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Pauline’s picks are on the nose

As someone who has railed against the rise of the political class myself, I can, to a degree, understand the anger which has expressed itself in the election of people with no experience in governance.

But surely there must be some criteria, some selection process as to the appropriateness and capacity of the people to whom we hand the reins of the country.

As shown by our current government, formal education does not necessarily lead to enlightened altruistic public service.

But nor does coming up through the ‘school of hard knocks’ automatically confer the ability to grasp the complexities and responsibilities of being a member of parliament.

It is unlikely that any candidate would have an entirely pristine past but they must expect it to be examined and be able to withstand such scrutiny.

Which is why Pauline Hanson’s press conference in WA the other day was so bizarre.

She was there to launch her party’s campaign for the upcoming election but refused to talk about the candidates.

“I’m not going to have trial by media here, with all of my candidates. If this interview is going to be all about the candidates that represent me, I’m sorry, but this interview is finished,” Ms Hanson said.

“I am not going to stand here and continue a conversation with regards to these candidates. You are treating me totally different to the different political parties.”

“But it’s a very valid question, as it goes towards your candidate’s reputation,” a journalist is heard saying.

The question related to One Nation’s candidate for Dawesville, Lawrence Shave, and his plans to start a business called Bikini Baristas, in which scantily-clad women would sell coffee to consumers.

According to his facebook page, Ps Shave also has supernatural powers.

“I have been gifted with supernatural means as in Matthew 4:23-25 as many years ago I stood on the bow of a fishing trawler at (sic) said to the destructive cyclone that was coming upon us to destroy the boat, crew and myself “I command In Jesus Name to remove yourself from this ocean” the weather station in Perth said that its (sic) was the first time in history that the cyclone split in two, one going inland and the other half going out to sea.”

The pastor believes he has healing powers saying he wants to deal with the sick directly from the ministry of Jesus.

“So the Gifts of healing are given to the church to restore physical health by Supernatural means from the Holy Spirit.”

When asked by 6PR host Gareth Parker about his bikini baristas, Ps Shave channelled his inner Trump.

“If the uniform looks good, why not? They look good, I’m always attracted to them because I’m a man.”

Then there is ON Murray-Wellington candidate Ross Slater, who has been consistently outspoken about his opposition to same-sex marriage.

“Redefining marriage will shatter the natural family structure, society’s moral code and affect everybody, because it’s only the beginning,” Mr Slater said in a letter to the Bunbury Mail in July last year.

“Same-sex couples entertain hetero bashing by suing people who refuse assistance with their “wedding” or condone their lifestyle.

“Bible quoting, introducing adultery decoys and continually referring to the shining sun disguises devious attempts to dismantle a sacred institution gay couples are neither eligible for, nor respect.”

One wonders how he slipped past James Ashby who disendorsed Shan Ju Lin for saying “gays should be treated as patients” and that “Abnormal sex behaviour leads to abnormal crime.”

In 2004, Andrew Denton interviewed Pauline Hanson on Enough Rope about some of her ON colleagues during her first stint in parliament.

ANDREW DENTON: One Nation MP Jeff Knuth said, “It would be better “if the Aborigines went back to the pastoralists and said, ‘Can we just… We’re not going to take your land. We’ll just live on it and work for you if you’ll give us a bit of meat.'”

Your Health spokesman, Ray Danton, actually publicly questioned the statistics on Aboriginal infant mortality as though they might have been made up for some other reason.

PAULINE HANSON: There were some radicals that tagged themselves to me. They saw me come along and, you know, this woman came along and they thought there was their platform to go and say whatever they wanted to.

ANDREW DENTON: But he was your Health spokesperson.

PAULINE HANSON: Oh, look, I wouldn’t even know… I don’t even know who he is. I know Jeff Knuth actually won his seat.

Senator Brian Burston assures us that the new One Nation team is a world away from the rabble who won 11 seats in Queensland in 1998, imploded and took Hanson down with them.

They ran dopes, unemployed, inexperienced, not all that intellectual … we’re more cohesive than the previous bunch,” Burston said. “We’re a more intelligent bunch for a start.”

That was, of course, before the Culleton debacle.

But Pauline says we should trust her choices because they all filled in a form and she spent 2 days chatting with them.

“I came here before Christmas, I spent two days interviewing the candidates that came forward at that time, I was very happy with the calibre of candidates in this state.”

On past and current performance, I think Pauline will take anyone she can get to bump up the numbers of the One Nation push for a New World Disorder.



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  1. Flogga

    Five women and thirty one men. Good job Pauline.

  2. 245179

    I’ve just read this, WTF… dumb and dumber……..i’m going to mow the lawns.

  3. andrew moran

    ‘we’re a more intelligent bunch for a start’……………perhaps.
    they still make a lump of 4 x 2 look like a supercomputer though.

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Pauline gives desperadoes a chance to enter politics via a political party. These people could otherwise try their luck as independents but they then would not have the party structure to back them up.

  5. kate ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye. I wonder if anyone could ‘please explain’ what an adultery decoy might be.

  6. olddavey

    Imagine if this mob get control of WA, it’ll be fun to watch from the east!

  7. townsvilleblog

    More religious lunatics is just what we don’t need, wow what a description fanatical redneck ignorant racist bogan with delusions of grandeur, what a politician he will make I’d say lol, but it has ceased to be funny anymore.

  8. townsvilleblog

    JMS they might have a party structure but still I have not heard a policy from any 1 nation politician or candidate, do they have policies or do they just make up their minds (lol) on other people’s policies?

  9. townsvilleblog

    olddavey, Surely it would not be fun, watching our fellow Aussies wither under a 1 nation regime, it would be sad to subject our West Australian brothers and sisters to any fanatic right wing regime…

  10. Kaye Lee

    kate ahearne,

    “adultery decoy” could refer to the quoting of the marriage act

    “Marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.”

    As many people have pointed out, opponents of marriage equality only pay attention to the man and woman part, not the rest of the statement which is breached with gay abandon, so to speak.

  11. townsvilleblog

    Instead of being individual ratbags they have become a collection of ratbags, if everyday Australians vote for this ragtag collection of racists, bigots, born again ratbags, and fanatical loonies the progressive side of politics has failed badly to explain their case, as it did in the United States.

  12. kate ahearne

    Thanks Kaye, that was sort of what I was thinking, too. Meanwhile I’ve consulted Professor Google – it turns out that an adultery decoy (or sex decoy) is a person employed by a private investigator to find out if your ‘significant other’ is likely to stray. ‘Sex decoys are private investigators who specializes in matters of infidelity. If you suspect that your significant other, if given the opportunity, would cheat on you, then we will send an undercover male or female decoy to create a chance meeting with your significant other to see if they would react to the decoy.

    Some men and women revealed that they would be willing to go to extremes to catch a cheating partner. We have female and male undercover operatives that go into hotels, hotel pools, bars, nightclubs or restaurants and act as decoys to determine if your spouse or significant other will cheat if given the opportunity. This is a very effective service that will give you “peace of mind” in your relationship. When you call our office, each conversation will be strictly confidential. ‘ The question is why on earth would an adultery decoy be gay?

  13. ozibody

    Thank you Kaye, for ‘ Our Pauline ‘ short and to the point !

    One thing appears certain, and that is , Mrs. P. Hanson’s clear mission is to consolidate her presence in Australian Politics !

    This time around she’s nearer to retirement age and her prospects of a Parliamentary Pension are looking favourable!

    For all the rhetoric about being ‘ fair dinkum ‘ and a ‘ forgotten people ‘ champion ( which is likely genuine ) , her utter scatter gun recruitment activities in both Queensland and (now) W. A. indicate she’s riding the ‘ populist ‘ train in full swing ….. and casually !

    In spite of her accepted ‘ intelligence factor ‘ , it could be fair to say her six year term in the Senate is assured, and now ‘protected ‘ further by the time it will take for One Nation to ‘ do it’s thing ‘!

    Parliamentary Pension , and place at the ‘perks trough ‘ assured ….. smart thinking 99 !

  14. Jaquix

    Since when do candidates represent the Leader of the party? Pauline is so ego-centric its incredible. Did anyone see the video of her interrupting a media conference when Ashby (I think) whispered that there was a terror attack in Melbourne, she puffed up and all animated launched into a tirade starting “They dont look right. (?????) They come here and they dont assimilate, they dont have our values etc etc etc. We have to stop them coming into this country.” Without waiting for any facts, she just assumed it was Islamist terrorists. I only saw the clip in an obscure article, not mainstream media, who have a lot to answer for too in giving One Nation an inordinate amount of coverage – even if much of it is not complimentary. Compare that video with the traditional shot of her with “her” candidates in WA. accompanying Kaye Lee’s article. One by one the candidates will be pinged off as unsuitable, BUT in the meantime the media is giving her an undue amount of attention, giving her unwarranted credibility and which only adds to her appeal to some people. By contrast, you barely hear about the Greens, who commanded a similar % of votes last election.

  15. Steve Laing -

    We already have enough nut job happy clappy politicians here courtesy of the Liberal party up here in the northern suburbs in federal, state and local levels. Pauline’s lot will fit right in.

  16. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Are you implying, Kaye Lee, that Pauline picks her nose?

  17. John Lord

    To say what I think would destroy my reputation as a gentleman.

  18. babyjewels10

    Good grief, where does she find them.

  19. Keitha Granville

    She finds them under the same rocks from which she emerged. None of these people would get more than a couple of votes on their own, and yet on PH coattails they may well end up in Parliament. I am hopeful that once presented with the work actually required to be a politician, they will drop like flies. Look at Malcolm Roberts – the man is a walking talking ignoramus, and he will most likely find that by the next election he’ll be out.
    There has to be the requisite number of loonies standing for election every time, it’s what makes parliament fun !

  20. helvityni

    Jennifer M-S, I was going to say the same, but was afraid that some of the more earnest ones here might get upset…There’s strength in numbers 🙂

  21. David Bruce

    If democracy is governance of the people, by the people, for the people, then Pauline is quite suitable as a politician in Federal Parliament. Most of the people she represents can’t read the AIMN articles.

  22. Kaye Lee

    In the course of a to and fro discussion on Pauline’s facebook page, halal certification came up as it inevitably does with her supporters. I looked up the senate committee report on the matter which definitively states that halal certification does not lead to increased prices and there are no links to terrorism funding.

    “Evidence received by the committee overwhelmingly suggests that halal certification does not result in increased food prices. This view was shared by government departments and other submitters: A significant number of submitters expressed a deep mistrust of halal certification and speculated that a link might exist between halal certification in Australia and terrorist activity by extremists: The committee sought the clarification of a number of government agencies with expertise on anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing (AML/CTF). Evidence supplied by AUSTRAC, Australia’s regulator and specialist financial intelligence unit with responsibility for monitoring AML/CTF, stated that despite these allegations, such a link does not exist.”

    Interestingly, the government report begins with a statement “The vast majority of submissions the inquiry received voiced concerns about, and opposition to, halal food certification. A number of submitters employed language and arguments which could be described as inflammatory, derogatory, and, in some cases, even obscene.”

    That’s the Hanson effect for you.

  23. helvityni

    Who says our Pauline is racist, there’s at least one dark-skinned man of ‘foreign’ appearance, there in the front row.

  24. Kaye Lee

    helvityni, I hope he isn’t Asian or African or Muslim, not that Pauline is racist in any way


    “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians,” she said.

    “They have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate.”


    “We’re bringing in people from South Africa at the moment. There’s a huge amount coming into Australia, who have diseases; they’ve got AIDS,” Ms Hanson told AAP.

    “They are of no benefit to this country whatsoever; they’ll never be able to work.

    “And what my main concern is, is the diseases that they’re bringing in and yet no one is saying or doing anything about it.”


    “We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology incompatible with our own,” she said.

  25. 245179

    Pauline may be a “plant” by both majors, she makes them look good. ( well maybe..not as bad )

  26. Terry2

    The disturbing thing is that the LNP are embracing One Nation as a future coalition partner – i.e. most of the defections to ON are coming from the Nationals.

    Whilst in WA Pauline was wined and dined by BFF Michaelia Cash.

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    … which begs the question, why isn’t Bill kissing and making up with Richard? Labor and the Greens will be even less winnable and Australia will be worse off, if the LNP embraces One Nation.

    Go The ALLiance!

  28. Alan Baird

    Absolutely fascinating vignettes of some of Pauline’s picks. Wonderful stuff about the pastor and the prostitutes… well… bar girls. Most would seamlessly fit into a situation comedy sited in the bible belt/ titty bar towns of the usa (no capitals as this reflects the state of that benighted nation BEFORE Trump fixes it). Glorious wacky Queensland style entertainment. Another delightful side issue is the apparent chummy attitude (lately) to Tone the Suppository (brought about by their simultaneous and joyous realisation that Trump was a Great Guy), despite Tone’s involvement with her incarceration (which we won’t mention here). And we thought Michael Jackson could be odd at times!

  29. helvityni

    Jennifer, I’m with you, I’m waiting for that ‘ kiss and make up’, Michaelia and Tones are already ‘kissing’ Pauline and according to her, Mal is a nice bloke…or something like that…

  30. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    you and I have brains.

  31. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    So true, Alan Baird.

    Pauline Hanson’s fake lovey dovey kiss and make up with Tones the Suppository is in reality what somebody else above explained was Pauline’s way of cementing her political longevity enough to claim maximum entitlements and her parliamentary pension.

    The fish and chip cook would kiss anybody’s shoes to avoid having to return to such humble circumstances.

  32. kate ahearne

    We actually have no way of knowing whether or not Pauline is motivated by thoughts of a parliamentary pension. She is very clearly motivated by an agenda that includes Muslims, immigration, multiculturalism, Aboriginal Australians, medicinal cannabis… , and she is clearly very passionate and very motivated on a range of issues – to the horror of many of us. But to accuse her of being motivated by greed for a cushy retirement after her life in politics is a pretty long bow to pull. She might be, she might not be – we just don’t know. We’re not mind readers.

  33. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    So kate,

    she should elucidate her position clearly and explain her scatter-gun way of selecting dubious candidates which otherwise could raise questions that their multiplicity potentially creates more financial rewards for her and her party.

    By the way, there’s no question about her political agendas re Muslims, immigration, multiculturism, Aboriginal Australians, medicinal cannabis, but some of those categories could be disputed and her credibility is questionable.

  34. Kaye Lee

    The thing that really troubles me about Pauline is her unwillingness to learn. She is absolutely unshakeable in her opinions, most of which haven\t changed in 20 years. She is ripe for manipulation by people like Malcolm Roberts who have her convinced there is no evidence for AGW and that the reef is just fine and dandy – full steam ahead on coal mines and forget the tourist trade.

    She is surprisingly naive about many things but strident in her views, something she shares with Trump.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wise people so full of doubts. – Bertrand Russell

  35. kate ahearne

    Jennifer, I don’t think Pauline is capable of explaining anything much. What matters is that she has some horrible policies, that an amazing number of people agree with her, and that she needs to be opposed effectively. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of a hash she makes of selecting her candidates, or what kind of idiots those candidates are making of themselves. Scary stuff! But accusing her of being motivated by greed for the pollie pension doesn’t help. Actually, when you consider how passionate she truly is, it does seem unlikely to be the case that she is motivated by money.

  36. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Actually kate,

    I might have once agreed with you because the old Pauline saw herself as having more to contribute than a parcel of fish and chips. That was pre-1996.

    Now 20+ years later, she’s become accustomed to the good life of public funded luxuries and respectability. While she might espouse those issues that she is known to support, the pecuniary benefits are part of what motivates her even if she does not consciously know it.

  37. kate ahearne

    Jennifer, ‘…the pecuniary benefits are part of what motivates her even if she does not consciously know it.’ For goodness sake. How can you possibly know any such thing? The sheer arrogance of this remark is gobsmacking.

  38. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    kate ahearne,

    perhaps you would like to press her ladyship herself and not me as to her motivations? I wonder at your defensiveness of her authenticity!

  39. kate ahearne

    Jennifer, I’m pressing you rather than Pauline because you’re the one who is making this allegation. So I’ll ask you again, what gives you the power to read another person’s mind? How could you possibly justify a remark like ‘…the pecuniary benefits are part of what motivates her even if she does not consciously know it.’? EVEN IF SHE DOES NOT CONSCIOUSLY KNOW IT? Honestly, Jennifer, my gob is well and truly smacked. I do wish you’d answer the question. And no, I don’t doubt her authenticity at all. That’s a big part of what makes her so dangerous. She really does seem to believe it all. She seems to be completely sincere.

  40. Kaye Lee

    It is impossible to truly know Pauline’s motivation but the election itself was a real moneyspinner for her.

    Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party will receive $1.62 million from the AEC,

    Even if Pauline is genuine, Ashby seems to have taken over as some sort of Rasputin and I don’t trust his motivation for one second.

  41. kate ahearne

    Yes, Kaye. All of this is sensible and true. I agree with you, although we should acknowledge that the AEC pays out to all parties depending on their vote, and that the money is, presumably, meant to compensate for election outlay.

  42. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    kate ahearne,

    I’ll ask you three simple questions and I want you to answer them instead of counter-attacking with extra questions.

    First, what makes you think Pauline is not also motivated by the advantages of office?

    Second, what makes you think she puts Aboriginal Australians in a defined box distinct from other Australians?

    Third, why are you reticent in asking Pauline yourself?

  43. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I’m watching the tennis, so if I fail to answer any more interrogations tonight, it’s coz the tennis is more interesting.

  44. Kaye Lee

    “the money is, presumably, meant to compensate for election outlay.” – and therein lies a whole other rort.

    So now the parties delay launching their campaigns until almost election time because prior to that, they can charge their flying around campaigning to the public purse.

    Labor officially launched their campaign on June 19 and the Libs on June 26, less than a week before the election.

    Between 17 February and 7 August 2013, Barnaby Joyce, who was still a Queensland Senator until his resignation on August 8, spent more than $13,000 on 25 flights in or out of Armidale or Tamworth. He spent a further $3,500 on family travel, $736 for four nights of his travel allowance in the two cities and $950 in hire car costs. This was not a cost borne by the party despite his obvious purpose of campaigning for a seat he had not even declared he was running for.

  45. kate ahearne

    I’ll answer yours if you’ll answer mine! Actually, I’m happy to answer them anyway.

    ‘First, what makes you think Pauline is not also motivated by the advantages of office?’
    She may be, but I’d say her passion, indeed her fanaticism is so plain to see that I suspect that she’d probably be pursuing her political career if there was no money in it at all. She is hugely motivated by her opinions and the policies she pursues. My problem with your remarks was and still is that you had the colossal cheek to claim that you know that she is motivated by money, EVEN IF SHE DOES NOT CONSCIOUSLY KNOW IT. Such certainty that you could actually know what someone else is thinking, even if she doesn’t know it herself, is simply beyond my capacity to comprehend.

    ‘Second, what makes you think she puts Aboriginal Australians in a defined box distinct from other Australians?’ I’m not quite sure what you mean by this question. I think that Pauline has actually been saying that there should be no distinction between Aboriginal and other Australians. Here’s a bit from an interview she gave Andrew Bolt – ‘ “What defines an Aboriginal?” Senator Hanson told host Andrew Bolt.

    “You know, there’s no definition to an Aboriginal.
    “If you marry an Aboriginal, you can be classified as an Aboriginal.

    “Or if the community or the elders accept you into that community, you can be defined as an Aboriginal.

    “And that’s not good enough, because then if you make a comment about it, well what are you — are you an Aboriginal, or not an Aboriginal?”‘
    If Pauline succeeds in getting rid of the distinction, she can then work towards getting rid of any programs that are designed to support Aboriginal communities. Anyhow, might I suggest that you conduct a google search on this matter.

    ‘Third, why are you reticent in asking Pauline yourself?’ Why on earth would I want to do that? I really don’t care one way or another. I care very much about her policies, and I’m very much afraid of her growing influence, but whether or not she is motivated to any extent by the prospect of a parliamentary pension seems to be of far greater interest to you than it is to me.

  46. kate ahearne

    Yes, Kaye. This is, as you say, a whole other rort, and certainly does need scrutiny. I do love the way you have of pulling up all the facts and figures to support your points.

  47. Michael Taylor

    That Bolt/Hanson interview would have been a nightmare to watch. I can see it all now: Hanson prattling on about a subject she knows nothing about with Bolt sitting there nodding his head in furious agreement, spellbound by Hanson’s vast reservoir of knowledge.

    I’m glad I missed it.

  48. JeffJL

    Had we a process to vet politicians for office we would have been deprived of an excellent Senator in Ricky Muir.

    Then again is the reward of a thinking Senator like Ricky Muir big enough to overcome the ones who need weeding out prior to becoming law makers?

  49. silkworm

    Can anyone tell me more about this “shining sun”? I would like to join this cult so that I may bow down and worship it.

  50. Kaye Lee

    silkworm, I too wondered what the ‘shining sun’ reference meant. Google didn’t provide any answers. The closest I got to a reference connected to marriage equality was “Stick your plebiscite where the sun don’t shine!” but I doubt that is what Mr Slater was referring to.

  51. Terry2

    Barnaby Joyce’s use of taxpayer money to promote his electioneering in New England in 2013 should be an open and shut case. At the time he was a Queensland Senator and he didn’t become Agriculture Minister until September 2015.

    Clearly these expenses were incurred for the benefit of Barnaby Joyce and the National Party and If he doesn’t repay the money promptly the matter should be referred to the AFP for prosecution.

  52. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    kate ahearne,

    Pauline Hanson is indeed a fanatic, who has tapped into a boiling pool of fear in the community around particular racial groups. Now it is the Muslim community but once it was Aboriginal Australians.

    I remember her televised ‘epiphany’ when she’d been in prison with many Aboriginal women and her publicised changed attitude to the identified needs and wants of Aboriginal people.

    I don’t need to be told by you about how worrying her influence can be on large sections of marginalised Australian constituents, who believe the major parties in the duopoly don’t represent them and who ignore many regional and remote areas around the country.

    To act proactively against the fanatical influence of Hanson and political identities like Hanson, it is important for the Greens and Labor to reach out to grassroots people in those regional areas with community forums that allow people to voice their concerns and their visions for what will help their communities and themselves with regards to standards of living, employment opportunities, community infrastructures and services, health and education and the list goes on.

    By the Greens and Labor taking such proactive action now, and again, and again right up to the next election and after it too, they will be effectively blocking many profits the LNP Degenerates could gain by adopting Hanson back into their fold.

  53. kate ahearne

    Jennifer, you haven’t addressed the concern that I have expressed to you several times now: ‘…the pecuniary benefits are part of what motivates her even if she does not consciously know it.’

    ‘Please explain.’

  54. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I’ve said what I’ve said and I stand by my perception. I am not beholden to you to explain any more. By the way, who made you judge and jury here?

    I note also that you have not addressed my recommendations to the Greens and Labor. Any reason for that?

  55. kate ahearne

    Nobody made me judge and jury – the same nobody that appointed you, too. That was my point.

    I don’t have any particular response about what you say about the Greens and Labor getting together in the way you suggest, except to point out that Labor might be a bit sus about such a relationship with the Greens for a fair few reasons, beginning with the Greens dumping their arrangement with Labor towards the end of the last Labor-led government,

    Actually, there are lots of things I haven’t addressed, lots of remarks and suggestions made by various people.

  56. Kaye Lee

    “A spokeswoman for Joyce told Guardian Australia that all the travel was within the rules and undertaken in his role as shadow minister for regional development, local government and water.”

  57. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    if that was your point, sorry it wasn’t so clear. For a while, I wondered if you were even an Hanson apologist!

    I’m not judge and jury here either and never claimed to be. But I do practise my right to free speech (according to Freedom of Speech s18C and s18D) on this site that encourages it on reasonable terms .

    As for my recommendations to the Greens and Labor to form a publicly acknowledged working alliance, it is a matter of urgency for the sake of Australia’s best interests. It is bigger than a few disgruntled Greens or Labor politicians, who are trying to outdo each other.

  58. Roswell

    Kaye, of course it was within the rules. They make the rules up as they go along.

  59. Kaye Lee

    Lawdy lawdy ….from jimhaz link…

    Sean Black, media and policy adviser to outspoken One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts and touted as a future leader of the party in its Queensland heartland, is the subject of a complaint of alleged assault lodged with Queensland Police in August, Fairfax Media can reveal.

    On his Facebook page, Mr Black has admitted to struggling to control his temper, including last year when he launched into a foul-mouthed rant and threw a coaster at a man wearing an offensive T-shirt about Tony Abbott.

    “So today I snapped,” he wrote on facebook. “Our greatest prime minister, Tony Abbott, is being taunted, derided and dis­respected. I’ve had a gut full of pansy conservatives who won’t stick up for freedom, Tony, or our nation. Time to grow balls and pick some fights folks.”

  60. kate ahearne

    Wow! Just wondering how anybody could stick up for Tony AND our nation all at the same time. And this old gal won’t be growing any balls, thanks all the same.

  61. Jexpat

    Sean Black: their very own Mark Latham….

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