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Warning: This has a particularly Victorian flavour so if you’re not up with who Dan Andrews is, then you’re probably in another state and not reading the Murdoch Muggle Media. Good on you!

Every now and then, when I’m feeling like I’m not very clever, I read the letters section of “The Herald-Sun” and I immediately feel like a genius…

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel like I’m a genius because people disagree with me and have a different worldview; I often feel like a genius because some of the writer’s worldview actually contradicts itself. I mean, I get things like if I think it’s outrageous that someone should be attacked for an alleged crime when they’ve never been convicted in a court of law, then it’s only reasonable to give the same Innocent Until Proven Guilty benefit to others and not say but yeah, I don’t like him so …

Other times, I just feel slightly better educated because I know about things like science and logic, as well as understanding the limitations of such things. I mean, just because the scientific method doesn’t give us the answer the first time, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good way of proceeding. However, when I hypothesise that if my wife loves me then she’d pay attention when I talk and I decide to do a test by talking for three hours and she falls asleep, I may have found one of the limitations of the scientific method when it comes to everyday life.

Anyway, this is not about me boasting of my superiority to most of the letters published in a propaganda sheet for the IPA. It’s about something that’s more fundamental.

We should stop calling people Nazis just because we disagree with them!

The whole Nazi Germany thing began with the demonisation of the other side and I’m not talking about the Jews here. The demands on Germany after the Treaty of Versailles were all about winning and punishing the bad guys who lost. The Germans, in other words.

This led to the economic conditions that enabled Hitler and Friends (I don’t want to call them Nazis because that’s apparently not allowed) to rise to power by demonising the Jews and next thing you know, it’s World War Two…

So when Dan Andrews and the Labor Party suggest that certain people are Nazis, it’s a terrible over-reach and quite offensive to compare people who are merely talking about the superiority of the various groups of which they’re a member and doing Seig Heil salutes to Nazis, well, it’s just wrong.

Mind you, it’s all right to suggest that Dan Andrews is a

  • Dictator
  • Communist
  • Worse than Stalin
  • Autocrat
  • Totalitarian
  • Tyrant
  • Worse than Hitler
  • Chairman Dan
  • Etc.

Of course, at the same time as being someone who commands with an iron fist, Dan Andrews apparently takes orders from the unions. And Communist China.

So, if I put all the Murdoch media together, I’m left with the belief that Labor are in a conspiracy with the unions and China, and Dan Andrews is running it all.

Seems good to me. Maybe Victorians will get enough funding to fix the problems if all these people are working together under Dan Andrews.

Gee, what can the Liberals offer?

After the last few days, it seems all they can claim is to have a direct line to one of the Gods that their different candidates believe in.

Thoughts and prayers, Mathew, thoughts and prayers…


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  1. Andrew Smith

    Walks like a duck and talks like a duck it probably is duck…..

    The language used in right wing politics and media nowadays is appalling, nasty and ignorant, while trying to be funny through infantile one liners; it’s both strategic and tactical.

    It’s not new, much of the language used by the right and nativist faux environmentalists rounds immigration and population control is from the eugenics movement eg. ‘carrying capacity’ that also motivated Hitler a la ‘lebensraum’.

    Fast forward to US media of past decades observing the right wing shift with mainstreaming of prejudice, bigotry and racism using ‘dog whistling’ for various outcomes; Bernays was influential. Nowadays it’s more entertaining and negative to have ‘political’ content manipulating ageing voters while denigrating outsiders and liberal democracy a la Brexit, Russia, Hungary etc. then Trump, Morrison et al.; since Howard’s & Crosby’s ascendancy in parallel with Murdoch, IPA, SPA etc. (big whiff of fossil fuels and resources in the background)

    Locally, what really bothers one is how good people on the nominal right remain silent when witnessing others promoting unethical and immoral values, actions and outcomes for their false idols; seems like many more women and daughters know what to do with their votes.

  2. New England Cocky

    The only thing that Mutt Guy & the Lap-Dogs has to offer Victorian voters is their resignations.

  3. wam

    The nazi regime were too hideous to trivialise but the Jews do not own the holocaust. Gypsies, LGBTIQA and anyone who looked or sounded different, including people with mental illness, intellectual or physical disabilities, epileptics, congenitally deaf and blind persons, chronic alcoholics, drug users, Jehovah’s Witnesses were all declared genetically inferior and harmful to “national health” and subjected to betrayal by neighbours. In spite of my conviction that labor should win in a landslide. Based on the brisbane experience, I doubt if Dan can win an outright clear majority.
    Andrew any xstian can lie his/her arse off and support evil values because the end is pure and godly.

  4. New England Cocky

    @ wam: Well said. Too many historians overlook the practice runs done by 1933 -1945 German democratically elected government before the party concentrated on the Jewish communities across occupied Europe. Too many German citizens from that period deny any knowledge of the implementation of these government sponsored genocidal policies. Then too few historians recognise that the nazis were only about 30% of the German population where many individuals held their tongues in fear of fatal reprisals for themselves and/or their family.

    Now ask, ”Which international banks funded the rise and regime of this particular political party?” and ”Which recent US Presidents had a progenitor involved in funding the German government during this period?”

    When sufficient time has passed to objectively assess the contribution made to humanity by the USA (United States of Apartheid) many will discover that the Hollywood American Dream was in reality the American Nightmare.

  5. Hotspringer

    I am with wam.
    Nazis didn’t invent the swastika, it’s been a solar symbol in many ancient cultures and religions. Why do we ban the swastika and not the pentagram, under which even more people were murdered?

  6. Canguro

    Cocky, as I’m sure you’d be well aware, America had its sticky fingers deeply embedded in the Nazi pie; from manufacturing to banking & finance to science endeavours, they just couldn’t but stay away from the Germanic butchers, every opportunity to make another buck or profit in some other way via intellectual exchange just had to be exploited. Yet again, another in your face example of the stinking hypocrisy that typifies its affairs both public and private.

    The Bush dynasty, the Ford and General Motors companies, IBM, the American nuclear research and weapons development program and its post-war embrace of Nazi scientists & engineers, Chase-Manhattan Bank, Coca-Cola, MGM, Dow Chemical, Alcoa… all of them willing to put profit before conscience, turning their collective blind eyes towards the atrocities of the repugnant fascist regime.

    History rolls on, generations forget or are mesmerised by gaudy displays of distractive quality – cinema, music, sport – and the sins of the past are conveniently shelved and ignored, biding the time until they are opportunistically repeated, it’s the American way, the credo that preaches that pursuit of dollars at any cost is what it’s all about, and hang the consequences. And they wonder why we hate them.

  7. New England Cocky

    @ Canguro: Excellent comment. Check out the now historical writings of Gary Allen, about six (6) books, available on the Internet regarding the forward planning by American corporations between 1968 and 2000.

  8. Bob Enuff

    If a film producer made a blockbuster movie named ‘Corporatism’ thereby exposing the kleptocratic class (gov, media, big business) in their attempt to send us back to a technocratic version of serfdom, it could take its rightful place in the Venn Diagram often used to describe where the average punter finds him or herself today. Most know of the venn diagram referred to, but if not – Black Mirror, The Matrix, Brave New World, Animal Farm, They Live, 1984, Idiocracy, Logans Run, Fahrenheit 451, Handmaidens Tale, Solyent Green, and – Corporatism.

  9. leefe


    You mean the crucifix, don’t you? Because I don”t recall any crusades being run by either Wiccans, or pagans, or satanists.

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