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Do we really need to listen to the crazy ideas of One Nation?

By Tracie Aylmer

So some people want Australia to leave the United Nations.

This is one of the most farcical brain farts that One Nation could ever have thought up. There are two countries that are not member states of the UN. Neither could be classified as having real influence in the world, in relation to important matters such as trade and sovereignty. They are Vatican City and the state of Palestine.

Leaving the UN would not just mean real issues within Australia. It would also mean that many of our trade partners would be disrupted. Unfortunately for us, the world does not hold its bated breath for everything we do. Instead, we are considered similarly to North Korea – accepted, but with real problems and disdain.

If we left the UN, suspicion would be cast against us. We would have problems travelling. We won’t hold the trust that we presently have, where we do have the facility to move around freely due to the Schengen Agreement. This would stop relatively quickly.

Then there’s the aspect relating to voting for or against world priorities. We wouldn’t have a say in literally anything. Australia wouldn’t be invited to any conferences, nor have a say in current world events.

These are just three major problems that would occur if Australia left the UN. We would literally be cut off from the rest of the world in ways that couldn’t be measured. While there are issues with the UN, it still gives us protections that we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Do we really need to listen to the crazy ideas of One Nation?


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  1. david1

    Hanson is not of a stable mindset, which is obviously one of the requisites to be a member of her club. If anyone has no problems with her idiotic stupid ideas, then you need help. Woman is a tosser.
    I await the attacks with pleasure.

  2. Carol Taylor

    Hanson is all about blaming one’s problems onto somebody else, preferable someone readily identifiable ie ‘foreigners’. If it wasn’t for ‘foreigners’ then there wouldn’t be any problems. So, let’s get rid of all of our problems by getting rid of all the foreigners. And what could be more full of foreigners than the UN, so we’ll leave. Simple isn’t it….either throw them out or leave them to it.

  3. DiverDan

    “Instead, we are considered similarly to North Korea – accepted, but with real problems and disdain”

    Inane rubbish like that is the reason I don’t bother reading the AIMN much anymore. Appalling grammar aside, that is so facile as to be contemptible.

  4. John Brame

    I am still waiting for a policy from One Nation that makes any sense. I think the ‘leaving the UN’ idea might be Malcolm Roberts brainchild. Malcolm is as loopy as they come. For the record, squat toilets are way better than sit on toilets. And just a quick bit of advertising here. We need a carbon tax !

  5. Michael Taylor

    We have published 4,594 articles on The AIMN and you find one sentence you don’t like from one article and judge us on that. I’m glad then that you don’t come here very often.

  6. John Brame

    One Nation seems to peddle fear and hate. Not attributes I would give to an ongoing successful organisation. The world needs love, and policies which will unite all cultures, abandon the massive spending on military, destroy the poor rich gap, share resources and look after the planet and all it’s wonderful biodiversity (or what will be left of it)

  7. DiverDan

    To Michael Taylor. Such a childish response.

  8. Terry2

    The only way that One Nation can become a threat is when the dominant parties start to snuggle up to them to get their legislative program through and, in the process, make unseemly concessions.

    We have already seen this in the recent announcement by Dutton – supported by Turnbull – that any person who had ever attempted to come to Australia by boat – not by air you will note – without a visa, will never be allowed to visit this country even if travelling on the passport of their newly adopted country ; so we are potentially discriminating against citizens of New Zealand, USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden etc. Clearly this is an over-reach by Dutton who, as Immigration Minister already has far reaching powers governing the issue of visas : can we read into this a ‘wink and a nod’ to One Nation to get them onside for the government’s industrial relations legislation ?

    We are also seeing a deal in the offing with Senator Leyonhjelm who will only support the government’s industrial relations Bill if section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is amended. Turnbull, from two weeks ago saying that he had no intention of returning to Tony Abbott’s proposed changes to 18C, is now saying that it needs to be looked at – yet another concession to the Abbott far-right rabble.

    When a government doesn’t have the numbers and is desperate to be seen to be doing something (anything ?) some very nasty compromises can be done and this degrades our democracy.

  9. Stephen Bowler

    The most important outcome of the latest Hanson / Robert’s brainless policy anouncements is that it shows many of us just how many Australian’s realy are either ignorant or xenaphobic, or perhaps how many are both.

    Sorry DiverDan if my spelling / grammar offends you. So could you explain why you think the article is facile, and then point out the exact grammatical problems with the article, and then explain the corrected grammar?

    I am keen to learn, so I do not offend you anymore!

  10. Michael

    DiverDan November 5, 2016 at 8:33 am

    “Inane rubbish like that is the reason I don’t bother reading the AIMN much anymore.”

    Yet you seem to be irresistibly drawn to participate in the university of the common thinking person waiting with bated breath for your pearls of wisdom – I have a feeling you have so much to give.

  11. Rob

    You blind fools, you really don’t know what is coming. Name me just one country where you can move to and go straight on benefits, force yourself and all your beliefs on that population, demand your religion be the only religion and if they don’t change cut their heads off. ignore their laws and go around in groups stabbing people who look at you sideways. For yours and all of ours sakes you had better wake up be fore its too late. stupid stupid stupid fools.
    If you went out into the real world you would see so called refugees who within 12 months of arriving have a new home, new car. all the family have new clothes plenty of money to spend…..alot more than Australians have got. Both the Husband and wife get full benefits individually plus free Pharmacy. Australians don’t get that anywhere. you really haven’t got a friggin clue, you fools.

  12. Klaus Petrat


    I have serious doubts regarding your state of mind. If you think that One Nation has appeal, do me a favor, piss off, educate yourself, perhaps travel a bit, have a drag and read. AIM is one of the best there is. Perhaps you prefer the Australia (hang on, that costs money) or the daily Telegraph.

    I am now angry at myself wasting this much time on your worthless comment. Shame on me…..

  13. Michael Taylor

    To Michael Taylor. Such a childish response.

    I generally speak to a person in a manner that is easy for them to understand. Thank you for confirming that I did the right thing.

  14. Michael Taylor

    Rob, your ignorance is breathtaking.

  15. Kaye Lee


    You have been scammed. This comes from the government….

    “Do refugees receive higher welfare benefits than Australians?

    In recent years, a series of emails have been widely circulated throughout Australia claiming to describe the social security entitlements for refugees, compared with those of other Australian residents. A common claim in these emails is that refugees in Australia receive higher social security benefits than age pensioners. Some also suggest that refugees receive free gifts such as houses. Claims of this kind are erroneous and appear to have caused some confusion in the community.

    There is no truth to claims made in emails circulated throughout Australia that refugees are entitled to higher benefits than other social security recipients. Refugees have the same entitlements as all other permanent residents—they do not receive special refugee payments or special rates of payment.

    Given the circumstances in which refugees come to settle in Australia, they are exempt from the standard waiting period that applies to migrants seeking to access social security payments or concession cards.”

    Whoever fed you that information is ill-informed. I would suggest you question anything you hear from that source. No-one gets free pharmacy (unless they reach their safety net). If they are on welfare they will get a concession card like anyone else.


    Brain fart yes, from air heads.

  17. randalstella

    DiverDan did not say anything about One Nation.
    The article claimed Australia’s international reputation is similar to North Korea’s. DiverDan’s reply was that this is twaddle.
    DiverDan is right. It is ridiculous. It is a ridiculous way of arguing for fairness. It would be rightly mocked in open forum.

    Why not stick to the very many facts, the very many real problems? Hyperbole like this just undermines the case for fairness.
    Like the crazy ignoramuses at One Nation.

  18. Terry2


    One of us is blind and perhaps it’s me but I looked everywhere in your contribution for supporting facts, evidence, links and research backing your allegations but I found nothing.

    I think I would be a very, very foolish person to take your rantings – as your mate Malcolm Roberts would say – as empirical proof.

  19. Michael Taylor

    I certainly don’t know what social security payments they receive. To receive any payment such as Newstart, DSP, the age pension, Youth Allowance etc you must first be an Australian citizen. It is in the Social Security Act (1991). And to be granted citizenship a person born overseas must have been living in Australia for two years (plus meet all other criteria).

  20. Kaye Lee

    They wave the two years for refugees Michael because of their circumstances.

    “What income support are humanitarian entrants able to receive?

    When humanitarian entrants arrive in Australia through the Humanitarian Programme, they arrive as permanent residents and can immediately access income support payments under the same eligibility criteria as any other Australian permanent resident.

    This is in recognition of the difficult circumstances they have faced, and the fact that they come to Australia with limited money, possessions and social networks to assist them to meet basic living expenses.

    Do humanitarian entrants receive more than other Australians?

    Humanitarian entrants do not receive higher benefits than other social security recipients. They have the same entitlements as all other Australian permanent residents.”

  21. Michael Taylor

    Awesome, Kaye. And so they should.

  22. david1

    Michael very acceptable response to Mr Diver.

  23. Deanna Jones

    Hanson is extremely ignorant and uninformed. To even think about leaving the UN shows what a laughable addition she is to public office, an absolute embarrassment on par with abbott. If the UN is critical of us, and they ought to be, then we’ll just take our ball and piss off. What the f*ck is going on here?

    To Rob, lots of people here own homes, lots dear, about 70ish % maybe. Our houses are among the biggest in the world and indicative of our selfish collective mentality, in particular your’s. You’re angry at the idea of people having homes and happy lives? What the f*ck is up with you? Seriously.

    I can’t really point to any research regarding how we are no perceived, globally, but anecdotally I can say that we are not respected by people in other parts of the world. Social media and other online discourse reflects this.

    Edited to add, thank you Tracey!

  24. diannaart

    Having worked in public housing, I met a wide range of people. Australians were the highest percentage of low income people, then there were immigrants followed by an even tinier percentage of refugees.

    I don’t know where Hanson and One Nation minions get this idea of “If you went out into the real world you would see so called refugees who within 12 months of arriving have a new home, new car.”

    I worked in the real world, where the majority of immigrants and refugees set up finding work and putting their kids through school and on to tertiary level.

    Sadly many of the Australians were in a poverty trap – not well educated, unlike many immigrants and refugees, they could neither afford nor even see the necessity for higher training for themselves or their children. Over the years both sides of politics have tightened the belt on welfare, these people are lucky if they can continue in supported housing, the increased numbers of homeless on our streets bear witness to that. If governments were serious about “jobs’ngrowth” more investment and thoughtful adjustment programs would help break the poverty cycle.

    Of course planning ahead for closures of the car industry, coal power and other ailing technology is simply good sense – but not embraced by our government. Instead they like to blame a bunch of people who had the courage to flee interminable warfare.

  25. Exoplanet

    “Instead, we are considered similarly to North Korea – accepted, but with real problems and disdain”

    Inane rubbish like that is the reason I don’t bother reading the AIMN much anymore. Appalling grammar aside, that is so facile as to be contemptible.

    He’s right, the statement doesn’t even make it to the status of facile. Show some intellectual spine and acknowledge it, AIMN. Everyone gets it wrong occasionally. To ignore it does no-one any credit.



  27. david1

    Mr Dannaher…Shoutng is the tool of a bully. I’m sure your ‘capslock’ key is stuck in the on position, isn’t it?

  28. Jack

    Is Michael Taylor just here to insult every poster whos opinion he disagrees with?

  29. Michael Taylor

    Is Michael Taylor just here to insult posters whos [sic] opinion he disagrees with?

    Mainly. I like to pop in now and again to insult people who first insult the author. I’ll go away if you want me to.

  30. Jack

    You’re confusing insults with criticism. Maybe AIM should try harder if it can’t handle justifiable criticism. Of course One Nation should be ignored, but how is comparing us to North Korea gong to help with anything? Has anything AIM has written made any difference to this country? Can you point to one improvement that has come about through this website?

    Why can’t the anonymous author of this article fight their own battles? Did they ask you to fight their fights for them, or do you just do it because you think you’re better at it, or you think they’re incapable?

    As for you going away, it makes no difference to me.

    As for your (sic) yes, I missed an apostrophe.. sigh…. but umm.. if you’re going to be so pedantic,
    might try making sure you get everything right first.

    “Awesome, Kaye. And so they should.”

    I’d have written that as,

    “Awesome, Kaye, and so they should.”

    but thats just me…

  31. Michael Taylor

    Ah, I see. You’re one of those people who just waits for me to say something so they can pounce. Funny how it’s just me you want to be critical of.

    And yes, I thought comparing us to North Korea was not a good option, but what do you want me to do, tell people what to write?

  32. Kaye Lee


    The author’s name appears at the top of the article.

    As for comparisons with North Korea, in its first year in office, the Abbott government had:

    withheld information on the fate of asylum seekers
    initiated major budget cuts to public broadcasters ABC and SBS
    secured a “super injunction” on reporting of court proceedings that might damage its international relations
    ramped up surveillance powers of national security agencies
    enabled agencies to ban reporting of security operations
    proposed increased jail terms for leaks related to security matters
    moved to stop not-for-profit organisations advocating against government policy in their service agreements\
    abolished the Office of the Information Commissioner, promising tardy FOI appeals
    proposed what is effectively a tax on telcos to cover the cost of new surveillance measures.

    They want freedom of speech but definitely NOT freedom of information. We mightn’t be North Korea, but we are now a regular on the human rights watch list which is why they hate Triggs so much – she tells the truth and won’t be bullied.

  33. Tony

    Generally, if not nearly always, a “Crazy idea” is only crazy because someone disagrees with the essence of the idea, and wishes to bat for another “crazy” idea instead.
    “Crazy” is only in the mind of the dissenter, and ideas are only crazy until they are validated.

  34. Sean

    I did not think One Nation voters would read the AIM? And then along comes Rob and Ray

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