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The trouble with conspiracy theories is that they often have something plausible to a post-60s generation. Prior to that era people were basically gullible… In films, bad guys were always punished, as were bad women, and even when the police were corrupt, they’d meet a sticky end. We were expected to trust the Establishment, work hard and we’d get ahead.

Now, we’re more cynical, so it’s easy for a conspiracy theory to take hold because we want to believe that someone’s actually got some plan and that they’re in control even if we don’t like it. At least, when we stop THEM, the good people can take over.

And when people march in the street protesting that we should watch out because governments are taking away our rights, I have to admit that I would be prepared to join them if only they’d mobilised when we allowed anti-terror laws to turn into the sort of country that has secret trials and various other things which take away the very rights that we’ve had since the Magna Carta was signed by that English king who had worse people skills than Peter Dutton.

And when people suggest that we shouldn’t trust Big Pharma because they push a lot of unnecessary things on us, I could agree were it not for the fact that some of the people who called COVID a hoax decided to stop doing so after the sort of life-changing epiphany that is also known as dying from it.

Ok, I know what you’re going to say: If things have changed, why do we still have the same forces of evil being elected? Where’s the socialist utopias? Why do people elect billionaires who tell them that they can’t trust unions? Why isn’t something done about climate change? Why did Barnaby Joyce complain about government being in his life just before he become one of the leaders of said government? Why does Matt Canavan open his mouth to say things when the only good reason he could possibly have is to eat? Is there ever a good reason to name someone George when George the Third was mad? Is there a reason for the existence of Clive Palmer apart from the obvious reason that he makes me feel like it’s possible for any idiot to sway a large number of voters so long as he enough money and a refusal to acknowledge copyright laws?

Yes, these are all good questions.

I suspect that the answer is that the right wing have grabbed hold of the conspiracy theories that made paranoid people vote for left wing parties or refuse to vote at all and swept them all up into things like MAGA or QANON, or, even worse, the Scott Morrison fan club.

Sky After Dark presents theories that would be more at home in the sort of undergraduate newspaper that was started by university students who felt that the one run by the student union was too far right because it merely advocated for the overthrow of the system and didn’t have a clear agenda for mandating anarchy with rules that would prevent a new hegemony from taking its place. Once upon a time, success was valued by the Murdoch empire but to get a gig on Sky After Dark you merely need to be shunned by your party, lose an election or have criminal charges laid against you at some point in your life.

Pauline Hanson – the Liberal who lost preselection because she revealed her party’s intention to attack immigrants and indigenous people before the election ruining Howard’s intention for it to be a happy surprise for all those racists who’d been silenced by people who didn’t understand that being a Liberal entitled one to be, well, it just entitled one, didn’t it?# – went so far as to tell us that she wouldn’t be vaccinated and that it was her right to die from COVID and, on that, who am I to do anything but support her?

And then it become clear…

COVID is a left-wing plot to get rid of the people silly enough to listen to conservatives who tell them not to get vaccinated thus reducing the number of people prepared to vote against their own interests… Ok, it’s a bit harsh like the Stalinist purges and Mao’s cultural revolution but that’s what the left is like!

Yeah, quote that previous paragraph at some anti-vaxer and watch the whole conversation change. Ok, they won’t agree, but then you can just have fun using all their previous arguments against them. You know, like when the same people who argue that people didn’t die of Covid-19 they died with it and it wasn’t the cause of death, turn around and try to argue that this person was vaccinated and they died so it was probably the cause of death and not the fact that they’re parachute failed to open when they were learning to skydive…

# For more on the subject of entitlement, I am working on a book called “Go Ask Alex”, which tells the story of how a very promising Liberal’s leadership was ruined when he found that the jokes that went down a treat with his friends lead to an addiction to being humorous which meant that he made fun of domestic violence. After that it was a long sad decline, leading to him being a figure of ridicule, even for those in Liberal circles. In his final years, he was reduced to writing columns in the media for no other reason than to make his colleagues look less ridiculous.


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  1. Andrew J. Smith

    They are also useful to (mis)lead those who do not follow other belief based Christianity, libertarian ideology or nationalism, hence, conspiracies can fill the gap and boaden the coalition of ‘conservative’ voters.

  2. Kathryn

    If COVID-19 wiped out every callously inhumane, totally corrupt, self serving miscreant in the LNP along with most of their Murdoch-manipulated, dumbed down, gormlessly misinformed supporters, our national IQ would increase by about 20 points!

  3. Cheryl

    Reckon covid might have some saving graces. I live in hope.

  4. BB

    LOL…But if that is what Covid is all about then “Come on Covid”

    Conservative voters.. BAH! I wouldn’t trust a conservative voter the distance I could dribble my spit!

    On another note, some good news. We live in hope. At last some common sense starting to sink in with respect to a UBI.

    Of course though the main problem is that it is a top policy and full blown agenda of conservatives FFS, the nasty L/NP, Morrison and his gang of crooks, to impose the most draconian austerity measures on anybody who is on any kind of welfare.
    The L/NP can’t help themselves in being nasty, it’s in their DNA, not one of them has the remotest idea of what empathy is!

    I sincerely hope this coming Federal election that people wake up and vote this present prick of a government OUT
    Put the damn Liberals LAST on your ballot paper.. It’s that simple..

  5. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh … Uhm …. I think your usual rapier analysis may have missed the real target, the very self-entitled American international bankers who as a group were identified by Gary Allen (1971) in ”None Dare Call it Conspiracy”, and mentioned in a series of AIMN articles by one of your most capable authors (apologies; my poor memory) who was concerned about the bankers ”interest” in eugenics and how to use it to control the ever expanding world population.

    Epidemics have many advantages for the banking sector; they provide the opportunity to buy cheap (the basis of profit making) and sell with a margin. There is rapid growth in the Big Pharma sector as governments rush to find antidotes at any asking price, and the middle class is reduced to penury because the ability to trade is impeded, requiring utilising personal financial savings to defray daily living expenses.

    This leaves bankers and the sole winners in this historical game of ”parasitic capitalism” … just as predicted by Engels and Marx.

    Consequently the outcome has been described elsewhere as ”the New Feudalism” with wealth trapped in and controlled by the corporate management classes rather than governments and their politicians who may, or may not, have been tacit participants.

    A likely strategy for this proposal is based on the 50 year projections made by corporations as a Standard Operating Procedure for business management.

    Find an individual with a big ego and limited intelligence, get them membership of the dominant political party, use the corporate network to encourage their promotion to the top … and then you control government policy performance.

    Government largess to corporations who have assisted this rise to political power is an expected hidden consequence.

    Could NOT happen???? I am reminded of the democratically elected German government of 1933 and the subsequent social and economic consequences on the German people when democracy was cancelled ”to bring peace” resulting in members of the now one party state, about 30% of the national population, granting themselves entitlement to dominate the country for the benefit of their ”BIG BUSINESS” sponsors, while the middle class was stripped of their assets.

    Could not happen???? Consider the consequences from:
    1) the fall of the USSR and the rise of Russian oligarchs with the impoverishment of ”the workers”;
    2) the many failed political policies of the English Conservative Party, including Brexit, that have impoverished British workers for the profit of London City financiers;
    3) the mechanism used by the US government from late 70s to impoverish Central and especially South America, with the Socialist governments demonised with economic sanctions because those governments put the best interests of the people first.

    Professor Wheetwright at Sydney University identified this strategy on mid-70s as the use of foreign investment to control the politics of the recipient nation for the benefit of the donor corporations and government.


  6. wam

    Yes, rossleigh, with left wing governments in russia and usa you have given scummo an idea for the election, a way to get rid of right wing irritants and an excuse to flood lnp seats and marginals with moderna.
    ps michael still no rethink time after posting???
    tex is the tip of the iceberg and SA is still a racist state, including ports as Aliir Aliir found out when he won the medal but for me he was the clear winner for us and as thrilled as any olympian in the medal.

  7. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    Another great & true article, Rossleigh! Great thoughts also from New England Cocky! Surely, by now the “average” voter can see through just how criminallly bad this fucking COALition is? Trouble is, it sees to me that the “average” voter is too bloody gullible, believes everything the Slo Mo & this mob of lying idiots says! To hell with what is “right” or “decent” or even true, whenever any of this mob open their mouths, the stupid bloody rabbits out there in electorate land STILL keep voting this rabble of flat earth, happy clapping, lying, robo debt loving, car park proposing, sports rorts “giving” and so on, not forgetting the NOTHING they will do about Climate Change etc! Australia & its forward history is doomed forever by just what this fucking mob is doing to us all!

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