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Sometime in The Future…

“This unemployment is a real problem.”

“I think the only problem is that they just don’t want to work!”

“I don’t think you can say that.”

“Look, there’s plenty of jobs out there if you want them. I’ve never had a problem finding one.”

“Yes, but you’re articulate and have a solid employment record. Not to mention your education.”

“Still I think they’re being a bit fussy. They’re not prepared to get their hands dirty.”

“A lot of the manufacturing and manual jobs have dried up. Here, in Victoria…”

“Well, they need to move.”

“But they may want to be near their families.”

“When they’re bleeding the public dry by being on welfare. They shouldn’t have that choice.”

“A lot of employers won’t take on people who’ve been long term unemployed.”

“Ok, I don’t blame them. Maybe it’s time to introduce conscription. Get ’em used to a bit of routine instead of sitting around watching TV. I mean a lot of them take bucketloads of drugs. How much does that cost us?”

“They need the drugs.”

“A stint in the army. Or they could pick up rubbish. Give something back to society instead of just sucking the public teat.”

“I really don’t think that it’ll work. I know a lot of people approved when Abbott conscripted all the unemployed under 25, but trying to apply this to the unemployed in their 60’s seems a little extreme to me.”

“That’s your trouble. You’re just a bleeding heart lefty.”


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  1. Fed up

    I believe that is Abbott’s plan. They will either be conscripted into the Green Army, or into the main defences forces under their gap year programme, This, I suspect they will get support from some of Palmer’s d PUPs.

  2. Don Winther

    “A lot of the manufacturing and manual jobs have dried up. Here, in Victoria…”

    I would have said “Destroyed by arrogant Politicians”

  3. donwreford

    Many of the younger generation have been brought up as superior, the parents who have a inferiority complex need to their off springs to assert themselves to become egotistical and the world owes them, forgetting generations have not only fought wars but also have created the infrastructure that enables to get ahead/ so to speak.

  4. edward eastwood

    donwreford; Would you like to try that again in English?

  5. Kayla Flamenco Malaysia

    edward that’s a bit mean, I don’t agree with what donwreford was trying to say but he has a right to say whatever he wants and should be encouraged to do so.
    As for conscription? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TRY IT, GO ON, I DARE YOU!!!!

  6. Matters Not

    Yes Ross, conscription is probably the way to go in this ‘new world’ as recommended by Shepherd’s audit. The problem might be the ‘remuneration’. Clearly dollars are out of the question because we are ‘broke’ even if the rest of the world thinks otherwise, as does every economist in Australia.

    Perhaps a hierarchy of rewards could be developed. After day one on the job, a handshake might be appropriate. A successful second day might result in a pat on the head or a hug (for the gentler sex) with a complimentary bottle of water.

    For those who have survived the week, perhaps a boiled lolly might be appropriate?

    But perhaps not, after all the Age of Entitlement is over.

  7. Stephen Tardrew

    Having worked with service men and women I can guarantee the forces are certainly not drug free and as for alcohol it’s subsidized.

    Conscription is loaded with recrimination for those who do not past health or psyche tests and there would be bullying, and vilification. Sexual abuse is another matter of concern. It’s a damn stupid idea. We need a more kind and caring society not a society in which the majority of individual’s autonomic nervous system is conditioned to attack rather than mediate through detached non-threatening negotiation and communication. Why do you think the well off avoid it like the plague and most military personnel come from the working class and poor?

    Societies work on diversity and freedom not a monoculture of military madness. I have been observing individuals on this site suggest conscription for some time and have held my tongue however this idea is disgusting and immoral. It is anti-democratic to force youth to join the military full stop.

    Conscription is a recipe for discrimination and retributive punishment. Just when Obama is striving to mediate and negotiate conflicts the GOP led by McCain are drooling at the chance of another intervention. Remember Iraq and Afghanistan. Great holiday distentions for our kids. Conscript our kids into unjust wars and leave behind the mess in Iraq, Afganistan and the Middle East. Yeah that works a treat.

  8. DanDark

    BACK IN 1954

    Back in 54
    The colour beige was in

    Back in 54
    Menzies and the Libs
    ruled over our population of 8 mill

    Back in 54
    The all white policy was big

    Back in 54
    Conscription was compulsory
    Boys quickly, became men
    War ready,gun in hand

    Back in 54
    Our motto was sheep sheep sheep
    We so reaped the profits off their
    fleece fleece fleece

    Back in 54
    We made things
    Manufacturing was the way
    Men got paid a mere weekly wage

    Back in 54
    Holden cars were what we drove
    We made them from go to woe

    Back in 54
    Aboriginal women were not allowed the vote
    They were treated like second class citizens
    By the ones who captained the boat

    Back in 54
    Was the first time Queen E
    Came for a look and see
    At her little colony

    Back in 54
    We named people Dames and Knights
    Something we inherited
    from those old Pommie blokes

    Back in 54
    Beige was in

    So I will be pissed Tony Abbott
    If you try to drag me back
    To when beige was big
    It’s just not my colour
    And you will hear me whinge…..

  9. Dan Rowden

    We need a national service programme for the over 70s. The sooner they cark it the better for everyone.

  10. doctorrob54

    This is all assuming there is an unemployment problem,I suppose for those that believe we are in fiscal emergency,they will believe anything.5.7% looking for work.Comparable OECD nations 9.2%
    The problem under this system is long term,secure employment,meaning lack of it.Without that there can be no real stability.
    If there was an unemployment problem surly Gina would not be permitted to bring in unskilled Chines labour at her Roy Hill Mine.

  11. Matters Not

    We need a national service programme for the over 70s. The sooner they cark it the better for everyone

    Yep, and as someone who will be 70 this year, I want access to a ‘little white pill’.

    If one wants to elect a ‘libertarian’ government, then why not go the whole hog?

    Free little white pills for everyone over seventy I say.

  12. Paula Fairbairn

    It’s not just an employment problem; it’s a casualization problem. A casual job will move you off welfare but it won’t be enough to live on and it will not be enough to eat, rent, and see the doctor when you need to.

    With the advances in medical science perhaps elderly women could have babies and take advantage of the new paid parental leave scheme. Gerontologists of caliber?

    Once the sea lanes are cut, the food and petrol run out in two weeks and we eat each other. The elderly can hunt rats in the lane ways.

  13. Dan Rowden

    Free little white pills for everyone over seventy I say.

    Free? You want it to be free? How friggin’ typical. Do lefties ever pay their way for anything ….

  14. Matters Not

    Free? You want it to be free?

    Dan, I think you are limited by ‘philosophy’ (metaphysics, epistemology, axiology and the like) which goes back to Plato at least. Your thinking is somewhat ‘dated’ and certainly it’s ‘old fashioned’. (Just jokin..)

    These days ‘economics’ is the ‘new black’. It’s all about ‘cost benefit’ analysis.

    My ‘quick death’ will save the government a significant amount in dollar terms, although the medical industry will lament I might die too quickly and deprive them of their ‘fees’.

    On the other hand, my private insurance fund will ‘clap’ as will my children and grandchildren (in the economic sense).

    AH! The ‘constructions of reality’.

  15. Degan

    What about if politicians have to go work for their local council, on minimum wages, on a shovel, in Hi-Vis for a year before they can take any other job if they quit parliament before 70? And then not be able to get a job in the sector of their appointed ministry for a further 3 years. I’m not sexist, women too. Sounds fair to me.

  16. oldfart

    there was no conscription in 54, introduced during the vietnam war. This may be closer than you think given that America is sticking it’s nose into the Ukraine. The libs need to get their canon fodder somehow, send little johnnie and wendy off to war. But hey, it will help the budget’s bottom line all that extra tax from deployed soldiers(who dont enjoy tax free on operational duty anymore) and all those new jobs in manufacturing fighting of the ex reds under the beds

  17. John Kelly

    I was conscripted into the army in 1965 and served two years. It wasn’t fun. Some of the conscripts I served with died in the paddy fields of Vietnam. Were Abbott to continue down the foolish path of aggravating the Indonesians he might well consider conscription. He is a student of Bob Santamaria who advocated and supported the draft. As a Catholic, he believes in Armageddon. Never underestimate religious devotees. They believe they are on a mission from their god.

  18. kavik

    Dan Rowden – how quickly the paid Coalition trolls show up everywhere with comments like yours. Mark this name for a scroll-by, folks.

  19. Fed up

    DanDark, another who did not like or appreciate the values of 1954 the first time around.

    The corporate world must have love the fact, that they had a low paid women workforce, that was easily put back into the home anytime they felt the need.

    Yes,. women working was frown on, but used by industry to fill in the blank places. Then we did have large numbers of low paid and uncertain factory jobs, that women filled.

    It is a shame for the corporate world, women expect more. Yes, they expect highly paid and skilled jobs. Yes, even in management and higher

    We are no longer willing to earn pin money, toiling in the homes of the rich.,

    I have no problems with Abbott making cuts, where necessary. My problem is that none of the places he has chosen to make the cuts, will do nothing to fix the budget structural problems.

    I have said this government is driven by dogma or ideology. I fear I may have that wrong,. This government is driven by their own selfish prejudice, that see all below them as dishonest and out to rip off the system. See all that do not market as inferior and unwary.

    What else does tough love mean, when it comes out of the mouth of the PM. He is not my father. I do not want his tough love. I do not need his tough love.

    All of the so called Audit report is based on what they believe we, the lower income earners will do., They have made judgements about our values, that is far from fact.

    We do not rip off Medicare, because we get it for free. We know it is not free. It is paid for by a levy and our taxes. Yes, we di indeed pay taxes. Some could say, we now pay a higher percentage, than those in the upper income bracket. Lowering of income tax, has not benefitted us much More so, when .lowering of progressive taxes have been replaced by regressive tax.

    We do not stay home, on starvation money because there is dole money.

    As for expecting to have a reasonable standard of life on the pension, yes, we have paid taxes over our lived, for that to happen.

    Mr Abbott, you are suggesting a tax; levy of 1% for those, now over $150,000. Yes for four years,. For us, t5he cuts are permanent.

    Mer., Abbott and Mr Costello, cutting benefits to lower income earners, including families, is also taking money out of the economy. Yes, will definitely spend less. We will have no choice. Not too sure that many on $150,00 will change their spending pattern in anyway.

    Yes, I fear, they are governing by their own personal prejudice, out of arrogance. Nothing else adds up.

  20. Stephen Tardrew

    Hey John:

    I got out on medical grounds thank heavens for that. The day I opened that letter was a wonderful day. Not nostalgic but I have kept that letter on ice.

  21. Stephen Tardrew

    Hey guys I think Dan is having a go. Bit of black humor methinks.

  22. Dan Rowden


    Dan Rowden – how quickly the paid Coalition trolls show up everywhere with comments like yours. Mark this name for a scroll-by, folks.

    Dude, you are in serious need of a humour/satire brain transplant. I guess some people are just incapable of thinking outside of the literal. Sigh.

  23. Paul Raymond Scahill

    It does appear as though Abbott and some of his front bench are where they are purely from deceit and corruption. That is more than borne out by ICAC. Once again, I would feel that deception and corruption are a part of the of the D.N.A. of the LIEberals. One does not have to be very far/right or left to accept that. Please look at Tony Abbott, the way I have for many years and one can only see LIES, DECEIT & CORRUPTION. The man reeks of it. Perhaps in the not too distant future you will all see what a creep he really is

  24. mars08

    John Kelly
    May 7, 2014 • 9:40 am

    I was conscripted into the army in 1965 and served two years. It wasn’t fun. Some of the conscripts I served with died in the paddy fields of Vietnam…

    I am very much against war. But I admit… I am seriously conflicted.

    Sometimes I really, really, REALLY want the government to introduce compulsory national service. And for one reason only. I assume that nothing would encourage the voters to fine-tune their bullshit detectors as much as… the chance that they (or a loved one) might die in a needless, fabricted conflict. The possibility of death and disfigurement tends to focus the mind.

  25. donwreford

    The over 70s, would in the main have done national service, as a compulsory issue, I am not sure from what you say as to why you think so? do you have a chip on your shoulder? have they harmed you?
    My main criticism of this generation is the irresponsibility to have been involved with inflation of land and property, thus the younger generation now has a legacy of inflated property expenditure.
    Also they did not regard politicians to account for working against the interests of the public good, and should have worked to overthrow the two main parties rather voting for self interest.
    The circumstance of the over 70s, is they inherited a war torn society, I would dare to say that the public’s response to paedophilia, now, is little understood, the effects of rape of the mind, which I regard as significant as rape of the body, this generation or at least a big proportion of this group never recovered from this and in the main chose not to talk on these issues.
    The big change now is the age of the computer, whereby you can get ideas that the over 70s, had no access to this democratic possibility. what I find about this generation is the assumed idea as what life is or is not? and are often tedious and boring, but I am sure their are many not, although I do not know of them, the younger generation can be similar, but they are excused, the older generation are not, because they have more experience of being in the world, their fore have greater guilt of not being authentic.

  26. 'FairGo Australia'

    If the government wants to start a National Service program, it would be wise to hold a referendum beforehand to get a gauge on the younger generation’s feelings, who would be affected by this concept …

  27. donwreford

    Their are a lot of white pills? what do you mean? I think speed can come as such, if it is a death pill, the the cost of keeping alive would be invariable for the state/taxpayer far more than the pill.
    As they say at memorial services the young that die on the battle field are better off than those who have to face old age.
    Jesus and Buddha died before old age as many others did such as Socrates, as I am well over 70, I regard myself as more important than the hero’s of yesterday and also as important as the spiritual leaders in as much I have to face what either they could not or played Russian roulette on the battlefield.
    My concern is that I am unable to understand what reality is? and keep changing my mind as to what it seems, my main problem is the infliction of a disease of being in constant flux as to changing my mind, and have as yet not found a cure.

  28. donwreford

    ABC, breakfast, with Virginia Trioli, and Michael Rowland, presenters, were warming to the idea of retirement age, 70, eligible for retirement, do these presenters believe they or others will be working up to 69 years? of age, the image will not sit right.

  29. Peter Lee

    Yes, a bleeding heart lefty, or in the words of reasonable people, a person with compassion.

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