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Nominations For Contradiction Of The Year!

Nominations so far:

  1. Donald Trump tells us that climate change was made up by the Chinese, while Malcolm Roberts tells us that NASA is falsifying the data. Good to see such great cooperation between the Americans and Chinese.
  2. Nigel Farage, the man who campaigned so hard to leave Europe because he didn’t like foreigners telling Britain what to do, suddenly gets upset because the foreigner, Donald Trump, says that he’d make a good US ambassador and the British government don’t immediately do it!
  3. The Liberal Party for insisting that the plebiscite on marriage equality is the “fastest way” to achieve it, when Parliament will still have to vote on it… Something that they could do at any time.
  4. George Brandis. Nothing in particular, I think that he qualifies just by being George.
  5. All the people who argue that we need to get rid of “political correctness” so that they’re free to say whatever they like and calling them a racist or homophobe shouldn’t be allowed.
  6. Every second Andrew Bolt article.
  7. Cory Bernardi, who argues that Islam is a problem because the Muslim fundamentalists wants to impose their religion on us all and that’s a problem even though he agrees with most of the ideas, such as restricting the rights of women and banning homosexuality. Why does he believe these things? Because of his religion.
  8. Tony Abbott, after telling us that he was happy just to look after his electorate, starts making implicit threats that unless he’s promoted to Cabinet then he’ll start arguing that Turnbull should revisit all the things that made Abbott so unpopular that he lost the leadership. Ok, maybe that’s not so much a contradiction as a plan to destroy Malcolm, but I’m sure I could dig up plenty of quotes from Abbott about how terrible it was that Rudd was being so disloyal.
  9. The Liberals complaining about how low wage growth is leading to lower tax revenue while opposing increases in wages growth, because when they said, “Jobs and growth”, they only meant profit growth.
  10. Reclaim Australia” holding protests about Muslim women covering their faces while covering their faces.
  11. The Murdoch press reporting about the problem of “fake” news stories.
  12. The phrase, “Right Wing Think Tank”.

What have I missed?

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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Has Micky Cash ever apologised for that public display of lewdness?

  2. Kaye Lee

    Could we also include the refugees who are taking our jobs whilst languishing on the dole.

    And how we can’t afford to make the backpacker tax 10.5% because of the parlous state of the budget but we can afford to slash the company tax rate by 5%.

    And how we are spending $400 billion over the next twenty years on defence materiel but we can’t afford legal aid for women fleeing domestic violence

  3. Glenn K

    number 12 gets my vote for the obvious contradiction (and if you can’t see the obvious contradiction then you should be a member of one)!

  4. MichaelW

    What have you missed? Probably heaps. How big is your hard drive?

    Does medicare cover costs for depression? Because this government must surely be causing more depression among the community since, um, the great depression.

    Never in all my years did I think Australia could become the most cruel, racist, unfair, divisive Country in the World.Obviously I was wrong.

    This present government led by Malcolm Tony Turnbull Abbott must be the the worst government in our history. A government hell bent on making the poor poorer, the rich richer. Cutting funds to the vulnerable and underprivileged, then giving tax breaks to multinationals and big companies who pay little or no tax anyway. Government debt has now at least doubled under these numbskulls, and who’s fault is it? Labors of course.

    There is enough wealth in Australia for everyone to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. How? Tax multinationals and big companies on their gross income in Australia a small tax of 10% would reap in billions, instead of giving them tax breaks and concessions, write downs and lord knows what else their accounts do to minimise their profits to bugger all.

    Time for a cardboard chardonnay all I can afford, thanks to Tony Turnbull.

  5. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Quite right, MichaelW

    Tony Turnbull Malcolm Abbott are just like Jeff Kennett.

    I find it oh so darkly amusing that Jeff finds it within himself NOW to express concern for people’s depression as part of bad mental health when he was the cause of the effects of many people suffering that debilitating condition.

    Tony Turnbull Malcolm Abbott will also be made to account for their unconscionable abuses on the Australian People. Just saying.

  6. Matters Not

    Right wing intellectuals?

    Left wing dictators?

    Open minded psychologists?

    Atheoretical thinkers?

    Innumerate scientists?

    Factual history?

    Value free comments?

  7. Kaye Lee

    Rowan Deane and Nick Cater as expert panelists

    Changes to negative gearing that would do nothing to help housing affordability while trashing the value of your house.

  8. MichaelW

    Kaye, don’t you realise the people negative gearing are mums and dads, nurses, policemen/women, laborers, ordinary people in the community, not national or liberal pollies. Well OK one national pollie owns 47 properties but who’s counting.

  9. Matters Not

    Rowan Deane and Nick Cater as expert panelists

    Sexism writ large. You only mention males. Surely Rebecca Weisser should get an honourable mention? After all she is also on the public teat, while decrying public broadcasters.

  10. wam

    In my unbiased opinion, the larger half of this clearly confused government has been aided by the deafening silence of the compliant opposition whose verbose mute has been found missing leaving a seriously funny but pretty ugly minor crisis.
    If he continues his standing as a chook running around with its head cut off, his only choice will be alone together with the smaller half.

  11. silkworm

    Conservative comedians

  12. Jexpat

    People who claim to despise the likes of Hanson and Trump, yet obsessively write about and promote them.

  13. Egalitarian

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith: Re Jeff Kennett emergence as a half decent Human Being is called strategy 101 on how to take yourself from being one the most loathed, wilfully ignorant and despicable characters of all time into a respected citizen by using your power and position to head; “though really hide” behind the walls of Beyond Blue.

    Suddenly Kennett was a caring man? I never fell for it. The man who took advantage of Victoria’s financials woes to implement American Style privatisation by selling the farm and Bank. schools etc. for a song and a wank of the Liberals form of Extreme Capitalism.

    Blind Freddy could have done what Kennett did. Kennett started it and Howard finished us off. These arseholes ripped the guts out of a once egalitarian country. Still; both these men are unrepentant to end of their social destruction they have caused. And they both have never realise their privilege which they take for granted as their arrogance is breathtaking. For me both of them are criminals. Social Criminals.

  14. Peter F

    Jennifer MS – Not as sick as the rush to congratulate Hansen, but very close. Must have been our previous PM’s apparent power which was the attraction: I am looking for a common factor.

  15. Egalitarian

    Contradiction for the past 20 years: Why has the world been conned into believing the Dodgy CEO society Club mates on boards; ex politicians ripp off aresoles pigs in the trough; that are paid a 1000 times the average person’s wage? These Dodgy CEOs are the modern day Al Capones and the only legacy they will leave is destruction and despair.

  16. Wayne Turner

    Winner: All of the above.

  17. Carol Taylor

    Advocates against 18C whose argument is “freedom of speech” who then threaten to sue for defamation.

    White middle aged males who want to ban the burqa (women who wear too much) who then complain that a female journalist’s skirt is too short (women who wear too little).

    Any white person who complains about Aboriginal identity, who doesn’t know their own.

    People who complain about “criminal” refugees who arrived by boat (and their descendants) who are descendants of criminals who arrived by boat.

  18. Harquebus

    Growth is good for the poor.

  19. Adrianne Haddow

    Great stuff Rossleigh.

    The Labor Party (or dare I mention the Greens) should take your list and make posters to be prominently displayed all over Straylia. Not just at election time but always.

    Another contradiction is removing the tax-free status of environmental groups while maintaining the tax-free status of the neo-conservative propaganda machine and dodgy politician school , the IPA .

  20. helvityni

    Carol, you got there before me:

    “People who complain about “criminal” refugees who arrived by boat (and their descendants) who are descendants of criminals who arrived by boat”.

  21. Jack Straw

    Contradiction that Malcolm Turnball has or ever had any Integrity. And we won’t let Tony Abbott off the hook. That he only cares about his party and his constituents and that never intends to challenge for leadership again ?

  22. helvityni

    Jennifer dearest, you don’t expect Micky Cash to apologise…for anything, ever…?

  23. helvityni


    Sir, sir, I know one, Barry Humphries…and a pretty good one too…

  24. Carol Taylor

    Barnaby who thinks that swearing on construction sites is proof of bullying, but that women who are sexually harassed should just ‘toughen up’.

  25. Jack Straw

    helvityni There aint many of them though; are there? Though Androopycock gave me a laugh at times.

  26. helvityni

    Jack, that’s right ,not many…

    There’s an American writer (sorry, don’t remember his name) my friends thought very funny and urged me to read his books…
    I got his latest and found it slightly amusing, but didn’t even bother finishing it.

    Later on I found that he was a Republican, say no more…

    Maybe my friends were Liberals…?

  27. Jack Straw

    Bob Hope was one also:

  28. Geoffrey England

    I can not ever unsee that photo. UGH!

  29. metadatalata

    Turnbull spruiking ‘Technology and Innovation’ as he single-handedly de-railed the FTP component of the NBN, destroying Australia’s best chance at becoming a country of technology and innovation. Talk about sabotaging Australia!

  30. tony bond

    Contradictions – To which I would add James Comey’s disgraceful intervention and subsequent withdrawal of Clinton email allegations a few days before the end of the campaign, giving the election to The Swine.

  31. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Ooh, I’ve been reminded of that disgusting photo of those disgusting degenerates.

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