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Pauline And Malcolm Understand That Male Violence Is Just Courting

Q: How do you make Kevin Andrews seem like a reasonable choice to head an inquiry into the Family Law Court?

A: You make Pauline Hanson his deputy.

Apparently, Pauline knows that women lie to get their own way from personal experience. When I first heard her assert this, I was expecting her to be making some confession about her own divorce, but no, she was talking about her son. She knows that he didn’t do anything wrong and it was all the fault of that trollope that he married. Yes, the personal experience of hearing what her son had to say and believing him, which I guess counts as personal experience because if you can’t believe your own children then what’s the world coming to. Of course, he would be a completely trustworthy source and the guilty plea for breaching a DVO must have been some sort of court error when clearly he didn’t do anything wrong.

Actually the whole court system needs an overhaul. I was recently talking to someone who works in a jail and the whole place is full of people who are innocent and are only there because the police and the judge and the jury got it all wrong and didn’t simply take their word that they didn’t do it.

Perhaps we can adopt some sort of system where, when a person tells a court they didn’t do what they’re accused of, then they can just have the presumption of innocence and there’s no need for all that red tape of a restraining order which is bound to make people very angry. As Malcolm Roberts told us, things like restraining orders can make people very angry and who can blame them if they become violent. Restraining orders can prevent fathers from seeing their kids, or people accused of crimes of visiting witnesses in the hope of achieving some sort of reconciliation where the witness agrees to forgive and forget and the accused agrees not to set fire to their house. Win/win really!

No, I can see this inquiry doing a lot of good. Pauline will be able to tell women that they should think themselves lucky that they live in Australia and Kevin will be able to recommend that nobody should be granted a restraining order until they’ve fully exhausted the counselling process which he and his wife will run for any couples experiencing difficulties.

Violence against women? Australia says No, but One Nation adds that it’s probably the fault of the Family Court.

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  1. Baby Jewels

    This is just part of a growing trend as the lunatics take over the asylum. Poor Australia.

  2. Kaye Lee

    “I think the most downtrodden person in this country is the white Anglo-Saxon male,” said Pauline Hanson back in 1996 “I think they’re at the bottom of the barrel. It’s got to the stage where I think the balance has swung too far [in favour of women] and men don’t know what to do. ‘Gee, do I open the door or don’t I? Is she a feminist or is she not?’”

    Gosh, what a dilemma for poor white Anglo-Saxon men (as opposed to non-white male descendants of Anglo-Saxons or fair-skinned people not descended from the Germanic tribes that ruled Britain) . They need a champion like Pauline to save them from such cruel confusion inflicted on them by (cue scary music)…… feminists!!! (spit).

  3. mark delmege

    You see the thing is Rossleigh some women do lie in court and make up allegations of violence and abuse to get their way. Did you know some even lie to get restraining orders made. Its actually and unfortunately true that some women can be complete bastards. You reacted the same way as Albanese Dutton and the ABC’s Hamish Macdonald but you are probably all wrong. Binary thinking is rarely sufficient. Fancy that?

  4. Kaye Lee


    No doubt there may have been some instances of women making false claims. Dare I say, the same may be true of some men.
    Perhaps you can show some evidence of it being a widespread problem that judges make orders with absolutely not one shred of evidence to support their decisions.

    I can certainly point you to the evidence on death and injury due to domestic violence. You will find the victims are predominantly, though not exclusively, women and children, and that the perpetrators are predominantly male. So if you are trying to fix a problem, would you not start with the most vulnerable groups?

    I cannot imagine the agony of a custody battle but I do not think we improve a system by starting with the premise that women are liars.

  5. Rossleigh

    Gee, Mark, I can’t see anywhere that I’ve even implied that there’s never been a false claim. But whatever, thank you for explaining that lots and lots of people are wrong and you are right in such an erudite and careful way that even someone like me can understand. Did I know that some women even lie to get restraining orders? Of course, there are even some that pretend that they are murdered by their partners but we know that such things are probably just another example of rampant feminism….

    Pauline is looking into it and if anyone can approach things in a non-binary way and see all the nuances, it’s her!

  6. Andrew Smith

    With no sense of irony Hanson’s future colleague Kevin Andrews, virtue signalling, has presented his views on divorce and demography in Hungary:

    Hungary has very high rates of divorce 67% and rates of domestic violence, but no statistics are collected by police, estimated 30-70 deaths and 200k women are in abusive situations with partners, out of a population round 10 million (and declining):

    Think ‘Anglo Saxon’ is a myth (in fact in Britain descendents of Romans) but quite unnerving hearing more often in Oz as a symptom of white nationalist agitprop becoming mainstreamed, while implying the more narrow interpretation of ‘wasp’, but latter does now accommodate Catholics, Jews etc. (post WWII majority of Australians thought there should be no immigrants of the same stock….)

    mark delmege, do you have any credible evidence for your claims?

  7. bradley halfacre

    Until women stop killing their unborn children numbered in the tens of thousands in Australia each year, all talk of male violence to women is so hypocritical and odious that one would think that women would be hanging their collective heads in shame instead of attacking men. Those thousands killed by their mothers, 50,000 back in 2008 also had fathers too remember.

  8. Patrick


    Gee, Mark, I can’t see anywhere that I’ve even implied that there’s never been a false claim. But whatever, thank you for explaining that lots and lots of people are wrong and you are right in such an eradite and careful way that even someone like me can understand. Did I know that some women even lie to get restraining orders? Of course, there are even some that pretend that they are murdered by their partners but we know that such things are probably just another example of rampant feminism….

    Pauline is looking into it and if anyone can approach things in a non-binary way and see all the nuances it’s her!

    What a wicked rejoinder, bravo!!

  9. Kaye Lee

    oh brad,

    You are forgetting we murderesses who take the pill thereby making our uterine wall inhospitable. If life begins at the moment of conception then you’ve got a whole heap more women to judge.

    I take it you feel that a woman should be prepared to give up her life and her aspirations, risk her health and financial security, to commit to forever looking after a child she does not want (or cannot look after), possibly on her own, because men refuse to wear condoms or have vasectomies? You think teenagers should be mums?

    If abortion is murder, is miscarriage manslaughter?

    So much for men to ponder.

  10. Rossleigh

    Yes, bradley, and none of those fathers wanted the woman to have an abortion. It was all the woman’s idea. And none of those performing the abortions were men. And none of the women were impregnated against their will…
    But until all women stop having abortions then the others have no right to object to being assaulted or murdered? Interesting logic.
    Does the word “misogynist” ring any bells?

  11. John O"Callaghan

    I have a theory that some men really want to beat their Mothers but they beat their wifes as a substitution instead. I have no emperical evidence for this theory but it might be worth investigating.

  12. mark delmege

    Andrew, do you seriously doubt it? If you had listened to the interview between Hamish and Hanson you would have understood that Hanson wasn’t denying that men can be violent and in general bastards too. Or later when he interviewed a court professional who essentially agreed that people lie in court.
    Now what was that you were saying about virtue signalling?

  13. Athena

    Bradley halfacre, if men took responsibility for their own actions and made all the sacrifices that you expect of a female sole parent, abortions would reduce significantly. Abortions are required because men create offspring that they don’t want.

  14. Athena

    Mark Delmage, Hanson admitted years ago that her sons are violent. Now she blames the ex-partner for trying to protect herself and her child from the violent excrement that Hanson raised.

    Only 3% of men are denied access to their kids by the court. Violent fathers have more rights than their children.

    Page 97 of this report of the Family Law system in WA quotes a judge
    “By far, there are rare cases of deliberate falsity. It’s a gutsy thing to do, and I think few people have that sort of personality: to go on oath, in the witness box. It’s a pretty gruelling process. You don’t do it unless you really think you’ve got a grievance, because the odds are you are going to get caught out. You’ve got people cross-examining you, you’ve got Independent Children’s Lawyers checking it out, you’ve got a Judge—who’s
    usually fairly experienced—making assessments. You’re running a real risk.”…/53caba…/Magellan_Oct.pdf

  15. David Bruce

    Australia is apparently IVF Central with 1 in 25 births through IVF. We also have an unacceptable level of youth suicide and a growing army of Proud Boys, so I was wondering whether these were examples of unexpected consequences of our current society values, the family court and the scumbags pretending to run the business called the Australian Government?

  16. Kaye Lee

    From Athena’s link….

    “A Canadian study suggested false reports children were being abused or neglected could be as high as 12 per cent in custody disputes, but said non-custodial parents (mostly fathers) were more likely than custodial parents (mostly mothers) to make false reports.

    The report noted that research claiming that “vindictive parents (mainly mothers) commonly pressure their children to make false claims of mistreatment, especially of sexual abuse in child custody cases” had been “largely debunked by the research community”.”

  17. mikeoz

    I think this survey is too politically biased; they need a more grass roots person to give balance. I would suggest John Setka, he would happily give the man in the street’s side of things and without fear or favour.

  18. johno

    Malcolm and Pauline, the blind leading the blind.

  19. Zathras

    These so-called pro-lifers (actually only pro-birthers) really annoy me. They don’t know the consequences or circumstances involved in women making probably the most difficult decision of their life and the fact is – they simply don’t care.

    Many of those self-righteous judge/jury/executioners are probably also in support of the death penalty and look the other way when our troops drop bombs on pregnant women in another country.

    They could be sentencing people they don’t know to lives of misery, pain, suffering and/or poverty just so they can go home and feel better about themselves with as little effort as possible.

    I’m yet to hear a single one say they will financially support a child or a family subjected to life-long medical care yet will happily harangue and abuse complete strangers outside a medical clinic.

    Despite the allegation from some, there is no Biblical basis against abortion.

    As for Hanson’s role in this farce, consider the excellent male role-models she surrounds herself with – Oldfield, Ettridge, Latham, Roberts, Culleton, Burston, Ashby, Anning and even the True Blue Crew- just to name some. Morrison has just tossed her a bone to chew on in return for a future vote of support. It says a lot about both of them.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Don’t forget Steve Dickson, Pauline’s choice to be party leader in Queensland – until the titty-groping clip surfaced.

  21. RomeoCharlie29

    The cynicism implicit in Morrison’s agreement to this inquiry then giving its leadership to Andrews and Hanson is breathtaking, especially in light of the failure to act on the 60 recommendations of an earlier, and far less contentious review if the Family Law Act.

    As an ageing, straight white male I don’t actually feel like a victim or a member of a threatened species. Rather, I recognise the privileged position I occupy in society.

    I cannot think of two less reputable people than Andrews and Hanson to have been given this unnecessary role. A sanctimonious, religious zealot and a foul-mouthed, racist, misandrist harridan of limited intellect, between them they will produce nothing of value and, in the process, exacerbate the misery of all thosefoolish enough to respond to them. The best thing that could happen is that their inquiry is boycotted by those who actually know the subject and deflates from lack of interest.

    BTW, I am waiting for the ex-d.i.l. of Hanson to break cover, perhaps through someone with the same coward’s castle rights as La Hanson. Does that work?

  22. RosemaryJ36

    In all the talk of lies in the Family Court, the desperately important issue is the children. In too many cases women are being accused of lying when they claim the partner is abusing one or more of his children when in fact the children are pleading not to have unsupervised time with him because her claims are true.

  23. Terence Mills

    If we are to have yet another enquiry into the Family Court why on earth would you choose two politicians to head it up ? In particular, why would you choose a bible-basher like Kevin Andrews and a very biased and ignorant woman like Hanson.

    The Australian Law Reform Commssion have done a very detailed analysis of what needs to be done . It is worth reading their sixty recommendations which have been totally ignored by this government.

    This is the Report :

    Hanson, who has evidently not read this report dismissed it as being all about lawyers but here are three of the basic recommendations which go to the heart of the problems currently in the system :

    assist separated couples and the courts to arrive at parenting orders that promote the best interests of the child;
    assist separated couples to understand and comply with parenting orders, reducing conflict thus contributing to the welfare of children;
    increase the proportion of separated couples who are able to resolve their parenting matters, and property and financial matters, outside the courts through a process that ensures fairness and reduces ongoing conflict;

    We know that Morrison has thrown this bone to Hanson to lock in her vote for other matters and thus give him a clear run in the Senate with only Jacqui Lambie prepared to stand-up and ask questions : we need an enquiry into this more than we do into family law.

  24. mark delmege

    Well Terence lets hope that if reform is implemented it works to cut (family) costs, time delays and tensions, and helps reduce suicides and murders and that its not just a manoeuvre by the Feds to transfer costs to the States.

  25. Keitha Granville

    I have no idea why they are bothering with yet another enquiry, they don’t read or follow up the ones they have had.
    And it’s pointless anyway wasting the money as Kevin and Pauline have both arrived at their conclusions before they’ve started so might as well just save the money.

    Of course it’s all the woman’s fault, always, because the rules are made by men.

  26. LOVO

    Such an contentious issue,… such a can of worms you’ve opened, Ross.
    I’ve been through the Family Court system 3 times and never at my instigation. Ah, such fun, such wonderfull memories I have.
    I learnt how harrowing an experience it can be….x 3. 😩
    I learnt how professional and caring the ‘system’ IS.Lawyers, Judges etc et al….and ‘they’ really do care.
    I’ve dealt with Children’s Lawyers who have, seemingly, the power of an Royal Commissioner, and ‘they’ do what ‘they’ do all for the sake of the children. Tru dat ☺
    …..and that’s the ‘thing’ that RWNJ’S like Hanson n’ Andrews will never understand in their quest to score political points.
    The Family Law courts need to be better funded and not to have to put up with politically driven hindrances to appease dullards like Pauline or what’s his name.
    It’s not about what Mum or Dad want…it’s not about Tit for Tat, or winning. It’s about the kids. Not revenge. Not giving the ex a kicking (figuratively speaking). The kids.
    I ‘won’ all 3 cases, but believe me, I never felt like a winner….did I mention harrowing.
    My hope is that Pauline and thingy realise that the system ain’t broke, it just needs better funding, better services dedicated to all involved.
    I once was a single Dad, I was given custody of my 3 kids, …though I no longer have custody now…..the little buggers grew up.
    Now I’m just an empty nester (cue violins) 😂
    P.S. and a Pop 😎

  27. Jen Mary

    There are liars in both genders. I can give a personal account of that happening where a man who has skin cancers cut out. A day before doing his block and committing assault. The wife was kicked in the spine and had to crawl to her room where she called her brother. He phoned the police. Guess who was charged with assault? Husband lied and wife spent night in cell. Cop realised after assessing her mobility in cell that she was in great pain, so changed the date on the report. At the trial, the judge noted wrong month so would not read the the charges. Wife made no statement to protect professional name, but after judge advised couple take counselling, wife given 12 month good behaviour bond. Husband, a therapist, treated her back pain after almost crippling her.
    Pauline shows lack of dignity for dragging her childrens social problems onto her political platform.

  28. Dave G.

    Do Kevin & Pauline receive an addition to their bloated salaries for these two positions?

  29. wam

    Millions of Australian men and women ‘know’ that god made women from men and gave them the flaw that makes them not equal to men for a week per month. Every, puppy, kitten, parrot on sunrise invokes an ‘isn’t he cute’ from silly sam. Every jumping fish is accompanied by ‘isn’t he a great fish’. In recent times it is obvious that women are not only equal but superior. These facts resulted in a change to the rule of male superiority making exceptional women deserving equality. (The fact that Aborigines have succeeded has not affected the rule that god is a white man. Notice an hero of 9/11 was an afroamerican but the actor portraying him is an europeanamerican but the film industry is run by the god of abraham and he is often a sexist racist??)
    You are right, rossleigh, the hanson/andrews show will solve the family court problems by having someone from the IPA trawl the recent reviews for recommendations in agreement to their respective beliefs whilst the prize twits ostentatiously, lavishly travel to ‘wonder where’??
    I wonder how they will go on violence against partners in same sex relationships??? I think they will employ the broom and carpet response?
    the scummos have spent 6 years ticking boxes and used advertising techniques of selling lies on msm without actually doing much. In this case he has given hanson and her slimy co-chair a $1000+ plus perks a week each?

  30. Paul Davis

    Yes Dave, a nice little stipend plus very very generous allowances with no genuine accountability, bit like ministerial perks. However we should not expect these hardworking members with onerous electorate responsibilities to take on this additional weighty burden without suitable recompense plus extra paid professional legal and administrative staff with appropriate resources such as transport, offices, etc, etc. Yes, everyone loves a board of inquiry, a commision, a review, whatever. With another twenty of these each year we can boost the economy while creating jobs for our friends and families. Win win.

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