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So how’s Tony Abbott’s Australia traveling so far?

We have been condemned worldwide for our moves to repeal the ‘carbon tax’, our abolition of climate change bodies and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) (even though it’s making a substantial profit), our failure to send a politician to the Warsaw climate change talks and our refusal to provide any funding for the Green Climate Fund. At the Warsaw talks we received 4 Fossil of the Day awards, caused a walkout by other delegates frustrated with our obstruction, and were given the overall Colossal Fossil award.

We have been condemned for, not only attending the CHOGM meeting in Sri Lanka, praising its government and excusing it’s human rights abuses, but for arming said government with 2 gun boats at a cost of $2 million to us, so they can stop people fleeing from their abuse.

We have been condemned for interfering in the dispute between China and Japan and openly siding with Japan (and America). We have been rebuked for comments made by our Foreign Minister criticising China and for her action of calling in the Chinese Ambassador to chastise him.

We have been criticised for abandoning Palestine, ignoring an International Law Court ruling and giving tacit approval to controversial activities including the expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.

We have insulted Indonesia before the election by saying “we don’t need their permission” to turn back boats, and after, by the inept handling of the spying allegations. In the ultimate ironic twist, Indonesia is now threatening to halt the live cattle trade.

We have upset PNG by firstly calling their leader a liar before the election and since by not honouring our promise to use local businesses on Manus island.

We have been widely condemned for our inhumane treatment of asylum seekers, placing them in indefinite detention and carrying out acts of bastardry such as separating a mother from her new-born, separating families and sending unaccompanied minors to offshore detention camps.

We are in the process of dismantling the mining tax just when it was set to start making us a return as mining companies move from the investment to the production phase. Whilst the mining companies may be chuckling about this one, we just gave away billions in future revenue.

After being told this government’s priority was to pay down the debt and to live within its means, we are now being asked to increase the debt limit by $200 billion; a lot more than the $50 billion that the Coalition said was unacceptable when Labor did it, and the promise of a surplus has disappeared.

When every group from schools to the productivity commission to big business to social welfare groups says that education is a crucial factor in improving the economy, productivity, lifestyle and well-being, we have our Education Minister doing a complete back flip on his pre-election promise and abandoning the education funding reforms.

Countless charities, NFPs and community groups have had promised funding cut; eliminating vital services and putting many people out of work.

Assistance to the car industry has been slashed which is threatening to cause the industry, which employs 230,000 indirectly, to close completely. We have been told we should not prop up the industry whilst we give far greater assistance to the banks and mining companies who continue to make record profits. And now it seems that State Premiers are being offered bonus funding to privatise assets, and Qantas looks like getting sold to foreigners.

Tony Abbott has been condemned by a majority of the population for challenging the ACT legislation for marriage equality and not allowing a conscience vote in Parliament.

Tony Abbott is changing the marine park laws, delaying the Murray-Darling water buy-back, scrapping the schoolkid’s bonus, the superannuation guarantee increase, the superannuation co-contribution, the periodic payment to pensioners, scrapping the increase in the tax free threshold to 19,400 people and scrapping the instant asset write-off for small business.

Tony Abbott has halted the rollout of the NBN whilst they do a whole heap of dancing which won’t be amounting to anything anytime soon.

I have always said that there is good in everyone, and it’s important to find it. Help me out here. I’m struggling to find one positive thing that has happened since this government came into power but the negative list grows by the minute. Their only goal is to erase every piece of legislation passed by the Gillard Government regardless of its worth. It has become so much of an obsession for them that they are willing to sacrifice millions in revenue and research and development of renewable energy, funded by the CEFC, which is making a PROFIT, whilst increasing our renewable energy market share. That is the PRIME example of cut off your nose to spite your face, but they are too set on their crusade to listen.

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  1. M. R.

    They are children, finding themselves in the grownups’ house, and unsupervised …

  2. Aaron Press

    The only good I can see is people I know via social media are finally( but unfortunately to late) starting to question what is going on. A big fat told you so doesn’t seem enough.

  3. Möbius Ecko

    More than wanting to raise the debt ceiling, 66% more than the current ceiling, and as you say after heavily condemning the previous government for less, hypocrites, Hockey today threatened to go much further on the back of the Senate rightly refusing to allow his lifting of the ceiling, he now wants to remove the ceiling altogether.

    Now whilst economically this is a sound move as the ceiling is an artificial construct of no meaning or importance, so removing it is logical, Hockey using this as a threat and after his past condemnations is the height of hypocrisy, right up there with the greatest of hypocrisy.

  4. Jonathan

    Some good. We won’t vote for this mob again for a long long time

  5. Gilly

    The good things, that’s easy. There is the err ahh, and the ahh err and the …………… ooh. Written and authorised by T Abbott, Canberra for the err ahh.

  6. kesa

    I have a POSITIVE! Yep I found one….
    The one Positive thing to come out of this shameful sham of pretend Government is (drum roll) Australians are beginning to see how good they had it, how bad this Government really is, How they have been conned, lied too, and general screwed, the lengths too which this Governments contempt to the rest of the world extends, this includes but it not limited to the bigotry and racism it tried to white wash away prior to the election.
    My hope is that by taking the country back to dark ages, by degrading us to the standing of PNG as a world power and denigrating us and our achievements on the world stage, we can rebuild, remould and reshape Australia in a completely new direction. Voting out the dead wood, taking back control of our Lives, Taking charge of our Government by setting in stone a bill of rights, and making sure this never happens again.
    But that may well be a pie in the sky dream held with unrealistic idealism and sticky tape.

  7. Truth Seeker

    The one good thing about the LNP is their ability to inspire ( not in a good way ) poetry like my latest “Knobhead” 😀


    Cheers 😀

  8. Keith

    I’m wondering how long it will be before the Australian financial record slips from AAA to AA or even A.
    The social fabric will also be hit by the moronic closure of useful Agencies. The clowns are running the country but it is not funny. I suppose in a few weeks they will sign the disastrous TPP without any alterations.

    Not one single policy that might be seen to be positive has yet been announced. Not one Minister has yet appeared to be on top of their port folio. Australia’s record Internationally has been tarnished through CHOGM, Indonesia, USA ( Abbott”s stupid comments to Washington Post) and now China. Abbott’s a disaster zone.

  9. Wun Farlung

    My apologies for appearing ignorant, a by product of remote area work
    Is it because the MSM are ignoring the ALP/greens or is it they have nothing to say?

  10. Robolenin

    Well at least they cut foreign aid expansion by 4.5 billion over the next several years! Wait.. that would be a negative too I guess. Sorry, I’ve got nothing positive to add.

  11. Jo

    Wun: The Greens have plenty to say on TPP and Gonski. However Labour on the other hand are silent

  12. olddavey

    Someone needs to keep a running total of the amounts foregone by abolishing sensible taxes and hold it under their noses at every opportunity. Ditto for abolished organisations that in the long run save billions in health and other costs by providing timely information to government on a vast range of matters.

  13. bighead1883

    We are condemned for allowing 70% media control to Rupert Murdoch. 👿
    We could have but we did not demand in 2007-8 that this be rectified,for this we are condemned.
    We are condemned for our apathy in allowing Labor to become right wing political party. :mrgreen: .
    We are condemned for allowing our children`s and our grandchildren`s future to be privatised because when we had it all we were apathetic and weak of moral fibre.
    This will not be an condemnation easily overthrown unless we are brave and are prepared to fight the forces of global corporatism,starting with our condemnation of this,the most foul government Australia has ever had.
    Those who fought the Axis Fascist and the Red Communist would laugh at our impotence.
    Start with your Labor by demanding their stance on the TPP 😈 .
    Make sure they fight this and any ISDS,NOW.

  14. Wun Farlung

    Thanks Jo
    No thanks to Sky News and 2 day old newspapers, they really have a hide calling that crap news
    I have just about given up on the ALP, so much ammo and no gun.
    maybe they’re afraid of shooting themselves in the foot.

  15. lawrencewinder

    Another good summation, Kaye.
    Remember when we were the “Lucky Country”? The time when Governments actually introduced legislation for the betterment of the whole?
    ‘Tis a pity we don’t have impeachment laws in our constitution.

  16. Misst

    Ooooh too true!! It’s incomprehensible that we elected this mob of lunatics. The media does have a lot to answer for!

    The antics of Abbott’s minions at the Climate conference in Warsaw were so shameful. Being disruptive and wearing summer gear to make their point, presumably with Abbott’s approval. How deeply insulting to other delegates. Strange though, not a whisper of this on our TV news. Surely it was one of Abbott’s great successes, why not share it with everyone??? Oh, that’s right … we’re only told what we need to know, and that’s nothing that might tarnish the almighty Abbott!!

    Truth Seeker … you made me smile! Cheers.

  17. Rob

    Remember PM Slogan Bogan is the guy who as Minister for Health kicked a dying man. Assassinating the character of a man in a wheelchair on breathing apparatus delivering a petition on behalf of 17,000 asbestos sufferers. Lower than low, pure evil slime, and now with executive power. And you continue to look for good?

    It’s like that little piece of Voldemorte left under the seat at Kings Cross Station, there is no good to be found there.

  18. Kaye Lee

    Well at least the last Greenpeace activist is now out on bail. Apparently it was an “administrative error”. I wonder if we, like other governments. had the balls to ring Putin and say Pirate???? Hooligan???? Don’t you have something better to do???? if he may have been out a little sooner.

    And to those of you bringing up the TPP, I heartily agree with your concerns and it most definitely should have been on my list of How we are travelling so far. I think I am purposely blocking out the potential detrimental consequences of ISDRs because I cannot believe any government of ours would willingly go down that path. We shall see I guess.

  19. John Fraser

    Pretty sure things can and will get worse.

    So if you believe in Pell, Murdoch and Abbott’s god then I suggest you start praying against them.

  20. The Real News News (@oz_house)

    The positive? It’s mildly fun to take the piss out of these kooky loons? But even that doesn’t last long because there is a voice in the back of your mind saying – those kooks are in charge – ruining the fun.

  21. Kaye Lee


    Isn’t that the bizarre thing. We want to stop people from trying to seek asylum in our country by deploying our navy to intercept them and giving aid to other countries to either stop or house them. At the same time we reduce our humanitarian intake, cut foreign aid, and stop all action on climate change. It’s like we have our fingers in our ears going I can’t hear you world and I can’t help you.

  22. Pam Rawlings

    I am sure Labor are just letting them hang themselves. They do not need to do anything really. This mob are doing a great job of getting themselves out of government. They just seem to get out of trouble on one thing and into a new lot of trouble. They can try blaming Labor but it is all them, they have no diplomacy whatsoever. The voters for Abbott must be shuddering every day but they can not say they weren’t warned. Social media was warning them every day for months before the election. Abbott and Bishop would be best to stay out of this problem with China, America and Japan. There mouths are way too big and they do not seem to kick their brains in before they speak. What am I saying they do not have any brains. But we all knew that already.
    We are in for really rough times ahead and they will try and blame it on labor instead of their own incompetence. We kicked out a government that was voted 5th best in the world out of the 10 best. That is a pretty great achievement for Julia considering she was in a minority government and was being attacked by the morons of this country, the libs, the media and from within her own party. What a marvelously strong, intelligent and caring PM she was. We really are the laughing stock of the world with these clowns in government and there is not a thing we can do about it.
    The Grownups left the building in September, I could not even call this lot the kids as that would be an insult to our very intelligent children. God knows what they are but they are making one hell of a mess of our beautiful country.

  23. jay

    Just remember amidst all the smoke and mirrors guys….you are the minority 🙂 I hope moaning like little school girls makes you feel better, get used to it as you’ll probably be down there for quite a while given the last ALP debarkle….what a joke…hahahaha.

  24. robyn

    I am sitting in mexico weeping not singing about my country

  25. robyn

    PS. Re Jays comment. .. does that smoke and mirrors and the minority have anything to do with democracy when Murdoch decides who he will support? …

  26. robyn

    …. and who he will destroy.

  27. PeterF

    Jay, as debacle is defined in my computer’s dictionary as ‘a sudden and ignominious failure’ I thought you must have created a new word ‘debarkle’.

    This is especially so when I look up’ ignominious’ which means deserving or causing public disgrace or shame’.If you believe that debacle can properly be used to describe the Gillard government just wait a few more months.

    I expect that, in your eyes, Gillard should never have been PM after the 2000 election. Do you recall that Abbott and Gillard BOTH had the opportunity to negotiate their way into power. Abbott failed where Gillard succeeded. He then exhibited his true character for the next three years. I for one am not surprised by the antics of him and his motley crew.

  28. Möbius Ecko

    Jay the Liberals are the minority not Labor. Labor got 1.3% more votes than the Liberals. Abbott is only holding on by 30,000 votes in key seats, which could have easily gone the other way and given the large number of informal votes that could not chose any local candidate or party and many of who may vote formally next election, then Abbott is nowhere assured victory for “quite a while”. Indeed the way the polls are plummeting for Abbott and the government, the biggest drop for a new government on record, it seems it’s more likely he won’t be in power after the next election, even if he manages to bumble through until then without being ousted.

    Face it Jay, Abbott is the greatest débâcle of a leader this country has ever seen, fumbling and bumbling from one policy and diplomatic failure after another and back flipping on promise after promise.

    That’s the truth of it.

  29. ejdur662

    Abbott is making Australia a huge toilet and we are about to be flushed!

  30. Tonymoby

    You have spelt “its” as “it’s” in the third paragraph (“praising it’s government”). Good article but sloppy grammar takes away from your case.

  31. ian

    the good in everyone – we will be glad when this government is gone – there will be a party…
    this is a VERY BAD Government led by by Toxic Tony…

  32. Jan

    Jay, I find your comment “moaning like little schoolgirls” offensive. By all means put a different point of view, but leave out the sexist language.

  33. Joe Banks

    Kaye Lee, a ‘crusade’ it surely is – a crusade of stupidity. And just to prove they can! I fantasise about such a list appearing in the MSM but it will probably remain just that – a fantasy. Great! Super! That you have made mention of the logic of the ‘failed’ mining tax. The mining companies would have thrown money at everything, even needless assets and infrastructure, rather than pay the super profits tax:
    “We are in the process of dismantling the mining tax just when it was set to start making us a return as mining companies move from the investment to the production phase. Whilst the mining companies may be chuckling about this one, we just gave away billions in future revenue.”

  34. Callie Ge

    I was saying it long before the election Tornado Tony’s ONLY policy is to undo all the good that was done by labour during the Gillard term.He is a petty, odious toad.He does not care who is hurt by his regressive vindictive game playing. He has no compunction at all about stealing from children or the poor.He has appointed a cabinet of clowns that seem to know everything about everyone else’s portfolio but their own, Christopher pyne, who has only ever asked, since 2008, 3 questions during parliament Q’s time none of which relate to Education, BUT he has been ejected TWENTY SIX TIMES, for bad /rude behavior. Joe Hockey who appears to know NOTHING about economics and account keeping. Abbott Never recognised the Gillard Govt, he never accepted Julia Gillard as PM he does not believe any Legislation passed in her term is legitimate so he is hell bent on reversing Every Good piece of legislation she passed, Gonski, NBN, NDIS, Schoolkids Bonus (which BTW is paid as an alternative to the education tax Refund) He is an Embarrassment and is Humiliating Australia Internationally, mining tax, clean energy, climate change, you name it he is destroying it, if this man is allowed to carry on any longer there will be nothing of value left in or of our country. I do NOT and never will recognise Tony abbott as Prime Minister, He could not competently run a chook raffle let alone Australia.

  35. Gilly

    Finally one thing good. It is ironic that it was a NO to the GrainCorp takeover bid.

  36. Bryce

    That is very scary stuff.

  37. TimePasser

    Kaye Lee you are a marvel at clearly and neatly presenting facts which then paint a full picture and what a sharp memory you have!

    Your words: “It has become so much of an obsession for them that they are willing to sacrifice millions in revenue…”….. “That is the PRIME example of cut off your nose to spite your face, but they are too set on their crusade to listen.”

    Let me add….. “The drag of destiny will destroy the reins of reason.”

    We are observing coalition government ‘death throes’ or, as Bighead will tell you….
    “Light at the End of the Tunnel”.

  38. Shirley Green

    This is a MUST READ as a reminder (if needed) of what a disaster Abbott and his team are. I weep for my once wonderful country.

  39. Paul Raymond Scahill

    I find it hard to believe that any sane person would have voted for Abbott, perhaps I should rephrase that to say, voted for the LNP candidates knowing that the leader of this riff-raff was likely to be T.A. When one looks at the likely composition of the front-bench with T.A. as leader it is beyond me to think that the no-alition was able to pull this result off. That is right they had the support of the Murdoch media. If what someone earlier said about Tony Blair and Wendy, then there is scant need to look any further as to why Rupert was so against the ALP. We need some media competition in this country. NOW!

  40. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle)

    Shirley, you have taken the words right out my mouth. We knew that they were not going to be good, but they are completely incompetent, all of them.
    The worse part of it is that Rupert Murdoch et al, the MSM journalists all deserve to charged with collusion in helping to send the wrecking ball through what was once the most progressive forward thinking government in our history.
    If. as Bighead say, there is light at the end of the tunnel, then he had better watch out for the train that is behind the light, just like the cartoon Wiley Coyote. Pity we can’t laugh at this one though.

  41. doggie015

    Reblogged this on That Blog Down Under and commented:
    So… how IS the nation doing now that the “Adults” are back in charge?

  42. Angela

    Absolutely terrifying…the most destructive and cruellest government Australia has ever seen. Mr Murdoch…was it worth it for YOU?

    How on earth will Labor be able to repair all this damage? But look at the cost in waste of all this demolition which we are paying for …disgusting! How much to demolish the Carbon/mining taxes? How much to demolish Gonski, how much to demolish NBN? this is ridiculous – no wonder Hockey has to increase the debt level to pay for all their demolition costs!

    This government has a limited life-span ….time to ride them before Australia will be hated world-wide.

  43. Samyasin

    Your list is very incomplete, heres a few more: What about slashing a quarter of the CSIRO, no science minister, one women in cabinet, Stopping the funding for the ‘Alcohol and other drugs council’, Did you mention the climate commission? No adequate detail to allow modelling and real costing of ‘Direct action’ and FTTN. These just off the top of my head.

  44. CBR62

    Wun: the ALP is not going to get down to the sewer rat tactics the Coalition used in opposition. They are better than that.

  45. Peter

    Unfortunately we may have to wait almost three years before we can get rid of thos Nazis, unless we can convince the GG to get rid of them earlier, or even better throw them out in a revolution!

  46. johnlord2013

    Thinking about your question.Wont be long.

  47. Keith

    Tonymoby, are you a teacher? IN’t ti th messige thaets importent? Bloody grammar rounds off an article or letter but does not take away from what is important; the message.
    A good article, it is worth going to Truth Seeker’s site for a bit of a laugh. On the other hand, it’s too true!!

  48. Keith

  49. Kaye Lee

    Samyasin, every moment the list grows longer and every detail is worthy of mention.

    Australia’s peak alcohol and drug agency, the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA), learned early this week that it was being defunded, forcing it into voluntary administration

    The Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing is one of 12 non-statutory bodies to be abolished by the government, Tony Abbott stating they had “outlived their original purpose” and did not help meet the Coalition’s goals.

    The chairman of the panel, Everald Compton, told Guardian Australia he was “stunned” by the decision, which came just months before it was to hand down a blueprint on how Australia should adapt to the “age tsunami” already facing nations such as Japan.

    The list goes on and on and on…..

  50. orangedrummaboy

    I agree that they have failed in all the respects listed. Joe Hockey did announce they were not going to sell off Grain Corp to an American company, which is a good move for Australian farmers. I am disheartened to hear that they will be encouraging the shedding of state owned assets though… this seems like a sneaky way to reduce all kinds of federal Govt support, and may well end up being the caveat in the increased funding umbrella (not amount) for their replacing the Gonski funding model… frankly i feel sick about the slew of bad news in politics.

  51. TimePasser

    Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle) November 29, 2013 • 10:55 am

    Yes, Sandra, that’s EXACTLY what Bighead was talking about. The coalition’s ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is a train coming the other way! And you have added such great images of Road Runner and Wiley Coyote!

  52. rossleighbrisbane

    “Good God this article bias and deception”?
    English skills you got good there.

    Apparently, according to the Liberal troll factory, anyone who disagrees with them must be dismissed on the grounds that people who disagree with them have no right to an opinion.

  53. DC

    Great article Kaye Lee you are always very informative and clear. I would like to be able to get my friends and acquaintances to read this but I know from experience that only a predictable few who already voted against Abbott would pay any attention. Surely this crusade of stupidity will inspire some great comedy and satire to the point that eventually the mainstream of Australia will have to accept that the 2013 election result was a disaster. This one is great;

  54. stars

    I think they’re doing all their evil acts now so they can go back to being very quiet before the next election. Lest we forget!

  55. Jeff Watkins Photography

    I usually try not to get too involved in Australian Political Discussions if only to avoid showing my ignorance. However I have to raise my voice when the reputation of the country I call home is so utterly laid to waste in such an incredible short space of time. How is it possible that a Government could make such a mess in less than six months. Now we have this…

  56. DC

    stars, that’s a really good point, it seems like they are trying to get all the bad news out at once so that most people become overwhelmed and therefore turn a blind eye. Especially when it comes to the very secretive TPP negotiations and the sabotaging of global climate negotiations at Warsaw. If someone asks me why I don’t support the coalition, at present I would have so many things to say that an uninformed observer might conclude that I simply have a vendetta against the coalition and therefore discount everything I have to say. I’m sure this timing is no accident but rather a deliberate political tactic

  57. Kaye Lee

    The carbon tax was introduced and, as Craig Emerson explained in his own unique way, there was no Whyalla wipeout.

    We are now in the process of repealing the carbon tax and what happens?

    “Rio Tinto has destroyed an entire town and wiped $500 million from the economy, the Australian Workers Union says.

    Secretary Paul Howes has accused the mining company of casually abandoning the town of Nhulunbuy, labelling its move to suspend its Gove alumina refinery, with up to 1500 jobs on the chopping block, “a complete disgrace”.

    “We are talking about an entire town being destroyed here, $500 million wiped from the economy, and some of the most effective Indigenous employment and training programs in the country wiped out,” Mr Howes said in a statement.”

    One would wonder why we continue to give mining companies subsidies to the tune of $700 million through either direct public funding or major tax concessions, and why we are repealing the mining tax.
    These companies make huge profits raping our land and then happily move on with no thought for the aftermath nor any responsibility towards their employees and the town that supported them, or more broadly, our country.

  58. Abbie

    Talking to a fellow who works for one of the Depts. He said; It will take 10 years to get over what this Govt is doing. You have no idea what is happening in Canberra.

    I shall quote Dr Who when facing a protagonist;

    “You will just be a footnote in the History of Failure”.

    Begone, Abbott!

  59. Abbie

    (Oh and thank you Kaye Lee for your wonderful work!)

  60. James

    No one (well all the sensible ones) cares about climate change anymore. It was just another ruse by governments to charge big companies for nothing. How about reading articles by noted scientists who have de-bunked the whole theory of climate change instead of being narrow minded and focusing only on certain publications by fanatics.
    Another thing, there was not one policy introduced by Gillard and Rudd that was beneficial to anyone or anything. All they did was waste money and time for no advantage whatsoever. I should change that to “the only people who benefited from Labors policies was the dole bludgers and professional welfare recipients”.
    The working people of Australia were constantly asked to pay more to give to the bludgers and scammers.
    Fif you dont want to work then you get no money from me. Work for the dole is the best solution. If you work for your local council for 2 days a week then you get the dole. Call it part time work. At least we get some benefit from the taxes we pay and they get some skills to use to apply for a full time job. To get money for nothing is an absolute joke.
    Only doing 2 days a week still allows another 3 days to search for a full time job.
    This country is so f* up at the moment we need some serious change and as far as I am concerned Tony and his crew are heading in the right direction.
    Oh and wasnt it Labor who did the spying on Indonesia, Liberals are going to take a while to fix all of Labors f’ ups. Hope we dont see Labor in power again for a very very long time.

  61. Kaye Lee

    Thanks Abbie.

    Let me make something “absolutely crystal clear”.

    In the interest of “transparency and accountability”, I intend to “move calmly, purposefully and methodically to” expose their “agenda”.

    Sometimes the “adults” need holding to account, and complicit silence is not an option.

  62. Kaye Lee

    Welcome James. Are you a friend of Taylor’s perchance? Can I assume you are a Young Liberal?

    I would be very interested to read “articles by noted scientists who have de-bunked the whole theory of climate change “. Could you please provide some links?

  63. Keith

    You are full of shit., you make a comment that the article we have been commenting on is biased. What is your evidence? Abbott and Pyne have blatantly lied about supporting Gonski. Could you please provide some thoughts about how Abbott and Bishop have been able to be very subtle in the diplomacy arena. What is your take on climate change when Abbott says he supports the concept, says its crap; and says they will develop a direct action policy. By the way the mining industry made 3 million dollars available between 2010-2011 in donations to the Liberals One can conclude that the Abbott gang were bought, but you might have a better explanation.

    By the way I don’t belong to any Political Party.

  64. Kaye Lee

    Whilst I am waiting for the links, I was wondering what the council workers who will be unemployed because the unemployed are doing the council work are going to do? Work for the council? There are going to be a lot of public servants and scientists competing for those council jobs. How shall we pay for all these council workers – after all they all need high viz vests and hard hats and spades and such? We’ll either have to increase rates or get Tony to donate his wardrobe. Anyway, the idea has merit. Any thoughts on these few questions?

    And Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa has again highlighted that the lack of the word “sorry” in Mr Abbott’s letter last week to the president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono may still be a stumbling block.

    Read more:

  65. Kaye Lee

    “Another thing, there was not one policy introduced by Gillard and Rudd that was beneficial to anyone or anything.”

    Could I refer you to John Lord’s article for a list of Gillard government achievements

  66. adam

    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry

  67. Möbius Ecko

    No one (well all the sensible ones) cares about climate change anymore.

    My god are these wingnuts for real. Sorry wingnut is apt in James’s case.

    Time and again you come out with inane and baseless statements not backed up by any facts or sources, just meaningless rhetoric whilst proving to everyone you don’t bother to read or research the crap you post.

    Recent polls show between 60% to 70% believe man made climate change, with one poll showing 73%.

    97% of credited climate scientists state the globes warming trend has a very high probability of being caused by human activity. A far higher number of scientific studies on climate change, some over many decades of detailed observations and measurements, have found man as the cause for the warming observed. Those handful of theories and studies that have found otherwise have all been discredited and found to be flawed on scientific review and scrutiny.

    The others who have debunked AGW have been non-climate scientists and even non-scientists in any fields. Most have been found to have been highly paid by right wing think tanks and vested interests to debunk the science and muddy the waters.

    So James unless you can provide evidence for the crap you often espouse then anything you state has zero credibility being just more right wing ideological lies and deceits.

  68. Jan

    Adam, that is a really mature response.

    Instead of repeating yourself, why don’t you contribute to the discusion by telling us what you think the Coalition (not just the Liberals) has done well, since the election.

  69. adam

    labor screwed the country up more in the last 6 years than the coalition have ever done.

  70. Möbius Ecko

    How have Labor screwed the country adam and how is this government beneficial for it?

    Single throwaway lines are easy and mindless but explaining the how and why takes more than blind ideology.

  71. Kaye Lee

    ^^^^ See above for a detailed analysis by a Coalition voter of Abbott’s vision for the future.

  72. andytallman101

    Have ignored the comments, because y’know, I don’t feel like being incredibly depressed today. But in regards to the original blog post – well said! Thank you 🙂

  73. Kaye Lee

    In what way Adam?

  74. Michael Taylor

    How have Labor screwed the country adam and how is this government beneficial for it?

    Don’t expect anything close to an intelligent reply, Mo.

  75. Keith

    David a couple of years ago a CEO of Immigration commented on asylum seekers. His response was along the lines of what was occurring in particular nations was the main determinant in the number of asylum seekers looking for sanctuary in Australia.
    On the matter of put downs it was Abbott in Parliament who referred to the Opposition Leader as “Electricity Bill” which was allowed by the Speaker. The “adults”, David are going from one disaster to another. They did not listen to the Indonesians making comments about the turn back the boats policy; there was bound to be a stuff up sooner or later. The spying scandal was the trigger for the Indonesians to act. Everybody knows spying between countries goes on; so its immaterial which government was in power when caught out.

    For three years after the last election we put up with rants from Abbott which many of us were infuriated by; hence, there is no quarter being given to Abbott. Abbott has been a huge disappointment to many of us; his word is worthless.

  76. David Black

    Face it. Your side lost – and stupid put-downs like “Typhoon Tony” (did he really cause that typhoon?) make you look even more pathetic. The Rudd/Gillard disaster years are over and there will never be another ALP Prime Minister.

  77. Kaye Lee

    David I agree. I am heartily sick of terms like Juliar, and Electricity Bill, and Shorten Shambles. I would much rather discuss facts than name-call.

    Can you tell me why you consider the Rudd/Gillard years a disaster and can you explain the Coalition plan to fix said disaster?

  78. David Black

    Kaye, I’m glad to agree with you about stupid put-downs. Now that adults are back in charge, there is no excuse.
    The disasters would include: the 1000+ deaths after Rudd was insane enough to break up the border protection regime of the previous government; the Pink Batts fiasco; the HSU/AWU scandals and the poltiical instability of three Prime Ministers.

  79. Kaye Lee

    David I agree that the deaths of asylum seekers is a great tragedy but were you aware that between 2000 and 2007 (the period which includes the introduction of the “Pacific Solution” for asylum seekers travelling by boat under the Coalition government), the database documents 746 reported deaths of asylum seekers.

    713 of these died at sea, 22 died in detention (mainly suicides) and 11 were murdered after Howard forcibly returned them to Afghanistan. Of those 11 who were murdered (accused of being Australian spies), there were 2 girls aged 6 and 9.

    Regarding the pinks batts, they were actually an outstanding success as you can read about here.,5622

    The courts are in the process of dealing with the HSU. You may find these articles interesting in regard to that.,4131,5820

    The AWU thing is a beat up.

    And the ridiculous behaviour of the Labor Party in reacting to polls was far more painful for me than for you I can assure you. But I would suggest that it did not stop them from governing or getting a record amount of legislative reform passed. They have paid the price for their internal squabbling. They let Tony Abbot, of all people, in a move reminiscent of Steven Bradbury, come from way behind to beat them as they all fell over.

  80. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, it’s obvious that some bright spark has linked this post to an Abbott-lover’s Facebook page so they’ve trotted over to do their usual trollish stuff.

    It’s no good hitting them with facts. They lack the intellect to absorb them.

  81. Kaye Lee

    Michael, on my first day of high school a really tough girl came up to me and said “What are you lookin’ at” with a nasty sneer. I said “I dunno I didn’t bring my zoo book with me”. She promptly punched me in the face but I still felt the winner on the day 😉

  82. Vince O'Grady

    Erudite as usual, the words used by these people to vilify and denigrate the last labor government are now crashing back at them. The good thing is that the Fairfax media are telling it for what it is a 180 degree turn around, but too late. The ABC still have too many partisan people writing for them and also commentating. The drum for example is Liberal party central.

    There is nothing to admire about these people they are just hacks.

  83. Truth Seeker

    Keith @12.41pm, well said 😎 and thanks for the referral 😀

    Cheers 😀

  84. PaulaR83

    Well I don’t think we should hold an election unless BOTH ALP & LNP ARE OUT !!!! No preferences at all.

    Time for the independents to make a new party and stop this bipartisan left or right wing party. Bring in the middle man, literally. If we have a third party strong enough to win as PM, I think we should have a fair race.

  85. PaulaR83

    Oh, and it was labour who started the ball rolling on privatising government departments. They started almost 10yrs ago. I remember when Qld Rail / QRail was a self sufficient government owned corporate body. Now it’s rotten and sold off at least 2 times over those 10yrs. And labour even cut the number of nursing homes. In my town, 3 are currently being sold. One charity, one state and one government. ALL LABOUR.

    And labour and the greens knew about the spying too but they weren’t called out on it. It was labour/greens that called it out on Abbott. Labour/greens should apologise.

  86. rossleighbrisbane

    Thanks, Adam for your insightful analysis:

    “Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry
    Liberal won the last election labor lost get used to it and stop having a cry”

    Are you are Minister in the Abbott Government? Because as David so eloquently put it, “The adults are back in charge” and I can see from your comments that you are clearly a candidate for the next Governor-General as Abbott would want to get you out of the Parliament as you’re clearly a threat to him as Leader.
    After all, wasn’t his response to Indonesia something like:

    “We’re going to turn back the boats we don’t care what you say.
    We’re going to turn back the boats we don’t care what you say.
    We’re going to turn back the boats we don’t care what you say.
    We’re going to turn back the boats we don’t care what you say.”

  87. rossleighbrisbane

    And Paula, it’s “Labor” when refering to the party. Just a minor point, but it’ll probably help you sound like you know what you’re talking about and help people to think that your opinion counts for something, if you can spell the name of one of the two major parties correctly.
    Really, it’s not that hard. There are only two parties that you want to complain about.

  88. rossleighbrisbane

    I know, I know.
    One shouldn’t feed the trolls. It only makes them grow.
    And then they think that they’re important and before you know it they’ll be Education Minister or in some other portfolio that the Liberals put people who have no importance.

  89. Rastunas Lazarian

    Not a fan of Abbot, but particularly offended by your perspective. Mostly in regards to boat people and illegal immigrants. Do a short economics course then re-think your attitude on people “fleeing” a nation for $20,000 to $30,000. Your hypocrisy and small mindedness is dissapointing, you should be using your popular media forum to cover facts, not idealism.

  90. Brett

    The stupidity in this article borders on self parody.
    Aid the Sri Lankan government’s abuse of human rights, but let’s do anything to make China upset!
    Pretty disgraceful journalism if you need to be reminded that our troops are being withdrawn from Afghanistan, unless I’ve mistaken the “I’m struggling to find one positive thing that has happened since this government came into power” part as being honest.

  91. Kaye Lee

    I too was happy when Julia Gillard announced the troops would be withdrawing from Afghanistan

    March 26 2013: “MOST Australian troops will return home from Afghanistan at the end of the year, with the handover of Multi National Base, Tarin Kowt in Uruzgan Province to local soldiers.

    Speaking from Perth this afternoon, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the decision to close the base was in line with its transition timetable out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014.”

    Good try on looking for a positive – not sure it counts though.

  92. Kaye Lee

    Rastunas, re asylum seekers

    “Economic status does not preclude you from needing to seek asylum. In other words, you can be wealthy and still be tortured or otherwise persecuted. In fact, in some countries it might be more likely for authorities to target the well educated (and therefore more wealthy) because they’re often the greatest threat to an authoritarian regime. In any case, an expensive boat or plane trip does not necessarily indicate that those who take such a path are affluent.

    While the cost of a journey may appear to suggest that those paying are ‘cashed up’, the opposite is often
    true. Many asylum seekers will sell their life savings and turn to family and friends for help in raising the money necessary for escape. Many are unable to afford to bring their families with them. Subsequently, a single member of the family (usually the male) must make the decision to leave his wife and children behind in
    often dangerous circumstances in the hope of finding protection. That people are prepared to pay so much
    for a journey known to be extremely unsafe provides additional evidence of the level of desperation driving
    people from their home countries.”

  93. Dan Rowden


    Are you serious? I mean, really, how does one function with the burden of such ignorance?

    “If someone can afford to pay a people smuggler thousands of dollars to travel to Australia, they cannot be a ‘genuine’ refugee.”

    Economic status has no bearing on refugee status. A refugee is someone who has a well founded fear of being persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. It makes no difference whether a refugee is rich or poor – the point is that they are at risk of, or have experienced, persecution. Many refugees who come to Australia are educated middle-class people, whose education, profession or political opinions have drawn them to the attention of the authorities and resulted in their persecution.

    I suggest you read that webpage and learn something instead of imagining that attitude constitutes knowledge.

  94. Garry Neville

    Oh boy,the voices of reason still exist.With the Murdoch abbott government in power for the past couple of months I feel a great void in any thought of honesty and fairness existing any more.The haters are winning,shock jocks are salivating,the voters have been betrayed in thinking that they were getting good government,we the people must fight back,the bad guys are winning.

  95. Michael Taylor

    In the long run, Garry, my money’s on the good guys.

    It’ll be a long fight though. Three years can be a long time.

  96. Kaye Lee

    Antony that is a truly depressing list 🙁

    “It’s rare, maybe unheard of, for an elected political leader to set out to put his country into even worse shape than he found it.

    If such a reversal occurs, it’s usually the result of war, or recession or incompetence or exceptionally bad luck, or a combination of external circumstances.

    Just looking at two of the Abbott government’s policies – education and climate change – we can confidently predict the next generation of Australians will be denied the continuous betterment to their lives that their parents and grandparents have taken for granted

    Many of the early actions of the Abbott government are cause enough for worry, but education and climate change policies are the really scary ones because they each have irreversible lifetime consequences.”

  97. Buff McMenis

    So sorry, but I can’t find a bloody thing this cretinous lot have done since they came to power which isn’t a disastrous flop! Education and Climate Change are the most obvious, but many of the small things like the NBN, NDIS, railway expansion, money to the States for Public Housing, Public Transport, and subsidising utilities costs being stripped is appalling. And the millionaire Treasurer continues to “blame” the previous Government! THIS is NOT a government … it a a powerful and media backed disgrace!!

  98. barro

    A lot better than those Clowns who had the power before. they stuffed everything.

  99. Roswell

    Oh really. What?

  100. Kaye Lee

    Welcome barro. perhaps you can answer the question that no-one else has yet been able to. Tell me one good thing this government has done so far. Refer to Antony’s list for the bad things so far.

    And John Lord……nothing yet?

  101. Pingback: o h , s i e n a

  102. Cath

    I get so angry when I hear people try to say “if they have $20,000 for a boat they arent genuine refugees”. Do you think that Jews in the days of Hitler werent really refugees? the jewish people were well known for their ability to work hard and save for the future. the difference these days are that there are so many atrocities going on in the world that people have stopped listening to how many people are actually being murdered, raped and tortured.

  103. Jexpat

    Looks like Australians got conned by the so called “mainstream” media into electing a George W. Bush- alongside of host of American style tea party members.

  104. Vino11

    Barro – it’s people like you who ruin this great nation.
    Wake up.! or go and live in America!

  105. cassilva48

    You might like to add that our electricity bills are increasing in January, so by all measures, we pay an increased fee before we get the promised Carbon Tax decrease. Nice one Tony. We are paying for our own carbon tax credit.

  106. cassilva48

    Well as my old mum would say, they will always increase the cost before we get the promised discount. In effect Kaye as you said, take with one hand and give (nada) with the other! The Carbon Tax reduction is somewhere in the vicinity of $130 per year, the new increases mean that we will be paying double that for gas and electricity, so they are making a profit on a profit!

    Same goes for those supermarket dockets, people foolishly believe that they are getting a 10 cents a litre discount, has anyone noticed that the price of petrol increases the same week as the discounts are offered? How can Aldi can sell the same products for dollars less than the big four and still make huge profits.

    We have been seduced into thinking that because we are living in one of the best country’s in the world, we have to pay to maintain our high standard of living. Recent media reports show that we are paying exorbitant prices for our food, petrol, gas, electricity, water, rates and overseas companies such as Ikea et al are laughing all the way to the bank.


  107. Kaye Lee

    Great point cass,

    “VICTORIAN households face more electricity and gas cost rises – of up to $130 a year.

    Customers already suffering from a surge in bills will be slugged again from January 1.

    Retailers have unveiled ­average residential power price rises of 1.8 per cent to 4.8 per cent, and gas price ­increases of 4.4 to 5.3 per cent.”

    Give with one hand and take with the other.

  108. Alan Smith

    I can think of something good the Abbott government has done for Australia.

    Cast your mind back a decade or so. Back in those days, whenever there was a change of government (Labor to Coalition, or vice versa) you could more or less be sure the new government could count upon a six months “honeymoon” followed by probably six years of government. The newly elected government would exploit this by carefully disguising their agenda, making it more apparently populist.

    The Abbott government, however, has not tried to tread carefully at all. They have well and truly hit the ground running with their ultra-rightist, Republican American style policies. This has meant forfeiting the honeymoon, and, quite possibly, the guaranteed election win in 2016 that would otherwise have been givens. Many of the donkey-voters and political cabbages – oops, “swinging voters” – who cast a vote for Abbott simply because “Ah, that other mob are too disorganized”) are already openly regretting their choices, This may well mean an end to the old pattern, and another change of government at the next election rather than the six years of terror we might otherwise have expected… and shows that whatever their other faults, the Murdoch govern – oops, sorry, Abbott government… at least has the courage of Rupert Murdoch’s convictions.

  109. Anne Egan-Plaizier

    Anthony, I couldn’t read past October. It was too depressing.

  110. Gavan

    Alan, I’ve heard theories that their tactic involves doing all this unpopular stuff quick sticks and then pulling out some crowd-pleasers before the election in the hope that everyone forgets what a maelstrom of horror they began with.

    We need to keep this list handy if this is the case.

  111. Observertherealone

    This website chooses to run a cartoon suggesting Abbott is in the pockets of the mega-rich fat-cats. Right. So I guess the rest of the article will be fair and balanced then…?

  112. Michael Taylor

    Brilliant, Bacchus.

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