

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