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Dutton The Dud strikes again

Peter Dutton has used his preferred diplomatic channel, 2GB, to mightily piss off our biggest trading partner by saying that the policies of the Communist Party of China are “inconsistent with those of Australia.”

Further wading into the mire, he proclaimed that “Australia is not going to allow university students to be unduly influenced by China, the theft of intellectual property or the hacking of government or non-government organisations.”

The reaction from the Chinese was predictable, calling his comments “irrational”, “shocking” and “baseless”.

“We strongly condemn his malicious slur on the Communist Party of China, which constitutes an outright provocation to the Chinese people,” it said in a statement. “Such ridiculous rhetoric severely harms the mutual trust between China and Australia and betrays the common interests of the two peoples.”

The only surprising thing here is that anyone is surprised by Dutton’s comments. He seems to be on a mission to offend as many people as he can.

In 2008, he chose not to be present in the chamber during the apology to the Stolen Generations because it would do nothing for “kids who are being raped and tortured in communities in the 21st century.”

On 11 September 2015, Dutton was overheard on an open microphone, before a community meeting on Syrian refugees, joking about rising sea levels in the Pacific Islands. He said, “time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door”.

The foreign minister of the Marshall Islands at the time, Tony deBrum, responded by writing the “insensitivity knows no bounds in the big polluting island down [south]” and the “Next time waves are battering my home [and] my kids are scared, I’ll ask Peter Dutton to come over, and he is still probably laughing.”

Before the 2016 election, Dutton said of refugees “many … won’t be numerate or literate in their own language let alone English,” and “These people would be taking Australian jobs”.

Then In November 2016, Dutton said it was a mistake by the Malcolm Fraser administration to have admitted Lebanese Muslim immigrants because second and third-generation descendants were terrorists.

In March 2018 Dutton made calls to treat white South African farmers as refugees, stating that “they need help from a civilised country.” The Australian High Commissioner was subsequently summoned by the South African foreign ministry, which expressed its offence at Dutton’s statements, and demanded a “full retraction.”

Dutton was roundly ridiculed when he said that people in Melbourne were too scared to go out to dinner because of “African gang violence”.

One could be forgiven for dismissing Dutton as an oafish lout who has no empathy, no respect, no communication skills, and no fucking idea how to win co-operation – but the reality is probably much more sinister,

Peter Dutton is a political animal who seems to think that being racist will appeal to us.

Considering his vote went up in the last election despite his appalling performance, he may be right.


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  1. Baby Jewels

    The Liberal Party and the people of Dickson have lumped us with the biggest oaf in Australia, and he’s weilding more power in this country than the PM. This dangerous fool doesn’t want to be PM. He wants to be dictator.

  2. Peter F

    “Considering his vote went up in the last election despite his appalling performance, he may be right.”

    Kaye, this is the core of our problem: It is not the representatives who are the problem, it is the people who vote for them: WE are to blame.

  3. Kaye Lee


    Another problem is that the surest way to gain and maintain preselection is to be a big fundraiser. That, in itself, invites corruption and inappropriate influence.

    Then there are the factions – Dutton’s Monkey Pod crowd have no hesitation in making outright threats of crossing the floor if they don’t get their own way and no leader has had the guts to stand up to them.

    Yes, we elect these turkeys, but they preselect them and then decide who gets the executive positions, not on the basis of competency, but based on how best to pacify troublemakers or donors.

  4. RomeoCharlie29

    There are not enough words of contempt to express my feelings about Dutton. As to his re-election I can only think that the efforts of GetUp ( which incidentally I help fund) were counter productive jntge sense of “he’s an idiot, but he’s our idiot and you (outsiders) can’t tell us how to vote”. Same with the odious George. Given the Palasjak government’s knuckle headed response to the X-RAY protests one can only conclude that Queensland really is a different land. However I feel sorry for the many right-minded people, and I have some friends who live there, who have to accept this shit from a Labor Government.

  5. Phil Pryor

    Our only slave state has developed some irrational post imperial attitudes, of arrogance, aggression, righteous indignation at anyone sensible, indecency, nearly all negative things, because the Kanak disgrace fostered a brainless attitude of forceful overbearing and domineering. The bulk are barely educated or civilised. Dutton has the intellect of a lower phylum, but roars away in flourescent stupidity, driving home the futility of poor outlook and half cooked policy in draft. We are shamed outside these self buggerising borders. China has a grand record despite hiccups, invasions, internal upsets, over a longer continuum than any society. We might learn…

  6. Kerri

    And he thought he could be PM?🙄🙄🙄

  7. Cool Pete

    The reason that arsehole’s vote went up is due to an electoral redistribution that made his seat more safely Liberal. Had the boundaries not been changed, it could have been a different story, possibly.
    I could not despise Dutton more than I do, and I hope that we can be rid of the pestilent potato-head sooner, rather than later. I also hope that his kids will come to despise him as much as Hans Frank’s youngest son, Niklas, does his father.

  8. paul walter

    Public is now so dumbed down it cant even see through dungheads like Dutton and Morrison.

    Very Americanised and not a little brownshirt, as others have alluded towards.

  9. Keitha Granville

    Words fail me, I have nothing but contempt for this pathetic excuse for a human

  10. Aortic

    Kerri, he is the PM, in everything except by name. Morrison, who couldn’t even sell Australia, ” where the bloody hell are you?” is the front film flam man, but Dutton dressed as Mutton is calling the shots. The only reason he didn’t get the vote was it was recognised they would be as unelectable with him in that position. In my humble unless the Labor party get someone like Marles, Dreyfus or Wong maybe into the front spot, regardless of how inept this current mob are, labor will not prevail, with Albo. Sincere fellow I’m sure, but not cutting through with the public.

  11. Stephengb

    I believe Dutton knows exactly what he is doing, he knows that there are a greater number of xenophobic, islamaphobic, homophobic, ignorant, authoritarian, morons, than others. He is projecting an aithoritarian tough on Forigners (and especially those coloured non christian Forigners) because he knows that is where his place in the trough is secure. Meanwhile his rhetoric is just the rhetoric that the Right Right faction of the LNP want to here from a Leader,

    I suspect that Dutton’s current rhetoric is geared deliberately in preparation for his next bit for the LNP leadership.He can see that Morrison is loosing respect of the electorate and he has probably been canvassing current LNP party members for their take on Morrisons performance.

    There are many, many Australians who have expressed their dislike of Forigners especially those from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia (China). Dutton is not stupid, and he is surrounded by many who are not stupid either, he knows his current rhetoric could be career limiting or career enhasing, it is clear he believes it is in his own interest to use this language in the public arena.

  12. Kathryn

    Peter Dutton was (and remains) an insignificant, disgraced ex cop who was tossed out of the police force (under suspicious circumstances) in the racist backwater of Queensland. His meteoric rise to power – based on unending lies, character assassinating slander against Labor and the Greens (and ANYONE opposing his fascist ideology) and staggering corruption – has been terrifying to watch! Dutton, who has used and abused his rising power as a self-styled autocratic totalitarian, is the Poster Boy of WHY it is so mad, bad and dangerous to provide all-consuming power to an uneducated, self-entitled, irrelevant, insular, xenophobic racist who hasn’t got a single viable, intelligent or factual thing to say on ANY issue! Dutton’s unspeakably vile callous inhumanity against ANYONE who is vulnerable, poor or a desperate asylum seeker who is LEGALLY seeking refuge in Australia from a country (such as Syria or Iraq) totally DESTROYED and annihilated by the war criminals, John Howard, Tony Blair and George W Bush, is absolutely reprehensible and the subject of international condemnation.

    Dutton has used his power to gain advantage for his (and his wife’s) multi-billion dollar child care industry – and God knows WHY anyone with an IQ >10 would choose to put an innocent child under the care of the Machiavellian Dutton family considering their horrific long-term abuse and indefinite incarceration of the traumatised children of asylum seekers in off-shore concentration camps! Dutton has broken EVERY law against the fair and legal treatment of asylum seekers to a point where this despicable, fascist regime is now routinely condemned by every humanitarian organisation around the world.

    The totally corrupt, malevolent Dutton/Morrison regime have not achieved a SINGLE thing that benefits the lives of ordinary Australians; these fascist grim reapers rose to power on a platform of unspeakable lies, they have broken EVERY promise ever made to their electorates, are habitual pathological liars! These miscreants in the LNP do NOT create good humane policies; they NEVER initiate anything that can be considered philanthropic; they never use OUR taxpayer funds to promote anything that benefits the taxpayers who fork out a small fortune for their obscene salaries (which the LNP have increased twice in less than twelve months whilst Australians eek out a subsistence life in poverty on Newstart)! The LNP don’t do ANYTHING unless is enriches the obscenely rich and empowers the most entitled grubs in the Top 1%, their thieving, non-taxpaying mates (Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, Twiggy Forest etc) or their billionaire donors in the foreign-owned predatory corporate world. The lying, deceiving, hate-filled LNP are DESTROYERS and annihilators – defunding our children’s education to the tune of millions, defunding Medicare into oblivion, casualising our workforce, bringing in cheap foreign labour to slave away in our mining industry, selling off everything Australians value and own, shutting down Australian industries (like our motor manufacturing industry that employed hundreds of thousands of people in the car manufacturing and allied industries)! The LNP seem to be hell-bent on destroying our once fine international reputation so that, under their cruel dictatorship, Australia is now known (throughout the world) as the Pariah of the Pacific. Morrison, the snivelling, salivating lapdog to the narcissistic, irrational insanity of Trump, is so terrified of the megalomaniacal sociopath, Dutton, that he (MorriScum) is prepared to say or do ANYTHING to defend Dutton’s increasing self-absorbed insanity and feed his delusions of grandeur.

    Sadly, Australians are so complacent, are becoming so dumbed down by Murdoch propaganda and so disconnected from politics that we are now numb and silent against a terrifying rise of undemocratic fascism that is sweeping our nation right now. Australians have forgotten that Hitler’s Germany began their descent into unspeakably cruel and murderous fascism in a similar way = by saying and doing NOTHING whilst the inexorable rise of hate, the targeting and victimisation of vulnerable members of society and the increasing steps to remove vital areas of democracy are undertaken without protest. This is what is happening NOW with the LNP’s ruthless arrests of journalists, prosecuting whistle blowers, arresting citizens whilst they practise their LEGAL RIGHT to protest against the climate-change-denying idiocy and callous disregard of the environment by the coal-loving capitalists in the LNP, their undemocratic infiltration of OUR ABC and its catastrophic defundment leading up to its eventual sale to their Propaganda Minister, Rupert Murdoch! The evil collaboration between the LNP/Murdoch and the unelected neoliberal grubs in the IPA, is one of the worst, most evil undemocratic alliances in living memory – all of them so committed to the rising power of the elite and working AGAINST egalitarian Australia!

    There is now NOTHING “liberal” or moderate about the Liberal National Party … they are a band of depraved, self-serving, extreme far-right-wing and very dangerous fascists. The appalling psychopath, Dutton, and the smug, salivating Trump sycophant, Morrison – are now leading a stone cold neoliberal dictatorship who are taking our (once) great democratic nation down the slippery slope of economic ruin (having QUADRUPLED our national deficit to over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS and rising), environmental destruction (to appease the unending greed of their foreign-owned corporate donors) and a level of smug, callous disregard, sanctimonious hypocrisy and condescending contempt for Australia and Australians NEVER before seen in our political history!

    WAKE UP AUSTRALIA before it’s too late.

  13. Geoff Andrews

    The removal of the Labor members in Queensland, although it was totally responsible for the re-election of apparently the worst government since Federation, has, at least, had one positive effect: raised the competence of the Caucus. Look at what a fantastic job Labor’s doing; they’ve got the Prime Minister (Mr Morrison) on the back foot and J.Edgar Tuber in hiding; all thanks to those uneducated, dunderheaded Queensland voters.We more intelligent southern votes therefore owe the northern slavers a debt for installing the most competent opposition since Federation.
    Of course, another explanation for the thrashing the LNP handed out, is the odds the bookies were offering on a Labor win. Enough cretins in Central Queensland put all of their dole cheque on an LNP win then voted for them, the idiots!

  14. Cool Pete

    I am from Queensland, yet I had great delight in telling a One Notion booth worker that I would take a HTV card from them, “When Hell Freezes Over”. There are some decent people in Queensland, but the redneck element is more dominant outside Brisbane.

  15. David Bruce

    Queensland and Western Australia are different from the other states. Having lived and worked in most Australian states, I notice these things and it appears it is genetic.

    Everything South of the Tweed is suss and everything East of the Rabbit-Proof fence is also suss. Maybe it was influenced by the “Brisbane Line” discussion during the previous world war, or the many migrants from Germany, the Ukraine and other parts of central Europe to Queensland. There is still the master-servant attitude in old Queensland families (and some legislation), despite the massive influx of retiring Victorians during the Joh BP era.

    The decision by the Department of Defence to move bases north and west of Canberra has resulted in increased numbers of military families in both Queensland and Western Australia. As a former service member, I remember learning that a vote for labour would result in less access to Intelligence materials for the Australian Government and probably less funding for new “toys”.

    I would be interested to find out more about the DoD decision and its impact on election results. It is appalling that people like Dutton can get re-elected despite their poor performance.

    On a brighter note, Australia is unlikely to be a target for “regime change” as only those countries with governments who try to take care of their people seem to be the targets.

  16. Frances

    Peter Dutton basically said that China’s policies were inconsistent with Australian values. What are Australian values these days? From my observation, they appear to be the same values promoted by govt. of the USA … racist, no compassion for the homeless, pro-corporate profit, low pay for workers, no unions (Walmart stores), etc.

  17. Kaye Lee

    Luckily, we have an Australian Values Statement issued by the Department of Home Affairs…

    “Australian society values respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual, freedom of religion, commitment to the rule of law, Parliamentary democracy, equality of men and women and a spirit of egalitarianism that embraces mutual respect, tolerance, fair play and compassion for those in need and pursuit of the public good

    Australian society values equality of opportunity for individuals, regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background

    the English language, as the national language, is an important unifying element of Australian society.”

    (PS In real life, we prefer rich white Christians from English-speaking countries though we can waive other requirements if the first is met – rich will do)

  18. Terence Mills

    The headline reads :

    Peter Dutton: China accuses home affairs minister of ‘shocking’ and ‘malicious’ slur.

    Memo to China : Feel sorry for us, we’ve been putting up with this moron for years !

  19. Kaye Lee

    Let’s not forget….

    Chinese Communist Party-aligned billionaire Huang Xiangmo paid tens of thousands of dollars to a former Liberal minister, Santo Santoro, to secure a one-on-one meeting with Peter Dutton as Mr Huang mounted a back-room campaign to win Australian citizenship which was eventually blocked by ASIO, though Dutton did, at the request of Sam Dastyari, speed up the granting of citizenship to Huang’s family who now run his business here.

    In a recording, Mr Santoro said Dutton “tries to be helpful” if there was “a capability or a critical mass of investments that comes into Australia”.

    This guy is such a hypocrite. He loves to do the “ring me” thing…..see how much power I have. What’s that? My department has stopped your au pair from illegally entering the country? We’ll see about that!

  20. Brad Black

    Spudutton could easily have lost his seat right up until the election. It’s quite feasible to imagine he might struggle at the next if the swing voters that got him in live up to their practice.
    And that would be a great outcome for what’s left of Australia’s democracy!

  21. Potoroo

    The logic of this article seems to be that because Dutton is a boor who makes a habit of saying offensive things, that the Chinese government is offended by his statement means he must once again be in the wrong. But it does not follow. The policies of the Communist Party of China are inconsistent with those of Australia and its confected outrage was as predictable as a One Nation troll’s on the ABC’s Facebook page. Why do we keep criticizing Australian governments for drifting towards authoritarianism? It’s because authoritarianism is anti-democratic and bad. You know, like China. There’s good reason the Hong Kong protests have continued for so long – the people there know exactly what their fate will be be come 2047 and it’s time for the West to stop deluding itself. China has married capitalism with totalitarianism (something the pundits said couldn’t be done), and there is essentially no push toward liberalism or democracy there.

  22. Kaye Lee

    Absolutely Dutton is “once again in the wrong” – not necessarily for the substance of what he said but for his oafish habit of discussing sensitive national security matters on the Ray Hadley show on 2GB.

    He was right about the water lapping at the door comment too – it doesn’t make it appropriate.

  23. Bill Plant

    I live in Queensland and sometimes listen to redneck radio syndicated from 2GB complimented by local presenters, who are similarly low on humanity, high on hate. Recently there has been a rise rumblings of discontent about Morrison from presenters and listeners alike. The listeners invariably parrot the official shock jock’s line. Mutterings about not doing enough to fix the drought, it’s not about climate change stupid, but drought relief. By coincidence this coincides with a higher than normal media presence of Dutton. This may be the groundwork for a palace coup. Watch this space.
    Worth mentioning that a similar radio campaign was mounted against Malcolm Turnbull.

  24. Kaye Lee


    I would have said there is no chance of that happening but, then again, I said that about Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull. It is obvious that ambition is higher on the agenda in Canberra than good governance.

  25. Bill Plant

    I hope you are right Kate. Dutton operates from the reptilian brain and is sliding into position under a rock ready to strike in the event of a major event, (confected?) be it economic, military, racist inspired. Trump needs one and could oblige. Trumpets blaring, Dutton marches fourth under the banner of strong leadership backed by Murdoch. A disconnected electorate might just buy it.
    For more information google LNP win.

  26. Jan W van Egmond

    With the two main parties which don’t care for life, of their children and grand children we are as much alike with China as different. since rhey al work against the principal laws that allow lif on our planet. Only a revolution can cure us of these maniacs.

  27. Julie Burns

    Living in Victoria, I would LOVE to see Dutton take over the leadership of the LNP. This would decimate the LNP to such an extent that the votes from Queensland would be superfluous in the next election. He is loathed down here!

  28. Potoroo


    I didn’t hear the broadcast. What “sensitive national security matters” did Dutton discuss? That the policies of the Communist Party of China are inconsistent with those of Australia is of no surprise to anyone, least of all the Chinese government, who on every other day proudly asserts how different they are to the rest of us.

  29. Kaye Lee

    As I said in the article, he also said “Australia is not going to allow university students to be unduly influenced by China, the theft of intellectual property or the hacking of government or non-government organisations,” which made it very clear he believes the Chinese government is responsible for the theft and hacking. Now that may very well be true but, as far as I am aware, NOBODY has been able to prove that so it is madness to make those allegations on a radio shock jock’s program. Leave the intelligence to the intelligent and the diplomacy to the diplomats. Dutton should “stick to his knitting”.

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