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Rachel Maddow on the daily madness

Let’s hear it for the ‘leader’ of the free world.

And just to recap…

It’s exhausting but we must keep speaking out until we get leaders who care more about people and the planet we inhabit than they do about their own ambition.

As Jason Wilson wrote some months ago, “Australia’s right is simply incapable of adopting a critical stance on US conservatism. They are under its tutelage.”

How bad does Trump have to get before we stand up?


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Truimp, a scab on the anus of the world’s political body, is below any imaginable lowness, sub ground level. lower than a worm’s willy. Why can self inflated fools who want a similar fantasy of gain, fame , wealth, status, all from lies, criminality, mental corrosiive instability, follow the turd, vote for him, endorse his policies and attitudes, imagine any decency in this depravity?? What fascist SHIT..

  2. George Swalwell

    Succinct but potent as always. Trump and his unbelievable base
    are a blot on the political scene (as we see every day) yet Scotty
    from Advertising can only smirk and applaud.
    Great to read you again, Kaye. We have all missed your rapier
    wit and decisive skewering of ambitious high-fliers in Australia.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Life intrudes sometimes. Thanks George and thank you to my wonderful girlfriend Pam for sending me the links.

  4. Michael Taylor

    Rachel Maddow’s podcast last night was a blinder.

    “The Rachel Maddow Show”. It’s great.

    PS: Good to see you, Kaye. 🐿

  5. Kaye Lee

    It’s tax time. I only come up for air briefly. 🙂

  6. Michael Taylor

    Good to see you, nonetheless. 😀

  7. mark delmege

    Maddow is about as bad as Trump … the bullshit she has pushed for the democrats is right up there with the crassness of Trump.

  8. Andrew Smith

    Trump is the scab or symptom of something more rotten; parties, politicians, politics, government, media and democracy are ‘owned’ not just by corporate sector, but influenced by ideology that suggests a return to 19th century capitalism and pecking order where everybody knows their place and are ‘quiet’.

  9. Graham Parton

    Welcome back Kaye, we missed you.

  10. Kaye Lee


    This has nothing to do with party politics. Ms Maddow very succinctly reminds us of the very real danger posed by the madman who currently occupies the White House. His “crassness” is the least of our concerns.

    Thanks Graham

  11. New England Cocky

    Yep,welcome back Kaye Lee, we missed you and especially your well researched, concise comments on the antics of our COALition misgovernment.

    To answer your rhetorical question: when the fires of Hell freeze over.

  12. Terence Mills

    Confidence in a justice system that is open and transparent and free from political interference is a cornerstone of democracy.

    And then you get secret trials in Australia and in the USA the President abusing his power by reversing a judicial sentence imposed by a criminal court for a buddy of his, days before the sentence was to commence.

    It’s not looking good !

    Time to sharpen the pitch forks I’m thinking !

  13. mark delmege

    No Kaye its all about politics. Maddow has used or been used to push false narratives and is an example and part of the reason why American politics is rotten to the core; and why her ilk who infest the media here have helped make the world a less safe place.

  14. David Evans

    All the comments about trump and the smirking smurf are absolutely spot on. BUT, the comments about the return of Kaye Lee are definitely more important, and relative though….. Welcome back Kaye, hope all is well.

  15. Michael Taylor

    mark, you obviously watch or listen to Rachel Maddow’s podcast every night, given that you clearly hear enough of her to arrive at your opinion.

    So tell me; what are the false narratives she has pushed and how has she contributed to making the world a less safe place?

    Please answer with facts, not opinion.

  16. Kaye Lee


    I would be interested to hear what you think is a “false narrative” about what Ms Maddow said in those two clips because EVERYTHING she said is a provable fact.


    I am ok, just going through one of those very busy periods in life where I have a lot on my plate.

    Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome.

  17. Terence Mills


    Rachel Maddow deals in facts – for fantasy dial up Fox and Friends or its Australian spawn Sky-after-Dark

  18. Joseph Carli

    Personally, I am totally over hearing the many and varied criminal activities of the dishonourable Mr. Trump…an arsehole who just got lucky…we’ve got any number of like people right here in our own backyard!…I’d like to hear LESS of America as an influencer and more of Asia as a neighbour…and trading / political influencer…particularly China…Our paranoia about the Chinese Communist Party is really little more than that Anglo-centric part of the population getting nervous about losing their post colonial status as the main political potatoes in the nation!…piss ’em off, I say!…it’s about time we as a nation got out the old atlas and touched our finger on the reality of our geographical position on the globe…and no matter how much we try to suck-up to yankeeland or the old dart…the simple and for me..more interesting future lay in a more accomodating relationship with China and the sth. east Asian nations…perhaps it is my Italian heritage…but I have never (to misquote Muhammad Ali) been called a dago by any asian person!

  19. isw

    Rachel Maddow’s vociferous crowing about the now generally accepted as false, and obvious from the beginning as such to anyone with a functioning brain cell, RussiaGate saga leaves her credibility as an informed member of the media at the same level as a gnat’s!

  20. Michael Taylor

    Joe, I can’t get enough of it. I’m loving this.

  21. mark delmege

    I’m with Carli and isw

  22. Jack Cade

    Rachel Maddow is the most impressive of the US commentariat. But ‘only in America’ could she be considered ‘left wing.’
    The USA routinely interfered – and interferes – in the internal affairs of any nation not big enough to fight back. See Venezuela currently. As we saw this last week, if the US can’t steal your assets by invasion or embargoes, it just steals your money by leaning on the most rancid of its allies, In the case of Venezuela, the UK government, and steals your gold. The interesting thing is that the majority of UK citizens loathe the US Empire as much as I do.
    Russiagate may or may not be true. I think it’s likely. And why not? The US does it all the time, all the way through the alphabet of nations on earth, from Australia (the Coup) to Venezuela. Maybe even to a country beginning with Zed. I couldn’t think of any, but Uncle Sam’s thefts are Indiscriminate. So their rage at Russia is based solely on ‘Who do they think they are? Do they think they are Us?’

  23. Joseph Carli

    Unfortunately, as with most..if not ALL..mainstream television news/commentator personalities we have seen since the seventies, the honing down and whittling out of any rag-tag red-raggers and even slightest agressive/challenging to the political machine interviewers to be replaced with a blanc-mange window-shop dummy every-look-alike stooge from the latest fashionable demographic but with extreme makeover..armed with cue-cards and media-speak instructions from head office that will not insult, contradict TOO obviously, place in difficult position or gotcha those with financial grip on the old cajones…it’s why we have ended up with liars, thieves, hypocrits etc who cannot govern with any greater depth than a feeler gauge set at .002 mm…

  24. andy56

    Been watching Rachel for the past 3 months and i must say she’s been pretty annoying with the ability to get to the crux of the issues. My yankie friends say she is so far to the left. I have to laugh. If rational and logical dissection of political crap goes against your side, its not right or left, its the news you dont want to hear. What she did or said in the past doesnt inform my opinion. What she says and does now impresses. I must admit all this talk of when trump goes to the loo is starting to grate. The big f#ckwit has demanded homage but its not coming in the form he anticipated. Its self induced and i have no pity. America needs to learn the hard way and trump is the diarrhea it needs.
    Yea Carli, being called a wog and told to go back to my country really are aussie values. Nobody here in thailand disrespects me as much as my home country has done in my life time. yea values like the Whittlam dismisal? Frasers total power grab, Kerrs total self obsession, turnbulls fraud band, Abbotts misogyny, Barneys family values, refugees in detention, $12,000 to bring your wife to australia? You want ” our values…..” yea f#ck you too.

  25. Kaye Lee


    Did you listen to the clips? Whilst I agree that we have seen a demise in journalists willing to hold governments to account in a credible way (I miss Kerry O’Brien), there is no way I would describe Rachel Maddow as “a blanc-mange window-shop dummy every-look-alike stooge from the latest fashionable demographic but with extreme makeover..armed with cue-cards and media-speak instructions from head office that will not insult, contradict”.

  26. Jack Cade

    Kaye Lee

    Spot on. Nobody could watch Maddow and consider her anybody’s patsy, unless you were predisposed to oppose her opinions because she doesn’t align with yours.

  27. Joseph Carli

    Yes…I listened to them…and what of Ellen DeGeneres and the “celeb’ ” status she gathered around herself..and any number of those “celeb’ ” interviewers from the last ten or twenty years…of course here we have any number of the like…whose names we need not mention…sure..I have to wonder on what theme or style of presenter they actually CAN project before being ejected from their seat and desk…ask the 14th floor management of “700 Harris Street Ultimo NSW..” and they will tell you to ask at Canberra Parliament House PMO.. personally, I feel for the poor bastards…what a way to earn a “living”…you couldn’t even go down the street without someone shouting some insult at you…

  28. Kaye Lee

    You compare Ellen DeGeneres to Rachel Maddow? About the only thing they have in common is being female.

    A relative of mine works for Four Corners. I am extremely proud of the investigative work she has done which has led to four Royal Commissions – the child sex abuse RC, the aged care RC, the Don Dale RC, and the SA water theft RC. I could name many other stories for which she has won awards by shining a light on what’s wrong in our society. She makes a difference.

  29. Jack Cade

    Kaye Lee

    Yes. Four Corners is a calthrop to the coalition. All the relevant exposes in Australia TV history have been carried out by the ABC. That is it’s crime; catching out the establishment and – too often – the mandarins in the public service.
    I note that Adelaide’s Sunday Mail suggests that former High Court Justice Dyson Heydon ‘could be stripped of his six-figure tax-payer-funded pension…’
    Too bad he does not have a Trade Union in his corner

  30. Joseph Carli

    Couldn’t really give a rat’s about either….there’s too much America already on our news feeds…as for your relative…good luck and more power to her….but as for making a difference to the outcomes of such RC’s and society in general..I suspect with a little consult with Mr. Google, we could find that once one door is closed shut on one section of the above crimes, another door opens…but hey!…that’s being cynical…

  31. Kaye Lee


    I understand your cynicism. I feel it too.

    Thankfully, I have people around me who remind me of what’s important.

    It isn’t an option to give up. My daughter’s partner, after hearing me rant and rave and swear, said quietly “some people would like to have your problems”. It was a timely reminder.

    I think of our First Australians and how, every year, we force them to celebrate the destruction of their ancestor’s way of life. We blame them for their lack of wealth when we built ours on stealing their land and enslaving them. We blame them for their lack of health when it was us that brought the alcohol and disease here and then herded them off into apartheid reservations. We blame them for their lack of education, demeaning their knowledge and culture and imposing our own.

    And yet, they invite us to walk with them on a journey to a better future where “our children will flourish”.

    Our response? Shut up and give us your welfare cheque.

    Yes I am cynical. But I cannot be quiet.

  32. andy56

    Hey Carli, i too am cynical but not to the extent that i give up. The only reason one dr closes to crimes and another opens is because the arsehole who are gate keeps refuse point blank to act until someone puts a needle up their arse. Maybe you should redirect your cynicism to anger, just saying….. One thing to be cynical of their motives but dont let that lead to indifference and inaction because thats the support they want.

  33. Michael Taylor

    there’s too much America already on our news feeds

    Don’t read it then, Joe. There’s plenty here that do want to. Me included.

  34. Joseph Carli

    As someone who has written hundreds….that’s …hundreds of articles and stories on just such injustices and humiliations and celebrations of our multi-cultural country, Kaye Lee…I feel “qualified” to state that I am not cynical to the point of “giving up”…but that I feel that there are some demographics of society that are incapable of changing the rules that create the causes of those crimes…and as many here will testify, I have ofen said…; “To change the rules, you must change the ruling class”…and I will not press that futilistic point further…as it seems nature combined with fate will in all likelihood soon deliver both conditions.

    Michael..I try to avoid the American “experts” one so often hears “boo-boo-be-dooing” in the Marilyn Monroe style of elocution out of the ABC radio…unfortunately, it appears that THEY are now the go-to experts on everything animal, vegetable and ministerial!…but best of luck to you that you at least enjoy such…..

  35. Phil

    Joseph Carli July 12, 2020 at 11:02 am.

    Spot on Joseph. As each insult travels North to China our economy is heading South.

    Large companies in the North of WA have been telling their employees to stop the anti Chinese rhetoric. They are going to eventually insult themselves out of a job. I wonder if Gina has told Morrison to STFU.? Maddow like all Shills in the US media, will say what she is told to say by her employers. In the US more so than here, it is about ratings and flogging shit. If I was getting paid the loot Maddow is getting, I would tell the mugs anything. The only outlet in that country that has any credibility is ‘ Democracy Now ‘ chaired by Amy Goodman. A bona fide Journalist. Maddow is obviously educated but, she is an entertainer.

  36. Kaye Lee

    I am still waiting for Maddow’s detractors to point out one single mistake in the two clips I linked to. It appears some have an opinion of the woman but no opinion on the substance of what she said.

    As for being quiet being good for business, I deplore that attitude. We need our business people, and our workers, to set ethical standards. The idea that anything is ok if it gives me a job or makes me money is wrong. Our government should step up with public service jobs and public investment and an adequate social security net as well as being proactive about the industries of the future
    to make sure all Australians share in the wealth of this country.

    I also deplore the idea that we need a class revolution. That is rubbish. We need decent, honest, smart people with integrity to stand up as leaders. I don’t care what school you went to or what job you had in the past. I want people who are capable of listening, not those who think they already know it all.

    Joseph, your fictional anecdotes about fictional characters are entertaining, and may sometimes have a moral, usually involved with indulging passion rather than loyalty, but you show little understanding for the disadvantage of others or the consequences of government decisions. To think that what Trump does does not affect us is naive.

  37. Michael Taylor

    It’s the MO, Kaye. Attack the women instead of the message. I really thought this site was past all that. It appears I have lots of work to do.

  38. Phil

    ” One Swallow does not s summer make.” Even Trump has probably told the truth on one or two occasions.

    Oh yes we need a class revolution alright. Because YOU don’t care what school or job you and I had in the past, speaks for you and me. Not for the people that have had the whip hand in the past and still have it now. The people who decide who will get health care, shelter, food and the other necessities of life are not our friends and never were. The Union movement didn’t spring up because everything was rosy in the garden. To the elites, food and clothes are luxuries. The Morrison government has gone out of its way to shut the union movement, that’s what’s left of it down.

    The ‘ Trickle down mantra ‘ is what our system operates under and has done since the Industrial Revolution. Before that the people at the bottom strata of society had to beg, borrow, or steal, what they needed to survive. The ships that first dropped anchor in Botany Bay were full with such people. Those ships were still coming here until the late 1970’s not full of the dregs of society, but full of factory fodder.

    Even when my class and I’m speaking for myself , has had their so called representatives in government, they still have not changed much.In a few cases our leaders have ended up in prison. Imagine who would have thought it, our own Labor Party putting up the old age pension age, screwing over single mothers. Denying a rise in the old age pension. I could go on. Class is a fact of life, it exists. Btw turn the the telly on, the revolution has started, early days to be sure but, the penny has finally dropped. The time for talking, negotiating with these Tory toe rags is over. I said a few weeks ago the US will go up in flames, I stand by that comment. The US will be the first cab off the rank.

  39. DrakeN

    Michael T.
    There are minds, fossilised from past experiences and archaic philosophies, who can never accept that the world is not quite as they fervently imagine it to be.
    Joseph Carli is an outstanding example of that. For all his entertaining tales and recollections he remains a creature which is still inurred in historical falsehoods and fanciful opinion.
    Reading his postings reminds me of my own esse as it was in the early 1970s – the time before my exposure to the social responsibility of the all-too-brief Whitlam government.
    The bloke is totally and completely fossilised.

  40. Kaye Lee

    So we have a class revolution and replace one ruling class with another.

    Look at what happened during the French Revolution. Over 17,000 people were officially tried and executed during the Reign of Terror, and an unknown number of others died in prison or without trial.

    Executions and wars with neighbouring countries, culminating in Bonaparte seizing supreme control.

    I think I would rather just vote for decent people if any of them are willing to take on what has become a ludicrous system where participants think their only job is to get elected. I think Rex Patrick is doing a good job.

  41. Phil

    ‘ So we have a class revolution and replace one ruling class with another.’

    Hey if that means no more people living under bridges, a family being able to get a wheelchair for a sick and crippled child, pensioners being able to switch the lights on and still being able to eat, workers not treated like commodities, knowing the water coming out of my tap is not going to poison me, you get the drift. Then bring it on.

    Executions and wars? Oh pahlease. Wow remember the Rosenberg’s, Vietnam, Korea, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan ? to name but a few of the capitalist adventures. The prison system in the US is industrialized slavery. Making a motza.

    Why does a revolution have to follow what’s happened in the past? What are you suggesting, we will set up Madame Guillotine outside parliament house. Put Morrison in stocks. What about the people who are losing their jobs telling the banks to shove it. If everyone did it what are they going to do? Nothing.

    To use the French revolution to buttress your opinion is ridiculous. That was 1799 not 2020. Life was cheap even to the peasant class then. People on the right regarded Martin Luther King as a communist agitator, Che Guevara as a homicidal maniac .Btw I voted for decent people, at least I thought I did. Bob Hawke. Julia Gillard and Brian Bourke, they were as fake as three dollar bills, all of them. At least Bourke did get caught and did some porridge. Btw who was spotted in a restaurant in Subiaco wining and dining with his guards. The working class love uniforms.

    There is more than one type of revolution.

  42. Jack Cade

    All revolutions end up being reversed. Napoleon became emperor, Stalin became emperor, Mao became emperor, Putin became emperor. Humanity enjoys being cowed. Successful revolutions give them nothing to look forward to.

  43. Kaye Lee

    I agree that talk of the French Revolution is ridiculous. I think talk of any sort of revolution in Australia is ridiculous. I love my tradies and rely on them heavily but I don’t necessarily want them deciding health, education and foreign policies. We all have our own skills.

    We know what we have to do. We just need the people with gumption enough to facilitate it.

  44. Jack Cade

    Kaye Lee

    Gumption died in 1975, and it’s death was overwhelmingly endorsed by Australians.

  45. wam

    Certainly, Kaye,
    Rex does seem the next level to Xenophon and, with penny they are the pick of the SA senators. Although Iam looking forward to Marielle, who with gillard and Ellis as mentors, should be great.
    ps the Russian, the Spanish plus the Yugoslavia breakup.The sub-continent partition Korea (no gun ri) Vietnam Cambodia all with European people’s interference.Africans use mercenaries and the south Mediterranean send many to heaven.
    How are the Israelis going and the Arabs and Afghans????

  46. Kaye Lee


    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people living for today
    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people living life in peace, you
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one
    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

  47. mark delmege

    I think the best outcome for the world is that the United States of America – WASN’T and that it was broken up into many. As I said above it is rotten to the core and beyond salvage from the wall street misc* parties. Its history, traditions and constitution put it beyond the pale and another 4 years of Trump might push that along somewhat. Biden or whoever is no option for progressives or even sanity or the planet itself. I live and hope.
    *military intelligence security complex

  48. Kaye Lee

    The US has done some bad things. They have also done some great things. I would never give them a leave pass and not hold them accountable but I would rather a regime that I can openly criticise as opposed to the authoritarian regimes that Trump seems to court.

  49. Jack Cade

    Mark delmege

    The worlds richest country. Justice is for sale. It elected a truly appalling creature as it’s president whose closest associates have almost
    all been found guilty of serious crimes,not least perjury. Which he arranged for the corrupt justice system to free without any good reason. It’s law enforcement system is riddled with racists and apparently murderers, so sure of themselves they allow their murders to be filmed by members of the public.
    To get leadership positions you merely need lots of money. 40% of the populace lives below the poverty line. 25% of the worlds prison inmates are in the USA. Under their ‘three strikes and you are out’ rule of law you can get life imprisonment for a parking fine. The entire country is riven by a pandemic that it’s government chose to ignore and then defied all
    Scientific and medical advice in its dealing with it.
    And 40% of them are rock solid supporters of Trump, seriously heavily armed and seemingly prepared to indulge in civil war.
    And we are their most reliable ally, led by a religious fanatic who seems to admire the pussy-grabbing draft dodging serial liar.
    ‘Cats in the cradle – I just wanna be like you, dad, you know I wanna be like you!’

  50. Matters Not


    Class is a fact of life, it exists.

    Well for you it does exist. (And for me as well – because I find it a useful mental tool – a concept that aids thinking and communicating.) Nevertheless, because it’s a mental construct or a cognitive abstraction or a concept if you like, it isn’t recognised by the usual 5 senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste but it can be seen to exist. And ‘concepts’ can sometimes be illustrated by ‘concrete’ examples. But it’s mainly in your head.

    Take the concept of heaven as another example. For me, it’s not a useful concept (indeed it’s a nonsense) but one must recognise that for many it’s an extremely useful idea. It exists. It’s reality – for them. It helps with their thinking and they rely on that concept on an ongoing basis.


    talk of any sort of revolution in Australia is ridiculous

    Not really. Revolutions in Australia and elsewhere occur on a regular and ongoing basis – and as always it just depends on the definition employed The movement from the burning of fossils to the utilisation of ‘renewables’ is a revolution of sorts as was what we call the Industrial Revolution. ‘Armed overthrow’ today is less likely – even for the simple reason that the State is much more powerful (in so many senses) than any citizen grouping. But wait for the full impacts of 5G and its revolutionary potential.

  51. Matters Not


    Justice is for sale.

    Some might argue, that by definition, justice which is for sale – is indeed NOT justice at all.

    But – yes. Judicial decisions in the United States seem to go to those who have the most power, wealth, dollars or whatever. Unlike in Australia. (But maybe not).

  52. Phil

    ” I agree that talk of the French Revolution is ridiculous. I think talk of any sort of revolution in Australia is ridiculous. I love my tradies and rely on them heavily but I don’t necessarily want them deciding health, education and foreign policies. We all have our own skills.”

    Indeed we do. The French revolution? It was you who brought it up to make a point. Um so you love your tradies do you? Um what’s that got to do with a revolution? A chippy to build the scaffold perhaps .A Sparky to service the electric chair. Not condescending much!. You could give that statement some more contemplation if ever a Sparky is trying to get the power back on to your heart and lung machine. Of course you could always call up a lawyer to get it working, Or perhaps a psychologist he probably couldn’t fix the machine but, could tell you what your dreams mean, or indeed the Minister for health, Oh that’s right he’s not even a Doctor is he? I suppose he could always put a band-aid on a paper cut.

    Then there’s our lawyer who is the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marise Payne. She would have about the same insight into foreign affairs as a Sparky. At least the Sparky would know which power adaptor plug to take over seas, to get his/hers shaver powered up. You know most tradies can actually understand dining etiquette. Yea I know it’s not relevant. Yea it is actually. They know what order the cutlery is used in .I personally can consume soup with out slurping.

    What was it that great actor Tom Hanks said in that movie about lawyers. What do you call a hundred lawyers at the bottom of the ocean with a concrete ring around their neck? A bloody good start.

    Ah Matters Not chimes in about class. This is the same Matters Not who agreed with some numb nut who posted on here, he reckoned that most of the Aboriginals who died in custody committed suicide. So most of my feelings, thoughts, understanding about class, is all in my own head. That’s what happens when you read too much Dickens and Rudyard Kipling. It must have been the tales of Rudyard about the Caste system in India, that gave it all away. The thing is most poor people in the world don’t have concepts about class ,it’s because they’re just not just poor, but uneducated as well. You see us Anglo Saxons who come from Blighty get indoctrinated into the class system, from the first day at school.

    “Justice is for sale.”

    Justice is a game. Judicial decisions in the US don’t seem to go to those with the power and money they do.
    Unless of course you have spent your life on the other side of the moon.

  53. Wam

    I remember the times and luckily, we were safely far away from the stars. The sad departure of an honest PM was the beginning of ‘it’s time’ and we couldn’t imagine the great joy of the next few years.
    Lennon is another case of non-religious, agnostics and atheists having more God than Jews, Christians and Moslems. Indeed, the atheists on my page show up most of the godlings in the moral and ethics stakes.
    It is amazing to hear people ‘thank, god, I haven’t caught the virus’ and not accept that god didn’t save 13m from the virus and killed 600000 of his creations?

  54. Michael Taylor

    Phil, the US justice system has been usurped.

    The Supreme Court, you might recall, recently delivered their decision that a sitting president is not above the law and can be investigated for crimes.

    That was good news for the SDNY (Southern District New York), the EDNY (Eastern …), and whatever the name of the prosecutor’s district is in Washington that can prosecute for state crimes.

    On the day of the Supreme Court’s decision (at 5pm to be exact), Attorney General (and Trump’s lapdog) William Barr fired the head of the EDNY. It follows his firing of the head of the SDNY, which followed the sacking of all the prosecutors in the Washington office. But he not only just sacked all these people, he replaced them with Trump ‘loyalists’.

    Gee, that experiment with democracy in the USA must have been a complete failure. 😉

  55. Joseph Carli

    From Clarence Darrow on choosing a jury…: http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/DAR_JURY.HTM

    “In spite of the power that the courts exercise over the verdict of the jury, still the finding of the twelve men is very important, sometimes conclusive. It goes without saying that lawyers always do their utmost to get men on the jury who are apt to decide in favor of their clients. It is not the experience of jurors, neither is it their brain power that is the potent influence in their decisions. A skillful lawyer does not tire himself hunting for learning or intelligence in the box; if he knows much about man and his making, he knows that all beings act from emotions and instincts, and that reason is not a motive factor. If deliberation counts for anything, it is to retard decision. The nature of the man himself is the element that determines the juror’s bias for or against his fellow-man. Assuming that a juror is not a half-wit, his intellect can always furnish fairly good reasons for following his instincts and emotions. Many irrelevant issues in choosing jurors are not so silly as they seem. Matters that apparently have nothing to do with the discussion of a case often are of the greatest significance.

    In the last analysis, most jury trials are contests between the rich and poor. If the case concerns money, it is apt to be a case of damages for injuries of some sort claimed to have been inflicted by someone. These cases are usually defended by insurance companies, railroads, or factories. If a criminal case, it is practically always the poor who are on trial. The most important point to learn is whether the prospective juror is humane. This must be discovered in more or less devious ways. As soon as “the court” sees what you want, he almost always blocks the game. Next to this, in having more or less bearing on the question, is the nationality, politics, and religion of the person examined for the jury. If you do not discover this, all your plans may go awry. Whether you are handling a damage suit, or your client is charged with the violation of law, his attorney will try to get the same sort of juror. ”

    This article is pure gold wisdom….24 carat gold.

  56. Jack Cade

    Michael Taylor

    I usually deplore judging people by their appearance, but William Barr looks EXACTLY the way I imagine Neanderthals looked. How the US can sit back and allow this man to corrupt every aspect of a legal system beggars belief.
    Having said that, the Palace papers are supposed to be relearn tomorrow. I remember only too well that the Australian electorate voted not to re-elect Whitlam, and I recall people voting against Gough because ‘THE QUEEN DISMISSED HIM!’
    The Queen very probably applauded the death of Diana Spencer, but that is immaterial. The Head of State of another country ordered the dismissal of a duly elected government. How CRAVEN did that make us?
    It still makes me feel ashamed.

  57. Phil

    ‘ Gee, that experiment with democracy in the USA must have been a complete failure. 😉 ‘

    It’s a sham and always has been. You and some of the other excellent writers on here should give us their take on the Epstein saga.

    Joseph all true you left out the one element that counts above all others the ‘ Golden Rule ‘ Those that have the gold make the rules.

  58. Michael Taylor

    Jack, if you look closely you’ll see a striking resemblance to Fred Flinstone. 😁

    I don’t judge a person by their looks either, but you’ve got to admit that four of the most evil people in America are all ugly: Barr, Murdoch, Trump and McConnell.

  59. Michael Taylor

    You and some of the other excellent writers on here…

    There ya go, Phil. I fixed it for ya. 😁

  60. wam

    You must be a republican, Jack, I haven’t read the letters but my guess she didn’t order anything and left it to the REAL head of state an Australian appointed by the Australian Prime Minister.
    That situation must remain till the government tells us what the duties of the ‘head of state’ will be and how the position will be filled.
    Phil did fox air brush/crop trump out of photos and did Clinton keep his old fellow in his jocks???

  61. Jack Cade


    Not a Republican, simply because no republic has set a desirable example. Not a monarchist, either.
    Fox News said they cut Trump out of the photo ‘by mistake.’
    You have to assume that the Red State sister-shaggers believe that the original photo was a fake and ‘the chosen one’ inserted by ‘crazy leftist fascist jihadists’, and Fox just restored it.

  62. Michael Taylor

    I’m a republican, but not a Republican, if that makes any sense.

  63. Jack Cade

    I’m with you Michael. When I was a kid we had a joke that said
    Q- why is a duck.?
    A- Because one of its legs is the less.
    Made perfect sense to me.
    Probably a Spike Milligan saying…
    By the way, did anybody notice that the Catholic Church in the USA put its hand up for about $42 billion in hardship COVID-19 payments?

  64. Phil

    Phil did fox air brush/crop trump out of photos and did Clinton keep his old fellow in his jocks???

    Don’t know but, enquiring minds need to know these things. My mind what’s left of it, can’t compute the thought of Trump fornicating. I am becoming nauseas even thinking about it.

    I’ve always wondered if Queen Elizabeth takes one or two lumps of sugar in her morning Earl Grey.?

    Or what is the speed of light as it passes through a pint of 4 X or a shot glass of Drambuie.?

  65. Wam

    Haha good take jack ooohh I join you I feeling I’ll at the thought of trump naked you’d want double time and a half? Clinton visited 23 times so I’d expect he couldn’t say I did not have sexual relations….?
    I wrote to the queen as a republican and got a letter back from an equerry saying the queen enjoyed your letter.

  66. Phil

    ‘ I wrote to the queen as a republican and got a letter back from an equerry saying the queen enjoyed your letter.’

    So she enjoys dirty jokes then?.

  67. Jack Cade

    Nothing on the Palace Letters yet?!
    I am fooking livid!
    Australia was bought and sold by a drunken CIA agent and an inbred sovereign guided by chinless wonders.
    I am fooking livid!! Again!!!
    Republic now, and shove your ANUS treaty up
    Uncle Sam’s gigantic arse!!

  68. Jack Cade

    The Palace Letters, in which Australia can be seen to have been bought and sold by the establishment parasites.
    Republic now!!
    And no more ANUS treaties please. Tell Uncle Sam to shove his treaties where his piles peep out.

  69. Michael Taylor

    If there’s nothing in the Palace Letters, then why did they fight so hard to stop their release? One wonders.

  70. Jack Cade


    Because there is. The Australian right is already chanting ‘Nothing to see here.’

  71. andy56

    Strange statement, i am a Republican not a republican? Well what ever……surely either is living in lala land.
    People here are scared of revolution, those controlling us have no qualms in sticking the boot in. Sure i wont get fooled again, but do it often enough and what you end up doing is culling the number of arseholes, lol. Sorry i grew up in the “pacifist protest ” period and it achieved exactly fuck all. Bolte, Kennet , Joe B and abbott all laughed in our faces. Using the instruments of state to ignore, manipulate, facilitate corruption and control is every bit as violent

  72. Matters Not


    why did they fight so hard to stop their release

    Perhaps there is a principle involved and not wanting a precedent of sorts? Where would it end? Slippery slope and all that!

    Can’t have open government! Or even freedom of information.

  73. Phil

    Us mere mortals can only guess what happened at the time of Goughs sacking. It is enough to know that Gough and too few others in the Labor party were true Socialists and indeed Republicans, so he had to go and go he did. We unlike Canada the other Pearl in the British Establishments necklace, does not share a border with anyone. This country is theirs into the foreseeable future.

    Pine Gap, Nurrunger, The fact that orders to the Nuclear capable Polaris submarines would get their battle orders through these bases and the Americans did not trust Labor were all contributing factors to the dismissal. Their biggest fear was Jim Cairns could end up as PM. The Nugan Hand Bank set up to launder and distribute shonky CIA money around the world. The director of which found with a bullet in his head in a car in 1980.The list is endless.

    Anyone thinking that Morrison and that coterie of babbling baboons in Canberra and all the other waste of spaces that have graced the halls of our parliaments since they dropped anchor in Botany Bay in 1788 is really running Australia Pty Ltd; is away with the fairies. We don’t we never did.

  74. Matters Not


    is enough to know that Gough and too few others in the Labor party were true Socialists

    So Whitlam was a true socialist? That will come as a surprise to most. Me included. And Whitlam would be mortified.

  75. Jack Cade

    ‘My boy will tell you what to do, But keep
    Me out of it.’
    Don Corleone

  76. Jack Cade

    Matters Not

    Did you know that the countdown for the first successful US space shot was done by an Aussie, and the Tanks dubbed a Yank voice o er it?
    Just like all the baddies in US films arc Brit actors.

  77. Phil

    ‘ So Whitlam was a true socialist? That will come as a surprise to most. Me included. And Whitlam would be mortified.’ Bullshit.

    Well Sunbeam you tell me what you think he was.

    Unrelated, or is it? shock horror the Holmes a Court family were members of the Labor Party.

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