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Racist, moi? Of Course Not – Only Foreigners Are Racist!

On my way to work this morning, I was apalled by a story on the ABC.

Yes, that lefty ABC, which Andrew Bolt insists needs to be closed down because it keeps reporting things like the investigation into George Pell. I mean, it has to be a pretty terrible institution when one of the great supporters of free speech in the country objects to what it says.

But, even though it’s a left-wing media arm of the Trotskyite Mexicans who don’t understand that Donald Trump made sacrifices like becoming a billionaire. Sorry, but to disgress for a moment, did you see the exchange between that Muslim parent in the USA and Trump, where the father spoke at the Democratic Convention about his son who served and died for his country? Apparently – when Trump made a couple of quite reasonable comments about his wife not speaking because she wasn’t allowed to – the father suggested that Trump hadn’t made any sacrifices for his country. Trump pointed out in a interview that earning lots of money was a sacrifice and that creating jobs was a sacrifice because, under US law, he had to give some of his money to his workers. Fortunately, in his run at the presidency, there’s a lot of people prepared to work for him, for nothing.

I digress. The ABC reported about the terrible situation in South Africa:

“MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Apartheid in South Africa ended 22 years ago, but South Africa is a country still healing a lot of wounds.

One of the policies aimed at helping to rectify past wrongs is called black economic empowerment.

It imposes quotas on government positions, ensuring black South Africans are appropriately represented in the public sector.

But there is an unintended by-product. More and more white South Africans are finding it tough to get a job and are living in poverty.

Africa correspondent Martin Cuddihy reports.

MARTIN CUDDIHY: In the middle of winter on the Highveld the temperature regularly drops below freezing.

A young man in a beanie and fleecy jumper is working to fit a bumper on an old car.

Around him white haired children play with cheap plastic toys in the dirt. They’re speaking what black South Africans call the language of the oppressor, Afrikaans.

About 300 white people have made a community at Munsieville. It is a slum. There is no electricity here, and to have a hot bath you have to light a fire under a 200 litre drum of water.

Nellie Maritz lives here with her three month old daughter. They share a two room corrugated iron shack with a dirt floor.”


Outrageous, isn’t it? I mean, if black people in South Africa were living like this then we’d have a story on the left wing ABC about it. But because it’s white people, we’re being asked to just accept it. That is the tone, isn’t it? That white people are living like this, so it serves them right for not doing more to ensure that nobody had to live like this.

Typical ABC. Don’t they know that if you don’t want to live in poverty then you have to go out and make some other bastard live in terrible conditions? Or else you can join Hillsong and the Liberals will look after you.

Then, driving this afternoon, I happened to hear Raph Epstein’s interview with the caretaker Prime Minister. I suppose that’s still his title, as he seems to be waiting to find out who’s actually going to be next Liberal leader before doing anything. Whatever, he was on the top of his game, defending his decision to appoint a Royal Commissioner who resigned quicker than the State’s raising their own income tax was taken off the table earlier this year. However, when he told us that “children are our future”, I think the ABC missed on opportunity to ask him to sing the longer version.

When he talked about the very high level of consensus, I wondered if one can be a little bit pregnant.

But it was when he moved on to Kevin Rudd that he was at his most compelling. As he said when asked about whether he had led Mr Rudd to believe he’d support him, “Mr Rudd has always understood…I’m not going to be getting into this…ah…ah… debating Mr Rudd about his…look, he and I have had discussions that have touched on this over a long period of time.”

Anyway, Turnbull told us that he’d informed Mr Rudd in May that he wouldn’t be get either Cabinet’s – or his – support. Which does raise the question: why did Turnbull then say that he needed to inform Mr Rudd before making the announcement just last week? He asserted today that he’d already told Kevin.


Anyway, the PM finished off by telling us that it was important to have a strong economy and that their plan was to have jobs and that they’d get them by having growth and that jobs come from growth and that some people want to work part-time but they wanted an economy where everyone could work as much as they like.

Nup. Sadly, none of this is made up. It’s just what happened.

And curiouser!


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  1. helvityni

    …and our mandate is shrinking, all that counting and re-counting only to find Herbert slipping away from us,my dream-job is turning out to be more like a nightmare, even without ex-PMs hassling me, or me having to be agile about NT…

  2. kerri

    Wish they’d do a recount in Dawson? Something sounds dodgy to me.
    Just sayin’!

  3. 1petermcc

    Never mind the recount, just imagine what would happen if we went to the polls again. The scare campaign about Labor’s defense of Medicare is sunk, and the stability pitch is deader than flared pants.

    A better informed Voter base would deliver a much bigger lesson.

  4. wam

    This time there is no grin as the cat fades. The comparison between labor’s reaction to cow cruelty through joyce’s reaction to sheep deaths to turnball’s captain’s pick and brandis’ picks a pair is marked????
    Love the use of want both that of the blankes and part time workers????
    As for the lemon, my silly brain wont forget my bitterness at his treatment of labor. So his ‘brick wall’ and leaking sadness brings back the grin.

  5. Kronomex

    Bolt is aghast at how one of his heroes, Pell, is being “mistreated”. Why isn’t god smiting the ABC for their affront? I also wonder if Malcolm checks his underpants when he gets home to see if his testicles are still there. Jeez, the governments, snort, snigger, silent employee Jobson Growthe is still around. All I can say about the South Africa piece is: turnabout is fair play.

  6. Matters Not

    Jobson Growthe is still around

    Indeed! And so is his first cousin – Weaver Plan. Although no person has ever sighted or cited him ? ? ?

    But don’t forget – It’s all Labor’s fault,

  7. helvityni

    Kronomex, under Liberal governments, the poverty amongst white Aussie families will increase, homelessness will grow (not the jobs), and people will be happy to have modest corrugated roofs above their heads.

  8. diannaart


    I am so very grateful to have a corrugated roof over my head – I am thankful every day. Perhaps an increase in the affordability and availability of modest homes would help many more people by actually increasing “jobs and growth”.

    How many homes did the recent renovations of the Lodge create?

  9. Kronomex

    Under the LNP here ANY person not in the top 10% and the money grubbing corporate chasers and puppets (gee, I wonder which party that covers?) will continue to see a vicious decline in living standards. That’s a given. But please note that I was commenting about the South Africa and the irony of whites being in the same place they kept the blacks in for decades.

  10. helvityni

    Me too ,diannaart, I prefer corrugated iron roofs, so much more sensible than black tiles.

    It was just a reference to Rossleigh’s:”They share a two room corrugated iron shack with a dirt floor.”

    It might not come to that here; but many prefer those HOT black roofs to corrugated cool iron ones….

  11. helvityni

    Knonomex, I know you were talking about poor whites in SA, and I just added that poverty will increase here too under this government…

  12. diannaart

    I understand, helvityni, I just get sooooo frustrated that we have solutions, they can be implemented, there is no need for people to go homeless. All that stands in the way is ideology.

  13. Kronomex

    Darn it! I now have images of the four Yorkshire men sketch from Monty Python (originally done on At Last The 1948 Show) running in my mind.

  14. diannaart

    Too funny, Kronomex, typing from my rolled up newspaper in a puddle in the middle of the road.

  15. townsvilleblog

    Your map is fairly accurate mate. I must admit I had a bit of antagonism towards the Muslim’s before I thought the situation out logically. We have 500,000 Muslim’s in Australia, if they were all religious fanatics we would be being attacked from all quarters, this is presumably why they fled to Australia to avoid. There are always a few bad eggs in every race, religion or creed, let’s concentrate on getting some of our tax money spent on us, instead of $48 Billion being ‘given’ to huge multinational corporations.

  16. Zathras

    Not so much the four Yorkshiremen but more like Basil Fawlty’s “Don’t mention the war” scenario.

    How outrageous for the national news reporter to report news.

    Not all news reporters have been publicly outed as discriminatory and biassed (like Bolt himself).

  17. Trish Carney

    Outrageous, isn’t it? I mean, if black people in South Africa were living like this then we’d have a story on the left wing ABC about it. But because it’s white people, we’re being asked to just accept it. That is the tone, isn’t it? That white people are living like this, so it serves them right for not doing more to ensure that nobody had to live like this.

    Why do you feel sorry for White people living in poverty? It’s in my lifetime I watched Aboriginal people in Australia forced to live outside towns in tin shacks constructed from iron found at the local tip along with dirt floors yet I never heard anyone give them the same sympathy you gave this group of people… Is it White privilege or a feeling of racial superiority that makes you say that…?
    Did you know Whites in South Africa stole Australia’s apartheid policy to create the exact same conditions you now hear this woman lives in…?
    Must say I’m disappointed that AIM Network feels that White racial superiority is a given…

  18. Michael Taylor

    “Must say I’m disappointed that AIM Network feels that White racial superiority is a given”.

    Trish, I have no idea where you dug that one up from.

  19. Michael Taylor

    The penny just dropped. I know where you dig it up from.

    This is a satirical piece. Maybe you didn’t realise this.

  20. paulwalter

    but was it the wong penny?

  21. Bob


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