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A Morbid Fear of Intelligence

By Ross Sharp

July 13, 2016, ABC’s “7.30 Report” begins.

An interview with Wyatt Roy, the youngest person ever to be elected to Federal Parliament, and the youngest ever to leave it, having served a brief and undistinguished term doing eff-only-knows-what, and Roy is asked about the July 2nd Federal election that saw him pissed into political oblivion, and the Coalition of Reactionary Righteousness scrape back into power by a margin thinner than the wispy wisps on his chinny-chin-chin.

Roy responds with a squeak about the other side of politics, the Labor Party, and how its primary vote was the lowest recorded since the cessation of World War II, and how it’s not about him, it’s about them, what about them, not what about me, it isn’t fair, I’ve done my share, what about them? Leigh Sales, the host, has a giggly giggle at this, and it is at this point my mind wanders, my attention is lost, and I begin to muse on whether I should buy the 100cm Laibach belt, or the 110cm just in case I need a little extra breathing room and begin to fatten up some from all the cheap white cask wine I’ve been drinking of late.

Once upon a time, back in the day, there was a news and current affairs program on a Sunday morn where Laurie Oakes, a long-serving veteran of the Parliamentary press gallery and one of the very few, the miniscule few, deserving of a modicum of respect, would interview a political figure of the day, and do so for (wait for it) A WHOLE THIRTY MINUTES.

Oakes, an intelligent man and always well across his brief, was not inclined to suffer glib, facile answers from fools to questions of substance and, if he found himself in receipt of such answers, would oft maintain a bemused and quizzical silence whilst his subject would vainly attempt to fill the silence with all manner of limp verbal fappery and wind up looking a right horse’s arse.

Those were the days.

Now, in this, The Modern World, such programs and interview stylings have been replaced by infotainments hosted by fluffy people with fluffy smiles and fluffy hair who ask fluffy questions of political fluffballs who have no hesitation in revealing themselves to be horses arses, who’ve learned to live by hate and pain and whose lives have always been the same, and who happily don the mantle of horses arse as a badge of their individualism, their maverick spirit, their refusal to kowtow to “political correctness”, their outsider status, just saying what ordinary folk are a-thinkin’, doing what ordinary folk want a-doin’, freedom of speech and the right to have their opinion and force it down your throat until you gag and scream, “No! Stop! Please! Okay! Enough! I’ll suck! I’ll swallow! I’ll give your opinions credence and gravitas in the blessed name of all that is balance!”, and so we do come to a point where the ranks of our body politic and within our media play host to some of the dumbest, most ignorant, arrogant, loud-mouthed fencepost humping effwits that have ever been untimely spat from the womb of woman to walk upright on the face of this, our increasingly benighted earth.

That sentence has 203 words in it.

Count them.

No, not the words in the sentence silly bugger, the f*ckwits.

There’s Eric Abetz, Stormfront’s favourite Nazi nephew, who, having maintained a strange and curious silence the eight-week election campaign (what is he doing in there, the neighbours wonder), has goose-stepped his way back into public view to talk about himself and Tony Abbott again and Tony Abbott and himself and will no doubt shortly progress to his favourite topics on how uppity niggers and faggots and women who fck like rabbits but won’t make a man a baby are screwing up the planet for all the normal people, which is to say, the ones who hate uppity niggers and faggots and women who fck like rabbits but won’t make a man a baby and have multiple accounts on Facebook under a variety of aliases so they can say as much all incognito like, a-hur-hur-hur.


Words, not f*ckwits. Silly buggers.

There’s Peter Dutton who scraped back into his position as Federal Minister for the Institutionalisation of Child Abuse by about a thousand something votes and subsequently blamed his close-call on “union thugs” and bikies ringin’ grandmas in the dead of night to scare the shit out of them about possible changes to Medicare, because bikies don’t bike no more, they just want to scare the shit out of yo’ granmama and pa and threaten to break their dentures and stab their pets if they don’t vote right.

There’s Kevin Andrews.

I don’t even want to go there, I’m tired.

Cory Bernardi.

The cream of the crop though, the pick of the box, and, like Peter Dutton, Barnaby Joyce and some silly prick whose name I couldn’t be bothered reminding myself of, all of them hailing from Queensland, Australia’s baby-rape-and-torture-p0rn white-trash-dick-pulling-pervert capital of the nation comes Pauline Hanson (again), a-screechin’ and a-screamin and a-hollerin’ ‘bout Muslims in her Vegemite, scientists who make shit up about the weather, uppity niggers and chinks, immigrants and refugees and effing faggots with their gay marriage thing that will send us all hurtling into Hell, and any other topic that may suddenly pop into her addled, empty head whenever a microphone or television camera is poked at her so she can wallow in the sound of her own strangulated voice for a bit. Again.

All of these individuals, these political outliers on the ragged edges of reality, are aided and abetted almost daily by their shouty-sulky-sooky-squealy counterparts in contemporary news media, print (what’s left of it) and electronic, who insist we engage, talk with, and not at, rather than immediately dismiss their rabidly unhinged, ignorant and uninformed fantasies and conspiracy theories with slurs, sneers, or, Heaven forfend, actual facts, reason, logic and other so-called “elitist”, “over-educated” intelligence-based nonsense.


In the scant couple weeks following the Australian federal election on July 2nd, Australian media and current affairs, and the mealy-mouthed clacking trash who inhabit same, have largely ignored issues of policy in favour of getting down and jiggy with alleged O!U!T!R!A!G!E!O!U!S offences against their own poor, oh-so-soft-and delicate souls, column after column after column and commentary expressing shock-horror at the crimes committed against their gentle good names whenever they invoke the “right” to an “opinion” or their right to “freedom of speech” to talk shit about uppity niggers, bitches, faggots and rag-heads and get called on it.

Starting with Steve Price, a walking, talking shrunken ball-sack with eyes like two pissholes in the snow, who makes his living sitting on a high-chair in a studio barking at people down a microphone, got his spoilt brat baby-elf self all wetly weepin’ when Guardian columnist Van Badham proffered the controversial suggestion to him on ABC’s “Q&A” that perhaps men, grown men, should not make “jokes” on air about drowning women they don’t like, women who have the audacity to speak, resulting in Price thundering that he would not have his diminutive person be “bullied” and pushed around by some “hysterical” bitch-whore like Badham while he was trying to interrupt her every second word on a subject and she most unreasonably refused to let him. The bitch.

Price, who has no talent or qualifications in life for anything other than barking at people down microphones on the radio, saw all this as most terribly, terribly unfair, and squealed like a miniature stuck-pig about it for the best part of a week after.

Van Badham, for her sins against middle-aged patriarchy, was subsequently inundated with all manner of abuse suggesting she be bashed, smashed, f*cked in the arse and carried about like a bowling ball, apparently perfectly reasonable suggestions according to those men, bastions of civility all, who comprise Price’s audience.

Almost immediately after this not-so-private tête-à-tête, like Musketeers to the rescue, and to defend the unassailable integrity of their poor little bruised and bullied pocket monkey, came a few other middle-aged white males (mostly) from Rupert’s Media Comic Kingdom, men who no doubt also pine fondly for the days when a man could slap a woman and tell her to stay slapped and like it, and you could have a schoolboy snigger about “grubby poofters” without the sky falling in, MANLY-MEN-OF-THE-WORL*D like Andrew “Angry Pants” Bolt and Fluffy Rowan of Dean, the latter being someone who’s never let a fact go by without making it a fiction and vice-versa, and this shit did continue to constitute “news” for a further few days, until some other shit took its place.

This other shit came in the shape and form of the aforementioned Pauline Hanson, triumphant, resurgent, and back in Federal politics for God-only-knows how many years to scowl at us all again with that horribly familiar demented demeanour of a constipated lizard with a rusty pot-scourer on top.

Hanson’s shit did also fly on ABC’s “Q&A” on Monday, in all its trembly, tremulous, pent-up and pig-ignorant glory, and it’s been flying ever since, and shall no doubt keep flying for quite some time, column after column after column and commentary yet to come, all of it focused on (a) should the media engage with and consider Hanson’s views as “legitimate” concerns, or (b) should the media take pains to refute, argue with, and dismiss her concerns using reason, fact and logic, where (b) automatically defaults to (a) anyway, and everyone still winds up talking about the silly goose regardless.

Hanson, who proved on “Q&A” she wouldn’t know a Muslim if one was seated next to her, was joined and supported in denseness a day or two later by Sonia Kruger, another ageing Caucasian who co-hosts a “morning” program on a commercial television station which serves primarily as a vehicle for “infotainment” advertisements for weight-loss belts and Made-In-China plastic gadgets that will help you cook an egg and, quite frankly, if you need a fcking gadget beyond a saucepan or frypan to help you cook a fcking egg, could you kindly do the world and everyone in it a huge favour and throw yourself off the nearest f*cking cliff.

Kruger admitted she had a problem with Muslims too because mother children scary shit trucks planes trains and automobiles boom everybody dies close borders please whites only.

The Project’s Waleed Aly then hopped into the so-called “debate” saying Kruger wasn’t evil, she was just scared, scared of scary people with trucks and plains and trains and automobiles and scared for the future of “her” country, as opposed to my country or your country or the country of that bloke up the shops, and we should all show restraint and exercise forgiveness and be patient and strong and start engaging with all these prominent, white and wealthy outspoken racists who have multiple opportunities across all form of media to espouse their intolerant and dishonest views and invite them in for a cup of tea and some lamingtons, maybe even friandes, because some racists can be really nice people when you get to know them, and how we should start nodding our heads politely when they start bunging on about effing ragheads and uppity niggers and chinks and migrants and effing faggots rather than telling them to shut the eff up and get the fck out of the fcking house before justifiable homicide becomes a really attractive option.

178 words.

Kruger’s comments (said she) were motivated by some creative typing from Andrew “Angry Pants” Bolt she’d read, or glanced at, or had read to her, and if ever one needed proof that contemporary mainstream Australian media is an infinitely self-referential zombie-snake chewing on its own bleached and distended rectum, that’s it right there.

These people and their Vaudevillian Theatres of Cruelty, screw them, they are pricks and they are shit.

The likes of Price, Hanson and Bolt have now come to regard themselves as their own religious faiths, and to dare criticise, challenge, or confront their myopic stupidity is, in their minds, somewhat akin to fisting the Christ child, pissing in the holy water, throwing pigs’ heads at mosques, or insisting Auschwitz was nothing more than a holiday camp for wayward Jewish delinquents.

So enamoured are they of their own selves that, when the shit they dish out is dished back at them in any form, no matter how vicious, no matter how mild, they’re off like a bag of ha’penny bungers, like a fourteen year old boy fumbling its first sexual experience only to end up with nothing other than an embarrassing stain on his pants, and then saying, “Gee, maybe next time, eh?”, to which the girl (or boy) responds “Are you f*cking kidding me? I’m out of here, you should stick to masturbation, I think it’s more your style”, and they do stick to masturbation because it is their style, one hand fits all sizes, fapping, fapping, fapping …

Bolt, who now seems to consider himself Australia’s leading expert on race relations has even begun to lend his expertise to analysing the roots and causes of the current racial unrest and violence within the United States of Murder and what better person to clarify that for us all than a middle-aged White Australian Dutch immigrant who lives in Melbourne, works for a tabloid, writes books that few people want to buy, and whose idea of “research” is sitting on his arse doing internet, and who has now disappeared so far up himself he’s taken to posting photographs his “readers” send him of his book on deckchairs by the sea.

What. A. F*cking. Tosser.

A curious thing about the so-called “silent majority” on whose behalf Bolt and Hanson et al have so graciously anointed themselves spokespeople, is they are rarely silent as can be seen by the reaction Sydney’s Lord Gladstone hotel received when it announced its plans to host a “F*ck Pauline Hanson Day” on July 17th whose aim, shockingly, subversively, and in a let’s fly planes into buildings terrorist kind of fashion, was to “share some laughs in an all-inclusive, friendly environment for like-minded people who openly can’t stand the ridiculousness that is Pauline Hanson and her agenda”, eat chips and drink cocktails …

Freedom of Speech is all very well and good when it comes to illiterate and inarticulate backwoods white trash bumpkins from BumF*ck out Back of Nowhere, as long as the “speech” you wish to be “free” with accords with their own, otherwise they start in with the rape-you-with-a-stick and kill-your-children death threats.

The “restraint” and “patience” we are urged to display toward these squawking racist shit-stains would appear to be, not just a one-way-street, but a dead-end, and you are most likely to be the one who winds up dead at the end of it if you so much as dare take the piss, confront or legitimately criticise their inviolable Idols of Truth, Justice and Popular Fascism.

Speaking for myself, as I can speak for no other and have no desire to, I would rather engage my head with a brick wall than give these purling, tatchy, gurt chonnting, zower-sapped yerring trash the time of day, and if I were inclined to give them the time of day, I’d make damn sure it was the wrong time, just for the effing fun of it.

The type of ur-Fascism espoused by these racist numpties and the glumping thunderpricks of mainstream tabloid media does not, to paraphrase Michael Rosen, drape itself in fancy dress, it does not speak of militias, mass imprisonments, torture, persecution, it wants to be your friend and give you a house and a job and clean up the neighbourhood, it wants to Make Australia Great Again and shake your hand, and talk about the necessity of “tough measures” and “difficult” but necessary decisions in the name of stability, peace, prosperity, and protection from the blue-skinned, lizard-scaled, parrot-beaked half-breed mutants from beyond, the dark forces deviously plotting to soil the pure bloodline and seed of the Great Australian Aryan, so exemplified and amplified by the flunting jawbations of yawping hoofwankers like Price and Bolt and Hanson and other over-baked media cum-muffins for whom too much hysteria is never enough.

147 words.

As one former editor of a major daily recently remarked, “Ten years ago, even five years ago, no-one would have reported the Sonia Kruger story. Not because we’d be trying to silence her; just because no-one thought that the random thoughts of TV celebrities could be considered news. It would be like making a headline from something an opinion columnist had written in your own, or another, newspaper “Opinion columnist has opinion””.

There are very few voices of considered sanity and opinion remaining within the ranks of our current body politic, within the fourth estate, their ranks thinning even as we speak, their replacements a tawdry gaggle of buzznacking grunts who, in lieu of reporting items of fact, now simply make shit up to fill the minds of fools whose morbid fear of intelligence, of the other, has now become a monster of appetites insatiable.

There’s Laura Tingle from the Australian Financial Review. Ross Gittins from Fairfax. Greg Jericho from The Guardian Australia. The occasional rare-as-hens-teeth appearance from George Megalogenis.

There’s Laurie Oakes, still going, still plugging away, and sometimes I do imagine him flipping through the “news” of the day, of the moment, and wondering to himself, gently pondering in quiet contemplation, perhaps even a manner of stupefied awe …

“What the f*ck ever happened to actual journalism?

Certain words in this post which may be unfamiliar to you are in fact words, and are taken from David Crystal‘s “The Disappearing Dictionary – A Treasury of Lost English Dialect Words”, a book I would encourage you to purchase.



When he’s not purchasing dictionaries of obscure English terms or training cats to live solely on a diet of meat pies and “buying their own bloody Resch’s!”, Ross Sharp regularly blogs on his own site: Smelly Tongues



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  1. Glenn K

    F*cking excellent rant. Love it. Sadly, we are at the point of pulp fiction when it comes to news in the mainstream media. brainless entertainment for the brainless and scared masses. Our most recent election dance and courtship with the muppets of parliament proves the point.

  2. Freethinker

    Actual journalism? I do not think that we can say that those pen pushers and TV pretend actors that sold their political ideas to keep the job a la Malcolm style are journalists

  3. Jack Russell

    I’m definitely getting David Crystal’s book – a must for any serious ranter. Thanks for that.

    An even bigger thank you for the most memorable rave ever, on a subject so subversively diabolical I thought I’d never smile again in its vicinity.


  4. Jaquix

    Best laugh Ive had in a long time, thank you Ross !

  5. kerri

    Ross, I took my mama (84) to prevote and didn’t realise until I was inside the venue, beyond the flyers being shoved in my face and having said loudly “I am not here to vote!” That one of the people rushing to shove their tickets at me was Kevin himself! He is pretty skinny! A stiff wind would blow him over without ruffling his lovely dark hair. His missus was there too. His re election remains a mystery? As do many of the LNP. Like Christensen, Abetz, Joyce, Bernardi? Are people really that stupid?? Over the past three years I have made a mental list of all the sectors of Australian society the LNP have seriously pissed off. Doctors, pensioners, farmers, child care workers, nurses, same sex couples who want to get married, disabled, refugees, students, believers in climate science, scientists, parents, people with an IQ higher than their core temperature, domestic violence victims etc etc etc. Who in the hell voted for these knobs?
    And yes the fourth estate is wondering why the readership is flagging?
    If you have ever watched Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Nightmare’s, where he goes, at their request’ to restaurants where the owners cannot understand why their place is so good and their menu (usually premade reheated goop) is so loved but they don’t have any customers? One can make a direct comparison to 2016 Australian journalism. Too much (unwarranted) opinion. Too little researched fact.

  6. Robert Parker

    An excellent description of that pseudo journalist Andrew Blot.


    I loved the rant and understand your frustration with the lack of intelligence among MSM. I did quite a bit of screeming re Sonia Kruger as to why anyone was giving her unintelligent hysterical comments continued oxygen. Part of tbe problem for poor Sonia is she is ageing and Australian television executives are not that keen on old dames in front of the camera, they do nothing for male viewers, so poor Sonia I think thought she could test the waters in trying to be a real life journalist…part of the delusion, sadly now most in the media actually believe their own stupidity. One could remind Bolt of how pathetic the Dutch were in WW2, that may cause a chink in his armour. Price needs just to be totally ignored as others of the same stuoidity. The glaring stupidity of Sonia Kruger needs to be reminded of some facts that the real horror stories of today in Australia that 1 woman a week is killed in domestic violence, tonight’s news of more men revealing stories of their abuse by Priests when they were boys,alone and unprotected. The perpetrators of these crimes and other crimes to children need to be castrated at the very least. How much air time will these crimes be given, or are we now numb to the horror of it all. Over my long years I have had many friends from all parts of the world including Muslim and Jew, all just wanting the same as I did, a roof over our heads, work to go to, education for our children etc. The Sonia’s, Price, Ms Hanson are the scary ones. I just wonder how scared they will be if we have a President Trump with a finger on the bomb button, along with Putin, now that is something to be scared about.

  8. John

    Best thing I’ve read since Hunter S

  9. babyjewels10

    OMG I laughed and I laughed. Hysterically, with relief!

  10. horatio

    Wasn’t Wyatt just doing his high school mandatory work experience?

  11. Shogan

    A rather eloquent appraisal of where we’re at politically at this point in time & even the Hansonistas would understand the meaning of all those words you could find in “The Disappearing Dictionary – A Treasury of Lost English Dialect Words” but I fear they would struggle to comprehend the context in which they’re used…:P

  12. gee

    perhaps the best piece of modern journalism to be seen, loved the turn of phrase.

  13. mikestassem

    Best f*cking rant I’ve read in DECADES……………..

  14. Winston

    The Trouble is ignorance and fundamentalism/ ideology has won.
    It is the beginning of the end.

  15. Adrianne Haddow

    Great rant. I wish Id written this piece. I will share it widely.
    You express my feelings so succinctly.
    With the population fed, and lapping up a diet, of Master Chef, My Kitchen Rules, The Batchelor, Farmer Wants a F*ck………etc, etc, ad nauseum, its little wonder these bastions of celebrity are setting the tone for the mindless oiks who actually derailed the election that could have seen fascism rejected in this country.
    Sad times we live in.

  16. John Winston Abbott nee Abetz

    Think it’s time for Sonia to do a Bolt up Price’s rectum. There’s sanctuary in there for the lost & unheard.

  17. Anomander


  18. Truthsayer

    Regarding a fear of intelligence.

    Martin Bryant was locked up for 35 life terms, because after being tortured for 6 months in solitary confinement, all the while pleading his innocence, his lawyer finally coerced him into a guilty plea, thereby negating any need for a trial. His lawyer by the way, was since found guilty of ripping off his clients. Nice fella.

    There is much evidence though, including police testimony that puts Martin at two places at once, eyewitnessess who say it wasnt Martin, and pure and simple common sense, that no reasonable person having looked at this evidence, could say there was no need for an inquest, let alone that he was guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.

    Some people find it easier to be fooled, than admit they have been fooled. Why is it that this website refuses to examine the obvious lies we have been told about the Port Arthur massacre? Are you all scared of a little knowledge, the truth? Comfortable in your willfull ignorance if it all sounds too shocking? Whats more important, the coverup of lies regarding the massacre of aussie citizens, or the racist rants of a couple of talking heads?

    The truth is, an inquest would reveal Martin Bryant innocent, it would take only minutes, the judge would say, Mr prosecutor, let us hear your evidence against the accussed, to which the reply would be, “your honour, we have none.” – and they dont, they have no evidence – which means, we should all be more afraid of our own government and media, than any threat of scary muslims.

    At least one website is not afraid to say it how it is,
    for a quick run down of irrefutable facts

    Intelligent people dont fear truth.

  19. Salstarat

    Fantastic rant that will resonate with so many people who, unlike the crawling, corrupt fascists in the Lying Nazi Party and their Murdoch-manipulated, dumbed down sycophants, have an IQ ratio that extends into double digits! There is NO COINCIDENCE as to why the ALP are also called The Academic Party – it is because the ALP are top heavy with teachers, scientists, educated people who work in the scientific and medical research professions, artists and academics. We all know that the ALP (and The Greens) have policies that openly favour the mass financial support of education including heavily subsidised tertiary education. For years now, we have watched the LNP systematically defunding education to the tune of MILLIONS and, in collaboration with the non-Australian predator, Murdoch, are doing everything in their power to DUMB DOWN AUSTRALIA into idiocy. Why? Because the LNP know (what we have known for years) that only the most stupid, pig ignorant, uneducated and misinformed twats vote conservatively. It has become evident that the type of person who consistently votes for the LNP DESPITE their long, long history of relentless, remorseless LIES, broken promises and blatant, self serving corruption are motivated by pure greed and self interest OR are uneducated, misinformed and parochial. The latter LNP minion are so easily manipulated and believe ALL the blatant lies, character assassinating slander and outrageous hyperbole so prevalent in the gutter press of Murdoch’s unspeakably biased, right wing rags! The Murdoch/IPA/LNP Alliance are experts at rattling the cages of the dumbed down bogans (especially those in the HAVEN for bogans – Queensland and Western Australia). The Alliance rule by fear, division, ramped-up terror campaigns, hatred, marginalisation of minority groups, targeting the poor and relentlessly attacking the most vulnerable people in our society! The Alliance HAVE to have someone to hate and despise …. they revel in searching out “whipping boys” to blame for their own ineptitude and fiscal mismanagement.

    The fact that the LNP having inherited the THIRD LOWEST NATIONAL DEFICIT in the OECD from the Gillard/Rudd governments (only Estonia and Chile were behind us) but have managed to almost TREBLE our national deficit in less than 3 years to a whopping unmanageable level and STILL have the outrageous gall to blame Labor is absolutely breathtaking! The fact that the only two Treasurers in Australia nominated by the IMF (and world leading economists like the Nobel laureate economist, Joseph Stiglitz) as the BEST Treasurers in the World were both Labor Treasurers (Wayne Swan and, before him, Paul Keating) completely escapes the attention of the LNP and their hopelessly insular and ill-informed sycophants. The BIGGEST most abhorrent LIE ever told in this country is that the LNP are better economic managers … that is farcical to the point of pure insanity! The IMF nominated the WORST, most profligate and spendthrift government in Australia’s history to be the Howard/Costello regime which, at the height of the mining boom, expended countless BILLIONS on a useless, CRIMINAL war that has since caused the worst humanitarian disaster since WWII and has cost the lives and displacement of millions of people (50% of them little children) and caused the rise of ISIS.

    The LNP have proven over and over again that they have NO CONNECTION with ordinary working- and middle-class Australians; have no moral compass, no foresight and zero insight. They feed the rich at the expense of the poor – insatiable greed, total control and absolute power are the ONLY things that motivate them and they would do anything, swim through any sewer, to attain and maintain that control. The lies, the war crimes, the broken promises, the sniggering, condescending, bible thumping hypocrisy, the ongoing sadistic, callous inhumanity towards innocent asylum seekers and their children locked up INDEFINITELY in what amounts to be off-shore concentration camps (and the ALP are equally guilty of supporting this), the catastrophic environmental vandalism overseen by a regressive, climate-denying idiot (Greg Hunt), the born-to-rule mentality and pure arrogance of megalomaniacal narcissists like Cory Bernardi, Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton and the self serving agenda of the supercilious Turnbull – and these fools are STILL prepared to vote them in over and over and over again! If you could legislate STUPIDITY, these morons should get 100 YEARS OF HARD LABOR (pun intended)!

  20. diannaart

    Ross Sharp, now tell me what you really think – no holding back this time.

    Naaah, wish I’d written it myself. A much needed antidote to the swill that is counted as journalism these days.

  21. lawrencewinder

    WOW…now that’s a rant. Well done…

    “Hissy-Fit Sales (7:30) continues in her Guthrie appealing ways, giving failed 24 YO LNP proto-fascist, Wyatt Roy a free ride on by introducing him as having narrowly lost his seat to Labor (but that 10% of the vote went to One Notion….) and not only avoiding mentioning his woeful electorate and campaigning performance but also his asinine “work till you’re 70” plans. Interruptions: Nil!
    When is proselytising for one side, “balanced,” Hissy-Fit?
    Truffle’s then gets another uninterrupted space to rant on and on and on about the deviousness of Labor and their lying on Liarbril policy and other nasty bits…. and… mummy, mummy, mummy I don’t like Labor telling on me with facts and fings…. in such a synthetic pathetic manner, as he was almost getting to the point of hysteria. I suppose we can now add to his incompetence as a politician, lack of leadership skills and policy integrity, Truffles’ complete inability as an actor!”

  22. Truthsayer

    @ Salstarat

    I appreciate your rant. While what you say may be true enough, the ALP are just as complicit in their lies that give us our never ending warmongering, against countries that are no threat to anyone, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children and are therefore equally as deserving of any condemnation directed towards the LNP. As for ISIS, they are trained funded and armed by the west, but then they are not called terrorists, they are called “moderate rebels” but they are all one in the same.

    Im just watching Trump at the moment. Gives me involuntary shudders. The other day, when Biden was here, he said, not verbatum, “don’t worry about our elections, angels will look after that” – I guess like how angels looked after G W Bush in 2004 – – regardless of the mindless swarms chanting USA, USA, USA at the clownish Trump, Biden is sure the evil warmongering lying Clinton will prevail. In either case, it will be ugly. The lesser of two evils, is still evil. – not my quote.

    Seems USA presidents are selected rather than elected, and as both parties here seem to want to usher in electronic voting, probably the easiest way to rig an election, it doesnt really matter what the public want or believe any more anyway. But if we are going to be stupid enough to let them lie to our faces, then we deserve nothing more.

  23. Don Richardson

    You sound as though you are upset about something! So much angst about a bunch of nothing’s!
    But I loved it, truly!

  24. Frederika Steen

    I feel better… hope you did too!
    Now to fix the bloody body politic …and the world.

  25. MichaelW

    Read this at least 5 times, still laughing. Posted to as many people as possible…
    Please write more often.
    As for the cheap cask wine? Join the club, been on it since I retired… Early…

    Not sure if you are still job hunting, or how old you are. But friends of mine in their mid fifties with impeccable qualification’s are having trouble finding work, but have to wait until they are 67- 70 or whatever to receive a pension, unlike politicians..

    I think with your expertise in the written word you should be snapped up immediately. Have you tried Rupert? Sorry, feeble attempt at humor.
    Even better your own TV show, now that would be something….Would have to be on late at night though, because of expletives..

  26. Freethinker

    Ross, this news will inspire you for rant # 2. We are looking forward to it:

    The ABC appears to be shoring up its Liberal credentials with the appointment of Josh Faulks, the deputy chief of staff to the attorney general, George Brandis. Faulks takes up the role of head of partnerships and policy at the broadcaster, working with head of TV, Richard Finlayson, to secure funding for content.

    Finlayson says Faulks will “ensure that we have open and constructive relationships with our stakeholders and partners in the sector”. In other words, he will be a lobbyist.

  27. helvityni

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Many thanks, I feel better now.

  28. ridgiesrule

    Absolutely brilliant rant. Says everything I have been thinking only 10,000,000++ times better. Thank you.

  29. wam

    well scribbled ross certainly as sharp as jeanette says. an hysterical piece or was she reflecting on price’s hysteria jibe???
    ps Are you sure the 2nd ‘s’ is not an ‘a’?

  30. Carol Taylor

    Ross, loved it..we lefties can often be far too serious..and too proper..thank you for saying what I think, perhaps not in your exact words, but the gist is there. 😉

  31. Annie B

    Loved the rant … what a deliciously wicked, politically incorrect sense of humour you have … it was so refreshing and I mean that.

    A small problem – almost buggered my keyboard, with snorted coffee all over it …. ( note to self – never drink coffee when reading Ross Sharp ) …. the choking laughter resulted in an asthma attack – true ( but it’s ok – it was a mildish one ). [ ya can’t laugh too hard if asthmatic 😉 ]

    Can never again see the phiz of Hanson without seeing her with ” rusty pot scourer on top.”

    As for your extensive go at the asinine creatures that inhabit ‘the intervening agencies’ of media … can only say … “Bravo …. Good Onya Ross”


  33. Darrell

    I sort of got the feeling you were holding back, please say what you really think… loved it. Also will be looking for Crystal’s “Disappearing Dictionary”.

  34. Nina Booth

    What no Alan Jones? A huge and necessary target surely? Otherwise pure gold. I haven’t laughed like this since before the election date was announced. You inspire and educate in equal measure and I salute you for it.

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