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Scott Morrison’s appalling judgement continues

Since seizing the reins a little over two months ago, Scott Morrison has demonstrated the most appalling judgement on pretty much everything.

Businesses are loudly expressing their despair about the lack of any policy on climate change and energy and we are hardly likely to get one with the people he chose for Environment and Energy Minsters. Thanks to Alan Jones, instead of any sensible discussion, we now talk about “fair dinkum power”, “big sticks”, and meeting emissions reduction “in a canter”.

Floated threats to intervene to break up energy, and now petrol, companies – the so-called ‘big stick’ – have been met with great concern by the ACCC, not to mention the sovereign risk it suggests to new investors.

The Indigenous community have expressed their disgust at having Tony Abbott thrust upon them to make recommendations about Indigenous education. In an astonishing display of cognitive dissonance during his current photo tour, Abbott said boosting funding to remote communities was “part of the answer” to fixing fundamental social problems. This from the man who slashed half a billion from funding for Indigenous support services and who described living in remote communities as a “lifestyle choice”.

The captain’s pick to announce publicly that the government was going to “discuss” moving our embassy to Jerusalem and pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal was a foreign policy disaster which Malcolm Turnbull was sent to Indonesia to smooth over. But under attack from Alan Jones, Scott Morrison pretended Malcolm had acted outside his brief, something that was just not credible at first glance and proven to be a lie when Morrison was forced to admit Turnbull had been briefed on handling the embassy matter and any ensuing threats to trade negotiations.

In July, Troy Bramston tweeted that Craig Kelly had lost the numbers to retain preselection for his seat of Hughes – “Craig’s so busy on Sky News he’s forgotten to talk to his branches,” one Liberal said. Yet Scott, in another recent captain’s pick, decided to override the preselectors to insist that they endorse Kelly – the most strident and ill-informed climate change denier in parliament. So much for Abbott’s push for more democracy for the branches.

As Mr Kelly posts on Facebook that any supposed threat to Pacific islands from climate change is just “climate alarmism”, Papua New Guinea prime minister Peter O’Neill has used a meeting with Scott Morrison to publicly remind him about the importance of Australian leadership in tackling climate change.

Soon after becoming prime minister two months ago, Mr Morrison decided not to attend the annual Pacific Islands Forum, sending his foreign minister instead. At the conference, Australia signed a declaration describing climate change as the “single greatest threat” to the Pacific. Apparently they forgot to brief Craig Kelly about that.

Scott doesn’t seem to let competence, or lack thereof, influence his choices. Stuart Robert was Scott’s numbers man who, despite multitudinous scandals surrounding him (including the awarding of millions of dollars in government contracts to a company that Mr Robert’s elderly parents didn’t know they were directors of) has been rewarded with the Assistant Treasurer’s job.

Peter Dutton is now horribly conflicted as the NZ deal for refugee resettlement is on, then off, then on, depending on the audience. Children can’t be removed from the islands because that will make the people smugglers fill the boats with kids and they are just faking illness anyway, but quietly we will get them off in time for Santa to visit, just don’t tell. And how come NZ is a pull factor but the US isn’t? Immigration is good for the economy, or bad for congestion, once again depending on your audience. This is the malarkey Morrison has tasked Dutton to sell.

Sitting on the Ruddock review into religious freedom has just made it turn into a festering debate about discrimination which has now seen school students launch a campaign to ask principals to give up the right to sack gay teachers.

The ‘marketing of ScoMo’ just keeps getting worse, the latest example being his decision to chug-a-lug a beer and put the empty cup on his head at the behest of a chanting crowd of cricket fans. Responsible drinking?

Scott has six months to convince us that he and his “united team” are the best option to govern the country. At the moment it looks more like an amateur Karaoke night at the local pub.

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  1. Laurie KIDD

    I thought Turnbull’s judgement was bad but compared to this bloke… We’ll really there is no comparison.

  2. Florence Howarth

    I suspect that Morrison learns lines with little comprehension of the meaning. This would explain how he is able to backflip, tell a different story the next day with ease. Would explain his discomfort when being questioned. Same goes for many ministers of this honourable government of ours. He simply does not know when he is coming across as lying. It is all role-playing to him.

  3. New England Cocky

    “Scott has six months to convince us that he and his “united team” are the best option to govern the country. At the moment it looks more like an amateur Karaoke night at the local pub.”

    @Kaye Lee: Why wait six months??? Bring on the Federal election ASAP, for the good of the country!!

    Oops!! Silly me!! When ever did the Liarbral Notional$ misgovernment ever consider “the good of the nation” over the pecuniary interests of individual politicians having their snouts fixed firmly in the public purse of the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme????

  4. Ill fares the land

    You expect a fool and a buffoon to behave according to type. Granted, society is to blame, because we all have to share the responsibility for creating the cultural environment where corrupt incompetents can get elected to the parliament. In some ways it has always been thus, but over my lifetime, there seems to have been a noticeable decline. Either that or the advent of the 24/7 media/spin cycle has meant that nothing stays silent for long, but too many of our elected politicians are an abject disgrace. The day of the political statesman is long past.

    Add to that that conservatives tend to vote based on fear (fear of migrants, of the unemployed getting loads of money to blow on drugs for nothing, fear that the indigenous get truckloads of benefits not available to anyone else, fear of this, fear of that…..) and the setting is perfect for nutjobs like Katter, Hanson, Anning, Cash, O’Dwyer, Kelly, Dutton, Lienhelm (I won’t afford him the courtesy of spell-checking his name) and Morrison to name a few, to rise into positions of influence if not power.

    However, be thankful that Morrison’s incompetence is on rich and glorious display – that makes our voting choices rather easier. Only rusted on Liberals would ever think his performance is good.

  5. Shaun Newman

    Prime Minister Morrison this morning stated and I quote “If I thought I had the money to give the Newstart recipients a raise in payments, I’d give the pensioners a raise first” is this bloke for real?

    This L’NP Morrison government has just recently ‘given’ $5Billion to farmers, and just announced a $500 Million spend on the Canberra War Memorial to name just two items, if a government does not have the money to care for its most vulnerable 800,000 unemployed citizens it does not spend money in this way, or should not spend money in this way.

    This continues the succession of L’NP Prime Ministers Abbott, Turnbull and now Morrison in the past 5 years who speak with forked tongue. Australians have woken up to this fact and are begining to ask “What about me, it isn’t fair, now I want my share.”

  6. SteveFitz

    Kaye Lee – You throw us back in our seats once again. Colosseums and violent spectator sports are part of the early Roman, and now the LNP, tool box. Football is a great diversion to distract us from reality or debating politics. The truth is shocking so, we feel the need for distraction and frivolity.

    Grasping at straws, latch onto religion, latch onto footy. Morrison is all show – He’s not a real footy fan. A real footy fan would have sculled the beer, peed in the empty cup and balanced it on his head without spilling a drop. You see, sculling the beer is only half the challenge. The real challenge comes from not pissing on your own head – Scott

  7. helvityni

    Why spend money on expanding on a War Memorial, look after the people, the ones who came back home from any war, mentally physically damaged…and help their families.

    Let’s also do something about our ever-expanding obesity problem, if we don’t, it will cost us a lot more later on….

  8. SteveFitz

    helvityni – Glorifying war is part of the normalising process – The public are already half on board when we are called upon to sacrifice our youth in the pursuit of power and wealth for a few.

    Organic matter stores carbon – When burnt or decayed, Co2 is released into the atmosphere. The rotund carry a hidden asset – They store lots of carbon. The down side is, excessive sugar consumption and, poor health.

  9. Kronomex

    helvityni, Scummo is only going to be leader and PM for a few months so he’s desperate to leave his (and the LNP’s) mark on the country. A sort of giant brown and malodorous mark that will take years to remove.

    On another note: who do you all consider as the most dangerous madman on the planet? For me, it’s not The Donald, Putin, Kim Jong-un, Scummo (comedy relief), or even Bolsonaro. The biggest threat is plainly and simply a maniac named John Bolton.

  10. Kronomex

    Steve, the thing that always make me angry about calling the men and women to go to war is that most pollies always find ways to exclude their own family members, or themselves for that matter (a certain Donald and his “bone spurs”), from fighting. I hesitate to use to the word cowardice but, as they say, if the shoe fits…

  11. John O'Callaghan

    Morrison has fallen into the classic trap of thinking that people are laughing with him, but as we all know people are laughing at him… but because of his over inflated ego and sense of supreme self importance he cant and never will see it!………

  12. pierre wilkinson

    “Scott has six months to convince us that he and his “united team” are the best option to govern the country.”
    Hopefully no where near that much time… already the knives are being sharpened, the fearful back benchers are concerned that to wait is to conflate the problem, the opinion polls clearly illustrate the unpopularity of this morally vacant government and the drums are sounding the thrashing they so richly deserve,
    6 months is far too long to suffer these fools for.
    Bring on an election now… please.

  13. Frank Smith

    How can Scummo claim to be “fair-dinkum” when he claims HIS Government is quietly bringing asylum seeker children off Nauru whilst at the same time “pushing ahead with its challenge to the federal court’s ability to order sick refugees and asylum seekers be brought to Australia”. Lies, hypocrisy, nonsense, spin, bullshit!


  14. ChristopherJ

    Thank you Kaye. Everyone can see that the entire world needs to move into mitigation. Climate change, particularly change of the abrupt variety, is upon us now.

    Meanwhile, the humans in charge seem not to notice and it is fast becoming time when thinking people in this world need to express our no confidence in a way which makes our politicians want to take action to reverse the damage we have done. A general strike or similar is called for.

    And, most f#cking urgently

  15. Phil Atkinson

    Frank Smith – There remains about a dozen Coalition members who need a High Court referral, but nothing’s happened to date as the Opposition didn’t have the numbers. With Dr Kerryn Phelps about to be sworn in, that’s going to change. All the same, “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

  16. DrakeN

    “Everyone can see that the entire world needs to move into mitigation.”

    Not everyone at all.

    At least 45% of the Australian population, for example, consider it to be less important than “the Economy”.

    Not that even half of the population have even the slightest of understanding of what “Climate Change” actually means let alone the potential that it has to disrupt the totality of mammalian existence.

  17. helvityni

    SteveFitz, when temperatures rise, it’s harder to be rotund….

    Kronomex, John Bolton even looks scary, but so does our very own potato…

  18. SteveFitz

    I just watched a re-run of One Plus One with Get-up co-founder Jeremy Heimans – Fighting against injustice and fighting for a more progressive Australia with a fair go for everyone. In his words he is an outspoken activist fighting for what’s right with over 1 million supporters in Australia already. Average people and average families like you and me.

    Jeremy is not part of an organisation, with vested interest, but sees himself as an outsider. Unhindered by ideology and driven only by his own conscience and what he sees as the right thing to do, in his own heart. It’s catching on and it’s spreading… Instant communication and independent media with its social activists is the wave that will wash away a corrupted system and usher in true democracy.

  19. DrakeN

    I carved a small, slightly dessicated pumpkin from last year’s crop, into a Jack o’Lantern for this Halloween.

    There must have been something subliminal driving my efforts because it came out looking like a clone of Peter Dutton.
    But even then, it didn’t actually look quite as terrifying as the prototype.

  20. Paul Falconer

    Scummo’s tin-eared arrogance was on full display with is prosperity-doctrine sermon loosely disguised as a concession speech after Wentworth hit the Libs across the face with a shovel.

    Scummo thinks it was all the electorate’s fault.

    He’s issued a KPI performance report for us all to consider so that we can address our shortcomings and re-embrace the true Liberal cause. You can see its contents here:


  21. David Stakes

    Morrison just believes he has to go full term because its what he believes in, Ok just makes the defeat bigger than saving some furniture and China. Fundamentalist religion, so is Fundamentalist believer in doing things.

  22. James Cook

    The only places where Promo’s hypocrisy and back-flipping are reported and analysed are in independent media outlets such as AIMN. The MSM are either too lazy, too complicit or too dumb to do their jobs properly. Thanks Kaye Lee for your tireless and insightful investigations.

  23. nonsibicunctis

    ‘Climate change’ is a misnomer – it’s something people usually seek when they go on holiday. The isssue is Global Warming and, in this age of euphemism, we need to be wary of the labels that we use or it is very likely that should the planet continue to support human life by the end of the millenium, those who’ve survived will see those who haven’t as ‘Collateral damage’.

  24. Kaye Lee


    To be fair, the MSM does report most of these stories but they are either dependent on government for funding or dependent on politicians to give them leaks, drops, interviews etc. They are also under constant threat of legal action. Whilst we have had some experience of that, we are not beholden to politicians so have a lot more freedom in the way we express ourselves and a lot more time and flexibility to provide context from the past. We usually collate rather than break news.

  25. Kaye Lee


    We are experiencing climate change because of global warming.

  26. Terence Mills

    For once a bit of good news :

    Sky has terminated the contract of its late-night presenter Ross Cameron for using racist language to describe Chinese people.

    Cameron, a co-host of Outsiders, which is shown on Sky and free-to-air television, described Chinese people as “black-haired, slanty-eyed, yellow-skinned” during a 30 October broadcast.

    Apologies to Australians of Asian heritage but this is a moment to celebrate.

    Hi co-presenter, Rowan Dean hasn’t been sacked yet but to have Ross Cameron’s TV career brought to a shuddering halt has renewed my faith in humanity. I could never understand why anybody would actually pay this bloke to spout drivel.

    Now, what about Blot !!!

  27. Kaye Lee

    “The presenters of Sky News show Outsiders, Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron, have issued an on-air apology over their handling of comments made by Senator David Leyonhjelm about the sex life of Greens politician Sarah Hanson-Young.” July 2018

    “Mark Latham has been sacked as a commentator by Sky News following outrage over his comments about the sexuality of a Sydney teenager on the Outsiders program on March 12.”

    They were getting an audience of about 31,000 a week (which is less than us) and yet they have now been given a nightly program?

    The three little pigs are down to one. How long before he goes weee weee wee all the way home?

  28. nonsibicunctis

    Christopher J, I think that that the ‘humans in charge’ know very well what is happening but are so completely indoctrinated with the capitalist ethic of short term gain and the preservation of privilege that they are deluded to believe that they will survive no matter what and, of coure, to hell with the rest of us.

    The Australian electorate and, indeed, most electorates or populations are not particularly intelligent, in spite of it being claimed so by politicians on the hustings. The fact is that most people devote most of their intellectual capacity, such as it is, to the day-to-day necessities of survival. Predominantly, they do so as automatons. This is reflected in the constant preoccupation with ‘jobs’, ‘work’, ’employment’ and ‘unemployment’ and, as you mention: the ‘economy’.

    Few actually understand what constitutes ‘the economy’ and most mistakenly believe that the nation can be managed in the same way as a household. The result is that they readily imbibe the deceptions put forward by governments of all persuasions through their focus on ‘The Budget’ and dishonestly misleading drivel threatening ‘deficits’ or ‘surpluses’ and thus giving an illusion of sound evidence for their claims and ability to do or not do, whatever.

    The fact is that the nation is not a household and doesn’t receive its income in the same way. Nor is its expenditure tied to its income in the same way as is yours or mine. Money, in a sovereign nation, only achieves value when it is spent and the government can print as much of it as it wishes for as long as it has assets to support it.

    Taxation exists largely to control inflation, not as most assume, to fund services, infrastructure and such. Governments don’t want us to understand this as it destroys their major excuse for maintaining disadvantage and inequity. Yet the lie is clear and exemplified in recent times by the instant ability to give $500,000, without any business case or review to a minor agency which, at that very time, was in the process of proving eligibility and worth for a grant of just $15,000. Another case is the highly questionable decision to spent a $500,000,000 on upgrading the War Memorial. There are many other examples to be seen if one cares to look.

    Neither real action to mitigate global warming nor any of the lesser threats with which the majority of our population deal on a daily basis are of any real concern to this government, nor are they likely to be to a government of any other persuasion. Our governments and probably most, if not all, others around the world are interested in only two issues: 1. Staying in power. 2. Using that power to benefit themselves and their friends.

    So, yes, let’s have a general strike and see it struck down by the courts under legislation that has largely removed the one right that is supposedly inalienable, that of a person to withdraw their labour. Let it continue and see those already disadvantaged suffer more as they are joined by those currently just that little further up the food chain. See it collapse and the political right cement even tighter control over the populace, citing the ‘nasty left, bleeding heart, socialists …’ for trying to take over the nation.

    I would like to think that the outcome would be substantial change and a new structural system that would provide equity and equality across our nation and remove the ability of self-interest groups to dominate and rule through lies, deceit and the most powerful of all weapons – socialisation. Unfortunately, I think the scenario I’ve suggested would be the outcome.

    A major problem of our ‘democracy’ is that it relies heavily on the concept of ‘majority’ and majorities are rarely either well informed or right. This is further exacerbated because already just the top 2% or less of the population own as much or more than the rest of us do collectively. That is another sort of ‘majority’, a financial and asset rich one that can be deployed to swing and even dictate opinion, so neutralising or even changing the views of a population vastly outnumbering those couple of percent.

    Is their hope? Always. Would I expect your General Strike to win? Sadly, no. Even more sadly, I think that ordinary folk (if I may use that expression and imply no derogation) would end up even worse off than they are now and the political right would be strengthened.

  29. Frank Smith

    I suspect that Cameron and Latham (along with Bolt perhaps) will now set up Breitbart Australia.

  30. Michael Taylor

    As a PM he is a complete waste of space.

    Where do they get these types from? Three in a row now have been incapable of putting together a policy.

    Mr Squiggle could do a better job.

  31. Kaye Lee


    Let’s not forget the $2.2 million gifted to farmers in November 2013 “for Native Title Respondent Funding which will provide
    pastoralists with access to legal advice as part of the native title process” just as Abbott and Hockey were slashing funding to Indigenous legal aid services.

  32. Kaye Lee

    lol Mr Squiggle……. upside down, upside down, everything is.

  33. Matters Not

    Factual or not?

    … black haired, slanty eyed, yellow skinned Chinese …

    While facts might be necessary and desirable, maybe an educated person needs to have additional considerations? If so, then what?

  34. nexus321

    Scott Moses makes Tony ‘the robot’ Abbott look bright. These mental midgets are handing over tens of billions for pointless weapons.

  35. Frank Smith

    Nexus, and in so doing locking future Governments into costly contracts for many years that would involve Sovereign risk to wind back. Disgusting!

  36. nexus321

    Frank Smith, $200 billion to keep Pyne in his seat?

  37. ChristopherJ

    Thank you, n.

    Push people hard enough, bro, and they will focus their anger in unpredictable ways. See riots in UK not too long ago. All it takes is hunger and for hope to disappear.

    History has showed us that when the state’s mercenaries are deployed to protect the assets of the rich, some of those humans will do so reluctantly, and it only takes one or two defections…

    Re a general strike, I use that term loosely to describe mass protest, as I agree that Aussies’ ability to withhold our labour is no longer a right (see Melbourne trains).

    Yet, when a larger and larger portion of us no longer have labour to withhold… sooner than you think

  38. Matters Not

    Looks like Trump and (maybe) Morrison have a new mate.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday hailed as “historic” Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro’s plan to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    “I congratulate my friend Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro for his intention to move the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem, a historic, correct and exciting step!” Netanyahu said in a statement.


    Making Australia grate again?

  39. Molitoff

    ‘…an amateur Karaoke night at the local pub’ Na.The Village Idiot is in charge.

  40. Kronomex

    It’s loudest and noisiest quiet I’ve ever heard –


    What a bunch of bastards…oh, I keep forgetting there’s an election ahead. Scummo must be running out of feet and toes to shoot off.

    Just keep putting it off until after the election and the LNP, in opposition, can blame Labor for not doing anything about corporate tax –


  41. John lord

    “You know a political party is in trouble when it talks more about its opponents than it does itself”

  42. jake

    top of the flops for this week – contenders are

    the barnyard goose – worst agriculture minister ever – who would have thunk, all hat no cattle, greedy amoral and adulterous – what could go wrong
    scummo lying about fizza’s brief for Indonesia and forgetting that he had put the brief in writing and copies still exist – still not good enough for the pinochio award – disgusting donald has that sewn up except for a (dis)honorable mention of the saudi royal family last week
    mutton head (the man who would be king) doing an excellent chicken little impersonation – “the boats are coming, the boats are coming, but labour ….)
    fungus taylor, member of the flat earth society and his adventures with socialism – telling private companies to lower their prices or his boss(?) has a really big stick
    craig silly for being, well, silly – “climate change is perfectly natural but it doesn’t exist and if it did I wouldn’t believe it but it’s been happening always but it isn’t climate change, it’s just the climate changing but I don’t believe it so it doesn’t exist” – maybe silly o’dwyer has a spare brain cell she can lend me, she must have at least three (labour bad, unions really bad, banks good, more money for me really good)
    nigel scoundrel for diverting funds to his fishing buddies “fizza and scrote gave millions to lucy’s buds on the reef, why can’t I give thousands to my favourites?”
    ross canetoad thinking liars voting ‘ok to be white’ meant he could channel his inner racist and his thought bubble exploded in his face, don’t let the door hit you on the bum on your way out (shame you can’t take your SAD pathetic mates with you)

    seven days – seven best picks – so who’s the biggest flop – oh decisions decisions

  43. roma guerin

    The Monthly has a chilling essay on Scott Morrison, 10-page if you count the photos. I must have a masochistic streak as I felt compelled to read to the end. Australia really, really needs to remove this man from office, asap.

  44. Kronomex

    Do you realise that if Scummo and Crony Co. had a “Social Credit” system going in Australia all of us who post and comment here would have scores so low we wouldn’t be allowed outside of our places of residence for fear of infecting the rest of the country –


    Whoo-whoo. Whoo-whoo.
    “Citizens within a six house area must now evacuate or lock themselves in their houses and set the internal pressure guage to level 2. This will keep the outcast Kaye Lee’s impure thoughts from infecting you as she is allowed outside for her one hour a day of sunlight and receives her daily soylent green and other necessities”
    Whoo-whoo. Whoo-whoo.
    “Citizens within a six house area must now evacuate or lock themselves…”

  45. Kaye Lee


    Darren Chester is one of the few Coaliton MPs I have some regard for. I am sure he would hate to see Barnaby back as would anyone even vaguely sensible – but look at the Nats. There are a few genuine people amongst them but there are a lot of nutters too.

  46. Kronomex

    Kaye Lee,

    You may well be right but that doesn’t mean that The Beetroot is just going to put up with being a plain old common back bencher. The problem is that if he has another go and, cringe, gets the top job back, Darren Chester may well be removed from the position he currently holds for being disloyal in the eyes of Barmeebee. Here’s hoping they can keep him on a very tight leash.

  47. Terence Mills

    On Insiders today it was noted that the Morrison commitment to take all children off Nauru by Christmas had a sting in the tail : only the children and their mothers are being removed but not the fathers/husbands.

    It seems that where these children and their mothers will be sent is a secret ( it won’t be New Zealand but it could be Christmas Island – there’s a touch of Irony for you ) but the will not be sent back to Nauru according to what we know (which isn’t much).

    How then do we justify separating families with no plan to reunite them : the answer appears to be, ‘well Trump did it so why can’t we’.

    Whenever there is an act of inhumanity or a failure to show compassion you can bet your boots it has Dutton’s stamp all over it.

  48. Kaye Lee

    People are getting sick of “cut through slogans” and “retail politicians”. Well some are. A woman on facebook, expressing her outrage at the sacking of Ross Cameron from Outsiders, said

    “All I can say is since I started watching Sky News and Current Affairs the amount of leftist guests on any of their shows has skyrocketed and I now class 70% of their shows almost worse than the ABC !!! Bolt,The Outsiders and Jones and Co are the only shows left that I want to watch !!! at this point in time I am just waiting for my Foxtel subscription to run out and won’t be renewing !!!!!!”

    It’s a strange world out there.

  49. nonsibicunctis

    Kaye, the World makes perfect sense – it’s so many of the human beings on it that don’t. [ 😉 ] That some are gfiven to voice (and presumably believe) such abject nonsense or vitriolic bile when faced with rationality, reason, compassion, and caring, is still a reality around which I can’t wrap my own intellect.

    Such comments remind me of a lecture and tutorial I once conducted with an adult class on the topic of “libraries and society” which essentially dealt with understanding diversity and the particular characteristics and needs of diverse groups. At one point we discussed the issue of library users who were economically disadvantage and also of Australian Aborigines & Torres Strait Islanders.

    In hindsight, I suppose that I should have expected it but at the time I found it somewhat stunning. A number of students, including one who was particularly vocal and indignant, took issue with the notion that those groups should be given any special consideration. That wasn’t something so unexpected but their reasoning was what shook me most. Their argument, in a nutshell, was that these groups received all sorts of taxpayer funded ‘hand-out’ and ‘allowances’ that ‘we (the students in the class) don’t get and so were already “privileged”‘.

    In other words, these relatively comfortable (though certainly not wealthy) adults were, effectively, envious of fellow Australians who were living at the very bottom of the socio-economic scale – yet seemed incapable of appreciating the irony of their view! Even when I asked if any of them would be prepared to change places with those disadvantaged groups, they could only dismiss the question as stupid or insist that ‘they’ (the objectors) would never be in a position to need help and the disadvantaged weren’t really so but simply rorting the system.

    It was a highly eventful session, that evening, and I can only hope that eventually ‘the penny dropped’ with at least some of those involved. As these were people who considered themselves suitable for a role that should treat all with disinterest and equal welcome, I have to try to believe that such would eventuate, though I admit that such an outcome is doubtful.

    There are some myopic, parsimonious, irrational and selfish people out there.

  50. Jon Chesterson

    Morrison – Mouth of a thousand tongues, but nothing meaningful beyond mindless repetition and slogans.

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