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Newspoll, Insiders, and what’s new in politics

1 I have always said that polls at this time of the election cycle only ever tell us what people are thinking at the time, and Monday’s Newspoll tells us that during times of crisis the electorate generally sticks with the incumbent government, at least in the short period.

At 51/49 in favour of the Coalition this poll shows a normal fluctuation but in the longevity of a recession I would expect it to turn against the Coalition.

Analysing the numbers, The Poll Bludger also tells us that:

“Scott Morrison’s personal ratings are little changed, up one on approval to 65% and down one on disapproval to 31%, while Anthony Albanese is respectively down four to 39% and down one to 40%, and Morrison’s lead as preferred prime minister is out from 58-29 to 59-27.”

In addition, The Poll Bludger also provides us with some interesting information on COVID-19 and some international polling:

“An international poll by the Pew Research Centre finds 94% of Australians believe their country has handled the pandemic well and 6% badly, whereas 85% think the United States has handled it badly and 14% well, while the respective numbers for China are 25% and 73%.”

“Twenty-three per cent have confidence in Donald Trump to do the right thing for world affairs, down from 35% last year, equalling a previous low recorded for George W. Bush in 2008.”

“Only 33% of Australians have a favourable view of the United States, down from 50% last year, a change similar to that for all other nations surveyed.”

According to the latest polling the worse the government governs the more popular they become.

2 The USA is nearing 2000,000 pandemic deaths. Many of which could have been saved had Trump acted earlier. Remember the blond buffoon had earlier said that keeping deaths to 100,000 would represent “a very good job”.

It is high time that those with the capacity to change laws that might prevent the deaths of masses of people and refuse to do so were made to account.

3 US President Donald Trump in complete disregard of the Supreme Court judge’s dying wish that her replacement be appointed after the election says he will pick a woman to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and expects to reveal his nominee within days.

Convention, ethics and respect for her final judgement would suggest that only a few weeks out from the election whoever is elected should make the appointment. Not Trump, of course, he wants dead-set conservatives to control the agenda. Most normal people would find this form of politics objectionable, but not Trump.

Could it be that Trump wants a conservative majority court to give him the presidency if the vote is close? Add to that the hypocrisy of the GOP given that they took away the right of Obama to make an appointment in a similar situation.

As an Australian what l find remarkable is that judges are appointed on the basis of their politics rather than their impartiality.

4 On Insiders last Sunday the Prime Minister let the cat out of the bag with yet more lies by omission. Last week we needed another gas fired power station to produce 1000 megawatts of power to replace the Liddell power station, now we find it is 250.

He also repeated that other oft told lie that we will reach our 2020 emissions targets in a cantor which is categorically untrue.

It has to be said that this bombardment technique of Morrison’s when talking about issues is wearing a bit thin. He bombards the media like a talkfest. Nothing is said about policy, just talk about announcements, that may or may not happen.

There are no concrete plans, just ideas and proposals involving the private sector or public investment that amounted to bluff.

With Morrison talking in a non-committal mode it’s difficult to know what he is serious about.

I am convinced conservatives believe that the effect of lying diminishes over time and forget that they leave behind a residue of broken trust.

5 The Member for Banks has been away from work for 9 months or more. It does seem to be an inordinate amount of time without any explanation.

6 Back to the David Speers interview with the Prime Minister: For what It’s worth, I thought, given that he rarely appears on Insiders, that the segment might have been given more time.

Obviously, there are a multitude of questions that Speers could have asked but didn’t. Aged Care and the controversy surrounding it required some attention but received none.

Some prompting as to what may be in the budget would also have been worth some questions.

The Prime Minister was his usual self with quick fire answers to everything. Speers did however (as I mentioned earlier) extract from him some repeats of previous lies but it was all over before it began.

The major thing to come out of it I suppose it that coal has at long last been defeated.

7 Joe Biden plans to re-join Kyoto and spend trillions on renewable energy. In doing so Morrison would find himself under great pressure.

That being so, the US would expect us to dramatically improve our climate change policies. If we don’t, we will be out of step with our nearest ally. If he wins, we could see a whole new era of climate change leadership.

8 Now about my state Victoria. Not so long ago the daily figure of new COVID-19 cases was about 700, and Premier Danial Andrews put in place new rules to combat a problem that was becoming catastrophic. On Monday 20 September we were down to 11. No other democracy to my knowledge has been able to do that in the space of five weeks.

9 The true test of any nation surely must be the manner in which it treats its most vulnerable, but I think our November 6 budget will see the poor giving to the rich.

My thought for the day

The common good, or empathy for it, should be at the centre of any political philosophy. However, it is more likely to be found on the left than the right.

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  1. New England Cocky

    By numbers ….. 1) Why do you think that these poll numbers were correctly collected data? It certainly does NOT correspond with local sentiment in my district. Could it be that the same group of Liarbral Party members were surveyed, yet again, giving the same reliable results??

    2) Trumpery would be very pleased to be leading the race to 1 MILLION COVID-19 deaths.

    3) The Republicans & Trumpery are very anxious to continue in office so you may see every dirty trick in the book pulled out to save the 2020 election. Remember the voting Scandal in Ohio with Shrubya Bush?

    4) Morriscum could not lie straight in bed and David Speers as Insiders host is yet another stroke in the death by a thousand cuts being imposed by Murdoch who is unable to boost the Foxsmell and Channel 10 television ratings any other way.

    5) Why is there no excuse for absence from the Ministry? Does he find locking up legal refugees offends his personal moral principals, or is his appointment merely a gift without responsibility to allow Benito Duddo free reign to install the fascist State of Australia? Oops!! Silly Me!! Having no moral principals is a necessary pre-requisite for joining the Liarbral party.

    6) “Back to David Speers”? No thank you. I like my ABC News without Murdoch pollution.

    7) Biden can see into the future, Scummo has difficulty seeing the end of his nose.

    8) Daniel Andrews is doing an excellent job under difficult circumstances while dealing with an irresponsible Main Stream Media-ocracy and individual citizens who recklessly disregard medical advice and Health Orders.

    9) Naturally the Liarbral Nazional$ misgovernment will line their pockets at the expense of everybody else, but this situation is a self -inflicted wound that Australian voters can rectify at the 2021 federal elections ….. if they want to.

  2. Terence Mills

    It seems that Liberals and Newscorp – particularly Sky-after-dark – are up in arms as it looks as though the Andrews’ strategy on COVID is showing positive results in Victoria.

  3. wam

    haha good giggle today, lord, with your take on a biden gaff you 2m deaths biden 200m deaths trump has only achieved a 200000 deaths.
    The polls are a disaster for labor and what lefty thinks Albo and tanya have done a good job or even done a bad job? Is it too churlish to suggest they have just headed coleman???
    As for your thought the majority of Australians consider the government to be doing a ‘common good enough job to be re-elected.
    Fortunately 62% think Andrews has done well but the media will destroy that when daniel gets blamed for private security.
    With the sad death of Ruth, I like number 1.

  4. ajogrady

    The Australian coat of arms has a kangaroo and a emu on it.The reason they were chosen is because neither take a backward step. The kangaroo and the emu may not take backward steps but Australia is. Amazingly Australians keep voting for the L/NP that make Australia take backward steps every day. Instead of Australia advancing to achieve its full and true potential the L/NP has been hell bent on keeping the status quo and being an impedement to advance Australia in a fair and equitably way for the common good rather then the few.This can only occur with the cooperation and support of a corrupted and biased corporate main stream media espousing the dictates of the L/NP agenda to manipulate the gullible.The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Lest we forget. Australian corporate main stream journalist have definitely forgotten. The ultimate sacrifice made by so many for ours and their freedoms and democracy have been trashed by them and their unAustralian owners. Absolute traitors!

  5. Jimmy

    Mabey Albo & Tanya need to look at freindlyjordies to learn how to deal with these right wing thugs.
    He is doing an amazing job and pissing them off no end.
    If anyone here has’nt checked him out, I highly recommend that you do.we need more people like him to bring these bastards down.
    He has almost brought the NSW govt to its knees.
    Check him out .

  6. andy56

    I have to agree, speers is no match for morrison bluster. Angus on Q&A seems to go deeper initially then withdraws. I want the interviewer to pierce the bombast and bullshit. keep going when the lies are repeated. The ABC has toned it down because when you do breakthrough the bullshit, they dont return, gutless cowards. As good as Q&A can be, i get so frustrated when the going gets tough, time restrains means move on. Let the camera roll I say.

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