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Morrison’s Trojan Horse – The ABC and the Battle for Eden-Monaro

While we must love our ABC, absolutely but not absolute, right now the ABC (like Morrison and his Ministers incestuously tripping over their own policies) spend more time suppressing and attacking the Opposition or leaving them in oblivion than examining the truth and tackling the lies, excesses and abuses of the Liberal and Federal Government in power, doing their bidding.

They follow Morrison’s announcements every day, word for word interrupting any news on the ABC News channel giving Morrison and his ministers unprecedented free air time for him to go on and on with his sermons, admonishments, self-praise, lies and attacks on Labor who haven’t been in office for over 7 years. Funding for this and that, and more than half promised never sees light of day unless it is to fund his own party pocket and himself, big body corporates, mining and Trump’s USA.

You’ll hear no critique or analysis of Liberal policy and government from the ABC except the occasional satire, which I am expecting will be the next commentary suite of programs and comedy to disappear under the holy cow of appointed cronies and CEO on the ABC Board by the Liberals; and their spending cuts (an inverse oxymoron of their infamous Indue welfare scam, Great Barrier Reef, Sports fraud, electoral pork-barrelling, bushfire, Jobseeker, Jobkeeper, latest military spending and hedonistic carnival of other Liberal pleasures) sending us to Poseidon’s global den of iniquity.

We are on a road to Patriotic Pentecostal destruction as Morrison takes useless mindless pokes at the Dragon… agh! Anyone would think he was St George but the moron will be knocked off his horse long before he gets his pitiful lance up, and we will suffer for it – We already are. The kingdom of heaven is at hand! (Anyone remember his maiden speech? It wasn’t that long ago).

… and where is the ABC other than shitting themselves about their jobs, attacking Labor and progressive social policy – Enter compatriot bully Patricia Karvelas voila!

One thing’s for sure, the Trojan Horse, the Greeks are bringing down Troy and our ABC by turning everyone against it, for Achilles to drag the ‘devil’ Hector and much needed progressive social, human and environmental policy all around the walls of our Liberal infested fiefdom. You won’t find our ABC there but that is where they damn well should be – Calling this government to account, our number 1 media priority in the public interest and the interests of our country and our children.

Tomorrow is Eden-Monaro, another Trojan Horse now set up and loaded by Morrison and ‘his’ ABC to continue the curse. For God’s sake people don’t vote Liberal!

What the words

we poets sow

if a thousand lies undo

what’s dead rise again

this long dark night subdue

Sweet as the desert

sand on sea

no one lies

no one dies tonight

you and I

so what say we continue

this rebellion?

(Soliloquy from Patriot Lies by Barddylbach, 24 June 2020).

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  1. Adrian Harvey

    I don’t think you watch the ABC

  2. Mark

    Could you please explain … their infamous Indue welfare scam …? Perhaps with evidence above and beyond the usual hearsay? (And certainly not a Liberal voter!)

  3. Robin Alexander

    Agree in everything you say! Most population no comprehension to what awaits them in the very near future! He really is disturbed man so deeply involved in his Pentecostal beliefs more worrying intent carrying out its agenda on us all! Having seen agenda found it alarming & Fact so many top Ministers also devout followers! Robo debt concocted when he was treasurer for Turnbull also his loud proclamation that Pensions should be discontinued next decade then Twiggy into their ears to inflict Indue onto all bit by bit? Now intentioned for All receiving Welfare place on Indue 2020 including Aged & Veteran pensions! This statement media June 2019 by then minister Paul Fletcher? Bill has been sitting awaiting opportune time to present presumed when not many in house near midnight nil aware that under Welfare hidden are Pensions! 80/90yr olds plus never ever understand vast changes to their finances? Stress misery await oldest in population? PORTER has quietly changed wording Pension to Welfare! Absolutely forbidden in Parliament when Pension was introduced when both leaders stood individually swore an oath in full house Parliament “Pension must never be called Welfare” agreed wholeheartedly! On Hansard law I understand! Yet this slimy individual has changed it never announced to public! Believe if challenged would be illegal otherwise WHY change? Believe it wouldn’t pass if presented for Indue Card as Aged & Veteran Pensioners? All good honest hard working people in harsh conditions of past Vets fought for our country now last few years life to be kicked in guts like this is absolute outrage shows the complete shallowness any compassion this government who Pray excitedly for extremely wealthy? All others must not be cared for! As PM has said we have only ourselves to blame for our positions in life?he hasn’t got a clue true life for average working man! God help us all with what they plan!

  4. Jon Chesterson

    Mark – Gosh how on earth have you missed this one. Here’s a few references to begin with and there have been many here on the AIM Network.

    ABC News – Centrelink cashless welfare card trial costing taxpayers $10,000 per participant https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-02/cashless-welfare-trial-costing-taxpayers-$10k-per-participant/8488268

    New Politics – Indue and the small matter of political corruption https://newpolitics.com.au/2019/08/28/indue-and-the-small-matter-of-political-corruption/

    Independent Australia – Wren’s week: Paladin, Helloworld and other #ChumGate scams https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/wrens-week-paladin-helloworld-and-other-chumgate-scams,12402

    The AIM Network – The banks are getting ready to take over cashless debit card management (part 2) https://theaimn.com/the-banks-are-getting-ready-to-take-over-cashless-debit-card-management-part-2/

    Authoritarianism Creep, it Affects Us All – Part1: https://melmacpolitics.com/2019/12/04/the-cashless-debit-card-is-part-of-authoritarianism-creep-which-affects-us-all-part-1/

    The Guardian Australia – Exiting the cashless welfare card trial is almost impossible, critics say https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/sep/17/exiting-the-cashless-welfare-card-trial-is-almost-impossible-critics-say

    The Guardian Australia – Indigenous groups, Labor, Greens attack expansion of cashless welfare card https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/sep/12/indigenous-groups-labor-greens-attack-expansion-of-cashless-welfare-card

    The Guardian Australia – Cashless welfare card trials extended despite ‘no evidence’ they reduce harm https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/dec/14/cashless-welfare-card-trials-extended-despite-no-evidence-they-reduce-harm

    Many more Guardian articles on this at foot of each one cited above.

  5. Jon Chesterson

    Adrian – Every day for years and witnessed the slide into the Liberal den!

  6. jon chesterson

    Yes Mark – I Have replied with a heap of references for you to read but strangely it is awaiting moderation. It has been extensively reported here on the AIM Network, The Guardian Australia, our ABC and all over both mainstream and social media – You can of course just google it.

  7. New England Cocky

    I love my ABC and I vote!!

  8. Jon Chesterson

    Robin – You nailed it! And some of your detail was in my article references, when they come through.

    NEC – Me too! Just not happy about the what the Liberals are doing to our ABC

  9. Josephus

    I do find the ABC rather too compliant and eager to let the Coalition drone on and on, with little analysis in response. Plus they keep talking about the two parties near exclusively, as though ten per cent or more do not vote Green, not to speak of the independents . Too little these days on the ABC to equal eg BBCs Hard Talk. Supine, scared. Doesn’t save them.
    Do not vote Liberal in Eden Monaro or anywhere, else as in the US we shall continue to get ourselves ruled by morons or/and people close to the fossil fuel or similar corporations, supporting policies that will ensure their cushy post political careers in those very companies.

  10. LambsFry Simplex.

    Good set of references, Jon, but what If he can’t read?

    Illiteracy and ignorance are known causes of political stupidity

  11. Mark

    Thanks for the references Jon Chesterson. Took me some time to re-read and comprehend the seriousness of the claims made. It looks like that the political scandal depends on this claim.

    The company that administers the card, Indue Pty Ltd is a corporation owned by Liberal and National Party members that in turn donates to the Liberal and National parties.

    It is indeed a damming claim. So much so, I took the time to check it out with my local ALP member and then the President of the ALP in Queensland because I couldn’t understand why Labor hasn’t made a big fuss. Both assured me that the claim is pure fantasy. It’s untrue!
    They claim that Indue is owned by Queensland Credit Unions and certainly does not donate to Liberal and National parties. To support the argument, the President of the ALP in Queensland (John Battams) pointed out the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has no record of either the LNP receiving any money from Indue and the AEC has no record of Indue making any such donations. Apparently this story was debunked some time ago. Both were amazed that it’s been still spread around.
    Any comment?

  12. Jon Chesterson

    Yes Mark, you have picked up on the one issue that cannot be substantiated, de-bunked they say. There is so much more going on here, surely you can’t have missed it. The loss of basic civil rights and choices, the creation of an underclass, people locked into a cashless card with restricted use under false pretences and political claim, f*cked up research no evidence that the purpose it was set out for was applied to people who never met the criteria but were forced on to it, the additional cost of administering the program was estimated at $3 billion which Indue gets paid to administer on top of the ongoing costs of Centrelink (that alone is a scandalous waste of public funds), no contract tendered, the Liberals steam rolled the program out despite program objectives failure, and falsified the outcomes to justify expansion of the program, in the longer term it appears all welfare may be managed this way including disability and the State aged care pension which should never be classified as welfare (the latter of which was raised in income tax over many years), and just because Indue is owned by a Credit Union conglomerate, doesn’t mean that profits and benefits don’t find there way back to corporate owners, sponsors, share holders, privileged society, party members and government. Exactly where does $3billion of public funds go and why does it cost $10,000 per person to issue and administer a debit card? You can obtain credit and debit cards for free or at very low cost (eg $60 per year). It’s a political scam for many many reasons.

    I haven’t even captured half of this scam in the above paragraph and I am amazed you have focused on just one point. Any how this is not the subject of the article, so this is not the place to discuss this. It is one of hundreds of Liberal scams, I guess you are familiar with its closest cousin, Robodebt which I never even mentioned. This article wasn’t about that, these were just examples, otherwise we would be here all day lost in thousands of issues and literature.

  13. Lachlan Ward

    Not to mention ramping up private prisons and building a set of new ones as we reduce our prison population. It’s all getting spookey and f*cked.

    And we’re still doing nothing significant about climate change while it’s 34+ degrees C in the arctic circle!

  14. Adrian Harvey

    Jon Chesterton, perhaps you just want to hear the ABC spout what you believe and not cover other views

  15. ajogrady

    Australians keep voting for the party that does not represent them. A party that is an insult to Democracy and an embarrassment to good governance. A party that is built on nepotism and corruption. A party that is big on rhetoric but small on achievement. A party that has overseen the collapse of Australian living standards. A party that has been the architects of the most failed policies in Australian history. A party that has decimated the economy and the emvironment. Which party? The L/NP.
    “1984” was written as a warning … not as an instruction manual for the L/NP.
    “For some, religion is the cloak they wear to disguise their evil and corrupt behavior”. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    If there is a battle between good and evil then the evidence surely points to the fact that evil is winning. There has been enough evidence in the public arena for many many years that the L/NP are a criminally corrupt cabal of foot soldiers for big business. The fact that the L/NP shake hands with devils and turn their backs on angels is indisputable. Greed and corruption is their religion. Lies and distortion is their game. The L/NP are a parasitic pox on good honest hard working Australia and good “quiet” Australians who vote for the L/NP are complicit in allowing evil to triumph.

  16. Jon Chesterson

    ajogrady – I guess that must what I like to hear, sadly that truth is not what I like to hear, but nevertheless well said!

  17. New England Cocky

    @Jon Chesterton: What!! Only “not happy”!! Combined with the present preference for Prime Ministerial edicts we are seeing Australia converted into an autocratic dictatorship similar to the European examples of the early 20th century, Italy after 1922 and Germany after 1933. Just when Benito Duddo makesjhis play play to become Prim Monster remains in the future, but certainly it will happen.

  18. jon chesterson

    NEC – My comment was tongue in cheek for Adrian’s factitious remark, couched in sarcasm.

    Morrison and Liberals drive me absolutely fuqing nuts every day with lies and corruption so massive and in your face, it would take a century to straighten it out! And the ABC have had to politically and economically crawl under a rock and sweat it out, sadly. No government should ever interfere with the role and function of a national broadcaster, it’s unconstitutional and undemocratic, but what do the Liberals care about constitutional democracy?

    Morrison is a nutter but we all know Dutton is waiting in the wings to pounce again and he is a blood thirsty racist and a fascist. The fact that the Liberals have this, him, it tucked comfortably up their sleeve should be a bombshell for every Australian and an insult to every Australian digger who fought in two world wars, but they are not around to tell us. Instead we are confronted with patriotic lies which translate into Dutton and Morrison’s new order and National Security legislation that protects them from the public ever learning about the truth of this massive corruption and destruction of our democracy and human rights. Anyone who does the right thing by the public and our constitution gets silenced, raided and thrown in jail. The whole cabinet should be in prison – In my view.

    Yes, it probably won’t be long before Morrison is nailing the unemployed upside down to a plastic cross and Dutton dragging migrants and whistleblowers around the walls of Troy – We all know they’d love to, they’d joke about it behind closed doors. God knows what they’d like to do to the majority of us, especially those who don’t vote for them or worse those who call them out or speak in opposition. I don’t see much difference behind the scenes of Morrison’s administration from what is going on in Hong Kong; and America is a fuqing riot, a very dangerous place. America is the country we ought to be distancing ourselves from, and Trump well there are no words for him. Morrison has just shown us in the last few days his fabulous delusional gunboat diplomacy, a closet warmonger, Trump’s lap dog poking around and pissing in China’s wardrobe. Now we see the true crusade coming into play, because there is nothing left in the Liberal closet to feed a duck. It does sound very much like the Thirties doesn’t it, and the rise of new neoliberal plutocracy waiting to cut the last few strings of our democracy and human decency.

    Of course I don’t expect the ABC to run this kind of analysis, that would be fantasy.

  19. Lawrence S. Roberts

    Do not think for a moment that The ALP would be much better. They have politician’s genes and it would be much the same. Let us be thankful that the world economic system which was in tatters before this virus will have to be rectified.
    Allow the Trojans in? It will all be over quite quickly.

    (and no I am not learning Mandarin)

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