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That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love

Fifty years ago, the film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner challenged social norms by exposing the discrimination faced by inter-racial couples.

In those days, it was considered ‘unnatural’ for whites to marry blacks.  Some people may still feel this way but the wider community has thankfully and rightly moved on from such ignorant prejudice.

It seems unfathomable that, half a century later, the rainbow community are still facing the disapproval of some and it saddens me that this debate has been so hateful.  We seem to forget we are talking about real people and how hurtful our words may be.  Not to Lyle Shelton and Cory Bernardi, but to those who just want to “share the story of, share the glory of love.”

Spencer Tracy’s words still ring true.  Please spare a few minutes to listen and then treat yourself to some great music by the Platters.



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  1. Peter F

    As usual, Kaye, you get right to the point. ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner’ made a strong impact on me when I first saw it all those years ago.

    Here is a link to a song by Fred Small. Listen to the words, they are all it contains.

  2. Jack Straw

    The only reason men like Bernardi and Abbott are so overtly opposed to homosexuality because they themselves fear they may be tempted.

  3. Glenn Barry

    That returned the dignity back to the people that it always belonged to in the first place – something that both Abbott and Bernardi always seek to deprive others of in pretty much everything they orchestrate

  4. diannaart

    I was hoping Tilly would tell ’em just where they could shove their dinner…

    Of course, that was just USA irony, wasn’t it?

    Kaye Lee

    I am not missing your point; arguing against LBGTIQ+ people marrying is just as offensive as arguing against people marrying because of skin colour.


  5. Kaye Lee


    When I was little, my grandmother had an Aboriginal housekeeper. She was much more than that, she was a member of our family and we kids adored her, as did the adults in the family. We thought it was a treat when we got to eat with Clarice at the kitchen table, never realising she was not invited to sit at the dining table despite how much we all loved her. I never understood at the time but I look back with shame.

  6. diannaart

    Sometimes it is difficult to even realise when we are more privileged. Which is why it is so difficult to convince others of inequity; others who are not in the habit of any introspection, unlike your good self.

  7. darrel nay

    Is a BARREN relationship ( such as that between two men ) equal to a FERTILE relationship ? These two relationships will, clearly, never be “equal”.

    Love reality

  8. Kaye Lee

    What the hell does fertility have to do with love? Are women only of use as brood mares? Do you check their teeth too before you sign the contract? Should a woman divorce her husband if he has a low sperm count? Should couples have fertility checks before they sign up so no-one gets stuck with a dud? Are we all supposed to have endless children? Is that our only purpose? Is sex only for purposes of procreation and if so, why do we have contraceptives? Is sex compulsory in every relationship?

    You are so far from “love reality” that I don’t know where to begin.

  9. Roswell

    What the hell (seems like a popular statement) is he doing here?

  10. Peter F

    Kaye, the nay sayers will never understand:We are not talking about equal relationships, we are talking about equal opportunity, and equal legal recognition.How many of the naysayers ‘acceptable’ relationships are EQUAL? Equal to what?

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