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The facts

I don’t suppose that Senator Malcolm Roberts watched ‘The Facts’ on ABC on Sunday night. After all, Malcolm does not have a very high opinion of one of the world’s greatest experts on the environment and all the flora and fauna that is in it.

Probably few of our Federal government Ministers troubled to watch it, either. After all, most of them have a firm belief in an almighty god and a second coming, having a high expectation of being well looked after until being gathered up to heaven.

However, a pretty large proportion of the population does not share their beliefs nor the Senator’s confidence in his ability to certify that Climate Change, Global Warming and all that stuff which Greta Thunberg waffles on about can be summarily dismissed.

I am one of a growing number of people who would have watched ‘The Facts’ and found it confirmed what they have been saying and believing for far too long.

Our problem is that we can take action on a small scale in the local area, but we do not have the power to force people to do all the things necessary to begin the required action on the necessary scale.

Only governments can establish a state of emergency in which they can mandate reduction in waste, proper recycling procedures, accelerated use of renewable energy, drastic reduction in use of fossil fuels for transport – the list is not endless but it is long and we are running out of time to implement effective action.

Other countries in the world are already taking massive steps, while we fail to realise that coal is fast becoming a stranded asset!

Perhaps our problem is that we live on an island and fail to realise that what happens in another country affects ALL countries, and our contribution to emissions is helping to kill people elsewhere.

Surely there enough people of sound mind in Australia to persuade politicians at all levels to open their eyes before it is too late?

Together we can succeed!

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  1. Winifred Jeavons

    Nothing we do to minimise or ameliorate CC will succeed unless we also tackle gross inequality. . At the moment the truly rich can migrate easily to wherever is safest, buy food and water if they become prohibitively expensive, and generally live a rich, full life. While the rest will starve, cook or drown in very unpleasant conditions. The rich can become, in effect, warlords with a private militia to protect their interests.

  2. Phil Pryor

    Q. What is the difference between Malcolm Roberts and a large bag of shit? A. …the bag. This variation of the Queensland Idiot, in or out of politics, is a disgrace to the nation, its parliament, to civilisation, to honesty and decency and should be buried or flushed of hosed into blithereens on a garden bed. Public barefaced liars who are bumboys for greedy interests are disgusting. He is a frogbrained fraud.

  3. pierre wilkinson

    We lost the opportunity to do anything about our emissions at the last election and now will have to suffer a further three years of neglect whilst our lying hypocrisy of a government assures us that we are doing all that can be expected of us.
    Meanwhile, our economy is in crisis and our international reputation in tatters, Nauru continues to shame us all and we forge on with wholesale selling off of any assets and produce that we can flog off to the highest bidder and damn the environment and damn the economy and damn the pathetic voters who allowed this situation to come to pass.

  4. New England Cocky

    “[C]oal is fast becoming a stranded asset!”.

    Uhm ….. whereabouts is the Faculty for Coal Technology where research is being carried out to determine alternative methods of extracting necessary pre-quisites for manufacturing from rock coal?

    Is it Newcastle University, Central Queensland University, or nowhere at all?

  5. Phil

    We will spiral into the Abyss and nothing will stop it. We like our Anglo Saxon cousins in the USA and UK. have lost the collective plot. It is now obvious or it should be, the human species has learnt nothing. That people keep electing the likes of Roberts to our parliament’s is proof positive there are people in the burbs who are barking f*cking mad.

  6. John Holmes

    When there are new discussions re the tax system and the need to cut taxes, I would like to see the discussions re the impact of removing all of the effective subsides for fossil fuel production, currently only about $Au29 billion. This would also encourage alternative non fossil carbon sources. The amount is not small. If partly used for increasing ‘New Start’ as well as for R&D for managing climate change gases could become a very positive ‘good little earner!’. There should also be serious barriers for the loss of any R&D intellectual capital to other countries so that we do no just enrich others.

  7. Joseph Carli

    Phil..; ” . . . there are people in the burbs who are barking fcking mad.”……..and then some. ..

  8. Phil

    ‘ Phil..; ” . . . there are people in the burbs who are barking fcking mad.”……..and then some. ..’

    Tis a pity you and I won’t be around when the real shit hitting the fan begins. I think we will see the coming depression but, watching the whole sale starvation of a large percentage of the human race and the refugees that will pour into Australia as, the islands to our north disappear under the briny is a tad far off. The racists will really have something to moan about then ha ha. As Chris Hedges has postulated, the rich will disappear into their gated compounds when it all turns to shit and leave the rest of us too it. I handed in my fire arm years ago had no use for it anymore. It may be time to invest in another one.

  9. Joseph Carli

    Phil..I have a theory that Nature has an emergency shutdown procedure whenever one species becomes super-dominant to the detriment of the whole of Nature…first the sense of reason and logic becomes disfunctional, then a pattern of self destructive behaviours rise to the fore . . . the rest…as we can see in so many lost civilasions, is history.

  10. Geoff Andrews

    “But we only generate 1% of the carbon dioxide”, cry the intellectual invalids, apparently forgetting that we only constitute 0.3% of the world population. We are thus polluting at three time the rate of the average world citizen and we should be setting a target of 60% or 70% reduction instead of the risible 26% “in a gallop”. In fact ANY target figure is as stupid as saying, “By 1943, we expect to have won 50% of the war.” It’s as dishonest as telling us that their aim is an $8 billion surplus in 12 months time then telling us they’ve done it with pats on the back all round.
    Then there are those that can’t believe that our population couldn’t possibly be having an effect on such a huge planet.
    I love this statistic: if the average length of a turd is 100mm and if all turds could be laid end to end, the ensuing conga line of turds would encircle the Earth 20 times every DAY. In a year, it would be 150 meters wide – a six lane highway. And to complete the revulsion, we are exuding turds at the average speed of 33,000kph continuously.
    Sorry folks.

  11. Keitha Granville

    There was a movie I watched some time ago about the search for another planet for humanity to start again – Earth was a dustbowl.

    I won’t see it in my lifetime but I have some regrets about having children and grandchildren who may.

    We lost our chance at the election to rid ourselves of the dinosaurs in charge of our country. When the next one comes around I fear it may be too late.

  12. johno

    But, but, but, they are coming for our utes. Oz does everything big. We are big on emitting CO2, we are big on eating meat, we are big on clearfelling native bush, we are big on species extinction, we are big on killing coral and mangroves, we are big on creating a shitload of rubbish and so on.

  13. Rosemary J36

    How can we best form a cohesive force which can effectively steamroll government into necessary action?
    The next ACTION DAY is scheduled for 20 September 2019.
    Could we ALL be outside the doors of our respective Parliaments and politicians?
    If Hong Kong can do it to deal with their existential threat, so could we!

  14. David Bruce

    I am not convinced the majority of the Australian population have the capacity to deal with the scary consequences of extinction level climate change. Either the fluoride is working or the financial pressures on families and individuals are forcing them into survival mode?

    NEC: The Australian Coal Industry Research Laboratories Ltd (ACIRL Ltd) provide the services you requested and they are also an accredited training provider. Back in 1974 after the Club of Rome report triggered the energy crisis, the World Bank and others (such as Barclays Bank) provided funding to the Australian coal industry to develop coal mines in Queensland and NSW to export coal. In 1979 I had the opportunity to do the mine planning for several $500 million coal mines and worked with ACIRL Ltd. They were very professional, at that time, and provided sound, well grounded, scientific services to the mines. These mine plans were for 25-50 years for the life of the mine. As we no longer have a Club of Rome energy crisis, these mines have either closed or will be closing.

  15. guest

    Winifred Jeavons

    What the greedy deniers do not realise is that there will be no safe havens from the effects of Climate Change/Global Warming – as a result of the burning of fossil fuels in which they have investments – because ALL will be affected. No escape.

  16. Aortic

    ” In a canter” according to our so called PM, backed up by his knuckle scraping Neanderthal acolytes. I was going to say when are we going to hear enough of these meaningless waffles, but then I reminded myself, they have nothing else.

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