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Morrison’s Bell

By Barddylbach

So I’m thinking about kids on Nauru, global warming, the recent by-election and our idiot politicians who dish out cruelty like Smarties, smirk and think they’re smart. 

“No party seizes the imagination of the people unless the people know the party stands for certain things. And we’ll fight for those things until the bell rings” (Robert Menzies, c.1944).

Alas, today what the Liberals stand for and what they do are two different things, and both are very different from what Robert Menzies stood for and did all those years ago. He must be turning in his grave today.

Alas, Morrison’s ‘Until The Bell Rings’ (6 September 2018) speech in Albury was (still is) hogwash, full of holes, a sieve, a drain pipe, a sewer; and yes you can call it hypocrisy and sophistry, but hogwash will do. Morrison’s bell is already ringing after just a few weeks since the serpent crept in pretending to be Christian and a family man, a community man, an honest Australian.

That smug smirk, so this is his creed, believe what you will, but it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, not when you hold up a lump of coal in Parliament, mock and grin and hold the nation to ransom on behalf of the coal mining lobby, big banks, no energy policy and total contempt for climate change and global warming.

Not when you refuse to release children and their families dying from suicide and Resignation Syndrome, from false imprisonment, torture and access to basic medical health care offshore for five years with no hope in sight, can you claim the values and beliefs he claims to uphold in this ‘Until the Bell Rings’ speech. Menzies would be turning in his grave.

And when the world is held upside down and out to dry, besmirched and lost, tachyons glowing by the Morrison-Dutton Liberals; when our children’s children cry out in their anger and their shame on a dying world, Scott Morrison is the man who should have resigned – ‘Morrison’s bell, a treasurer’s creed’ and here’s my poem (below).

Yes, Australia, we should all be ashamed – road to damnation. And still Morrison ‘the original architect of a system that brought about the torture, the deaths in detention, both physical and mental, is holding firm’, still he lies to us telling us he has been slowly-quietly getting them out of detention, (that was Howard’s secret recalcitrant and grumbly way a long time ago before the current misguided regime). Dutton and Morrison’s Border Force and Department of Home Affairs, their wretched excuse for a government are still being mindlessly dragged through the Federal Courts over and over again to the point Dutton now seeks to overturn the Law of this Land, contesting the Judicial system’s jurisdiction, our constitution, separation of powers, the very fabric of society that protects us all – and Morrison lets him.

The bells are ringing loud and clear on our streets, (and Menzies words here to haunt us). Yes, it has taken many years for the Australian public to recognise this evil. It’s not too late for Australia to act, but too late to save our souls – dammed already, should have thought about that before locking up innocent children and refugees in the first place all those years ago, destroying their lives, ignoring the Rule of Law and International Law, ignoring our own duty and responsibility to justice, morality and fair go. What hypocrites we are! But certainly no reason for us to maintain the same direction, for to do so will destroy our own way of life, our children’s and our children’s children, not just the children on Nauru who reached out for our help while we continue to torture them and their families.

‘Kids off Nauru’

Morrison’s Bell – A Treasurer’s Creed

It was not the Pacific,
it was not the Great Barrier Reef,
it was not the Indue cashless welfare scam,
Baghdad or Jerusalem.

We know it was not the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia,
it was not control of the press, ABC
or the government lotto giveaway
to Adani and the mighty corporation.

It was not that banks could rip the hearts out
of every working Australian
or silence the majority,
the war on security,
freedom of speech,
privacy, the right to earn a decent living.

Abbott, Turnbull, Dutton, Morrison,
there were many others,
no greater lie than denial of humanity,
we missed that boat.

We all thought it was Islam, global warming,
refugees and over population,
violence is an offshore, off-world thing,
Nauru, the innocence of
little migrant children,
coal and original sin.

The drought,
the floods
they rage
and I shall not resign

It was not a Ring of Fire,
the total destruction of democracy,
the planet and our oceans,
the Trump and Putin smirk,
China, DMZ or North Korea.

But as I live and breathe
it was the loss of Wentworth,
the feast of Pentecost,
and our beloved country.

The storms,
the fire
they rage
and I shall not resign.

It was a Mexican standoff,
I missed the apology,
the final solution
I spun the world around
and turned it off,
tachyons glowing,
I hung it upside down
besmirched, and lost.

The children,
our children’s children,
they rage
and I,
I shall not resign.



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Cartoon: For Whom the Wentworth Tolls by David Pope – via Twitter 20 October, 2018 https://twitter.com/davpope/status/1053562389323530240. (David Pope is editorial cartoonist for the Canberra Times).


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Resignation Syndrome – YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?

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  1. New England Cocky

    Excellently researched and referenced article showing the present dilemma of Australian politics. Thank you Bardylbach.

    ALL Australians must rally to make the forthcoming Federal election the death knell of this inhumane, unprincipled, uncaring, elitist, self-serving, self-important LNP misgovernment.

    How can ALL Australians remove this fascist regime?

    As Tony Windsor said many times, “The world is run by those who turn up”.

    So we must “turn up”:

    to GetUp! functions, especially those in Brisbane to remove Dutton from the Dickson sinecure;
    to talk to our neighbours and dinner guests about the amoral state of Australian politics, whether they want to discuss this matter or not;
    to write letters to local news paper editors demanding better government services in health, education and transport rather than expenditure on the failed imperialist exercise in Iraq and Afghanistan, “It’s Time”;
    to ring talk-back radio shock jocks and hold the phone away from your ear while they rant, harangue and verbally bully dissent from their self-righteous misogyny and fascism;
    to turn out for a shift on the pre-polling section booths where elections are now won and lost;
    to man polling booths on election day to show the fascists that Australians care for and want democratic government not self-serving elitist domination;
    to engage your kids in protecting democratic government by standing up to be counted for an egalitarian society of equals.

    Australian egalitarian democracy is our to lose, and the fascists want to take it at the 2019 Federal election.

  2. SteveFitz

    Ripples of opposition turn into waves and after this insightful article, and response, I sense a tsunami of change approaching.

  3. John O'Callaghan

    The winds of change are coming to sweep Morrison and his facist thugs into oblivion!

  4. Bronte ALLAN

    Well said Barddylbach! Yes, after reading of all the “good” (NOT!) things this really dedicated family “christian” (?) bloke has done
    & not done I really think he is a truly “great” human being who also happens to be our esteemed leader, NOT!!!! Sadly all his stupid bloody happy clapper ignoramuses are the same, do as we say to do & not as it should be done–the poor bloody children being detained in those infamous concentration camps as the prime example!–but, never mind his own bloody children are fine! WTF?? this inept bloody flat earth, climate-change denier, quasi religious, lying, obscenely over paid so-called “liberal” politician is just like ALL the rest of his cohorts in the Parliament, effing useless! The sooner this sad & sorry lot are kicked out of Federal Parliament the better!

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